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STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR: General Vito L. Belarmino National High School

In partial fulfillment of the requirement in Marketing 70: Strategic Marketing Management

Renato A .Simpao Jr Arvin Jay L. Cortez

Ms. Emily Espiritu

March 15, 2011

Preface This paper will discuss the ideas and give vital to the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School to become a well productive institution. The ideas of this strategy will help the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School to perform its operation to the society and developing its growth. And also supporting its mission and vision which is primarily talks about assisting the Filipino child to become competent, responsible, life-skilled and go loving citizens who actively participate in building humane, healthy and productive society. It will not just meet its vision and mission but also increase its customers and create a positive image in the community. This paper clarifies the real purposes of the operation and how the operation of General Vito L. Belarmino National High School will show productivity in the society and to its customers. This strategy will make the best thing to the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School to support their target customers and achieving its mission and vision to continue to develop.

Part I The General Vito L. Belarmino National High School uphold the ideals of a quality, relevant, nationalistic, mass oriented and scientific education, thus aiming to produce graduates possessing not only strength and intellect but also skills and character. It seeks to strengthen the positive Filipino values and eradicate the negative ones, and while it faithfully carries out the general objective of the Philippine education. General Vito L. Belarmino National High School (GVBNHS) has kept an open mind on the peculiarities of its clienteles whose majority comes from the families of farmers. The aim is to uplift and improve the totality of their being while keeping their feet still level on the ground. With the help of the conceptual framework the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School can support and maintain their mission to their clients. Because G.V.B.N.H.S has limited resources of machines and financial the conceptual framework can strategize how the GVBNHS work effectively and efficiently not only to the community but also to its clients to assist and become competent, responsible, lifeskilled and go loving citizens who actively participate in building humane, healthy and productive society. Even though this conceptual framework cost expensive at the first run of the operation but it assure the long term development and growth of the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School to meet and maintain its vision and mission.

4 Part II Conceptual Framework

Rationale of the Framework: Our framework called 5 Foundations of Triumph this is composed of 5 foundations which are exhibits and orientation, students, business, agreement and program of the school which are all connected to one head which is the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School and the top of the head of the framework theres a vision and mission written in a open door that reflects the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School. Head of the Framework: General Vito L. Belarmino National High School is a public educational institution that helps its clients to be committed to a culture of excellence in service that assist Filipino child to become competent, responsible, life skilled and go loving citizens who actively participate in building humane, healthy and productive society. General Vito L. Belarmino National High School will be the head of the framework. They must perform the following to maintain unity and harmony to its organization thats result to a mutually benefited between the organization and community and needed to perform all the necessary programs and business of the school: They must improve its facilities. Buy all the necessary tools and equipment needed in each programs of the school. Buy 5 transportation vehicles which are 4 busses and 1 truck. Add more teachers which fit the educational programs of the school

All the teachers must help the students and guide them in the different programs and activities of the school. All the teachers must have the knowledge and skills to provide a quality education of the school. The head of the school plays a great role in the operation of the educational programs, business and perform managerial skills to manage the school and effective decision making towards to its goals.

The 5 Foundations of Triumph and their Functions: Students The students of General Vito L. Belarmino National High School are the reason why the school circulate and perform its operation or activities towards to the goal of the school. The students are subject to: To perform the operation of the school which is fit for them. To use their skills and knowledge to participate in the different activities, seminars or events. To have exposure, experience and explore the different aspects of the culture in service and society towards to the goals of the school To strengthen their values and discipline for themselves.

Exhibits and Orientation The exhibits come up with result of all activities and programs done by the school and students which are publicly open to every: Grade 6 school students Other private and public high school Organization like Non-Government Organization This exhibit will lead to publicity and shows the school is doing productive in the community. The orientation will come every summer vacation and it should be done by some teachers. When students are enrolled in the school thats the time they get be oriented about the rules and regulation of the school and discuss them all activities and programs that they will participate. Business The Business is a vital part of the school. It works as a sources of profit of the school and support the operations of the school. To perform its operation the following are needed: Business Name: Vito Belarmino Business Description: The Vito Belarmino Shop is a retail store that offers different kinds of school supplies with good quality. And also sells products made by the students coming from the schools livelihood programs.

Business Staff: They will perform its necessary duties and responsibility to sell products and provide a good quality of service to the customers and promote the business using the consumer promotion, print advertisement, direct marketing and internet marketing. Business Process: The business staff will assure that all products they sell will be at its reasonable prices and all products coming from the schools has a good quality of products and it can generate sales in the market. And also the projects done by the students in the E-Class program will be evaluated if their works in the E-Class program are important and can make used in the business. Summer job for the selected students: If theres a big demand of their products they made for the business or the business needs extra employees, so they will be hired as a part timer in the business according to their standard in the school and as their parents consent them to be part of it. It not just only provides extra income for them but also become a productive one that can contribute to the school mission and vision. Agreement The agreement will support the schools operation and students to enhance its operation and development for school. And develop the skills and knowledge of the students that they become productive to the society and responsible and actively participate in building humane, healthy and productive society. This agreement is composed of 4 sub-segments which are World Trade Center, Silang municipality, other business and non-government organization.

World Trade Center The World Trade Center as a consortium of General Vito L. Belarmino National High School that works as if there a coming event to their place and General Vito L. Belarmino National High School can sell a products in a Bazaar trade. Or can join in a certain science symposium or a seminar that has relevant information that can used by the students of G.V.B.N.H.S. Silang Municipality General Vito L. Belarmino National High School is a public school so the municipality of Silang will support the G.V.B.N.H.S. to its programs and activities that will not only help the flow of the operation of G.V.B.N.H.S. but also the students to experience total productivity process. Because G.V.B.N.H.S. has a business that primary location of the business will be located at the Silang market with the help of the Silang help to find a location which are feasible in the market that includes the some business staff to identify which is the perfect place to sell the products and establish a business in Silang. Other Businesses The G.V.B.N.H.S business will find a prospect retail businesses to become their primary supplier of the schools supplies products and other products done by the programs of the school.


Non-Government Organization (NGOs) The Non-Government Organization (NGOs) will provide different training and development of the school. They are not just helping the G.V.B.N.H.S to its operation but also spreading their mission and vision to the society and helping the students to become productive and well knowledgeable about what happening in the society and what are the right things to do. The following Non-Government Organization (NGOs) are: Environmental Education Center Environmental Education Center provides assistance in environmental education efforts of Miriam College and in environmental movement. The main concern is education, focusing on training, curriculum development, instructional materials and research. As part of the environmental movement, it involves itself in activities that promote ecological balance and sustainable development. Foundation for Sustainable Development, Inc. The primary goal is to promote the development and utilization of human, natural and information resources, technologies and strategies for the improvement of the quality of life of this generation as well as that of future generations.

Green Forum Philippines The goal of this is lead to a community focused, equity-led, decentralized and bioregional based growth towards a better quality of life for people and environment in our


local and global community. Value led and informed people's initiative as the main source of power for change, with the government supporting such efforts.

NGOs for Integrated Protected Areas, Inc. The NGOs for Integrated Protected Areas, Inc. helps the community in protecting the area, management planning, community organizing and development. Making ecofriendly livelihood products and enterprise development. Last but not the least that they can provide is training.

Philippine Business for the Environment, Inc. The PBE believes that business, together with government and the public, has the social responsibility to protect the environment. PBE will assist business to carry out this responsibility through its role as: An intermediary between business, together with government and the community, in establishing reasonable standards and policies that reflect balance between the country's economic goals and environmental concerns; An educator advocating sound corporate environmental values and promoting the search for sufficient and affordable environmental technology Objectives Promotes clean technology and environmental management to improve efficiency and reduce pollution.


Provides access to relevant information on specific industrial technologies and management needs for businesses to achieve a competitive environmental advantage, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Philippine Sustainable Development Network Foundation, Inc. This organization facilitate the more efficient access, linkage and dissemination of information on sustainable development through technical enhancement employing simple, cost effective and replicable information technology/systems. Objectives To provide easier, more affordable and rapid access of information to users in governmental, research and educational, non-governmental, and entrepreneurial organizations. To develop simple, cost-effective and replicable information technology /systems that would enhance the capacity for information networking of individuals and organizations in sustainable development.

Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya provides the development and training about the Science and Technology Resource and Information Services. The Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya can help the students to have knowledge about how they will work or make a project that are very helpful in the community.


Programs The programs are very vital part of the framework. It works as a primary foundation in developing the students to become a responsible to participate in building productive society and developing its skills to be a knowledgeable one. This programs composed of 4 sub segments: Special Academic Class Special Academic Classes are composed of 2 types of subjects which are Key subject that will taken by 1st year to 3rd year students and the vital subject that will taken only by fourth year. This Special Academic Class will help the students to prepare them in tertiary level and to enhance their skill and be more knowledgeable that will reflect the students and their prospect customer to enroll to their school. And be known as public school with the advanced subjects that create attraction from other and help their students to choose what they will be taken in college or university so that they are competent and responsible of what they are doing and meet that vision and mission of school that they assist Filipino child to become competent, responsible, life-skilled and go loving citizens who actively participate in building humane, healthy and productive society. Special Academic Subjects Key Subjects Its about the knowledge and skills in language arts, math and science that will build their creative and logical thinking


Language Arts People who succeed are people who can read and write. No matter what they end up doing, it pays to be able to speak clearly and write well. They should prepare by taking as many classes in reading, writing and speaking as they can fit into them.

Mathematics Everyone uses numbers in the real world to solve problems. Math teaches them to think logically and abstractly. Algebra and geometry are recommended for all high school students, but it's always good to take even more than that.

Science Learning how things work and studying the world around them it will help them understand how scientific discoveries affect them, and their community and the world. Biology, chemistry and physics are good subjects to prepare them for college.

Vital Subjects In today's world, it's more important than ever to understand what's going on around and connect globally.

Social Studies Classes in geography, history and economics will help them understand what is happening in the world and how they fit in it.


The Arts Art helps them explore and appreciate their creative side. Classes might include music, drama, dance and the visual arts.

Steps in Special Academic Classes: 1. The educational curriculum of GVBNHS will not change but it will add more topics that discuss the relevant information. 2. Every year level corresponds to the different kinds of Key subjects every year. So that students will be focused only in one special subject every year. Year Level First Year Second Year Third Year Science Mathematics Language Arts Social Studies and Arts (Vital Fourth Year Subjects) 3. This Key subject will take only for 30 minutes of teaching every end of the classes or 2 hours and 30 minutes in a week. But it requires more teachers that master on the key subject and also the vital subject. 4. All key subjects and vital subjects that will be discussed must be up to date and only topics that they can teach are those essential topics for their learning. Key Subjects


E-Class Program The E-Class program for helps the students to develop their creativity using multimedia, Microsoft office and knowledge how the will present the presentation on multimedia presentation. About E-Class Program: This is for 3rd year students only It will take only for 1 hour of teaching or 5 hours in a week. But it requires teachers that master about the multimedia marketing or advertising. So they can have the proper knowledge how the E-Class programs really works on the society. The tools and equipment of the e-class can used they the Special Academic Class so it can enhance the teaching techniques of the teachers and gain the interest of the students. All the products done by the 3rd year students is about making different kinds of multimedia advertisement that promotes the school and the business of it. Other Programs: Livelihood Program The livelihood Programs is composed of 3 which are pastry making, basketry and sewing. The basketry and sewing products are made of recyclable materials that can only be done by the 3rd year and 2nd year students. While the pastry making are made


of products from the agricultural products done by the 4th year students. All the products done by the students will be delivered in the business to sell it in the market. Agricultural Program The agricultural program is composed of planting done by the 1st year students. All the products of it will be used in the making of healthy pastry products done by the 4 th year students. Material Recovery Facility The material recovery facility are the place where all the paper, plastics and many other recyclable materials that can be used in the basketry making and sewing. This is done by all the students all of their trashes will be collected of their leader each room and deliver it to the material recovery facility. Sorting of the trashes will be done by the utility men of the school and the selected section every week.

This framework only works with the help of 5 foundations which are exhibits and orientation, students, business, agreement and program of the school. When each foundation getting deeper and deeper it shows only that its becoming more vital to the framework and develops the growth of the productivity of the school. The 5 foundation are connected to the head of the framework which is the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School and the top of it is the mission and vision. Because theres a 5 foundation that operates the General Vito L. Belarmino National High School it reflect to the vision and mission of the school to have a competitive advantage not only in the


school but to the students that become competent, responsible, life-skilled and go loving citizens who actively participate in building humane, healthy and productive society. This framework, we assure that it will be effective in helping its clients and community that gives positive image of the institution of GVBNHS that create opportunities and meeting its vision and mission for the better future of the students and also the GVBNHS. In addition, this framework strategy will cost approximately 25 million pesos to its 1st operation but this framework is worth it and it can make profit that will support the fund of G.V.B.N.H.S. for a long time. However, it takes time to be succeeded in the institution because it is a long term development but it will make the best thing for General Vito L. Belarmino National High School.


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