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UNIT 9: UNDERSEA WORLD A. T LUN. I. Give the correct form of the verbs. Cu iu kin loi 2 1. If Mr Minh (be)____________________ here , he would help us with this work 2. If I were in Paris now, I (go) __________________ to some of the summer concerts 3. If I had your address, I( write) ________________ to you 4. If I (have)____________________ money, I ( buy) _________________ a car II. Rewrite the sentences VIT Cu iu kin loi 2 1.He doesnt have the money and he cannot afford a new car. If 2.He is too young to enter that race If he 3.Today is a holiday, so all the shops are closed. If 4.Paul has to get up early in this morning He should 5.This room should be cleaned everyday You should 6.Im always tired because Ive been working so hard I dont think B. TRC NGHIM I. PHONETIC: Choose the word that has the underlined part differently from others 1. a. dear b. clear c. year d. bear 2. a. four b. pour c. tour d. course II. VOCABULARY- GRAMMAR 5.The prefix sub in the word submarine means __________________ a. again b. under c. above d. none 6.The UK is divided _________________ four parts : England, Scotland, Wale and Northern Ireland a. between b. among c. into d. for 7. Ive bought __________________ English book a. the b. an c. a d. x( nothing) 8. Whales feed on krill a. tiny shellfish b. small fish c. sea plants d. small animals 9. Carnivores are animals which ________________ a. eat meat b. eat plants c. live on the bottom d. swim very fast 10. Would you mind _________________ me tomorrow? a. call b. calling c. to call d. called 11. The sea is polluted, which________________ sea plants and animals a. dangers b. dangerous c. dangerously d. endanger 12. Linda has a bad cold. What do you say to advice her: a. You should go out in such bad weather b. You shouldnt go out in such bad weather c. You have to go out in such bad weather d. You shouldnt stay at home in such bad weather 13. The floor was covered in tiny pieces of paper. a. unimportant b. many c. very large d. extremely small a. eggs b. mammals c. babies d. diets 14. If modern technology did not exits, we would never have such precious information. a. valuable b. precise c. confidential d. detailed 15. You ___________ stay up late. a. cant b. couldnt c. shouldnt d. wont 16. Peter is very lazy. I think he .. a. can pass the exam b. should try his best to pass the exam c. will try his best to pass the exam d. could pass the exam

A. TU LUAN I.Supply the correct tense of the verb. 1. The baby doesnt cry so much now but she (use to, cry)___________________ every night. 2. My parents first (meet)_________________ each other at the Olympic Games in 1982 3. When I came to visit her last night, she (have)_______________ a bath. 4. If gravity, the pull of the earth, is zero, everything (float) ______________________ II. Rewrite the sentence in the passive. Cu b ng 1. I will buy a computer next Sunday. 2. Mr Snow hasnt taught that course since 1985. 3. They are building a big hydropower plant in Son La 4. We use the computer to learn languages.__________________________________________________. 5. Somebody has taken my briefcase.__________________________________________________. 6. Mary will phone her aunts tomorrow.__________________________________________________. 7. Someone has broken the glass window.__________________________________________________. 8. Farmers are cutting a lots of trees for wood.__________________________________________________. 9. They were building a new bridge across the river.______________________________________________ 10. That robber killed three officers in the bank lastnight. B. TRAC NGHIEM ( t vng v ng php) I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1. a. bulb b. tomb c. black d. cab 2. a. about b. bomb c. climb d. comb 3. a. sea b. disease c. feature d. threaten II. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. 1. Would you like _________ lunch with us? Yes, Id love to a. have b. to have c. having d. had 2. What time is it?- I dont know. I havent got ______ watch. a. a b. an c. the d. O 3. We live in ________ old house near ___________ station . a. a/the b. an/ the c. O/ the d. the/the 4. Hydroelectric dams in Vietnam have provided power millions of homes and businesses. a. for b. to c. with d. of 5. Many plants and animals can be used as medicine cancer, AIDS and other sicknesses. a. for b. with c. against d. by 6. The of forest is destroying the earths plants and animals a. lose b. lost c. loss d. loose 7. Without plants, most water would as soon as it falls a. run off b. run after c. run away d. run by 8. Many laws in natures defence a. are passed b. have passed c. are passing d. were being passed 9. Water most of the earths surface a. covers b. is covered c. being covered d. is covering 10. Many plants and animals can be used as medicine _____ cancer, AIDS and other sicknesses. a. for b. with c. against d. by 11. The earth is being ___________ and the future books bad. a. threatening b. threat c. threaten d. threatened 12. We cannot clean up our _____________ rivers and seas overnight. a. pollute b. polluting c. polluted d. pollution UNIT: 11 NATIONAL PARKS I. Choose the word that is pronounced differently from the others: 1. a. nature b. toxic c. plant d. contain 2. a. missed b. played c. called d. moved 3. a. remove b. loss c. cost d. constant

4. a. nation b. question c. population d. station II. Choose the best answer: 1. Cuc Phuong National part ____________ over 200 square kilometers of rain forest. a. contains b. hold c. gets d. covers 2. We can go to the National Part to learn about the different ___________ of animals and plants. a. means b. sorts c. types d. species. 3. Lots of abandoned animals __________ of in the Orphanage. a. take care b. are taking care c. are taken care d. care taken 4. There are toxic levels of ____________ in the water of this lake. a. chemists b. chemistry c. chemicals d. chemical 5. The __________ has threatened many of the animals in this park. a. population b. remain c. increase d. contamination 6. There is a large ___________ of animal that live in Nairobi National Park. a. vary b. various c. varied d. variety 7. One species is dependent __________ another for survival. a. to b. on c. of d. at 8. We were very __________ at his success. a. surprised b. interested c. keen d. fond 9. My home village is __________ 40 kilometers north of the capital. a. held b. laid c. located d. surrounded 10. The cattle drink from a river polluted with toxic chemicals. a. waste b. colorless c. odorless d. poisonous III. Put the verbs in the correct tenses: 1. If you (arrive) ten minutes earlier, you would have got a seat. . 2. I shouldnt have believed it if I (not see) it with my own eyes. . 3. If she had asked you, you (accept)? .. 4. If I (try) again, I think that I would have succeeded. .. 5. Unless John (play) for our football tea, we would have lost the game. . 6. Had you told me that he never paid his debts, I(not lend) him money. . UNIT 12: MUSIC I. Choose the word that is pronounced differently from the others: 1. a. sight b. listen c. start d. music 2. a. thoughts b. feelings c. dreams d. ideas 3. a. design b. season c. newspaper d. disagree 4. a. sense b. purpose c. noise d. promise II. Choose the best answer: 1. ____________ is traditional music from a particular country, region, or community. a. Blues b. Classical music c. Folk music d. Jazz 2. Hes really delighted with his new C.D player. a. pleased b. angry c. entertained d. annoyed 3. She usually had a smile on her face, but now she looks __________ a. cheerful b. joyful c. solemn d. delightful 4. We havent had any ___________ with him for several years. a. communication b. expression c. excitement d. entertainment 5. Van Cao is one of the most well- know __________ in Viet Nam. a. actors b. authors c. musicians d. singers 6. Tien Quan Ca, the Viet Nam national ____________, was written by Van Cao. a. folk songs b. anthem c. love song d. pop song 7. We started early in order ___________ miss the first part of the concert. a. to not b. not to c. no for d. for no 8. I listen to music _____________ relax. a. so as to b. in order for c. as so to d. so as for 9. The children song a ___________ together at the birthday party. a. music b. song c. language d. composer

10 The schoolboys are in a hurry ___________ they will not be late for school. a. so as to b. to c. in order that d. for 11. The soft background music made her ___________ sleep. a. fell b. to feel c. feeling d. feels IV. Combine the following sentences using phrases or clauses of purpose: 1. I wish to have enough money. I want to buy a new house. (so that) 2. She needs a job. She wants to support her old parents. (so that) 3. John gets up early. He doesnt want to be late for class. (so that) 4. We turned out the lights. We didnt want to waste electricity. (to_V) 5. Ill write to you. I want you to know my decision soon. (to_V) Ex: I listen to classical music to feel relaxed. (I listen to classical music to feel/ in order to feel/ so as to feel relaxed). 6. She went to school early. She didnt want to be late_________________________________________ 7. They trained very hard . They wanted to win the football match_______________________________ 8. Misa phoned me . She wanted to invited me to her party._____________________________________ 9. He turned off the light .He didnt want to waste electricity.____________________________________

10. She locks the door. She doesnt want to be disturbed.________________________________

V. Make questions for the underlined parts. 1. My sister is a pianist. 2. I often listen to classical music to relax my mind. 3. The concert lasted four hours. .. 4. There were about 90 to 100 people at the concert last night. 5. The concert last night was great. .. 6. My favourite musician is Trinh Cong Son. Wh- questions:
1. I practice speaking English to sing English songs. 2. Music makes people different from all other animals. 3. I like listening to music at night.

4. Every day I go to school by bicycle.________________________________________________________? 5. Our teacher lives in a small house in this town._______________________________________________? 6. The farmers are working in the field now.____________________________________________________?


I. PRONUNCIATION . Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differed" from that of the others. 1 . a. audience b. laugh c. August d. taught 2. a. silent b. film c. thriller d. situation 3. a. century b. picture c. fiction d. question 4. a. enough b. tough c. cough d. though 5. a. scene b. detective c. century d. adventure II. Adjective of attitude: 1. She was (disappoint) in the movie. She had expected it to be better. 2. Are you (interest).. in that movie? Yes, it is really(interest) 3. The football match made us (excite).... 4. Its sometimes ( embarrass) .when you have to ask people for money. 5. I found the film ( terrify). Afterwards everybody was (shock). Choose the correct word. 1. At first I thought Jake was an interesting/ interested guy. but tonight I somewhat boring/ bored with his company.

She has really learnt very fast. She has made astonishing/ astonished progress. it was very disappointing/ disappointed not to get the job. Philip was exceptionally annoying/ annoyed at Joanne's behaviour. 1 thought the program on wildlife was fascinating/ fascinated. I was absolutely fascinating/ fascinated. We were thrilling/ thrilled to hear your good news. It was really terrifying/ terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocking/ shocked. The journey took all day and night. They found it very tiring/ tired: Did Tim feel frightening/ frightened when he saw the snake at his feet? Why do you always look so boring/ bored. Is your life really so boring/ III. Choose the correct answer. 1. 'Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her'?' 'I don't know. She seemed .. in it, however. a. interest b. interesting. c. interested d. interestingly 2. 'The students all went to the circus yesterday.' I heard it was really a. amused b. amusing c. amuse d. amusingly 3. was ............ that Jan couldn't come to the party.' 'Her boss made her work overtime.' a. disappointing b. disappointedly c. disappoint d. disappointed 4. 'What a terrible football game!' I thought it was a. delightful b. delighting c. delight d. delighted 5. 'How ....... we are to hear that you got the scholarship!' `Thank you. It was really a surprise.' a. pleasing b. pleased c. pleasingly d. please 6. 'Professor Allen's class is the best I have ever been to." I think it's ........... a. the most boring b. the most boringly c. the most bored d. most bored 7. 'I can't believe that Jim is marrying the vice-president's daughter.' `That they would get married is . a. surprised b. surprisingly c. surprising d. surprise 8. 'How does Jane like her new car? 'She's . with it. a. delighted b. delighting c. delight d. delightful 9. 'This handmade cloth is beautiful.' ........... 'To see such quality is a. pleasing b. please c. pleased d. so pleasantly 10. 'You look nervous.' This thunder makes me. a. scary b. scare c. scaring d. scared 11. 'The cabaret was amusing' `Claire was certainly ............ She couldn't stop laughing.' a. amuse b. amused c. amusing d. abusive 12. I think the way Jessica behaved was quite .........."Yes, I think so.' a. shock b. shocked c. shocking d. shockingly IV. Rewrite the following sentences, using It was not until 1. No one could leave the stadium until 2.30._____________________________________________ 2. She weren't allowed to open her presents until her birthday.______________________________________ 3. We didn't have any holiday until last summer._____________________________________________ 4. She didn't stop learning German until the age of 24._____________________________________________ 5. I couldn't finish my project until Mark helped me._____________________________________________ V: Put a, an, the or in each space to complete the following sentences. 1. We went by ...... train to the west of England. 2. ....... people who live in........ Scotland are called ......... Scots. 3. ........ Columbus was one of ......... first people to cross .......... Atlantic. 4. Davis learned to play ....... violin when he was at .......... university. 5. Did you read ............. book I lent you ...........last week. 6. Is that .......... present Bill gave you for ........ Christmas? 7. ........... computer has already changed .............. our lives dramatically. 8. There was ........ accident yesterday at ......... corner of ........... street. 9. I need........... time to think about ........... the offer you gave me. 10. ........... little knowledge is ............... dangerous things. 11. Mandela was born in .South Africa 12. Is there ..public telephone near here ? 13. My father often has ..sandwich for ..lunch
2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

14. He drinks cup of coffee breakfast

15 fishes live in ..water