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Biography Fernando Alonso Diaz was born the 29 of 1981 July in Oviedo, son of Jose Luis Alonso.

Fernandol has a sister who is 5 years greater than he, this one is called Lorena, which is medical of profession. Fernando Alonso already has currculo that surpasses to those of the great pilots of Formula 1. When he was three years old, his father gave kart to him that had constructed he himself. That same year Fernando first race, organized by a commercial center gained his and in which they participated young until in 6 years. That gave anger him to continue piloting when it left class. His father dedicated all his free time to Fernando, (although he received a supply to get up itself to the Celta of Vigo like doorman). From 1985-1995 (the four years until the fourteen) he studied in the school Santo A'ngel of Guarda from Oviedo, where he attended and he finalized primary and EGB. But late frequented the Institute Leopoldo Wings Bugler of San Lazaro, where it was until 2000. He left the studies because the sport commitments prevented him to continue studying, so not even the COU finished. Biography II When it had seven Alonso years gained in 1988 his first official race of karts , proclaiming infantile champion of Asturias since it won in the eight races of which the contest consisted. By then already it had three years ago the official license of the Spanish Federation. In her, Fernando recognizes that he becomes aware total of his acts. Everything falsified, clear. In 1989 champion of karting of Asturias and Galicia proclaimed itself . In 1990 cadet had to compete already in category, something that her family could not be allowed: "I bought kart to Him of first hand and had to take care of it until the eighteen years. We had to begin to compete in Europe and I did not have money to face so many expenses ", said his father. When everything came down, the "miracle" arose. It appeared Gens Marco' (importer of karts) that encaprich of the qualities of Fernando, this one released kart in each race and Marked obtained patrocinadores. In the category cadet champion of Asturias and the Basque Country in 1991 proclaimed itself, year in which also was runner-up of Spain because it could not participate in some races. In 1993 and 1994 he already gained individual Championships of Spain in the junior category, which served to participate to him in the Championship of the World. Biography III With 14 years and a pay of 100,000 ptas to the month, Fernando Alonso arrived at the Worldwide one from Karting. In his first participation raised podio being tecero, in front of another newcomer one, its competitor in formula 1 Kimi Raikkonen . At the end of 1995 it proved a Toyota successfully. The mark offered to him to run the Championship of Formula 1 the

following year, but Fernando, advised by his father, rejected it because the economic conditions were ridiculous. In 1996, he continued running races of karting, and that same year champion of Spain, the Summer Trophy of Italy, the Marlboro Grand Prix proclaimed itself and, which is more important, champion of the world in junior category . In 1997 the International ran in the category To , in which champion of Spain, Italy and Europe proclaimed itself. In 1998, he was again champion of Spain, and won, in addition, the Paris-Bercy Trophy, the one of the Industry in Italy and the Open Ford . Then he appeared another fundamental personage in the race of Fernando, the ex- Valencian pilot of Minardi in the formula 1 Adrin Fields, already it was his shade and to mnager. Biography IV Fields knew Alonso since this one was a boy and followed its trajectory in detail without the Fernando found out. For 1999 fich like substitute of Marc Gen in the Nissan formula . Alonso obtained to 9 pole position, 8 fast returns and 6 victories, with which it obtained to the title of champion Euro Open Movistar.El card nothing else removed it to turn the 18 years (peculiarly leading a Renault Megane). Alonso, that already had obtained its first title of single-seaters, had to continue improving, and the natural step was the formula 3,000 , in which in the 2000, the year of its debut, consiguio his first victory in the Great Prize of Belgium and was second in the one of Hungary, in the Astromega equipment. This great debut already consecrated it like a promise of the formula 1 , in which it made debut, after exerting like probador of Minardi - escudera less competitive -, in the Great Prize of Australia of 2001 . Even so it removed the maximum party to him to the car, surpassing widely and with assiduity to Tarso Marques, his teammate. After the experience with Minardi , Flavio Briatore, owner of Renault , by which it had fichado for five years, called it to exert probador year 2002 as of the French mark throughout, with very good results. Biography V In 2003 he was official pilot of Renault , one more a more competitive mark but very far still of the Ferrari, the Williams or the McLaren . Soon one consolidated like the revelation of the championship, mainly from which, the 22 of March, position in the Great Prize of Malaysia became the youngest pilot in obtaining pole , where in addition, with his third position, was Spanish aircraft commander in raising podio . It obtained that pole to the 21 years, 7 months and 22 days, surpassing widely to that it showed the record, Rubens Barrichello (22 years, 3 months and 5 days) or to champions like Jackie Ickx (23 years, 8 months and 3 days), Ayrton Senna (25 years and 1 month) and Michael Schumacher (25 years, 4 months and 12 days). Throughout the campaign it would emphasize again in the Great Prize of Hungary , where one prevailed with authority and one crowned in highest of formula 1 removing 26.6 seconds to his

immediate competitor, Kimi Raikkonen , and doubling nothing less than to the champion of the world, Michael Schumacher . With 22 years and 26 Alonso days it entered the history of formula 1 the youngest being in gaining the victory , surpassing the record of Troy Ruttman (22 years and 80 days) and Brushes McLaren (22 years and 104 days), that won in 1952 and 1959.

Fernando Alonso's racing biography

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Fernando Alonso Diaz was born in 29 of July, 1981. He is Spanish Formula One driver and two time world champion in 2005 and 2006. When he won his first championship in 2005, at the age of 24 and 58 days he became the youngest Formula One champion (since then) breaking Emerson Fittipaldi's record. In 2006 he became the youngest double champion. In 2007 he also became the second Formula One driver after Michael Schumacher to score more than 100 points in three consecutive seasons. His nickname is El Nano. As a child Alonso competed in karting all around Spain supported by his father who also doubled as his mechanic. Alonso's victories attracted sponsorship and the required funds for him to develop his career in motorsport. Alonso won four Spanish championship in the junior category between 1993 and 1996 and won the Junior World Cup I 1996. He won the Spanish and Italian Inter-A titles in 1997 . In 1998 he won the Spanish Inter-A title again and finished second in the European championship. Adrian Campos decided to test Alonso giving him a Minardi in 1998. After three days of testing Alonso matched the lap times of Campos' previous driver Mark Gene. Campos signed Alonso in 1999 to race in the Spanish Euro Open Movistar by Nissan. Alonso won the championship that year by one point from championship rival Manuel Giao. That year Alonso also tested for Minardi Formula One, lapping 1,5 seconds faster than other test drivers. The next year Alonso was promoted to Formula 3000. He ended his season in fourth place behind Bruno Junqueira, Nicolas Minassian and Mark Webber. Alonso made his debut in Formula One in the 2001 Australian Grand Prix with the Minardi team. He was the third youngest driver ever to start a Formula One race. The car was not fast and wasn't reliable either. However Alonso managed to distinguish himself by outqualifying teammate Tarso Marques by 2,6 seconds in only his first race. After that in Imola he outqualified both of the Benettons and repeated this feat later in the season. Flavio Briatore who was his manager wanted to promote him in Benetton. Briatore also considered to make him a race driver in Jenson Button's place but instead he chose to take Alonso as a full time test driver in 2002. In the final race of the 2001 season in Suzuka, Alonso finished eleventh, far behind the points but in front of Heinz-Harald Frentzen's Prost, Olivier Panis' BAR-Honda, the two Arrows and his new teammate Alex Yoong. Four years later his

former team boss from the Minardi days Paul Stoddart described his race as 53 laps of qualifying. Renault took over Benetton and Alonso became a test driver for Renault in 2002, making 1642 laps of testing that year. In 2003 he became a race driver in the place of Jenson Button, alongside Jarno Trulli. Alonso became the youngest to achieve a Formula One pole position in the 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix. He finished second in his home Grand Prix a few races later, and became the youngest Formula One driver ever to win a Grand Prix when he took his first victory in the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix. He finished the championship in sixth place that year, with four podium finishes. In 2004 Jarno Trulli dropped Flavio Briatore as his manager. His relationship with the team deteriorated and Trulli left to join Toyota in 2005. Alonso finished fourth in the championship scoring four more podiums that year. In 2005 season Giancarlo Fisichella join Fernando Alonso as a teammate in Renault. Alonso started the season with a third place in the Australian Grand Prix. He also won the next two races in Bahrain and Malaysia. In San Marino after giving a fantastic battle for 13 laps with Michael Schumacher, Alonso managed to keep Schumacher behind him and took another victory there. In the United states Grand Prix all the Michelin runners withdrew from the race due to safety concerns about their tires. Alonso sealed the title when he finished third in Brazil, and became the youngest world champion in the history of Formula One at the age of 24 years and 59 days old, breaking Emerson Fittipaldi's record. After that he stated, I just want to dedicate this championship to my family, and all my close friends who have supported me through my career. Spain is not a country with an F1 culture, and we had to fight alone, every step of the way, to make this happen. A huge thank-you should also go to the team as well, they are the best in Formula One, and we have done this together. It will say that I am world champion, but we are all champions and they deserve this Renault also won the constructors' championship that year and Alonso was awarded with the sports Prince of Asturias Award. In 2006 the Alonso started the season with a victory in Bahrain, overtaking Michael Schumacher after coming out of the pit lane with 18 laps to go. He also got a victory in the Australian Grand Prix, after bypassing leader Jenson Button. In San Marino Alonso gave a battle again with Michael Schumacher, like in 2005 but this time Alonso was behind Schumacher and Schumacher successfully defended his place, as Alonso had done in 2005. Alonso became the first Spaniard to win his home Grand Prix in May 14, 2006 Spanish Grand Prix. Alonso took the pole position in Monaco after Michael Schumacher was penalised after he stopped his car in the circuit in the last minutes of the qualifying session not allowing the

other drivers to finish their laps. Alonso included the opportunity of recording a fastest qualifying lap. Alonso won that race. In Japan the two Ferrari's of Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa qualified first and second as the Renault's was fifth and sixth. But a great race gave Alonso the victory after Schumacher's engine fail. Alonso got to the final race needing only one point to retain the title, in Brazil. A second place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix made him a champion again and he became the youngest double Formula One world champion. Renault also won the constructors championship that year by 5 points from Ferrari. On December 19, 2005 Alonso announced that he was leaving Renault for McLaren, for the 2007 season. His contract with Renault was expiring on 31 of December. However Renault let Alonso to make a test with the McLaren in 15 of December. Alonso joined McLaren for the 2007 season having Lewis Hamilton by his side as a teammate. On 8 April Alonso took his first victory with McLaren in his second race with the team. In the Hungarian Grand Prix Alonso won under heavy rain bypassing Massa just four laps before the end. After that race due to an incident in the qualifying session between Alonso and Hamilton their relationship became bad. It has been reported that they were no more on speaking terms at the time. McLaren was accused for using Ferrari's technical secrets. At first McLaren was not punished due to lack of evidence. However new evidence were found and an appeal was made in which McLaren was found guilty. Most of the new evidence were e-mail's from Pedro De La Rosa (McLaren's test driver), and Fernando Alonso. FIA offered both drivers spared sanctions in exchange for providing evidence. The relationships between the team and Alonso were deteriorated after that. There were rumours that wanted Alonso leaving McLaren at the end of the season. The championship got to the final race in Brazil were Lewis Hamilton entered the race being first in the championship, Alonso second, three points behind and Kimi Raikkonen in third place seven points behind Hamilton. During the race Lewis Hamilton had a gearbox failure and fell to 18th position. He managed to get in 7th position and finish the race in that position. Kimi Raikkonen won the race with Alonso being third and losing the championship just for one point. Raikkonen finished with 110 championship points and Hamilton and Alonso were in second and third place with 109 championship points. After the controversy between Hamilton and Alonso, and between the Spaniard and the McLaren team, Alonso decided that he wanted to leave the team to return to Renault. McLaren decided to break their contract and let Alonso go. In 2008 Alonso returned to the team that made him world champion twice. But back in Renault, things were not as they used to be. The car was not competitive at all, and Alonso stated at the beginning of the championship that it would be very hard to be on the podium that season, and impossible to win a race. He started his season having Nelson Piquet Jr. as teammate, the son of the Brazilian three times world champion. As Alonso predicted the car was unable to give him a place in the podium. At least in the beginning. Alonso

gave hopes to the Spanish people were he started his race from the second place in Barcelona. But unfortunately his engine blew while he was 5th, after the first half of the race. Despite Alonso's statements at the beginning of the championship, he won his first race of the season in Singapore, proving that Renault had made a great step ahead. After that he won the next race in Japan also, proving once again that he was a first class driver. In the final race in Brazil he took another podium, as he came 2nd, after Felipe Massa and in front of Kimi Raikkonen. He finished the championship in 5th place, in front of BMW's Nick Heidfeld and McLaren's Heikki Kovalainen, after gathering 61 points. No one could imagine at the beginning of the championship that Alonso would go this far with that car. He continued his 2009 season driving with a Reanult. But too many retirments and an uncompretitive car, while Brwan Mercedes were dominating the championship, did not let him have a fighting chance. He managed to take a pole position in Hungary but failed to finish the race due to fuel pump problem. The first and only podium for him and Renault in that season came in Singapore where he finished in 3rd place, proving his skills once more. He dedicated his win to team boss Flavio Briatore sying "he is part of the success we had today". He finished 9th in 2009 season, scoring all of Renault 26 points. As a result Renault finished 8th in the construcots' chanpionship, ahead of Force India and Toro Rosso. Next season the Spaniard moved to Ferrari to replace Kimi Raikkonen. He was given a competitive car but RBR and McLaren were also very competitive. He race alongside Felipe Massa and together brought the team to 3rd place behind McLaren and RBR. Alonso started the season with a win in Bahrain after Vettel's engine problem, being the 5th man ever to win a race in his debut with Ferrari. Alonso continued bringing good results, and later won the Italian GP in Monza, with a hat trick (win, pole position and fastest lap), making his 24th carrer win and the first for Ferrari in Monza since 2006. The spaniard won the Singapore GP right after Monza, after starting from the pole position. His last win of the season came in Korea, two races before the end of the championship. He also scored his 5th fastest lap for the season, enough to give

him the 2010 DHL Fastest Lap Award. Alonso entered the final race in Abu Dhabi with an 8 point lead. He qualified 3rd but a strategic error during the race, put him behind Vitaly Petrov for the rest of the race and lost another world championship, to young Sebastian Vettel, only by 2 points. Up to the end of 2010 season, Fernando Alonso has won two world championships (in 2005 and 2006, both with Renault). He competed in 159 races and won 26 of them. He has 20 pole positions, 63 podium finishes and has gathered 829 championship points. He also made 18 fastest laps.