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Enlightenment of Chand Kazi

Once Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu great preacher of the Holy Name of God came with His followers to visit the magistrate of Navadvipa city, Chand Kazi. When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu reached the Kazi's house, He sat down and sent some respectable persons to call for the Kazi. When Kazi came, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu gave him proper respect and a seat. In a friendly way Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, "My dear Sir, I come to your home just to ask you some questions." "Yes," the Kazi replied, "You are welcome.Just tell me what is in your mind?" Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said: You drink cow's milk, thereforethe cow is your mother. And the bull produces grains for your maintanance, therefore he is your father. Since the bull and the cow are your father and mother, how can you kill and eat them? What kind of religious principle is this? On what strength are you so daring that you commit such sinful activities?" The Kazi replied: "According to the Quran, there are two ways of advancement through increasing the propensity to enjoy and decreasing the propensity to enjoy. On the path of decreasing attachment , the killing of animals is prohibited. On the path of material activities , there is regulation for killing cows. If such killing is done under the scripture, there is no sin ." (In the Koran not any single verses allowed killing cows and bulls . But very clear instruction is given about what is intended for human in food. "And We (Allah ) said :O Adam ! Dwell thou and thy wife in the garden , and eat ye freely of the fruits thereof where ye will ..." (2.35) "And give glad tidings to (O Mohammad) unto those who believeand do good works , that theirs are gardens underneath which rivers flow ; as often as they are regaled with food of the fruit thereof ... "(2.25) "Allah is He who created the heavens and the earth , and causeth water to descend from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you ..." (14.32) From these three ayats of the Koran it is obvious that when Allah created Adam and Eve, He gave them in food , the fruits . And when pious will go to paradise they will have their food from the fruits . Then when Allah created earth He "produced fruits as food for " mankind . Also from the very life of the Prophet of Islam , we can see His daily food was bread , milk and palm - dates . Sometimes in His life he sacrificed ships or camels, but never cows or bulls. ) Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu replied ,"Cow killers are condemned to rot in hellish lifeas many thousands of years as there are hairs on the body of the cow. " Then Caitanya Mahaprabhu changed the subject and began to discuss philosophy : "Ruh " (soul) which described in the Quran remains in two stages. "Ruh - Mujarradi " and "Ruh Tarkari". Tarkari - ruh in bondage , possesses desires , mind whereas Mujarradi- Ruh is pure and distinct from ephemeral ." Mujarradi" also means eternal, but "Jisam " means temporary. Mujarradi transcend time and space whereas Jisam is within the limit of time and space . "Alam - misala " is the spiritual world wher Mujarradi - ruh may remain ever . ` (We can find in the Koran the following verse : "He only shall tend Allah's sanctuaries who believeth in Allah and the Last day an dobserveth proper worship and payeth the proper - due and feareth none save Allah ."[9.18] ) By culturing "Eshk " "(love )" Ruh becomes pure and transcends mundanity.

( It is narrated that a bedouin came to the Prophet and said , "when will the day of judgement come ?" In reply the Prophet said :" What preparations hast thou made for that day ?" Feeling ashamed , the bedouin said broken heartedly : " O Prophet , I hane not piled up prayers , fasts, charity and alms ; the little I have in my possession is the love of God and His Prophet only ". The Prophet said : "A man will be with the persons he loves . " (Bukhari and Muslim) [1] ) Allah where has provided seats for "Payagambar " ("Prophet") that is completely free from the influence of Jisam . But even there the Ruh remains as "Banda" ("Servitor") . Therefore Allah is the eternal master and Ruh remains as eternal servitor to Him. To acquire this spiritual knowledge bring salvation. In the Koran all these are stated but muslims are not competent to understand this significance. Then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said : "The fundamental lesson of the Koranis that soul is eternal and having the vision of Allah remains there fully absorbed in bliss . ( In the Koran there are statements : "That day will faces be resplsendent , looking towards their Lord ."(75.22 - 23) . This means that when righteous met theAllah they will be able to see Him . Once Prophet of Islam said : "Those beleivers who are in the highest honour with Allah will see the Divine Face morning and eveningand compared with which all other pleasures of Paradise will be lightly esteemed and forgotten ." [2] ) Further Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained :"Definitely the Koran refuted the ephemeral form of Allah but it has not refuted the pure Mujarradi form . In the Koran we can find so many so many verses which describe the bodily features of Allah. For example:"Lo! the worst of beasts in Allah's eyes are the ungrateful who will not believe;"(8.55) "The prayers of the messenger as acceptable offerings in the eyes of Allah."(9.99) "Say who provideth for you from the sky and the earth, or who owneth hearing and sight;(10.31) "Build the ship under our eyes and by our inspiration..." (11.37) In the 10th sura 31 ayat it is written that Allah "owneth hearing and sight." Sight means organs of observation. Thus Allah is the owner of the organ of observation and hearing. Further the Koran said:"Unto Allah belong the East and the West, and withersoever you turn there is Allah's face. (2.115)"Such as persevere in seeking their Lord's face..."(13.22)"Restrain thyself along with those who cry unto their Lord at morn and evening, seeking His face; (18.28) "Everything will perish save His (Allah) face. (29.88) "That is best for those who seek Allah's face."(30.38) "... But that which you give in charity, seeking Allah's face, hath increase manifold."(30.39) "There remaineth but the face of thy Lord of Might and Glory."(55.27) From all these quotations existence of Allah's face is apparent.

Also Hazrat Mohammed said in the Koran:" Lo! the bounty is in Allah's hands."(3.73) He (Allah) said : Iblis ! What hindereth you from falling prostrate before that which I have created with my hands."(38.75) "... and the heavens rolled in his right hand." (39.67) "The hand of Allah is above their hands." (48.10) "Blessed is He in whose hand is the sovereignty, ..."(6.71) "We (Allah) assuredly had taken Him by the right hand and then severed His life artery."(69.45 - 46) . So the Koran gave clear description of the hands of Allah. Oh course some people try to give secondary or metaphorical interpretation of the hands of Allah , but first of all we can see how Allah explains that He has right hands, this means that He has left hands also. Second point is that even if we use metaphorical expression, we use it abut objects which exist. For example "power is the hands of the King " , because the King has hands. For example the lion is also the king of the animal kingdom but we never say that" power is in the hands of the lion" because it sounds ridiculous. But we can't joke with Allah and if Allah himself gives so much stress for the existence of His hands, how can we dare to deny its existence. Further Allah said in the Koran :"...Allah's is the sublime similitude. (16.60) "He (Allah)it is who produceth creation , then reproduceth it , and it is easier for him , His is the sublime similitude in the Heavens and in the earth." (30.27) Similitude means image . And Allah said ,"His similitude , His image sublime in the heavens and in the earth." This means that among all images of all creation His image is Superior and Supreme. And then He said ,"That day will faces be resplendent , looking toward their Lord." (75.22 - 23) Meaning of this ayat is that when righteous people will come to Allah , they will be able to see their Lord and there faces will be resplendent . But what is this place where Allah resides and where will righteous attend Him? The Koran shows us this place," From Allah , Lord of the ascending stairways. (Whereby ) the angels and the spirit ascend unto Him in a day whereof the span is fifty thousand years. (70.3 - 4) Also the Koran gave description of the particular entourage of the Allah, "Lo! your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in 6 days , then He established Himself upon the Throne, directing all things." (10.3) "And He (Allah) it is who created the Heavens and the earth in 6 days and His Throne was upon the water."(11.7) "The Benificient One , who is established on the Throne,"(20.5) "Glorified be Allah , the Lord of the Throne ..."(21.22) "And then (O Mohammed ) seest the angels throughing around the Throne, hymning the praises of their Lord." (39.75) "He it is who created the heavens and the earth in 6 days , then He mounted the Throne." (57.4) "And the angels will be on the sides thereof and eight will uphold the Throne of their Lord that day, above them." (69.17) From this ayats we can understand that Allah has Throne , He sat on His Throne, angels surrounded Him and on the last day they will be carrying Him on His Throne.

More than this in the Koran it is mentioned that Allah travels around His creation ," And thy Lord shall come with angels , rank on rank,"(89.22) "See they not how He (Allah ) visit the land , reducing it of its outlying parts? (When ) Allah doometh there is none that can postpone His doom , and He is swift at reckoning ,"( 13.41) Once again Allah said ," See they not how we visit the land , reducing it of its outlying parts? Can they then be the victor?" (21.44) Thus nobody can deny the fact Allah has hands, eyes,and face because these bodily limbs of Allah are explicitly mentioned in the Koran. More than this the Koran mentions about the Sublime Image of Allah , His realm and His Throne, on which He sits. And if Allah has eyes, face and hand , how we can deny that He does not have a body? First of all how can His limbs exist separately and secondly if Allah is the source of everything and if all things belong to Him , how it is possible that He does not have a body? He has all things , that means He has a body also. Otherwise He will not be complete, something will be missing . Of course He does not have a body which consists of material elements and deteriorates. He has a spiritual body which consist of pure spirit. His body is not ordinary but Supreme, Eternal, Blissful, and Transcendental, beyond imagination and description. "The transcendental form of Allah was visualized by Payagambar , but he could not give the expression because he did not have the particular spiritual sentiment to express. The specific spiritual sentiments were not unfolded unto him , " Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu added. Muadh - bin - Jabal said : The Prophet on one occassion , hindered our saying the morning prayers till we were near seeing the sun, then he hastened out of his house , and the Tacbir was called aloud, then the Prophet said prayers in haste , and when he had repeated the Salam , he said , " Sit in your places , and I will inform you the cause of my being so late this morning . I got up early , and performed the Wadu, and said prayers , agreeably to the wishes of Allah , and I felt drowsy in my prayers , after which I awoke , and all of a sudden I beheld my Creator in a most lovely form , and he said " O ! Muhammad !" I said ," what do you command ? " He said , "What do the angels argue about ?" I said, " I do not know . " Then I saw my God put the palm of his hand between my two shoulders till I felt my breast cold; when everything in the world appeared clear before me , and I knew the whole . Again He asked about disputations of the angels . I replied ," They dispute about deeds which cover sin " (19) After hearing all statements by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu , and after due consideration , the Kazi spoke as follows , "My dear Sir , what you have said is all true. " Then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu thanked him and went back to His own home.