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The year 1993 saw our inception as a knitted garments manufacturer and exporter.

We set up base in Tirupur, the hosiery capital of South India. Located near Coimbatore, Tirupur enjoys easy accessibility to all major towns and cities. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we produce some of the finest quality garments for a discerning international clientele. Our specialization lies in producing knitwear for all segments. From the latest ERP-enabled systems to the most advanced machinery, we are equipped to manufacture and export nearly 400,000 pieces on a monthly basis. Besides Vasanth Fashions, our group companies include Exult Clothing Company & Vyshak garments. Backed by a visionary, dynamic and professional Management at the helm, we are motivated to excel in each of our endeavours. Vision

To set a precedent in the global manufacturing industry through continuous innovation, exceptional products, focused services and enhanced customer satisfaction. Keep a sharp eye on quality and put in all efforts to raise the bar constantly. Comply flawlessly with all statutory regulations required by our customers in any country. Augment and maintain a logistics infrastructure that adheres to the highest levels of efficiency that seamlessly blends with our customers own supply chain. Our motto is providing the customers with highest standards of quality at possible reduced prices and delivering the shipments on time, every time

Infrastructure Sampling We have an exclusive Sampling department to develop product samples as per the specific requirements of our customers. Production is then commenced on the basis of the client-approved samples. Merchandising Our competent merchandisers meticulously follow up on each step of the production process. They liaise with the customers, making sure that their requirements are satisfactorily being met by us. Production We have some of the finest machinery sourced from around the world for the streamlined production of our garments. The finest cutting and sewing machines are available to cut and stitch the garments to precision. We also have a needle detection facility to make sure that the products are metal-free. Embroidery The highly advanced Tajima machine with 20 heads makes it easy for us to craft the finest embroidery designs. Printing Our proficiency lies in making a wide range of printing patterns possible. Towards this, we have table & machine printing facility that enable a diverse variety of prints. Value Additions We have the expertise to execute a variety of embroidery finishes. These include embellishments with different washes, sequins/beadworks, crochet works, etc. Logistics

We have an efficient logistics department to oversee the dispatch of products on time, every time. It also ensures that the specific needs, if any, of customers, are met to their satisfaction. Quality At Vasanth Fashions, quality has always been a way of life for us. Seamlessly ingrained into our operations, it is the one common factor that binds all the processes. Right from procuring the yarn to producing the garment, rigorous quality control is ensured in each stage. A team of trained quality control personnel and the latest testing equipments make sure that the products that leave our premises are of the highest quality and conform to world-class standards. Certifications As a responsible apparel producer, we have been conferred with the WRAP A Level (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) Certificate. Endorsing that our products are free from harmful substances is our OEKO TEX-100 Certificate & Sedex. Besides, we are also a BSCI audited factory recognized for our social compliance initiatives. Our certificates not just induce confidence in the minds of our buyers but are also a testimonial to our responsible production practices. Human Resources At Vasanth Fashions, our people are not just our backbone; they lead us forward to achieve new goals. Recognizing their indispensable contribution to our success, we make sure that they have a rewarding and satisfying employment with us. In whatever little way we can, we ensure that they have a comfortable presence in our premises. From a baby crche where they can safely entrust their babies to a spacious food court with clean drinking water and neat dining facilities, from immediate medical care to awareness campaigns by NGOs, every measure is taken for their personal comfort. On the professional front too, we organize training sessions to keep them updated in their respective fields. Besides our own workforce, we also work

with social organizations to champion the cause of women's empowerment and eradication of child labour