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Super Luigi Galaxy Walkthrough (Wii) The Gate Gateway Galaxy: Grand Star Rescue Well, what can

I say? Its Weege time! The Terrace Good Egg Galaxy: Dino Piranha Fighting Dino Piranha as Luigi! Good Egg Galaxy: A Snack of Cosmic Proportions Lumalee, Luma-bop! Good Egg Galaxy: King Kalientes Battle Fleet Time to ght the King of Octoombas himself! Honeyhive Galaxy: Bee Luigi Takes Flight We get to bee Bee Luigi! Honeyhive Galaxy: Trouble on the Tower Those Mandibugs are going to get a time-out from Luigi! Honeyhive Galaxy: Big Bad Bugaboom Bugabooms a bad boy! Or...bug! Loopdeeloop Galaxy: Surng 101 These waves are tubular, man! Flipswitch Galaxy: Painting the Planet Yellow Yellow is the color of urine... Bowser Jr.s Robot Reactor: Megalegs Moon Megalegs legs gonna be sore after Luigis through with him! Sweet Sweet Galaxy: Rocky Road (Hungry Luma) I have a sweet tooth... The Fountain Space Junk Galaxy: Pull Star Path Hey look! Its a path of Pull Stars! Space Junk Galaxy: Kamellas Airship Attack The Airships are coming! The Airships are coming! Good Egg Galaxy: Dino Piranha Speed Run Hooray for the games rst Prankster Comet! Space Junk Galaxy: Pull Star Path Speed Run Pulling on Pull Stars to get a Power Star! Space Junk Galaxy: Yoshis Unexpected Appearance Yeah for Yoshi! In a way... Space Junk Galaxy: Tarantoxs Tangled Web Tarantox: the mother of all spiders. Battlerock Galaxy: Battlerock Barrage Its a barrage in that battlerock! Battlerock Galaxy: Battlerocks Garbage Dump Taking out the trash for Gearmo! Battlerock Galaxy: Breaking into the Battlerock I hope we dont get arrested for breaking in... Battlerock Galaxy: Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe Watch out! This Topmans one heck of a maniac!

Honeyhive Galaxy: Cosmic Luigi Honeyhive Race No, not Cosmic Mario! Cosmic Luigi! I should note, though, that Cosmic Luigi has a lot more speed run tactics and is faster than Cosmic Mario. Battlerock Galaxy: Topmaniacs Daredevil Run A Daredevil Run of the easiest boss of gaming history... Hurry-Scurry Galaxy: Shrinking Satellite Look! The satellite! Its...SHRINKING! Rolling Green Galaxy: Rolling in the Clouds Get off my cloud! Bowsers Star Reactor: The Fiery Stronghold Luigi vs the one and only...Bowser! Sling Pod Galaxy: A Very Sticky Situation (Hungry Luma) Im in one sticky situation here! The Kitchen Beach Bowl Galaxy: Sunken Treasure Argh! I want me treasure, maty! Beach Bowl Galaxy: Passing the Swim Test Do you know how to swim? Beach Bowl Galaxy: The Secret Undersea Cavern Shh! Its a secret... Beach Bowl Galaxy: Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone Fast Tox Boxes? Ugh... Beach Bowl Galaxy: Wall-Jumping Up Waterfalls Were Wall-Jumping! Up waterfalls... Ghostly Galaxy: Luigi and the Haunted Mansion Luigis haunted mansion... Ghostly Galaxy: A Very Spooky Sprint BOO! Good Egg Galaxy: Luigi on the Roof Luigi saves Luigi from the roof in Good Egg! Ghostly Galaxy: Beware of Bouldergeist Danger ahead! Beware! Ghostly Galaxy: Bouldergeists Daredevil Run Believe it or not, I didnt think this Daredevil Run was as bad as I used to! Ghostly Galaxy: Matter Splatter Mansion Heading back to Ghostly Galaxy to splatter that mansion! Bubble Breeze Galaxy: Through the Poison Swamp Sorry to bust your bubble, but Im not the biggest fan of bubble levels... Buoy Base Galaxy: The Floating Fortress The fortress...its oating! Buoy Base Galaxy: The Secret of Buoy Base Buoy Base has a little secret...and its a Green Star! Bowser Jr.s Airship Armada: Sinking the Airships Battling Bowser Jr.! Drip-Drop Galaxy: Giant Eel Outbreak (Hungry Luma) Its an absolute outbreak, I tell ya!

The Bedroom Gusty Garden Galaxy: Bunnies in the Wind Chasin bunnies! Gusty Garden Galaxy: The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows Dirty mole! Gusty Garden Galaxy: The Golden Chomp Silver and gold Silver and gold! Gusty Garden Galaxy: Gusty Gardens Gravity Scramble Time for a game of scramble! Dusty Dune Galaxy: Soaring on the Desert Winds Welcome to the desert! Gusty Garden Galaxy: Major Burrowss Daredevil Run Hey look, another Daredevil Comet... Dusty Dune Galaxy: Treasure of the Pyramid This ancient pyramid is said to hold a Green Star... Dusty Dune Galaxy: Blasting Through the Sand Sand, sand, sand! Dusty Dune Galaxy: Sunbaked Sand Castle Sand! Dusty Dune Galaxy: Sandblast Speed Run Speed Run in the sand! Dusty Dune Galaxy: Bullet Bill on Your Back Thank God this mission is off my back... Freezeame Galaxy: The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr This stage gives me the chills! Its a pretty cool level, though. And Baron Brrr? Hes cold-hearted. Freezeame Galaxy: Freezeames Blistering Core I think I have a blister on my lip... Freezeame Galaxy: Frosty Cosmic Luigi Race Frosty Luigi Was a holly jolly soul. Freezeame Galaxy: Conquering the Summit I shall rule and conquer this summit! Freezeame Galaxy: Hot and Cold Collide When hot and cold collide, it causes freezeame! Honeyclimb Galaxy: Scaling the Sticky Wall Buzz! Honey! Bowsers Dark Matter Plant: Darkness on the Horizon Darkness on the Horizon; coming to Bowsers Dark Matter Plant near you. Bigmouth Galaxy: Bigmouths Gold Bait (Hungry Luma) The Golden Shell, which weve already seen in Beach Bowl! Hooray! The Engine Room Gold Leaf Galaxy: Star Bunnies on the Hunt Shhhh...Im hunting wabbits! Gold Leaf Galaxy: The Bell on the Big Tree

Ding dong! Gold Leaf Galaxy: Cataquack to the Skies Cataquacks gone quackers! Gold Leaf Galaxy: Cosmic Luigi Forest Race Racing through the forest! Gold Leaf Galaxy: When it Rains, it Pours Its raining Its pouring This level Is boring. Sea Slide Galaxy: Going After Guppy Guppys bark is worse than his bite, and hes one mean orca! Sea Slide Galaxy: Underwater Cosmic Luigi Race Under the sea! Sea Slide Galaxy: Faster than a Speeding Penguin Who knew that penguins knew how to race? Sea Slide Galaxy: Hurry, Hes Hungry Hurry up already! Sea Slide Galaxy: The Silver Stars of Sea Slide Silver Stars in the sea! Toy Time Galaxy: Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser Ugh! I hate heavy metal! Toy Time Galaxy: The Flipswitch Chain Top of the Tox Box chain! Toy Time Galaxy: Fast Foes of Toy Time Whoever thought this up was on crack... Toy Time Galaxy: Luigi Meets Mario Luigi, meet Mario! Toy Time Galaxy: Bouncing Down Cake Lane Mmmmm...cake! Bonen Galaxy: Kingns Fearsome Waters Hes big...hes fearsome...hes Kingn! Bowser Jr.s Lava Reactor: King Kalientes Spicy Return Hot and spicy! Sand Spiral Galaxy: Choosing a Favorite Snack (Hungry Luma) Tasty snack! The Gate Gateway Galaxy: Gateways Purple Coins Luigi can now use the Red Star (which lets him y)! Boos Boneyard Galaxy: Racing the Spooky Speedster Spooooooky... Battlerock Galaxy: Luigi Under the Saucer The nal Green Star! The Garden Deep Dark Galaxy: The Underground Ghost Ship We meet again, Kamella!

Deep Dark Galaxy: Bubble Blastoff 3, 2, 1...Blastoff! Deep Dark Galaxy: Boo in a Box Jack in the box...Boo in the box...I see where this is going! Deep Dark Galaxy: Ghost Ship Daredevil Run Daredevil Run time, Kamella! Deep Dark Galaxy: Guppy and the Underground Lake Somethings shy here in this lake... Dreadnought Galaxy: Inltrating the Dreadnought Inltration time! Dreadnought Galaxy: Dreadnoughts Colossal Cannons Cannons are colossal in the Dreadnought! Dreadnought Galaxy: Dreadnoughts Garbage Dump I wanna take a dump on this level! Honeyhive Galaxy: Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom That other Luigi got lost...again! Dreadnought Galaxy: Revenge of the Topman Tribe Wow, this is one hell of a revenge... Melty Molten Galaxy: Burning Tide Burn, burn, burn... Dreadnought Galaxy: Topman Tribe Speed Run Speedy Speed Run! Melty Molten Galaxy: The Sinking Lava Spire This levels pretty hot! Melty Molten Galaxy: Through the Meteor Storm Lava and the Star Ball! A great combination...Not! Melty Molten Galaxy: Fiery Dino Piranha Call the ambulance! Dino Piranhas caught on re! Wait, thats a good thing... Melty Molten Galaxy: Lava Spire Daredevil Run Boo hoo! Matter Splatter Galaxy: Watch Your Step Youd better watch your step! Snow Cap Galaxy: Star Bunnies in the Snow (Hungry Luma) Those naughty bunnies want to play chase in the snow! Planet of Trials Trial Galaxies Trial Galaxy 1 Bubble Blast Galaxy: The Electric Labyrinth Yeah, this level wasnt really a blast... Trial Galaxy 2 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy: Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets Were on a roll in this Trial Galaxy! Trial Galaxy 3 Loopdeeswoop Galaxy: The Galaxys Greatest Wave Awesome waves for a surf, man! The Center of the Universe

Bowsers Galaxy Reactor: The Fate of the Universe Time for the last duel with Bowser... Purple Comets Good Egg Galaxy: Purple Coin Omelet The Purple Comets begin with an eggcellent Comet in Good Egg Galaxy! Dreadnought Galaxy: Battlestations Purple Coins Everybody to their stations! Prepare for battle! Honeyhive Galaxy: The Honeyhives Purple Coins More Purple Coins, honey! Battlerock Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Battlerock BOOM! Space Junk Galaxy: Purple Coin Spacewalk This Purple Coin mission isnt too bad, but its not necessarily a spacewalk in the park, either. Ghostly Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Bone Pen Id like to order some meat...but no bone, please. Beach Bowl Galaxy: Beachcombing for Purple Coins Some of these Coins were a beach to collect, most notably the underwater ones... Toy Time Galaxy: Luigis Purple Coins Were on the green side of Mario! Gusty Garden Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube Purple puzzle! Gold Leaf Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Woods Dont go in the woods! Its dangerous! Freezeame Galaxy: Purple Coins on the Summit Frozen peak! Ah, how nice! Sea Slide Galaxy: Purple Coins by the Seaside Sea slide, seaside... Dusty Dune Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Desert This desert isnt really that much of a dessert... Deep Dark Galaxy: Plunder the Purple Coins Swab the deck! Melty Molten Galaxy: Red-Hot Purple Coins Hot! Hot! Hot! The Center of the Universe Bowsers Galaxy Reactor: The Fate of the Universe II In order to get the Grand Finale Galaxy, Luigi must ght Bowser again. This is the last time, I swear! Planet of Trials Grand Finale Galaxy: The Star Festival Its time for the last Star, which is in the one and only...GRRRRRAND FINALE GALAXY! Well, that wraps up my Super Luigi Galaxy playthrough. It was a lot of fun, and its actually pretty bitter sweet for me that its over. Well, may the Stars shine down on all of my readers! See you next time!