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Kirbys Return to Dream Land (Wii) Level 1: Cookie Country Stage 1: Cookie Country This is a pretty basic level.

It introduces the controls and teaches Kirby how to oat and suck up enemies. At the end you get the Ultra Sword and can epically smash enemies. EPIC! You also must ght a Sphere Doomer mini-boss. It isnt too hard. You have to just suck up the purple things he shoots at you. Press the 1 button on your Wii Remote to throw them back at (Or spit back at) him. Thats pretty much it. (Note: The Sphere Doomer will be fought a lot in later levels). Stage 2: Cookie Country Another pretty basic level. Filled with Waddle Dees and other enemies. Boss: Gigant Edge Another mini-boss. Just keep dodging his attacks and spit stars and stuff at him until hes done. Gigant will often try and hit you with his sword, so try and avoid that. Stage 3: Cookie Country Kirby will be in Sword form for most of the level, going through caves and stuff. Towards the end, Kirby must progress through an ice-themed area of the cave, where an Energy Sphere is hidden. You must quickly follow a Waddle Dee-like enemy to steal the Key from him. Stage 4: Cookie Country Another cave-themed area is featured here. You can be in Monster Fire form at the end of the level, burning enemies. Sphere Doomer gets fought again here. Stage 1-5: Cookie Country (Boss) Boss: Whispy Woods This boss should be familiar if you played previous Kirby games, such as Kirbys Dream Land for the Gameboy. To defeat Whispy Woods, Kirby must avoid the apples and fruit that falls from Whispys branches. You can damage him a bit with the Cutter. Sometimes, Whispy will blow wind and try to suck you up. Just avoid this and keep attacking Whispy until hes done. Spitting stuff back at him (obviously) can damage Whispy, too. Now its time for Level 2: Raisin Ruins! Level 2: Raisin Ruins Stage 1: Raisin Ruins Kirby basically progresses through a desert-themed ruins place here and is introduced to the Whip. The Whip allows Kirby to whip enemies and also grab items that you would normally be unable to reach. Wild boar enemies can be a nuisance frequently, here. Boss: Bonkers This weird monkey guy looks a lot like Donkey Kong, except hes purple. To defeat Bonkers, Kirby must swallow the stars he shoots and spit them back at him. You can also do damage to Bonkers by hitting him with the Whip. Stage 2: Raisin Ruins This is basically a water-themed tropical paradise on a desert. Spiky plant creatures appear here, so just go over them carefully. Kirby cant actually do anything to them. Fish enemies appear, also, and Kirby must avoid them while swimming. Boss: Sphere Doomer

This guy again? Geez... Stage 3: Raisin Ruins This is basically a cannon-lled desert area with another mini-boss. Cannons are a common obstacle, too. Boss: King Doo King Doo can be a bit difcult, I thought. But not too bad. Just have Kirby use the Whip on him a few times and avoid his attacks. Stage 4: Raisin Ruins Another desert-themed area. Pretty basic. A new miniboss appears here... Boss: Water Galboros This boss can be made easy if you have the Beam Ability. Fire as much as possible at the Water Galboros and avoid his attacks. He can sometimes make large jumps, so watch out! Stage 5: Raisin Ruins (Boss) Boss: Mr. Dooter Mr. Dooter is a bit challenging. Kirby must avoid his attacks, such as when he spins around like a tornado. To defeat Mr. Dooter, a genie-like creature thing, Kirby should just, as usual, spit stars at him and have Kirby hit him a few times. Once Mr. Dooter is dead, Kirby can progress to Level 3: Onion Ocean! Level 3: Onion Ocean Stage 1: Onion Ocean This is an interesting, beach-themed level with lots of water sections and sh-like enemies. Sometimes, Kirby will have to climb across ropes and avoid Chillies or cannons. Kirby gets to turn into a snowball and shake the Wii Remote to break through sand castles and stuff. Sphere Doomer gets battled again. One wonder of mine: Why are there snowmen in a water world? I mean, wouldnt they, like, melt or something? Stage 2: Onion Ocean Most of this level involves Kirby swimming underwater and avoiding Spiky Plants and other underwater enemies. Boss: Kibble Blade Kibble Blade isnt really that dangerous. He res curved boomerangs at you often. Avoid this when possible and have Kirby spit stuff or hit Kibble Blade. Not too long of a ght. Stage 3: Onion Ocean Another water-themed level. Rushing water and stuff often drags Kirby through the area. Boss: Moundo Moundo is slow-moving but a bit difcult. The Beam Ability is helpful here, too. Kirby must either hit Moundo with the Beam or spit stuff back at him. A Sphere Doomer gets fought here, too. Stage 4: Onion Ocean A pretty chaos-lled underwater level. Giant Gringill-like enemies try to swallow up Kirby in some parts. Stage 5: Onion Ocean (Boss) Boss: Fatty Puffer

This is basically a gigantic sh monster. To defeat him, Kirby must dodge his jumps and attacks, spitting things back at him, etc. So far, Id say Fatty Puffer is one of the hardest bosses. He can spit huge water waves at Kirby, which cause severe damage. Level 4: White Wafers Stage 1: White Wafers The fourth area of the game, White Wafers, is pretty much just a bunch of snowthemed mountains and slippery ice which causes Kirby to slide. In Stage 1, Kirby must shoot from cannons (Like in DKC, lol) while also avoiding enemies. The Gigant Edge will be encountered again here. Just repeat the same process you used last time. Stage 2: White Wafers At times in this level, Kirby will have to rush to avoid falling snowmen that crush you. Another snow-themed Christmas level. Boss: Super Bonkers This version of Bonkers is pretty similar to your last encounter. Just avoid his hammer and spit stuff back at Super Bonkers to eventually beat him. Oh, and a Sphere Doomer is dueled by Kirby, also (If you want the Energy Spheres). Stage 3: White Wafers Overall, a basic snow level. Kirby has to avoid falling spike balls and cannons that shoot snowballs. Boss: Water Galboros Same as the last time... Stage 4: White Wafers More snow and snowmen-themed stuff. (More ghting the Sphere Doomer). Wind will often push Kirby down this slope, which makes it easy to miss the Energy Spheres and other items. Stage 5: White Wafers Kirby will mainly be going through dark ice caves and slippery platforms here. Stage 6: White Wafers (Boss Stage) Boss: Goriath OMG! Its the Yeti, lol! Goriath basically is a giant Abominable Snowman, and, I.M.O, the toughest boss at this point in the game. To defeat him, Kirby must avoid the snowballs Goriath throws at you and use anything he throws at you, I think, and shoot it back at him. Often during the battle, Goriath will climb the ice walls and also leap from one wall to another. Keep attacking and avoiding Goriaths attacks, and eventually hell fall to his death, giving you yet another piece of the Lor Starcutter! Level 5: Nutty Noon Stage 1: Nutty Noon Kirby gets to climb through uffy clouds and stuff high in the sky. These cloud enemies shoot stuff at Kirby, so just either kill them or avoid their attacks. Most of this stages Energy Spheres are rather easy to collect. Stage 2: Nutty Noon A rather boring level. Kirby goes through a ruins-themed area (I think its a ruins) and pulls many switches to open paths and stuff. The Ultra Beam Ability is used here to get Energy Spheres and stuff like that. Stage 3: Nutty Noon Clouds and ruins and uffy, peaceful stuff.

Stage 4: Nutty Noon This stage starts out with the boot thingy. Then, Kirby must climb across ropes in a temple and avoid small cannons and stuff. Boss: Super Bonkers You just need to use the same pattern you did for the previous ght with Super Bonkers. Stage 5: Nutty Noon An interesting level. Kirby will have to ght a few bosses before he can leave the level... Boss 1: Gigant Edge By now, this ght should be easy. Use the same tactics as last time here. Boss 2: Moundo Another previously fought boss. Again, use the same tactics as last time. Boss 3: Water Galboros Im sick of saying this: Use the same tactics as last time. (Sigh) Boss 4: Dubior At last weve found a boss in this level we havent actually battled yet. To defeat Dubior, Kirby must avoid his robotic friends and hit him or suck up stuff he throws at you and shoot whatever it is back. Dubior can be tricky because he wears armor that prevents most of your attacks. He also has the Spark Ability so that he can shield himself, too. After Dubior dies, just go through the clouds, enter the door to the Goal Game and nish the level! Stage 6: Nutty Noon (Boss Stage) Boss: Grand Doomer Grand Doomer seems to be the Sphere Doomers leader, lol! To defeat him, Kirby must, like the Sphere Doomer, suck up what he throws at you and spit it back. Sometimes, Grand Doomer will teleport away, preventing Kirbys attacks from hitting him. At the end of the ght, Kirby can perform an epic smash with the Ultra Sword and nish off Grand Doomer! Level 6: Egg Engines Stage 1: Egg Engines This level reminds me a lot of the Factory levels from the Donkey Kong games. Anyways, Kirby must progress through conveyor belt platforms and avoid electricity, etc. Stage 2: Egg Engines Another factory-themed level where Dubior is fought once again. Stage 3: Egg Engines More electricity and gears. Stuff like that. In most of the level, Kirby will be moving fast like Sonic through conveyor belt platforms. Boss: King Doo & Moundo Basically, Kirby has to ght Moundo and King Doo at the same time. Stage 4: Egg Engines Kirby mainly has to go through a cave-like area of a factory sort of place. Youll nd Kibble Blade from Onion Ocean again... Stage 5: Egg Engines Kirby will be hopping across conveyor belts and avoiding robotic enemies. Boss: King Doo & Moundo Pretty much ghting King Doo and Moundo at the same time...Again!

Stage 6: Egg Engines (Boss Stage) Boss: Metal General Metal General is a robot boss, and an easy ght once you learn his pattern. To beat him, Kirby should have an Ability and re stuff at him. I nd that the Bomb is the most useful one for this ght. Have Kirby avoid the Metal Generals rocket powers and watch out for his ame attacks. Eventually, Kirby will be taken by Magolor to Level 7: Dangerous Dinner. Level 7: Dangerous Dinner Stage 1: Dangerous Dinner You have to really use your head to nd the Energy Spheres here, I.M.O. Plus, being the nal area, Kirby will die more easily here. More instant deaths will prevent Kirby from progressing. Oh, and I should note: Water Galboros will be fought by Kirby once more. Lava is a common obstacle, too. Stage 2: Dangerous Dinner More lava and stuff. Kirby gets to ride on a platform for some of the level. You ght Super Bonkers. Just do the same thing you did to beat him last time, pretty much. Stage 3: Dangerous Dinner Meteor showers and stuff will be a common obstacle for Kirby in this level. Oh: Dubior gets PWND by Kirby again. Stage 4: Dangerous Dinner (Boss Stage) Boss: Landia This is it. The boss Kirby has been waiting to ght. Landia is arguably the most difcult boss yet (Worse than Goriath and Fatty Puffer, Id say). To beat Landia, Kirby must avoid his jumps and other attacks. Suck up the stars Landia res at you, then have Kirby spit them back at him. Landia has three heads, making the battle a bit more difcult for you. In the battles second phase, Landia will morph into four Landias. Avoid them all very carefully. Kirby must attack when safe. Landia will also, in the nal phase, go into beams of light and try to shock Kirby. Just avoid this, and youre done with Landia! However, it now turns out the ght with Landia was nothing but a warmup. It turns out that Magolor has used Kirby to get him the Master Crown! Kirby must travel to the nal area (This time, its really the nal one) and confront Magolor in battle... Level 8: Another Dimension (Boss Stage) Before Kirby can face Magolor, he must go through obstacles such as large enemies, etc. Then you can face Magolor himself. But hes accompanied by his Starcutter... Boss: Lor & Magolor Kirby must hop on Landia and avoid the Lor Starcutters cannons and such. Magolors Starcutter will re more and more cannons much faster as the ght goes on. Sticking to the right side of the screen will help Kirby and Landia avoid the Lors shots much easier. Once the Lor is down, you still have to face Magolor himself. Final Boss: Magolor Magolor is much more powerful a sorcerer now that he has the Master Crown. To defeat Magolor himself, Kirby must avoid his intense attacks (These include the shooting up spikes and orbs.) Repeatedly, like previous bosses, hit Magolor with whatever Ability you chose and keep hitting Magolor with nonstop attacks. Eventually,

Magolor will get angry. Be sure to keep an eye toward the center of your TV screen. Watch carefully and try your best to have Kirby avoid getting sucked up by a lethal star. Kirby can do an epic Ultra Sword attack and seriously damage Magolor. In the last phase, pretty much just keep avoiding Magolors attacks until he dies. Now that Magolor is dead, Kirby can unlock the games Extra Mode, The Arena and Sound Test Menu. Congrats! I hope you all enjoyed my walkthrough for Kirbys Return to Dream Land. See yall next time... P.S. I hated the Magolor boss. ):