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Importance of Alternative Energy in mitigating Energy crisis.

Introduction:Global energy consumption is increasing at a dramatic rate due to the increases in the worlds population and the quest for improvement of living standards. Most of our energy comes from fossils fuels which causes the problem of global warming due to the emission of green house gases.As a result, there are many harmful effects such as rise in sea level,draught in tropical region near the equator,and increase in hurricans,torandoes and floods,and spresd of diseases . Renewable energy is the energy generated from the natural resources such as solar heat and light,wind,rain,tides,waves and geothermal heats,which are replenished naturally.From data collected from different sources,about 19% of global final energy consumption came from renewables,with 13% coming from traditional biomass,used mainly for heating and 3.2% from hydroelectricity.New renewable(small hydro,modern biomass,wind,solar,geothermal and bio-fuels) accouted for another 2.7% and are growing rapidly.The share of renewable in electricity generation is around 18% with 15% of global electricity coming from hydro electricity and 3% from new renewable. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESOURCES :We can use NUCLEAR FUELS as an alternative energy source.As world has a large amount of nuclear fuels we can we these energy for constructive purpose rather than use it for destruction(nuclear bombs).Nuclear power plants has many advantage as 1 kg of uranium can produce as much of energy as that of 1600 tonnes of coal. Hydroenergy is also a good alternative as we have abundance of this sources and it requires no fuel cost and does not produce any pollution. So we can see that we have a large number of alternative resourse like wind energy,tidal energy,geothermal energy,etc and if we will be able utilize these resources in a great extent than only we will overcome this energy crisis BENEFITS OF RENEWABLE ENERGY OVER NON-RENEWABLE SOURCES OF ENERGY:1.Free and available in abundance. 2.cost of electricity is cheaper. 3.Environmental friendly and causes no pollution. 4.Millions of years are required for the formulation of fossil fuels. 5.Depletion rate of non renewable sources is 100000 times faster than they are being formed. WHAT SHOULD WE DO FOR MORE USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY AND LESS USE OF CONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF ENERGY:-

Our first duty is to creat awareness among the people about the energy crisis and giving stress over maximum use of renewable energy on the individual basis. As we have abundance of renewable energy source ,we should utilize these sources for energy production .Large number of scientists and engineers throughout the world are busy in the projects related to harvesting of these sources for mitigating the energy crisis.We can take the example of our country(india) which is suffering from huge energy crisis.And we know that india is full of all the energy resources,and the only thing we require is ,how to utilize these resourses so that we can overcome the energy crisis. Solar power is emerging as a key renewable sources of power in India as the government is pushing through policies to support its development,given its focus on preventing climate change by encouraging green power,and at the same time diversifying its energy mix.The GUJARAT STATE SOLAR POLOCY and Centers JAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL SOLAR MISSION(JNNSM) are the forefront of the solar power development in India.In 2011-12 Indias solar power capacities increased to nearly 940 MW from 20MW in 2010-2011 .Besides favourable government policies,particularly Gujarats solar policy,a sharp decline in capital costs over 2011 drove this ravid expansion. Some of the countries like Germany,Sweden,Denmark ,japan uses renewable alternative energy the most. CONCLUSION:.The industrialization of modern civilization demands more electricity than ever,which leads to significantly increased consumption of fossils fuels if alternative technology are not explored .Well trained enginners, scientist and researchers could lead the way in development of the sustainable alternative energy technologies and could reduce the burning of fossils fuels which are critical for other purposes such as lubricant and creating man made substances like plastics.