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Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) Walkthrough World 1: Grass World World 1-1 This is a very easy level.

As usual for rst levels in Mario games, this one involves the basic controls and stuff (such as the Tanooki Suit). World 1-2 A classic Mario underground level. Yeah! 1-3 Another basic level. Mario must go through a waterfall-themed area and avoid ladybug enemies called Biddybuds. World 1-4 To unlock this stage, Mario must collect three Star Medals. The level introduces a rail platform. To use it, Mario has to jump on the arrow that points forward and, if he wants to go back, hop on the arrow that points backwards. I really liked this one. 1-Castle The rst Bowser castle in the game. Like always, Mario must avoid lava and Dry Bones before he can ght a boss. Boss: False Bowser To defeat Bowser, Mario must avoid Bowsers re breath and jump on the classic button at the end of the bridge to make Bowser fall into the lava. But it turns out that was just a pathetic Goomba in disguise! Now, you should be able to continue to World 2-1. World 2: Hill World World 2-1 This level is very similar to World 1-1. A rather basic one, too. World 2-2 For most of this level, Mario must use ipping platforms to progress through an underground cave of sorts. Poisonous water and deadly Piranha Plants can be a nuisance here. (Note: The poisonous water is instant death for Mario or Luigi). World 2-3 Much of this level takes place around an 8-bit Mario platform. The main puzzle to this level is that Mario must use a Propeller Block to y to different platforms. Jumping on a Goomba while in Propeller Block form gives Mario an extra boost if you press A. One of the Star Medals was very annoying here. You just have to time it right and jump on a Goomba and use the boost to grab the Star Medal. 2-4 This one reminded me of the Flip-Swap Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2. With that said, the level involves red and blue platforms that move. Instead of Spin Jumping to make them move, however, Mario makes the switches move by simply pressing A or B to jump. Its all about timing. 2-Airship Super Mario Bros. 3 FTW! This level is your average Airship level. Tightropes and Rocket Engines are common obstacles here. Boss: Boom Boom If I remember correctly, Boom Boom was from Mario Bros. 3 as well. Anyways, to defeat Boom Boom (a brother of Pom Pom, who well ght later), Mario has to avoid his

spinning helicopter attacks and shell dashes. When Boom Boom gets dizzy, Mario can jump on his head. The Tanooki Suit is really helpful in this boss ght, I.M.O. World 3: Meadow World World 3-1 A typical Mario desert level. It features several Wallops (those enemies that mimic Mario) and Pokeys. These sand enemies that look like Squizzard from Mario Galaxy 2 called Sandmaarghs will frequently pop out of the sand to try and hurt Mario. 3-2 An underwater level with several Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers. Along with that, my archenemy: Porcu-Puffer... World 3-3 An ice-themed level. This one features many Donut Lifts from Super Mario Bros. 3. that fall (but reappear) when you step on them. I thought this one was a bit annoying with the Stingbies and stuff. World 3-4 Another snow level with tightropes and many Fuzzies. World 3-5 You unlock this level by collecting 15 Star Medals. Its basically a desert-ish level with cookie-looking sand platforms (note its a side-scroller). 3-Airship This Airship features spikey drills that can badly hurt Mario if they touch him in any way shape or form. Certain areas are safe, so Mario should wait there before the spikes move again. You ght Boom Boom again at the end, and the belts he stands on move, making it harder to hit him. World 4: Mushroom Forest World 4-1 A forest-themed level with many nasty Biddybuds. The Propellor Box can be found here, so that helps a lot in the end cause it gives you a little boost to the top of the Goal Flag. 4-2 Another underground level. This time, Mario gets to use timed blocks to jump across gaps and progress. Many of the Star Medals youll need the Tanooki Suit for. World 4-3 Moving blocks Mario must hop across. 4-4 (Ghost House) A spooky haunted house! 4-5 A level with ipping platforms and Stingbies. World 4-Airship This Airship is a pink one. It involves those red and blue switches that ip over when Mario jumps. Rocky Wrenches are common enemies here, and the Star Medals are a bit tricky. Boss: Pom Pom Pom Pom is the girly version of Boom Boom! To defeat her, Mario must avoid her Koopa Shell dashes and, once she gets dizzy, Mario can jump on her. She is the same as Boom Boom, but a little faster. World 5: Desert World

5-1 A desert-themed level. Mario will have to go through a sandy desert-themed area and, at one point, re from a cannon and land on top of a tower/pyramid, where Mario can use a door to enter it. Watch out for the Pokeys and Squizzard-looking things! This level also introduces the Boomerang Suit; this allows Mario to throw boomerangs like the Boomerang Bros. from Super Mario Bros 3. Throwing a boomerang can grab Coins for you and stuff; I really liked this Power Up. 5-2 This level involves several spikey chains. For one of the Star Medals, Mario will have to have the Fire Flower to set all the torches in a room on re, opening a gate that allows access to the Star Medal. Is that a Zelda referance, or what? 5-3 This level is unlocked with 40 Star Medals. It features many Donut Lifts, spiked bars and spiked cubes. I liked the background here; there are lots of colorful blocks and unique platforms. World 5-4 This is an underground area. Mega Moles from Super Mario World return here for the rst time in about 20 years (without their classic sunglasses). They will often go in and out of holes. When they are in, Mario can pass by. Jumping on a Mega Mole will make it smaller and faster, and jumping on it a second time will kill it. Note that they can also be defeated by the Fire Flower, Boomerang Suit, etc. 5-5 Another Propeller Block level in the sky, featuring many Paragoombas (similarly to World 2-3). World 5-Castle This is another typical Bowser level with Thwomps, lava and Dry Bones. Another False Bowser is fought. This time, the bridge is longer, but Mario just has to hit the switch at the end of the bridge to kill Bowser (who is really a Magickoopa). World 6: Tropical/Sky World World 6-1 A tropical-themed level. At times, Mario will have to cross a wooden bridge over the water. Cheep-Cheeps and huge Porcu-Puffers will y and try to hit Mario, like they did in the castles in Mario Bros. 3. 6-2 An underground desert level, featuring many Pokeys and spikes. Sometimes, spikes will cover areas of the oor, so just watch out. The Tanooki Suit is especially helpful here. (: 6-3 (Ghost Stage) This level is a Ghost House with many Teleport Boxes Mario has to use to go from one room to another. Each room hides a Star Medal. World 6-4 Beat Block Galaxy reference? This level involves blocks that disappear to the sound of the beat. 6-5 An ice stage with many bouncy orange platforms; these will give Mario a boost high into the air, allowing him to reach certain Star Medals and stuff. 6-Airship

This Airship involves spiked pillars and annoying Bob-ombs and Rocky Wrenches. You battle Pom Pom again, but this time the oor is lled up with lava! World 7: Dark Swamp World 7-1 Ugh! An underwater level? With Porcu-Puffers? 7-2 A level with lots of Chain Chomps and swinging spike chains. 7-3 A forest level with tightropes and Fuzzies. (Sigh) 7-4 This level takes place in a clock tower, with Bob-ombs and Teleport Boxes. Moving platforms must be ridden by Mario in some parts of the stage. You have to be precise about your timing and jumps. 7-5 Puzzle Plank reference? Buzz Saws, Para-Goombas and Biddybuds are extremely annoying here and cut off the platforms Mario stands on. Many of the Star Medals are located on falling platforms, so you have to be fast to collect them. 7-Airship This level features platforms that go round and round! That said, Mario has to go across Boss: Pom Pom & Boom Boom Youll just be ghting both Pom Pom and Boom Boom at the same time... World 8: Volcano World 8-1 This level has rolling spike balls that chase Mario through a volcanic tower of sorts. I didnt mind it much, and I usually do mind World 8 levels in most Mario titles. 8-2 Mario will be grabbing onto orange poles that move across a forest that doesnt belong in Bowsers world, also avoiding Rocket Engines. World 8-3 Another level with platforms that go round and round! Bubbles oat here, too. I guess Bowser likes bubbles? 8-4 (Ghost Stage) The last Ghost House of the game, this one features platforms that move and disappear. Mario must ride these through a rather challenging haunted mansion. 8-5 A castle-themed level with many Paragoombas and those annoying Flip Switches. World 8-Castle 1 This castle features Magickoopas and lava (like always). The Tanooki Suit is very useful here, and the Blaargs make a return. Boss: False Bowser Just avoid Bowsers re breath and earthquakes and hit the switch to end it all! But wait. It turns out that the princess is in another castle! 8-6 Mario must ride across rolling gate-like things that move across lava and also avoid the Magickoopas and Dry Bones.

World 8-Final Castle This is it for real! Mario has to ride across a Bonecoaster-like creature to reach the doors to his archenemy. Final Boss: Bowser Bowser is ticked, and Mario has to ght him! Sometimes in this epic nal ght, Bowser will throw barrels like Donkey Kong. At the end, he will be right behind you, chasing you to the switch that ends it all across crumbling platforms! Hit the switch, and Bowser will fall into the ery pits below and to his death. Thank you to everyone who was read my walkthrough, and I hope to see you again soon. (P.S. I hated that Bowser ght, lol.)