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Super Mario 3D Land: Special Stages Walkthrough (3DS) Special World 1 Special 1-1 A remade version of World 1-1

of the regular game, but this time with the Invincibility Star and several Prongos. Special 1-2 NO! It couldnt be! Cosmic Mario from SMG has returned! If you didnt know already, the Clones in SMG2 copied Marios every move and could hurt him if he touched them. Thats the same thing for this game! Special 1-3 I love this level! You use cannons to aim and press A to blast off to certain planets; this will help in nding some of the Star Medals. Shooting in a golden ring will earn you a 1Up or something, so thats helpful. Special 1-4 A tropical level with lots of Paragoombas and Boomerang Bros. Bout it. Special 1-C With only 30 seconds, Mario must rush through a remake of the World 1 Castle in the regular game. Collecting clocks throughout the level (like in Galaxy 2, lol) gives you an extra few minutes. Mario will ght Dry Bowser at the end, whos basically Bowser on crack; his tactics are the same as the regular Bowser battles, so that makes it easier. After saving your brother, you can now play as Luigi! To play as him, press the green L button on the 3DS Touch Screen. Pretty simple. Special World 2 Special World 2-1 A side-scrolling level. Mario (or now Luigi) has to go through moving platforms and avoid enemies like Piranha Plants, etc. A fun level, overall. Special 2-2 A remake of one of the regular tropical levels (I dont remember which exactly, but I think it was World 3-2). This time, Mario is timed. Special 2-3 Mario rides across the green platform which turns you backward or forward depending on which arrow side Mario/Luigi steps on. Fuzzies appear here, also... Special World 2-4 This ones a snowy level involving the Propeller Box and several Paragoombas you can use as boosts. Special 2-5 This level involves use of those moving ippy timed platforms that are activated when you step on their switch. Thank God, its not timed. (: Special 2-A Hooray for the return of Airships! This is a remake of the World 3 Airship level, but instead of spiked pillars popping out, you have parts of the oor that have timed spikes; the Bob-ombs, unfortunately, are still kept in the level, though. And to make it worse, Banzai Bills re at Mario. Looking on the bright side, though, theres no boss at the end this time around! Special 3-1 Platforms that go back and forth FTW...

Special 3-2 Yellow, blue and red boxes appear here that Mario or Luigi can use as platforms; I found the Tanooki Suit really helpful here. Special 3-3 Crap! That level with the Fuzzies is timed this time. We know what that means...dying! ): Special 3-4 More of those swinging spike sticks (lol, pun unintended), but this time Boomerang Bros. decide to join the fun. You have to really go fast here cause of the speed of those spikes. Special 3-5 Its that Beat Block Galaxy ripoff level, but just on crack (like everything in the Special Stages, really). The blocks and enemies here move faster, so you have to be real careful. The Star Medals here are pretty annoying, I.M.O. Special World 3-Airship Whaddya know? Its another Airship with tightropes, Rocky Wrenches and Bullet Bills. Once you reach the end, you nd some Toads and a Goal Flag! Hooray for no boss battle, lol! Special World 4 Special 4-1 Another clock tower similar to one of the games regular World 7 levels; the elevator-like platforms go up, and Mario/Luigi has to take a little ride on them. Coin Coffers give you some extra Coins here, and I noticed the Magikoopas are really annoying here. Avoid them as much as possible; I found the Tanooki Suit very helpful with this level. Special 4-2 More ghost houses with Peepas and those dreaded disappearing magical platforms. ): Bout it. Special 4-3 Beachy islands with Bullet Bills at every corner? NOT a nice vacation spot. Anyways, for this rather tedious level Mario has to go across bridges and stuff, ghting off Bullet Bills along the way. The third Star Medal here (as far as I know) can only be collected with the Boomerang Suit; I was a bit stumped at guring that out, lol. Special 4-4 This level requires Mario to jump on Goombas to get extra time on his timer. Killing off the Goombas expands your time limit, which is very useful. Special World 4-5 This one has those crumbling stone platforms, but it takes place at night in a creepy, somewhat icy setting with Boos. Its a bit like World 3-3 in regular mode, but instead of Donut Blocks you have to deal with stone platforms. The Mega Boos (or whatever theyre called) make it a bit harder here. Special World 4-Airship Thankfully, this ones not side-scrolling. In the beginning, in a Warp Pipe, Mario must ght two Boomerang Bros. and one Hammer Bro.; after that, you can utilize the blocks that make timed Snake Block-like platforms appear. You actually get to ght two bosses here, also. Boss 1: Boom Boom

Boom Booms ght isnt too hard; spikes appear on the oor here, so Mario/Luigi has to stand on the spots where the spikes arent currently activated. Hit Boom Boom three times to ght the big girl. Before the battle, though, be sure to collect a Clock which expands your time. Boss 2: Pom Pom Pom Pom has the same basic attack patterns, but the oor Mario stands on is covered with those Donut Blocks. Avoid Pom Poms attacks while walking on the Donuts and jump on her three times to complete the level. Its time to take on Special World 5! Special World 5 Special 5-1 This level features those ipping (no pun intended) red and blue platforms that ip when you jump. Its crawling with Boos and spike balls, too. Again, the Tanooki Suit is really useful here like always. Special World 5-2 The Cosmic Mario/Cosmic Clone guy chases Mario through a tower with those spiked chains that swing back and forth. What can I say, lol? Special 5-3 This one was kinda fun, and I actually really liked it. Youre riding on the Switchboard arrow platform up high near the mountains at sunset. I like it mainly cause of the background; as usual, Tanooki is useful for this level, and it really helps for the Bullet Bill cannon part of this stage. Special 5-4 More side-scrolling wafers and cookies. This time, the cookies, white chocolate bars and wafer mountains are accompanied by another nice touch to the background, the falling snowakes. Cool level, overall. Special 5-5 Its a huge maze with those paintings and hidden orange teleporting ? Boxes. Im...not loving it! Special 5-Castle Jumping on the Goombas throughout this castle gives you more time (since this is a Speed Run-ish level, as usual with Bowsers castles in the Special levels). Dry Bowser hasnt got any new tricks up his sleeve; just hit the Red Switch at the end of his bridge to give him a nice, hot lava bath! Special World 6 Special 6-1 World 3-1 from the normal game at nighttime. The Propeller Box is given here, and like 3-1, its useful for taking shortcuts. Special 6-2 Timed again! Jumping on Goombas to add time to the limit. Whats sort of new is that there are Donut Blocks here, making it trickier for both you and the Goombas. Special 6-3 Green ipping platforms above the purple Dark Matter-like stuff. Not much else to say, as usual with the good old Special Stages. Special World 6-4

Its the red, blue, green and yellow-colored blocks again. This time a Cosmic Mario chases you... Special 6-5 Dare you enter the ghostly house of Peepas, Boos and moving platforms? Be warned before your entrance is made, for this level is evil. Special 6-Airship Flipping colored platforms; what else is new? Can I ask? Special World 7 Special 7-1 Its Boomerang Brother smashin time! Special 7-2 Its that Beat Block Galaxy rip-off level...but with a Cosmic Clone chasing you. Dang... Special 7-3 What time is it? Clock towers full of moving gears and Fuzzies time! Special 7-4 I hate you, Cosmic Clone. Flipping platforms+Cosmic Clone=Hell. (: Special World 7-5 Hooray for spinning gear platforms, side-scrollers and hard Star Medals to collect. Well, look on the bright side: At least theres no Boom Boom or Pom Pom to be fought here! Special 7-Castle Welcome to Bowsers Castle of Death with Cosmic Mario joining in on the fun, too! No Dry Bowser, just Cosmic Mario. Good enough for a challenge, dont ya think? Special World 8 Special 8-1 Spinies are spiny... Special 8-2 Rocky Wrenches+spinning platforms=FTW! Special 8-3 Cosmic Mario castle time! Special World 8-4 Have you ever seen a castle on cocaine? Its not pretty...and this is one of them there levels! Special 8-5 Airships with Cosmic Mario. News ash: puns are running out... Special 8-Castle The Rise of Dry Bowser. Coming to theaters April 2013... Special 8-Crown This is it, the true nal level of the game. Its icon is really cool, and its shaped (if you couldnt guess) like that of a crown. Anyway, this level can only be unlocked after youve played every level as both Mario and Luigi, reached the top of every Goal Flag and gotten a Golden Flag on every one of the levels (Special and regular), and collect all of the Star Medals. Thankfully, no Star Medals are to be collected in this level. After defeating Boom Boom & Pom Pom, youll face obstacles such as ipping platforms, Donut Blocks, re bars, and, for the last time, Cosmic Mario. Now, Tanooki Mario is unbelievably helpful when you go through this level. So unless youre a daredevil, be sure to have at least two Tanooki Suits in your collection!

The nal platform before the Goal Flag features Mario riding on a yellow platform to progress past ipping platforms. Its possible to do this by jumping on the green platforms, but Id strongly recommend doing it the way I did it. Daredevils, knock yourselves out, lol. Toads celebrate your accomplishment at the 8-Crown level, and after hitting the Goal Flag and playing this level one more time as Luigi, the game is 100% complete!