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Laura Abbott Character Sketch via Dialogue

When I had stuttered myself down the icy hill the next morning to the bus stop, I found that others had poor luck with the weather as well, evidenced by the swathing mass of man and vehicle tossed all over the road. At the bus stop there she was, waiting as usual with a little something stuck between her teeth. This day, though, her attire lacked her usual formality; she wore instead a set of blue under-armor and a scarf that bordered hilarity, it was so copious. Her boots those animal-killing boots however, remained. Its kind of ironic, dont you think? I gestured to the road, where the cars had become victims to winters greed. You know, since you mentioned car accidents last time. It was a mess: One car had slipped on the ice, veering sideways into the other lane. Naturally, it was tboned by oncoming traffic. She gave a short bark of laughter before suppressing a spry grin and saying, Yeah. We both watched the paramedics bustle around what had to have been the passengers, ambulance lights reflecting dully on the ice as if someone had spilt multi-colored light, like paint, all over the road. I hope this doesnt keep the bus from getting here on time. She gave a hum of acknowledgement and a nod of her head. Right. she replied, burying her head further into her multi-colored scarf. Today it was a safety pin rather than a toothpick, and it meandered an infinity around her lips, figure eights slowly reiterated as she watched the show in front of us.

I shifted my weight awkwardly. So why were you asking about car crashes last Friday? The safety pin making figure eights stilled. She sat up a little straighter for a moment, before settling into herself again. I was thinking about car crashes and orgasms. I blinked, and my head drew back of its own volition. The surprise must have shown on my face, because she gave that same strange half-laugh and continued. You heard me: I was thinking that people should have sex the way they crash cars, she mused, gazing at the catastrophe all over the road. Really? I asked, and perhaps the question had been too emphatic, because she gave me a double take before taking the safety pin from her mouth. She became vaguely irritated as she explained. You know -- lose all sense of time in the moment. Learn to accept a loss of control. It comes to a climax a death; theres a reason the French call it le petit mort or it doesnt. You live to get behind the wheel another day. No matter the outcome its a memorable thrill, and youll likely be talking to people about it all day. She sternly focused on my face. Uh, I take it youve been in a lot of car accidents? She stuck the safety pin back in her mouth and snickered. Im assuming youre talking about vehicular accidents A snort. No. Not really. One, once, but we were all relatively unscathed. She grinned, hands up in mock enthusiasm. We talked about it all day! We both chuckle and watch the crash team attempt to uncurl the vehicles from each other. Traffic was already backing up and the tow trucks hadnt arrived yet. Oh, she said then, not taking her eyes from the accident. Here we are talking about orgasm and I dont even think Ive properly introduced myself. She unsheathed her hand from her pocket. Im Evelyn.

Evelyn, I echoed, Hi. Im Sam. Hi Sam, she said grinning. My eye was drawn to the shiny wet pin. I wondered how many times the safety pin had fallen from her mouth. I imagine you think Im quite strange now, I laughed, and she did as well, because we both knew it was a little bit true. Well I said, dipping my head. Your ears are positively vermillion Evelyn murmured with a hyena grin. Yeah, well No, its quite alright. I have a tendency to find analogy in really fucking weird places. I shoved my hands in my sweat-pant pockets and leaned back on my heels a bit. English major? No. Biochemistry. But I write creatively on the side. It figured. And you just think about these things? Evelyn raised her eyebrow at me just then the tow trucks arrived and began blaring to let everyone know they were back up. When it finally shut up, she said, Well not on purpose. Its like telling someone not to think of an elephant obviously theyre immediately going to think of one. Thats what life okay, maybe not life... The world? My brain? does to me. It just wont shut up about all the god-blasted infernal elephants! That sounds difficult. She nodded. Sometimes I think Im crazy. I scoffed. Dont we all? She shook her head, looking down, tapping the cement with her boot and remaining silent.