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Data Dictionary:

Data dictionary is a central storehouse of information about the systems data. It describes all the data elements and meaningful combinations of data elements. In order to understand, data dictionary was used to describe and identify the fields in the system that was considered part and pertinent to the flow of the system. User Management = ID + Password + Retype Password + Access Level
Field Name Type Size Description

User Management ID

Auto Number

Long Integer 10 10


User Name Password

Text Auto Number

Users ID Users Password

Retype Password

Auto number


Users Confirmation Password

Access Level



Users Level of Access

Student ID=StudentNo + LastName + FirstName + Middle_Initial + YearLevel + HomeAddress + Cellphone/TelephoneNo + DateofBirth + Age + Place_of_Birth + Sex + Marital_Status + Nationality + Hobbies + Skills Field Name StudentNo LastName FirstName Middle_Initial Type AutoNumber Text Text Text 8 25 25 25 Size Students ID Students LastName Students FirstName Students MiddleInitial Description

YearLevel HomeAddress Cellphone/TelephoneNo DateofBirth Age Place_of_Birth Sex Marital_Status Nationality Hobbies Skills

AutoNumber Text Date/Time Text Number Text Text Text Text Text Text

8 255 13 15 5 255 6 15 15 255 255

Students YearLevel Students Address Students ContactNo Students Date of Birth Students Age Students Place of Birth Students Gender Students Civil Status Students Nationality Students Hobbies Students Skills

Subject= SubjectCode + Descriptive Title + Units Field Name Subjects SubjectCode Descriptive Title Units Text Text Number Type Size 15 30 3 Description Code Of Subject Subjects Description Subject Units

Class = Class Code + Subject Code + Descripitve Title + Day + Time + Room + Units + Class type + Lechours + Labhours + Year/Section Field Name Class Code Class Subject Code Descripitve Title Day Time Room Text Text Text Date/Time Date/Time Text Type Size 10 10 45 15 15 10 Description Code of the class Code of the subject Subject description

Units Class type Lechours Labhours Year/Section

Number Text Number Number Text

5 25 5 5 15

Rooms = Room Number + Location Field Name Rooms Room Number Location Type Number Text 5 30 Size Description

Instructor= InstructorID + FirstName +LastNAme + MiddleName + BachelorsDegree + MasteralsDegree Field Name InstructorID Instructor FirstName LastNAme MiddleName BachelorsDegree MasteralsDegree Type AutoNumber Text Text Text Text text 5 30 30 30 30 30 Size Description

Curriculum = Curriculum Description + SYear Field Name Curriculum Curriculum Description SYear Text Date/Time Type Size Description

Checklist= SchoolYear + Semester + CourseCode + CourseTitle + UnitsEarned + Checklist Field Name Remarks Type Size Description

SchoolYear Semester CourseCode CourseTitle UnitsEarned Remarks

Defining Attributes and Domain Entities User Management Domain Username Password StudentNo Attributes A-Z a-z, A-Z a-z , A-Z,0-9 a-z , A-Z a-z , A-Z FirstName a-z , A-Z , 0-9 Middle_Initial




000-999 000-999 000-999 a-z , A-Z a-z , A-Z




Age a-z , A-Z Place_of_Birth





Skills Curriculum Curriculum Description a-z , A-Z , 0-9 000-999

School Year


CurlID Year_Level Semester Course_Code Course_Title Pre-requisite Units LecHours LabHours

000-999 a-z , A-Z , 0-9 a-z , A-Z , 0-9 a-z , A-Z , 0-9 a-z , A-Z , 0-9 a-z , A-Z , 0-9 000-999 000-999 000-999

Summary of Tables User Management (User Name, Password, Retype Password, Access Level)








Cellphone/TelephoneNo, DateofBirth, Age, Place_of_Birth, Sex, Marital_Status, Nationality, Hobbies, Skills) Subject (Subject Code, Descriptive Title, Units) Curriculum (Curriculum Description, School Year) Checklist


Appendix A Historical Background of the Organization It was in 1999 when the Degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine was offered in Cagayan State University. The college started with17 enrollees and finally four students successfully graduated. Among the pioneer graduates, two were conferred the license in Doctor of

Veterinary Medicine ( Dr. Maridith T. Archanzar and Dr. Roel T. Calagui) and who are now sharing the expertise in the college as Instructors. They were followed by more successful examinees and are now employed in several agencies and companies nationwide.

This only proves the academic excellence of Cagayan State University, specifically College of Veterinary Medicine who could parallel the standards of other Universities and Colleges offering similar degree.

Appendix B

Functions and Objectives of the Organization

College Vision

To educate future veterans with the knowledge and professional skills in the field of animal health in Region 2

College mission

To become a center of excellence in providing veterinary medical education

College Goals

To produce veterinarians who will carry out duties of safeguarding

animal health To effectively contribute on matters on animal disease prevention

and control treatment

Appendix C

Organizational Instucture of the Organization


Engr. Arthur C. Ibanez Campus Executive Office Kathlyn B. Cruz.DVM Dean

Mavis Cancino College Clerk

Melody Garduque.RMT Laboratory Technician

Teresita Tumanguil Janitress

Roel T. Calagui,DVM Regular Faculty/Extension Coordinator

Wilfred Gismundo,DVM Regular Faculty

Leah Guzman,DVM Regular Faculty

Maridith Garo,DVM Part-Time Faculty/ Research Coordinator

Pastor Tumaliuan, DVM Part-Time Faculty

Jaime Guillermo, DVM Part-Time Faculty

Geovannie Stanley Malab Part-Time Faculty

Francisco Antonio Part-Time Faculty


Appendix D Flow Charting Symbols Symbol Meaning Indicates the flow of the process Symbol Name Flow

Symbol shape that the data be recorded or stored in a hand document

Document Symbol

Rectangular shaped, indicates any process operation, such as sorting, merging files, manipulate data or execute a computer program.

Process Symbol

This symbol represents input/output operation


This symbol indicates that the process is being performed manually without the use of machine or computer

Manual Process

Appendix E Entity Relationship Diagram Symbol Name Description Object that exist and it is distinguishable objects. from other


A candidate key that has been Primary Key selected as a identifier for an entity type also called as an identifier An attribute of an entity that has -------------------------Foreign Key been chosen as the primary key or another entity


It represent the field name from the table

Appendix F Relationship Cardinality Symbol SYMBOL DESCRIPTION

One-to-one Relationship

One-to-many Relationship

Zero-to-many Relationship