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Kirbys Epic Yarn (Wii) Quilty Square Patch Castle This level introduces many basic moves/abilities Kirby

has. Thats it. World 1: Grass Land Level 1-1: Fountain Gardens This is just a regular old level pretty much. Kirby will transform into Tank Kirby towards the end of the level. This means Kirby has the ability to re bullets at his enemies. Level 1-2: Flower Fields Another rather easy level. Kirby will mainly be hopping across spinning ower platforms and using the Yarn Whip to swing from frog heads to make it to the end of the level. The UFO ability is introduced here, and its really cool; it allows you to abduct Waddle Dees and stuff. Getting enough enemies allows Kirby to do the Thundershock attack and kill several other enemies. Level 1-3: Rainbow Falls Level name pretty much says it all. Youre gonna be progressing through rainbow elds of Grass Land on a peaceful sunny day. There are alligator enemies here (called Gators, I believe) that youll often use as platforms. Note that they can hurt! Level 1-4: Big-Bean Vine This is a huge Jack and the Beanstalk ripoff. Youll be up high in the clouds of Grass Land, moving Kirby up a beanstalk of sorts. Level 1-5: Fangora (Boss Stage) Fangora is a gigantic dragon menace, the boss of Grass Land. To defeat him, Kirby has to avoid his attacks and reballs and, when Fangora shows its tongue, yank on it with your Yarn Whip attack. Keep repeating this and youre on to the World 1 bonus levels. World 1-6: Mole Hole This level introduces the use of Digger Kirby. Kirby must dig through an underground mole hole and reach the end of the level. World 1-7: Weird Woods This is a forest-themed level at nighttime. Kirby will transform into UFO Kirby. This gives him the ability to abduct and suck enemies into the UFO. Boss: Wicked Willow The Wicked Willow is basically a giant tree, similar to Whispy Woods (Well see Whispy later in Dream Land). Just use UFO Kirby to suck up the things he spits at you and do the Thundershock attack to harm the Willow. World 2: Hot Land Level 2-1: Pyramid Sands Were off to World 2, Hot Land! The rst level, Pyramid Sands, starts out normally enough. Kirby is progressing through a hot, sandy desert of sorts. At the end of the level, Kirby will be introduced to the Off-Roader Transformation. You have to race against Truck Monsters, creatures who race Off-Roader Kirby, to the end of the desert. Thats about it. World 2-2: Lava Landing Introducing Fire Truck Kirby! Kirby will be going through a giant prehistoric volcano and putting out res with the Fire Trucks hose.

2-3: Cool Cave Prehistoric cave. Mazes. Pretty boring level, I.M.O. Level 2-4: Dino Jungle Youre in a prehistoric jungle, progressing through the level with the assistance of huge (Yet friendly) dinos! Level 2-5: Hot Wings (Boss Stage) Boss: Hot Wings The ruler of Hot Land, this gigantic, lava-colored prehistoric bird will re lava substances at Kirby. Lava eruptions make defeating her difcult, too. To defeat Hot Wings, Kirby must grab the enemies she res at you and throw them back at her. Then, pull on her buttons to do damage to her. Now, were off to the bonus levels! Level 2-6: Temper Temple Another Fire Truck level. Wahoo... Level 2-7: Dusk Dunes This level is COMPLETELY Off-Roader-related. Like the ending to Pyramid Sands, Kirby must race to the nish line against Truck Monsters. However, these Truck Monsters are slightly faster than last time... World 3: Treat Land (A.k.a. Sweets Land) Level 3-1: Toy Tracks Talk about loads of toys! Yeah, this levels pretty much toy-themed. Youll have to often avoid being stomped on by soldiers and toy robots. Before the next Transformation (Sigh), youre going to have to stitch up this crying teddy bear whose leg is ripped. Once you do that, hell smile, make a lollipop of Beads, and you can use him to climb up to the Metamortex...Train Kirby. Just point the Wii Remote upward at the screen and draw tracks through the level. ): Worst Transformation ever. Overall, an easy level other than the stupid Train Kirby part. Level 3-2: Mushroom Run Boring level. Were basically hopping on mushrooms. Bouncy mushrooms, to be specic. Level 3-3: Sweets Park Sweets...Yummy! (: Kirby will basically be progressing through a sweet, candy-themed area of sorts, like hopping across donuts and cakes. Level 3-4: Melody Town Probably one of my favorite levels in the game. Kirby will be going through instrument platforms. Whenever you jump on an instrument, Beads will appear. Not just any Beads, but musical note-shaped Beads. (: Level 3-5: Squashini (Boss Stage) Boss: Squashini This big magician is Treat Lands ruler, and let me tell you: Hes got some tricks up his sleeve. Squashini will be using a spinning board to decide which attack hell use on Kirby. Usually the hats are rst. In order to tell which hat belongs to Squashini, Kirby must watch the Waddle Dees in the audience. Whichever one theyre looking at is the hat Kirby needs to yank. Instead of just telling you boringly how to beat Squashini, Im just gonna list his attacks.

Three cards: Squashini simply throws cards at Kirby. Just throw them back at him. Three ropes: Squashini ties Kirby to a bomb. Hit the bell that hangs on the bomb to get some Beads. (Note: The Beads will disappear after the bomb explodes, so just collect them quickly as you can.) Three capes: Squashini turns his wand into a cape and throws mini bombs at you. Throw them back at him. Now, were on to World 3 bonus levels! (: 3-6: Cocoa Station Mostly just Train Kirby for the entire level, progressing through sweets of sorts. ): 3-7: Dark Manor This level includes ghostly enemies and weird lights. Kirby must progress through this eerie, cold, haunted house, carrying a button keeps lights on and light up his way towards the levels end. No wonder its called Dark Manor... World 4: Water Land 4-1: Splash Beach This level starts out on a peaceful beach at night, and all Kirbys enemies are asleep. Go up into the clouds and awake the sun to progress through a watery, beach-themed level! 4-2: Blub-Blub Ocean Underwater swimming! 4-3: Secret Island Youll basically be walking through an island far out at sea here. Lol. 4-4: Deep-Dive Deep Kirby will have to swim underwater again, but this time hell be chased by a huge Danglersh! Just keep swimming and avoid the Danglersh best as possible, using Dolphin Kirby. 4-5: Capamari (Boss Stage) Boss: Capamari Capamari is a huge squid who rules Water Land. Shell be accompanied by her underwater minions. She can also spit ink at Kirby, too. To defeat her in the rst phase, Kirby must avoid the underwater creatures and take Capamaris knit cap off. Then, shes free to be attacked. In the second phase, Kirby must catch her undersea minions and throw them at Capamari, just before she disappears. Then, youre done. (: 4-6: Boom Boatyard Kirby will pretty much be progressing through pirate ships with a moving screen to worry about. At the end of the level, Kirby will encounter yet another mini-boss... Boss: Blast Mariner This mini-boss is actually pretty easy, I.M.O. Hell re rockets at Kirby, so just have Kirby catch one and throw it at him. Thats about it. 4-7: Fossil Reef Kirby will be using Dolphin Kirby to swim through undersea caves. Pretty boring... World 5: Snow Land 5-1: Snowy Fields Christmas is here, lol! (: Kirby will be going through snow and ice in this level. Weird snowmen (Bad ones) must be avoided. (Note: I think theyre called Sir Frosts or

something like that. Ill look it up.) (Update: I was wrong. The name Sir Frost is the snowman enemy from the Snow Realm in Zelda: Spirit Tracks, lol. Their real name is actually Chilly.) 5-2: Cozy Cabin This level mainly involves a slowly falling carpet rug thingy that chases Kirby down a cabin on a snowy mountain. 5-3: Mt. Slide Youll get to be in Spin Boarder form the entire level, hopping through elds of snow. 5-4: Frosty Wheel Exactly as its name suggests, Frosty Wheel features spinning wheels of slippery ice that Kirby hops across. 5-5: King Dedede (Boss Stage) Boss: King Dedede One of Kirbys most hated enemies and sometimes a friend, the ruler of Dream Land, King Dedede, reappears as the boss of Snow Land in yarn form. To beat him this time, Kirby must dodge his attacks and, when Dedede slides on his penguin-like belly across the ice, jump onto his back, Ground-Pound him, and pull on one of his buttons from the top of his strings. Keep repeating this, and were on to Snow Lands two bonus levels (Which I personally enjoyed). 5-6: Frigid Fjords Racing Truck Monsters again. This time, Kirbyll be racing them in Off-Roader form across cold fjords in an ice-themed mountain. Pretty slippery here, so...Yeah. 5-7: Evergreen Lift Basically another fun level where Kirby will ride on an evergreen lift in a Christmas tree. World 6: Space Land 6-1: Future City This is one of my favorite worlds in the game, along with Treat Land. Most of the levels in Space Land, including Future City, take place far in outer space in a thousand years from now, with many future-like platforms and robotic enemies, etc. This level is very cool. It involves moving carts that Kirby gets to ride through Future City. 6-2: Tube Town Another cool future-themed level. Annoying lazery things will try to shock Kirby, so just avoid them. 6-3: Mysterious UFO Although I adore Space Land levels, this one wasnt one of my favorites at the top of the list. Kirby has to go inside a UFO, where he yanks on buttons to switch the gravity. You can do Moon Jump-like things here when the gravity is screwed up. 6-4: Stellar Way This ones really fun. Kirby has to jump across star platforms high in the starry, outer space sky. I liked this one a lot. At the end, Kirby gets to use the Star Shooter. 6-5: Meta Knight (Boss Stage) Boss: Meta Knight Meta Knight doesnt really know whose side to be on, lol. This time, Yin Yarn has possessed him to attack Kirby, and Kirby must ght him!

To defeat Meta, Kirby has to avoid his attacks (Such as his slashing swords, tornadoes, etc.), and when Meta Knight is open, yank on his sword with the Yarn Whip to damage him. As the battle goes on, Meta will grow stronger and faster, so watch out. Once Meta is defeated, Kirby heads to the Space Land bonus levels. 6-6: Moon Base Youre just gonna be Tank Kirby for the entire level. Boring... 6-7: Outer Rings You turn into Rocket Kirby here. Yes, its exactly how it sounds: Kirby ies in Rocket form through the level, eventually encountering a mini-boss... Boss: Space Kracko This is a long-lost relative of Kracko, the uffy thundercloud enemy of Kirby. Space Kracko is pretty easy. Just re stars at him, avoid his cloud friends, and were done. Now its time, at last, for the seventh and nal world: Dream Land... World 7: Dream Land 7-1: Whispys Forest A good ol Whispys Forest level from Kirbys Dream Land for the GB! (: Kirby will basically be progressing through bouncy things and stuff in a forest. Twiggy Woods will often appear here, so just yank them, make them cry, and use em as platforms. Then Kirby will have to ght a familiar face... Boss: Whispy Woods This tree guy has been trying to stop Kirby for ages. This time, Kirby will transform into Tank Kirby, and you must re at Whispy and avoid his thrown apple thingys to damage him. Once he cries, youre on to 7-2: Tempest Towers! 7-2: Tempest Towers Kirby will be heading to a temple of sorts in this unique level. It reminds me a bit of World 2-4 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii because of the wind. Like that level, Kirby will be being pushed through gusts of wind that blow frequently. Sometimes, the wind can be a boost to higher places where Treasures or Beads are located. 7-3: Cloud Palace Kirby gets to go high into the clouds for this level. Kracko will often pop up and re lightning at Kirby. Just avoid that. You will be sometimes using Boingers (Cloud-like boingy platforms) to reach higher spots as well. Boss: Kracko Same story as Space Kracko, pretty much. Kracko shoots lightning from his thundercloud. Bout it. 7-4: Castle Dedede This level plays the epic Gourmet Race theme. Basically, youll be going through King Dededes castle and ghting off enemies to earn Treasures or Beads. Now its time to face the nal boss: Yin-Yarn... 7-5: Yin-Yarn (Boss Stage) Final Boss: Yin-Yarn Yin-Yarn is arguably the hardest boss in the game. To beat him, Kirby must avoid his different attacks and, when it is time, yank or throw enemies at Yin-Yarn. Like Squashini from Treat Land, Yin-Yarn has different attacks. First, he will re-knit Fangora to stop Kirby and Prince Fluff. Just beat Fangora like you did in Grass Land, then ght

Capamari in her second form (Accompanied by her Octopeas). Both these bosses require only a single hit to defeat. Now Yin-Yarn will remove sections of the oor below and send in Scares and other enemies. Just defeat these enemies and hurt Yin-Yarn. But its not over yet. Before Kirby can celebrate, Yin-Yarn transforms into a Tank using a Metamortex. Meta Knight now drops a Metamato for Kirby. Collect it and also turn into Tank form, shooting at Tank Yin-Yarn with endless bullets until the epic battle ceases. Yin-Yarn explodes, and Dream Land is all stitched together, thanks to Kirby and Prince Fluff. But theres still the Dream Land bonus levels to cover... 7-6: Meta Melon Isle A very interesting level. Kirby turns into different previously encountered Transformations, such as the Off-Roader, Fire Truck, Dolphin, Train, and Spin-Boarder. This level also plays one of my favorite themes from Kirbys Adventure, Ice Cream Island. 7-7: Battleship Halberd The real nal level of the game. Kirby goes through Battleship Halberd, Meta Knights ship, in Star Shooter form. At the end of the level, Kirby has to re the Star Shooters stars at a machine to destroy it and end the level. I hoped youve all enjoyed my walkthrough for Kirbys Epic Yarn, everyone! See you all in the next game! (: