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The AmbiPur

Ambi Pur is a brand of air freshener products available in the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Their range of products may be used in the home or in the car with a variety of smells and properties such as odor neutralization.

Ambi-Pur's first product was launched in 1958 in Spain by Javier de Merelo Barber Sanrom Cruz. Cruz Verde was a Spanish household brand selling a wide range of products, and even in the 2010's is a wellknown brand in Spain because of the great tradition of innovation and advertising. Cruz Verde was purchased in the 1970's by the US multinational company Syntex. Ambi-Pur, which differs from other products and Cruz Verde, became a brand name, with cellulose products "constant" and aerosols, and in the late 1970's and 1980's, continued to strengthen the brand with new products and diversification of the intended use.

Acquisition by the Sara Lee Corporation

In 1984, the Sara Lee Corporation acquired Cruz Verde and began to roll out air fresheners throughout Europe. It was the first brand to launch a plug-in liquid air freshener, toilet rimblock fluid, and fluid air fresheners for cars. After Western Europe, the brand expanded to Eastern Europe, Asia, Japan, and Oceania, as well as in the United States and Canada. From the 1990's until 2010, Ambi-Pur was among the three market leaders for air freshener brands in Western Europe.

Acquisition by Procter & Gamble

The Sara Lee Corporation announced on 11 December 2009 that it would sell Ambi-Pur air care businessto Procter & Gamble for $468 million.

plugins - singles and multifragrance. Stand-by, and not the plugin. Washings, cleaning toilets. Aerosol, mini aerosols and timed multifragrance aerosols. Car air fresheners, and one multifragrance. Air freshener for wardrobes and small spaces.

The AmbiPur Brand History The first Ambi-Pur product was launched in 1958 in Spain, created by Javier Merelo de Barber Sanroma under theumbrella of Cruz Verde brand. Cruz Verde was a Spanish household brand selling a high variety of products, andeven in the 2010s is a well known brand in Spain because of the large tradition of innovation and advertising. CruzVerde was acquired in 1970s by the US multinational Syntex. Ambi-Pur differentiated from other Cruz Verde prod-ucts and became a brand with cellulosic products "Permanente" and aerosols. In the late '70s and '80s the brandstrengthening continued with new products, and a diversification of target uses.In 1984, Sara Lee Corporation acquired Cruz Verde, and since then the brand developed innovative air fresheners and started a roll out throughout Europe. It was the first brand launching a plug-in liquid air freshener, a toilet liquidrim block and a liquid air freshener for Cars. After West Europe, the brand expanded through East Europe, Asia,Japan and Oceania, and also in the US and Canada. Since 1990s to 2010, Ambi Pur has been among the top threeleading air freshner brands in Western European countries. Procter & Gamble On 11th December 2009, Procter & Gamble announced the signing of a binding offer with SaraLee to acquire the Ambi Pur brand for USD. 470 million. The acquisition of Ambi Pur strengthened P&Gs global leadership in Home Care and specifically Air Care by extend-ing their reach to serve more consumers in more parts of the world more completely. Ambi Pur is a business of over$300 million in annual sales with a strong brand equity and complementary geographic presence to Febreze, particularly in Europe and Asia. With this acquisition P&G becomes the #2 Air Care Company in the world and Faberge/Ambi Pur becomes a P&G billion dollar brand, with potential to further grow. Ambi Pur also brings high-performance products and new technologies to our current Air Care portfolio, including car air fresheners, battery-powered air fresheners, toilet rim blocks and various non-energized air fresheners. Consummers will be delighted by a truly holistic product proposition and broader innovation. We see many opportunities to leverage these additional technologies and P&Gs core capabilities in consumer understanding, innovation, brand building, go-to-market execution, and global scale About AmbiPur: AmbiPur has a strong track record of innovation and success in the fresheners category: AmbiPur has been bringing enjoyable fragrances into homes since 1958 AmbiPur was the first brand of plug-in air fresheners, launching single perfume devices in 1992 and the highly successful 3volution in 2006 AmbiPur launched the first liquid rim block toilet freshener in 1997 AmbiPur was the first and most successful brand of liquid car fresheners, first launched in 2000 (predated by magic trees and non-liquid car fresheners)

Definition of the category: Includes any products that can be described / observed as an air freshener, specially designed to remove odors in the air. It Includes products with scented solids that release a continuous fragrance, and fragrant aerosol liquids that may be intermittently dispensed for instant freshness. Inclusions: Solids and liquids including aerosols / sprays, Fabric Fresheners, Electrical / Battery operated deodorizers. Exclusions: Skin deodorants / perfumes, Toilet Bowl Deodorizers, Car Perfumes, Refrigerator deodorizers, scented Disinfectants and household cleaners, Cistern fresheners, Incense sticks, Candles, Dish deodorizers, Fragrance Oil. Sub-Categories : Solids: Includes any products that can be described / observed as a solid non electrical tablet / block air freshener, containing a concentrated scent, and specifically designed to remove odors and continuously fragrance the air. Liquids: Includes any products that can be described / observed as non electrical liquid, containing a concentrated scent, and specifically designed to remove odors and continuously fragrance the air. Includes air fresheners in aerosol cans / sprays. Gels: Includes products that mitigate unpleasant odors in indoor spaces in a gel form. Electrical: Rechargeable electric air-freshener a device which is placed in a holder includes a case, a lid foreclosing the case, each provided with openings for the perfuming vapor from an aromatic substance, which, by means of temperature, releases aromatic essences it contains, situated inside the case. Conc. Sprays: A device which contains a refill placed into a dispenser which is neither electrical nor battery operated. By using a press mechanism of the dispenser, the fresh air is released from the refill fitted into the dispenser. Automatic Diffuser: A device is provided for regulating and diffusing fresh air introduced into rooms, notably rooms of dwellings and the device comprises a resilient strip positioned across a fresh air passage in an outer wall P&G Aircare Portfolio Globally Car Aerosols Electricals Gel Based Placement devices Candles (not included in Aircare Category)

The India Portfolio # Pillars of Air Care Market 1) Electrical / Continuous Energized Devices 2) Car Air Freshener 3) Diffusers (Continuous non energized Devices) 4) Candles 5) Instant Action Spray Car Portfolio Variant CAR STARTERKIT- Aqua 180 CAR STARTERKIT - Vanilla Bouquet 180 CAR STARTERKIT Lavender 180 CAR STARTERKIT Pacific 180 CAR Refill- Aqua 110 CAR Refill- Vanilla Bouquet 110 CAR Refill- Lavender 110 CAR Refill- Pacific 110 Home Portfolio Base Aerosol Aerosol Base Aerosol- Pink Flower 99 Base Aerosol- Ocean Blue 99 Base Aerosol- Aromatherapy Lavender 99 Base Aerosol- Aromatherapy White Lilies 99 Air Effects Aerosol Blooms & Breeze 199 Meadows and Rain 199 Linen and Sky 199 Lavender Vanilla and Comfort 199 Spring and Renewal 199 Sweet citrus and zest 199

P&G Products NA Car Starter Kit (ST) Car Refill (RF) NA NA Base Aerosol Air Effects

India Home-Air Category Dabur is leading overall Home air care category In Aerosol, Premium is the leading brand followed by Airwick (Reckitt Benckiser) and the 3rd biggest player is P&G (based on July-Sept11 data).

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