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On 26 February 2013, Faculty of Information Technology and Science had organised a bengkel on creative multimedia. The bengkel had invited two presenters who are Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor, Senior Manager on content development of Multimedia Synergy Cooperation and Ahmad Razuri Roseli, Assistant Art Director of Animation Les Copaque Way. In this duration of two hours bengkel, Mr Mohd Azrul had briefly talks about Multimedia Synergy Cooperation. They provide in the business of providing end-to-end elearning solutions to the education and non-education market. In this e-learning software building process, there are 5 process involved. These processes include design, animation (2D/3D), programing, VO (software manipulation) and story boarder (writing and developing ideas). He had showed some of the e-learning examples. One of them is from MARA project which is online e-learning software. They are many versions such as biology, chemistry, English and many others. Animation, programming and graphics are essential to build this project. Next, MDEC project which gives rise to different medium of learning to the new young learners. This medium includes song learning, game learning and others. These are all e-content and the software used are Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Besides, he gave us many advices about the multimedia field and the real background of the world. He said that one must have strong background at the software and applications manipulation in multimedia field. One cannot know a little about such software and applications because this will lead to the incompatibility with the multimedia industry. One is consider fail if he or she cannot get or understand what they know about the strength, weakness. This is consider also fail if he or she cannot crop with the needs of the multimedia industry. When a student is in the internship and if he or she involved in a project, it is good as the seniors are willing to give guidance and the student can learn many skills since most of the seniors will not allow the interns to involve in a project because they scare this will ruin the whole project. For Mr Ahmad Razuris part, he has showed a few videos which is the famous Upin and Ipin animation Kenangan mengusik jiwa. The animation is about the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. P. Ramlee with the contributions and memories left. Datuk Aziz Sattar had also played his own role in this episode of animation. The duration of this animation is about 21 minutes. In the animation, the characters are so real and true. Those facial expression ans the sound effect makes the animation even greater and more fun to watch.

He also briefs about the background of the company. They are three main departments in his company which is animation, art and story house. In animation department, it divides into parts which is blocking (pose-to-pose), finalise animation and facial and lip-sync. Next, the art department. It also divided into parts which is concept, modelling, rendering, compositing, effects and games. For story house department, script, audio, composer, storyboard and design are all in the roof of this department. As in the game part, his company had developed a games based on the story of Upin and Ipin. The name of the game is call Upin and Ipin dash and now is available on Apps store. Now they are developing an adventurous game based on Upin and Ipin character as well. It is called the Upin and Ipin Laksamana. It is a 3D game. Both presenters had mentioned the keyword of being in the multimedia industry which is PASSION.