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The House of Silk

By Anthony Horowitz
(The New Sherlock Holmes Novel)
Sherlock Holmes returns in the first new adventure to be officially approved by the Conan Doyle estate. But can Horowitz deliver?
The story begins with a preface, giving a brief, personal recounting of events by an aged Watson. We are told of the first meeting between Watson and Holmes all those years ago and of how their lives have progressed until now. We learn that Holmes is dead and Watson will allow this particular case only to see the light of day after a period of 100 years because the scandal and corruption involved, if revealed, would rock the very fabric of Victorian society. Watson even sent the manuscript to be stored with his solicitor with strict instructions to this effect. At the start of the first chapter we swing back to the case in question, set in November 1890. It is revealed that Watson, due to certain unknown circumstances has temporarily returned to board with Holmes, the latter being quite pleased with the reunion. We are introduced to the client of The Flat Cap case, one Edmund Carstairs, an art dealer. A year after his return from America, he finds himself being stalked by a scar faced man in a flat cap, characteristic of an infamous Irish gang from Boston. His house is robbed and he comes to Holmes for help. The case becomes entwined with the art world and we hear mention of a mysterious House of Silk. What and where is this place so protected by powerful people that even Mycroft, (Holmes brother who works for an unspoken department of the government) warns Sherlock to leave well alone? Mycroft tells Watson and Holmes that if Sherlock continues and things go wrong even he, Mycroft, cannot help. Needless to say things go terribly wrong and Holmes and Watson are tested as never before! What is the House of Silk? Comments: The end ruined this book for me the rest was alright but I felt that he really should stick to writing his own stories instead of using someone elses ideas! (Camel) A novel that kept you reading although I felt its not quite true to the Sherlock spirit mainly due to the disturbing end. (Kitiwake) Slightly slow start but I really liked it because you couldnt predict what would happen next! You think you know whats happening and then they really load it on you at the end. (D) I think Holmes should have been left in the past but Horowitz did do a good job of the novel. Why did the House of Silk have to be what it was, it spoilt the story for me? (Darkoro) This book had a slow start, got better in the middle and disturbing at the end. (Jam) Could have been better especially since it uses Sherlocks name! (Horse Rider) Score - 7 out of 10.