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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros.

3 (GBA) Walkthrough World 1: Grass Land 1-1: Grass Land The epic, memorable Mario adventure with Tanooki Mario begins in Grass Land! 1-2: Grass Land Another classic Grass Land level! Cant get enough of em! 1-3: Grass Land This level is again, a pretty basic one. 1-4: Grass Land The next level is a sky one, and it is side-scrolling (damn it!). Id actually highly recommend you grab a Tanooki Suit here; they help a LOT. Of course, you could also use the P-Wing if youre feeling cheap. Lol... 1-Tower: Grass Land The very rst Tower level, this one involves lava, Podoboos and, at the end, a boss named Boom Boom. Boom Booms very simple. Jump on him three times, avoid him when hes rollin around in his shell, and youre on to the next level! 1-5: Grass Land Very similar to 1-4. (Sigh) 1-Airship: Grass Land Hooray for the Airships (and ghting the rst Koopaling, Larry)! World 2: Desert Hill 2-1: Desert Hill Classic desert levels in video games! You just cant get enough of em! 2-2: Desert Hill Very annoying sandy desert level. 2-Tower: Desert Hills This Tower has Thwomps, Boos and plenty of spikes! And, like every Tower, Boom Boom... 2-3: Desert Hills This level has re-chain enemies, and more sand. 2-Desert: Desert Hills This is the most annoying level yet. World 2-Desert features my worst nightmare, the Angry Sun, a sun with a face. The Angry Sun will follow you through the desert in the background, and sometimes will come on screen and spin around in an attempt to hurt you. Be very cautious and youll get by him. 2-4: Desert Hills This next level in Desert Hills introduces the Chain chomps, which I recommend you avoid. 2-Pyramid: Desert Hills An underground cave with lots of Buzzy Beetles. 2-Airship: Desert Hills Fightin Morton Koopa Jr. in this Airship! World 3: Sea Side (A.K.A. Water Land or Ocean Side) 3-1: Sea Side This level is frustrating; its set underwater, and there are plenty of hazards for you to avoid here, such as Bloopers.

3-2: Sea Side Flying Cheep Cheeps FTW! 3-3: Sea Side The Boss Bass, a giant spikey sh, tries to hurt Mario here by jumping in the air out from the water. 3-Tower 1: Sea Side Basically a huge maze Tower. 3-4: Sea Side The Lakitus, Koopas in clouds who throw Spinies, are introduced here. 3-5: Sea Side Another enemy, the Jelectro (an invincible jellysh) is introduced here. They can only be avoided by Mario. 3-6: Sea Side Donut Blocks and a moving screen? 3-7: Sea Side A Piranha Plant level. 3-Tower 2: Sea Side Stretches, platforms Boo heads come from, are introduced here. As usual, you must ght Boom Boom at the end. 3-8: Sea Side The Boss Bass strikes again! 3-9: Sea Side Lots of Bullet Bills are present in this level. 3-Airship: Sea Side At the end of this Airship, Wendy O. Koopa, Bowsers only female Koopaling, is fought. Wendy res Candy Rings, which can hurt Mario if they touch him in any way. She likes to bounce around, making it harder to hit her. Whos ready for one of my top Worlds, Big Island? World 4: Big Island (A.K.A Giant Land) 4-1: Big Island As this areas name suggests, Big Island features the same enemies that were previously encountered, except they are huge. The ? Blocks are huge, too, and the platforms; and even the pipes! 4-2: Big Island Piranha Plants and Cheep Cheeps! 4-3: Big Island Sledge Bros.! 4-Tower 1: Big Island Hot Foots, very annoying re enemies, are introduced here. 4-4: Big Island Everything is huge underwater (except Mario, like usual)! 4-5: Big Island Lakitus and Bullet Bills. (Snores) 4-6: Big Island More big stuff! 4-Tower 2: Big Island

Donut Blocks above re. You have to be careful to beat this Tower. 4-Airship: Big Island Iggy Koopa, a mad genius Koopaling, gets fought in this Airship, and Ill admit: hes pretty tough. World 5: The Sky (A.K.A Sky Land) 5-1: The Sky Chain Chomps! 5-2: The Sky An underground pipe/sewer level. 5-3: The Sky This is the only level in SMB3 where Mario can use the Goombas Shoe. This allows him to hop across enemies without getting hurt. 5-Tower 1: The Sky Thwomps and lava! This is MADNESS! 5-4: The Sky This level has Mario jumping on clouds and avoiding Firebars. 5-6: The Sky This level has the very annoying Para-Beetles, which were also in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The Para-Beetles must be jumped on by Mario and used as platforms. 5-7: The Sky More Lakitus! 5-Tower 2: The Sky Podoboos, lava and Dry Bones. What else is new? 5-8: The Sky Mario has to jump on more platforms in the sky and avoid Lakitus throwing Spiny Eggs at him. 5-9: The Sky Another sky level, this one features the Fire Chomp, a ying Chain Chomp who spits re at you. 5-Airship: The Sky ROY KOOPA! World 6: Iced Land (A.K.A Ice Land) 6-1: Iced Land Finally, a snow level! 6-2: Iced Land More moving clouds... 6-3: Iced Land Are you kidding me? MORE cloud crap? 6-Tower 1: Iced Land Podoboos and spikes in a maze. 6-4: Iced Land Slippery ice platforms can make Mario slide off to his death here, so be aware of that. 6-5: Iced Land An underground level with Buster Beetles and Koopas! 6-6: Iced Land Underwater fun!

6-7: Iced Land FIRE CHOMPS! 6-Tower 2: Iced Land Another Thwomp-infested Tower level, where Boom Boom is fought...AGAIN. 6-8: Iced Land Nipper Plants are very annoying in this level. 6-9: Iced Land More underwater stuff with giant Cheep Cheeps. 6-10: Iced Land An ice level with the Hammer Suit and many Buzzy Beetles. 6-Tower 3: Iced Land A third Tower? God... 6-Airship: Iced Land Lemmy Koopa is fought this time. World 7: Pipe Maze (A.K.A Pipe Land) 7-1: Pipe Maze Pipes. Whatd you expect other than that? 7-2: Pipe Maze A desert level? WTH! 7-3: Pipe Maze Lakitus and Goombas are here to annoy you to your death. 7-4: Pipe Maze Spiny Cheep Cheeps in ANOTHER underwater level! This is getting boring...): 7-5: Pipe Maze More mazes with pipes! 7-Piranha Plant 1: Pipe Maze An optional sky level with lots of Piranhas. 7-Tower 1: Pipe Maze This Tower has, like, no enemies at all! 7-6: Pipe Maze Piranhas! 7-7: Pipe Maze Its a parade of Munchers! AAAAAAAGH! 7-8: Pipe Maze Piranha Plants and Venus Fire Traps. (Sobs loudly) 7-9: Pipe Maze More pipes and Goombas! 7-Tower 2: Pipe Maze This Tower has lots of wafe-looking things that hurt Mario ying around, along with lava and re-shooting Piranhas. The Hammer Suit makes this level way easier than it is without it. 7-Piranha Plant 2: Pipe Maze This version of the rst Piranha Plant level has those Musical Note Blocks. Jumping on them bounces Mario high into the air, and they can also be used to avoid quite a few obstacles... 7-Airship: Pipe Maze

Rocket Engines, Rocky Wrenches and Ludwig von Koopa! Oh, and after beating the World 7 Airship, you get a letter from Bowser, whos kidnapped Peach! She almost made it a whole game again without getting kidnapped... World 8: Dark Land (A.K.A Castle of Koopa) 8-Bowsers Tank Force (Big Tanks): Dark Land Rocky wrenches, cannons and Rocket Engines! 8-Bowsers Navy (Battleships): Dark Land Boom Boom is fought here! Surprised, were you? Hand Traps: Dark Land 1: Hammer Bros of every type! 2: Podoboos gone mad! 3: Cheep Cheeps! 8-Bowsers Airforce (Airships): Dark Land The airforce is prepared for war! 8-1: Dark Land Dark Land is arguably the hardest World at this point in the game, lol. 8-2: Dark Land Angry Suns are angry! 8-Tower: Dark Land Boom Boom is fought for the last time! 8-Bowsers Army (Super Tanks): Dark Land Rocky Wrenches, Bob-ombs and several other haazards must be avoided in this level. 8-Bowsers Castle: Dark Land The nal castle level, this one has statues with lazer vision, Donut Lifts, and many other hazardous traps Bowser has set up. At the end, you can face him yourself! Final Boss: Bowser Bowser is the easiest thing ever. Avoid him when he jumps, then cause him to jump on the oor. This makes it crack, and once the oor is completely cracked, Bowser falls through and is defeated! And the princess is yours! Well, thats it for my Super Mario Bros. 3 (Mario Advance 4) playthrough for GBA! Ill see you all next time...