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Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance) Walkthrough World 1: Kongo Jungle 1-1: Jungle Hijinxs The rst

level of World 1 in Donkey Kong Country! Its an introductory level, like most rst levels are... 1-2: Ropey Rampage This one is frustrating but kinda cool, also. The Kongs have to climb on and swing from ropes in the jungle during a thunderstorm to reach the end of the level. 1-3: Reptile Rumble This cave level is full of Slippas, rare snakes from the Donkey Kong games. Kritters can be annoying, too... 1-4: Coral Capers Two Enguarde the Swordshes appear here as Animal Buddies, animals who assist the Kongs to get through tough areas in a level. Its also the games rst underwater stage, which is pretty neat, also. Chomps Jr., shark enemies, can be hazards also. 1-5: Barrel Cannon Canyon Barrel Cannon blasting! 1-6: Very Gnawtys Lair (Boss Stage) Boss: Very Gnawty Easy boss FTW. If you couldnt tell, Very Gnawty is a giant Gnawty that jumps around and tries to attack the Kongs; the Kongs must jump on it ve times to defeat it. Like most Nintendo bosses, Very Gnawty gets very angry towards the end of the ght, getting progressively faster. I should also note that the boss of a world (excluding King K. Rool) is usually a larger version of common enemies in the area. World 2: Monkey Mines 2-1: Winkys Walkway Winky the Frog, another Animal Buddy, is introduced here. Winky can jump higher than the Kongs usually are able to jump and can only be reached by jumping off of a Necky. Cool level, but also a very short one... 2-2: Mine Cart Carnage The Kongs must ride Mine Carts, carts that move on rails. Before the carts fall into the abyss, the Kongs should jump up to the next Mine Cart and take another ride. Somewhat tricky level, but youll get used to it. 2-3: Bouncy Bonanza Goin bananas! 2-4: Stop & Go Station This one was very aggravating for me. It is set in an underground mining place, and the Kongs main objective here is to turn red and green switches from red to green. When the switches are red, the enemies present in this level will stop; this allows the Kongs to move on further. When the switches are GREEN, however, the enemies will move. I found that this level requires very good timing and strategy. 2-5: Millstone Mayhem More Winky in a temple-themed level! Yeah, Kritters, Slippas and these egg-shooting Neckies can be hazards here... 2-6: Neckys Nuts (Boss Stage)

Boss: Master Necky Master Necky spits coconuts at the Kongs; avoid these and use the Bouncy Tire to jump up high enough to jump on the big Necky. He can be temporarily invincible before he attacks, and turns red (I think in rage). Pretty easy boss, like most in this game are. World 3: Vine Valley 3-1: Vulture Culture One of my favorite worlds, Vine Valley is obviously a forested area. Vulture Culture is mostly infested with Neckies. The Kongs often must utilize Barrel Cannons to blast from one area to another. 3-2: Tree Top Town A village built in the treetops? 3-3: Forest Frenzy More ropes! 3-4: Orang-Utan Gang Manky Kongs, orangutans inhabiting the forests of Vine Valley, make their rst appearance here, and so does Expresso the Ostrich. The Manky Kongs throw barrels at the Kongs in angry attempts to try and hit them; jumping on these apes will teach them a good lesson. I also should note I really like the background in this level. 3-5: Clam City An underwater city of clams who try to hurt the Kongs! Oh my... 3-6: Temple Tempest Gnawties riding wheels try to crush the Kongs in this temple area, making it hard for them to move on. 3-7: Bumble B Rumble Boss: Queen B. Queen B. is queen of the Zingers, bee enemies that were found in levels of this forest world. To defeat this bully bee, the Kongs must hurl Barrels at her until she is down. Once attacked enough, however, will split into a red Zinger protected by her other Zinger minions. You must kill off her bee friends, too if you want to kill the Queen herself. World 4: Gorilla Glacier 4-1: Snow Barrel Blast This is, along with the factory world, my favorite world in the game. The Kongs, for this level, will be progressing through a snowy mountain and ring from Barrel Cannons. 4-2: Slipslide Ride The Kongs are climbin on ropes in an icy cavern. A cool level, I guess. 4-3: Croctopus Chase Chase! Chase! Chase! 4-4: Ice Age Alley Another cool and fun level, this one involves the Kongs swinging on ropes again. It interestingly takes place during a huge blizzard in the mountains, and I thought it was really cool. Manky Kongs are annoying here, though, and due to the blizzard, you can barely see anything. 4-5: Rope Bridge Rumble Rumble rumble!

4-6: Torchlight Trouble This one takes place in a dark cave, and the Kongs can barely see anything. Thankfully, Squawks the Parrot, a new Animal Buddy, is here in this level to assist the Kongs by lighting up their way. 4-7: Really Gnawty Rampage Boss: Really Gnawty Another Gnawty boss, I guess Nintendo got lazy? Anways, to defeat Really Gnawty, the Kongs must jump on top of him ve times, similar to how Very Gnawty was defeated. How original... World 5: Kremkroc Industries, Inc. 5-1: Oil Drum Alley Along with the previous World (Gorilla Glacier), this is easily one of my favorite worlds in the game and maybe even the whole DKC series. As its name suggests, Kremkroc Industries takes place in a factory built by the Kremlings. I was really glad they made a remake of this World in Donkey Kong Country Returns (this was called the Factory). This rst level is very cool; oil drums with re should be avoided by the Kongs, and tires will give you an extra boost. Surprisingly, Manky Kongs are here, also. 5-2: Trick Track Trek Another fun and cool factory level! 5-3: Elevator Antics Going up the elevator... 5-4: Poison Pond This level takes place in a polluted underwater area in Kremkroc Industries. It was interesting, but this world did have some better levels...denitely. 5-5: Mine Cart Madness!! 5-6: Blackout Basement Now this ones cool. The Kongs get to go through a basement area, where the lights often switch from on to off. You should carefully walk the Kongs through this factory when the lights are present and turned on. They do switch back and forth quickly, so be careful! 5-7: Boss Dumb Drum Boss: Dumb Drum Dumb Drum is a giant Oil Drum who attacks by throwing Kritters, Slippasm Klumps and Armys out of his...well, oil drum, lol. The ght is interesting, because you dont actually ght Dumb Drum himself; you ght the enemies he summons. Killing the enemies defeats him. After taking out Dumb Drums minions, the Kongs should throw a TNT barrel at the big Oil Drum to defeat him. World 6: Chimp Caverns 6-1: Tanked Up Trouble Youre in big trouble! Yeah, to be honest I wasnt the biggest fan of this World...and I hate this level to bits. The Kongs have to keep hitting Fuel Barrels while riding a platform to keep the platform moving. Miss just a few Fuel Barrels and youre done for. 6-2: Manic Mincers Rambi and the Kongs team up to beat the crap out of Mincers.

6-3: Misty Mine This mine is misty! 6-4: Loopy Lights Barrels that read ON and OFF can be found in this level. Like Stop & Go Station, the Kongs must hit the barrels to keep the lights on. Zzzzzz... 6-5: Platform Perils A fairly cool level, this one involves jumping on platforms that will disappear if stood on for a certain amount of time. You must jump from each platform before they disappear. 6-6: Neckys Revenge Boss: Master Necky & Master Necky Snr. Master Necky AND Master Necky Snr.! To defeat them, have the Kongs jump on the one that is purple colored. They shoot coconuts, so avoid those. World 7: Gangplank Galleon 7-1: Gangplank Galleon Final Boss: King K. Rool Time for the nal showdown! To beat K. Rool, the Kremling pirate who stole the Banana Hoard, the Kongs have to jump on his head when his crown isnt on it. The Kremling pirate has many attacks, such as throwing his crown, jumping on DK and Diddy, and causing cannonballs to rain from the sky. Well, that wraps up my DKC walkthrough! See yall next time...