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Brasov is situated at the foot of Tampa Mountain and is protected by the curve of the Carpathian Mountains. It is located in the south-eastern part of Transylvania, about 170km (105mi) north of Bucharest about 3 hours of driving. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, it was a perfect place for a medieval settlement. The old city, founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211, is one of the best preserved cities in all of Europe. It was thoroughly restored to the delight of an increasing number of tourists. The city became better known in Europe because of the international music song festival Golden Stag, started in early 70s. Brasov is one of the largest and most cherished cities of the country. The main tourist attraction of Brasov is by far the Black Church which practically outlines the history of the town. Today, the Black Church boasts a magnificent organ of almost 4000 pipes, a beautiful altar, some interesting paintings of the pews and the heaviest bell in Romania, weighing 6 tones. The Council Square of Brasov is a great way to relax yourself while admiring the surrounding buildings and the passers-by. At the beginning it was just a market place, later on becoming the center of the medieval town. The building of the former Town Hall is the main attraction of the square. The Gate of Catherine is the only original gate that resisted against the time. The old town gates can be seen nowadays, giving the city a medieval touch. Another interesting feature is represented by the seven bastions built through the effort of the main craftsmen guilds, blacksmiths, weavers, goldsmiths, armoires and drummers and they hosted some of the trade centers of the medieval city. At only 12km (7 miles) away from Brasov city you will find Romania's most famous skiing resort, Poiana Brasov. It is referred to in ski directories all over the world. The snow layer lasts for 120 days a year. It features great hotels and restaurants, modern winter sports facilities and numerous ski slopes. Its medieval air, the breathtaking nature and the old buildings, its cultural side (museums, opera, theatre), as well as its modern attractions (shops, excellent restaurants, bars, hotels and pensions) make Brasov one of the most loved cities in

Romania. I have seen in last years that more and more tourists are coming here, looking for something old and nice and different... Brasov is a great tourist destination whether you are a Romanian or a foreigner tourist... come once here and for sure you will not regret.!

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