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A Prayer of a Sinful Heart Dear Father, I am a child, who has betrayed its loving father, I am a child, who has

dishonored his holy name, I am unworthy to be called as your child, I am the one, who crushed your dreams on me, I am the one, who failed your hopes you had on me, I am the one, who was ungrateful to your blessings, I am the one, who was unfaithful to your everlasting love, I am the one, who has a flickering and unfaithful heart, A Heart that strives to quench its lustful thirst, by Sins that tear your heart, At the cost of your dripping precious blood, my bodily thirst is satisfied, Why do I have such an ungrateful heart? A heart that mercilessly ignores the savior even after knowing his goodness and love, Why do I Sin? Why do I do the things that break your heart? Why do I love the world, more than you? But deep within my heart I want to love you truly. I dont want to ask you for forgiveness, For I know that you are a merciful God who always wants to forgive a repentant heart, I want to ask you a deep sorry, for hurting you with my willful sins, I want to grow in humbleness and obedience and to have a steadfast mind, I want to ask you to give me your sacred heart, To love you wholeheartedly, with the faithful love that flows from your heart. When I was wounded, you bandaged me. When I was weak and tired, you were my strength and refreshment, When I was weak to walk, you supported me on your shoulders, When I was weak to move, you carried me in your arms, When I was deeply hurt and in great pain, you healed my soul, When my heart was bitter and dried of love, you showed me your sweetness and moistened my heart, When my heart was stubborn and hardened, you made me realize the tenderness and softness of your heart, When I realized the shallowness of my love, you showed me the depth of your love, When my heart was ungrateful, you showed me the faithfulness of your love, How could I ever repay you for your goodness? I long to fulfill your will in my life, each and every second I want my life to be for your glory. I want my heart to belong only to you; I want my heart to be your ever dwelling palace. My heart can never attain complete happiness apart from you, For without you I am a mere dust and nothing. My Soul longs for you, for you are the everlasting peace and true happiness of my soul. A life lived apart from you is meaningless and void, But a life lived in you makes it truly meaningful and beautiful. For you sacrificed your life so that I may live and now live my life lord till the ME in me is found no more Let us live in union, so that it is no longer I who live but WE, YOU living in ME, Blessing and touching the lives of the loved ones living around me.