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Dr. Andy Harris for LI.S.Congres

To: Dr. Andy Harris (R)
c/o Andy Harris for Cong'ress
PO Box L527 t
Annapolis, MD 21404 I


' D e a r Andy,

articl-e proving what a total liberal Democrat Frank

Kratovil clearly is ! !

races left in the country, you really do need my help

fight back against the millions of d o l l ars in negative lattack
ads the liberal Democrats will hurl against you again.

To demonstrate that I will continue to stand with u and

to help you meet your 1$ Quarter fundraising goal of $ 0,000,
f'm sending you today my most generous donation of:

t_l 92,000 t_l $1,500

t _ l $ 1 ,o o o t_1 Other: $


** Et-€gg make vour check payable to:

PO Box 1527
Annapolis, MD 2140

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i I rcnitlo.ezso I
Sr.lrr Smuron I 2oo8GoPNor'mmr
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Thursday, Eebruary 26, 2009

Enclosed with this letter you witl find an articlei titled

A s y o u ' 1 1 q u i c k l y b e a b l e to tell from the paragraphs

I/ve underlined, m y D e m o c r a t i c opponent is already p
he's not the conservative " b 1 u e dog" independent Democ t h e
claimed on the campaign trail, but a lapdog of the fi- a1
leadership and radical Special Interests in Congress.

In Iess than two months i n o f f i c e , Democrat Frank

Kratovil has voted for a $39 Billion tax increase and
budget-busting $787 Billion spending bill that stimula
the growth of government but not the economy.

After Kratovil flip-flopped on this spending biLl,

I've received.encouragement from every corner of the
District to challenge him again in 2010.

That's why I,m writing you today.

I've already been called to Washington, D.C. to m or

with the top leaders of the National Republican
Congressional Committee and have been asked by them to run
a g a li n . |
After talkinq with my wife, my family, and my clo$est
supporters, f've decided that I will in fact run for t4"
U.S. Congress once more and am asking you for your hel$ to
make this campaign a success
Last cycle just about every district that wasn't ilpeld
by a Republican incumbent running for re-efection brokf for
t h e D e m o c r a t s d u e t o t h e o v e r w h e l m i n g O b a m aw a v e . . . I
- - .But with P r e s i d e n t O b a m ap u s h i n g f o r r e c k l e s s I
spending, talking about raising taxes, and closing dowfi the
much-needed. mil-itary prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I
think the Republican Party is well-positioned to makelat
least a partial comeback in 201,0
fn my last campaign for Congressr my opponent i
benefitted i m m e n s e J - yf r o m t h e f a c t t h a t h e h a d a b s o l u L e l y
no voting record to be held accountable to.
This time around, his voting record witl be fai-Cl bare
. . .Tax increases galore. . .mind-blowing deficit
I 'L!
spending...siding with Trial Lawyers over smal-l businpss
owners, . .voting against Republican tax cut amendmenarl.. .
Democrat Frank Kratovil, s record 1s already shapli-ng up
to be the exact liberal record I predicted in 2008.

That's why when it comes to casting their ballotr this

time around, I wilt be sure to remind the voters of the
expression "Fool- me once, shame on you... Fool_me twibe,
s h a m e o n m e! " . I

in my meeting with the National Republicafi

C o n g T r e s s i o n a l C o m m i t t e e ( N R C C )w e d i s c u s s e d s e t t i n g a l
fundraisi-ng goal of $100,000 by the end of March.
That leaves me less than five weeks to show thatl t,^
truly commj"tted to winnlng this seat.
I'm writing you today because you've been a friefrd and
supporter of mine for some time now. I

Your gift of $1,000 helped me come within tZ of

victory last time.

Now that Democrat Kratovil has revealed himsel-f obe

the partisan liberal he practically denounced on the
campaign trai1, I'm confident we can achieve victory his

The NRCC h a s a s k e d m e t o . s t a r t running hard righ

away, as have h u n d r e d s o f f r i e n d s i u s t l i k e vou.

I'm in it to win and I need you on board once ag i n .

Already, Democrat. Kratovil is receiving the nega ive

press he deserves for betrayi-ng his campaign promises
With my first finance report on the horizop in thb next
felt weeks and as huqe of a tarqet a s t h i s r a c e -i s -f o r t h e
GOP, f 'm trufy counlinq on b. f-
J've sent you this articl-e to prove exactlv how mlcn
st,ronqer of a message we will bg able to deliver this time
aroulr!! i
with your help tod.ay we wlII galvanize the .o.r""tf.tive
movement and unite the Republj-can Party to win in 20101.

I'm confident that with the help of the new campaign

team wetve put in placer w€ will succeed in our call fbr .L.
spending restraint, fiscal discipline, and traditional i
My friend, please send me your most generous donafion
of $2r000, $1,500, or $1,000 as soon as you possibly cfn.

Over the past two years, I've campaigned vlrtuafff

around-the-clock to put pocketbook issues and protecti$n of
the traditionat farcrily f irst in my race for Congr""". I I

Itve never waivered in my campargn agenda of brinfing

proven, no-nonsense leadership on fisca] issues like s$ending
and taxation to Washington, D.C.
This is an agenda I plan to del-iver on come Electfon Day.
But right now, I truly need your continued support. i
Make no mistake,
asked to raise in the

I cannot thank you enough for the

help, and financial support to help me achieve

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

P . S . P l e a s e t a k e j u s t a f e w m o m e n t s t o r e a d c n e a r r l c r 9" i r .
have enclosed. After you've finished, I hope I cqn
count on you to send your most generous d o n a t i o n < i f
$2,000, $1,500, or $1,000 right away.
Minnickspokesman John Fostersaid
GOPto Hound the feedback from constituents has
beenlargelypositive."Sornefolls want-

Blue Dogs
Pro-Stimulus ed Iflhlt asa Democratto show support
for the president,but the vast majority
of our consdruentsapproved of his
decisionto vote the district,"he said.

The handful of the House'sBlue Dog

Democrats wno swrtcneo melf votes
salesmanand the product," said IGn
Spain, a spokesmanfor the National
"Democratsanogantly proclaimedthat
Republicanswho vorcd againstthe stim-
ulus packagedid so 'at their own peril,'
but now it appears that ln many
Democrat-helddistricts,there could be
gteater risk in actuallyhavingvoted for
Pelosi'sporkJadenpackage. "
His counterpart at the Demmatic
Democrat-ledCongressloaded the bill CongressbnalCampaign Commiftee,
with unnecessaryspending,Mr. Kratovil Jennifer Crider, said the Republican -
will be out every day of this week's attacksabout switchingvotesultimately Mr. Krafovil points to estlmatesthat
holiday break touring his sprawling will not matter if the stimulusplan is the bill will create 8,200 fobs in his
Marylanddistrict and touting successin well received. district and to ,spendingon progfiuns
trimming frivolous programs frorn the Vhat they havebeen doing is going popular with his constituents,whether
packageand highlightingthe jobs it's back to their districts and e4plaining it is hedth care programs that will
estimatedto produce. why they voted the way they voted," shebenefit local hospitals or expanding
'lllthough ttris bill is still far from broadband Internet service to rural
said,"That'swhat is happeningin these
perfect,in a crisisof this magnitudewe districts around the country." cornmunities,
can't afford to let the perfect be the while theBlueDoccoalition's Mr. Iftatovil and Rep, dlen Boyd,
enemy of the necessary,"Mr. Kratovil Florida Democat and a leader of the
said after the vote switch Friday. fiscally consenhtive 49-member Blue
Similar explanations are being Dog coal.ition,issued nearly identical
offered by each of the five Democrag statements explaining their final
who voted against the original $819 decisions,Both cited, among other
billion House bill in late Januarybut items,the eliminationfrom the bill of
supportedfinal passage ofthe $787bil- $200 million to refurbishthe National
lion versionnegotiatedwith the Senate. Mall in Washingxon, includingsod, and
"Congresshas done its part to pro- $75million to fight smoking.
vide desperatelyneeded funds," said Mr. IGatovil also listed cutting $400
Rep.Brad Ellsworthof Indiana,a Blue million to fight serually transmitted
Dog Democrat who switched his vote. Te said a survey of voting records disease,
"Now it is up to state and local officials hom the lastCongressshowedthat Blue Hovrcrcr, the anti-smokingand STD
throughoutIndianaand this country to Dogs propose three-quarters less programs still bould be funded with
ensurethesedollarsare spentwisely." spendingincreases than DemocratsiN a stimulusmoney;going to the Centersfor
They also are citing the bipartisan whole, but the Blue Dogsstill vote for Disease Control and Prevention.
negotiations that shaped the final bill, most of thti spending increasespro Democraticleadersstripped out many
although only three Republlcans in posedby others. of the specificprogramsin the bill and
Congress supported the legislation. Of the 11 Blue Doos who voted-- renlacedthemwith noolsof .monevfcrr