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YEAR 9 ICT Programming with Kodu Game Planning Sheet

For your unit assessment, you will be designing, planning and packaging a game. Using this sheet, design your game by completing the boxes.

What will your game be about?

Describe your game and how it will work. What is the objective of the game

Draw an outline of your land here

Forest UnevenLand HillyLand RacingLand Land of Shadows Land of Fire

There are five rings hidden in the island. The objective of the game is to collect 3 rings and then get to the volcano in the middle of the island. The island has lots of different and challenging environments; rings are hidden in all the sections of the island. Each ring is guarded by a type of creature that shoots at you and you must attack back. You collect coins to gain lives, eating can also make you gain lives. How many players and how will they win There will be a maximum of two players in a competition to collect three rings and then get to the volcano in the middle of the island. Each player must start playing at a different point of the map. Players can eliminate each other, but they will not die if they have gained more lives. To find the rings you must explore every point of the island.

What objects/bots will you have?

Circle all objects you want to use and number them. Choose up to six different items. Then complete the table over the page for each one you have numbered

Who is the audience and What type of game is it

My audiences are people from ten to sixteen years. It is a game about racing and adventure. The game also includes a lot of mystery and action features.

1 How many of each?

Cycle (1)


Brown Trees(15)




What will they be used for?

The main character, I control it.

The cycle collects them to win points

They can cause instant death and loss of the game.

What will they do?

It will find the rings (puck) around They wont do the island and when it collects three anything apart from of them it wins. making the cycle win points.

They kill the player immediately.

The main character will collect them and 3 of them will make the main character win. There are more pucks in case there are two players. The only thing it does is move a little bit to make it difficult for the cycle to catch it.

One of the pucks guardians.

Another of the pucks guardians.

Tries to kill Cycle so that it doesnt get to the puck. It goes around a path

They shoot at the cycle when it get too close and try to kill it before reaching the puck.

What code is needed for them? (WHEN: DO)

This is the code needed (when and do) for the Sub.