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0 Aries -13.20 Aries

13.20 Aries - 26.40 Aries

26.40Aries - 10.00 Taurus

10.00 Taurus - 23.20 Taurus

23.20 Taurus - 06.40 Gemini

06.40 Gemini - 20.00 Gemini

Name & Letter Stars Symbol Body part Devta Mode Caste Humor Guna Gana Dispostion Planet (LD) Animal Shakti Above Below Result Gotra

Born of a female horse Horse-woman (A;AA;I) Hamal / Sheratan Horse's head Upper feet Ashvini Kumars Active (spontaneous) Male Merchant (religious) Vata RRR (Fire) Deva Small & Agile Ketu (1) Horse Quicklyreaching/Goinginto Those to be healed Healing therapies world free from disease Rsi Marichi (Ray of light)

She-who-bears Bearing (EE) 35,39,41 Arietes Vagina / Boat Lower feet Yama Balanced (extreme) Female Outcaste (sensual) Pitta RRT (Earth) Manush Wrathful &Passionate Venus (4) Elephant Taking away / Removing
Removal of life from body Carrying soul to ancestors

The Cutters (AI) Pleiades Razor/Blade/Knife Head Kartikkeya / Agni Active (critical) Female Priest (materialist) Kapha RRS (Earth) Rakshash Common Sun (6) Goat/Sheep Burning Heat Light Burning/Purification Rsi Angiras (Fiery One)

Red woman (Ri, Lr) The Growing One Aldebaran (Hyades) Ox-carrier(trade,transport) Forehead Prajapati / Brahma Balanced (productive) Female Servant (ascetic) Pitta RTR (Earth) Manush Fixed & Upright Moon (2) Cobra Growing Plants Waters Creation Rsi Atri (Who Consumes)

Deer's Head Saumya (E) Bellatrix Deer Eyebrows Moon / Soma Passive (searching) Eunuch Farmer (ascetic) Pitta RTT (Earth) Deva Sweet & Friendly Mars (5) Serpent Fulfilling/Nourishing Extension Weaving Making world enjoyable Rsi Pulastya (Smoothair)

Green, Fresh (AEE) The Moist one Betelgeuse T-drop/Diamond/Humanhead Eyes Rudra Balanced (ardent, -ous) Female Butcher (sensual) Vata RTS (water) Manush Intense & Pitiless Rahu (11) Dog Making Big Efforts Hunting or Searching Reaching the Goal Brings about achievement Rsi Pulahu (connector of space)

moving to next world Rsi Vashishta(wealthiest)


Rsi Marichi (Light) Rsi Vasishtha (Wealthiest) Rsi Angiras (Fiery One) Rrishi Atri (Who Consumes) Rsi Pulastya (Smooth Hair) Rsi Pulahu (Connector of Space) Rsi Kratu (The Inspirer)

Ashvini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrgashirsha Ardra Punarvasu

Pushya Ashlesha Magha Purva Phalguni Uttar Phalguni Hasta Chitra

Svati Vishaka Anuradha Jyeshta Moola Purva Ashadha Uttar Ashadha Shrvana Dhanishtha Shatabheesaj Purva Bhadrapada Uttara Bhadrapada Revati

20.00 Gemini - 03.20 Cancer

Good/Wealthy again Visible infinity(AU) Castor & Pollux Quiver of arrows Nose Aditi Passive(harmony) Male Merchant (materialist) Vata RSR (water) Deva Moveable Jupiter (8) Cat Reciprocity Wind / Air Wetness / Rain Revitilization Rsi Kratu (the Inspirer)

03.20 Cancer - 16.40 Cancer

16.40 Cancer - 30.00 Cancer

0 Leo - 13.20 Leo

Name & Letter Stars Symbol Body part Devta Mode Caste Humor Guna Gana Dispostion Planet (LD) Animal Shakti Above Below Result Gotra

Nourisher / Nurturing Yielding / Flower (K) M-44 star cluster Milk-yielding udder of cow Face Brihaspati Passive (soothing) Male Warrior (Religious) Pitta RST Deva Small & Agile Saturn (10) Goat Creative Vital Lustration Sacrificial worship The Worshipper Creation of spiritual energy Rsi Marichi (light)

Coiling, Clinging Entwining (D) Hydra Coiled Snake Ears Nagas Mysterious (paranoid) Female Outcaste Kapha (Watery) RSS Demon Intense & Pitiless Mercury -moon- (9) Cat Dissolving with poison Approach of Serpent Anxiety & Trembling Destruction of Victim Rsi Vashishta(wealthiest)

Magnanimous Mighty Regulus Throne Lips & Chin Pitris Achievement Female Servant (Materialist) Kapha TRR Demon Wrathful &Passionate Ketu (new moon) Rat Dismissing with Liberty Mourning Leaving the body Death Rsi Angiras (Fiery One) Identity Maha-Nakshatra


13.20 Leo - 26.40 Leo

26.40 Leo 10.00 Virgo

10.00 Virgo - 23.20 Virgo

23.20 Virgo 06.40 Libra

Lower Reddish One Fig Tree Sapling (Ch) Zosma, Shertan Front legs of Diwan Right Hand Bhaga Balancing (comfort) Female Priest (Sensual) Pitta TRT (water) Human Wrathful &Passionate Venus (13) Rat Prajanana - Procreation Wife - Female Husband - Male Creation of foetus Rsi Atri (Who Consumes)

Upper Reddish One (CHH) Fruit bearing fig tree (J) Denebola + 93Leonis Hind legs of a diwan Left Hand Aryaman Contract making/sealing Female Warrior Vata TRS Human Fixed & Upright Sun (12) Cow Collecting & Allocating Wealth from spouse's family Wealth from own family Weath accumulation Rsi Pulastya (Smoothair)

The Hand (Jh, Ny) Laughter Elephant Corvi The Crow Potter's Wheel Fingers Savitar The Vivifier Passive Male Merchant (Ascetic) Vata TTR (fire) Deva Small & Agile Moon (12) Buffalo Gaining Attainment of object Process of attainment Put object of desire in hand Rsi Pulahu (connector of space)

Glittering Shimmering Pictures (T, Th) Spica Big Jewel / Pearl Neck Vishvakarma Making beautiful forms Female Farmer Pitta TTT (Fire) Demon Sweet & Friendly Mars (9) Tiger Collecting Merit Law Truth Honour Rsi Kratu (the Inspirer) Perfection of form Hairless

06.40 Lib - 20.00 Lib

20.00 Libra - 03.20 Scorpio

03.20 - 16.40 Scorpio


Name & Letter Stars Symbol Body part Devta Mode Caste Humor Guna Gana Dispostion Planet (LD) Animal Shakti Above Below Result Gotra

Delicate, Tender (Ksh) Independent, Sword Arcturus Sapling in wind/Coral Chest Vayu Balance(procrastination) Female Butcher (materialist) Kapha TTS Deva Moveable Rahu (7) Buffalo Scattering to the Winds Dispersal (centrifugal) In-Form (centripetal) Gyration about point Rsi Marichi (light) Balancing pivot of zodiac Abode of Saraswati

Forked, Ramification (Radha) (Dh, N) North Scale/South Scale Decorated Gateway Breast Indra & Agni Goal-Orientated(Fixated) Female Tramp (Religious) Kapha TSR Demonic Common Jupiter (6) Tiger Entering - Pervading Plowing/Cultivation Harvest Fruit of Harvest Rsi Vashishta Impending changes Radical Psychological Reorientation

Following success (T. Th, D) Akrab,Isidis,Pi-sco. Staff , Lotus (gateway) Stomach Mitra Communal exploration Male Servant (Religious) Pitta TST Deva Sweet & Friendly Saturn (12) Deer Worshipping Ascension Descension Honor & Abundance Rsi Angiras (Fiery One) Putting in right place Rsi Atri (Who Consumes) Intense & Pitiless Mercury TSS Right Side


00.00 Sag - 13.20 Sag

13.20 Sag - 26.40 Sag


Innermost core Root, Centre (N, P) Shaula

Tied bunch of roots/crouching lion

(B) Former Invincible One Kaus Australis,Media Winnowing basket, Tusk Back Apah, Mermaid Balanced Female Priest (Ascetic) Pitta SRT Manush Wrathful &Passionate Venus Monkey Invigorating Strength Connection Gain of Lustre Rsi Pulahu (connector of space) Rsi Kratu (the Inspirer) Fixed & Upright Sun Mongoose SRS Waist

Left Side Nirriti, Alaxmi Active Eunuch Butcher (Sensual) Vata SRR Demonic Intense & Pitiless Ketu Dog To Ruin/Destroy Breaking things apart Crushing things Power to destroy Rsi Pulastya (Smoothair)

feet of Naxatra Purush

10.00 Cap - 23.20 Cap

23.20 Cap. - 06.40 Aqr.

06.40 Aqr. - 20.00 Aqr.

Name & (Letter) Stars Symbol Body part Devta Mode Caste Humor Guna Gana Dispostion Planet(LD) Animal Shakti Above Below Result Gotra

Hearing (M) The One Who limps Aquilae 3 footsteps/Trident/Ear Genitals Vishnu Passive (organisational) Male Tramp (materialist)

Wealthiest Most famous (Y; R) Delphini Damaru Anus Eight Vasu's Active (rhythm) Female Farmer (religious) Pitta

Hundred Physicians (L) Possesing a hundred Stars Gamma aquarii (sadachbia) Empty circle Right Thigh Varuna Cruel, Electric, Secret Eunuch Butcher (religious) Vata STS (ether) Demon Moveable Rahu (14) Mare Healing Pervasion over all Support of all World free of calamity Rsi Atri (Who Consumes) laughter of Naxatra-Purush Sathabhisha is white with the face of a horse. Her garments are blood-red. In her two hands she holds a noose and a vessel She rides a dolphin like animal

STR (air) Deva Moveable Moon (3) Monkey Invincibility Goals / Seeking Achieve goals / The paths Connection of all things Rsi Vashishta ears of naxatra-purush

STT (ether) Demon Moveable Mars (8) Lion Giving fame & abundance Birth Prosperity Bringing people together Rsi Angiras (Fiery One) Back of Naxatra-Purush

Purva Bhadrapada
20.00 Aqr. - 03.20 Pisces

Uttar Bhadrapada
03.20Pisces - 16.40 Psces

16.40 Pisces - 30 Pisces

The One who has, the prior, auspicious feet (V; SH) Pegasus (Markab,Scheat) Front part of funeral cot, Sword Left Thigh Aja Ekapad / Rudra Diabolical --- Transformation Male Priest (materialist) Vata SSR (ether) Human Wrathful &Passionate Jupiter (14) Lion Raise evolutionary level What is good for all people What is good for the Gods Support all people Rsi Pulastya (Smoothair) Ribs of Naxatra-Purush Man with 2 faces

The One who has the latter, auspicious feet (S; H) Algenib, Alpheratz Back part of funeral cot Shins Ahir Budhnya Wisdom, wise old man, cunning Male Warrior (materialist) Pitta SST (ether) Human Fixed & Upright Saturn (9) Cow Bring rain Raining clouds Growing plants Stability of the 3 worlds Rsi Pulahu (connector of space)

Wealthy (A; AA; KSH) The Abundant Zeta Piscium Fish in water, Naggara drum Ankles Pushan Refined Female Servant (ascetic) Kapha SSS (ether) Deva Sweet & Friendly Mercury (15) Elephant Nourish through milk Cows Calves Nourishment of the world Rsi Kratu (the Inspirer) Revati has the face of a camel fair skin and a loud voice She holds a lotus and a pot and rides an elephant

Uttarbhadra has the face of a don key. She holds a damaru and a vessel. She rides a bull