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B.W.T.I.B.A.I OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ashram Road, Ahmadabad. KALAL NAYAN D. Roll No. 2046 S.Y.B.B.


o Since the few years, the business world has completely changed. There has a rapid development taken place in India changing the past independence period industrialization in the country which has made India one of the industrial powers of the world. Revaluation in the field of commerce and business has changed many lives in India. o Practical knowledge is the essential for facing all direct circumstances. Only in industrial visit tells us make deeply how we should apply doctrines in real life because industrial visit is over all practical information about on industry. o The visit to industry is very helpful to students of management because it helps to get better prospects and understanding the working condition of various industries.

o Under this practical training, every student has to visit any company for one day and he has to collect related information and has to prepare report on the practical training.

o I am glad to present report based on the Parle Pvt. Ltd.


o I have tried my level best to prepare this project report.


I am highly thankful to the management and staff of Parle Pvt. Ltd I am especially thankful to Mr. Bhomik Sir for helping me in my Practical Studies. In addition to allowing me to visit the company and study the organization, they provide me with many details which were very useful in preparing this report.

I take this opportunity to thank our Director, Prof.Shilpa Trivedi, Professor- in-charge. Mr. Bhomik Sir for their encouragement and the office staff for providing us all the facilities for making the visit more learning oriented.

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History of the company
In 1929 a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in British dominated India. The intent was to spread joy and cheer to children and adults alike, all over the country with its sweets and candies.

The company knew that it wouldnt be an easy task, but they decided to take the brave step. A small factory was set up in the suburbs of Mumbai, to manufacture sweets and toffees. A decade later it was upgraded to manufacture biscuits as well. Since then, the Parle name has grown in all directions, won international fame and has been sweetening people's lives all over India and abroad.

Apart from the factories in Mumbai and Bangalore Parle also have factories in Bahadurgarh in Haryana and Neemrana in Rajasthan, which are the largest biscuit and confectionery plants in the country. Additionally, Parle Products also has 7 manufacturing units and 51 manufacturing units on contract.

Board of Directors:
o Rajubhai o Milanbhai o Manoharbhai o HirenbhaithakkarProduction manager o Rastogi Shah

Plant Location:

Plot No 1010-B,1011-A,Phase IV,Near Gayatri Mandir,Naroda Gidc, Ahmedabad, 382330 079 22816968

SWOT Analysis of product


The main strength of the company is its brand name which is PARLE. The company has also vast experience in the field of advertising, mass promotion and marketing.

The basic principal during this organization is to create avenues for business unique manner possible to derive maximum benefit from each rupee spend on such promotion derives. Parle has a wide spread network and to completely cover such network, it has a predetermined channel which covers every nook and corner of the city so that all masses are covered. With distribution network and an equal capacity to canalize makes Sony strong in its own.


PARLE PRODUCTS LTD has got opportunity for exhibition for the international standards in exhibiting the goods. In Ahmadabad opportunity is given to P.P.L. for taking part in festivals which is being organized during the pre-festival days for New Year.

The exhibition provides to P.P.L products show cash for their goods to rich the most potential to P.P.L.

One of the finest weaknesses of the Parle is its less brand ambassadors in marketing field.

As the three partners are huge corporate, the flow of decisions, actions and understanding are channelized through a long route. This may cause delay in any decision to be taken and which might not be good for the company.


Day in day out there is various rules and regulations that are coming in the market and which on highly volatile in nature. Price fluctuation, are one of them competitors come in and go out in a jiffy, and in such a situation to hold an upright place is difficult in its

even words and thus proves a threat to excrescence of companies. The same has been observed by Parle

Achievement of the company

Parle products have been shining with the golds and silvers

consistently at the Monde Selection ever since they were first entered in 1971.

Monde Selection is an international institute for assessing the quality

of foods and is currently the oldest and most representative organization in the field of selecting quality foods worldwide.

Manufacturing Process
Raw material Testing







Marketing can be defined as a social process by which an individual or group achieves what they need and want in exchange of values.

Modern marketing departments may be organized in a number of different, sometimes overlapping ways,


functionally, geographically, by product or brand, by market in a matrix, by corporate division.

The organization of the marketing departments is as follows,

Functionally Geographically By product or brand By market in a matrix By corporate division.

4Ps of marketing
It means is anything which can be offered to market for attention, acquisition, use and consumption.


Pricing is the one element of the marketing mix that produces revenue; the other elements produce costs. Prices are perhaps the easiest element of the marketing program to adjust; product features channels and even promotion takes more time. Price also

communicates to the market the companys intended value positioning of its product or brand.

It means the activities are communicating merits of the product & persuade target custom to buy it. It includes advertising personal selling, publicity and sales promotion etc.

It includes companys activity that makes the product available to target customer. It includes channel coverage, location, transportation etc.

Products, Variety and size

For over 65 years, Parle G has been a part of the lives of every Indian. From the snow capped mountains in the north to the sultry towns in the south, from frenetic cities to laid back villages, Parle G has nourished strengthened and delighted millions.

Pack Sizes available: 19 G, 44 G, 44 G, 66 G, 93.5 G, 231.5 G, 346.5 G, 400 G, 462 G, 576.5 G, 935 G (Packed), 935 G (Loose)

Krackjack - The original sweet and salty biscuit is one of the most loved biscuits in the country. Its not just a biscuit, its the taste of relationships captured in a biscuit. A little sweet and a little salty crafted in such a delicate and delicious balance, you can never get enough of it. Have it anytime you like with anything you like.

Pack Sizes available: 75 G, 120 G, 240 G

Krackjack Crispy Creams is a delicious combination of crispyness of Krackjack and sweetness of cream biscuit. The classic sweet and salty taste gets laced with a sweet & sour lime flavor in the cream


sandwiched between Krackjack biscuits. A mouth watering delicious combination! Pack Sizes available: 90 G

Share the company of great taste anytime, anywhere with Monaco. A light crispy biscuit sprinkled with salt, Monaco adds a namkeen twist to lifes ordinary moments. Pack Sizes available: 75 G, 120 G, 240 G

Orange: Tickle your senses with Parle Orange Kream The tangy orange cream between two scrumptious biscuits makes for a real treat. Age no bar!

Pack Sizes available: 90 G, 180 G


Bourbon: Chocolate connoisseurs will find their fetish become more rewarding. Deliciously sugar coated these Bourbons come with a chocolate cream centre, making them an irresistible temptation for all times.

Pack Sizes available: 100 G, 200 G

Chocolate: Wholesome chocolatey goodness now enveloped in crispy biscuits with Parle Chocolate Cream Treat.

Pack Sizes available: 25 G, 65 G

Elaichi: Enriched with the goodness of elachi, this cream biscuit will indulge your taste buds. The natural tasting cream will ensure you a treat you won't forget.

Pack Sizes available: 90 G, 180 G


Parle Pineapple Kream makes the perfect tropical treat for all those who appreciate the mouth watering, sweet and sour flavour of pineapple.

Pack Sizes available: 90 G, 180 G


Now you dont have to wait for summer to enjoy delectable mangoes. Parle Mango Kream biscuits bring the magical flavour of mango to you. Treat yourself all year around!

Pack Sizes available: 90 G, 180 G

Heres a choco biscuit that flirts with your taste buds. Seek out the chocolate chips that aren't really hidden. And relish a delectable experience as they melt in your mouth. Also know to work as an effective icebreaker its easy to see why its tasty itna, ki dil aajayee.

Pack Sizes available:


25 G, 50 G, 100 G, 200 G

The ingredients that go into making this prized cookie are a well-guarded secret. What is, is the effect it has on those who eat it. A cookie with a reputation for romance. Indulge in the sinful taste of Milano and everything that follows it.

Pack Sizes available:

65 G, 100 G, 135 G

Digestive Marie will change your daily dipping and sipping routine; making it more enjoyable and much healthier. With five times more fibre than the regular Marie, you can actually see the differences in Digestive Marie. With lower fat and calories than other digestive biscuits, Digestive Marie helps you stay Active-Lite all day. Yahi Marie, Sahi Marie!

Pack Sizes available:

25 G, 50 G, 100 G, 200 G

Your favourite Marie biscuit, Parle Marie is now even more exciting. Its lighter. Its crispier. And its tastier. Making it even more appealing than before.

So the next time youre hanging out with your buddies, just tear open a pack of Parle Marie. And immerse yourself in an engaging conversation and an even more engaging taste.

Pack Sizes available:

88 G, 176 G, 347 G, 400 G (For East)


From boy-next-door to Super Boy, no thats not the plot for the next Hollywood blockbuster its the effect of Milk Shakti. The Shakti of milk fortified with the goodness of honey, a zabardast combo that even ace batsman Dhoni swears by. So get that cape out and head straight to for a pack of Milk Shakti today.

Pack Sizes available:

75 G, 150 G

A crispy cracker that adds a namkeen zing to the usual biscuit. Goes well with a cup of tea, an evening snack or an occasional namkeen thought. Just bite in and let the rich golden texture melt in your mouth.

Pack Sizes available:

75 G, 150 G


Caramel meets chocolate to yield an outcome nothing less than delectable. Parle Melody comes with an irresistible layer of caramel on the outside and a delightful chocolate filling within. Pop it in your mouth and relish the unique experience. It wont be too long before you find yourself asking the age old question Melody itni chocolaty kyon hai?'

Need a quick escape from everything ordinary? Just pop a Mango Bite and dive into a tropical mango paradise. Sit back, roll it around and enjoy one wave after another of juicy mango treats that go on and on and on.

Usage instruction: A juicy goli best enjoyed hmmmmmm.. slowly.

The glider got copied and became a jet plane. Western hits got copied and became Anu Malik songs. The typewriter got copied and became a keyboard. Similarly, we have managed to copy the tangy flavour of raw mangoes in a candy which is a little sour, a little sweet and certainly a little mischievous. We call it Kaccha Mango Bite. It truly is a kacche aam ka copy.

Give the orange to a friend and the mango to a stranger. Or try the lemon for a neighbour and the strawberry for a teacher. Give the black currant to the school bus driver and the pineapple to anyone else you please. With so many flavours in each pack of Poppins, you will have only one thing to say to everyone you meet; "Doon Kya".


Its everything that the Kismi Toffee Bar is, only smaller. Wrapped in the distinct flavour of elaichi (cardamom) this toffee is sure to send your sweet tooth on a joyride.

Romantically sweet indulgence is what comes to the mind while talking about the all time favourite Parle Kismi. After romancing with everyones senses for over two decades, Parle Kismi is now even better and even more romantic. With a perfect blend of Caramel & Elaichi, the new Parle Kismi Gold is bound to take romance to an entirely different level and make it more irresistible than ever before. Have one to experience romance at its best.


Small. Oval. Orangee. Weve kept it simple with the Parle Orange candy. And for over 50 years this deceptively simple candy has kept the taste buds of the entire nation in a flurry. The first product to be launched from the House of Parle and clearly, one thats been a hit ever since.

Sugar Free Tablets :

Careful, this is no ordinary mint. It can do things that no other mint can. Like, change the weather and get the wind to bite at your cheeks while people around you get the chills? Dont believe us? Suggest you try one and find out for yourself. Pop one, take a deep breath and then exhale. Youll see the world around you change to being "Simply Chillicious".

Sugar Deposited Candy:


Careful, this is no ordinary mint. It can do things that no other mint can. Like, change the weather and get the wind to bite at your cheeks while people around you get the chills? Dont believe us? Suggest you try one and find out for yourself. Pop one, take a deep breath and then exhale. Youll see the world around you change to being Simply Chillicious.


Try as you might, you just can't resist the temptation of Musst Bites. A snack pack with a dangerously addictive taste, Musst Bites is the latest addition from the House of Parle. Available in a range of flavours like chatpata chaat, mast masala, tangy tomato and green spice, this snack is sure to keep you munching all day.

Pack Sizes available: 30 G, 60 G

Think Square is boring? Then what you need is a Sixer. This six-sided, salted delight cuts out the boring from a biscuit. A unique shape coupled with an equally unique crunchy, munchy, salty taste that leaves you asking for more!

Pack Sizes available: Sixer Jar - 200 G; Sixer Tin - 5 Kg


Like cheese? Then you'll just love the light crispy taste of Monaco Bites Cheeslings. Tiny crispy squares dipped in cheese that'll instantly melt in your mouth. Makes for a perfect snack anytime, anywhere. Pack sizes available: Cheesling - Jar - 175 G, 350 G Cheesling Tin - 3.75 Kg


Branding is very important part of production consumers view a brand as an important part of a production and branding and value to a product

Thus, branding distinguish the one product from another product and also help in avoiding the duplication of the product in the market.

Branding has been created by advertisement, sales promotions and public relation techniques.


Brand name strategy

A BRAND is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or a group of seller and to differentiate from those of the competitors, brand is also a promise of seller to deliver specific benefits and services. In other words a brand is sellers promise to deliver consistency as a specific set of features benefits and service to buyers. The best brand conveys the warranty of quality. Most of the big companies are having their privates brands. Private brands are often hard to establish and due costly to stock and primate, private labels yields higher profit margins for the middle man, they also give middle man exclusive product that cannot be bought them competitors, result in greater store traffic and loyalty.



Market segmentation is dividing market into distinct groups of buyers. These distinct groups of buyers have different needs, characteristics or behaviors that require separate products or services.

Some level of market segmentations are as follows: Mass Segment Niche Micro Local Individual


Bases of Segmentation
1. Geographical Segmentation 2. Demographical Segmentation 3. Psychographic Segmentation 4. Behaviorist Segmentation We can segment business market with some of the same variables we use in consumer market, such as geographic benefit sought and usage rate, but business marketers also use other variable. The demographic variables are the most Important followed by the operating variable down to the personal characteristics of the buyer. Parle mainly segment the market according to geographical area. Parle mostly spread at every where in India and also export in abroad.

Positioning is the act of designing offer and image so the target market understand and appreciates.

The product can enjoy a strong position in the market when it feels the consumer needs therefore. The companys positioning must be

routed in an understanding of how the largest market defines value and makes choice amongst vendors.

The P.P.L holds a better and strong market share in the market of ice-cream vadilal ice-creams stands at the top position of market with its image in P.P.L is accepted in all over India.

Positioning of Parle
With products designed keeping both health and taste in mind, Parle appeals to both health conscious mothers and fun loving kids. The great tradition of taste and nutrition is consistent in every pack on the store shelves, even today. The value-for-money positioning allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy Parle products to the fullest.


Pricing is the one element of the marketing mix that produces revenue; the other elements produce costs. Prices are perhaps the easiest element of the marketing program to adjust; product features channels and even promotion takes more time. Price also communicates to the market the companys intended value positioning of its product or brand.

Factors considered while setting prices

Selecting the pricing objective. Determining Demand Estimating costs Analyzing competitors costs, prices and offers. Selecting a pricing method Selecting a final price.


Methods of Pricing

The price ,the company charges will be somewhere between one that is too law to produce a profit and one that is to high to produce any demand product costs set a floor to the price.

Consumer perception of products value set by the ceiling. The company must consider competitors price and other external and internal factor to find the best price between this two extrems.

Companies set prices by selecting general pricing approach that include one or more of three sets of factors such as: The cost- based approach like cost- based approach like cost-plus pricing ,break even analysis and target profit planning

The buyer- based approach like perceived- value pricing: The competition based approach like going-rate & sealedbid pricing.

The prices flexed by the P.P.L are in such manner that they include cost or production, adding relatively services & profit margin and also the price are affordable by all classes of people.


Therefore, we can see that the pricing method adopted by the unit is perfectly suitable.

Prices of products
Parle-G 44G Krackjack 75G Monaco 75G Creams orange 90G Creams orange 180G Milk Shakti Milk Shakti 75G Kaccha Mango Bite Kismi Toffee Orange Candy XHale new Musst Bites 30G Musst Bites 60G Monaco Bites Cheeslings 100G 4 Rs 7 Rs 7 Rs 5 Rs 10 Rs 5 Rs 50 paisa 25 paisa 25 paisa 50 paisa 5 Rs 10Rs 15 Rs

per per per per

one one one one

Pease Pease Pease Pease



Level of Distribution Channel

Physical distribution
It looks after physical handing of the goods and assures maximum customer service. It aims at offering delivery of right goods at right time and right place to customer. These activities include packages, warehousing,transportation,inventory control and costumer service.

In P.P.L for delivery of biscuits or confectionary product, they are having truck facilities. They are using many transportation companies for carrying goods from factory to wholesaler or from factory to depot.

Channel of Distribution









Transportation chaises will affect product pricing, on time delivery performance and the condition of the goods when they arrive , all of which affects customers satisfaction.

In shipping goods to its warehouse, dealers and customers, the company can choose transportation modes: rail, air, and truck, water way and pipeline.

Leo More biscuits are situated at highway so it has very good transportation facility.


Location (geography), one of the five geographic themes and a specific position or point in physical space. (includes exact and relative.) Absolute location Content-location in HTTP headers: a Uniform Resource Identifier Filming location, a place where some or all of a film or television series is produced Location parameter, a parameter of a probability distribution Location, Location, Location, a phrase used in the property business, and a television programmed



The best advertising is done by satisfied customers -Philip Kotler

Modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible to target customers. Companies must also communicate with their present and potential customers, retailers, suppliers, other shareholders and general public.

Every company is inevitably cost into role of communication and promoter. In modern business world, transmission of idea, thoughts, views and developments, particularly through impersonal communication have gained a rapid momentum. This has been necessitated to meet the growing needs of mass production and mass distribution.

Advertising is one of the most common tools companies use to direct persuasive communications to target buyers and publics.


In developing an advertising program, marketing managers must always starts by identify the target market and buyer motives. Then they can proceed to make the five major decisions in developing an advertising program, known as the five Ms: viz., Mission, Money, Message, and Media & Measurement.

The p.p.l spends on advertising according to various brands of biscuits and confectionaries. Advertising budget is fixed in the year and according to requirement of advertising budget is set for every brand in the product P.P.L spends 65% on advertising budget on the total turnover achieved by the company.


Sales Promotion:
Sales promotion is an important instrument in marketing to lubricate the marketing efforts. Today, sales promotion is a necessity and not merely a luxury or a fashion. It is not expenditure; it is an investment which can pay rich dividends. It is an integral part of the marketing effort.

What is Sales Promotion?

Sales promotion is referred to the promotional activities other than personal salesmanship, advertising and publicity, which stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, e.g., display, exhibitions and showrooms, demonstration, free samples, coupons, premiums, contests and various other recurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine. It is a plus ingredient in the marketing mix, whereas advertising and personal salesmanship is essential and basic ingredients in the marketing mix.

In short, sales promotion is bridge or a connecting link covering the gap between advertising and personal salesmanship, the two wings of promotion.

Nothing happens until somebody sells something. The sales promotion activities help in promoting the sales of the concern effectively. More and more promotional activities are required to induce the customers to purchase more and more products and thus, the produce the demand.


Sales promotion tools used by P.P.L include coupons, Lucky draw schemes, price, warranties, point of purchase displays and demonstration. In the school unto 5 year of children they are giving coupons. P.P.L gives coupons also to their retailer unto amount of purchase of Rs.500.

They are giving gift coupons free of cost. Retailers are having facility of lucky draw scheme in that they have 51 prices for chances of winning.

Direct Marketing
Directing marketing is the use of consumer direct chance to reach and deliver goods and service to customer without using marketing middleman.

Direct marketers can use a number of channel to reach individual prospect and customers: direct mail, catalog marketing, interactive T.V,websites and mobile service.


Publicity means sponsoring various efforts to publicize specific product many companies are truing to marketing pubic relocation to directly support corporate. One product promotion is securing additional space as opposed to paid space in print and broadcast media to promoted or type a product, place or person.

Though P.P.L is having mass advertising for biscuits and confectionary items, they are more publishing their products for that they are sponsoring serials.

P.P.L is also providing service in blood donation camp, children development activities and welfare activities. They are also holding trade air. All these activities are performed by P.P.L


Personal Selling
Selling means the transfer of ownership of goods on service to boor in exchange for money. Salesmanship is the process of persuading a person to buy goods or services.

The act of salesmanship consists of one human mind. Different authors have defined it in various ways.

Salesmanship is the art of teaching, or helping other to buy. Another says it is the persuasive leadership that influences people to buy foods and service.

In PARLE PRODUCT LTD, personnel selling play an important role in the promotion mix. Person goes door to door for selling biscuits and confectionary item.



Parle Centre of Excellence as an institution is dedicated to enrich the lives of people through conducting various cultural programs across all region to facilitate the all round development of the children. Every year, Parle organises Saraswati Vandana in the state of West Bengal during the festival of Saraswati Puja, inviting schools from all across the state to participate.

The event is one of much fanfare and celebration, keeping alive the culture and traditions of ages. Our involvement in cultural activities has seen the inception of Golu Galata in Tamil Nadu, held during Navratri.

Its gives a platform to all the members of a household to showcase their creativity and being judged by immanent personalities. Thousands of families participate and celebrate the occasion on a grand scale.

Every year a grand programme is organized by Parle in Kolkotta to felicitate the winners. Here eminent personalities from the field of literature, education, art, films, media and politics grace the occasion.

Performances by popular artistes make it a night to remember for every invitee present there. The awards and adulation makes it unforgettable for the winners.

In 2005, 5000 households participated and in 2006 and 2007, it was 10,000 households who participated. This year we hope to see over 10,000 households, across 10 cities join in this joyous occasion.

At the end of the celebration, the winners will be felicitated at a gala prize distribution ceremony.


As PARLE PRODUCT LIMITED is concerned with manufacturing of biscuits and confectionaries, the company is thinking about widening the length of the product line .

While asking to the field manager about the future plans of PARLE PRODUCT LIMITED, he


replied that the company has a widen scope in the same product category.

As all the products of the company are winners. The company has achieved MONDE SELECTION AWARD in food industries.


PARLE PRODUCT LIMITED has reached its zenith in the world of food items preparing biscuits and confectionaries. It has always adapted a futuristic approach lie. Anticipated the companys need in the year to come.


PARLE PRODUCT LIMITED always keeps in mind the needs of consumers and thats why they have launched recently Musst Bites, considering the requirement oe modern consumer. In the PARLE PRODUCT LIMITED from factory to the ultimate consumers all the people are working cooperative. In the factory, employees relation is harmonious.

BOOKS Marketing Research- H.K. Singh Principles of Marketing- Philip Kotler Marketing Management- W.J. Stanton

Fundamentals of Marketing- B.J. Walker


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