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James L Bradley Kanook February 26th, 2012 Interest has once again spun off into the direction

of a superior intelligent design, as to the supposedly infinite Universe were spinning about within whereas a recently released scientific composition authored by Silas Beane from Germanys University of Bonn presents strong statistical evidence that our reality is nothing but a grand computer simulation. The title of the paper is Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation.1 In other words, everything around us was brought into existence by Design. On your digital device you use for viewing information from wherever remember that the information, words, pictures or videos are presented via a finite number of pixels, where the pixel is a single physical point on the screen. The pixel is the smallest addressable (each pixel has its own digital address) with each address corresponding to its physical coordinates, now the speed in which your magic box displays these individual pixels depends on the processing power of the processing unit on board dictated by the internal timing circuits and the ability of the unit to create the sweep rates. This understood your computer display screen is designated as employing a screen resolution, such s 1920 x 1440 or 1920 pixels across and 1440 pixels vertically or there are 2,764,800 pixels on the screen each with its own digital address or name. The incoming information has within it a command that tells the pixel what it must do to make the information understandable to the viewerclear?

Everything you view must be drawn and depicted using these pixels, keep in mind that the display can never display a half-pixel in this every game, website, video, word processing or other units is transposed onto the 2,764,800 lattice (1920x1440). Here in the real world we think there are no pixels consequently we move fluidly to any location we desire, we are not a digitized entity, in other words we are beings existing in a fluid world without the required pixilation of computer screen we think. Then again the paper from Germany says that our reality is also pixilated, albeit at a much finer or even very, very fine resolution created by the energy level of the Universes cosmic rays. In other words, the laws of electromagnetic radiation are confined in the 3-dimensional simulation we label the Universe. At the end-of-the-day this concept (if proven) leads to the fact of Intelligent Design by a conscious Creator who put the whole mess together to begin with. Naturally a conclusion that a majority of scientists, scholars if you must, refuse to acknowledge while others maintain that the conclusion is in-escapable whereas if our Universe is a carefully-constructed simulation, then by definition there must have been a purpose behind it construction as well as a Creator who put it together. Personally, as an individual who has tossed numbers around during my career, I have never deviated from my belief that there were too many coincidences to explain away, one being that my ancestors crawled ashore many years ago along the banks of a small stream, and moved onto a muddy bank in some overly warm swamp to evolve into something that is now exploring the heavens. One other item, small to be sure, but there is too much human diversity running about to tie to one small creature basking in the slime far back in out past. Although I also believe that it might be true we were created at a much higher level than the apes, there has been over time individuals who have been able to bend the rules so to speak in our history that are referenced in some of our ancient texts. The authors of this new paper note their conclusion: The numerical simulation scenario could reveal itself in the distributions of the highest energy cosmic rays exhibiting a degree of rotational symmetry breaking that

reflects the structure of the underlying lattice. In simple words this underlying lattice is described as resolution of our physical simulation. Remember it is within Planks Constant that we find that the physical Universe is quantized to a particular resolution, and we also know that light behaves in quantized supported by the fact that light packets are labeled quanta. Research or discovery during the past few decades has shown that our DNA is digital, and NOT analog so in more than a sense you are a digitized physical being packing around a non-material consciousness riding high above this physical simulation sort of reminds one of the Hollywood production The Matrix where you choose the red pill and realize youre walking about in a mass computer simulation. Question is who built it? One might assume that we built it! Not hardly, the next one would be an advanced civilization of supernatural beings with a highly un-imagined powerful technology popped out of a parallel Universe and with some idle hours assembled this one. One other thought is that we collectively constructed the simulation, and in mass somehow agreed to insert our consciousness into the simulation in order to experience a human life experience all these possibilities are just that possibilities. The one other theory is that it or he built it! In some circles referred to as God, in most scientific circles the Creator, in any case an omnipresent all powerful entity with God-Like powers who with nothing better to do one Sunday afternoon, or it might have been after a wild Friday night at the local pool hall designed and then launched his digital simulation that we (on Earth and other like Universal bodies) are spinning and traveling through to an uncertain end. He was generous enough to provide a mechanism, or option throwing in free will consciousness to the highest level of beings as they woke up inside the simulation in the bodies of the newly-born entities. The flip side of this being upon death in the simulation, your consciousness leaves the simulation and returns to its source, which is the actual reality that transcends this one. A situation that is possibly why people have survived a near-death-experience (NDE) consistently report of

having a hyper-reality experience that is thousand time more real than life o Earth. The next puzzle that most ponder is that if our Universe was consciously created, how come, after all it must have been quite and undertaking. One survivor of an NDE, neurosurgeon Doctor Eben Alexander wrote in his book Proof of Heaven (P-48). Through the Orb, [God] told me that there is not one universe but many in fact, more than I could conceive but that love lay at the center of them all. Evil was present in all the other universes as well, but only in the tiniest trace amounts. Evil was necessary because without it free will was impossible, and without free will there could be no growth no forward movement, no chance for us to become what God longed for us to be. Horrible and all-powerful as evil sometimes seemed to be in a world like ours, in the larger picture love was overwhelmingly dominant, and it would ultimately be triumphant. In this it appears that the primary purpose of life in our existence is to experience personal growth and along the way overcome evil in other words a clear-cut definition on why we all seem to be surrounded by the temptations of it on a daily basis please, we are drowning in it simply because our souls have made a conscious decision to be here and learn how to lick our evil desires. The general opinion in all of this when that dimming light reaches its final flicker is that well be judged by our performance, by who can only be the score keeper at some far-off location. Could be a circle of energy that we can only imagine, the score keeper will measure our performance taking into account on how much self-awareness we achieved, did we overcome evil, did we express love and compassion, and along the way did we offer assistance to uplift others with knowledge and awareness? Since Im no scorekeeper, yet in reading this and that I feel that it might be safe to assume that there are a great many of us walking about that instead of moving on with a feeling of accomplishment they die a bitter, selfish, substance-addicted, greed-driven minions of self-absorption meaning they have failed in the game-of-life, in other words having thrown in their chips betting on an inside-royal-straight have lost according to rules set-forth by

the Creator. As a matter of fact in looking about to those that do make the digital information flow damn few are passing the test, damn few. Keep in mind that today there are some 7.07 billion of us creatures strolling about on our planet. It makes one wonder if waking up as newborn on whether or not the cards are stacked against you, in a sense thrown into the deep-end when it comes to the game of Good vs. Evil on top of this as a new arrival were suppose to figure out the challenge with NO previous knowledge of the rules. Some of us stumble along for an entire lifetime subconsciously seeking enlightenment, and as witnessed leave this existence never reaching that goal. As-a-matter of record, when you think about, it is remarkable miracle if any of us make the cut. When you observe your own march through this non-linear walk through life, you along with the likes of many at time might wonder what all this means in the terms or rules of the way you live your existence to its forgone conclusion. If you believe the concept that the Universe is really a grand simulation created by the master manipulator of some digital exercise, it might be that it would force you to re-think your philosophy on the purpose of life. Some might even go so far as to resort to selfish hedonism and flip your entire life into one vast entertainment parade, but than again this appears to be the opposite of the importance of personal growth. In other words our Universe is NOT a childish playground in that it might have the general purpose of being a serious exercise guiding you to a higher-level of spiritual growth to what end is hard to say. There have been over the years some practical rules set to the pen that some of us pay attention to;


Dont chase material things that arent even real in the first place, whereas you focus on trying to collect money and wealth in this world is about as foolish as attempting to collect gold coins in a role-playing computer game. Survival is the key!


Live you life to win the simulation. Winning translates into persistently working to defeat evil, demonstrate love and

constantly strive to awaken other entities piling up your karma points in other words. As some believe the only points that will amount to a hill-of-beans at the end-of-the-day. 3) Know that the game master is looking over your game playing, recording and judging your actions. Between him and you there are NO secrets, it is within this rule that you will face the final judgment of your actions, and the accumulation of your actions alongside others is the determination that society either advances or stalls in other words avoid actions that your soul would feel ashamed of.


Know that your physical death is NOT final, the final truth being that during your journey in the physical realm is you living your life with principle. Through whatever means, your ethics survive your human form it is in this that your record is maintained and will go on forever and let it be know that the master simulation Creator knows of it.


The last but not the least is that your consciousness is eternal and that at one time you agreed to live in the Universe and experience your life as a spiritual test albeit the second you came into being you lost all memory of the agreement so (it is said) do your best to achieve a level of success based on an established set of spiritual principles once again established by the Creator.

All this noted one should simultaneously realize that there is nothing to be afraid of in this simulated Universe I mean really, are you afraid of being killed? If so, if you have lived within the preceding five points the outcome is certified, isnt it! And if you have not, as some in our society havent your soul is doomed from a unspeakable Hell (for lack of a better word) in the real world beyond this one as a direct result of your accumulation of power or wealth through deception. Yet, one must consider the sad fact that it takes evil to bring out the good in people, it doesnt, than how is one supposed to judge good if there is no evil of which to compare. Sort of like spending ones life from mountain peak to mountain peak and not dipping down periodically into the deep valleys of darkness.

Apparently the rules are such that if someone sells out to corporate interests (one of the present evil entities in the world today) or some other evil agenda that either suppresses freedom or the health of the mass, youre on your way to real world doom something like external damnation, might even be that for some the exercise of what is known as the transmigration of ones soul occurs and you are sent back to do over, with no memory intact, just to see if you can do better. Game reset! Another semi-hot issue (to some) is gun rights, consider to be a most holy right when it comes to self-defense, whereas it has risen to pretty close to be a divine right. Where we all deserve the right to prevent our souls from being prematurely removed from the simulation, in this guns are the tools that can assist in defending our physical bodies so that our spiritual bodies can move on with their intended experiences in the simulations reality. Some note that even Jesus recommended people carry swords for protection, although those he informed were in direct pursuit of spiritual awakening. In the use of a weapon the term self-defense is the measure of either going on or not, if you used the weapon against innocent people the unjustified violence is obviously a terrible sin with catastrophic results. We come back to the assertion (by some) that science has proven the existence of a Creator, or as stated in some religious circles God. If any of the preceding is true the obvious reply is yes, but in the next breath most of us know that is not the intention of Science as most modern-day humans of science are dead-set against the concept of intelligent design. But isnt it also believed that the entire Universe can be traced back to the Big Bang, if this is true who initiated the Big Bang? If youre even a minor player in the laws of physics, you know that the so-called universal constants that set the underlying mechanics and energies of our Universe have been fine-tuned to such a point to give rise to a Universe that can support biological life. Now if you change one of these constants just slightly stars do not form, change another one and the Universe flings itself apart before life can form all-in-all there are some six-constants that have been delicately tune being selected or somehow

set into a universal control panel with a list of properties and clearly defined parameters. In all of this the final decision of whether or not there is a God remains a personal belief, as for science all it can do is pick away at the edges of this one parameter, personal belief.