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Daniel Hanasab Satire Assignment

Mr. Gilden APENG

It strikes me, a recipient and contributor, as odd, that there are those that frown upon this timehonored practice, those that frown upon those that instill a sense of discipline, integrity into their children, those that create model citizens better suited to contributing to society. It Befuddles me as to how those, such as I, that teach our children to lead lives as morally and ethically sound humans, deserve such scorn from society. Do we in truth deserve their disapproving yet harmless frowns? When I contemplate this societal ill, I am brought back to the first time I experienced it, the act that led to my salvation. You see, as a child, I was a mischievous one, constantly in the thick of it: pushing, shoving, fighting, cursing yet, it was his actions that forced me, quite violently at first, to reconcile that which was wrong with myself, to realize my shortcomings and, most importantly, to forever be changed and although not of my accord, I am grateful. I am forever grateful to him. From an introspective standpoint, I can see the obvious benefits of the suffering and agony I have endured. The aches, pains wouldnt have left their intended and true mark were it not for the aid of the lacerations and the burns. The bruises on my heart have made me stronger. And rightly so, these scars, I believe, they are the scars of a true man. Furthermore, when I look into the eyes of my own progeny, my legacy. I see an opportunity to instill the same values that my father has instilled in me. Yet, even more so, I see the opportunity, no, I feel the need to inflict the same pain that I have endured, to cry the same tears that I have cried, and to feel the hatred that I have felt. I see the opportunity to strengthen him, to instill character and dignity. I do these things in hopes that he too, will carry on my fathers tradition. And yet, throughout his training, there has never been a hint of acceptance, or understanding of my fathers teachings. There are only tears, only tears and frowns, as if he is rejecting my fathers teachings. Alas! I must continue, for what society will become if we were to give up on our children so quickly, I, like my father, must continue on in our quest of creating morally sound citizens. As I contemplate my writings, I profess, that I have become too sentimental, and I realize that I have strayed too far from the main purpose of my writings: to disprove the notion that my tradition, one that I support wholeheartedly, is cruel and to prove that it has its merits, so much so that , I personally believe, that it should be adopted by all of society in order to cleanse the unruly sentiment that is so prevalent among our children. I believe this is true for a number of reasons: I, for one, am a prime example of the outstanding results of this practice and as I practice on my own offspring, I can see my own offspring adopting favorable traits, and believe, with further experimentation, that these favorable results can be reproduced throughout society. Secondly, through the suppression of unfavorable or negative emotions in both the parent and the brood (this method may work with more progeny albeit to a lesser extent) the elimination of dissent

among the progeny is possible, if not guaranteed. Thirdly, the neglect and abuse which may be associated with these processes are extremely easy to reproduce among most spawn yet these methods also serve as a stress-reliever to the parental offspring. I, personally, can attest that all of these speculations are indeed true and factual, simply due to the fact that I have undergone all of them

I have come to the understanding that society, as it has always been and always will be, is afraid of change ,and for that matter anything new in general. From this, we can derive where the constant frowning stems from ,yet, we ,society as a whole, must look in the mirror and truly realize what we are. We must understand the frowns, not as a constant scorn, but as encouragement, to continue, to push the human race forward and to continue the creation of morally sound beings, for the greater good!