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Dear Sir,

The boiler J-8 Foundation which was cast by GDC really have some problems, viz, the
cast wasn’t continual and the amount per hour wasn’t enough, but the concrete is not poor
in quality and there is no problem in CCS . And there is no obvious cold joints. So we
don’t need the epoxy grout. From now on, when we cast mass concrete, we will control
this matter firmly, and improve the construction management of GDC. In order to assure
quality control we have taken some measures, for example to reinforce management of
equipments & machines so as to ensure normal working of the above equipments.

Best wishes

Zhang Zenghai

Lab manager

For Shandong TIEJUN Electric Power Engineering Co. LTD

This is in continuation to my message dated 15.07.2008 , today dated 16.07.2008
(with figures available for 18.30 hours)the pouring though has improved but the
formation of cold joints in the pour cannot be negated therefore it is suggested to
carry out epoxy grout in the foudation after 28 days of the completion .
The concrete is of quantity 1615 cubic meters and the work of only 775 cubic meters
is completed that is the rate of concrete pour is @26.72 cubic meters per hour.
Yesterday dated 15.07.2008 the rate of concrete pour was only @15 cubic meters
per hour and the work during night hours was not satisfactory .Therefore the need
for epoxy grout is strongly suggested.
You are requested to look into the matter

With regards,
Deputy General Manager,
Field Quality Assurance,
5 x 660 MW TPP,
Adani Power Limited,
Ma'am / Sir,
Good Day,
It is to bring to your kind notice that Working Agency M/s GDC seems not serious
about Quality Assurance.
There is no proper arrangement of temperature measurement at production site and
pour site.
The rate of pour is very poor ,Today dated 15.07.2008 (with figures available for
16.30 hours) the concrete pouring (of raft of boiler @J8) is being done at rate of
only 15 cubic meters per hour which is very serious and there is every possibility that
cold joints formation may take place.The total concreting is @1615 cubic meters .
Such slow speed of concreting is highly undesirable.
Care shall be exercised that for pouring of TG raft Unit No.5 all the pre-emtive
measures are ascertained with M/s GDC that the pouring rate shall minimum be 60
cubic meters per hour, well in advance before permission of pour .
The equipments available with M/s GDC need be maintained timely so that at the
time of pour , breakdowns can be avoided.
I am also enclosing MoM of 4 th meeting held on 09.07.2008 at Mundra TPP
regarding Quality Assurance wherein it is highlighted that SD and CoV values
obtained from CCS of cubes reveal that quality control is poor . This needs your
immediate attention.
With regards,
Deputy General Manager,
Field Quality Assurance,
5 x 660 MW TPP,
Adani Power Limited,


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