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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddys Kong Quest (GBA) Walkthrough World 1: Gangplank Galleon 1-1: Pirate Panic Welcome

to DKC2! Its been a game Ive been meaning to do for a while, and I cant wait! Itll bring back so many epic memories! This level involves the Kongs going through a basic pirate ship after Donkey Kong just got kidnapped by the Kremlings. There are these rat enemies here, called Neeks, who can easily be jumped on in order for the Kongs to kill them. Rambi is also introduced here; he is basically the same as he was in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country Returns. 1-2: Mainbrace Mayhem This level is another one taking place on a pirate ship of sorts. The Kongs must climb up masts here while avoiding Klingers, who climb up the ropes, fall, and then climb back up. Theyre pretty annoying, lol. 1-3: Gangplank Galley More ships here. The Kongs will climb on hooks, which help them to reach certain areas. Youll also often have to use Dixies hair at times to reach certain areas. This was one of the harder levels, IMO. 1-4: Lockjaws Locker This level is the rst underwater one. Its set inside this ship, and the water will rise up and down at times. The Kongs will also need to avoid these sh enemies. Some follow you, so watch out. 1-5: Topsail Trouble This is a cool level. The Kongs are climbing through a ship during a rainstorm, and must avoid enemies and sometimes climb ropes. Rattly the Rattlesnake, a new Animal Buddy, gets introduced here. He has the ability to jump higher than the Kongs can. 1-B: Krows Nest Boss: Krow Krow is a large bird that drops eggs at the Kongs. To defeat him, the Kongs must throw the eggs back at him. Pretty simple boss. After the defeat of Krow, you can now move on to World 2! World 2: Crocodile Cauldron 2-1: Hot-Head Hop This is a volcano-themed level with lava. Often during the level, the Kongs will have to hop on crocodiles heads to get to higher areas. The red crocodiles dont really launch you high enough, so youll need to carry a Barrel to it and then jump on the crocodile to make it to where you need to go. 2-2: Kannons Klaim Barrel Cannons and cannons! Wahoo! 2-3: Lava Lagoon The Kongs will be facing lava here. However, Clapper the Seal will be able to help you cool down the lava temperature so that its safe for the Kongs to swim in. 2-4: Red-Hot Ride Riding Hot Air Balloons to y over lava. Nothing strange about that... 2-5: Squawkss Shaft Squawks the Parrot!

2-B: Kleevers Kiln Boss: Kleever Kleever is a living sword creature. To defeat him, the Kongs must jump across those hooks we saw earlier to avoid his attacks. Then, you must throw cannonballs at him to defeat him. Now its on to World 3! World 3: Krem Quay 3-1: Barrel Bayou This is a jungle-themed level of sorts with Rambi and Barrel Cannons! 3-2: Glimmers Galleon Glimmer the Anglersh is used in this watery ship area. He will light up the way for the Kongs in the level. 3-3: Krockhead Klamber Another jungle-like swamp level with Squitter the Spider! Squitter creates cobwebs that he can use as platforms to get through the level. 3-4: Rattle Battle Rattly the Rattlesnake for an entire level! Wahoo! (: 3-5: Slime Climb Another stormy ship level. Whaddya know? 3-6: Bramble Blast This is a neat level. The Kongs will be shooting from Barrel Cannons through a jungle environment, avoiding enemies and also these spiky brambles that can hurt them. 3-B: Kudgels Kontest Boss: Kudgel Kudgel is a pretty interesting boss. He is a big Kremling that holds a club. To defeat Kudgel, the Kongs must throw TNT Barrels at him. Another simple boss, but a pretty cool one anyways. World 4: Krazy Kremland 4-1: Hornet Hole This one takes place inside a hive, with (obviously) many bee enemies. Interesting, for the most part. 4-2: Target Terror The rst Skull Cart level in the game, which takes place at a carnival of sorts. Skull Carts are essentially the same as Mine Carts from the other Donkey Kong games. There are many obstacles for the Kongs to avoid in this level, too. 4-3: Bramble Scramble Hooray for another bramble level! 4-4: Rickety Race The Kongs must race against many Klanks in this roller coaster (or Skull Cart) level. Not much else to say here, lol. 4-5: Mudhole Marsh Spooky forest! 4-6: Rambi Rumble Another hive level! In this one, though, Rambi is used for almost the whole level. 4-B: King Zing Sting Boss: King Zing

Is it Queen B.s husband? Anyways, this level is fairly cool. The Kongs will be hitting King Zings stinger with his eggs (similar to how Krow was defeated back in Gangplank Galleon). Squawks will be used here for most of this ght. Anotehr thing I should note is that King Zing is slower, but his stinger is faster than it was in the original SNES version. World 5: Gloomy Gulch 5-1: Ghostly Grove This level involves the Kongs jumping across Ghost Ropes in a haunted forest. Bout it. 5-2: Haunted Hall Another Skull Cart level, Haunted Hall takes place inside a haunted library. Kackles, skeleton enemies, will chase the Kongs through the level, so be sure to avoid that. 5-3: Gusty Glade ANOTHER forest level... 5-4: Parrot Chute Panic Flapper the Parrot and Squawks will both be getting used in this level. 5-5: Web Woods Squitter the Spider will be used here to create webs as platforms to avoid falling into the abyss. There are a few enemies here as well. 5-B: Kreepy Krow Boss: Kreepy Krow Kreepy Krow is Krow, but in ghost form. He shoots eggs just like he did in Gangplank Galleon, but this time, the Kongs must shoot from Barrel Cannons to land in Krows nest and attack him. Kreepy Krow also throws lots of Mini-Neckies at you, so avoid that. World 6: K. Rools Keep 6-1: Arctic Abyss This level takes place in an icy underwater area, and Enguarde the Swordsh will be used for most of the level. There are also underwater enemies here, such as these weird starsh. 6-2: Windy Well This level has winds that push the Kongs through a tower area of sorts. Youll often be avoiding the wind pushing you in the wrong directions or pushing you towards enemies. 6-3: Clappers Cavern Another icy cave level with Clapper the Seal! 6-4: Castle Crush This levels cool. It takes place inside a castle, and the oor is rising. Youll be using Rambi for most of this level, too. 6-5: Chain Link Chamber Climbin on chains! 6-6: Toxic Tower Toxic Tower takes place inside a castle, too. However, Rattly the Rattlesnake will be used. You must avoid rising toxic water that kills you with one hit. A very interesting level. 6-B: Stronghold Showdown This is the shortest level of the game. The Kongs will see Donkey Kong with chains tied around him, and they must chase the kidnapped ape to the next World, where they will battle K. Rool. World 7: The Flying Krock

7-1: Screechs Sprint This is another bramble level. This time, youll be climbing vines and shooting from Barrel Cannons to race against Screech, a parrot who is K. Rools pet. 7-B: K. Rool Duel Final Boss: Kaptain K. Rool Kaptain K. Rool is inside his ship, ready for battle! To defeat him, the Kongs must throw Kannonballs back at him after he throws them and avoid these gases he res, which can make the Kongs slower. Thats pretty much it for this ght, lol. After K. Rools defeat, Donkey Kong is freed from his prison and he kicks K. Rool out of his ship. Now its time for the bonus World, known as the Lost World! World 8: Lost World 8-1: Jungle Jinx Goin through the jungle! I should note that in order for the Kongs to have access to this World, you must pay Klubba a certain amount of Kremkoins for access to each level. 8-2: Black Ice Battle Icy caves! Cant get enough of em! 8-3: Klobber Karnage Whaddya know? More jungles! 8-4: Fiery Furnace This is a lava level. The Kongs will be shooting from special Barrels called Steerable Barrels, which will launch them over the lava safely. 8-5: Animal Antics This is one of my favorite levels. Almost every Animal Buddy from this game will be used here, including Rambi, Squitter the Spider, and Rattly the Rattlesnake. There are many enemies for you to avoid here, so watch out for that. 8-B: Krocodile Kore Yeah. Not exciting at all. The Kongs will be ghting Kaptain K. Rool all over again. Well, I hope you all enjoyed my DKC2 playthrough! It brought back a lot of good memories! Thanks for reading, and Ill see yall next time!