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Super Mario World (GBA) Walkthrough World 1: Yoshis Island Yoshis Island 1 Welcome to my Super Mario World playthrough

for the GBA version! The rst level in this game is simple, and introduces Yoshi, who (in case you for some reason dont already know) eats enemies and can jump higher than Mario. The Yellow Switch Palace is also unlocked after this levels completion. Yoshis Island 2 Hooray for Monty Moles! Theyre basically moles that pop out of holes and can hurt Mario and Yoshi; they often run back and forth. No worries, though, as Yoshi can easily gobble them up! Yoshis Island 3 A mountain level with these moving, brown platforms! Yoshis Island 4 This tropical-themed level introduces Cheep-Cheeps, along with Pokeys. Not much else to this level, lol. #1 Iggys Castle The rst Castle level, Iggys Castle involves Mario climbing across fences and avoiding the lava and reballs below. For Iggys ght, Mario will be ghting the Koopaling on a platform that tilts above lava. Iggy will throw reballs, and Mario must avoid them. Jump on Iggy and avoid his shell attacks; keep repeating this process, and its World 2 time! World 2: Donut Plains Donut Plains 1 A grassy level with yellow Snake Blocks and Cape Mario! Cape Mario allows Mario to wear a cape and y around. The cape can also be taken from these caped Koopas ying around. Donut Plains 2 An underground cave level with Swoopers (bat enemies) and Buzzy Beetles! Donut Ghost House A maze Ghost House level with many Boos and three rooms Mario must progress through. Not very exciting, IMO. Donut Plains 3 Spinning platforms in a forest-like area! Wahoo! Donut Plains 4 A grassy level with the Amazing Flyin Hammer Bro., and many Koopas. Bout it, lol. #2 Mortons Castle A castle level with Thwomps and lava. Like the Donut Ghost House, this castle has three rooms. Morton is fought at the end here. He is pretty simple. He will run at Mario, then climbs on the walls of his arena. Just avoid Mortons attacks and jump on him to defeat him. However, Donut Plains isnt quite over yet; we still have some Secret Levels to cover! Top Secret Level This bonus level is unlocked by nding the Secret Exit in Donut Ghost House. The level features many Power-Ups Mario must use to get through the level. And thats about it, lol.

Donut Secret 1 Underwater FTW! This level features sh enemies called Rip van Fish, along with Blurps and Cheep Cheeps. Donut Secret House Another Ghost House! Hooray! Donut Secret 2 A slippery ice cave level, this one has slippery oors that Mario can slide on. Its a pretty cool level. Ice cave-themed levels are rare in this game, so its nice to see one. World 3: Vanilla Dome Vanilla Dome 1 An underground level unlocked by completing #2 Mortons Castle, with many Spike Tops that Mario must avoid. Vanilla Dome 2 A mix of both underground and underwater, this level is pretty cool! Vanilla Ghost House More Boos! Vanilla Dome 3 A side-scrolling level, Vanilla Dome 3 features Skull Rafts. Skull Rafts basically are these skeletal coasters that Mario must ride across lava, while also avoiding Blaargs (lava enemies that come out from the lava). Vanilla Dome 4 A very cool level. This one takes place at night, and involves many Bullet Bills and mushroom platforms Mario must hop across. #3 Lemmys Castle This castle features Snake Blocks Mario must ride across the lava. It also features Magikoopas. Lemmys ght, like most of the Koopaling ghts, is fairly simple. Lemmy will pop out of pipes around the area, and Mario will encounter fake Lemmy Koopas. You must gure out which Lemmy is the real one, then jump on him. Vanilla Secret 1 This is another underground level, with an enemy named Chargin Chuck. The Chargin Chucks are large Koopas with football gear. Theyre interesting enemies, and can be annoying at times. Mario must avoid baseballs and footballs that they throw at you. Vanilla Secret 2 A grass level in the sky! Vanilla Secret 3 This is a cool level. It involves dolphins that jump out of the water that Mario must jump across and use as platforms. The dolphins dont hurt you; however, they can be eaten by Yoshi. Id recommend avoiding Yoshi eating the dolphins. Vanilla Fortress This underwater Tower level features Ball n Chains and Fishbones. At the end, you ght an interesting boss. Boss: Reznor The Reznors are large, rhino-like creatures that stand on blocks. Have Mario avoid the Reznors reballs, and to defeat them, you must hit the block theyre standing on with Marios head.

World 4: Twin Bridges Butter Bridge 1 This is a sky level with mushroom platforms and Koopas! Butter Bridge 2 This bridge-themed level involves many Super Koopas and Beach Koopas. Mario will be running across these wooden bridges of sorts. Cheese Bridge Area This sky level features moving wooden platforms, and also some chainsaws that try to hurt you. You must ride these platforms while avoiding the saws. Soda Lake Torpedo Teds are found in this underwater-themed level! Cookie Mountain A Yoshi grass level with Monty Moles, this ones pretty cool and fun. #4 Ludwigs Castle Bony Beetles and more Ball n Chains are hazards Mario must avoid in this Castle. At the end, you ght Ludwig von Koopa. Hes pretty simple, and spits reballs at you. Jump on him and avoid his shell dash attacks. Keep repeating this to get to World 5! World 5: Forest of Illusion Forest of Illusion 1 This is one of my favorite Worlds, and it is forest-themed. In Forest of Illusion 1, Mario must avoid Wigglers and Goombas in a forest area. Forest of Illusion 2 Urchins and many other enemies! Forest of Illusion 3 A forest with Chargin Chucks! Forest Ghost House BOO! Its a Boo! #5 Roys Castle Snake Blocks must be used by Mario here as he avoids lava and reballs. The ght with Roy is easy and boring; he runs on the ceiling, so you must wait for him to come down, then jump on him. The walls will also shrink three times during this ght. Forest of Illusion 4 Fishin Lakitus, Lakitus with shing rods that drop Spinies, in the woods! Forest Secret Area Riding blocks with wings through the treetops! How nice! Forest Fortress Buzzsaws, reballs, and Reznors! World 6: Chocolate Island Chocolate Island 1 This interesting level features a cool enemy, the Dino Rhino. They are large, dinosaurlike enemies that follow Mario and jump over obstacles to reach him. They can be killed by Spin Jumping on them, or, when jumped on and turned into Mini Rhinos, Mario can use Yoshi to gobble them up. Choco Ghost House Hey look! Another Ghost House! Chocolate Island 2

A mountain-themed level! Its about time! Chocolate Island 3 Spinning platforms and Fuzzies! Chocolate Fortress Mario must avoid Pencil Pillars and reballs in this Tower, and ght the Reznors at the end. Chocolate Island 4 This level introduces the Mega Moles. Mega Moles are larger versions of the Monty Moles and wear sunglasses. They must be jumped on twice to be defeated. Yoshi can also eat them. Chocolate Island 5 Koopas in the mountains! #6 Wendys Castle This Castle features Buzzsaws and Pencil Pillars Mario must avoid. For Wendys ght, she will pop out from pipes like Lemmy did in Castle #3. The only real difference here is that there are Podoboos this time, and the tubes are atly leveled. Jump on Wendy O. Koopa when she pops out of the Pipes to move on! World 7: Valley of Bowser Sunken Ghost Ship A haunted ship level with Boos. Not that creative or exciting. Valley of Bowser 1 Underground level with Mega Moles and Munchers! Valley of Bowser 2 Underground maze! Valley Ghost House ANOTHER GHOST HOUSE? Well, this is the last one in the game. Valley of Bowser 3 An underground level with Koopas and plant platforms. Valley of Bowser 4 Diggin Chucks underground! #7 Larrys Castle Snake Blocks and Spiked Balls and spikes are all found here in Larrys Castle. Snake Blocks will be used to get through the level. Larrys ght is simple. It takes place on a tilting platform above lava, and you must jump on Larry and avoid his shell attacks to defeat him and face Bowser. Front Door This Castle level involves Mario going through a castle with many different rooms. Its a maze of sorts, and Mario must make it to the castles roof to ght Bowser. Final Boss: Bowser Bowser is riding in his Koopa Clown Car on the roof of the castle. He drops down Mecha Koopas, so Mario must kick the Mecha Koopas up into Bowsers Clown Car. Bowser will also shoot reballs and drop Big Steelies, giant balls that roll around and try to hit Mario. Just avoid these, wait for him to drop some more Mecha Koopas, and, again, kick them back up at him. Peach will often throw Mushrooms for you, so thatll be useful if youre low on health.

After Bowsers defeat, its secret World time (there are two bonus Worlds in this game)! I should note, though, that the ending credits are really cool; they show all the names of all the enemies youve encountered thus far in the game. You can also now play as Luigi. World 8: Star World Star World 1 A timed, underground level with many blocks Mario/Luigi must crush! Star World 2 Underwater with Baby Yoshis! Star World 3 A level set at night with Lakitus and mushroom platforms. There are two exits to be found here. Star World 4 This level has no Dragon Coins for you to collect, but it is timed. Its basically a speed run level with mushroom platforms and blocks. Id recommend using Cape Mario here. Star World 5 A night level in the sky with blocks, I actually nd Star World 5 pretty cool. World 9: Special World Gnarly This level features many beanstalks Mario must climb up and blocks. Tubular This cliff level isnt tubular! Way Cool Fuzzies in a mushroom-themed area! Awesome Banzai Bills in the mountains! NOT awesome! Groovy Pokeys in a grass-themed level! Mondo This level has many block platforms and water below with sh enemies jumping out. Outrageous Bullet Bills in the forest... Funky Sumo Bros., blocks, and Chargin Chucks are all found in this level! Well, thats it for Super Mario World. Hope you enjoyed, because it brought me back some good memories! See yall next time...