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Harry Potter, known by the Wizarding world as the 'Boy Who Lived, Savior of Wizard
kind; was just a scared, skinny, undersized 11 year old. He was dumped off at Platform 9
¾ ,by his so-called family, the Dursleys.
Today he was starting a grand new adventure. He was to attend a Wizarding School
named 'Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry'
It had all started on the morning of his eleventh Birthday. His Birthday, as usual, totally
ignored by the Dursleys. They had never acknowledged him as a person, just a freak. His
parents had been magical. His mother's sister, Aunt Petunia, was not., and she and her
family hated anything that pertained to the word magic.
He had been with them since he was 15 months old. An evil Wizard killed his Parents on
Halloween night. His Aunt told him they died in a car accident. Harry had a lightening
shaped scar on his forehead, and he believed he got the scar in the accident also. He was
Dudley's personal punching bag, when he couldn't get away fast enough.
Harry had slept, and spent most of his time in a cupboard under the hall stairs. He moved
into a tiny junk room, after he received his letter to Hogwarts by Rubeus Hagrid.
From the age of three, they trained him to do chores. He was punished when Dudley
This was where matter stood on the day of his 11th. Birthday. He was just sitting down to
his usual slice of toast and water, when the mail arrived. He was told to fetch the mail and
saw an envelope with his name on it. His Uncle took it from him and burned it.
It took several owl deliveries, and hundreds of letters destroyed before Vernon got
desperate enough to flee to a Hut, on a Rock. This hut was in the middle of no-where. He
really thought the wizarding world would give up and go away.
The first night there, the door burst open and a Giant entered the hut. He introduced
himself as Rubeus Hagrid, Grounds-keeper of Hogwarts. He gave Harry his letter and
told him about his parents, and that he, Harry, was a wizard. He even brought a Birthday
cake to Harry. It was his first one ever. Dudley managed to get his face in it, and Hagrid
tried to turn him into a pig. The hex failed, and he got a pigs tail instead.
Hagrid told Harry to follow him, and they returned to the mainland.
After a shopping trip to get his school supplies, he returned to the Dursleys for the
remainder of the summer. His Aunt put him in Dudley's junk room, as she was afraid the
huge wizard would come back and hex them all.
The Dursleys had orders to take him to Kings Cross Station, on Sept. 1st, in time for his
train. That's just what they did. He was left alone, and without even a good-bye, they
were gone.
Alone and slightly frightened, he saw a family of redheads coming towards him. He
heard the mother mention the platform he needed, and he asked her to show him the way.
She told him to walk right through the brick wall in front of him. He saw one of the boys
go through, and followed. He expected a huge bump on his forehead when he collided,
but he went through the barrier with no problems.
He hurried onto the train and looked for a compartment to sit in. He found one and settled
in. What a first day, he thought. Dumped off, not knowing where to go or what to do. He
meets a large group of redheaded people. He's told to just walk through a solid brick wall.
What else will happen, he wondered.
Soon one of the redheads joined him. His name was Ron Weasley. They shook hands, and
introduced themselves to one another.
A bushy haired girl came into the car and asked if they had seen a toad. They hadn't, so
she took off again hunting for the toad.
She returned and asked if there was room for another in their car. Harry hoped that they
could become friends. By the time they arrived at Hogwarts, Harry noticed that Ron was
outspoken and stubborn, and a bit bigoted. Hermione was just plain bossy and a know it
all. He hoped that they would become good friends, but things don't always go the way
we hope they will. Harry would find this out for himself in time to come.
After arriving, being sorted, and welcomed, and fed royally, Harry was exhausted. He
listened to the announcements; and none other than Percy Weasley, Ron's brother, led
them to their new home. He was a Prefect. Harry fell into his bed. Classes started
tomorrow, was his last lucid thought, before his eyes closed for the night.
Harry's year soon settled into a pattern of his liking.
He was the first, first year student chosen to play Quiddich in a hundred years. He loved
his classes, except Snape,s of course. He liked Potion Making, just not the teacher. He
was insulting to Harry about his parents, and picked on him from day one.
Breakfast became Harry's favorite meal of the day. He spent it alone, by choice,
throughout his first year at Hogwarts. He had always rose early to fix breakfast for his
relatives, so he continued getting up early. This gave him time to mull over the events of
the day before, and to try to plan the new day.
Planning hadn't gone too well. He hadn't figured in the events leading up to and including
the Troll attack on Hermione. This happened on Halloween night, and Harry and Ron had
gone off and rescued her. They later learned she had gone in there crying after she heard
Ron saying nasty things about her. The three had become good friends following that
adventure. They became known as the Golden Trio.
The problems with their friendship started early. Ron's stubbornness and his low opinion
of all that was not Gryffindor, was bothering Harry. Hermione flaunted her knowledge,
and many times, she made Harry feel stupid. She also ordered them around most of the
time. She was very condescending toward them.
Harry had lived with her sort for years, and he didn't know how long he would be able to
stay calm. Not having been schooled in the world of magic, he knew he wasn't as
knowledgeable as the others. After all, even though Hermione was a Muggle, she was a
bookworm, and had her nose in her books all the time.
Dissension was setting in. Harry could feel it, and he had no idea how to change things.
The final month of term found the three of them fighting their way through many
charmed safeguards protecting the Philosophers Stone. This stone gave eternal life to
whomever owned it, and Voldamort wanted it. Prof.Quirrell, first year DADA Professor,
had turned out to be a follower of Voldamort, and wanted the stone for his master. Harry
took it away from him, and ended up in the Infirmary. This would not be his first or last
time in there either. He would end up there many times over his seven years at Hogwarts.
Harry's first summer holiday from Hogwarts was better, but only because he had a
bedroom now. Yes, it was Dudley's broken toy and junk room, but at least it wasn't under
a staircase. However, he was still their chore boy.
Ron invited Harry to spend part of his summer with the Weasleys. He loved the Burrow.
It was so warm and inviting. He received the first hug he could ever remember getting,
from Ron's Mom. It felt strange, but he felt he could get used to the warmth he felt from
her hug.
Harry met Ron's shy sister a few times. Once she stuck her elbow in the butter dish, and
ran squeaking to her bedroom. The other times she just squeaked when she saw him, and
took off.
Ron was surprised at her behavior.
"We usually can't get her to shut up. She's a regular chatterbox most of the time", he said.
Summer passed quickly and soon it was Sept. 1st. again.
Harry's second year began quietly enough with classes and his usual early time alone at
breakfast. After a couple of mornings of seeing Ginny in the common room when he
came down, he asked her if she wanted to join him for breakfast.
He liked this shy girl, and wanted to know her better. He thought she would be a nice
addition to their group, and become a best friend too.
Harry was shocked to find that Ron did not want his 'baby' sister to join their group. Ron
felt she should stay with her 'little friends'. He didn't take into account that she was not
much younger than they were.
Much to Harry's later dismay, he found himself doing things Ron's way. Ron and
Hermione had been Harry's first friends, and he didn't want to lose their friendship. He
allowed himself to go along with the stubborn big brother attitude, which was Ron.
The year was a strange one with strange happenings. Harry was still doing well in
classes, and wished they had a better DADA professor than Lockhart. All the girls were
gaga over him, but Harry believed he was a fraud.
This was the year that the Chamber of Secrets was re-opened. Ginny had found a diary
among her books. In her loneliness, she wrote in the book that belonged to Tom Riddle.
He was the 16-year-old spirit of Voldamort. He lied and manipulated her until she
performed many evil acts. She ended up in the Chamber, and nearly died.
Harry was bitten by a snake, and was saved by Fawkes, the Phoenix. The tears healed the
bite, but there would be trace amounts of the venom in his blood for many years to come.
Harry ended up being the one to rescue Ginny.
After her experience in the chamber, when he heard the details of her possession, and
how she turned to an evil diary out of loneliness, he became angry.
He felt ashamed that he had allowed Ron to control who he would be friends with. He
vowed that things would change, and he would be his own person from now on.
Harry's third year was here. He had spent just one week at the Burrow. Just because of the
events of his second year, Professor Dumbledore told him that he was safer at the
Dursleys. This made him very angry.
The best thing about third year was Hogwarts had two DADA Professors. Remus Lupin
and an Auror, named 'Tonks'. Harry thought, "Odd name, but with pink hair, what can
you expect?" Tonks would take Prof. Lupin,s place if he became ill. He was not well, as
he had been hurt many times during his Auror assignments. This was what they had been
Harry would become very close with both Professors during their time at Hogwarts.
Ginny's second year began with her spending many early mornings in the common room.
She was having chamber nightmares. When they woke her up, she was afraid to go back
to sleep. She would sit in front of the fire and try to forget the events that led to the
Harry soon noticed that Ginny was in the Common room many mornings when he came
down. He decided to ask her what was bothering her and invited her to come to breakfast
with him. She told him that she had nightmares, and shyly agreed to join him. A friendly
pattern evolved. Harry would meet Ginny and they would go down to breakfast together.
Harry was also having bad dreams about the Chamber, and didn't want to go back to sleep
after being awakened by them. He preferred spending this quiet time at breakfast with
Ginny. They were always the first ones in the Great Hall.
They later laughed at how on the first morning, they had just sat silently. They had looked
up now and then at one another, and grinned shyly. They didn't speak much that first day,
but they made up for it as they became better acquainted.
Their second morning had been the start of their friendship. In time, she became the only
one he could confide in about his childhood. He became the one she could discuss the
horrible Chamber episode with.
For now they would begin with stories of their childhood.
Ginny told Harry, that her brothers overprotected her. "Six of them, Harry", she said
shivering at the thought. "I guess it wasn't so bad when I was younger, but I'd like them to
stop treating me as if I was still a baby. I'm twelve years old now, not six. Now I'd just
like to be their 'sister'.
Harry nodded and swallowed his piece of toast. Ginny, I would really like to be your
friend. Not because you're Ron's sister, but because you are great to talk to. We'll have to
keep this our secret, because Ron would hassle us if he knew. We can have breakfast
every morning, and get to know each other better.
Just then, Ron and Hermione entered the Hall. Ron asked Harry why he got up so early.
He glared at his sister, as if accusing her of doing something wrong. Ginny glared back at
him, and left the table, to get her books for morning classes,
Ron then turned and faced Harry. "Well?" he asked. Harry looked at him and grinned.
"Get up on the wrong side of the bed, mate?" He then proceeded to rise and leave for the
tower to get his books for classes, leaving Ron with his mouth hanging open.
A few mornings later Ginny said, "Harry, I had the worse dreams last night." Harry was
surprised that she was finally talking about her nightmares.
"The first morning you saw me in the Common room, I'd had a horrible dream. I was glad
when you didn't ask me what it was about. They are so hard to talk about".
"You know Harry, I feel so guilty about letting Tom get into my mind, forcing me to do
such horrible things. I could have caused the death of so many students and teachers.
I wanted my first year to be perfect. I wanted to make friends, and just be a part of Ron
and his friend's lives. She hung her head in shame. "I wanted so much, but got so little
and look at what I caused to happen".
Harry's eyes were wet as he looked at her. "Gin, we were only kids. You were only
eleven. Tom Riddle was a powerful spirit. You had no one to turn to. Ron and the rest of
us ignored you. We are as much to blame as you were. I will never let anything like this
happen ever again."
Harry told her it was only natural to be impressed with Riddle, as he was a master of
lying. "He told you what you yearned to hear. I don't blame you in the least, Ginny. From
now on, you come to me and I will find the time for you. O.K.?"
Ron and Hermione came into the Hall. Harry and Ginny got up and went their separate
ways. Ginny went for her books, and Harry walked down to the lake to mull over their
conversation. Ron was left once again with his goldfish look.
During the next few days, both Ron and Hermione approached Harry several times to ask
why he was getting up so early to go to breakfast. He told them he always had to get up
early to make breakfast for the Dursleys, and it was a great habit to get into for Quiddich
practice. Ron was not too happy with this reply, but Harry turned away before they
pursued the matter further. He was becoming very angry with them, because they still
refused Ginny admittance into their circle.
DADA was going very well. Prof. Lupin and Tonks were the best teachers they'd had to
Dementors attacked some students, during a Hogsmead visit so Harry asked Prof. Lupin
to teach him a spell to get rid of them. He tried him with the Patronus Spell. At thirteen,
Harry was the youngest student to master the spell. He had mastered the Corporeal
Patronus. That was unheard of for a student of his age. All other subjects were going
great. He was excelling in all his classes. To say that Hermione was nervous would be the
understatement of the year.
One Sunday morning, Harry decided to tell Ginny about his childhood. He knew she
would be shocked, but he needed to talk to someone, and Ginny was the only one he
could trust. He told her as much as he was comfortable sharing with her. There were
some things that he would tell her another time, but not just yet. He had asked her if she
minded him telling her these things, and she told him that she would be glad to listen. "It
helps to share hurt and pain, Harry."
Several months of meeting for breakfast, had allowed them to talk themselves out of
stories and confidences. They knew each others favorite colors, foods, sports,Quiddich,
of course, music, and on and on. They knew each other's hopes, dreams and feelings.
They felt connected in a wonderful way. Harry wondered what he had done to deserve
her friendship. He now considered her his very best friend. Ginny felt the very same way.
They knew that they would never betray these secrets to anyone.
He had taken a long time, to tell her about his sleeping arrangements for the first several
years at the Dursleys. She was in shock. How could someone treat a child in that way?
Her family was poor in money only, but rich in love.
Harry told her all the details regarding his first letters that he never got, thanks to Vernon.
He told her about Hagrid finally finding him and delivering his letter. He told her
laughingly about the Pigtail on Dudley. They laughed and laughed. At the mental sight of
Dudley's tail.
The cupboard was a sad story, but the Pigtail story kept them in stitches for a while.
On the mornings when he had Quiddich practice, Ginny would hide herself in the stands
to watch him fly. Wow, could he fly! Better than a bird, she thought. She didn't have to
worry about Ron, as he loved his bed. He slept as long as he could, and besides he wasn't
on the team anyway.
The twins were on the team though. Their names were Fred and George. They stuck up
for her, and didn't tease her about Harry. They liked him immensely. Besides her Bat
Bogey hex was infamous. Bill had taught it to her to help her beat off the boys.
The saddest event was the retirement of Prof. Lupin. Snape had purposely hinted about
Lupin,s Lycanthropy, and he resigned, before parents decided to take their children out of
the school. Harry missed him so much, as he had learned a great deal. Tonks stayed to
complete the years DADA lessons.
Ginny's second, and Harry's third year ended with end of year tests, and the leaving feast.
Ginny promised to owl Harry as often as she could. He told her he would owl her often
and she could use Hedwig to send answers to him.
The following day, found Ginny and Harry saying, bye, at Kings Cross. Harry would
need to stay at the Dursleys long enough to build up the wards. He hoped it would not
take too long, and he'd be able to go to the Burrow. His relatives were waiting
impatiently, so he thought he'd better get on his way. He said goodbye to all the Weasleys,
and left for a dismal stay with his 'family'.
Harry had spent one miserable week at the Dursleys. He was thoroughly disgusted with
their treatment of him. Thinking of Ginny, he realized that he needed to make some
changes in his life. He wanted a normal life, and a future including Ginny. He knew he
had years to wait, but she was worth the wait.
Harry was nearly 14, and he would stop being the slave/whipping boy of the Dursleys. It
was time to put into action, the plans he had made over his week of sleepless nights.
Harry began by sending a letter to Ginny. He would ask her if she knew what her feelings
toward him were.
The next few days went very slowly for Harry. He wavered between worrying over what
Ginny's answer would be, to completing his summer homework. Since he was at the top
of all his classes, he completed his work quickly and easily.
He thought about Hermione's reaction to his class standing. She was frustrated. She
wanted to score more owls than he would, when they would sit for them in fifth year. She
was thinking ahead, and Harry was sure she would take more subjects than him, just to
beat his score. He thought this was hilarious. She was so insecure.
Harry's smarts came down from his ancestors. His Mom was tops in charms, and his Dad
was tops in transfiguration, charms and DADA. The Potters were high achievers. His
Mom was also. He had spent many a night outside under the stars, studying them with
Dudley's old telescope. It worked well enough to compare the stars with the star charts in
his astronomy book.
In short, Harry was a natural Wizard, with the potential to become very powerful.
One of his chores this week was to sort through books and other junk. These things
would go to the Church jumble sale. Sorting the books, he found a last year telephone
book. Just what I needed he thought. He hid it in his room to look at later.
That night he wrote the numbers he needed on a piece of parchment and hid it in his
books. He would make some phone calls tomorrow, and get some much-needed help. He
fell asleep, happily thinking about a better tomorrow.
In the meantime, Ginny was lying on her bed thinking of, who else? Harry of course. She
was remembering all the great talks they had together. She felt so much better about her
experience in the Chamber, because she had someone who understood.
She heard a tapping on her window and looked up to see Hedwig. She hurried to let her
in and patted her on her head in affection. She had a letter and a small parcel. Ginny
removed both, and opened the parcel first. Harry had sent some treats for Hedwig. She
could keep them in her room so Ron wouldn't get suspicious if he saw her taking some
from their supply.
She gave Hedwig her treat, and sat down to read her letter from Harry.
Dear Ginny:
How is your summer so far? Mine is as horrible as usual. Gin, I need to ask you a very
important question. I hope it will not affect our friendship.
Could you, in time, consider me as more than a friend? I know I could feel that way
about you. You are my best friend now, and I hope it can become more in years to come.
Even if you don't feel the same way, we will still be best friends.
The answer to this is very important to me. I have told Hedwig to go to your bedroom
window. Did she find your window and wait for you there?
Please send your answer back with her.
Love, Harry.
Harry was napping when he heard Hedwig tapping on his window. He had just finished
weeding the garden and mowing the lawn. He was so tired that he had curled up on his
bed and fell asleep.
He quickly ran to the window to let Hedwig in. He took the letter from her leg. After a
treat and an affectionate scratch or two, she decided that a nap would be a welcome
respite. After nipping Harry's ear affectionately, she curled up in her cage and went to
Harry became a bundle of nerves as he held the letter from Ginny in his hands. He
opened and scanned over the words. From deep down inside of him, a smile made it's
way up onto his face. He flopped onto his bed to read over and over the short letter she
had sent to him. He read the last 3 words several times. Yes!
Dear Harry:
I was so happy to get this letter from you. I would never give up this friendship for any
reason at all. We are very best friends.
I know we are still young, but I know, in my heart, what my feelings for you are. I care for
you a lot. I could never care about any other boy as much as I care about you. We will
always be best friends, and in time maybe a little more? I hope this is what you wanted to
hear from me. Yes, Hedwig made sure it was 'my' window. She came to. Hope to hear
from you soon, Love from your Ginny.
Harry quietly whooped , so his relatives wouldn't hear him. He decided to answer her
letter as soon as possible. He had a few things to tell her, but he had a couple letters to
write first.
His first letter went to Prof. Dumbledore, telling him all the conditions he was
experiencing. He left nothing out and it was a long letter. Suffice to say that his
headmaster would clearly know how Harry felt about his life with the Dursleys.
Harry next called the Children's Protective Service Office, which was located in his area.
He asked that a Social worker come to his home, as he needed to talk to someone about
being abused. He said he needed to find out when his relatives would be away; as they
would beat him if they found out that he called someone for help. He was assured that
someone would come as soon as he called again.
At dinner that night, his aunt informed him that they would be away from mid-day until
late evening on the following Friday, 2 days away. He cheered silently. Perfect, he
thought. His aunt also told him that Mrs. Figg would come stay with him to make sure he
didn't mess up the place.
On Thursday morning, he waited for his aunt to go out into the garden and watching
carefully, he called the CPS Office, telling the time, and the address to come to, and
please not to let the Dursleys see them.
Harry went over to Mrs. Figg, and told her his plans. She agreed to leave him as soon as
the Dursleys left, and she would tell the Social workers what she knew, if they asked.
Harry hugged her in thanks, and returned home. He had a couple of letters to write.
Harry sent a letter off to Ginny outlining his plans, signing it 'your Harry'. He wrote one
to Remus Lupin, asking him to come to Privet Drive on Friday, at 12:30, P.M. Hedwig
flew happily off knowing she was going to two of her favorite people to take them letters.
Harry completed his chores for the day, knowing that it would not be long before he
would be away from this abuse forever. He fell asleep, thinking of Ginny's letter to him.
He slept with a small, satisfied smile on his face all night.
On Friday, the Dursleys left at 12:15, and at 12:30, the doorbell rang. Harry had dressed
in the worse clothes he could find in his closet. He wanted to prove a point to these
Harry answered the door, and after seeing their identification, he told them he was Harry
Potter, and he invited them inside. He showed them into the living room, and asked them
if they would like some refreshment. They very kindly refused, and introduced
themselves to Harry.
Two workers had taken this case. One told Harry she was Mrs. Taylor, and she was a
Witch. She then introduced him to the Gentleman who was a Muggle, Mr. Holmes. She
explained that since this area was a combination of both Magical folk and Muggles, that
their office had been combined to accommodate both cultures.
Very impressed with his manners, and noticing his clothing, Mrs. Taylor asked him to tell
them his reasons for the call. Harry had heard that a picture was worth a thousand words,
so he took them on a tour of the house.They noticed there was not even one picture of
Harry anywhere on the walls.'
I'm only allowed in the kitchen to eat my slice of toast and glass of water in the morning.
It is because I make their breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs and toast for them. I am not
allowed in any other part of the house except my bedroom.
He showed them the yard and gardens he had begun grooming since the age of three. He
had witnesses to this in Mrs. Figg, his neighbor. The others believed that he went to a
training school for ruffians. This was his Aunts cover story to all of them.
He showed them to the cupboard under the stairs where he slept and lived for his first 9
years, 9 months, until he got his letter to Hogwarts. He took them to his bedroom to see
his new living arrangements. They were crude to say the least. Appalling was too tame a
word to use to describe this room. In the corner were broken toys, a decrepit bed, desk
and chair was the only furniture they saw. His clothes, if they could be called that, were
only fit to be sent to the rubbish heap and burned.
They saw the locks on the door, the cat flap, the place where the bars had been at one
time, and he told them the cat flap was to push the cold can of soup through to him when
he was being punished for Dudley's misdeeds. Dudley blamed him for everything,
whether he was locked up in his room or not, and his parents always believed him.
Harry told them he had witnesses to all of this but his Headmaster believed it was all for
the greater good of the Wizarding world that Harry should live here, abuse
He said there was much more, but he would tell them more at a later time. He ended up
by showing them his scarred back and buttocks. They were red with anger. We will get on
this immediately. You will be out of here as soon as possible.
Remus arrived at this time, and told them what he knew.They noted all of this and
thanked him for caring. They would call on him later on for a deposition.
They would be back within the week and would leave no stone unturned in order to help
The two Social Workers left after getting Mrs. Figg,s address from Harry. He had told
them she was a Squib, and helped him whenever she could. If the Dursleys found this
out, they would not allow Harry to visit her under the guise of helping her with chores.
As the two workers walked toward Mrs.figgs, they discussed the lad. Mr. Holmes saw
this sort of thing every day with the Muggles, but in his dealings with the Magical
community, he had never seen such blatant disregard of the rules from someone as
esteemed as the Headmaster of Hogwarts. The vast majority of Wizarding families treated
their children much better than Harry was treated. He was a fine young lad, and they
intended to see that he was removed from that place as soon as possible.
In the meantime, Harry was leading Moony up to his room. They had a lot to discuss, and
the Dursleys wouldn't know what had hit them. He was finally finding out what his
backbone was made up of, and he intended to use it well.
Harry led an inquisitive Remus up to his little room. Since Remus had not heard the
earlier conversation between Harry and the C.P.S. Case Workers, he was, to say the least;
feeling a bit confused regarding what went on before he arrived. He would soon find out,
and the Wolf in him would be hard to control.
Harry looked shamefully around his room. He apologizes for the lack of chairs to sit on.
"No problem, after all I am a Wizard", Remus said as he conjured two comfortable chairs
to sit in.
He then waved his wand and a small table appeared, along with a large pitcher of Harry's
favorite, Pumpkin Juice. He next conjured some goblets, and biscuits.
Harry smiled widely. "Thank you Moony. It's my favorite drink. The only other place I
get to enjoy it is at the Burrow.
Moony filled the goblets, and Harry drank greedily. He flushed and sheepishly said,
"Sorry. That wasn't good manners, but I couldn't help it. Moony laughed and filled the
goblet again. The pitcher didn't seem to be any less full than before. He looked at Moony,
who said, "Magic, Harry. Just basic Magic".
Harry warned Moony that this would take some time todiscuss and explain. They got
comfortable and Harry began.
"The Dursleys will be gone until at least ten O'clock. We have lots of time."
"Moony, you have tried to convince the Headmaster many times about my life with the
Dursleys. so, we don't need to say any more about that."
"When I got my letter from Hogwarts, thanks to Hagrid, I was so excited. Hagrid told me
all about the wizarding World, and my parents".
"It was the first time I learned I was a Wizard, and that an evil Wizard killed my parents.
The Dursleys told me they died in a car accident. I finally found out that I was not a
freak. My so-called relatives called me that for years."
Remus scowled but did not interrupt, as he was curious as to where this was going.
"In my first year, Hagrid had Flobberworms as our first lesson. I thought they were
fascinating. I had dug up loads of worms while weeding the garden, but never any this
I went to the Library to read more about them. I learned that they have no bone structure
at all. They are just soft and squishy and they are magical creatures. The one thing I
remembered was that they have no backbone."
Harry continued. "A couple of weeks later Ron and I was attacked by a couple of seventh
year Slytherins, and even though we tried to fight back, we still took a bit of a beating."
"I must have shown some fear, because Ron told me I reminded him of the
Flobberworms. He told me I'd better get a backbone or I'd never make it through
Hogwarts alive."
"That really hurt me. I thought he was my friend. Friends try to help, not hurt.He had
older brothers to practice with him. I had no-one to show me how to do magic."
Harry quickly told Moony about his first three years at Hogwarts.Surprisingly Moony
knew some of this He listened and heard in detail the story of the Philosophers Stone and
Chamber of Secrets. He made Moony aware of the part Ginny played in the Chamber of
The events of third year were more familiar to Remus, as he had volunteered guard duty
for Harry, and was the DADA Professor at Hogwarts. Harry's parents had been his dearest
friends, and he felt it was his responsibility to watch over Harry, since his Godfather
Sirius, was in Azkaban.
When Sirius escaped, Remus believed along with the rest of the Wizarding community,
that he was guilty of James and Lily's deaths. He knew no different. They all thought he
had escaped to kill Harry. Every one believed he was a Deatheater.
Remuswas in the shrieking shack,during his transformationof a werewolf, whenSirius
who had pulled Ron through the hole in the Womping Willow tree arrived in the shack
dragging himalong with him.Harry and Hermione had seen this happening and so they
followed also and they all met in the Shrieking Shack.
There they found Peter Pettigrew, and after the ensueing conversation, they realized that
Sirius was innocent. Snape followed them and in the shuffle, Peter escaped.
Sirius was still on the run because neither the Ministry nor Dumbledore would try for a
new trial for him. Snape refused to say anything on his behalf. Harry was hoping to help
him on his own.
He told Moony about his friendship with Ginny Weasley. He blushed as he told Moony
that he hoped it would grow into something else as they grew older.
"Ginny opened the Chamber because she was possessed by Tom Riddle. He was the 16-
year-old spirit of Voldamort. She was easy prey, because Ron refused to let her be a part
of our group of friends, and she was so lonesome. He said she was too young for us. I'm
sorry I listened to him."
"Since her second year, we have been great friends, and I really like her. She even comes
to all the Quiddich games. She hopes to be on the team some day. She comes to my
practices and tells Ron it's to get tips on the chaser position."
"We have decided that we want to be together some day as more than just friends. It will
happen. I feel it in my heart."
"Moony, you are like an Uncle to me. I am planning a big change in my life. I need your
help. I have not always seen you around, but I know you have been there. I have decided
that I am not a flobberworm, and I intend to prove it. I do have a backbone, and I will use
Remus looked thoughtfully at Harry. After a short silence, he replied. "Harry, I promise
that I will do all in my power to help you. Tell me what you need me to do, and I will do
my very best."
"Thank you Moony. We will start with a couple of questions."
"Did my family have a Lawyer?"
"Yes, Harry, they did. The very best that money can buy too. They are on a lifetime
retainer to the Potter and Evans line. The Potters are Pure Bloods to the nth. degree. Your
Mom's sides are Half Bloods. You are a Half- Blood also."
He continued by saying, "The Potter Branch retains a Wizarding Firm. The Evans side
retains a Muggle Firm. As I said, they are the best Firms in the wizarding world. They
work together when they are doing business for you. They do not cater to the dark side
and they can be trusted with your life."
"Great, and now I'd like to know about any property I may own. I say 'I' because I know I
am the only heir as the last in the Potter line."
Remus became very thoughtful, and finally he broke out into a huge smile.
"Harry, you will love this news.Yes Harry, you own a great deal of property. The Lawyers
will inform you of your inheritance soon. But the best place you own is called Potter
Manor. It is unplottable, and warded as well, if not better than Hogwarts. The Fidelius
Charm protects it, and I am the secret Keeper. The wards have all been upgraded your
parents died."
Before he could say another thing, Harry jumped up and hugged him as tight as he could.
"Can we go see it, please?" "We will see it in a few days. Have patience Harry".
Harry sat down, still grinning from ear to ear. Remus loved that smile, and hoped he
would see many more of them in the future.
Remus looked at Harry, and said; I think I know where this is going, and I want to assure
you that with those two Law firms I mentioned, that the Headmaster and the Ministry
won't know what hit them. What's next?"
"Money. My school vault, stays at the same level, and I have spent a lot of money."
"Oh, yes, Harry. You do have money. Quite literally, you have millions of Galleons,
Knuts, and Sickles. You are without a doubt, one of the richest Wizards in our world."
"Then why do I always look like a tramp", Harry asked angrily.
"Remus shook his head."You know Harry; I really can't answer that question. The
Headmaster was in charge of your school vault, and he only allowed you an allowance
for each year. Why this was, I don't know."
"Something else he has to answer to", replied Harry. "Can we see the vault?" he asked.
"Yes we can go this afternoon. I am your day guard, and so I can take you on my shift.
We can have Tonks meet us there". Now it was Moony,s turn to blush a bit, and Harry
took advantage of this fact. "So we both have someone special, do we?" he asked,
pinking up a bit too.
"Do we need to have 'The Talk'? asked Remus.
Harry stammered back,"nnnot yet, but I promise you'll be the one I'll come to for advice".
Remus hugged him and with a flourish said, "Let's go, your future awaits you cub." They
left a note in case they were late, and departed for the Knight Bus.
Remus was amazed at the changes in Harry. They were small ones, but it was a start. He
knew that Harry's potential as one of the Wizarding Worlds greatest, was not to be
ignored and vowed to begin spending time training Harry in DADA.
He was proud of the maturity he displayed, and even though he also still showed the little
boy side of himself, he would assist him in any way he could. Truth be told, he could do
more for Harry than he could ever imagine.
He was anxious to see Harry's reaction to the things he would see and find out today. He
would be happily surprised with the information he would receive from the lawyers in
days to come. He also thought it was cute the way he talked about Ginny.
When Remus and Harry arrived at Gringotts, Tonks was waiting for them. It was a tossup
as to who she'd hug first. She settled for a group hug, and Harry liked it this way. He was
slowly getting used to hugs. 'Those people' had never hugged him, as he sometimes
thought of them.
"Wotcher, Harry. How have you been?"
"Better now since I decided to have Moony help me to take charge of my life. We'll tell
you over dinner, O.k.?"
"Great, let's go." They proceeded into the Bank and after Moony presented the Goblin
with a key, he and Harry descended deeper into the tunnels than Harry had ever been
before. The cart stopped in front of the biggest vault Harry had ever seen.
The Goblin told Harry to place his hand on the hand shaped indentation on the door.
Harry did so and he felt something like a bee sting. The huge door opened.
Harry and Moony were flabbergasted. They had never seen so much money or other
valuables in their lives. Of course, Harry had never seen as much money as he had in his
school vault either. The galleons were piled as high as the ceiling of the room they were
"We have loads of money to live on", said Harry to Remus.
"This is your money cub", he answered.
"No moony, it's ours. I could never spend this much in a dozen lifetimes, so we share. I
mean it. No arguments either. We are family".
Moony could feel his eyes tearing up. So much of his Mother in him, he thought. He also
wanted to take some money out to help the Weasleys too. He'd be there some of the
summer and they fed him well. Moony agreed with him on this point.
There was a letter sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room. Remus reached it down
and handed it to Harry. He then sat down on a chair away from him, so he could read in
Harry sat on the floor and began to read.
To our beloved son Harry:
As you are reading this letter, then we are no longer with you.
Much is happening in the Wizarding World, and most of it is not good. A dark lord is
wielding great power and murdering Muggles Half-Bloods, and Pure Bloods who refuse
to follow him into the Dark side.
We have faced him three times, and there is a Prophesy concerning you. We pray that you
will never have to face him, but you must be told the Prophesy in full, by your
Headmaster. If he has not told you yet, then insist on being told, as you are the chosen
one and need special training to defeat him. I know that Sirius and Remus will train you
Your Dad and I, want you to know that there is no-one in this world that we love more
than we love you. You are our reason to fight evil, so that you and all others will have a
better world to grow up in.
At the time of writing this letter, we are in hiding. Peter Pettigrew is our secret keeper.
Sirius was our first choice. He felt that Voldamort would be more apt to find out it was
him, rather than Peter. We changed to Peter just before we went into hiding.
I am not sure we did the right thing, but we can only pray that we will be safe.
We sent a verification of these facts to Prof. Dumbledore, and to both our Law Firms.
Should anything happen to us, the letters will hold proof of blame.
A legal document has been sent to the Headmaster, stating that Sirius Black and Remus
Lupin are your Guardians. Should something happen to us, and you survive, you will live
with Sirius and Remus in Potter Manor.
By no means were you to be put in the care of my sister, Petunia. Prof. Dumbledore is
aware of this order as well.
If alternate care is needed at certain times, we have made other arrangements for this
This letter will serve as notice of your emancipation when you reach the age of 14 years
old. You will not be free to go amok with your life Harry, but you will have fewer
restraints. Your Lawyers will inform you of the conditions you must follow.
My darling boy, please know that even in death we will always be there for you. We will
come to you in time of peril and support you. Our love lives in your heart forever.
One more shock for you. You are a descendant of Merlin, and the Heir of Gryffindor.
Keep this private, as it causes dissension among friends. Sirius and Remus are aware of
these facts.
We will love you throughout eternity and beyond,
Ever yours, your very own, Mom and Dad.
Harry passed the letter over to Remus to read. His emotions were all over the place. He
hardly knew what to react to first.
His anger was funneling towards his Headmaster. He had known every bit of this
information since his parents had died. He had blatantly refused to obey the orders, and
Harry had suffered for nearly 13 years because of his betrayal. He would pay for hurting
him this way.
Suddenly Harry's emotions got the best of him and he wept as he had never wept before.
Moony came and took him in his arms, and held him until he could regain control again.
Once more Remus caught a glimpse of the hurting child.
Remus finished reading the letter, and his face took on the feral look of the Wolf that was
never far from the surface in him.
Harry dried his eyes, and said. "We need to find the other documents regarding Potter
Manor, and then we can join Tonks for Dinner."
After a short search, they found the documents, and called for Griphook. They returned to
the surface, after getting some money.
"Supper is my treat", announced Harry to them both.
Tonks noticed Harry's wet face and did a spell to freshen him up. It must have been part
cheering too, because he felt better soon after.
"Thanks, Tonks. Now let's go someplace grand to eat. I'm starving". "Me too ", this from
Remus. "Boys", said Tonks as she led them into a restaurant.
As they waited for their meal, the 'boys' Tonks name for them, took turns telling her as
much as possible, the events of the day. The decisions Harry made, and what he hoped to
accomplish. She was pleased at this news and promised her help in any way she could.
Harry thanked her and as the meal arrived, he dug in as if it were not only the first food
he'd ever had, but maybe the last he would have for a while.
The second serving was as good as the first one and Remus and Tonks were looking at
him in wonderment as he tucked into the second serving.
Remus laughed and said. "Had this been an all you can eat buffet Harry, you would have
put the owners out of business." Harry chuckled and asked them, "haven't you seen a
growing boy eat before?"
It was hard to believe but Harry also polished off two large slices of chocolate cake.
Actually, Moony ate two pieces as well. It was their favorite dessert, just behind Mrs.
Wesley's treacle tarts.
After the meal, Remus returned Harry to Privet drive, leaving him with the promise to
come for him as soon as he could get an appointment with the Lawyers.
Tonks hugged him goodnight, donned her invisibility cloak and went into the yard. She
was his watcher for the night shift. She would be relieved at Midnight by another Auror.
Harry crawled into his bed, tired, but excited about everything that he had put in motion
today. He was elated with the discoveries made so far.
Tonight he would sleep and dream about his mom and Dad and about how much they
had, and still did, love him. They had told him so in their letter and he had felt their love
as he read the words. He had lots to think about now, but that could wait until tomorrow.
Tonight he would sleep.
Harry slept so well that night that he woke up in a grand mood. After he cooked the
breakfast, he rushed to his room to write to Ginny.
After the meal he ate last night, he hadn't even bothered with his meager rations. The
flavor of the chocolate cake was still fresh in his mind.
Harry told Ginny everything that he and Remus had accomplished .He told her about the
visit from the caseworkers. He told her he could barely wait until he would see her again.
He hoped it would be soon. He told her he missed her a lot. He asked her to assure him
that only she was receiving the letters. He didn't want Ron to see or read them.
When Hedwig saw the letter rolled up, she flew to Harry and held up her leg. He asked
her to take it to Ginny and she cooed happily. She truly loved her other nestling. Harry
was her main one, but the girl was also dear to her.
He reminded her to wait for Ginny at her bedroom window, and not let anyone else have
the letter. She looked coldly at him. Didn't he think she could do her job properly? She
flounced off through the window. Harry laughed at her. She could act so human at times,
that it really was funny.
Harry was reading the Manor documents, when he noticed an owl approaching his
window. It was a Hogwarts owl. He opened the window, and let the owl enter. He
removed the letter and gave the owl a drink and a treat before it left again.
He opened the letter. It was from the Headmaster. Remembering the letter from his Mom,
he scowled. He was soon smiling though.
The wards at Privet Drive are at full strength. The wards at the Burrow are also at full
strength. New wards have been added at the Burrow also.
The Weasleys are expecting you to be ready this afternoon, at 3P.M. Mr. Weasley and
MissWeasleywill be there to pick you up. Professor Dumbledore.
Harry was ecstatic. He would spend the rest of his summer with his friends and most
importantly, Ginny. This was the earliest he'd ever left the Dursleys. Remus knew where
he was and could get in touch with him easily.
At 2.30 P.M., Harry was packed and waiting. He was so excited that he could hardly
sit or stand still. He double checked his trunk and made sure that his documents
regarding his properties were under his cloak. It wouldn’t do for Ron or anyone else
for that matter to see them. They were for Ginny’s eyes only.
Finally it was five minutes to three, and Harry took his trunk downstairs to the
entryway to await his rescuers. He got some nasty looks from his Aunt. Harry
figured it was because they were losing their slave labor earlier than usual.
He had sent Hedwig back to the Burrow after she had returned from Ginny
earlier.Ginny hadtold him that she received the letter and Ron was really upset
because she would not let him read it. This had made Harry chuckle.
He told Hedwig to take her time and find some nice fat mice to snack on, and he
would see her at the Burrow.Harry knew she was no doubt tired, but she would be
able to rest until he started his dealings with everyone he’d been in touch with over
the last few days. He had laid the groundwork, now it would soon be time to start
building his new life.
The doorbell rang and Harry jumped. He’d been so deep in thought that he had not
been paying attention to the time. Harry opened the door and was happy to see Mr.
Weasley and Ginny.
Mr. Weasley shrank Harry’s trunk and Harry put it in his pocket. After happy
greetings, the three of them headed for the Ministry car, and Harry was happy to see
that Mrs.Weasley was seated in the front seat, and Harry was able to join Ginny in
the back seat. This was exactly what Harry had hoped for.
As they settled themselves, Harry greeted Mrs.Weasley, and then turned to Ginny.
“How has your summer been so far”? He asked her, and shyly, so he couldn’t be
seen from the front seat, took her hand gently in his own. “It’s been really good,”
she answered him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. Harry smiled happily as he
thought of the things they had to talk about, and the time they would be able to
spend together.
All too soon they arrived at the Burrow. He had so much to discuss with Ginny and
also her parents and Ron. Ginny was not his problem, but he wasn’t sure about her
parents, and was sure about Ron’s reaction. He knew Ron would not be agreeable,
but he would not change his mind regarding his plans for his future.
Before long they arrived at the Burrow.Molly told Harry that she would come up to
Ron’s room and enlarge his trunk as soon as she could. Harry thanked her and took
his trunk and Hedwig’s cage up to the third floor bedroom which he always shared
with Ron in the summer.
Ginny followed him upstairs, and Harry told her he would like to talk to her in
private very soon. As he entered the room, he was welcomed by Ron who was busy
reading his latest Quiddich magazine. Ron was Quiddich obsessed, as was Harry
and they were soon immersed in statistics, and everything they could come up with
concerning the sport.
Ron was planning on trying out for Keeper this term and Harry told him that he
had a really good chance at the position because the seventh year Keeper had of
course graduated. Harry also told him that if their time spent in the air last summer
was any inkling of what Ron could do, his chances were better than great.
They could concentrate on the Keeper’s position in their Quiddich practices over the
summer. Ron excitedly agreed and soon they were interrupted when Ginny called
them for dinner.
As Harry sat across from Ron and Ginny, he couldn’t prevent a huge sigh of
contentment from escaping. He was “home” again, and he couldn’t be happier. Now
if all his plans came about as easily as leaving the Dursleys had, it would be a
summer to remember.
Harry grinned a huge grin and said as Professor Dumbledore would say, “Tuck” in,
and tuck in he did.
Harry needed to speak to Ginny first. It was easier than he thought it would be to
get her alone.
Mrs. Weasley informed them that she needed them to go into the village in the
morning for some supplies and Ron would finish degnoming the garden. Ron was
upset at his mother, but she only told him to plan on spending his morning in the
garden and that was that. He sulked for the rest of the evening, and went up to bed
early, with Harry following soon after.
They discussed Quiddich again, with Harry asking if the Cannons were still his
favorite team.
"They are the best, and they only need a decent seeker", stated Ron. "All of their
players play really good, and if their seeker could only catch the Snitch, they would
win a few games. Maybe over the next few years, we will be scouted by their scouts,
and if they hire us, you would be the one to finally pull them out of bottom place."
Harry snickered and told Ron that maybe it could happen the way Ron wished it
would. After many yawns, the boys finally drifted off to sleep, Ron dreaming of the
glory that comes with being a member of a winning quiddich team, and Harry
dreaming of a whole new life which included Ginny.
After a big breakfast the following morning, Ginny and Harry were given a
shopping list and proceeded to walk down to the Village.
Harry had never seen the Village before and was impressed with its beauty. It
seemed to be made up of really old buildings, and some of them must be magical
because he could sense the aura surrounding them.
Wait, since when can I sense an aura, he wondered. Something else to ask Moony
about, he thought.
After the shopping was completed, Ginny and Harry purchased a huge ice-cream
cone and found a quiet place away from prying eyes and ears and sat down to enjoy
a visit with one another.
"Ice-cream cones are my almost favorite food",said Ginny.
"The ice-cream here in the village is almost as good as at Fortescues Ice-cream
Parlor", answered Harry with a satisfied smile.
Once they were finished eating their treat, Ginny spoke up and reminded him that
he wanted to tell her something.
“Yes, I really have lots to tell you, but it all depends on how you answer this
question.” Harry looked at Ginny hopefully, as he felt, for some reason, that her
answer would be the key to his future happiness.
He really didn’t understand why this was at this “age” in his life only that it really
mattered to him. He got his courage up and spoke.
“Ginny, I know that in your letter to me that you told me that you could care for me
as more than a friend. I am telling you something that is important for you to know.
I want to tell you how I feel."
"I feel as if your heart and soul and mine are sort of joined together. I really can’t
explain why I feel this is true, only that I only feel good when I can see you, talk to
you and think about you." Harry hesitated for a moment.
"I need you to tell me how you feel and if you don’t feel the same, I won’t be angry
as long as we can remain friends.”
Ginny’s face flushed a bit as she turned her attention to Harry.
“Harry, I have had a crush on you since I was a small child. It was about the legend
of Harry Potter for a few years. When I saw you on the platform for the first time, I
only saw a frightened little boy, not much older than me, and not a great hero type
"It was then I decided that I wanted to get to know the real little boy, and not the
hero .You know what happened the first time I saw you in the kitchen that morning.
The famous elbow in the butter dish happened and I ran up to my room feeling so
silly, I couldn’t face you for days." Ginny blushed and chuckled.
Harry chuckled over this memory and Ginny smiled at him and continued. “I really
wanted to be a part of your friendship with Ron and Hermione as I had never had a
sister figure to look up too."
"You know how that didn’t happen. Ron wasn’t willing to let me be friends, and so I
turned to the only one who was willing to listen to me, Tom Riddle, and I believed
his lies about wanting to be friends with me and trusting him. He just used me to try
to get to you and it worked. I was just a stupid lonely, little girl and he took
advantage of me and nearly killed me."
"If you hadn’t come and saved me, I would have never had the chance to know you
the way I know you now. Thank you Harry and I can answer your question honestly.
I feel the same way about you."
"My heart feels full when I think about you. I feel as if I’m only half a person and
you make me feel like I’m a whole one. Does that make sense to you?"
"Oh yes!" said Harry. "It was just what I needed to hear. We can be the best of
friends and it will grow as we get to know one another better. I love you as a very
special friend, and know it will not be long before we can date officially. Will you be
my girlfriend?"
Ginny teared up slightly at his words, and said, "Yes Harry with all my heart, I will
be yours and yours only, and I would be proud to be your girl."
Harry couldn’thelp the huge grin that quite literally covered his whole face, and
gave her a small chaste kiss on her cheek. They both shivered at the joy that this
small contact brought, and knew that this was the start of something wonderful.
They agreed that neither Ron nor Hermione were to be told, and that Harry would
speak to her parents. They then proceeded back to the Burrow, holding hands,
which they had hidden in back of themselves, and let go as they neared their
Harry felt as if one huge load had lifted from him and he had one more load to go.
With his new found courage he could and he definitely would handle Ron and
Hermione and the brothers. He could defend himself quite well if he needed to
against Ron or the others.
He was excellent at DADA, as Moony had worked quietly with him in his third year,
and he was the best DADA professor he had had to date. He had actually mastered a
Patronus, a beautiful white stag, and was the youngest student ever to do so.
Moony had been so proud of him, that it had made Harry feel as if he had a parents
approval. The only two red heads he was really unsure about were the elder ones
and he would face them tonight. They were important to his plans. With or without
their blessings, he would go ahead, but it would be better with their approval.
The next three days passed quickly with small chores in the morning and Quiddich
in the afternoon. Ron was getting better as Keeper and Ginny was coming into her
own, both as a Chaser and a Seeker. Harry was so proud of her and had a hard time
not letting Ron see how much he cared about her. He really needed to talk to her
Harry found Mrs.Weasley alone shortly after dinner that evening, and asked if he
could have a very private conversation with them later after Ron and Ginny had
gone to bed for the night.
Percy, of course would be in his room with summer homework, and the twins would
be busy getting into trouble in their room inventing their joke products. Mrs.
Weasley agreed and Harry then joined Ron for a game of chess. After trouncing
Harry four times, Ron decided to go to bed. Ginny, knowing that Harry wanted time
alone with her parents, had retired earlier.
Harry was approached by the Weasleys, and sat with them in the small room she
used as a refuge when things got too hectic to handle. Here she could be away from
the clamor of the Burrow for a short period of time, during which she could work
out anything that was bothering her. The Weasleys looked at Harry with a confused
look on their faces, as he looked so serious.
Harry spoke very quietly at first, and as he gained confidence, he told them he had
something of great importance to talk to them about. He also asked them to not
interrupt him until he was done talking.
He then removed a paper from his pocket, and laid it face down on his lap.
"You were the first Magical family I met. You accepted me into your home, and I
will be forever grateful to you both. I have lived a very unhappy life since my
parents were killed."
"I was placed, against my parents wishes, and I will explain later, with the most
hateful people I have ever known. I went to a Muggle school until I entered
Hogwarts, and knew that other kids had a better home life than I had."
"I had only a friend or two and only because they weren’t afraid of Dudley. He
scared off all the other kids, because he was so big and was a bully. I was the one
who did all the chores because Dudley was their baby and shouldn’t have to do any
"If things went wrong or Dudley got in trouble in school, I was blamed and beaten. I
often wondered why, if the blood protection was to protect me from an Evil wizard,
why it didn’t protect me from a cruel abusive family.I was given very little to eat
and sometimes nothing".
He quickly filled them in on all the other details of life with his so called family. By
this time Mrs. Weasley was holding back tears and Mr. Weasley was livid.
Harry told them about the call to protective Child Services and his visit to Gringotts
with Moony, the letter his Mom and Dad left for him, and his plans with the
He also told them that the Headmaster had also received a letter from his parents,
through their Lawyers, and knew their wishes but went ahead and placed him with
the Dursleys anyway, and had always known about his treatment at their hands but
chose to ignore it for the greater good of the Wizarding world.
At this news, the Weasleys gasped and were visibly moved to anger at the man they
had all looked up to for so many years. Maybe his great age was becoming a burden
for him to bear, and his judgement was not to be completely trusted .
"I have looked into what it would cost to board with a family for 2 months and have
had the sum mentioned put into your vault. There will be no argument, or I will
leave. I have more money in my vault than I could spend in a lifetime, and I know
you have often said you wouldn’t take charity but neither will I."
"I love you both as you are the only family figures, beside Moony, I can remember. I
want to do this, so please don’t refuse because where else would I get the best treacle
tarts in the world?"
They all grinned at this and Harry continued."We need to take care of this bit first
before I can go any further with this conversation.”
The Weasleys were surprised at the changes in Harry. He was self-assured, and
certainly not the shy kid they had first taken into their home. They looked deeply
into his eyes for a moment and seeing the determination therein, they then looked at
one another for a moment.
Finally Mr. Weasley spoke up. "Harry, we won’t insult you by refusing your
conditions on remaining in our home. We want you to know that we feel as if youare
another of our sons, and care very deeply for you too."
"We will not talk more about the Dursleys, as we know it is not a happy subject for
you to talk about. Please know that we will do all in our power to help you."
Harry asked them to not discuss this conversation with anyone at all, and that
included the Headmaster, as he would be finding out all of this information as soon
as Harry and Moony met with the Law Firms. The Weasleys promised, as they
weren’t very happy about his neglect of Harry, and could only shudder at the
thought that it could very well have been one of their own children placed in this
Harry looked very seriously at the Weasleys, and said there is something very
important we need to talk about now. It is the most important thing I have ever
needed to share with any one. Please, once again, try not to interrupt until I’m done
talking, as I am nervous and this is very important to me.
Harry looked down at his hands sitting on the table. They were shaking. He clasped them
together tightly to stop the tremors.
The elder Weasleys glanced at one another. What was wrong? What sort of trouble was
Harry in this time?
Harry gazed into their faces. He saw compassion and understanding there. He hoped that
it would still be showing, when he finished speaking.
"You have known me for three years. You have known about me all my life. You also
know that I come from a good line of Witches and Wizards. No matter my upbringing, I
am a good person. What ever I watched the Dursleys doing as I grew up, I vowed to do
the opposite. I am a better person because of the bad examples they showed to me."
The Weasleys didn,t know where this was leading to, but they were anxious to hear him
out. They stayed silent.
Harry continued. "I have stayed at your home for the last three summers. This is where I
eat my fill of the best cooking I have ever had."
"This is the first place I ever felt welcome after my first and second years, and now I will
be here for most of this summer. Things may change as I have put some plans into action,
and am waiting to see what will happen."
The next part will be harder for me to discuss.
"When I first saw Ginny on the platform as we were all leaving for Hogwarts, I felt sorry
for her. She wanted to join us in going to school. I remember her running and waving
good-bye at us as we left the station."
"As I watched her, I remember thinking that she would join us next year and she could
become my friend then. I had never had friends, as my cousin would beat them away
from me.As I told you, he was the class bully".
Harry paused for a bit to gather his thoughts.
"I waited patiently for the year to end, and when Ron invited me to come to the Burrow, I
was so happy. Coming here would allow me to get to know Ginny better."
"But there was no way to get to know her better. She would squeak and run away from
me whenever we entered into the same room."
He chuckled at the memory, as did the Weasleys. They had noticed this too.
"I didn't let that bother me because Ron told me that she was usually a chatterbox. I knew
when she got to school that she would be more relaxed around me. Ron had also told me
that she had a crush on Harry potter The Hero. It was embarrassing, but cute. I knew that
as soon as she spent time with us at school, that she would see me as just another
bothersome boy. Just Harry".
"Second year for us started out with Ron, Hermione and me. I tried several times to get
Ron to let Ginny be a part of our group. He wouldn't hear of it. She is just a baby and
she's my baby sister, were his reasons for not letting her join us."
"Ginny turned to Tom Riddles Diary because she was lonely for friends. I tried to talk to
her a few times, but Ron always called me away. I'm ashamed to say I allowed this to
happen. I should not have been stupid enough to listen. He is a very stubborn person, and
I was afraid of losing the first friends I had ever had in all my life."
"Ron frightened all the boys away from Ginny, and as a result, the girls were afraid of
Ron's temper too. You know how the year turned out. Poor Ginny. No one deserves to go
through what she had to endure".
"When we started third year, I had made up my mind that I would seek out Ginny and be
her friend. We had to hide our friendship from Ron. All we did was to eat breakfast
together every morning that I didn't have Quiddich practice".
"As you both know, Ginny was having nightmares about the Chamber, and I was also.
Once awake it is hard to go back to sleep for fear of dreaming again. We both got in the
habit of just getting up and going to the Great Hall for breakfast."
"That’s where Ginny and I began talking and getting to know everything about each
other. We talked about things that happened to us growing up. My memories weren't so
great, but she always had me laughing at hers. We became very close friends, and I count
her as my very best friend. She knows all my secrets, and I know all hers. We will never
betray one another's confidences."
"I had decided after my second year that I would never let anyone rule my life again. I
would take do things my own way from now on".
Ron, Hermione and I are not the close friends we were in first and second year. They hurt
Ginny, and so they hurt me. I care a lot for her, and I want your permission to continue
being her best friend."
"When we are older, I will ask her to be my girlfriend. I know that we areonly going to be
13 and 14 this summer, but we both have the same feelings for one another".
"We don't want to hide our friendship from the family like we have had to do. We want to
be honest with you both. This way we can sit together at lunch as well as dinner, and even
go for walks down by the lake. Please, tell me that you trust me enough to allow us to
spend more time together?" We have talked about this and it is what we both want".
Harry looked up hopefully at the Weasleys. He was silently praying that they would be
okay with his request.
The silence was actually 'loud'. This may sound strange to picture, but sometimes silence
can be deafening. Harry felt this very effect. He did not think that it boded well for his
Mrs. Weasley finally spoke. "Harry, we think of you as another son. If you were in your
late teens, and came to us for Ginny's hand in courtship, we wouldn't hesitate for a
moment to allow this."
"Neither of you are at an age where you know what you want out of life. You are also
much too young to choose your life partner at this time. You both still have time to meet
other boys and girls. Take time to get to know them and maybe your feelings will change.
Ginny is far too young to know what or who she wants at this time in her life. I don't feel
that we can agree with your request at this time".
"Please don't let our decision interfere with our friendship. Spend more time with your
older friends, and Ginny will make friends in her own age group".
The lump in Harry's throat had been growing since Mrs.Weasley had commenced
speaking. He had been foolish to believe that they would agree. He had to tell them that
he was not giving up on Ginny. If the Weasleys thought it was over, he'd show them.
Harry waited until the lump in his throat went down far enough for him to speak. He
swallowed and looked up at them with determination shining from his eyes.
"I care for you both very much, and I respect you both. I have gone without a great deal
in my short lifetime, but I don't intend to give up on Ginny."
"Ginny and I have compared feelings. We feel whole when we are near to one another.
We feel each other's pain, disappointment, happiness, and sadness, even when we are
classrooms apart. My heart feels full when we are sitting across the table from each other
at meals. She feels the same way. We will pursue our innocent friendship during the next
year. We will be in the open then. No secrets from the family."
The weasleys looked at one another for a moment. How could this be at this young age?
Harry waited until they turned their attention back to him.
"I hope that we can still be friends, but time will tell. I love my visits to the Burrow, and I
don't want to lose the privilege of coming here. I don't come just for Ginny, but for the
love I feel when I am here from the whole family. I need to go to bed now. I feel very
With those words, Harry bade them goodnight and went upstairs to bed, but not sleep. He
was too upset to sleep this night.
Morning came too soon. Harry didn't know how he would face the Weasleys after their
conversation the night before. He needn,t have worried. It was peaceful at the breakfast
table, except for the twins, that is. They were always boisterous and soon had Harry
laughing at their antics.
As soon as breakfast was over, the twins called for a bit if quiddich practice. Ginny
looked up hopefully, but Ron scowled at her. Harry spoke up. "Okay! Ron, Fred, George,
Ginny, let's go".
Ron jumped up and in a loud voice shouted. "Ginny is too young to play quiddich with
"Okay then, count me out. I am younger than the three of you. I can't play either," said
Harry looked at the twins because they were rolling on the ground splitting their sides
with laughter. They couldn't believe that the former timid little Harry had finally talked
up to Ron. He just went up in their book to the place of honor.
"Well?" asked Harry. Once Ron saw the twin's reaction to Harry's statement, he very
grudgingly gave in. The ensuing practice was one of the best they had ever played at the
Burrow. Ginny was awesome on a broom. That was the opinion of the twins, and Harry.
They couldn't believe how well she flew, and how much he had improved in the last two
summers.She was a natural chaser and would someday be a great seeker.
Harry had openly begun his campaign to include Ginny in their circle of friends. The
Twins realized what he was doing, and silently high-fived one another in agreement.
Lunch was a quiet affair. Ginny's Mom had called her aside for a little chat. She returned
to the table in a very quiet mood.
Ron, in his usual tactless way asked her what was bugging her.
Ginny jumped up sobbing and ran from the kitchen. "Way to go, Ron", said Fred.
"What did I do? I only asked her what was wrong with her."
Harry left the kitchen and went down to the river to try to get his emotions under control.
It was going to be a long summer. He would put up with Ron , if he had to for Ginny's
The afternoon was spent de-gnoming the garden. It seemed that every time Harry was
here, the little blighters had to be caught and tossed over the fence. He wondered how
they got back so quick.
For the next couple of days, the teens spent their time with Quiddich, chess, and
exploding snap. Ginny was seldom down stairs. Harry decided to write to Moony and tell
him what had happened. He also intended to have one talk, at least, with Ginny before he
left for the Dursleys again. He would be better off alone in his grungy room, than so
unhappy here.
Harry's chance came the next afternoon. Ginny went for a walk down by the river. The
twins saw her leave and Harry just itching to join her.
They chose this time to blow up something in their room. Mrs.Weasley ran up the stairs
to see the damage. Harry took his chance and quietly took off for the woods. He found
Ginny crying softly, under the large oak tree on the riverbank.
When she saw Harry, she flung herself into his arms. Her face was streaked with tears.
He still thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Such is young love.
He hugged her tight, and after a while, she moved from his arms. He felt such a sense of
loss that it nearly frightened him. He sensed the same reaction from Ginny.
Ginny looked at Harry with a steely glare of defiance.
"You probably know how the talk with Mom went. If anyone thinks for one minute that
I'm forgetting about you, then they are dead wrong. I intend to hold onto you forever.
There is no way I will date every boy in Hogwarts to make sure I choose the right one.
The first thing you know, they would be calling me a slag. Forget that! You,re stuck with
me Harry" Harry smiled broadly."You,re stuck with me too".
Ginny continued,"I tried to tell her that I know who I want, but she insisted I was too
young. What can we do, Harry?"
Harry told her he would figure it out before they returned to Hogwarts. "Don't give up on
me Gin, promise?"
"I never will, Harry. I promise. Harry hugged her gently and kissed her softly on her
forehead, marveling once more at the warm feelings that washed over him and the way he
could sense her feelings too. He'd have to ask Moony about this, as well as telling him
everything else.
They both agreed it would be a long summer.
The following morning, Harry sent Hedwig on her way to Moony with the longest letter
he had ever written. It contained everything that had taken place between the elder
Weasleys and him.
He told him about the first Quiddich practice,and how he bested Ron.Moony would get a
laugh from this.
He told Moony that they had made him feel like a small boy, instead of a teenager. They
didn't think he was capable of seriously thinking of Ginny as anything more than a little
sister figure.
Harry asked Moony to meet him as soon as possible. The tension at the Burrow was
getting to him. He wanted to get things started as soon as possible.
It was several long days before he received a reply from his Mentor. The wait was
worthwhile. They had an appointment to meet with the Lawyers. The Lawyers were
prepared to meet with the C.P.S. Caseworkers as well.
Harry was Happy with this letter from Moony. They would soon see the results of their
efforts. Moony told him to bring the letter from his parents and the Potter Manor
Moony told him to pack enough clothing for a few days, and he would be at the Burrow
at 9:A.M., on Wednesday.
Lucky for Harry, he managed to get Ginny alone for a few minutes. He explained what
was happening, and promised to send Hedwig with news as soon as there was some to
share with her.
She knew by now to fly up to Ginny's bedroom window. Harry kissed Ginny softly on her
cheek, and thanked her for not giving up on him. She blushed at the kiss, but said,
"Never, Harry".
Moony arrived the day following his talk with Ginny. Mrs. Weasley met him as he came
out of the fire.
"Remus, I feel that we need to have a serious talk, concerning a conversation we had with
Remus assured her that Harry had informed him of the conversation and the aftermath.
He was satisfied with his account of the talk.
"As Harry's legal Guardian, I will be handling all matters that pertain to his well being.
He still looks to you as a mother figure, but I will handle everything else".
"Professor Dumbledore will not like this. He is Harry's Guardian, and will not take kindly
to you assuming the care of his ward".
Remus chuckled. "The Professor has a lot of unpleasant surprises coming to him. I can't
wait to see his face when he is made aware of them."
Harry was waiting impatiently to leave, so she stepped aside. Harry hugged her and told
her he would see them again in 2 weeks.
Mrs. Weasleys muffled Harry's ears accidentally as she hugged him back. He did not hear
Moony when he called out their destination. Harry jumped in with him and they landed
where ?
"Where are we Moony? This isn't Grimmauld Place.".
He stood and after brushing himself off, he turned and looked into the grinning face of
Moony was grinning like a Cheshire cat. As he was about to answer, there was a couple
of pops behind them. Harry pulled his wand and aimed it as he spun around. He was so
fast that Remus blinked in surprise.
Remus laughed loudly. "Harry, this is your new home, Potter Manor and these two elves
are Jif and Ami. They are your House-elves."
"They, and their ancestors, have been in service to the Potters for generations. Jif, Ami,
meet Harry.His parentsare James and Lily.He is your new master and the last of the Potter
After his initial shock, Harry apologized to them for his actions, and reached out to shake
their hands. As they shook hands, Jif spoke to Harry.
"Master, we are deeply honored to once again have a master to serve. This brings us
much happiness. We will do whatever we can to satisfy your needs. Welcome to Potter
The only other house elf Harry had ever known was Dobby. He dressed outlandishly, in
clothes of every color of the rainbow. He was a free elf. He had been slave to the Malfoys
until Harry tricked Lucius into giving him an old sock at the end of second year.
Harry saw Lucius kick Dobby, and went back into the Headmasters office and asked him
for the diary. He then pulled off his filthy sock, and put it in the book. When he offered
the book and filthy sock to Lucius, he grabbed it, and then in disgust at the filthy sock,he
threw it over his shoulder, right into Dobby,s hands. He dearly loved Harry now. He was
his savior.
Jif and Ami were very different from Dobby. Dressed in small white ,crisply clean
uniforms, with a crest on the upper left side of the garment, they were an impressive
sight. Moony told Harry that it was the Potter family crest.
Harry was told that Jif was Property Manager. Ami was the cook and household manager.
He would meet their children later in the day.
Harry had something he needed to say.
"Jif and Ami, I am not your master. I want us to be friends. I will not order, but request
your help. You know this house better than I do, so you know what your jobs are. Of
course I might ask for chocolate cake or treacle tart from time to time". he said
Moony doubled over in laughter, remembering the meal he ate when they went to Diagon
alley to the Restaurant.
"You had better have well stocked larders if you expect to cook enough to fill the
stomach of this kid ", he said.
Jif and Ami chuckled and Harry frowned. "Okay then, no cake or tart for you Moony".
"I'm glad you warned us. We'll make sure we serve a large lunch for Harry. Lunch will be
at 1:P.M".
"Thank you", said Remus. "May we please have tea and scones for four in the study? We
are expecting visitors shortly.
A short time later, the fireplace turned green. An elderly robe clad Wizard and an elderly
conservatively clad Muggle, Quite literally flew out of the opening. The Wizard landed
quite gracefully, but the Muggle landed the same as Harry always did. Messily, to say the
Moony welcomed them graciously and introduced them to Harry as Wizard Clifford
Edwards and Mr. Joseph Barbury.
"Gentlemen, this is Harry." Harry greeted them politely and led them into the study.
The Study was a perfect room for their business meeting.
No sooner were they seated when Ami appeared with a huge tray floating behind her. She
landed it gently on the table and after asking if there was anything else they needed, she
left them to their discussion.
There was a small fire in the hearth, and it was a welcome one. The Manor had not been
in use for many years. It was clean, but a bit damp.
The Elvin family had their own apartment. They were very cozy there, and now they had
a purpose. They had a family to serve once more. They could not be any happier.
After they finished tea, Harry passed over the papers he needed the Lawyers to read.
First, they read the letter from Harry's parents. This letter caused a few frowns as they
were reading it. They then copied his letter for their files. They had copies of the deed to
the Manor.
Following these actions, Wizard Edwards spoke to Harry. "How can we help you,
Harry was pensive for a few minutes.
"As you have read in this letter, you can see that my parents wanted Sirius Black and
Remus Lupin as my legal Guardians. They were already my Godfathers, so that was
"In the letter, you also read the fact that Sirius was not my parent's secret- keeper. Peter
Pettigrew was. Sirius is innocent of their murders, and he is on the run from the Ministry.
They would not allow him a new trial".
"The first thing I want you to do is fight for a trial for my Godfather.He didn't even have
a trial in the first place. He went to Azkaban because of lies. Some of these lies came
from Professor Dumbledore. He had a copy of this same letter I found in the vault, didn't
"Yes", replied Wizard Edwards.
"A copy was magically sent from our office. He received it immediately after it was sent
to him. It was charmed by your Mother to allow us to know when he opened it. Your
mother was top of her year in charms. From what I hear, you are not far behind her in
your charm classes, Harry."
Harry was pleased with their praise. It meant a lot to him to be likened to his Mom. He
was, however very angry with the headmaster for hiding these facts for all these years.
Sirius shouldn't have spent even a day in prison. Harry would put things right, with the
help of his Mentors.
"My next request is to be removed from the Dursleys. I do not believe that I am any safer
there than I would be here with Moony."
"In order to do this you need to hear about the abusive life I led with them since I was 15
Months old, and dumped on their doorstep by the headmaster. He claims I am only safe
there. Moony has assured me that the manor is as safe as Hogwarts, and he intends to
have it upgraded even more soon. I want to live her with both my Guardians."
"I need to tell you of my life with the Dursleys, but I find it so hard to discuss".
"We have just the thing", said the Wizard. Poor Joseph is still, after 50 years trying to get
used to our ways. Harry told Joseph that he had only learned about magic 3 years ago,
and he knew how he felt.
"First, Harry, would you please call us by our given names when we are in your home?"
"I would be honored to", replied Harry.
"Good", said Clifford as he reached into a pocket in his robe and took out a small bowl.
Harry had never seen one before.
"It is a Pensieve, and you can place all your memories regarding your abusive childhood
into it", he was told.
"Remus, do we have your permission to allow Harry to use this?" Remus agreed.
After Clifford poured some liquid from a vial into the Pensieve, he showed Harry how to
extract his memories.
"Place your wand at your temple, like so", he was instructed. "Now think as far back as
you can remember, and bring one memory at a time to the front of your mind. Try to keep
them in some sort of order,please, if you can.
When I see a silvery wisp appear, I will show you how to direct it into the liquid."
Harry concentrated as hard as he could. He started back as far as he could remember.
When he had the first one he followed the instructions he had been given.
"Okay, Harry, you have the first one, Now slowly drag your wand to the surface of the
bowl. Touch the liquid softly and it will be absorbed into the liquid."
Harry concentrated. "Good, you did it .Do you think you can do the rest on your own?"
Harry nodded yes, and for over an hour his wand moved from his temple to the Pensieve.
If Harry's face was any indication of his inner turmoil, these three men knew, it wasn't
going to be pleasant visiting Harry, memories. They would have to do so in order to help
him but they weren't looking forward to it. They would invite the two caseworkers to
view them, along with Remus and Professor Dumbledore.
Harry's task finished, he had no strength left and could no longer control his emotions. He
ran from the room in tears. Remus apologized to the two men and told them he hoped to
see them soon. He needed to go to his ward.
The two men saw themselves out as Remus went in search of Harry. He found him in the
entryway; sitting on the floor in a corner and sobbing bitterly.
Remus sat down beside him and drew him into his arms. Maybe Harry was the Savior of
the Wizarding world, but he was still just a young boy who had suffered abuse for too
many years, and was betrayed by the same world that expected him to save them. This
would all change, and Remus would fight for these changes.
Remus looked down when he noticed that Harry was quiet, and found that he had fallen
asleep in his arms. He placed him onto a couch and covered him with his robe. "We'll
have to see about finding some light throws for times such as these", he thought.
He kept watch over Harry as hundred of thoughts fought for supremacy in his mind.
There was so much to do, and this would be a very busy summer indeed.
He had loved Harry from the day he was born. He and Sirius had shared in the joy that he
had brought to them all. He was the son that he and Sirius had never had. He was now his
cub, and he would protect him with his very life.
Remus planned on a lot of fun, training, shopping, and fun, and training, with an
emphasis on fun, for the next two weeks.all repeated for a reason. He would make these
next two weeks the best that Harry had ever lived.
Soon Sirius would join them and they would be a family. Dora would love it here.
Between the three of them and their areas of expertise, Harry would be well trained.
A/N. Must mention here that Remus is the only one who dares call her Dora or
Harry finally woke up and sheepishly apologized for acting like a baby again.
"No apology needed, Harry. Tears cleanse the soul. That was a very traumatic experience
to live through. Do you feel better, now that those memories are stored in the Pensieve?"
He thought for a moment and smiled. "Yes, I really feel better. It's as if there's a load off
of my shoulders. I can live with that".
"How long till lunch?" asked Harry "It's only 11:30, so would you like a short tour of
your home?" "Yes please, Moony. I sure would."
"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go", urged Remus.
Moony led Harry to the attic. It was a storehouse of sorts, filled with items placed there
for safekeeping by Harry's ancestors. There were many items belonging to his parents and
he would examine them at another time.
The third floor held six guest bedrooms, each with an en suite. They were all beautifully
On the second floor, there were four suites. Each suite comprised of a small study,
dressing room, en suite, and a huge bedroom. These suites were elegant.
Harry immediately knew which one was his when he saw the Gryffindor colors, which
dominated the décor. Of course, he had to jump on the bed to try it out. He laughed in
glee as he jumped higher and higher. Don't tell me you've never done that Remus roared
with laughter. Once more, he was seeing the little boy come out in the teen.
"When can I move in for good", he asked Moony. "Soon, I would think. The lawyers will
move as fast as they can, so we need to be patient for a little longer."
"I can wait. It will be the best thing to happen to me in all my life", he said.
On the first floor was Moony,s favorite room. The games room had both Wizarding and
Muggle toys. There was a Home entertainment center, two pool tables, a ping pong table
several board games, and a huge movie screen. There was so much that Harry was
overwhelmed. Moony knew he would have to leave the other rooms until after lunch, as
it would take a miracle to get Harry out of this room.
The miracle came in the guise of a call for lunch. Ami came in and ordered them to wash
their hands before they could come for lunch. "Even when we came here as teens, she
was ordering us to get washed up, or no food She's never changed".
Harry and Moony left for the small washroom to clean up. When Harry was finished, he
took off running. "Come on, I'm starved. I'll race you". Moony couldn't catch up with him
till they reached the dining room.
Harry was surprised to see not two, but six elves lined up in the dining room. He looked
at Jif, who answered his questioning look.
"Master Harry, these are our four children. Our oldest son, who is in charge of the
grounds, is Webb. Cott, second eldest, is in charge of the stables and all the animals on
the estate. The two girls are Sue and Liz. They have the responsibility of keeping the
Manor rooms clean. This is your new master Harry Potter."
The two sons were dressed in immaculate little coveralls. The girls wore pretty dresses
and pinafores.The Potter Crest was notable on each of the outfits. Harry could tell that his
family had treated their servants with respect. He would do no less.
"I feel honored to meet all of you. First off, we are going to be friends. This is as much
your home as mine. I am not your Master. I know you must call me master when we have
guests, but not when we are here on our own. You are not my slaves. Please call me
Harry. I'm only a kid, and I want to be treated as one. Will you try to call me Harry?"
Big smiles greeted this plea. "You are just like your Mother. You are a kind person and
we are honored to call you friend"
Harry noticed the table was only set for two. "We would like you to join us for lunch. We
would also like you to eat dinner with us each evening. That will be our family time to
talk over our day."
Remus was fairly bursting with pride. Harry was truly the descendant of Goderic
Gryffindor, and Merlin. He was a true gentleman.
The extra place settings appeared and soon the eight of them were eating a delicious
lunch. Ami was soon blushing from the compliments given to her from Harry and Remus.
Even her family told her that lunch was delicious.
Sharing this meal gave Harry a chance to become better acquainted with his new friends.
He also learned a lot about the various skills needed to care for a place this size.
He was anxious to see the animals as well. Webb and Cott promised to show him through
the animal compound tomorrow.
Harry invited them all to join in the fun and games for the evening. They excitedly
agreed. The evening was filled with laughter, as Harry became a young, carefree boy
once more. They enjoyed game after game, finally settling down to watch some Monty
Python shows on the telly. Harry's sides were sore from laughing when he finally went up
to bed.
This was the pattern over the next two weeks, when Remus would pull out all stops to
give Harry a holiday he would never forget. His new friends, the Elves, were the best
thing to happen to Harry, as they helped him tofinally begin to heal.
Training could wait until later, but for now, things could only get better, as he began to
enjoy his new life style.
The time had come when Harry would return to the Burrow. He and Moony were
enjoying the last breakfast that they would share for a little while. It was nearing the end
of July, and it would soon be Harry’s fourteenth Birthday.
“Moony, I’ve never had a Birthday party and I would really like to have one. Do you
think it’s possible?”
Moony excitedly agreed with him and asked him where he would like to hold the party.
“Would you prefer it to be at the Burrow or at Potter Manor?"
Without any hesitation,Harry replied."I would love to have it here in my own home. Do
we have time to plan it?"
Remus was as excited as Harry , and suddenly his mind filled with so many plans for this
party that he felt as if his brain was on overload.
"Leave it up to me Harry, and we’ll have the best Birthday party ever held any where.
Who would you like to invite?"
Harry thought deeply and replied.
“I would like the Weasleys and Hermione to be here. I like Luna and Neville but I really
don’t know many other people. So I will leave it up to you to think of a couple more. I
think the Weasleys will be a party by themselves.”
Harry grew pensive and also mentioned that of course they should invite Tonks. "She is
just like family, being Sirius’s cousin, and coming to the school to help you with DADA
sometimes when you weren’t well."
"She even helped guard me from my mass murdering Godfather. This really helped me to
get to know her a lot better and I like her very much. She’s sort of like a big sister, you
know? I think that you’re a bit sweet on her aren’t you?"
Remus turned a bit pink, and said, "She’s too young for me."
Harry just laughed at Moony. He could tell that he liked her a lot and he knew that Tonks
liked him too.
Tonks was a Metamorphagus, and could empathize with Remus. She had been treated
differently all her life. The few dates she went on ended in disaster. The gits always asked
her to turn into someone different, and it always hurt her feelings.
She was the first girl who was not disturbed by the fact of his lycanthropy. He was kind,
gentle, and always the gentleman. She lived in hope that someday he would overlook the
difference in age between them and would want a relationship with her. She would be
ready when and if that day ever came.
This bit settled, Harry asked Moony what he would do about the security. Moony told
him that he could set up a once only in, and once only out, fireplace connection between
the Burrow and the manor. The connection at Potters Manor was charmed to only
recognize Harry and his guardians. All others would be Security Cleared by Remus with
a special charm which he had perfected.
Harry mentioned that it was time to leave. He had kept in touch with Ginny over the last
two weeks, and he was anxious to see her again.
Harry called Jif and Ami into the room. He told them he was leaving for a while, but
would be back for his birthday and he wanted the young elves there too. They were all
welcome to help him celebrate his birthday.
They thanked Harry and also said that they would miss him as they had a lot of fun each
evening playing games and watching movies and telling him stories about his ancestors.
Harry hugged Moony goodbye. “I’ll see you later,” he said. He grabbed his backpack and
stepped into the fire, arriving at the Burrow almost immediately after. Harry’s exit was, as
usual, not the most graceful thing to see. He landed on his face, and blushed as Ron and
Mrs. Weasley ran to help him up.
“You know mate, you’re going to have to start practicing that entrance of yours. You look
so funny flying out of the fireplace.” Ron couldn’t keep himself from laughing and Harry
found himself joining Ron once he got back upon his feet. He brushed himself off and
was led into the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley had tea and biscuits waiting for them.
Ron wanted to know if he had enjoyed his visit with Remus. Harry assured him that it
had gone very well and it had given him the chance to get to know his Guardian better.
He told Ron the holiday had been spent at his own home, Potter Manor.
"I hope you will all be able to come to my 14th. birthday party.You willbe ableto see my
new home then.It was actually going to be a bit later than July 31st, as he wanted Moony
to be there and so it would need to be after the full moon for obvious reasons.
So far Harry hadn’t seen or heard Ginny’s voice since he had arrived. Ron saw him
looking around and guessing who he was looking for he remarked that Ginny was
spending the day at her friend’s house. “Ginny and Luna have been friends for a few
years now”, Ron told him.
"Want Luna and neville to come too.It will be a good way to get to know them
better",Harry mentioned that he liked them both .
They were seated at the table as they were talking, and Moony,s owl came through the
window. Ron removed two letters. One was for his Mom and one was for Harry.
Harry’s letter was to inform him that the invitations for his party had been sent out with
owls belonging to the manor so that he could send them all at once. He also told him that
he was taking a potion that kept his body and nerves in better shape up to the full moon,
so the party could be on the 29th.of July instead of after August 1st.
Harry was happy with this change of date and Mrs.Weasley said that she would inform
the family of the party. She offered to make the cake so Harry sent word back to Moony
telling him of this offer and also that the date was fine.
Ron asked him about an invitation for Hermione and Harry told him that Moony would
send her an invitation and had probably already sent it today along with the others.
Harry suggested they go out flying for a while and practice Ron’s Keeper skills as he
could try out for reserve Keeper. Oliver would be graduating next year and Ron would be
the best choice as his replacement. Katie would take over as Captain and as she is a
chaser, Ron would stand a good chance at the position. He was getting much better at
stopping the Quaffles. Harry and Ron had a great time in the air and Harry couldn’t
believe how much Ron had improved over the summer.
Harry mentioned this to him as they landed and Ron said, “Well mate it isn’t as if there
was a lot to do around here. Between de-gnoming the garden and trying to hide from Fred
and George, I got a lot of practice. The twins also helped me a lot when they weren’t
tricking me into testing out their products”.
Suddenly Harry felt his stomach rumble and Ron laughed.
"Usually it’s me with the noisy stomach but this time it’s you".
“Yeah, me and Moony talked through brunch and only picked at a bit of our food. Guess
I’m near ready to eat.” The boys headed to the Burrow and after washing up they sat in
the living room waiting to be called for dinner.
Ron challenged Harry to a game of chess while they waited and even though Ron always
trounced him soundly, Harry still enjoyed the game. Moony had played a few games with
Harry and had given him a few good tips. Ron was happy that Harry was more of a
challenge than he had been before.
Halfway through the game not only did Mrs. Weasley call them for dinner but the twins
and Ginny all came rushing in the door just in time to hear her announcement.
It was only after the twins had noticed Harry that Ginny looked up and saw him sitting at
the table. “Hi Harry, when did you get back to the burrow?” she asked. “I guess it was
around 1 o,clock”, he answered. Mrs.Weasley told them about the party at Harry’s home,
and the conversation quickly turned to plans for the party.
Harry told them it would only be a small party as he didn’t know too many young people
or other folks except their family and it would be a great party with them all there. Harry
felt that he wanted to stay on good terms with the family so that the parents wouldn’t
have any suspicions regarding his and Ginny’s friendship.
The next few days went quickly with the youngsters more often than not found on their
brooms practicing Quiddich moves. It was more fun when the twins were there as they
were a great help as they tried scoring on Ron. He was getting really good at preventing
them from scoring on him. The brothers were also impressed with Ginny’s Chaser moves.
Harry was too but didn’t dare to praise her too much. He didn’t want her brothers
suspecting anything no matter how innocent.
It was soon time for Harry to return to the Manor. He needed to meet with the Lawyers
again and he and Moonywanted to put the finishing touches in theirplans for his party.
Remus had owled Mrs. Weasley explaining the access to the Manor to her and she was
quite impressed with the security that he had in place. Even once they were at the Manor
they would still not know where it was or how to get there.
As Harry was leaving an owl arrived from Hermione. It was informing of her arrival after
the Dinner hour. Harry had managed to get Ginny aside and asked her if Hedwig was
delivering the letters to her bedroom window.
Ginny laughed and told Harry that she seemed all but invisible. She tried to make herself
as small as possible. She said it was as if Hedwig were trying the disillusion spell on
Ginny said she couldn’t help but laugh. She never laughed where Hedwig could hear her
because when she giggled the first time, Hedwig nipped her finger.
Harry laughed too. "That must have been funny", he agreed. After a soft kiss on her
cheek, they parted.
The day of the party arrived and Harry was a nervous wreck. He was so excited that he
changed his clothes at least a dozen times and could not for love nor money sit still for
more than three minutes at a time. The game room was decorated with more banners and
balloons than Harry had ever seen in all his life. One long banner said HAPPY 14TH.
BIRTHDAY HARRY several times across the length of it. It must have been all of 20 feet
long. He had never seen a banner that long before.
Suddenly the fireplace turned green and people started to exit out of it. First came nearly
all the Weasleys and Hermione. Then Luna and Neville entered the room followed by
Mrs. Weasley carrying a huge birthday cake and landing so gracefully that Harry was
green with envy. She must have noticed his reaction because she told him that after he
had used the floo as many years as she had, he would be able to land gracefully too.
Remus and Tonks entered from the garden and were greeted by all the new arrivals.
All the youngsters gaped in awe at Harry’s home. They were running from game table to
Television to pool table. Mrs. Weasley raised her voice so she could be heard and told
them sarcastically that the least they could all do was to say hello to Harry and Remus.
"That goes for you too Arthur", as she routed him out from in back of the Telly, where he
was trying to see what made it work and wishing he could take it apart to find out for
Harry couldn’t help but laugh at all of them. They looked so funny running all over the
room like chickens with their heads cut off. Hermione was the exception as she, as had
Harry, been brought up in a Muggle home.
Soon everyone had calmed down and Harry thanked them all for being there with him.
He promised to show them around before they left for home again.
Harry announced that Dinner would be served in about 10 minutes and so he led them all
to the dining room. Every one took a place at the table and soon the table was laden with
nearly as much food as Harry had ever seen on the tables at Hogwarts.
Harry was fully prepared for what he knew would happen very soon. Hermione had
started an Elf liberation movement at hogwarts called,S.P.E.W.He knew she,d have lots to
say about his Elven friends. Really, he could hardly wait. It would be in his time-frame
There were still 6 empty seats and within seconds of the food appearing on the table 6
well dressed House elves appeared and took their places at the table. Harry stood and
announced; “It gives me much pleasure to introduce you all to my new friends, Jif, Ami,
Wes, Cott, Liz and Sue. They and their ancestors have been a part of the Potter and Evan
Families for generations. These wonderful Elves are in charge of Potter Manor.
Harry pointed to his Guests and introduced them each in turn to the house elves. He left
Hermione last as he was expecting her to rant about use of House elves. He was right but
he cut her off and told her they would discuss it later. She replied, “Too right we will”.
Dinner was delicious and Harry did not hesitate to compliment Ami on the marvelous
meal. He also thanked Jif and the girls for the lovely decorations and told them he would
leave them up for as long as Moony would let him do so.
The cake and tea would be served in the games room. Mrs., Weasley had outdone herself.
The cake was a chocolate cake. Harry’s favorite of course. It was decorated with snitches
and brooms and Quaffles and even a Bludger. It had HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY HARRY
on it and there were 14 large candles on the top of the cake.
Harry tried to blow the candles out after making a wish but they just sputtered and flared
to life again and again. Finally after his face started to turn blue he glanced to look over
at the twins.
They were holding their hands to their mouth to stifle their laughter, and Harry knew for
sure that the candles were trick candles. When he got his breath back he laughed at the
joke they had played on him. Soon everyone had a huge slice of cake and a butter beer
. After the cake was gone Harry was asked to open his gifts. He received many lovely
gifts and also a package of joke items from the twins. Mrs. Weasley had made him some
fudge and treacle tart and his cake of course.
Ron gave him the old standby which he loved, chocolate frogs. Remus gave him a new
wand holster and Tonks gave him a book on DADA. Hermione gave him a book on
Quiddich Through the Ages, and Ginny gave him a package of sugar quills.
Luna and Neville had pooled their money for a book about old wizarding families which
Harry could hardly wait to begin reading. Hagrid had sent him a book on Strange Magical
He thanked them all for their gifts and told them how much he appreciated them being in
his home to celebrate his big day with him.
Harry told everyone he would take them around his home. He would only show them up
to the 3rd. Floor as the 4th. Floor was just storage area.
They followed him from floor to floor as he explained the various rooms and their
function and who they were used by. He showed them the training room on the 1st. floor
and Ami, s beautiful kitchen. Mrs. Weasley was visibly impressed with the up to date
kitchen and all the space Ami had to work in.
Harry had not started with the attic and Library as he wanted to check them out on his
own first.
Harry told them that Cott and Webb were in charge of the stables and gardens and Liz
and Sue were in sole charge of the Manor rooms and the kitchen was the pride and joy of
Ami. Jif was the Manor Manager. They had been the sole workers for many, many years.
It was at this point that Hermione couldn’t hold her wrath in any longer.
"Harry, I can’t believe you would stoop so low as to have House elves as your slaves. I
am ashamed of you".
She approached Ami and asked her how she could do so much work by herself. She
wanted to know if she was being paid and if she was free to leave whenever she wished
to do so and if she had days off etc. Harry just let her rant for a bit and waited with bated
breath for Ami to answer.
"Miss Hermione, I have heard from Harry that you are known as the smartest witch in
Hogwarts. You will never be the'smartest' witch if you depend only on your books".
"You must speak to Elves, to know what they need and want, if you want to help them.
We are a proud race. We are bound to our house and the families that live within its walls.
We serve them with love and are loved by them in return. We do not slave , we let our
magic work for us".
Ami continued, "We join them at their table for all of our meals, and spend our evenings
in the game room enjoying the same things they do. We have been treated thus by all the
masters and mistresses we have served in this Manor. We are family first, and House
Elves, second".
“Imagine our joy when Remus brought us our new master and we found a kindred spirit
in him. Master Harry is a great Wizard and a good friend. We will serve him till we live
no more. Our descendants will always be here to take over. Do not criticize what you do
not know. Being a great Witch or Wizard cannot be learned from books. It is born in you.
And it was born in Master Harry".
Hermione rounded onto Harry. "“How can you condone this? They have been
brainwashed to believe all this is their lot in life".
Harry had had enough. "You know Hermione, You have gone too far. You don’t know
what you are talking about. You are a Muggle Witch and I am a Half-Blood Wizard. You
have a long way to go before you can criticize me and my actions. I know the beliefs and
customs of the Wizarding world. I spent 2 weeks with Moony and my elf friends being
told the history of my family."
"House Elves are born into the magic of the house and the people they serve. If this is
changed in any way, they would die. Given their freedom, house elves lose their magic
and no one wants them any more and they starve to death. You should speak to Ron’s
Mom before you try to change their lot in life because she knows the customs and
"The only way you will ever be welcomed into my home after tonight is if you never
approach these friends of mine as you did tonight. I hope you understand me. They will
be treated as equals and not as if they are unwilling servants." With that Harry turned
away thus letting Hermione know that the subject was closed.
The rest of the evening passed pleasantly with games, movies, and conversation. Mr.
Weasley still wandered to the telly trying to be nonchalant about it, to see if he could get
behind it to start checking things out. Mrs. Weasley was busy keeping him out of trouble.
The twins were happy with the pool table and Remus and Tonks were having a great time
watching the antics of Arthur and Molly. Harry and Ginny managed to sit a bit apart and
chat quietly for a while. She told him to check under his Sugar quills for his real present.
Luna and Neville were engrossed in a movie called Back to the Future and were in a
world of there own. This was the first movies they had ever seen, and they weren’t about
to let noise from everybody’s conversations bother their enjoyment of the movie.
Soon Ron was challenging Harry to a game of Table tennis which he knew nothing about
but he was willing to learn. It was one of the games Moony and Harry had played a lot of
so he was able to teach Ron the fine points of the game.
Hermione took this as her chance to ask Ginny what she and Harry had been talking
"Why do you think it’s anything you need to know? It was just about Quiddich tryouts
and the few practices we had in the orchard at the Burrow." Hermione looked at her with
raised eyebrows.
"Mrs. Weasley told Ron and his brothers to not let you and Harry," mmmph, and here she
stopped with her hand over her mouth. She knew she had blown it big time and begged
Ginny not to tell Ron she had repeated nearly all the so called secret to her.
Ginny was angry but didn’t let on to Hermione how she felt. She told Hermione that they
were merely friends. No more and no less. She felt betrayed. She would have to send an
owl to Harry and tell him what she had learned as she wouldn’t be able to discuss it here
By ten o’clock most every one was yawning and Mrs.Weasley decided to take her family
home. She thanked Harry for a wonderful Dinner and evening. She asked when he would
be returning to the burrow.
"As soon as meetings with the Lawyers are over, I will come back for a week or so if it is
okay with you." Harry, you are always welcome. I love having you at the Burrow and
Ron and the twins enjoy their time with you practicing Quiddich."
Hugs were exchanged and the Weasleys and others left with loud good byes and thanks
ringing in Harry’s ears.
Harry returned to Moony and Tonks and thanked them for the best day of his life despite
Hermione’s harangue on the rights of House Elves.
He told them he couldn’t say it was the best birthday party he’d ever had because it was
the first party he had ever had. Tonks eyes got teary and she hugged him saying, "Harry if
Remus and I have our say this is just the first of many parties you will have. We will treat
any occasion as worthy of a party .How would you like that?" Harry just grinned widely,
and the grin turned into a huge yawn
"Bed my cub and we’ll visit more in the morning. We have quite an agenda and your
Lawyers will be here at 10 A.M. and we need to settle a lot of issues because it’s only 2
days to full moon.
Harry hugged them both goodnight and went upstairs. He did as Ginny had said and
looked underneath the sugar quills. He found a picture of Ginny and him that Colin must
have taken. It was by the lake at Hogwarts, They were just sitting and talking, but Harry
loved it. It was the best present he had ever received.
Hecrawled into his bed. He’d enjoyed seeing Ginny and hoped he would have pleasant
dreams about her. Closing his eyes he was soon asleep.
It seemed as if morning had come all too soon for Harry. He knew that he had a full day
before him. He was hoping for answers to all of his questions. He sincerely hoped that he
would get them today.
Harry descended the stairs slowly. His stomach rumbled as he smelled the food. Ami sure
knew how to tempt his taste buds. Moony met him in the breakfast room, and they gave
each other brief hugs. They sat down and proceeded to enjoy their meal.
Their meal completed, Harry and Remus found that there was still time for a bit of spell
and hex training. They arrived in the training room,where they spent an hour on very
intense training.
Remus knew he had a lot to make up to Harry for. He knew that soon, Harry would take
him to task, for all the years that he had distanced himself from him. He was not looking
forward to the conversation that would follow Harry's questions.
The wolf in him had sensed the disquiet in Harry, at times, when Harry peered deeply at
him. Harry would shake himself slightly, avert his gaze, and change the conversation they
had been having.
Remus and Harry went upstairs to shower and change. Harry was excited. Maybe today
the Lawyers would bring closure on a few issues. He could only hope. He stayed under a
refreshing spray ofhot water thinking of all the things he wanted to see happen. He hoped
he was not being too optimistic about the changes he had in mind.
"Harry, you need to get down here," bellowed Remus." It is nearly time to greet our
Harry jumped and realized that he had been daydreaming. He was quickly toweled off
and dressed in his good robes, and descended the stairs.
He was just in time to hear the Floo network in action. He heard, what he thought was a
herd of elephants, exiting the fireplace.
Harry entered the study and stopped dead in his tracks. His face paled, and he felt faint.
Suddenly he was enveloped in a hug of massive proportions. He felt and saw tears
running down the face of none other, than his Godfather, Sirius.
He finally pulled away from his arms and searched his face, taking in all his features. He
wanted to commit his whole being to memory, in case it was just a dream.
Harry spoke."I need to sit down, Sirius. My legs are like jelly."
Harry could not take his eyes off his godfather. He apologized to the two Lawyers for
ignoring them.
"Please, I need some explanations. I need to know what has happened over the last few
Harry sat down as close to Sirius as he could, without being on his lap. He felt like a very
small child. He needed the assurance that his Godfather would not disappear if he let him
out of his sight.
The others chose seats around the small table. Ami appeared with refreshments, and as
they drank their tea, the Lawyers prepared for the questions from Harry.
Just before Harry could bombard them with his queries, Mr. Edwards spoke.
"Harry, I will explain everything that we have accomplished to date. Please have
patience. It is easier to explain, than to answer questions. You can question us later."
"First, we had a meeting with Prof. Dumbledore, Minister Crouch, Mrs. Taylor and Mr.
Holmes. We went into the Pensieve in which you had deposited your memories of your
After exiting the Pensieve, we discussed the memories. We asked your Headmaster for
his reasons for disregarding the directive from your parents, and how he could leave you
in such an abusive situation."
"Harry, his reasoning was that he did what he thought was right. We asked him, why he
would think that your parents should have no say in your future.
He replied that he was doing this for the greater good of the Wizarding world. He still
believed that you were better off staying with the Dursleys, and he
would see that you returned to them."
At this, there was a show of disbelief from the others present in the room. Harry was also
very angry, as were Remus and Sirius.
The two Social Workers had been were livid when they heard the reply given by the
Headmaster.Mr Holmes continued.
"The results of that meeting have been as follows. Minister crouch has agreed that you
are to live at Potter Manor with your two guardians. He agrees that the wards are
sufficient and even better than at the Dursleys. This is now your home."
Harry beamed and jumped up and grabbed Remus and Sirius in a hug. He had a hard time
fighting the tears that were so near the surface. He returned to his place and thanked the
people who had worked so tirelessly for him. They all smiled back at him. His happiness
was contagious.
"Now secondly Harry. You are no doubt wondering how Sirius is a free man, and he is a
free man, let me assure you of that fact.
Professor Dumbledore was requested to call a meeting of the Wizenmagot , and we
presented the document to them for their perusal. Mr. Crouch agreed to the use of
Veritaserum, and of course, Sirius's was proved innocent.
We did not disclose that the Professor also had a copy of the same document in his
possession for so many years."
Harry was in turmoil. He had so many thoughts running through his head. He tried to
separate them in order, but failed completely. He finally had the answers he had so often
sought. He would have a lot to think about, and a long letter to write to his Ginny.
Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Holmes gave their report next. They informed Harry that the
Dursleys were being charged with many counts of Child abuse. The counts were almost
too numerous to mention, but suffice to say, they were numerous.
In the Muggle charges, the worse ones of all were the starvation, physical and mental
abuse and forcing an underage child into a form of slavery.
The main Wizard charge was keeping the child ignorant of his Wizarding background.
This charge would be laid because the Aunt had been part of a wizarding family. It was
her duty to pass on Harry's background knowledge to him as he matured.
All of this information had Harry's brain ready to go into overload. He had certainly
stirred up a Doxie nest. As he had thought earlier in the conversation, he had a lot of
thinking to do.
"Well Harry, we think we have given you much food for thought. You have a new family
unit to become better acquainted with, and so we will be on our way. Further meetings
will only need to take place quarterly to keep you up to date on your investments and
your finances."
"As you have reached your 14th birthday, you have become an emancipated individual.
Of course, if you get into trouble, your guardians can still ground you. Just don't get
caught Harry."
At this, everyone chuckled. They all knew that Harry would be trying his newfound
wings out as soon as possible.
All of the guests prepared to leave, wishing the new family unit much happiness. The joy
emanating from Harry, was the best pay the four adults could be given. They had worked
hard and fast, and had given Harry the gift of a lifetime; a family and love. They stepped
through the fire with the satisfaction of a job well done.
Harry was just about to speak, when Ami appeared to announce lunch. "Go wash up", she
said, and they obeyed her without question. They climbed the stairs, laughing at the way
the tiny Elf could make them all feel like children.
"Race you", said Harry as he took off running down the stairs and into the dining room.
"Hey"! yelled Sirius and Moony, as they tried to catch up to Harry. "You're younger than
we are." Harry laughed and told them he was hungrier than they were too.
Lunch was a grand affair. Sirius told Remus and Harry all that had happened to him since
they had flown him to freedom on Buckbeaks back, a few months ago. He had so many
funny anecdotes to tell them that their laughter filled the dining room. In their kitchen,
Ami and Jif smiled and nodded. "We are truly a family once again ", said Ami.
After the meal, the three men decided that a nap was in order, after they found themselves
yawning now and then. They all went to their rooms and soon snores could be heard from
Sirius and Remus,s rooms. After Harry penned a great long letter to Ginny, he too gave in
to the lure of his bed and fell into a deep sleep.
Harry awoke refreshed to find Sirius and Moony sitting in the study, talking quietly. He
thought now is the time to speak to Moony. He needed to ask him a question. It would be
a difficult question, but he had to ask it. He sat down and lightly coughed to get their
attention. When he had their attention, he spoke.
"Moony, you saw my memories in the Pensieve.You also spoke to the Headmaster several
times. You knew that you were my other Guardian. I need to know why you did not
rescue me from the Dursleys."
"You knew what I was going through with them. Why didn't you come and take me away
from there when I was a baby?" By this time, Harry's eyes were wet with unshed tears
and his shoulders were shaking slightly.
Remus looked at Harry. His eyes were also bright. He thought seriously for a moment.
"Harry! I hate the fact that what I am about to tell you, will be hard for you to accept. If
we are to be a family, I must put our interests before those of others."
"When your parents died, I left immediately to meet with Professor Dumbledore. Sirius
had run out to hunt and kill Peter. He was the traitor. You have heard the results of his
hasty actions. I wasn't aware of these events until a bit later. In the meantime, I wanted to
get you to Potter Manor as quickly as possible, where you would be safe."
I had to wait for some time in the Headmasters office. When he returned, I learned that he
had been delivering you to the Dursleys, as I sat in his office waiting to get you from his
care. I was devastated."
Moony then proceeded to tell Harry that he had been threatened with Azkaban. If he
attempted by any means at all, to gain custody of him.The headmasterclaimed to have the
backing of the ministry to have Remus thrown into Azkaban, without a trial or any
charges being brought against him.
Remus had no choice but to back off. He would be of no use to Harry in prison. He then
decided to become his guard as often as possible. He reported Harry's unfair treatment to
both the Headmaster and the Ministry.
The Ministry in turn sent the reports to the Professor. Because the reports landed back on
the Headmasters desk, nothing was done to help Harry. Remus,s hands were quite
efficiently tied. He could do nothing at all.
His favorite time had been the time he had spent at Hogwarts as DADA Professor. He
could see Harry all the time and was the happiest he had been since his best friends had
He was devastated when Snape had, in a roundabout way, let it be known that he was a
"Harry I no choice but to resign my position, asI knew the parents would be against a
Werewolf teaching, or being in close proximity to their children.I knew thatyou wouldbe
devastated, andI felt the same way".
He then looked up at Harry with tears in his eyes.
"Harry, this is my only excuse. I can say no more". Harry went to Moony and hugged him
Harry spoke, "I cannot blame you for Dumbledore's failure to do what was right. He has a
lot to answer for. I am so disappointed in him. I always looked up to him, but I will never
see him in the same way again".
Remus was happy that Harry knew the truth at last. They could now go forward and
enjoy their new life together. The three of them talked together for the next few hours
they had a lot of time to make up for.
Harry wanted to train some more, and go to the Burrow for a few days. Sept 1st was
getting closer. He was happier than he had ever been. He had a family, a home and Ginny.
What more could a bloke ask for? TBC.
Following his talk with Moony, Harry had slept very well. The explanation had lightened
his heart considerably.
Harry appreciated adults being truthful with him. He was greatly troubled with the fact
that he would have to hide his feeling for Ginny from not only Hermione, but also Ron
and his family.
Harry was contemplating getting out from beneath his warm covers, when he heard a
whoosh, as Hedwig flew in through his opened bedroom window. She landed on his bed
with a loud thump.
Harry snickered a bit at her, and she glared at him. "Good morning girl. I bet you have a
letter from a pretty little haired girl, don’t you?"
Hedwig came close to Harry and held her leg out to him. She softly cooed to him, letting
him know that she did have something for him. Harry removed the letter and scratched
her behind her ears.
She loved being scratched in that particular spot. She went to her cage where her treats
and water were, and after eating and drinking, she tucked her head under her wing and
went to sleep.
Harry eagerly opened his letter.
Dear Harry:
I was very glad to get your letter telling me all your news. Hedwig will not leave until I
write an answer to you. She just looks at me and my parchment and quill, as much as to
say, "Get busy".
Summer here has been very boring. My favorite thing of all was your birthday Party.
Since then it has been chores and homework! I have my summer homework all finished.
I am anxious to see you again. You are coming aren't you? We have lots to discuss with
one another in private. One thing, is something Hermione let slip at your party when she
and I were talking. It made me angry, and I will tell you when you arrive here.
I have found a perfect excuse to get together to talk, without Ron or Hermione bothering
us. I don't dare say too much here because I'm afraid someone could capture Hedwig and
read the note. I wouldn't put it past Ron to try to catch her to get my letter, the git.
I will see you at the Burrow on Saturday morning.
Love from your Ginny.
Harry read the last three words repeatedly. My but I've got it bad, he said to himself. He
folded the letter up and put it in his pocket.
Harry thought that he had better get his shower and get dressed. It would soon be time for
breakfast, and he was hungry.
As Harry left his room and headed for the stairs, he looked up and stopped dead in his
tracks. There coming out of Moony,s bedroom was a pink haired, bathrobe clad Tonks. As
she spied Harry, her face became pinker than her hair.
She began to stammer and ramble."I'm so embarrassed to let you see me like this, and I'm
sorry Harry. I didn't mean to startle you and can you ever forgive me? I didn,t mean for
you to see me like this".
Before she could get a second breath to say anything else, Harry interrupted her.
"You're rambling Tonks. Slow down. It's O.K. Tonks, when did you get here? You weren't
here when I went to bed."
"No, I wasn't," replied Tonks. "You aren't upset are you? You did tell me I am welcome to
visit anytime, didn't you?"
Harry replied, chuckling." Yes, I did Tonks. Now shower fast, and get down for breakfast,
because I'm going down to give Moony loads of grief. He'll be yelling for help soon."
Harry took off running at full tilt down the stairs and into the breakfast room. The next
thing Tonks heard was "Moooony". I think we need to have 'THE TAAALK!'
Soon Harry and Sirius were teasing Remus remorselessly. His face was red hot. He put
his hands over his face and yelled out, "Tonks come and help me". Soon Tonks entered
the room and drew her wand. "Well boys, shall we have our breakfast now?"
As soon as Sirius and Harry could stop laughing, they tried to settle down. Every time
they glanced at Moony, they chuckled again. Tonks looked at them glaringly. She
threatened them with a hex if they didn't calm down. Soon all was silent as they tucked
into the delicious meal. Once more peace reigned, at least for a while any way.
Following the meal, everyone decided to take a tour of the Manor and grounds. This was
Tonks first visit and Sirius and Moony until recently, hadn't been her for many years.
Webb led them on a tour of the grounds and the animal enclosures. It was a treat for them
all. It was so beautiful. Harry was proud of the home that his parents had left for him to
After the tour, they all took to their brooms and enjoyed a couple of hours on the
Quiddich Pitch. Soon it was time to prepare for lunch.
Harry and his new family spent a wonderful week together, becoming newly acquainted.
Harry told Sirius all about his first years at Hogwarts. He shyly told him about Ginny.
He also told him the events leading up to him and Moony meeting with the lawyers and
the C.P.S. In short, he quite literally told Sirius his life history starting from when Prof.
Dumbledore left him on the Dursleys doorstep.
In turn, Sirius informed them of the details of his flight, and the Island where he had been
hiding. He told them that it was a hitherto unknown piece of property that he owned.
He promised that he would takethem on a holiday to the Island next summer. He didn't
speak of his time in Azkaban, because he knew that it would hurt Harry to hear about it.
Remus told Sirius the events that happened in his life. Some of it was new to Harry, so he
listened avidly. Tonks brought them up to date on her Auror training. She couldn't share
confidential information, but could tell them some of the funny things that happened from
day to day.
Some of this time was usedin training, also. He certainly had three excellent teachers.
They were all great duelers, and they believed in physical exercise as well. Both stamina
and agility were very important. It would not be good to tire before your opponent did.
Remus and Tonks were Aurors, and Sirius had been an Auror before the tragedy of James
and Lily occurred. Tonks was able to teach Harry the latest hexes and spells. He was a
quick study and was a joy to teach.
The three adults spoke quietly while Harry practiced his karate moves. "He is getting
more powerful all the time", said Tonks."That he is,and he is soaking up everything we
can teach him, like a sponge", answered Sirius.
"We better buy some more books", laughed Remus. They all just shook their heads.Harry
could no longer be likened to the lowly flobberworm, that was for sure.
Harry's book lists arrived, and they spent a day in Diagon Alley.
Harry needed new robes. He had grown taller over the summer, so he also needed a
complete new wardrobe.
He had worn castoffs for so long that, he thoroughly enjoyed the shopping trip. He
especially enjoyed Tonks help in picking out the latest teen boy fashions. He would never
have to wear Dudley's cast offs ever again.
With all the gold in the Potter vault, he couldn't under stand why his Headmaster had
allowed him to look like a ragamuffin. Was this a better way to control him and a way to
keep him humble, perhaps?
Returning home, once more, Harry packed his trunk. He also packed a sport bag with
enough clothes for his week long stay at the Burrow. He would leave Hedwig with his
Guardians, and they would see that his trunk and Hedwig would be at Kings Cross on
Sept 1st.
The time finally came to leave for his last few days at the Burrow.
He had promised Ron that he would come for the last week of the holidays.
With hugs all around, and shouts of "see you at Kings Cross", Harry stepped into the fire,
and yelled out "The Burrow."
Harry landed in a tangle of broom, bags, feet and ashes, on his face and on his clothes.He
landed smack in frontof his friends and Mrs. Weasley.
They couldn't help it. They all laughed hilariously, holding their sides and stomachs. Still
roaring, Ron tried to help Harry to his feet. After the ashes had been brushed off his
clothes, he scowled at them all.
Ginny was still giggling a bit.
"You sure know how to make a fellow feel welcome, don’t, you?" he asked them.
Harry had to chuckle at himself though. It was funny. Ron said, "Great Wizard you may
be, but you are pathetic at flooing."
"That's enough", said Mrs. Weasley and pushed them all aside to give Harry her
trademark Weasley Hug. "Settle in, now Harry, and I'll get some cool drinks ready.
Ginny and Hermione headed outside. Hermione eyed Ginny a bit oddly. Ginny raised her
eyebrows at her, but just kept on walking.
She walked towards a large blanket, which was covering the ground. It was under the
ancient Oak Tree in the garden. This oak was hundreds of years old.It was wonderful to
sit under it's branches on a hot day. Ginny and her brothers had spent many happy hours
playing under, and in, the trees branches, when they were children.
In the meantime, Ron and Harry were heading up stairs to Ron's room. Harry unpacked
his few clothes, and laid them in the space allotted to him.
Ron asked him about his new clothes and he told him that his folks had taken him
shopping. Tonks had picked out his Muggle clothes and Ron said, "Wow, Harry she sure
has good taste. The girls will surely flock to you when they see you on the Express".
Harry scowled at him, and turned away before he said something he would regret. Ron
followed Harry out of the room.
They stopped at the top of the stairs and Ron asked him where Hedwig was. "At my
home", he answered. "Moony and Sirius will take her to Kings Cross along with the rest
of my things on Sept.1st. Why do you ask?"
Ron told Harry he wondered why he hadn't written to them all summer. It was odd not to
see Hedwig at least a few times. Harry turned his head so that Ron wouldn,t see him grin.
Harry gave himself a mental shake and turning to Ron, he remarked.
"As soon as the four ofus areoutside with something cool to drink, I will tellyou all
aboutmy summer".
Ron looked at Harry askance and asked; "Harry there's Hermione, me and you. How do
you get four, out of that?
Harry replied in a no nonsense voice." You have forgotten Ginny. She just had her 13th.
Birthday not many days ago and she's my friend also. We are all teenagers now. She's not
a baby any longer.'
Harry pronounced each word with emphasis. She's only a year and 2 weeks younger than
I am, and if she's too young, then so am I. You can make a choice right now. If you don't
want Ginny to be our friend, then I won't be either. It's up to you."
"But Harry", whined Ron. "No! No but Harry, at all. Take it or leave it."
Ron looked at Harry's face. He was shocked at the change in the Harry he had known
since 1st. year. At least the Harry he thought he knew.
This Harry would not be the one to back down ever again. He was no longer the little
waif that he had met on the Hogwarts Express. He had a look of determination in his eyes
that Ron knew better than to trifle with.
"Hermione can handle him," he thought. "She's not the smartest Witch in our year for
nothing. She'll take him down a peg or two."
"We'll talk to Hermione before I say any thing else ", said Ron. Harry grinned to himself
and led the way down the stairs.
"The drinks are here on the table, and so are the biscuits. The girls are outside, so have a
nice visit," said Mrs. Weasley. The boys grabbed the pitcher of pumpkin juice, the
biscuits and glasses and headed out the door.
They hadn't gone four steps when Hermione hurried up to them. She had told Ginny she
was going to help them, but Ginny knew why she was doing this. She caught Harry's eye
and gave him a tiny wink.
Hermione whispered quietly." What will we do about Ginny? How can we talk with her
here? Who is going to tell her to leave? She's just too young to be a part of our group."
Harry glared at Hermione. She was shocked at the look on his face. She stepped back a
"No one will tell Ginny to leave. She is my friend too. She will stay, or I will leave. Do
you understand? Do you both understand?"
Whether they agreed with Harry or not, they both nodded their heads yes. They then
joined Ginny under the tree.
Harry poured the cool juice into the glasses, and Ron placed the plate of biscuits in the
middle of the blanket. They all helped themselves to the goodies and began devouring
Harry sighed contentedly. "I love this old tree", he said. "I remember sitting underneath it
many times my second summer here, just thinking of lots of things".
"Yes. We all love this old tree. It holds so many good memories for all of us. We've
played under it for years since we were all just little kids," replied Ginny.
Harry asked them all how their summer had been. From force of habit, Hermione waved
her hand in the air. They all grinned at her, and when she realized what she was doing,
she blushed, and lowered her hand to her lap. "Can I go first"? They all agreed and she
proceeded to tell them about her trip.
Hermione's parents had planned for years to take a trip that would be special. They
wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise. Their flight took them to Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
From there they boarded a beautiful cruise ship. The ship had sailed up an inside passage
along the coastline. After they entered Alaskan waters, they made side visits to Juno,
Skagway, and a few other ports along the way. They cruised for 7 days and it was
After they arrived back in Vancouver, Hermione's Dad was so impressed with the beauty
of British Columbia, that he suggested they drive across Canada and fly home from an
airport in Nova Scotia. Hermione told them that she and her Mom readily agreed to his
request, and they set off across Canada on the next leg of their vacation.
The Rocky Mountains in B.C. were so high! They had never seen anything like it in all
their many travels to foreign places. They drove through Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and then to St.John, New Brunswick, where they boarded a
ferry ,and after a few hours, they landed in Digby, N.S. From there they drove to Halifax.
Their flight returned them to London, and the end of a fabulous vacation.
They didn,t think that Canada was such a distance from sea coast to seacoast. They
stopped along the way, and visited many great Cities and had seen loads of wonderful
things, so the days just sped by. She told them all the details of their stopovers along the
way, and it had taken her over an hour to explain it all to them.
"This was the best vacation we have ever taken", she said with a huge smile.
The teens were looking at her in awe. They could almost see in their minds eye all the
things that she had described to them. "WOW!" they all said in unison. They looked at
one another laughing.
"Our summer was boring in comparison to yours. We could never top that. Your turn next
Ron," said Ginny.
Ron filled them in on his summer. "I tested out my brother's trick products. I did get paid
a bit ", he said.
He had practiced quiddich and had a good visit with Harry when he came to the Burrow
soon after the beginning of summer. "I enjoyed the visit to the Manor too," he said.
Ginny told them that her summer was filled with chores and homework, so other than
Harry's party, it had been quite boring.
"Remind me to tell you something as soon as Harry tells us about his summer", she
added. They looked at her for an answer now, but she just grinned at them. Ron knew that
grin, and he knew she wouldn't say anything else just now.
Harry filled them in on the things that had happened during his summer so far.
"As you know, with Moony,s help and information, I found out I had inherited my parents
house. It's called Potter Manor, and I will live there with my Guardians full time now .I
will never have to go back to the Dursleys."
Harry continued. "Also with Moony,s help, we went to my parents Law Firm, and asked
them to present evidence I found in the Potter vault, proving Sirius's innocence. Our
esteemed Headmaster had the same evidence in his hands for all the Years that Sirius was
in Azkaban, and hid it from everybody."
Harry continued," The letter from my parents also informed the Headmaster of their plans
to have my Guardians to be my caregivers, in the event that Voldamort found and killed
"They left this letter with the lawyers, and a copy of it went to the Headmaster. The letter
stated that I was to be in the care of either Sirius, or failing that, Moony. They stated that
they were not to take into account Remus,s Lycanthropy, as they had made alternative
arrangements for my care during the week of the full moon."
He ended by telling them that the Headmaster had him removed from the scene of his
parent's death and taken immediately to the Dursleys, where his life had been terrible.
By now, Harry's eyes were glistening with unshed tears. Ginny sneaked in a quick hug,
saying, "I hate to see my big brother sad. We're all here for you Harry".
Her warm breath on his neck made him shiver. The others noticed, and gave him small
hugs of support as well. Harry thanked them gratefully.
Harry's last bit of information, was that he had spent nearly 10 months living in a hole
under the stairs, being abused, and starved, all in the name of keeping him safe. He knew
it was Dumbledore's way of controlling him.
"Harry assured them that those days were over.These were the reasons he decided to
make some changes in his life",he said.
The teens were looking at one another very seriously, when Ginny shook herself
mentally, and asked if they wanted to hear her last bit of information.
They looked at her warily. The look of devilment on her face told them that it might be
better if they didn't know her news. She giggled and then told them the news.
"After lunch, Mom wants two chores done. She wants the garden degnomed, and she
needs supplies from the Village".
Ron yelled, "It's not my turn to do the garden, and I refuse to do it. You and Hermione
can do it Ginny, and Harry and me will go to the village. It's your turn, anyway."
Hermione spoke up and said, "I don't want to clear the gnomes out of the garden either.
The last time I tried it, I couldn't throw them far enough over the fence to keep them
away an hour, let alone a few days. Ron, please, I'd rather go to the Village with you. Ask
Harry to help Ginny with the creatures."
Ron liked the idea of an afternoon alone with Hermione, so he readily agreed. Harry
thought he was agreeing a bit too fast, but put the thought away for later.
"O.K", Harry said. He sneaked a look at Ginny, while Ron and Hermione were eyeing
one another, and she winked slyly at him. He stifled a snigger. She was sure devious. She
planned this on purpose. He admired that trait in her.
Mrs. Weasley called them in to lunch a few minutes later. It felt as if they had been
talking for hours and hours.
They all trooped into the kitchen, carrying the remains of their little picnic with them.
They washed up and seated themselves around the table, which was covered with so
much food, that Harry didn't think they would be able to eat it all.
He had forgotten, for a minute that Ron was all appetite. To repeat a Muggle saying, he
had heard once a long time ago, Ron also had 'two hollow legs'. It didn't take long to clear
the platters of sandwiches and treats.
Mrs.Weasley waved her wand, to clear the table and start the dishes washing. She didn't
call on the teens to do this chore as she had plans for them.
"Well?" she asked. "Did you come to an agreement as to who will do the chores this
Ginny nodded her head and told her Mom that Ron and Hermione would do the shopping
and her and Harry would degnome the garden.
Mrs. Weasley was satisfied with this arrangement. She could watch them from the
kitchen window, without themcatching her keeping an eye on them. She had not forgotten
the request from Harry at the beginning of summer.
Ginny and Harry headed for the back garden. They kept a wider space than usual between
themselves as they walked.
Suddenly Harry spied a gnome trying to get behind him, but he turned and grabbed it by
the neck. From the corner of his eye, he spied Ginny's Mom peeking from behind the
Harry took off running toward the back fence, swinging the gnome around in circles.
He was angry with Ginny's Mom for spying on them, and so the gnome would suffer. As
he reached the fence, he threw the gnome with all his might, and watched as it sailed
clear out of sight. He brushed his hands together in the satisfaction of a good start to the
job at hand.
Ginny wasn't very far behind and threw her gnome nearly to the end of the field. he told
her that he caught her Mom spying on them and she quietly told Harry about Hermione's
slip of tongue. They both scowled.
They turned back and began furiously grabbing and tossing gnomes over the fence and as
far away as they could. It should take them a while to get back after this, they hoped.
They were able to talk a bit but worked diligently until the last gnome was gone. He told
her he had plans for them for after they returned to school. Ginny smiled and said she was
looking forward to hearing about them.
The two of them returned to the back stoop. "We got rid of all the gnomes. They're all
gone, for a few days at least", they said to Ginny's Mom. We're so thirsty. That was hot
work," said Harry.
Mrs. .Weasley placed a large pitcher of lemonade and a plate of scones on a little table.
She poured them out some cold drink, and they helped themselves to some scones.
Suddenly Ron and Hermione came around the corner clasping each other's hands and
chatting a mile a minute.
They weren't quick enough at spying Mrs.Weasley standing there and so did not have
time to hide the enjoined hands from her.
Harry and Ginny looked at their clasped hands in shock. They then looked at
Mrs.Weasley. She had a huge smile across her face. She's not angry, and she's actually
happy, were Harry's first thoughts. He then felt a ball of anger building up in his stomach.
Angrily Harry retorted."I guess that it's alright for Ron and Hermione to start a
relationship. After all, Hermione isn't your daughter, is she Mrs. Weasley?"
"Tell me Ron, have you asked Hermione's parents for their approval to date their
daughter. Have you Ron? Were you honest with her parents?
Harry heard a gasp from Ron's Mom and turned to look at her. She had her hand over her
"It really hurts to know how little you think of me," Harry told her.
Harry ran up to the room he was sharing with Ron. It was going to be a long, long week.
He hoped he could get through it without breaking down.
He could return to the Manor. He did not want to leave early. He would put up with
anything, just to watch Ginny at whatever she would be doing over the last week of
summer. Beside, they would be leaving for Hogwarts in just six more days. She was
worth it all to him.
Mrs Weasley called Harry to dinner. He entered a very quiet kitchen. This was unusual,
not the normal noisy Burrow. He could feel the unease that filled the room.
Ron and Hermione looked very unhappy. He didn't see Ginny in his line of sight, as she
was no where near Ron and Hermione where she usually sat.
Their Mom was extremely subdued. Mr. Weasley was not at the table. Harry figured that
he had left for work earlier. The twins looked left and right, trying to figure out what was
"not" going on. No one was talking, and no laughter. It was far too quiet for these
Fred and George decided to take matters into their own hands and try to get everyone in a
better mood.
Fred said: " Do you remember last term when we turned all the teachers' hair and clothing
into matching colors?"
George:"For some reason, I don't think that Snape liked the color we chose for him."
Fred:"I guess you have to agree that greasy black and lemon drop yellow clashed a bit,
wouldn't you?"
They then burst out laughing. It didn't take very long for them to catch on to the fact that
they were the only ones laughing. They tried a few more funny stories, but no one was in
the mood to laugh with them.
Soon the kitchen was quiet once more and Mrs.Weasley put the food onto the table and
sat down beside Hermione. "Eat up ", she said.
The twins and Ron needed no further invitation and filled their plates, and began to dig
in. Hermione took a smaller amount of food, and Harry took none at all.
He was deep in thought. He could feel that something had changed, but what was it?
Suddenly he looked up, and around the table.
Ron always sat beside him. Ginny always sat across from him, and Hermione across from
Now he saw that Hermione was sitting between Ron, and Mrs.Weasley .Ginny was sitting
between the twins, on the same side, and down from Harry.
When he saw this, he knew that she had been seated there so that they could not visit with
each other. Harry felt as if this were the last straw and that he had taken all that he could
He excused himself, stood up and went to Ron's room where he packed what few clothes
he had unpacked. It was a hard decision to make, as he wanted to spend some time
around Ginny, but he would have to leave. He would wait until they were back in
Hogwarts see her again.
He descended the stairs and went to the table. He stopped by Ginny's chair, lightly
stroked her cheek, in plain sight of the rest, and said bye to her. He told her he would see
her at school.
Harry caught the twin,s eyes, and they lightly shrugged their shoulders, as if to say,
"Sorry Mate".
He politely thanked Mrs. Weasley for her hospitality but said he felt he must leave. He
said his good-byes to the rest, telling them he would see them on Sept.1st, and that he
was returning to the manor.
He then left for Potter Manor. On arriving, he ran up to his room. He needed to be alone;
as he had many things to think about, not the least of which was; how far would Ginny's
brothers go to stand in the way of his friendship with their sister? He knew the twins were
okay with him ,but Ron and the older ones?
Harry lay back onto his bed. His thoughts began to wander. He thought over all the
changes that had taken place in his life since just a few weeks ago.
First, he had decided he'd had enough abuse from the Dursleys. He had owled Moony to
come visit him to ask him for information and advice.
He had called C.P.S., and got the help he needed to make the necessary changes. With all
the information from Moony and the Lawyers, and C.P.S., he was living in his new home
and under the legal care of his two Guardians.
Better still, Sirius was now a free man, and Harry would suffer no more abuse. He had
felt loved for the first time since he had lost his parents. That was a bonus.
The one item still on his list was to find a way to see Ginny after they returned to school.
He vowed that he would do this if it were the last thing he ever did. He was confident that
it would happen, and he would see that it did.
Harry fell asleep, without having dinner, and woke up with a raging hunger. He showered
and ran downstairs and entered the breakfast room to the startled gazes of his Guardians.
They had thought he was still at the Burrow.
It only took one look at Harry's face to stop them from asking questions just yet. They
knew Harry well enough by now to know that he would talk when he was ready. After
they had finished eating, Harry told them all the details of his short visit to the Burrow.
The men could see that he was hurting. This was hard for them to cope with.
They had no idea how to cope with an angsty teenager. They really didn,t know what to
say to him.
They couldn't even remember if they'd ever had this problem in their youth. Thatwastoo
many years ago to recall.
How could they counsel him? All they could do was listen, and do their best to look as if
they knew what they were doing. Bachelors, eh?
Harry did remember to tell them that he had sent Ginny a long letter before he went to
sleep. He told them that Hedwig knew the procedure for seeing that only Ginny would
get it.
He didn't enlighten them about the contents of the letter, just that he had sent her an
apology for leaving so abruptly, but hoped she would understand his decision. He had no
idea what happened after he left the Burrow.
Flashback to the Weasleys kitchen:
Ginny broke out in tears as Harry left through the floo. Hermione began to cry and Ron
began to rant and rave about perverts who wanted to date his baby sister.
The twins looked on aghast, at his tirade, and asked him why he was ranting.
He told them that Harry had the nerve to ask permission to be a bit more than Ginny's
friend, and maybe date when they were older.
George had spoken up and told Ron that he was a right git. Harry's a good bloke they
told him. Ginny couldn't do any better than Harry as a friend.
They also told him that he was jealous of Harry, and he would lose a good friend if he
wasn't careful. Mrs.Weasley just looked bemused at what had taken place a short time
End of flashback.
Harry was glad that underage magic was not discernable from the Manor, so after a few
more days of training and Quiddich practice, it was Aug 31st. and one day left of summer
He was excited about his plans to teach Ginny all the things he had learned from Sirius,
Moony and Tonks. Maybe even Neville and Luna would like to learn as well.
Harry had received a long letter from Ginny the night before, and was happy with
everything she wrote. He especially loved the ending. With all my love, your Ginny.
The evening before he was to leave, Moony and Sirius asked Harry to join them in the
study. Moony had something special for him.
"Harry," he said. "Last year I went to Filches room to get a parchment that he had
confiscated from the Marauders while we were still in school. We never had the
parchment returned to us."
"Once Filch gets his hands on something, he lays claim to it. As a Professor, I had more
freedom than when I was a student. I decided I would take a chance and try getting this
parchment back".
Harry looked expectantly at Moony and Sirius. What had been so important, that Moony
would risk losing his job over it? Sirius was jumping up and down in excitement. Harry
thought that he was acting worse than a little kid.
Moony reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded sheet of parchment. He handed it
to Harry. Harry opened it and looked at it. All he could see was a map with lines and
some vague shapes.
"Touch it with your wand, and say, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.," said
Harry did as told, and suddenly there were dots, with names besides them, on the map.
The little dots seemed to move along hallways, and inside of rooms. Along the top was
written the legend;
Presented to you, by the Messrs. Padfoot, Prongs, Moony and Wormtail.
"What is this map and where did you get it from?" he asked.
"This is called the Marauders Map. It is a complete diagram of Hogwarts Castle", said
"Your Dad, Moony, Peter, and I made it while we were students at Hogwarts. This map is
charmed to guide you to, and through all the secret passages in Hogwarts.
Look close Harry and you will see all the tunnels that lead out of the castle too. The best
one is the one that will take you out to the cellar in Honeydukes Sweet shop."
Harry whooped with glee. "This is just what I needed. A way to find some place to meet
Ginny and I can teach her everything you have taught me during the summer. All the
spells and hexes. It will probably be the only time we can talk together too."
He added "You know, don't you, that we are really only good friends now, but in a year or
two, when we are older, we would like to be able to go on dates to Hogsmead.
I'm sure that Mrs. Weasley would agree that 14 and 15 is old enough to date, wouldn't
she", he asked in a hopeful voice.
Harry hung his head and said; "I really do like her, you know". Both Moony and Sirius
agreed that maybe she would agree to let Ginny date by then.
Sirius and Moony spent some time explaining the finer points of the map to Harry, ending
with the words Mischief Managed. They told Harry that it needed to be a secret from
everybody except Ginny.
This was a treasured parchment, which they were entrusting to him. After all, he was the
next generation of the Marauders. By no means was he to let Filch get his mitts on it
The map and his invisibility cloak would be well used this year.
They also informed him of the Room of Requirement and how to access it, and that it was
to be used properly, and not as a snogging room.
The magic in the room would not allow this usage. Any misuse of the room, and
transgressing students would be ejected painfully. Sirius said he learned the hard way, but
would not explain himself.
Grinning widely, Harry promised to protect the map with his life if he had to.
He ran upstairs and finished packing his trunk, tucking the map in a special compartment
where it would be safe.
He placed it alongside some letters given to him by Wizard Edwards, addressed to two of
his Professors.
They were to be presented to the individual only if he was mentally or physically abused
by said person.
He also had a Magical Pager for emergency use only. Harry hoped there would be no
need to use any of them, but he had them in case he needed them.
After a quick game of chess, Harry went to bed. Morning couldn't come soon enough.
Well morning did come! To say that Harry was ready for this particular morning was the
understatement of the year.
He was up before the sun.
And why not? He was returning to Hogwarts, and Quiddich, and a certain pretty little red
haired Witch and the marauders map.
Well not necessarily in that order, of course, but you get the drift, don't you? He was so
excited that he didn't think he would keep his breakfast down long enough to appreciate
it. He thought he had better calm down.
Harry and the two men port keyed to Kings Cross Station, and Platform9, 3/4Looking
around Harry spied all the Weasleys, plus Luna and Neville. He also saw Seamus and
Dean. They were his dorm mates, and they all got along quite well. He wasn't sure how
things would be with Ron, but time would tell.
Every one took turns going unobtrusively through the barrier until they were all on the
platform and facing the Hogwarts Express. Harry always felt as if he were seeing the
Express for the first time, as he never tired of the sight.
Mrs. Weasley was busy hugging all four of her teens, and turned to Harry with a
questioning look. She approached him, gave him a hug, and wished him a good year.
Harry hugged her back, as he did not wish to alienate her. "Thank you", he replied.
He also hugged Sirius and Moony, and told them not to worry about him this year. He
looked so determined, that they finally relaxed their grip on him.
He boarded the train along with his other friends, and went in search of a compartment.
It didn't take Harry long to find Neville and his dorm mates.
They had managed to find an empty compartment, and they had saved Harry a seat.He
quickly joined them. Within minutes, they were all talking at once.
They were asking each other about their summers, telling each other about their summers
and talking about some of the pretty birds on the train., and all in one breath and all
together at that. Picture it all
It was a wonder that Harry could be heard at all when he yelled out to them. "Where are
all the birds and why are there birds on the train anyway?"
There was a dead silence and then the boys were rolling in the aisle in tears from
laughing so much. "Harry, haven't you ever heard blokes calling girls birds"? Seamus
asked. Seamus, being a Muggle had heard the Muggle word since before he had come to
Well, you can imagine how red Harry's face was. He stuttered, stammered, and couldn't
get two words out. None of the teens could have heard him anyway because they were
still laughing.
"Come on you gits", he said. "I never had older brothers to hear stuff like this from. Can't
we talk about something else, please?"
It took the better part of 15 minutes to catch their breath and stop laughing, but soon it
quieted down.
Dean spoke first and said, "Harry as a matter of fact there is something I'd like to ask you.
Aren't you staying at Hogwarts? I didn't see you carrying your trunk on the train and you
don't have Hedwig here. Where are they?"
Harry snickered and pulled a miniature trunk from his pocket.
"My Guardians taught me how to shrink objects, to make them lighter to carry, and so
here it is.
Hedwig is flying to Hogwarts. She hasn't been busy this summer, so she wanted to fly to
the castle.
I learned loads of great spells and hexes this summer from Tonks and my Guardians, and
maybe we can practice them when we get some free time this year."
Before anything more was said, the Witch with the sweets trolley came by and the boys
loaded up with enough treats to feed the school.
"By the way Harry, where's Ron.? All this food made me realize that he's not here to eat
half of it as usual". This question came from Neville.
Harry told them that he had not seen Ron since he had boarded. "He's no doubt in a car
with Hermione, Ginny and his brothers."
"Isn't he your best mate," asked Dean.
We're friends, but I don't feel he's a better friend than the rest of you are." Harry received
some odd looks after that answer, but he didn't say any more.
The boys looked as if they would pursue the matter, but just at that moment, the door slid
Nope! It wasn't Malfoy for a change, it was Luna.
She stuck her head in the door and asked them if they would share some sweets with her
and Ginny. She berated them for greedily buying out nearly all the treats on the trolley, as
the old Witch ran out before she got to them.
"Are you sure they're not for Ron", asked one of the boys.
"No, they are not! Ginny and I had a long talk, and Ron gets nothing." She looked
sideways at Harry and after gathering up a few sweets, she left the car.
"What was that all about"? Neville asked.
"I don't know", replied Harry. To change the subject he suggested that they play a few
games of exploding snap.
The rest of the trip was fortunately minus Malfoy and his goons presence and so they
enjoyed many games of exploding snap. Most of them arrived at the Hogsmead station
missing hair from various parts of their head. The eyebrows seemed to take the worse
As the train slowed down into the station, they all changed into their school robes. Harry
had never had a better trip to Hogsmead. He knew that he was making good friends. He
couldn't ask for much more than that, now could he? TBC.
The train pulled into Hogsmead Station. Harry had shrunk all his friends trunks. Since
Ginny and Luna had caught up to them as they were waiting to leave the train, he shrank
theirs also. Now all trunks were stowed safely in their robe pockets.
Being the sympathetic blokes they were, they had great fun watching Ron struggle with
not only his, but Hermione trunk too. Usually the House elves retrieved the luggage and
animals belonging to the students.
No way was Hermione going to allow the poor, down trodden elves to do her work.
Nope, brow beaten Ron could do it. She,d show everyone that she was serious about
freeing them all.
Laughing their sides off,Harry and company jumped into the first carriage they could
find. Before the door closed, a small red headed figure grabbed Harry's hand and pulled
herself into the carriage and squeezed between him and Neville.
"Hide me quick", she said. "Ron's after me"! They could all hear Ron yelling her name,
and they began laughing.
"He's going to kill me, but I don't care", she retorted and giggled. She told them that
Hermione had tried to drag her off with them but she wiggled out of her grasp and ran.
"What's that all about"? Dean asked her. He looked across at her waiting for an answer.
"Well, I'm supposedly not allowed to be Harry's good friend, and so Mom warned Ron
and Hermione to keep their eye on me and not let Harry and I spend too much time
The boys looked at one another with evil eyes. "hmm, what can we do to help? We really
mean it. We'll do whatever it takes to fool your mouthy brother and Miss Knows It All".
Ginny began to laugh and said, "I do think we're going to be great friend s, don't you?"
They all smirked evilly.
The carriages pulled up to the front of the great doors. The group piled out of the
carriages laughing uproariously at a joke that Seamus had just told them. Within minutes
the carriage carrying Ron and Hermione arrived and Harry and friends were already
running up the steps into the Castle.
"Ginny", yelled Ron. "You get back here right now! I,m gonna tell Mom on you."
Ginny just ran faster into the great hall with Harry and the other three boys close behind
her. They quickly sat down together with Ginny sandwiched in between them.
Once more, they were laughing, as they heard Ron run into the Hall yelling at the top of
his voice at Ginny. He sounded like a little kid.
"I,m gonna tell my mommy on you", Dean taunted back to him.
Prof. McGonagall approached Ron and asked him what the problem was. He loudly told
her that Ginny wasn't allowed to sit by Harry.
"And why not Mr. Weasley, may I ask?"
"He's nothing but a pervert who wants to get close to her .She's my baby sister and I'm
going to protect her from him", he answered her.
Professor looked at Ron in disbelief.
"Mr. Weasley, you will apologize to Mr. Potter this instant. I do not think that at age 12,
that he is a pervert.
I would be surprised if any of you actually know the true meaning of the word. It is a
despicable thing to call a person. Apologize at once or you will serve detention for a
week with Mr. Filch."
Ron flinched, and finally looked at Harry." I'm sorry ", he said, not sounding sorry at all.
"Now return to your seat and leave your sister and Mr. Potter alone. Do you understand?"
Ron said, "Yes M,aam,"and slowly sat down, glaring at Harry all the time. Ginny smirked
at Ron, which only made him more angry than he already was.
The first years were led in, and the sorting hat sorted them into their Houses. After the
sorting, Prof. Dumbledore stood. He introduced himself and the other professors.
Harry could see one empty seat, and he hoped that their new DADA teacher would be
either Sirius or Moony.
The Headmaster informed them that the announcements would follow ,after the meal.
"Tuck in", he said and suddenly the tables were groaning beneath the weight of the feast.
After dinner was finished and the dessert dishes had disappeared from the tables, the
headmaster stood. He began with the usual announcements. The forbidden forest was still
forbidden territory. Many pranking objects from Zonkos were still forbidden, and
Hogwarts was only for Students 3rd. year and over.
By far the next news was very devastating. There would be no Quiddich this year. We
will be ……..Prof. Dumbledore's speech was cut off by the banging open of the great
doors,letting in one of the scariest people the young Witches and Wizards had ever seen.
He was wearing a "seen better days" black traveling cloak, that looked more worn and
baggy than anything Harry had ever had to wear. He walked with an uneven gait, and
every other step was a clumping sound.
He stood in front of the head table and turned to face the student body. His hood dropped
down to show long matted hair.
His face looked as if it had been mangled. The nose lookedlike it had been punched just
one too many times, and was only half a nose.
And his eyes! Oh My! They were the eyes that nightmares are made from. To quote J.K.
"One eye was small and beady black. The other was round as a coin, and a vivid, electric
blue. The blue eye was moving ceaselessly, without blinking, and was rolling up, down
and from side to side, quite independently of the normal eye. Then it rolled right over
pointing into the back of the man's head, so that all they could see was whiteness."
They found out later that he could see in all directions and through invisibility cloaks, He
could even see through the back of his head.
Most of the kids had often been sure their Moms had eyes in the back of their head, but
this would have been a hundred times worse.
Not one student wanted to hear their Headmaster introduce this man. They had a sinking
feeling in their stomache that he was their DADA Professor.
The Headmaster looked up and spoke.
"Welcome, Professor Moody. Students, please welcome your new DADA, Instructor,
Professor Moody."
The hall was so still, you could have heard a pin drop. Snape was scowling, and the
majority of the students looked terrified. What a sight this new teacher was.
Prof. Dumbledore looked over the Hall at the silent students, and began to clap his hands.
The students tentatively and politely joined in. It certainly was not the same reception
given to Remus and Tonks last year.
The new teacher joined the teachers at the head table. As he sat down, his cloak rode up a
bit and Harry caught a glimpse of a wooden leg, ending with a claw like foot. That would
explain the odd gait and the sound made by his footsteps.
The headmaster stood up once more and began to speak again.
"I will now proceed with the announcement concerning the Tri Wizard Tournament.
Instead of Quiddich this year, Hogwarts will be hosting the Tri Wizard Tournament.
Hogwarts will play host to Durmstrang and Beauxbatons.
He proceeded with a short history of the tournament and then told them the rules.
The tournament would be open to only those students who had reached the age of 17.
There will be charmed golden line forming a circle around the Goblet. This is to
preventunderagestudents from puttingtheir names in the Goblet of Fire.
He informed them that the students from the two schools would arrive in October, and
that he expected them to extend every courtesy to them.
They will be in a strange school among strangers, and I know that you will make them
feel welcome. This last delivered more as a gentle order than as a request.
He excused the students at this time, with the usual orders to the Prefects and Head Boy
and Girl.
"Well that leaves us out of it and I'm glad", said Harry. "We're not ready to participate in a
contest of this type. We don't have the same training as the 7th Years. The others agreed
with him and as they had been excused, they immediately ran up to their common room
to discuss the announcements.
They didn't care about the forest, as Harry told them about his experiences there during
his 2nd year, and the Spiders. He added in the story of the detention that he, Ron and
Draco had served with Hagrid, and of his brief terrifying experience with Voldamort
sucking the Unicorns blood.
He shivered as he recalled this memory. He could see that his friends were disturbed by
the news. He told them that if they had second thoughts about being involved with him,
he would understand.
The boys looked at him as if he were nuts. "And miss out on all these grand adventures?
Not bloody likely. If you're good with us as your friends, then we're good with you as our
friend. O.K"?
Harry grinned happily at them. Seamus placed his hand, palm up in the center of the
boys, and the hands of the other three followed, making a pyramid of joined hands.
"Friends for always", they said in unison. "For always", Harry repeated in a thick voice.
The conversation shifted to the big news, concerning their new DADA teacher and the
Seamus said that he was a bit leery of the teacher, but they'd have to wait and see.
Appearances can be deceiving, so they'd heard many times. Harry only knew that he had
helped threaten the Dursleys one time, but he,d never seen him before this evening.
The Tournament was another matter entirely. They couldn't wait to see who would be
picked and the challenges would be exciting to watch.
Just then, Ron and Hermione entered the common room. They had Ginny wedged in the
middle of them, and were holding onto her hands.
She looked at Harry and gave him a tiny wink, and yelled out, "Goodnight boys. See you
all at breakfast."
They returned her goodnights with much laughter, and Ron scowled at them as Hermione
led Ginny up the stairs and Ron stormed up to the boys' dorm room.
"He really has a problem, doesn't he?" asked Dean. Seamus looked at Dean and replied,
"If he doesn't have one now, he will by the time we get through with him. Maybe all us
perverts better go to bed?"
"What's a pervert?" asked Neville. All the boys laughingly told him that they would
explain it in the morning, even though they really weren't too sure about the subject.
As a Muggle, Seamus had heard it mentioned in some context or other and had a pretty
good idea what it meant, and it wasn,t good.. They were still laughing lightly as they
settled down.
Ron listened to them with a feeling of loss. He couldn't explain how he knew, but he did
know that this new year was not going to be much fun for him, but he was too stubborn to
back down.
Harry rose early the next morning, as he usually did. He showered, dressed, and went
down to the common room. He was disappointed to find that Ginny was not there. He
thought she might be at breakfast, so he left through the portrait hole to see if he could
find her.
Just as the door closed, Harry felt two, soft little hands cover his eyes.
"Guess who?" he heard. "Hmm, could it be Pansy?" Ginny giggled and slapped him
lightly on the arm. "No, you know who it is. Quick, let's get down to breakfast before
Hermione or Ron get up. They hurried to the Great Hall, and sat down to eat.
Harry wanted to set up a meeting with Ginny as soon as possible. They needed to discuss
the things they wanted to accomplish during the next year.
He quickly told her about the map, and that he would study it and find a meeting place
for a few friends to practice some defensive spells and hexes.
He filled her in about his invisibility cloak and the fact that there were many secret
passages and rooms in the castle. Ginny's eyes were sparkling with excitement. He also
said that they could send owls at school too. It would be fun.
All good thing must end you know. They ended with the noisy arrival of Ron into the hall
and he began yelling at Ginny and Harry.
Within seconds, he ran screaming from the hall. His so called 'innocent little baby sister'
had performed the Bat Bogey Hex on him. Bill had taught her this hex, to keep unwanted
boys away from her.
Ron called for Hermione, but even she didn't know the counter curse.
He met Prof. Moody in the hall way and he performed the counter curse for him.
It wasn't long before the other students entered the Hall for breakfast. They would get
their timetables from Prof. McGonagall, and could then go up to their dorms to get the
books they would need for morning classes. Harry saw that he had potions first, and
scowled. He patted his pocket to make sure he still had the letters. They were safe in his
He was about to leave when Prof. Dumbledore asked him to meet him in his office after
he returned from getting his books for morning classes. Harry said he would be as quick
as possible as he had Potions and Prof. Snape didn't like late Gryffindors.
When he arrived at the Gargoyles, he found the Professor waiting for him. He followed
him up the staircase, and was asked, more like ordered, to sit down. Harry was angered at
his tone of voice, but did as asked. He looked at Fawkes, sitting on his perch. Harry
greeted him. "Good morning Fawkes." Fawkes trilled back to Harry and he felt a bit
Without preamble, Prof. Dumbledore began to speak.
"Harry, I am extremely sad at the actions you took against the Dursleys and myself, at the
beginning of summer. No matter what has happened over the summer, you will return to
your family next summer."
"You are protected much better with them than at the manor. The actions you took, not
only maligned a family who sacrificed their privacy, but interrupted their lifestyle, to take
you in, but also put me in a bad light. I did everything I did for your safety and for the
greater good of the wizarding world. I will not let you live with Remus and Sirius."
Harry had listened quietly to the old man speak, and finally looked up to see a mixture of
sadness and determination flashing fromthe old man,seyes.
He spoke angrily to the headmaster.
"Well Sir, I am living with my family.It seems that you have a very short memory. You
received copies of all the documents that are in the hands of the Lawyers.
Actually, you had copies of these letters years ago. You chose to ignore them.
My so-called family would not have had to sacrifice anything if you had obeyed my
parent's wishes. You have no one but yourself to blame. I was the one who suffered for
your actions, not the Dursleys and not you, Sir.
I have one more letter for you. You will not like it, but here it is" and Harry took a letter
from his pocket and after making sure it was the right one, he passed it to his Headmaster.
The letter informed the Headmasters of the following facts, among others. In short form,
the basic facts were:
First fact: Harry would never be obliged to return to the Dursleys.
Second Fact: Sirius and Remus were now Legally Harry's Guardians, and he would grow
up with them in Potter manor. This decree was irrevocable
Third fact: The Manor was upgraded by Ward masters. It is now equally as safe as
Hogwarts for Harry.
Fourth fact: Any harassment of Harry by Prof. Dumbledore or other professors, and
Harry would be sent to another school of magic for his Wizarding education.
Fifth fact: Harry is to be allowed to floo to his home, on occasional weekends, at the
times agreed upon by his Guardians
Last fact for now: Harry is to be told the complete Prophecy, if not by The Headmaster;
then he would be taken to the DOM, with Wizard Edwards, to see the Prophecy for
himself. Since it had his name on it, they could not refuse his request.
There was much more to the letter, but these were the main points to be taken into
After the Headmaster finished reading the letter, he dismissed Harry, giving him a late
class excuse slip for Professor Snape.
Immediately upon finishing the letter, the Professor flooed to the Ministry. He entered
Minister Fudge's office and passed him the letter, without any greetings at all.
Minister Fudge knew what the letter was about, as he also had a copy of the letter. He
read it anyway. He looked questionably up at the perturbed Headmaster.
"So what are you going to do about this situation?" he was asked.
"There is absolutely nothing we can do. Harry has the Wizarding Worlds very best Law
Firm and. they have an open and shut case against not only the Dursleys, but you as
well",answered the Minister.
"You put us in an unenviable position. We cannot fight this without bringing great
scandal upon the School and the Ministry. You allowed the Wizarding Worlds savior to
suffer horrible abuse for nearly 13 years of his life. You stubbornly did nothing to stop
this, and our hands are now tied. You were present in the Pensieve, and you still feel you
have done no wrong?"
The old man looked defeated. Now he would not be able to control the upbringing of
Harry. He would only be responsible for the best training that Hogwarts had to offer him
in order to ready him for the defeat of Voldamort. In this, he vowed not to fail Harry.
While this visit between the two Wizards was taking place, Harry was having some fun of
his own.
He had arrived late for his potions class, and Snape had, true to form, begun berating him.
Harry passed him the slip from Prof. Dumbledore. This should have appeased him, but he
tossed the paper on his desk and started insulting Harry in every way possible. He
degraded his Father, Sirius and Moony and ranted on for what seemed hours, but in all
actuality, it was only a few minutes.
During this time, Harry had his wand on his desk pointed at Snape. He had uttered a
silent incantation as he had placed it on his desk.
A.N. It was the same as he had done when entering the headmasters Office.
Ron and Hermione were smirking. Harry was really getting it from Snape this time and
they almost felt sorry for him. Maybe he would learn he was not so important after all.
When Harry figured that Snape was done ranting, Harry got up and handed him a letter.
"You had better read this Professor Snape. I'm sure you will find it very interesting and
informative, Sir".
Snape read the letter and his face turned every shade possible. "You'll never prove that I
have treated you any different than any other student. Nor that I have shown bias toward
any house other than my own, even if it is true.
The Headmaster would believe me above any other student. If my House Members do
not complain, then why should he think that other Houses have cause to complain?"
He continued demeaning Harry. Finally, Harry took his wand from his desk, gathered his
books, and turned to leave.
"You will serve a week of detention with me for leaving the classroom without
"Harry turned to him and retorted." Re-read that letter, and then try to give me detention,
He left and made his way to his next class, which was, happily enough, COMC with
Hagrid. If he hurried, he would have time for a cup of tea with his friend.
The class today was once more a weird creature that Hagrid thought was beautiful and as
friendly as a puppy. Riiight. Maybe a Rotweiller.
Class over Harry, Dean, Seamus and Neville went up to the Hall for lunch. Harry asked
that they save him a seat, as he had a message to send. He transmitted his message to
Wizard Edwards. He sent it by way of a special device the lawyer had given to him for
just this purpose. That finished, he went back down to have lunch. He was ravenous.
When he entered the Hall, he saw Ginny sitting between Dean and Neville. Neville
moved so that Harry could sit by Ginny. He smiled his thanks to him. "Hi Gin", he said to
her. She smiled at him and his stomach did a tiny flip-flop.
Ron was set to jump up until he spied their Head of House glaring at him. Harry vowed
to do nothing to tick off the Prof. He would play it cool and innocent and Ron would look
like the bad guy. He deserved it.
Harry spoke quietly out of the corner of his mouth to Ginny. He told her that their other
friends were joining him in studying the map. They would soon have a meeting place set
up for their training time and for the 5 of them to become better friends.
"What about Ron"? she quietly asked.
"Ron has chosen his path and it is up to him what happens. He doesn't have to be such a
git. I didn't start this, he did", answered Harry.
The "Pack" as they named themselves, spent the next evening poring over the map. They
had found a room, which was just two tapestries down from their common room
entrance. Harry sent an owl to Moony asking him how they could get into these secret
rooms. He told him which one he was speaking about, and sent Hedwig off with the
Hedwig returned afew hours later, and they opened the reply eagerly. Moony told them to
study the tapestry carefully and they would find a clue Itwould show them the way in.
They had their homework finished, as they had worked together. This left them time to
check out the tapestry and try to figure it out. Tomorrow was Saturday and they would
have all day to explore the room. They had decided to forgo the visit to Hogsmead, for
this time only, in order to learn the maps secrets.
They had also rather craftily let Ron think that they would be at Hogsmead, so that they
wouldn't be bothered with him.
Ginny told Ron that she and Luna were spending the day in the library writing a huge
essay for potions. Ron didn't seem to mind at all, as he could spend the time with
Hermione, and Harry would be away from Ginny.
Dense as he was he didn't realize that he was being set up by the Pack.
The new mates had dubbed themselves the 'Pack'.They usually met in the common room,
in a quiet corner, where they could speak without being heard by others.
"I would like to offer the hand of friendship to Luna, and ask her to join our Pack. I,m
sure that Ginny would like her friend to be with us."
Harry had said this very seriously. Ginny agreed, stating that Luna had very few friends,
and was picked on for her oddness, by her dorm mates.
The members of the Pack agreed to admit her to their ranks. They asked Ginny to
approach her and see if she wanted to join them.
Ginny agreed, leaving and stating that she would be back shortly. In the meantime, the
boys tried to think of a good motto and secret greeting for their Pack. This proved to be a
lot of fun.
It was not long before Ginny returned with Luna in tow. They explained the aims of the
They told her what they expected to accomplish. She said that she would be happy to
become a member, and so the Pack received their sixth member.
They then went through the ritual of joining hands.They had first did this whenHarry
asked them if they wanted to be his friends.It meant All forone and one for all. Harry
liked this gesture.
They felt that this was a large enough membership for now.
After they had finished their discussion with Luna, the Pack rose as one and Harry led
them out of the common room and to the Tapestry, which covered the door to the room
that they had found earlier on the map.
They studied it carefully. They didn't want to miss a clue if there was one there.
The Tapestry was beautiful. They could not believe they had never noticed it before.
The scene was of a large estate. The grounds were covered in beautiful flowers and many
animals were at play. There were unicorns, horses, dogs and every type of magical
creature they could have ever imagined. A myriad of birds were flying around in the blue
The one animal that caught the eye of all of them was the huge black dog that seemed to
be hiding off in some bushes.
They all looked at it closely, and Luna told them that it looked like a Grim. She informed
them that a Grim was a harbinger of death.
Harry knew that this was Sirius's animagi form, and he was not a harbinger of death. He
remembered this from the stories told to him by his 'Uncles'.
A/n. He had decided to call them 'uncle', although he hadn't informed them of this as yet.
I think I know what the password might be he whispered to them. "Try it ", said Ginny.
Harry quietly whispered "Padfoot".
They couldn't believe it was so easy. The door behind the Tapestry appeared and opened
to their touch. They entered the room and found a room the size of their common room.
It looked as if it had been kept fairly clean although it was quite dusty. They wandered
around the room, looking at everything.
Ginny took Harry's hand, and pointed to a picture over the fireplace, and he found
himself looking at a picture of a beautiful large Gryffindor.
"Wow! A picture of our House Mascot", said an awed Harry.
This room was perfect for their needs, as none of the hexes and spells that Harry would
teach them were destructive ones. As he looked down at their joined hands, he grinned
and thought of another use for the room.
The use of the room would be an innocent one of course. This room would make it
possible to get together and strengthen their growing friendship. This would sometime
include the members of their Pack as well.
The Pack spent the remainder of the morning going over the hexes and spells that Harry
would teach them and the pranks they would pull on Ron if he got out of hand.
They acknowledged the fact that the Weasley twins were the 'prank masters ' of
Hogwarts,and vowed to learn all they could from them.
Ginny and Luna decided to go to the library to work on their essays so that Ron would
not become suspicious.
Harry tookGinny aside and asked her to join him in the room at about three o'clock,
before the students returned from Hogsmead. She agreed and she and Luna left after
agreeing to meet for lunch.
Harry told the others to do some planning on their own as he had a long letter to write to
his guardians. He had a lot to tell them and he knew it would take him a long time to
write it all out. He would rather use a Pensieve, and would ask their opinion of this idea.
The twins were having a hard time accepting the fact that they could not enter the
tournament. They were discussing ways and means to get around the rules.
The younger students were listening in rapt attention to the many devious ways they were
mentioning to bypass the charms.
Harry addressed the twins." Why would you want to enter? The tasks are probably going
to be very difficult. They will be 7th.year at least. I wouldn't try to enter even if I knew
that I could do so."
Harry shuddered at the thought, as did the other younger students.
"Does one thousand galleons ring a bell for you Harry? We know you don't need the
money, but it would come in dead handy to us."
"We could open a joke shop after we graduate from Hogwarts. It's all we've ever wanted
to do. No Aurors, or working for the ministry for us."
"I hope you make it into the tournament, if only because I admire the pranks you both do.
I'll be rooting for you both", said Harry.
Ron snorted and told the twins they'd be better off finishing school and getting a decent
job. He railed at them for a few minutes, before they told him to calm down.
They were angry with him, and couldn't understand what his problem was. They asked
him where his attitude had come from.
"Just because Harry thinks you can run a business, doesn't make it right ", he answered.
His brothers were dumbfounded. So that was it! He was jealous of Harry! They had
thought that same thing when he blew up the day Harry left early to go home from the
Just then Hermione spoke up, and agreed with Ron on every point.
She added;" Harry was Ron and my best friend until this year. Now he thinks he's too
good for us. Just because he owns his own house, and doesn,t have to wear hand-me-
downs any more.He doesn't appreciate the fact that we helped him through his first three
years. He forgets that he had only Ron and me as friends." She stopped to breathe, but
Harry angrily cut in.
"If you call being best friends, trying to control my every move, then your ideas and mine
are different.No! I don,t think for one minute that I,m better than you are.If you had really
been my friends, you would be happy for me instead of being mean. You never got beat
or starved or any of the other horrible things , like I did."
"I wanted us all to be friends with Ginny in her first year, to help her get used to the
students and the school. Ron, you say you want to protect your so-called baby sister, but
you and Hermione pushing her aside all that year caused her to turn to that Diary."
"I tried many times to include her in our conversations, but you told me she had her
friends and didn't need us. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to go against the two of you,
but I vowed that would all change."
Harry continued, "I spent a lot of time talking to Ginny during breakfast, through her
second year, and we became friends. We are nothing more than friends, Ron. I really
don't think you actually know the true meaning of the word. You and Hermione look it up
in the library sometimes".
Harry then left and went up to his dorm. He closed his curtains , knowing he was in for a
long night.
The twins looked aghast at Ron. That was what Ron's problem was?
Well, they were loyal to family, but Ginny was their baby sister. If Ron insists on making
her life miserable with his actions, well then they would step in when needed.
The common room soon emptied as the students wandered off to their dorms. The twins
stayed for a while deep in thought. All of a sudden, they got up, faced one another, and
without a word, grinned evilly.
They then went to their dorms, knowing that they were in sync with their thoughts.
During the time before the competing schools were to arrive, the pack had been putting
their time to good use. They chose a name for their den. They had agreed on 'The Junior
Marauders Den.' They were to be known as 'The Pack.' They liked that name. Now they
needed to come up with a signal for meetings. Harry remembered Sirius telling him about
charmed parchment.
Each person has a small sheet with all their names on it. When a pack member wants a
meeting, they tap the sheet with their wand and just enter the day and time.
Harry promised to get Moony to charm several sheets for them. This would be better than
hand signals that could be seen by others. They must remember to pick times when
convenient to all, unless it was an emergency.
The pack had spent many hours in their den studying and practicing their defensive spells
and hexes. They had become very proficient in the spells that Tonks had taught Harry.
They were actually at an advanced level of training. harry was also passing on the
Occlumency Lessons he had learned from his Uncles and Tonks.
Harry had gone to Potter manor a couple of times, and had learned many more defensive
techniques , from his Uncles.
A/N. Yes he asked them if he could call them uncle and they were thrilled.
Snape and the Headmaster had left Harry alone, since he sent the messages out to Wizard
Edwards. They had been recordings of the conversations with the Headmaster, and
Potions were going well, and DADA was better than they thought it would be, and
Trelawney was still foretelling his death, and the Blast-ended Skrewts had only burned
him once.
This was good, because he did not have to go to the infirmary. In fact he hadn't been there
yet, and it was already nearing the end of October. As he had heard a Muggle say, "Knock
on wood".
The time was passing quickly and it would soon be time to meet and greet the students
from the competing schools.
The pack had become a tight knit group and was together at all times. Classes were the
only times that the girls were absent from their presence. They had even done a bit of
flying at beginning of term, but the pitch was off limits now in preparation for the
The end of October finally arrived, and with it the Students from Beauxbatons and
Durmstrang. All the Hogwarts students lined up at the front of the Castle to greet them.
They were to arrive at six o'clock.
The Beauxbatons students were the first to arrive. They arrived in a magnificent, powder
blue, horse drawn, carriage which approached the school from the area over the
Forbidden Forest. The horses were huge winged creatures.
Durmstrang arrived in a ghostly looking ship, which arose out of the lagoon. A large
gangplank was lowered onto the shoreline, and the students disembarked, and approached
the school, in military formation.
The students from Beauxbatons were walking into the school and looking haughtily
ahead. The Durmstrang students were doing the same.
Harry noticed that most of the male Hogwarts students were literally drooling over the
Beauxbatons girls.
"What's the matter with you?" he asked Seamus and Dean.
They're Veelas, was the answer.
"And that's a reason to drool all over yourself?" he asked them laughing.
Dean looked at Harry and asked him why they didn't affect him.
"Ginny's a lot prettier and muchnicer than any of them", he retorted.
"Oh you do have it bad, Harry. They claim that the only males not affected by the Veela
charm, are those whose hearts are spoken for", said Dean.
Harry blushed, but all Harry could think about was his Ginny. He'd choose her over a
Veela, any old time.
The Hogwarts Students followed the guests into the hall. Durmstrang of course, sat with
the Slytherins, and there was an extra table set up for the Beauxbatons students.
Professor Dumbledore welcomed the students to the feast and said a few words
concerning the tournament.
He then said, "Let the feast begin", and the tables were once again laden with dishes
filled with a great variety of food.
Much of it was foreign fare, and Harry shunned anything he wasn't sure of.
Following the feast, the Headmaster rose and informed all the students of the rules of the
Tournament. Mr Ludo Bagman and their own Games Minister, Bartemius Crouch, were
responsible for organizing the games and they would be two of the Judges for the
Mr Filch entered carrying a large 'casket', which held the goblet of fire. The Goblet would
sit on the sorting hat stool in the Entrance Hall later in the evening, and students had 24
hours to put their names in the goblet.
Professor Dumbledore drew an Age Line around the Goblet of Fire. Nobody under the
age of seventeen would be able to cross the line.
After admiring the Goblet, the Pack retreated to their Den while the other students were
milling around in the Hall below. This was a great chance to discuss the evening's events.
They talked until curfew, and slowly trickled to their dorms.
The next day saw several students, including the twins, try to fool the goblet by using
aging spells. They had been thrown out of the golden circle, and had all received long
beards for their efforts. Suffice to say, ruses would not work against the goblet.
The pack spent their day, once more in the Den. They talked about the tournament, and
that it was exciting to see the students from the other schools. "Especially those Veela
girls", said Seamus grinning foolishly at the thought of them.
"They didn't bother Harry", remarked Dean.
"Why should they"? asked Harry.
Neville piped up and told them that his Gram told him that they were only able to
bewitch those whose hearts weren't taken.
These men or boys already were in the process of soul bonding.
Harry and Ginny both blushed. They had known that they were special to one another,
but had not known, just how special.
The pack returned to their dorms to prepare for the Halloween Feast. The victorious
contestants were to be chosen at the close of the feast.
Entering the Great Hall, they all gasped at the sight. It was decorated with many seasonal
items, and was not only colorful but spooky as well.
The goblet of Fire was now standing in front of the Head Table. It was beautiful.
They found seats and waited for the Professor to speak. He just said, "Begin the feast",
and the feast began. As usual the meal was sumptuous, and much enjoyed by all except
the visiting students who could be heard grumbling about various of the foods.
Tension rose as the feast ended, and Professor Dumbledore stood and spoke.
May I have your attention please? The Goblet will be ready to send forth the first name in
one minute.
He quickly extinguished all the lights in the Dining Room. The Goblet would soon begin
sending forth the names.
There was not a sound in the hall.
Suddenly the fire turned red, and from the sparks came the first name. The first
Champion is from Durmstrang. Viktor Krum.
The second Champion. And representing Beauxbatons, Fleur Delacour.
The third Champion, Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts.
The Hogwarts students cheered loudly for their Champion.
The pack turned to leave the Hall when the Goblet seemed to come to life once again.
Everyone looked on in amazement when fire erupted and another piece of parchment
flew out into the air.
Professor Dumbledore grabbed the parchment and looked at it in shock.
Every eye was on him, wondering what was happening. A fourth name. But whose name
could it be? This was unheard of.
The Headmaster cleared his throat and called out the name.
"Harry Potter'.
Harry's legs turned to jelly and he thought he would pass out here in front of everybody
in the Great Hall.
Professor Dumbledore turned to Harry's stricken face, and asked him if he had found a
way around the Age Line.
Before he could answer, the students began yelling. To say the least the remarks were not
complimentary ones.
Harry placed his wand to his throat and said "Sonorous". The voices ceased as one, and
Harry spoke".
"I don't care who believes me, but I did not place my name in the Goblet. I want it proved
without a doubt immediately".
He looked at the five Judges and told them it was within his rights to have them prove his
"I want the Truth Spell used on me. He wanted all five Judges to perform this spell. Mr.
Crouch refused. Harry glared at him so angrily that he stepped back a few paces.
Harry had activated a small pager he kept in his pocket for just such an emergency.
The Great Doors opened and Wizard Edwards, Sirius and Remus entered the Hall.
A/N. No they didn't apparate. Haven,t you been listening to Hermione? They used the
Dignitary's floo, in a special room. Okay?
The situation was explained to the new arrivals. It was agreed that Harry was within his
rights to be tested.
All five of the Judges tested Harry and he was declared innocent of placing his name in
the Goblet.
Harry then told everybody that he was withdrawing from the Tournament. He did not
want to take part. His only interest in this contest was that of a spectator, and supporter of
When Harry finished, the students all cheered. Knowing that he had not entered his name
in the Goblet, made them feel better about him being one of the contestants.
Mr. Crouch stepped forward. He stated that according to Wizarding law, Harry was
obligated to take part in the Tournament. He said that even though he had not entered his
name himself, the Goblet recognized him as a fourth Candidate.
Unfortunately, Wizard Edwards agreed with Mr. Crouch.
"Yes, Harry, this is a fact. We cannot get around it.Look at it as a learning experience.
Win or lose, if you do your very best, we will be proud of you".
Harry's advisors left, and the four teens were led into an antechamber just off the Great
Hall. The three older teens were not happy with the outcome, the consensus being that he
was just a child. It would be too dangerous.
"I did not ask for this. I am too young and am not trained enough to compete with all of
you.I have no choice in the matter".Harry told them that he didn,t like it any better than
they did.
After the older teens calmed down a bit, they were told that the first task would take place
on Nov.24th. They would only find out what it was to be on that day. A short briefing
later and Harry headed towards his Tower. Cedric stopped him in the hall, and wished
him luck.
Harry returned the wishes, saying; "I didn't ask for this, Cedric. I much prefer cheering
you on from the stands. Idon,t expect to win, but I truly hope you will be the Tournament
winner. Goodnight Cedric".
"I know this, Harry, and I also hope that one of us wins the Championship for our school.
Goodnight Harry".
Harry returned to his Common Room to the loud cheers of his housemates. They were
ecstatic that Gryffindor had a contender in the tournament.
Fred and George told him that they would help in any way they could. The other students,
agreed to help also. They wanted the championship for Gryffindor Tower.
"Even though I didn't ask for all this, I will, since I have no choice, try the best I can to
win", stated Harry. "I appreciate your support. Thanks to all of you".
Ron and Hermione just harrumphed and left the Common Room.
"Probably gone to snog. They take every excuse to lock lips that they can get", said Dean.
"Snog?" asked the twins, looking as if Christmas was already here.
"Yes, snog! They've been a couple since the holidays, and mom thinks it's okay for them
to date but not me," said Ginny with a scowl.
"Let's get back to the contest", said Seamus.
Harry told them he would not know the first task until the Nov.24th. He re-assured them
that he would do his very best to bring honor to Gryffindor Tower.
The tournament was the subject dominating the next hour, until Harry said he wanted to
go to bed. He was dead tired.
The twins stayed in the Common Room, for a while longer, just looking at one another,
nodding now and then and grinning. Whatever they weresilently planning, someone
would suffer some embarassment.
Harry was awakened the next morning, as were the rest of his dorm mates, by hilarious
laughter. Ron was already up, much to Harry,s surprise. The boys ran down the stairs to
find the cause of all the hilarity, and also fell to the floor in gales of laughter.
There in the middle of the dorm were a strawberry red Ron and Hermione. They were in
a very passionate lip-lock. They could not unlock their lips. The kiss went on and on as
the students roared even louder.
Finally they pulled apart, just as the twins ran like mad outof the Portrait hole. they both
ran for their dorms, yelling at Harry as they went, blaming him for the hex.
Following this bit of excitement,Harry and the Pack spent as much time honing their
skills at DADA as they could. He was afraid he would need several advanced spells and
hexes to use in the contest. He was getting extra training from Moony whenever he could.
Ginny and Harry met in the Den only twice a week. She was now openly eating all her
meals with the Pack. She made sure Professor McGonagall was near, every time Ron
spouted off. He had already had two detentions with Filch. He was not a happy camper, I
can tell you.
Harry, and Ginny's time together was spent doing some training, chess and some
cuddling. They did not intend to become serious, but loved to just cuddle and talk. Harry
always ended their time with a small kiss on Gin's cheek.
Harry was walking towards the Tower, when a second year Gryffindor ran up to him
.Gasping for breath; he said to Harry; "Sir, Hagrid wants to see you as soon as possible.
Like now! He said it was important. He also said to bring your cloak".
"I'm Harry, not sir, and thank you for bringing the message to me", he replied.
He knew what cloak Hagrid was speaking about, but wondered why he would need it. It
was hours until curfew. He turned and headed for Hagrids hut. Hagrid was a dear friend,
and he would do whatever he asked of him.
Harry knocked on Hagrids door. The door opened widely and Hagrid pulled him quickly
inside. Before he could ask what he wanted him for, Fang jumped and bowled Harry end
over end onto the floor. He slobbered all over his face with big wet kisses.
"Geroff, you mutt," Harry fondly told him. Hagrid pulled Fang off Harry, and cleansed
his face with a scourgify spell.
Without another word, Hagrid told Harry to don his cloak, and follow him. "Stay close,
Harry. We're gonna see something dangerous."
Harry donned his invisibility cloak and followed Hagrid as he had asked him to do. He
led Harry out to a large Paddock, and wait! Was that Gin's Brother Charlie? Wasn't he in
Romania with the Dragons? Oh Merlin, no! The dragons were here at Hogwarts. What is
going on here?
In as quiet a voice as Hagrid could manage, he told Harry that the first task was to
retrieve a golden egg from beneath a dragon. All of a sudden, one of the dragons spewed
forth a great breath of fire. It must have reached ten feet out from the center of the
Paddock, where they were confined.
Harry gasped. How was he, a mere 14-year-old boy going to be able to fight a huge fire-
breathing dragon for her egg? I'm gonna die, was his next thought. I'm too young to die
was his second thought. Harry felt weak in the knees.
Hagrid told him quietly that since Madam Maxime, and Professor Karkaroff had already
informed their students what the first task was. He thought it only fair that Harry and
Cedric should know also. Harry whispered to Hagrid that he would find Cedric and tell
It took a couple of days, but Harry finally saw Cedric alone in front of one of the
classrooms. He told him to follow him into the room.
He then told Cedric the details of the first task. Cedric was appalled. What were the idiots
thinking about, sending kids into a paddock filled with dragons?
Harry said that the other two contestants knew, and Hagrid wanted them to know also.
"Thanks, Harry. Thank Hagrid too. ". The two boys continued on their way, both shaking
their heads over the enormity of the task ahead of them.
Harry met dean on the way and told him he had news for the Pack. He asked him to
signal the members, and he was going to ask the twins to join them too.
Harry entered the Common Room, and saw that several of the students were there,
including the Twins. He took the twinsaside and asked them to follow him.
Harry took Fred and George to the den. They were visibly impressed with the room. It
wasn't long before the rest of the Pack arrived, and they all agreed to accept the twins into
the pack as Consultants only. They were askedto keep the location a secret. The boys
agreed and Harry spoke to them all.
"I found out what the first task is. I have to take a golden egg out from under a dragon."
"A real, fire breathing dragon?" they asked .
"Yes", said Harry. "Hagrid took me down to the Paddock where they are keeping them.
They are gigantic, and you should see the fire that comes out of those things". Harry
shuddered at the memory of seeing the one that had breathed the spewed the flames from
it's mouth.
"Hagrid told me that the other contestants were told about the dragons so he thought that
Cedric and I should know too".
"Wow was the tamest remark to come out of their mouths; the other remarks were more
colorful. The consensus was that the committee that came up with the tasks was nutters.
"Harry, how are you gonna handle a dragon?", asked Neville..
"We'll find out, won't we?" was his answer.
Nov.24th. was soon upon them, and to say that Harry was a nervous wreck was the
understatement of the year.
His Uncle Moony told him to do his very best. "And don't end up as a barbecue for the
dragons", he added. "Gee thanks .Some Uncle you are", he retorted back.
Both his Uncles were here, and he was happy to see themin the standssupporting him.
Professor Moody had told him to play to his greatest strengths. Flying was his greatest
Harry had spent hours, practicing, and finally mastering the summoning charm. He knew
what he had to do, and hoped it would work.
After the spectators had all taken their seats, the 4 contenders met in the tent beside the
bleachers. Ludo Bagman held a bag out to the 4 young men.
"In this bag there are four models of dragons. The model you choose randomly will be
the one you will face."
"Your task is to retrieve a golden egg from under the Dragon. Good luck to you all."
With the words, "Ladies first ", he held the bag out to Fleur. She chose the model of the
Welsh Green Dragon. It was number 2.
Krum drew the Chinese Fireball, #3.
Cedric drew the Swedish Short-Snout, # 1.
Harry drew last and got the Hungarian Horntail., #4. It bared it,s fangs at him and Harry
jumped back in surprise. If the model was this vicious, how vicious would the real thing
Harry was the last to face his dragon. He remembered Moody's words. He looked at the
situation and immediately he called out, "Accio Firebolt!"
Harry's Firebolt came whooshing through the air straight towards him. it settled beside
him and Harry climbed upon it. As he flew higher, he suddenly had an epiphany. He was
going after a snitch. Nothing more, nothing less. This he could handle.
Weaving erratically in all directions, and thoroughly confusing the Horntail, he suddenly
swooped down. Harry flewfast and low in a version of the Wronski Feint, he fooled her
into moving just enough to give him room to grab the egg from where she had been
protecting it.
The edge of her tail had caught him on the shoulder, but the cut wasn't too deep.
With the scores posted, Harry tied for first place.
Harry saw his Uncles and Tonks running toward him. He told them the second task
couldn't be any worse than the dragon was. He was being hugged all round by his family,
and Ginny. Ginny? How did she get here without him seeing her?
He was very happy to see her and his smile proved it.
"I was worried about you ", she told him."I am glad this task is over. Do you get to keep
the egg?" she asked him.
"Yes, it has the clue to the next task in it. We have to open it, and work out the clue.
Before he could hug her again, Ron and Bill came and led her away quite forcefully.
When Moony saw this he scowled.
"It's okay, Uncle Moony. I see her all the time at school and in our Den. The twins are
okay with us, so we don't worry about Ron. We even eat all our meals together now.
Professor McGonagall threatens Ron with detention with Filch if he harasses us."
Harry returned to a great celebration in the Common Room. There were loads of goodies
and better yet, Butter-Beer. The twins had sneaked in fire Whiskey, but none of the under
sixth years got any of it.
After celebrating as long as he possibly could, a very tired but happy Harry climbed the
stairs to his bed. That night he dreamed about the hug he'd got from Gin, and a cute little
red haired dragon chasing him all over the quiddich pitch. The only problem with the
dream was that he woke up before she caught him.
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History repeats itself, or so I have heard. This was one bit of History, that the majority of
the fourth and fifth year male students of Hogwarts could have done without. One student
in particular was one Harry Potter.
Loud groans followed the announcement of a Yule Ball being held on Dec. 25th. at
8:P.M., for all students in fourth year and above. Students in lower years could attend if
invited by an upper year student. What a way to spoil Christmas day.
This was without any doubt, the worse announcement that Harry had ever heard since
starting Hogwarts. That was until he looked at Ginny's face and saw the happy smile she
sent his way.
Inside he was cringing at the thought of actually having to 'dance'. But he put on a brave
smile and like all males before him in history, he bowed to the inevitable. He really had
no choice in the matter.
Professor Dumbledore announced that the Champions were obligated to attend with a
date. They would lead the students into the Hall and would begin the dancing with the
traditional waltz.
Right, like he would lead the dancing! There were days when his feet got in his way just
walking, let alone try to get them to perform a Waltz gracefully.
Well I have no choice concerning the Ball, but I know who I will be inviting, were his
thoughts on the subject.
Harry felt as if he was being stared at. He looked at Ginny but she had her head turned
talking to Colin. He turned looked up and saw at least a half dozen girls looking
hopefully at him.
Blushing, he dropped his head quickly and finished his meal.
Still thinking of the Ball, he remembered one important thing. He, the so-called great
Harry potter, couldn't dance a step. What will I do, and how can I learn in just a few short
Harry asked Ginny to meet him in the Den. "Ginny, there is no one I would rather go to
the Ball with than you. Would you please be my date for the ball?"
Ginny grabbed Harry in a hug, and said. "Oh Harry, of course I would love to go to the
Ball with you. I am so excited." She pulled away and looked up at him.
"Harry, why do you look so sad? Don't you want to take me?"
"Oh no Gin, it's not that! I can't dance", he told her with bowed head.
"Then I'll teach you. In pure Blood Wizarding households, the children learn to dance at
an early age. I have been dancing since I was seven years old. I love to dance, and you
will too", she told him happily.
Harry hadn't realized how much fun that dancing could be. Ginny was a great teacher.
She had lots of patience, and Harry was sure she would need all of it before they were
Harry and Ginny met in the Den several times. Harry was wondering why he had never
wanted to dance before this. He had a natural grace that thrilled Ginny's artistic soul.
They were now just dancing to every type of music. He had mastered the Waltz, and he
knew he would not shame Ginny when they performed the first dance.
Their talks were centering on the dance and the Robes they would wear. Harry told her he
didn't have decent dress robes, and would have Tonks order some for him.
She answered, "I only have one pair of dress robes, and I,ll do my best to see that they
look good enough for the Ball".
After Ginny went back to her dorm to get her books for homework, Harry went to
Hedwig. He greeted her warmly and told her he had a letter to send to Tonks. She was
happy to have a job to do.
He sent the following letter to Tonks.
Dear 'Aunty' Tonks:
Can I call you 'Aunt'? I hope you don't mind.
I need a big favor. We have a 'Champions Yule Ball', on Dec. 25th, and I have invited
Ginny to be my date. Yes! Date! Our problem is that we don't have good enough dress
robes for such a grand ball.
I would like forest green robes, and I would like Ginny's robes to match mine. Green
would look great on her with her red hair. Her robes are old and she is ashamed of them.
Her family cannot afford to buy her any new ones.
Can you get the robes and shoes charmed to fit her when she puts them on? I've heard it
can be done.
Ginny taught me to dance. I will make you all proud of me. Let me know as soon as
possible if you can do this for me.
Loads of love, from me to all of you at the Manor, Harry.
Harry received a reply from Tonks a few days later.
Dear Harry:
As soon as I finished crying with happiness, because you wanted to call me 'Auntie', I
spoke to Moony about the robes.
He reminded us that there was a closet full of robes in your bedroom. We called for Sue
and Liz, and they helped us to go through the robes in your dressing room. We found the
perfect robes for both of you. We also found shoes and other accessories.
I will be at the school on business in a couple of days and will bring them all with me.
Oh, yes Harry, they have sizing charms on them.
I am thrilled that you want to call me 'Aunt', and yes, I would like you calling me by that
title. Congratulations on learning how to dance. How did you manage to concentrate on
the steps, with Ginny in your arms, eh? Giggle, giggle.
See you soon,
Sending love from the senior marauders too.
'Auntie' Tonks.
Harry blushed when he read the part about Ginny in his arms, but was excited about the
robes. He would be patient for a couple of days. He was not disappointed when Tonks
arrived with them. They were beautiful. He and Ginny would look splendid.
Ginny had told Luna that she was going to the ball with Harry. She didn't notice that she
was overheard by Lavender, who had asked Harry to take her. Of course, he had refused,
saying that he had a date for the Ball. He wouldn't tell her who he was taking.
Lavender knew about the feud between Harry and Ron, and she went quickly to Ron to
tell him the news. To say he was livid would be an understatement.
Ron cornered Ginny in the Common Room, and grabbed her by the arm. "I sent an owl to
Mom to tell her that you 'think', you are going to the ball with Potter. No way will I allow
you to go with him.He is too old for you".
Ginny tried to jerk out of his grasp, but he was grabbing her too tightly. He was hurting
her, and she knew she would be bruised by morning.
"I don't only 'think', I 'know', that I'm going to the Ball with Harry. Live with it Ron" As
he became angrier, he tightened his grasp on her arm, and she cried out in pain.
Suddenly Ron found himself on the floor with about a dozen students pulling him away
from his sister, and straddling him on the floor. Not only Pack members, but also some of
the younger ones came to Ginny's aid. Even the girls were helping.
Harry ran to Ginny and asked, "Are you okay. Did the git hurt you?"
"Look at my arm, Harry. It's all swollen and will bruise soon" Her eyes were filled with
tears from the pain.
Harry took Ginny to the infirmary. Poppy would see to her. Dean was so angry that he
went for Professor McGonagall, and asked her to go to the sick bay to see Ginny.
When she arrived and saw Ginny's arm, she asked who had caused this to happen.
Ginny spoke up and said, "Ron heard that I was invited to the Ball by Harry. He grabbed
me and told me he had owled Mom and told her. I tried to get away from him, but he
grabbed me harder. It hurts so much. The Ball is in just a few short days. What if Harry is
not allowed to take me"? she asked her Head of House.
"Poppy will see to your arm, and I will see to Mr. Weasley", she stated in anger.
While Poppy was mending Ginny's bruises, the Professor was on her way to the
Gryffindor Tower. She found Ron under a pile of bodies, while he was yelling very nasty
things at them.
She yelled for quiet, and when the students saw who it was, they jumped up with
sheepish looks on their faces.
She asked for explanations and one by one they told her what had occurred. She was not
in the least pleased.
She ordered Ron to follow her to her office, and called for the Headmaster to meet them
To make a long story short, Ron was not allowed to attend the Ball, and he would serve a
month of detentions alternately with Snape and Filch.
He was also told that he was lucky he was not expelled. A letter would be sent to his
Mother, detailing the events and the trauma to Ginny's arm. Ron was livid. Something
else to blame on 'Saint Potter'.
Two days later, Ron received a howler from both of his parents. They screamed at him
about his attack on his sister. The howler went on for what seemed like hours, and Ron
was mortified. Not once did they mention the Ball. This alone angered Ron. Soon the
letter burst into flames, and with the laughter of the students in his ears, he ran from the
Hall. He would get his revenge, never fear.
Dec.25th, arrived in a frenzy of students preparing for this wonderful evening. There had
been no letter from Ginny's parents forbidding her to attend the Ball with Harry.
Ginny excitedly donned her new dress robes. She thought back joyfully to the events of
her Christmas morning gift opening.
Ginny and Harry had got up really early and met in the Den. Here they had exchanged
gifts. Harry presented Ginny with the robes and accessories. She cried tears of joy, when
she learned that they had been Harry's Mom's robes.
She hugged him tightly and kissed him softly. A small light surrounded them, but they did
not notice it as they were looking deeply into each other's eyes.
Reluctantly they separated, and Ginny gave Harry his gift.
Once again, Colin had taken a beautiful picture of Ginny, standing at the edge of the
lagoon. She was leaning against the tree that had so many lovers' initials carved on it.
Harry's Mom and Dad's initials were there also. He vowed to place his and Ginny's there
some day.
Once more, Harry was thrilled with the gift from Ginny. Now he had two pictures to put
in his bedroom at the manor.
End of flashback.
The boys were waiting anxiously for the girls to appear. Neville had left to meet Luna, at
the base of her Common Room.
Harry heard a gasp, and turned towards the stairway. His breath caught, and he was
Ginny stood there in all the splendor of an angel. She was so beautiful, that even the pack
members were overwhelmed.
She literally floated down the stairs and held her hand out to Harry. He calmed down
enough to take her hand and gallantly kiss the back of it. He placed her hand gently
through his arm and said.
"I can't find the right words to tell you how beautiful you are. I am so proud to be with
you. Shall we go?"
The students all followed Harry and Ginny out of the portrait hole and down the Staircase
to the Great Hall. Harry had to wait outside with all the other Champions and their dates,
not one of which could hold a candle to his Ginny. All the other students filled the
entryway, behind them.
The great doors opened and the champions entered the Hall.
Viktor Krum led with Katie Bell on his arm
Harry followed with Ginny. She taught him to hold his arm in such a way that she could
place her hand lightly on it. They looked dazzling in their matching Green robes.
Fleur Delacour and her escort Roger Davies, were next to follow.
Cedric Diggory was escorting Cho Chang into the hall.
Dumbledore looked at Harry and Ginny and his breath caught. He was taken back many
years, as he pictured James and Lily lead the Students into the Great Hall for their
Graduation Dance. He shook himself mentally and felt great pride in the way that these
two teens were handling this great responsibility. They would do Hogwarts proud.
The rest of the student body followed soon after.
The stage was set up and there were two bands featured tonight. There was a string
ensemble to play the waltzes and the Weird Sisters for the good stuff. There was a buffet
table set off to the side of the room with finger foods and punch.
Professor Dumbledore announced that the Champions and their dates would now open
the Ball with a Strauss Waltz.
Harry led Ginny onto the floor, and bowed deeply to her. She in turn made a gentle
curtsy. They had vowed that no one would be able to find fault with them this evening.
Harry placed one hand loosely on her waist, as she placed her hand on his shoulder. They
lightly held hands and began to dance the opening waltz, flawlessly and gracefully.
The teachers and other onlookers watched in amazement at the youngest champion and
his partner danced around the floor. Ginny and Harry were oblivious of the watchers, as
they were in a world of their own. The Headmaster was sure he saw a very slight aura
emanating from them, but it was so faint, he thought it might just be a reflection from the
lighted candles.
The dance floor was soon crowded with the other students. His Mates asked him where
he learned to dance like that. He just smirked and told them it was a secret.
Many girls and boys tried to cut in for a chance to dance with them, but were politely
refused. Many of these same girls had asked Harry to take them to the Ball. He told them
he already had a date.
Harry and Ginny had a wonderful evening enjoying each other's company. The twins
were impressed with the couple. They danced every dance, only stopping for
refreshments a time or two.
Their Mom had owled the twins to 'tell' them to keep an eye on the young couple. They
were angry with their Mum because she wouldn't let Ginny start to grow up a bit. They
didn't intend to spy on their sister and Harry.
The dance ended all too soon for Harry and Ginny. They enjoyed a wonderful evening,
and they were both sure that they would dream of this evening, for years to come.
Harry walked slowly with Ginny back to their Tower. They hated to see the evening end.
The young couple stopped in front of the Portrait hole. Harry put his arms gently around
Ginny and gave her a soft kiss. He then pulled her closer, and kissed the top of her head.
"Ginny, tonight, I had the best time I have ever had in all my life. I have decided that we
will have many more nights such as this when we start our next school term. At the
beginning of term, I intend to ask you formally, to be my girlfriend. We will be open in
our relationship, and no one will come between us. This is my promise to you Ginny".
Ginny hugged him tighter, and told him she would look forward to this happening. "I
already know what my answer will be", she told him.
As they entered the lounge, they were met by an angry Ron and Hermione, both of them
with wands drawn and pointing at them.
"Because of you Harry, we could not go to the Ball. It's time to teach you both a lesson",
said a ticked off Hermione.
She hardly had the words out when she and Ron were tightly bound and flat on the floor.
They hadn't even seen Harry move. "You will never learn, will you Ron?"
Harry and Ginny kissed one another lightly, making sure Ron saw them, and each went
their separate ways to their dorms. They both went to bed forgetting about Ron and
Hermione, and dreaming of dancing the night away in each other's arms.
A/N I'm taking care of Ron and Hermione in my own way. I don't want Harry coming off
the bad guy. He has too much at stake. There will be many confrontations between them
during the fic. I try to describe things the way they come to me. Hope I am at least mildly
successful at this.
The Christmas season passed very busily for the members of the Pack. They were
training very hard because Harry didn't know what to expect in the second task.
New Year came and went. Harry had gone home for a couple of days between the two
Holidays. He had talked to Moony, Sirius and Tonks about the task, but he was no closer
to figuring out the role of the Golden Egg, than when he captured it.
They had also discussed something that would thrill the pack when he told them about it.
One day as Harry was on his way to class, he met Cedric in the corridor. Cedric quietly
told him to take a bath with his egg. Cedric hurried off leaving one very confused Harry.
This was just not cricket. Take a bath with an egg?
Harry told his mates what Cedric told him, and they all agreed it was time to call in their
consultants. The twins agreed to help him. They had the means to get into the Prefects
bathroom, and would keep watch out for him while he was in there. They had Filches
routine down pat.
He put his swim trunks on underneath his robe and taking his egg with him, entered the
bathroom. True to their word, the twins had given him the password. They settled down
on the floor and proceeded to play exploding snap.
Harry went into the bath with the egg, and as Myrtle had just advised him to do, he
opened the egg under water.
Harry heard eerie voices singing to him. They were coming from the opened egg. he was
so surprised at this, that he had to listen several times to commit the words to memory.
He memorized all the clues. He had just closed the egg, and was just leaving the tub
when he heard a rap on the door. It was the twins warning signal. Harry left the loo
quickly. They just made it back to the tower with very little time to spare. They heard
Filch coming along the corridor, muttering to himself about catching the little blighters
out of bounds after curfew.
Harry realizes that the next contest would take place under water. He knew the only body
of water was the lagoon, and he hoped he was right in this. According to the clues, he
would have to rescue a hostage from the merpeople.
He wasn't afraid of them, as he visited with them on the banks of the lagoon during some
of his free time. They were kin to the merfamily that resided in the lagoon on his
In fact, the Potter merpeople had taught Harry to improve his swimming abilities. He was
mediocre, at best, until they were done with him. They had trained him hard in endurance
swimming .He wasn,t too bad under water for a few moments, but he wasn't too sure how
long their task would take.The clue had mentioned a one hour limit.
Harry put the egg aside for a while. He had important things to think about. It was only a
few weeks to Valentines Day. He'd never had someone he liked enough to give a gift to.
He wanted to surprise Ginny, if he could.
His cloak would come in handy again. He used it sparingly. At one time when he first got
the map, he thought he would be using them both all the time. They had no problems
with the secrecy of their Den, so he had very little use for the items. That was not to say
he didn't use them. He loved going out after curfew some nights and laying under the
stars. Even in winter, he still enjoyed this pastime.
Once he knew what he wanted to get for Ginny, it only took him a short time to slip away
to Honey Dukes, to purchase the gift. Ginny had gone to Hogsmead with her friends, but
Harry had stayed behind to keep Ron guessing.
Harry and Neville were discussing the egg's message. Neville didn't think that the task
would be longer than an hour under water. "I know that a chunk of Gillyweed will give
an hour of breathing under water. But it's horrible to chew and swallow." I won't have
much choice will I?" stated Harry.
Well we know this much. The task will take one hour, and like it says;
'But past an hour-the prospect's black
Too late, it's gone, it won't come back.'
"Okay, we know what I have to do, so now we can relax for a day or so", said Harry.
Harry had told no one about the merpeople at Potter Manor. They asked that he keep their
existence a secret. They would never trust him again, if he said anything. He took a
Wizard's oath to keep their confidence. Everyone knew the merpeople at Hogwarts. No
secrets there.
Harry could now think about Valentines Day. It was just a few days away.
He had also learned that the second task would be on February 24th. He would no doubt
freeze to death in the zero temperature water. After all it is still just February, and there is
lots of snow on the ground for Merlin's sake. Oh well, may as well relax for a few days.
Valentines morning dawned with beautiful sunshine streaming through the dorm
windows. Harry jumped out of bed, showered, dressed and ran down the stairs with the
gift for Gin in his deepest pocket. He pulled up at the bottom of the stairs, and looked
around in vain for her. She wasn't there. Well he'd have to find her before the candy
melted in his pocket.
He wasn't keen on that happening. He'd had a chocolate frog melt in his pocket once, and
what a mess it made.
As he stepped out of the hole, he felt hands go around him and over his eyes. "Guess
who?" "I know the lovely Pansy, or Lavender, or ………" Before he could get another
name out, he heard a giggle. He knew that giggle very well.
"No, you git, it's me," Ginny said as she whacked him lightly on the shoulder. Harry
turned and grabbed her in a hug, kissing her on the top of her head. They both began to
giggle. "Pansy,ugh", said Ginny.
"Happy Valentine Day, Gin.I have a little gift for you", said Harry. "I hope you like it."
He pulled the package from his pocket, and passed it to her. She was so excited. This was
the very first Valentine gift she had ever received. She opened it to find a large box of
Honey Dukes finest Chocolates. Her family had never been able to afford these, as they
were very expensive.
She gave Harry a hug, and ran to put them in her room, away from prying eyes. She only
had some sugar quills to give to Harry, but since they were his favorite, he was more than
happy to receive them. They went happily down to breakfast, joining their friends who
were already there.
Harry and Neville told the others about the clue in the egg. Harry explained the meaning
to them. Neville told them about the Gillyweed, and that Harry's Uncle Moony was
sending him enough for the hour he would be under water. Other than the fact that the
second task was on February 24th, Harry knew nothing else. Once more, it was a waiting
Another bit of news he would share with them, only when they met in the Den after the
second task was completed. He couldn't chance telling them here at the table. They would
be beyond excited at what he planned to share with them. He wanted the twins to be a
part of the next adventure also.
Days passed and the second task was now mere hours away. As Harry entered the lounge
from his dorm, he heard Ron yelling at someone. Hermione and Ron were taking turns
berating Seamus and Dean, for associating with Harry. He stood back listening when he
noticed Dean nod slightly at him. Ron railed on and on against their friendship with him.
When he ran out of words, Hermione would cut in. They were talking so fast that Harry
couldn't make out half of what they were saying.
Seamus interrupted Ron's tirade. "So, Ron, how many friends, beside Hermione that is,
do you have? Harry has more people who are loyal to him than you will ever know. You
are pathetic, the both of you. You must find Hogwarts lonesome. Of course there's always
the Slytherins. They all hate Harry. You could join them."
They spoke to Harry, and told him it was time for breakfast. You had better eat to keep up
your strength. Ron and Hermione had no idea that Harry heard the whole shouting match.
They flounced down to the Hall for breakfast muttering the whole way down.
The time was at hand. It was time for the second task. Harry had searched every place for
Ginny, but could find her nowhere. He wanted her good luck wishes. Maybe she would
be in the stands, but there were so many people, he couldn't tell one from the other.
The whistle blew signaling the start of the task and the Champions all waded out into the
water. Harry put the weed in his mouth and was trying not to spit it back out. It was
He swallowed it and within minutes, he felt changes occurring in his body. His mouth felt
weird, and he put his hands to his neck when he felt something painful happening there
also. He was shocked to feel two openings appearing on the sides of his neck. They were
fluttering slightly, and suddenly he could not breathe. He dove into the water and took
deep breaths. Thank Merlin he could breathe again. He took in great breaths through the
gills and felt great.
As he swam farther down into the murky depths, he noticed that his hands were webbed,
as were his feet. Now he would be able to pick up some speed. He swam through the
weed-filled waters, and was swimming strongly, making great headway, when he felt
something grab at his legs and pull him down. Grindylows.! They had him in their grip
and he could feel himself going down deeper into the water. He tried to get loose but was
being held too tight.
As he was thrashing around, he saw a wonderful sight. The merpeople were coming to
help him. They beat off the Grindylows, and pushed Harry off in the right direction. He
began swimming stronger than ever before. Time was passing quickly. He could see
much better now, as he didn't need to blink under water.
In the distance, he could see what looked like a huge statue.. As he swam closer, he saw
what appeared to be four people tied to the statue. He had seen right. There were people
tied to the statue, and they seemed to be in a deep trancelike sleep.
Tied to this statue were, Fleurs little sister. Gabrielle, Cho Chang, and someone he didn't
know. As he swam to the other side, he saw the last one. It was his Ginny. He started to
panic, but calmed down enough to think of a way to get her freed. He looked around, and
then down,and saw a sharp, jagged rock on the bottom, and grabbed it. He sawed at the
bonds holding Ginny, and soon had her free.
He looked around for the other three rescuers, but they were nowhere in sight. He started
for the other captives, but was stopped by the merpeople. They pointed up and Harry saw
Viktor and Cedric swimming into sight.
Cedric went immediately to Cho and pulled a knife out of a holster, and cut her free.
Viktor was in the form of a shark. His transformation hadn't gone well and he had only
the head of the shark completed. He gnawed at the ropes nearly biting his hostage in half.
Harry stopped him and gave him the rock to use, and he soon freed his captive, and left as
Harry grabbed Ginny and started to swim towards the surface. Still no Fleur, Harry
decided go back and free Gabrielle along with Ginny. He couldn't just leave her there to
die. He also wasn't aware that she would be returned safely if her rescuer didn't reach he
in time.
Harry used the rock to free Gabrielle, while the merpeople tried to stop him. It was tough
going. Harry finally had both girls in tow, and started his swim to the surface. He was
mere seconds from the surface when he began to morph back to himself. He was gasping
for air, and with one final thrust of his legs, his head broke the surface of the water.
As Ginny and Gabrielle cleared the water, the girls woke up. Fleur was right there to grab
her sister. Harry carried Ginny onto the shore, and collapsed from fatigue. Ginny asked
what had happened, and he quickly told her, as her parents were rushing to get to her.
Ginny was rushed away by her parents and Moony and Sirius once again was there for
Harry noticed the Mer-chieftan talking with the judges.
Harry listened as the results of the judging took place. The marks awarded will be out of
a total of 50 points each.
Fleur Delacour, although she demonstrated excellent use of the Bubblehead charm, did
not complete her mission as Grindylows attacked her. She will receive 25 points.
Cedric also used the Bubble-head charm and returned with his hostage. He returned one
minute outside of his time limit. He is awarded 47 points. His house erupted in loud
Viktor Krum did not successfully complete his form but was second to return with his
hostage. He is awarded 40 points.
Last but not least. Harry Potter returned last and well outside of his time line. The Mer-
chieftan informed us that Mr. Potter was first to his hostage and would have been first
back with time to spare, if he had not waited to make sure that the others would arrive in
time to rescue their hostages. Even after the two men freed their hostages and left, he
stayed behind and finally decided to free the little one.
His acts are worth full marks, but he is awarded 45 points. Mr. Potter and Mr. Diggory
are now tied for first place in this contest.
Congratulations to you both!
The stands erupted in loud cheers once again. Harry saw his House banners waving
madly in the air. He was ecstatic. A 14-year-old Wizard up there with the best of them,
and tied for first place, no less. His Uncles and Aunt would be proud of him. Ginny
would too.
After Poppy checked them all over, Harry and Cedric left for their Towers and the parties
they knew would be soon going strong.
The Gryffindor party lasted long into the night. In fact, it lasted longer than Harry did. He
fell into his bed, intending to sleep all of the next day. He didn't know another thing until
morning when he was awakened by a great din.
Sorry, but I cannot describe accurately the walk from Monty Python,s Circus skits. I hope
that there are not too many out there who actually can do so.Also I am not spending time
on classes except to prove a point or two. I am more interested in Harry,s interaction with
his friends. This is something we don,t see in J.k.,s books. she concentrates wholly on the
'Golden Trio'.I am not a big fan of H.G./R.W., as you can tell.
A great din heralded Harry into the land of the living. He had hoped that he could sleep
all day. Evidently, it was not to be.
He pulled his bed curtains aside and looked blearily out on a disaster area. Neville,
Seamus and Dean had Ron on the floor, and were straddling him.
He had never seen his friends this angry before, and it was not a pretty sight.
"Take it back", Dean shouted at Ron.
"Never! I meant every word", Ron replied stubbornly.
"Well then, guess we're here for a while", remarked Dean, just as stubbornly.
Harry jumped from his bed.
"What's going on here?" he asked them.
The boys looked up a bit sheepishly at Harry.
"Sorry to wake you, Harry, but Ron needs to be taught a lesson in how to keep his big
mouth shut".
"Like I said before, what's going on?"
"Well we might as well tell you. It seems that Bill, Charlie and Ron were livid, and all
because it was Ginny that you had to rescue. The idea that she was your greatest treasure
really riled them all.
When they hauled her away from you after the task, she managed to bat Bogey hex them
all. Major! She told them that they would never stop her from being 'your girl', and they
better not try."
Harry flushed, but laughed at the picture of his fiery little redhead hexing her three big
brothers, and delivering the verbal howlers at them.
"So why are you all sitting on Ron?' he asked them.
Neville spoke up this time and answered angrily. "I was awake early and saw Ron get out
of bed. He headed to your bed and I saw he was holding his wand in his hand at the
ready. He pulled your curtain aside a bit, and started a hex. He started to say Stupefy, but
I got it out first and he fell. The other two woke up and came to see what was going on."
Flashback to a little earlier.
The boys decided to enervate Ron, and ask him what he was going to do to Harry.
"I'm gonna teach this perv a lesson he won't soon forget .I'm taking him to my other
brothers and we're gonna show him that he can,t mess with our little sister." Ron said
End of flashback.
"That's when we decided to sit on him. We can't allow him to do this. You've done
nothing wrong, and so we're standing up with you against the Weasleys. So there!"
Without saying another word, Dean suddenly left the dorm. Within minutes, he returned
with a sputtering Professor McGonagall in tow. "What's going on?" she asked of the boys
who were sitting on Ron.
Taking turns they told her what Ron had tried to do to Harry, and the plans that he and his
brothers had to punish him.
She was livid. "We will see about that. Let him up and I will tend to him."
Harry was dumbfounded. He really hadn't thought that Ron and his brothers would be so
dead set against him. He was a gentleman, where Ginny was concerned. He treated her
with the utmost respect, and would never hurt her in any way. Would Ron never give up
on hurting Ginny and him?
Ron left the dorm with an angry Professor dragging him by his ear. This was the second
time his Head had found it necessaryto take him to her office.
The Pack hurriedly showered and dressed for the day. They went down to the lounge and
saw Ginny waiting with the biggest grin they had ever seen, on her face. She had been
waiting for them when Dean flew out the portrait hole, and returned with their Head of
House. She'd seen Ron pulled unceremoniously down the stairs and out the same portrait
hole just a short while later, and by his ear no less. She laughingly asked what had
They quickly told her the details of their early morning encounter, and once again, she
became angry at her git of a brother. "Would he never learn?" she wondered.
The pack went to breakfast, joining up with Luna. The twins ran over and slapped Harry
on the back.
"We know we told you :"
"Last night, but we wanted:"
"To tell you again:'
"Congratulations on your standing, Harry:"
"And on saving our sister:
"Once again:"
"So she's your:"
"Greatest treasure, eh?"
Harry was getting dizzy going from Fred to George as they spoke. It was like following a
ping-pong ball back and forth on the table.
Harry had a surly expression on his face as he faced the boys. "Yeah, she's my greatest
treasure. Do you want to beat up on me too? Bill, Charlie and Ron do."
The twins looked aghast at Harry. "No way Harry. We can't think of anyone better to be
Ginny's friend than you. "We'll teach Ron a lesson, and we have a few pranks we can use
on the older gits.
"Thanks mates, that means a lot to me. Your support is what I need. I feel badly that Ron
has changed so much, but I think the two of them, Hermione and him, are the losers in
this little war, don't you".
The others agreed and the pack members sat down to a big breakfast.
They decided to go to the Den for a few hours before lunch. Harry was still learning a lot
of new spells and hexes from his Uncles and Tonks. He was anxious to teach them to the
It was also time to tell them about his news. Listen up mates and ladies, he said with a
grin at the two girls. They grinned back at him. "You can call us 'mates' too, can't he
Luna.?" Said Ginny
"Okay", answered Harry. I've got some great news to share with you. While I was at
home after the New Year holiday, my Uncles started on the Animagus transformation
with me.
We just did the spell to find out what animal form I would take. Sirius couldn't believe
what we saw. First I saw a Phoenix."
"Whatta you mean, 'first', was there a second one?" Piped up Neville, and he was echoed
nearly word for word by nearly all the rest.
"Yes, there was a second one. The other one was a Lion."
The group was silent for a short while. Then they all began to speak at once. Harry
couldn't make out a word they were saying, so he asked them to wait for the rest of the
"Uncle Sirius wants to teach us all to be Animagi. He has invited you all to the manor for
the Easter holidays. We have loads of room, and Ginny, we are working on a way to get
you there too. I am more excited about going to the manor, than anything else. They are
sending invitations to all of your parents and making all the arrangements for you to floo
into the Manor."
Ginny became very quiet. "What,s wrong, " asked luna. "Aren,t you excited about going
with us?
"It,s not that, I just know that Mum will never let me go. No need of asking her. "
"Just leave it to the uncles", answered Seamus with confidence. "They can persuade them
if any one can."
Harry agreed, and to lighten Ginny,s mood he broke out laughing as he said, "Yes and if
you're all good little boys and girls, maybe the Easter Bunny will bring lots of chocolate
eggs to you."
Seamus and Dean knew what he was talking about, but the rest were looking at him as if
he was crazy. He told them about the 'Easter Bunny', and they all had a great laugh.
Little did they know that the adults were actually planning just such a caper. The Easter
Bunny would come to them at the manor. This news delivered and mulled over, they got
back to their training.
The pack had mastered the shrinking spell. They were well on their way to a Patronus.
Their shield spells were very impressive. All in all their time spent in the Den was a great
learning experience. They even did most of their homework in there, helping each other
when needed.
Harry had a natural ability for teaching and training. He would need it in the next year. At
least for a while. But I,ll tell you that part a bit later on.
The one dark spot on the horizon had been that the Headmaster announced that the
champions were exempt from term end exams. Harry and Cedric had both very
successfully argued the decision with the Headmaster, and he had changed his mind.
They would revise and write the week before the last task. Harry was happy about this, as
his standing in all his classes except potions,was exemplary. He wanted to earn all of his
marks, not given them because he had the misfortune to be in the tournament.
Most of the pack left the den about 11 O'clock, leaving Harry and Gin behind. This had
become the norm. They knew that Ron made alone time impossible. They also knew that
this time was precious to Harry.
He had owled his Uncles to ask about his ability to sense magical auras. He had also
mentioned the fact that he could sense Ginny's emotions and thoughts more and more.
The reply had been to encourage him to hone his sensory gifts. They told him to practice
them at all times, as they were a part of his becoming a more powerful Wizard. He would
understand his ability regarding Ginny's feelings and emotions soon. They felt that all
would be clear by terms end.
Harry could feel that Ginny wanted to say something to him, but was wary about starting.
"What's wrong, Gin."? he asked, hoping that she would confide in him.
She looked at him a bit strangely and became pensive. She shook herself mentally, and
began to speak.
"Harry, what are you thinking when you sometimes stare at me? Let me explain.
Sometimes when I'm in a sad mood or angry at Ron and Hermione, you suddenly stare at
me as if you know just how I'm feeling. I find myself thinking that you can read my
mind. Can you?"
"No, Gin, I can't read minds, but I can feel your emotions. I know when you're happy, and
sad and angry. I feel your frustration in some things. It is weird.
I wrote to Uncle Moony and asked him about this. He told me that I would become a
powerful Wizard, as I get older. By year-end, I should be at about 2/3rd. my potential.
I can also sense Magical auras. You have a pretty one. It,s the most beautiful shade of
light blue."
Ginny smiled at him. "Did you know that blue is my second favorite color?"
"Oh! And what's your favorite color? he asked.
"Why, 'your eye color', green', of course.", and she giggled.
Harry laughed and the hand he had around her waist tightened a bit, causing his finger tip
to push against her waist line. It must have been a sensitive spot, because, she flinched a
bit and giggled. He wiggled his fingers a bit more, and she began to laugh. "Don't, Harry.
I'm so ticklish.
That was all Harry needed to hear. For the next few minutes, all that was heard was loud
laughter .
"Give up?" asked Harry.
"Oh my, yes!" answered Ginny." Now someday I'll have to find out if you're ticklish too.
Then you'll pay for this."
Ginny told Harry it would soon be lunchtime. They checked their watches and left the
Den, as usual carefully watching to make sure they weren't seen by anyone.
Lunch was a noisy affair, with the twins tormenting Ron. They had owled Bill and
Charlie, and told them the truth about Ginny's innocent friendship with Harry.
Their closing remarks in both letters were,
You may never get these serious brothers ever again, so listen up.
"It won,t always stay that way.We can seea bond forming between them that is not only
good but scary as well. Harry knows Ginny,s every feeling and changing moods.She is
beginning to sense these things concerning Harry as well. He is tuned in to her to the
nth. degree.The scariest part about this is that they are so young. We got a book yes, a
book. Don,t die of shock, dear brother, and learned that soul bonds very rarely appear
until the couple reach full magical potential.They are still a few months from their 14th.
and 15th. birthdays, and they are already half way through this bonding process.We
spend a lot of time with them and can attest to the fact that it is our belief that they are
destined to be life partners.
"In case you don,t remember, Harry was the only one in this family,and yes we consider
him family,who has even tried to help Ginny. Why do you think she turned to that evil
diary, and had such a disasterous first year?"
"Since Harry was the one who went into the chamber and rescued her, he knows how
horrible it was. Ron had kept her at arms length all year andshe needed a friend. At
eleven she was easily manipulated by the evil Tom Riddle."
"When Harry saw her laying there, he told us, he decided there and then, that she would
beone of his friends and he didn,t care what Ron said.He befriended her in her second
year and they have been great friends ever since. They are slowly evolving into a couple,
and we think that by terms end they will be almost inseparable.
"We know that the family don,t look at us as anything other than jokers, but we do have a
serious side also. We dearly love our sister, and would never let any one hurt her. We are
watching from the sidelines, and trying to ignore Ron,s ravings, because he is digging
himself deeper and deeper into a hole.His stubborness is getting him introuble with his
Head of House,as well. Don,t worry about Ginny. We.ll be here for her, never fear, from
your only once in this lifetime serious brothers, Gred and Forge.
As if the enormity of these letters had been too foreign for them, the twins immediately
began planning a prank against Snape, their most hated teacher. It would be a good one.
They had seen a few funny skits on their Muggle friend's telly. Since Harry's party, they
couldn't get enough of the telly. They knew just what they would do.
The twins plotted and planned. Of course their trips to the kitchens were secretive. They
were two of Harry Potters Weazeys, according to Dobby, and he would do anything at all
for them. They told Dobby what they would like him to do for them, and left two potions
for him to use for the prank. One was for his coffee, and one for his juice.
Every morning when Snape got up and showered, he called for the house elves for coffee.
Being a pureblood, he felt that they were his servants. Why should he conjure a coffee
when they could serve him one? He drank his coffee and left for breakfast.
The fun began as Snape entered the dining room.
He began with the strange walk that had kept the twins in stitches, when they had seen it.
He would raise his right foot high into the air and lean forward a bit and lowerit
downwith a loud bang.Then he would bring his left foot forward and set it down with a
thump. He repeated this twice more and then hopped backward three times. He repeated
these actions until he gradually reached the Head table. It took him a good few minutes,
and the look on his face could kill quite easily. Even some of the Professors were hiding
He grabbed a drink of juice and suddenly he jumped up and began to sing show tunes
with actions, no less. The twins had charmed them into the potion, which was in his
orange juice. He was the only Prof. who didn't drink Pumpkin juice in the morning .
By now the hall was in an uproar. He was hilarious. He glared at Harry, but Harry didn't
see the look because he was rolling on the floor in laughter along with half the other
students. Granted it was nearly all the muggle students that could appreciate the joke best
of all. They knew this prank was scenes from Monty Python Circus shows from the telly.
Gradually the laughterdied down and the students returned to as close to normal as
possible. There were still snickers erupting throughout the Hall, as they thought of what
Snape had looked like.The students resumed eating theirbreakfast. Snape had goose
stepped out of the hall, not saying a thing, because whenever he opened his mouth , he
would break out in song.
The twins had satisfied grins on their faces. They were proud of the prank. They had
charmed the door into the dining room to react to the potion in Snapes morning coffee,
and trigger all the special effects he had performed. Oh yes! They were well satisfied
with their work.
Classes resumed with the Pack going to transfiguration. Once again, Harry was first and
fastest in changing a feather into a beautiful bouquet of exquisite flowers. He would give
them to Ginny later.
He was also successful in transfiguring a small piece of wood into an elegant roll top
desk. To say that his Professor was shocked would be mild. Harry had practiced many
spells and charms with his uncles. He was very advanced in his studies.
"Harry ", shouted Hermione, "you're nothing but a show-off. You just want to make us all
look bad."
"Harry just looked at Hermione and said," Just because you couldn't complete the
transfiguration first, doesn't mean that I'm showing off. I've been training with my
Uncles, and that is why I am good at this. Worried, are you, Hermione?'
Harry just shook his head and walked away from her. She and Ron were both older than
he was, and they were acting so childish.
The rest of his classes were going well. In fact he was excelling in all his classes, except
for potions.
He knew that Snape was marking his work down. He had sent copies of some of his
essays to his uncles, to check over in case he was expecting too much in the way of
They in turn had taken them to the head examiner at the Ministry. She was appalled at the
unfairness of Snape,s bias against Gryffindor. Harry hated to whine, but he worked hard
on his essays, and the unfairness rankled him. He wanted to be an Auror like his family,
and potions was one core class in which he needed to excel. There would be fallout from
this ,and satisfaction as well, Harry was sure.
Harry was getting excited. Easter break was nearly upon them, and his Uncles had owled
him, informing Harry that the animagus lessons were a go. They would register, and all
his pack were coming even Ginny. Ron had been invited also, and so were her parents.
Hermione had not been invited, so Ron decided to stay at school. Prof. McGonagall
would be there for short stays to assist with the transformation practices. The next few
weeks couldn't pass fast enough for him.
But pass it did. The first day of break found the pack and McGonagall ,lined up at the
Headmasters fireplace. It was charmed to allow the selected few only, to floo to the
Manor. The elder Weasley, s would floo from the Burrow. Remus and Sirius were
thorough if anything, and they would not let anyone interfere with this 2 week holiday,
especially the Headmaster. TBC
Jif and Ami were beside themselves with happiness. Their young Master was coming
home today. Not only was he coming home, but also he was bringing his friends and
maybe even some members of their families. The manor would be ringing with laughter
very soon.
All the rooms were ready for their guests, and the larders were groaning with food. The
brooms were highly polished, in anticipation of the many games of quiddich that would
be played. Now they, along with the Uncles and Aunt, were anxiously waiting in the floo
entryway, for them all to arrive.
Sirius, Remus and Tonks were pacing. Would everything go as planned? Would the
Weasley matriarch, be difficult to handle? She had been a hold out to the invitation until
almost the last day. They hadn't told Harry, of course, as he would have been devastated.
Instead, they had assured him that everyone was coming, and praying to Merlin that she
would give in.
The fireplace suddenly flared and soon it was bedlam. Somehow or other the ones who
could floo without falling over on landing, came through first. Ginny, Fred, George,
Luna, Neville, and surprisingly, Seamus and Dean. They all landed upright.
That left, guess who? Yes, Harry! Harry came last, landing on his rear end in front of the
whole crowd. Everyone broke out into gales of laughter. Even Harry had to laugh. He
came through last on purpose, because he knew they would have all landed on him if he
came through first and landed on the floor as he always did.
Soon a very excited welcoming committee was hugging them all. Ami called for Liz and
Sue. They came and greeted the students, and were especially happy to see Harry again.
All the trunks were shrunk, and in their pockets, so the Pack followed the Elves to their
assigned rooms. The elder Weasleys were the only parents coming for any length of time.
The other parents and Professor Mcgonogall were arriving on Easter morning and staying
for the day only.
Seamus and Dean, had never been here before of course. They were agog with all they
were seeing. To be around humble Harry, you would never know that he owned such a
beautiful home, or that he was wealthy. Visibly impressed, they complimented him on his
My parents left this to me, he told them. It's named Potter Manor, and has been in the
family for generations. When we get downstairs again, I,ll introduce you to my other
friends, all the Elvin folks who run the manor. They are great, and you'll like them all.
The students were impressed with their rooms. Ginny and Luna would share, Fred and
George would share, and the three others would share the largest of the 3rd. floor rooms.
The elder Weasleys would have a suite of rooms on the second floor. As soon as they
were all settled in, Harry came up to explain that if they needed anything that they
couldn't get or do for themselves, that Sue and Liz would help.
"The girls are not slaves, and so we do as much for ourselves as possible." Harry
explained to them. "If you're ready, lets go back downstairs. Maybe we can get a fly in
before lunch. We haven't been able to fly because of the contest. I've really missed it."
"There's a quiddich pitch here?",asked Seamus and Dean, almost in one voice.
The twins piped up, "Wait till you see it .you'll just go crackers. Come on lets go."
It was the same as a herd of elephants running down the stairs. Including Harry, none of
them could wait to get to the pitch.
This would have to wait for a few minutes. Standing in the Hallway at the bottom of the
stairs were the members of the Elvin family. The students came to a stop, and stood still
waiting to see what was to happen next.
Jif spoke up. "Harry, we are so happy that you have brought all your friends to spend
Easter break with us. We miss you when you are not here."
"I miss you all too, and I am happy to be here as well." He looked at his friends. You have
all, except Seamus and Dean, met my friends.
Seamus, Dean, I'd like you to meet Jif, who oversees the running of the entire estate.
Ami, his mate, is in charge of the Manor and the kitchen. If you think you've tasted the
best food ever at Hogwarts, then wait till you taste Ami,s cooking. Then there is Cott and
Web who are in charge of the grounds and the animals, and finally yet importantly, we
have Liz and Sue who take care of the Manor itself. Folks, meet Seamus and Dean."
After introductions were over,Webb led Harry and his friends out through to the yard, and
to the pitch. On the way he explained the different animals to them, and showed them the
gardens as well.
Their arrival at the pitch was followed by whoops of pleasure from them all. This pitch
was fashioned along the same lines of the one at Hogwarts. They couldn't wait to get into
the air.
Cott appeared floating several brooms behind him. It really looked funny and several of
them snickered at the sight. Harry grabbed his broom, and told the rest to choose brooms
for the positions they usually played.
There were brooms for every position in Quiddich. It wasn't long before they each had a
broom and were high in the air, whooping and hollering their lungs out. This was extreme
joy and pleasure. They had all missed their Quiddich matches, and flying time. They
would make up for it here at Harry's place.
They would plan some Quiddich games for later, but for now, they would just fly and
enjoy the thrill of the freedom they felt while in the air.
It seemed as if they had only been airborne for minutes, but in reality, they had been
flying for at least a couple of hours. They heard a voice calling from the ground, and
looking down, saw Sirius trying to get their attention. "Hey, you lot. Lunch is ready".
They weren't long in landing. Harry showed them where the broom shed was, and they all
placed their brooms where they could put their hands on them again. They were the best
brooms they had ever flown, and they couldn't wait to use them again. It was going to be
a great week.
They entered the manor, and went to wash up for lunch. Harry promised Seamus and
Dean that he would show them around the Manor later.
He and Ginny had talked earlier at Hogwarts, and they agreed that he would behave the
same with her as he did with all the others. He did not want to upset her parents, as they
felt that Ron was doing a good job at that.
As the gang reached the huge kitchen, the smells coming from there were making their
mouths water. Whatever Ami had prepared for them, would be delicious, they were sure.
The pack sat down to lunch. Harry noticed that Tonks was missing. he was told that she
was on duty for the holiday weekend, but would hopefully join them for dinner on
Sunday. A table was set up in front of the long window facing out on the garden. They
would be eating lunches on their own for the duration if their stay here. Dinner would be
family affairs, but lunchtime was theirs to enjoy alone. This way, Harry told them that
they could discuss things easier among themselves. "Like at Hogwarts", he said.
Ami approached the table with trays of food following her. She waved them onto the
table, and told the teens that if they needed more, to call her and she would be there.
"With this much food, Ron should be here", piped up Fred. A sad look flitted over Harry's
face, but was gone as soon as it came.
"I still feel bad about the way things have changed. I really thought in first year that Ron
and Hermione would be my best friends forever. When they ignored Gin and she had
such a bad first year, that really changed everything".
"Bur let's not think about those things, come-on, let's eat. We don't want Ami to think we
don't like her cooking."
Soon the only sound to be heard was the sound of cutlery on plates, and sighs of
satisfaction, as they enjoyed every bite of food they ate. Dessert was wonderful. Treacle
tarts. As many as they were able to eat, were on the table. There was also Pumpkin juice
and tea, for those who wanted it.
Soon, they were all groaning, and rubbing their stomachs. "Wow. What a great meal ",
said George. Everyone wholeheartedly agreed. Ginny and Luna spoke almost in unison,
"Nap time". They all agreed.
As Ami appeared to clear the table, the teens as one, began applauding her. They told her
everything was delicious, and all thanked her for such a great lunch. Harry was proud of
his friends, as Ami was blushing and very happy with their praise.
"I am so happy to have young people to cook for again, and I hope that Harry brings you
here many more times".
"Thank you Ami, we hope he does too", replied Neville.
The girls went to their rooms for a short nap, while the boys went out into the grounds.
The area was warm, controlled by Magic. Soon, snores were heard, as the boys threw
themselves onto the ground and fell asleep.
This scene greeted Sirius and Moony as they went out to see where the kids were. They
may all be teens, but they were still kids in the eyes of the last of the marauders.
They laughed at the sight. Ami must have fed them well, to make them so sleepy. Well,
they would fix this.
"OY THERE" they yelled at the boys. The boysjumped up as if their seats were on fire.
"Whazhappenen"? slurred Harry. The others were just as articulate, and were all trying to
speak at once.
"Nothing, yet, said Sirius, but if you lot want to see what your animagus form is, you
better get moving. It wasn't long before they were all heading into the manor. The girls
were waiting for them in the kitchen. They were feeling very refreshed after their nap,
and the boys still looked half asleep.
Sirius and Moony led them down into the potion lab.
"Double wow"
"What we"
"Wouldn't give"
"For a place like this"
"To do our "
Experiments in", said the twins in their usual ping-pong manner.
Harry laughed and told them, "If I win the Tournament, I will give you the Thousand
Galleon Prize to you both. Then you can open your own place when you finish school.
How's that?"
The twins joined in the laughter with the others, and answered, "Harry. That's not as
funny as you think. We really believe you are gonna win this Tournament."
"Well, either way, I will invest money to help you set up shop when you graduate, okay?"
The twins were flabbergasted. They thanked Harry, really hoping that he was serious
about this, and turned to Sirius. "Okay, when do we start?"
"The potions are ready. They each need three drops of your blood. Then you will take
them one by one. We need to monitor you during your trance. Harry knows the procedure
and he will help us to do the monitoring. Who wants to go first?"
The twins of course wanted to find out first, and Neville put his hand up as well. "Okay,
we will see to the twins, and Harry, you take Neville."
Soon the serum was ready, blood and all, and it was time to see what their forms would
be. It was a sure thing that whatever form that Fred took, George would be the same. The
rest could hardly wait to see what they would turn out to be.
"Drink up, now boys", said Moony. They all put the vials of liquid to their mouths, and
swallowed. The twins were so excited, that they could hardly contain themselves.
The three were out for about a half hour, when they began regaining consciousness. The
others were waiting to hear what had seen.
Neville spoke up first. "I saw a scrappy little Terrier. He fought off any other animal that
tried to come near me. He was biting at their heels, and jumping in their faces. He wasn't
afraid of anything. I like that. It means that I will be a brave Wizard. I am happy with my
form. It chose me. He had a huge smile on his face.
"Now for you guys", said Sirius.
The twins looked at one another for several minutes, amazed at what they had seen while
in their trance. Fred finally spoke up, as George still seemed to be dumbstruck.
"Correct me, if I'm wrong, George, but we were together in a large open field. It was
filled with many large animals. George nodded in awe at what his brother was saying.
The ones that approached us, and would not let any other animal near, were two beautiful
leopards. They circled us, keeping all others at bay, and eventually they crouched in front
of us, as if to say. "You are our animal form". It was awesome. George? Was this what
you saw too?" George just nodded yes, too amazed to speak.
The rest of the teens were happy that Fred, George and Neville had found their forms so
Seamus, Dean and Luna were next. They were out for just under a half hour.
Seamus form came to him the quickest. He was a mastiff, which is an extremely large
breed of dog. He was so excited, as he was a dog lover.
Dean was not so happy with his form. He was a hawk. He loved flying, but was not sure
he'd be happy in the air without a broom under him. Time would tell.
Luna was also happy with her form. She was a Kneazle. So far, she had the first Magical
form of them all, not counting Harry who had found his forms earlier in the year.
Ginny was last to test. She was out for nearly an hour. Harry was getting nervous. The
Uncles looked encouragingly at him, and so he tried to relax. Finally, she opened her eyes
and looked all around. She was as pale as the ghosts at Hogwarts were. Moony and Sirius
went to her and helped her into a chair. They conjured a glass of water for her and gave
her some space to breathe.
"I can't believe what I saw. I had two creatures come to me. One was a beautiful Phoenix.
It sat on my shoulder. The other was a lioness. I have the same forms as Harry told us that
he has. Why is that, Moony?"
Moony answered her after mulling over the news a bit. "You and Harry never cease to
amaze us. You have so much in common, and are such close friends, that it is natural for
you to have the same forms. We will speak further with professor McGonagall when she
arrives for dinner tonight."
"Ginny, Fred and George, your parents will arrive tomorrow morning. They have not
decided how long they will be staying, but for the weekend at least. The rest of your
parents will arrive on Easter morning, and spend the day with us. We will have lots of fun
all day and Ami has a feast planned for Easter dinner."
"We don't have much time until dinner. What do you think about us getting freshened up,
dressed in our good clothes, and be in the games room by at least 5:30, okay?" asked
Harry of the Pack. They all agreed and left for their rooms.
Ginny lagged behind a bit and walked beside Harry up the stairs. "I miss you", she said. I
feel as if you aren't really here". "I know how you feel", he answered. "The last thing we
need is to have your parents see us even holding hands. They may not stay all week, if
they have no reason to suspect us."
As he turned to enter his room, he glanced around and seeing nobody near, he gave her a
small hug, and kissed her on her cheek. "See you later," he said, and went into his room.
Ginny caught up with Luna, who was waiting out of sight for her. They went into their
room, and climbed up onto their beds, curling their legs up under themselves. They
discussed their Animagus forms.
Luna said she would study about Kneazles, and decide what color she wanted to be.
Ginny was happy for her. She loved Kneazles too, and would have been happy if her
form had been the same as Luna's.
"Why do you think I have two forms, and why are they both like Harry's? The Uncles
seemed surprised and didn't have much of an answer for me."
Luna had been thinking seriously, as Ginny was talking to her. "Ginny, have you ever
read about 'Soul Bonds'?" "No I haven't ", she replied."What are they?"
"I'll just tell you what little I know."
"A 'Soul Bond' forms when two souls recognize one another as one. It means that those
two Souls intertwine and are destined for each other. I believe that you and Harry are on
the way to becoming bonded. I don't know how much longer you will have to wait, but it
will happen. It will take a major trauma to trigger it, but it will happen. You show all the
signs. I am sure you have felt this happening".
"Yes I have. I just didn't know how to explain it to myself. I do know that I feel lost when
he is not near, and found again, when I am with him. Does that make sense to you? It's so
hard to put into words."
"That's close enough. Now I'll beat you to the shower, and then it will be time to go down
to the games room. The two girls were soon ready and on their way to take part in some
fun and games.
"Why is it that girls take so long to get ready," was being asked by several of the boys.
"Don't really know," answered Sirius. "But it's been that way for generations."
"Here they are, now let's go and have some fun. I've wanted to see the games room all
day," said Seamus, with Dean agreeing whole-heartedly.
There was only a short time to play until their Professor would be arriving, but they took
advantage of every minute.
Why is it that when you're having the most fun, adults have to spoil it? Professor
McGonagall would be arriving in moments, and Harry had told Sirius that the students
should be in the floo entryway to greet her. He reminded Harry of this, so they did as
asked. Therefore, she was pleasantly surprised to see such a welcoming committee. Harry
welcomed her to his home, and introduced her to the Elvin folks.
To see a smile on her face was a rare treat for the students, but they did not remark on this
fact. Ami announced dinner, and they all entered the formal dining room.
On an occasion when there were special guests, Ami informed Harry that Jif and the rest
of her family dined in their own rooms. This was protocol in wizarding households, and
Harry agreed to their decision to follow the rules.
Dinner was a sumptuous affair. Discussion took place regarding the Animagus form each
of them had experienced. Prof. McGonagall told them that she had their registration
papers and they would fill them out in the morning. They could not complete them until
their form materialized and could be described on the registration paper s for the
Ami served dessert and drinks in the study, because Professor McGonagall wanted to
discuss their forms and further training with all of them. After everyone was finished, she
began her little lesson. The next step, after finding their forms, was to study everything
regarding their form. They needed to know it from the inside out. They needed to know
every bone, muscle, nerve, and in short, everything there was to know about the animal
or bird whose form they would assume when they were ready to transform.
"You are very fortunate to have a complete library to work from. Make use of it. You are
also fortunate to have two very experienced people to guide you as you study. The
mistakes they made, and at this they both cringed, will not be repeated .They have
learned from them and will better guide you through the process. Listen to Mr. Black and
Mr. Lupin. Work hard, and when I return on Tuesday evening for a progress report, I
hope to see some results."
"I am sorry to leave you now, but I will return in the morning. Until then, thank you
Harry for your Hospitality, and thank Ami for a delicious meal. Goodnight to you all."
Harry accompanied her to the Floo and thanked her for coming. "We'll see you tomorrow
then, shall we?" "Yes, you certainly shall". With that, she stepped into the flames and was
gone. Harry returned to the study, and asked, "Anyone up for some games?"
The games room soon became the scene of fun and laughter. Luna and Neville could not
tear themselves away from the movie screen. The ping-pong table was busy, with the
twins taking on one another in a rousing and noisy game of table tennis. Seamus and
Dean played pool, which they were more familiar with. Harry and Ginny took this time to
sit quietly on one of the sofas, and just talk.
The Elvin people felt that harry had his friends, and so they could just relax in their
Ginny told Harry about her and Luna's conversation after they saw their forms. Harry
knew nothing about Soul Bonds, but told Ginny that there was a library here, where they
could go and look for a book to read up on it. He asked Moony to come with them to the
library and help them to find a book. He would have asked Sirius, but he somehow felt
closer to Moony. Maybe it was because he had spent more time with him than with
Sirius. Moony was more a father figure, and Sirius the big brother type.
When they got to the library, Moony asked them which book they wanted. Harry and
Ginny both blushed and Ginny answered shyly. "Luna thinks that because Harry and I
have the same animagus forms, that we may be 'Soul bonded", sometime soon. We want
to find a book on bonds and see what it is all about."
Suddenly a light flared in Remus,s head. Some call it an epiphany, Remus called it
downright scary. It suddenly made sense to him. All the signs pointed to this being the
reasoning behind the two youngsters feeling towards one another.
Remus located the book and they returned to the games room. Soon Harry and Ginny
were engrossed in the book. Remus quickly and quietly told Sirius about them and the
two men covertly watched as they read and turned the pages of the book. The
expressions, flitting across their faces from time to time were priceless. Dismay, worry,
glee, and at times, even embarrassment. This book was a condensed version of the larger
book, which was on the higher shelves. Remus knew that this version would tell them
enough to satisfy their curiosity.
Sirius looked up at the clock, and announced that it was nearly eleven o'clock, and they
had a big day tomorrow. Yawning widely, the teens tried to convince Sirius that they
weren't tired. He was having none of that. "Bed everyone, now". Therefore, they went off
to bed, still yawning and grumbling that they weren't in the least bit tired.
Saturday morning dawned far too early for the Weasley teens as they heard their mother
asking loudly why they weren't up yet. They heard Sirius tell her that after all it was an
Easter break and sleeping in was okay. Wasn't it?
As Ginny came down the stairs, she asked what time it was and noticed the clock on the
wall. "For Merlin's sake it's only 6;30, Mum. What're you up so early for?"
"I missed my 'baby girl", she told Ginny.
"I am not your baby girl", she angrily retorted. I am going to be 14 years old this summer.
I am your daughter. I am not a baby any more. I love you so much Mum, but you
continue to treat me as if I have to stay young forever. Please let me grow up."
Molly looked at her daughter with new eyes. Maybe she was really growing up. She had
not let herself believe this because she wanted to hold on to her daughter forever.
She suddenly realized that this wasn't possible. She finally accepted the fact that she
needed to untie the apron strings, and let Ginny find her way in this world of theirs. Even
Mother birds encouraged their young to find their wings and soar. She could do this.
However, Ginny and Harry together? This was still too soon in her opinion. She would
watch things while she was here.
Soon all the teens were down stairs looking blearily at each other. What was going on?
Why were they all up at 6:30 in the morning? There's our answer, thought Harry. Mrs.
Weasley. Why was she here so early? What did she expect to find? After reading that
book with Ginny last night, he was terrified to look at her while her mum was here.
Oh well . "Come on mates, let's get showered and do a bit of flying, while we wait for
breakfast. Maybe it'll clear the cobwebs from our heads."
"What in Merlin's name is everyone doing up at this early hour?" This came from Moony
as he came down the stairs, half-asleep and not even half-awake. He looked up from
rubbing his eyes. Oh,it,s you Molly! I thought you wouldn't be here till mid- morning."
"Well I wasn't. but I missed my kids. I haven't seen them since Sept, you know."
Harry laughed inside. She'd seen them all at the second task. Who was she trying to fool.
But he guessed she did miss her kids.
The pack soon dressed and went for their brooms. Ginny and Luna stayed with Molly,
and soontold her what their forms were. She was quite impressed. She told Ginny that if
Prof. McGonagall hadn't approved the idea, that she wouldn't have given her permission
for her and the twins to take part in the lessons.
Ginny thought to herself that Sirius and Moony really didn't need the Professors help, as
they were perfectly capable of conducting these lessons themselves. Now she was sure
that they had included the Professor in the lessons so that Ginny could come as well.
Marauders reign forever! The boys returned and soon breakfast was underway.
After breakfast, Professor McGonagall arrived and helped them fill out their animagus
information forms. She said she would be back for the day tomorrow. Just to relax, she
assured them.
Saturday passed without any untoward incidents. The girls spent the day with Molly,
showing her around, settling her in her suite of rooms, watching the telly, and in general
keeping her happy.
Harry spent some time with her, relating some of the events leading up to the first and
second tasks. She asked him if he was frightened when he faced the dragon. "No, I wasn't
too frightened, because Hagrid warned me about them.When I went for the egg, I
pretended that I was going after a snitch."
"That was good thinking, Harry. Catching a snitch comes naturally to you, doesn't it?" We
were all concerned when we found out that Ginny was the hostage in the second task.
Professor Dumbledore assured us that she had never been in any danger. He said that the
merpeople were to rescue any hostages left behind when the hour was up."
"Yes, I didn't know that at the time, but learned it later. I couldn't leave Gabrielle behind.
It just wouldn't be right, you know?"
Well you did extremely well and now you and Cedric tied for first place. Do you know
what the third task is?"
"No, only that it's on June 24th. Not what it is though."
Sunday morning all the young ones were up early. They all went to bed earlier the night
before, because they were up so early that morning, thanks to Molly's early arrival. She
noticed that Harry spent no more time around Ginny than he did with the others. maybe
the crush had blown over. She could only hope so.
Today the rest of the parents would arrive and they would have breakfast together.
The Pack gathered in the floo entryway. First to arrive was Mr. Weasley. Harry then
welcomed Mr. Lovegood, Mrs Longbottom, Mrs. Thomas, and last but not least Mrs.
Harry told them he was happy to see them. Seamus and Dean introduced their mums, as
they knew that Harry had never met them. Luna introduced her Dad to those who didn't
know him, and Neville introduced his Gram, to them all. It promised to be a lively
They all went into the dining room, and found chocolate bunnies at all their places.
"Wow," said Harry. "I guess the Easter Bunny found his way here after all." Every one
laughed at him, and tucked into a delicious breakfast.
"After we finish our breakfast, we are going outside for some fun", announced Sirius.
"Yes, we are going to do something different. We are going to enjoy a 'Muggle' Easter
egg hunt on brooms".
At this, he looked at a delighted Arthur, and the Mums of both Dean and Seamus. They
knew all about egg hunts. Harry looked surprised. When had his Uncles decided to do
"We have one more person to wait for and then we will start. About 15 minutes later, they
heard a great noise in the floo entryway, and ran to find Tonks, getting to her feet after
knocking over a set of fireplace tools.
Of course, they greeted her with laughter. Harry was glad that he wasn't the only one to
mess up at flooing. Even Dean's Mum had done better than him.
Tonks told them she had got away earlier than she expected to, and so would learn what
an egg hunt was all about.
"Come on you lot. Let's go." This came from Sirius. He was as excited as a kid, on
Christmas morning.
They followed him into the yard and down to the quiddich pitch. There were at least a
dozen or more brooms lined up.
"Okay, you lot. You will each take a broom. If you don't fly. There will be eggs that are
hidden for you to find on the ground.
The pack members quickly mounted. Tonks and Arthur joined them. Molly decided to
stay on the ground with the other Mums and Grandma Longbottom. Minerva had arrived
as they were leaving the house, and she mounted a broom. Soon all those who wanted to
take part in the hunt, were airborne.
"Attention ", called out Sirius."You will all try to catch your eggs, while flying. Most of
the eggs are Chocolate, but, and here he cackled evilly, there are a few raw eggs as well.
They are all wrapped the same, so you won't know what you are grabbing for until you
close your hand over it. Ready, go!"
Webb and Cott released hundreds of brightly colored eggs into the air. They had charmed
them to fly, and fly they did. They were all over the place. Moony and Sirius joined the
hunt too, and were having the time of their life.
Harry's face was covered in egg, as well as Arthur's, and Minerva's, and most of the
others. The prank loving Cott and Web, had covered more raw eggs than chocolate ones,
and soon everyone was covered in raw eggs.
The women were rolling on the ground in laughter. They had found all chocolate eggs.
The twins were impressed with the prank, and admired the young elves for pulling it off
so successfully.
After another half hour or so in the air, all the riders landed, and slipped and slid in the
eggs covering the ground under them.
Minerva had landed earlier, cleaned herself off, and was talking with the other women.
She had lots of fun during her time in the air, and thought that Cott and Web could give
Sirius, Remus, and the twins some serious competition, in the prank field.
All those who had joined in the hunt, thanked Moony and Sirius. "This is the most fun
I've had since I can't remember when," said a very happy Arthur. Thanks to you both for
this great idea.
"We had as much fun as you all did', said Remus.
"Now how do we get cleaned up without tracking eggs through the house? The girls will
kill us", moaned Sirius.
"No problem, answered a gleeful Cott."There's a huge shower room, and robes for you to
wear into the house. Our sisters would maim us too, if we let you go in covered in raw
eggs. Girls , you go on one side, and the boys on the other."
It took an hour or more but the guys were clean and on their way to the house and into
their bedrooms to get dressed.
The girls were done much quicker, and were now back downstairs and ready for more fun
and games.
Every one gathered in the games room to discuss their egg hunt.
"Did anyone actually get any chocolate eggs?" asked Neville.
"I didn,t answered both Arthur and Mr Lovegood.
"I got two", said Ginny. "Me too" said Luna.
The twins spoke up and laughingly lauded the elves for the best prank of all time. The
boys had come into the house and entered the games room. They blushed at the praise.
"Harry's 'Potter' ancestors were great pranksters, and they taught our families many of
their pranks. We paid for today. We had to clean up all the eggs, but it was worth it"
How many chocolate eggs were there? asked Seamus.
"There were only one dozen real ones, and over a hundred raw eggs." they answered
At that everyone began applauding and laughing at the same time. They all agreed that
this was the best day ever .
Ami came in just then, and announced lunch would be a light picnic down by the lagoon.
"The food is already there, and no Cott and Web, none for you, she laughingly added.
Oh, come on Ami , we loved the prank, can't they join us?" There were puppy dog eyes
from all the teens, and even Arthur begged too.
"Okay, but I'll make them pay later. We're all joining you for lunch, by special request of
our young Master."
Soon there were about two dozen people enjoying a very tasty lunch by the lagoon.
The merpeople kept out of sight, as they didn't want anyone to know about them. Some
of the birds and smaller creatures came to beg tidbits from their fingers. Overall, with the
lively conversation, and the creatures, and his family and friends, Harry had never been
happier in all his short life span to date.
That night dinner was also a very happy affair, and after a long fun filled day, as Harry
bid his guests good-bye, he knew that this was just more icing on his cake .
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finish the break in this part. Still do not own the Canon Characters or properties.
Someone told me I was replacing Harry with Remus as the one in control. Harry has put
everything in motion, and he is not backing down at school any longer. He has no need to
be in charge of the Manor, just his social life. Remus and Sirius are still his Mentors and
Guardians. I just wanted to show a Harry who won,t take guff from anyone ever again.
Of course the person was reviewing ch. 3 at the time, just a short while ago.
Harry felt that he must have done something right for a change. Molly had decided to
leave with Arthur on Sunday evening. She seemed satisfied that the twins could and
would chaperone Ginny while she was here. She also asked if she could visit and see how
their training was going. She was satisfied now that she thought that Professor
McGonagall was in charge.
Moony and Sirius had decided on the following timetable. The teens received it at
9-11 Reading
11-1 Flying
1- 2 Lunch
2-4 DADA Training.
4-6 Practicing Transforming.
6 p.m Dinner followed by free time for rest of evening.
Curfew, 10 p.m., but must be inside manor by 8 p.m.
The Pack read the timetable over, and was more than pleased with the regime to be
followed. They would learn a great deal before they returned to the castle, and still have
lots of fun time too.
The teens spent the morning sitting in the sunroom, reading up on their animals and birds.
They had so much to learn, but they were very serious about their desire to become
Harry and Ginny had the hardest time finding a book on Phoenixes. Lord Gryffindor was
the last known Wizard to have a Phoenix as his form. This form was a very rare one.
There was nothing written by him on the subject. Maybe they could search the Manor for
some information. Of course, they could ask Jif for help. He knew more about the Manor
than his uncles did.
Harry called for Jif. When he appeared, he asked if he knew any place in the Manor
where he could get some information about Lord Gryffindor. Jif led Harry and Ginny to
the study. All Harry could see were portraits of several Witches and Wizards on the walls.
There were no books in here at all. Jif walked over to a portrait of a very regal looking
Wizard. "Harry, this is your Ancestor, Lord Gryffindor. He can tell you what you need to
Harry thought that Jif was losing it. Talk to a Portrait? He knew the portraits at Hogwarts
all moved, but he had never seen them move while he was in the Manor. He watched as
Jif approached the portrait.
Jif raised his hand and pointed at the portrait. H e very quietly chanted for a mere few
seconds. Harry couldn't hear what he said, but the results were amazing. He looked up
into the smiling face of Lord Gryffindor, who stood in his frame and stretched a bit, then
sat down again. "And who may I ask, do we have here?" he asked.
Jif answered . "Lord Gryffindor, This is the heir of Gryffindor, Harry Potter, and his 'Soul
Mate, Ginevra Weasley'. Harry and Ginny looked at Jif in shock.
"Whattayameansoulmates?" He said very quickly. Then slower he repeated, "What do
you mean Soul Mates?"
Jif laughed and said. "Harry, you can't hide anything from Elves. We felt the bond
between you and Ginny when she was here for your birthday party. This time it is much
stronger. It is not complete as of yet, but it will only be a matter of months before it
becomes complete. Should she be present for a formal dinner party, we would be required
to address her as Mistress Ginny."
Goderic was chuckling. These Potters and their red heads. It never failed. If there was a
red head to be found within hundreds of miles, they would seek and find one.
"Harry, I am so happy to see that the line will not end with your father. Since Jif has told
me you are the last heir, I take it that James and Lily are no longer with us?"
"No sir, they died when I was only 15 months old. Voldamort killed them. He is an evil
wizard trying to take over the wizarding world"
"There is a prophesy concerning me and him, but I don't want to hear it until after my
16th Birthday. My first years from the time my parents died until just last summer, I lived
with my Mums sister and her family. I was physically and mentally abused by all of
them. I just want to be able to have some fun for a few years, before I know what the
wizarding world expects of me. Is that too much to ask, Sir?"
If a portrait could cry, Goderic would shed some tears. "No Harry, I think you are wise to
live your life the way you want to. There are many trials and tribulations coming your
way to overcome,and you are smart to, as the saying goes, seize the day, while you are
"Now! Did I hear right? You are bonded to this young Witch? Ginevra Weasley it is
indeed an honor to meet you?"
Ginny blushingly told Goderic that she was honored to meet him too. "We have heard this
news about ourselves just in the last few days. It has come as a shock to us both, but it
does give us answers to a lot of things that were confusing us".
The conversation could have gone on for hours. There was so much Harry wanted to
know, but he thought he'd better get to the problem at hand. "Sir, we need your help, if we
Goderic looked at Harry's serious face and asked what was troubling him. "Harry, please
call me Grandfather. I am your grandfather; you can add a few greats to that, so that
would please me more than 'Sir".
"I would love to call you Granddad, please. Right now, we need help with our Animagus
Forms. Ginny and I have the same forms. We are both Lions, and Phoenixes."
"Two forms, I am amazed. Even I had only one form. I transformed into a Phoenix, also.
How can I help you? I cannot help you with the Lion, but I can advise you on the
"Well Granddad, we will return tomorrow morning with our books, and we'll go over the
information together, will that be okay with you?" His Granddad agreed, and the two left
for the sun porch to rejoin the others.
When they saw the others they excitedly told them about their meeting with Harry's
'many greats' Grandfather. "He promised to help us with transforming. He was the last
Phoenix Animagus"
Moony and Sirius were thrilled at the news. They would take advantage of his knowledge
about many things. It would be interesting to speak with him from time to time. They
remembered all the Portraits talking when they had come here with James.
"Harry, why did the portrait talk to you? They haven't talked since we've been here. They
used to talk to us when we came here with your parents."
"Jif did an incantation and it started speaking."
Sirius called for Jif, and asked him if he could animate the remainder of the portraits in
the Manor. "Oh yes, Sirius,I just went into all the other rooms, and animated all the rest
of the portraits. Now, Harry can talk to all his ancestors when he is at home."
The teens decided that if they didn't get outside soon, they wouldn't have time for a fly.
They realized that the Uncles had planned the flying in the time period following the
reading, because they needed the time to relax, and relax they did. Ginny was a natural on
a broom, but Luna was new at this. Her only airtime was in first year, but she hadn't gone
on to pursue flying.
She was learning fast, and Moony could see the beginning of a good flier, in the young
girl. By the time that the Weasley twins, Angie and Katie graduated in two years, the
quiddich team would have some good fliers to take their places. Maybe Luna and Ginny
would earn a spot on the reserve team next year.
Ami called them down for lunch, and after washing up, they trooped into the kitchen
where Ami served them a huge lunch of soup and sandwiches, fruit and some ice cream.
It was Fortescues famous ice cream. Another of Harry's favorites. Ask anyone, and every
sweet, anywhere in the country, was his favorite. He had never had sweets until his first
year at Hogwarts, and nearly had a sugar rush after eating several treacle tarts in a single
sitting. He could have flown without a broom; he had such a sugar high. He never tried
that again, but was notorious for his sweet 'teeth' not just 'tooth'.
Finishing lunch, the Pack followed Moony and Sirius to the training room. Ami noticed
them leaving and called for Harry to wait a bit. "Harry, we have realized that with all the
people here over the last few days, that it was a bit difficult to keep things running
smoothly. Your friends are very god about cleaning up after themselves.As you know, we
lost two of our Elves to old age, and would like to replace them with two new ones if
Harry stopped for a moment. He became very pensive and was thinking seriously of
Ami,s request. It never entered Ami,s mind that he would refuse her, so she waited
Suddenly he was smiling happily. "I know who we will have. When I get back to
Hogwarts, I will speak to my friends in the kitchen and we will have two new elves very
"Harry, we really need them trained in time for next summer. I have a feeling that this
place will be very busy. I can't see your friends refusing invitations here, can you?"
"No, I sure can't. I will bring the two of them on my next free weekend, and you can train
them. One will be a free elf, but will work hard, and the other will need bonding to the
family. You will like them. I really like them very much, myself.
Ami happily returned to the kitchen, and Harry proceeded to join the others in the DADA
Everyone was excited when the time to practice their transformations came. They waited
for their Professor to arrive in the floo entryway. As soon as she arrived and brushed
herself off, they bombarded her with several questions, all at once.
She put her hands over her ears and asked them to wait until they went into the DADA
room. They would practice in there because there were mirrors where they could monitor
their progress.
They all sat on the floor in a circle around their mentor. She asked them what they had
concentrated on the most. Dean told her that the Uncles had told them to think and learn
about paws, talons, and maybe heads. They had added the coats of the animals and bird as
well to their reading.
"Good, that is what I hoped you would attempt to do first. Now .together, think about
everything you read and studied about your hands in comparison too your form's paws or
talons. Close your eyes and concentrate with all your might"
Not withstanding the fact that she would break their concentration if she uttered any
sound, she wanted to laugh at the faces in front of her. They all had different expressions,
and it was extremely funny. She would commit these faces to memory, and have a good
laugh later. Everyone said she didn't have a sense of humor. She could show them a thing
or two.
She looked towards their hands. Every one of them, to one degree or another, showed a
changing digit or two. As the hands and feet continued to change, Moony and Sirius were
as surprised as she was to see the extent of their transformation.
Luna had two partly formed paws and a furry face. The twins not only had perfect paws,
but some fur on their faces. Seamus had two great paws and two huge mastiff ears.
Neville had two perfect paws and a full face of hair. Dean had a beak and two claws in
place of his feet,and some feathers. Ginny and Harry were boasting two perfectly formed
heads with a great mane on Harry, and four paws on each body.
She gently, so as not to startle them , began to speak quietly .Now very slowly open your
eyes, don't hurry, and look at the changes you have achieved in just one short day. I am so
proud of all of you.
Very slowly, they looked at themselves in the mirrors. To state that they were thrilled
beyond their wildest dreams would be putting it mildly. They examined one another, and
themselves until one by one they morphed back to their usual 'boring' self, as Dean
remarked laughingly.
You have all advanced further than I thought possible in such a short time. Concentrate
on the paws, talons, body hair and fur tomorrow morning, and we will begin on the legs
day after tomorrow. Sirius and Remus will guide you tomorrow night. You have made me
a very happy Transfiguration Teacher this evening. Thank you all for your dedication."
On leaving, she spoke to Remus. "You should be proud of these young people. They are
Remus nodded his head, proudly and answered. "Yes, Minerva, but it's mainly due to
Harry's influence on them. They put in many hours of free time at school, practicing
everything we teach him when he comes home every second weekend.
They are reaching their potential earlier than the other students because of this. They try
their best to make him proud of them. They are extremely loyal. He is a natural leader,
and when he faces Voldamort in the final battle, he will have some very powerful, loyal
defenders at his side and back.
We, Tonks, Sirius and I, are training them very hard, and even the girls love the hardy
regime we follow. The boys just flourish in the workouts. We fly after DADA to relax."
With an approving look at them, Minerva bade him and Sirius goodnight.
The days passed with their routine followed faithfully. Tonks was back again and would
stay until Thursday. She was on duty again until Friday night and would spend the last
weekend before school with them. She was bringing them up to par with entry level
Aurors. She could not believe the way that these teens soaked up everything she taught
them. They were like giant sponges, absorbing her every bit of strength and knowledge.
Minerva returned on Wednesday night. Moony told Tonks that she should join them in the
DADA room and see something miraculous. "Nothing this bunch does will surprise me",
she told Moony. "You'll see", he replied.
Minerva brought a camera with her. It was a Wizard camera, and did not need flashes and
was silent to boot, as she didn't want to spoil their concentration. She just had to take
some pictures, as none of the Professors in the staff room would believe her story about
their progress.
She had the students face the mirrors this time. She talked them through the steps of
concentration. "Close your eyes. Think deeply. Deeeeper now, and picture your form.
Now think about your hands as paws or talons, your skin as fur, hair, or feathers whatever
your form wears. Think of your face, ears. Now concentrate deeply on these parts of your
form's body.
Tonks had to cover her mouth hard to keep from laughing aloud. Remus and Sirius had
their hands over their mouths as well. Minerva was busily taking snaps of each of the
kids, and trying not to laugh. She put the camera in her robe pocket, and watched the
faces for a while. Every one of the teens had perfectly formed legs, heads, and the limbs
were covered with hair, fur and feathers.
The biggest surprise of course was Harry and Ginny. They had joined hands when they
began their transformation, and pooled their magic. They were just now completing their
forms. Minerva shockingly told them all to open their eyes and look into the mirrors.
All of the students had the limbs, facial features, and body coat, of their forms. She was
so proud of them.
The biggest shock of all was Harry and Ginny.Standing in the middle of the room, were
two perfectly formed animals. There was a huge male lion, complete with long flowing
mane down it's back. There was a lightning shaped tuft of black hair on its forehead,
emerald green eyes and a cowlick of course to complete it's Harry look.
Standing beside him was a beautiful lioness with an auburn colored body. She had soft
brown eyes, and had a speckled complexion. She reached up and gently began to lick his
Within minutes, the teens began to morph back into their body shapes again. The others
applauded the two lions as they returned back to normal.
Ginny and Harry blushed. He chuckled and asked her, "Did I have a dirty face? You had
to wash it for me?" Ginny told him it was one way she could kiss him and it get away
with it.
After they all calmed down, their Professor told them that excluding Harry and Ginny,
they should all be finished their transformations by terms end. They were all becoming
powerful wizards, because of the extra training they had from Harry, Tonks, Remus and
Sirius she told them. "This is a result of you being trained to control your magic at a
younger age."
Harry told her he had spoken with his Granddad Gryffindor. "He advised us to pool our
Magic, and we would accomplish our transformations much quicker.
"How could you speak to someone who has been dead for so many years?" she asked
"Jif animated the Portraits in the Manor. I can talk to all of them now. Stay for dinner
with us, Professor, andyou can spend some time talking to him after we eat."
Minerva excitedly agreed and after freshening up, they all went in to dinner. Harry sat
beside Minerva, as he wanted to ask her opinion on something he was planning. He told
her of Ami,s request for two more Elves. He asked her to speak to the headmaster about
Dobby and Winky.
He knew that being a free elf, that Dobby would definitely join him here, but his concern
was whether Winky could come as well. She was ill; because she wanted to be bonded to
a family again, and he knew that Dobby would not want to leave her behind. He was
afraid that the headmaster would refuse his request. She agreed to intercede on his behalf.
Harry introduced Minerva to Goderic, and left her in conversation with him.She spent the
evening chatting about Hogwarts with Goderic. There were portraits of all the other
headmasters in Professor Dumbledore's office, but surprisingly none of Goderic
Goderic told her that there was only one commissioned, and placed in the Manor. It was
painted just as his life span was nearly over, and his daughter having married a Potter,
wanted it kept in the Manor.
At evenings end, Minerva thanked Goderic for his time. "Well, time is all I have now, and
I was happy to spend some of it with you, dear lady. Please join me another time, and I
will tell you stories about the founders."
Minerva assured him she would be delighted to return. Bidding him farewell, shewent
backto the games room to take her leave of the group gathered there. "Good-night all, I
will return tomorrow night because you are transforming faster than I expected. I want to
monitor you closer."
Harry walked her to the floo entry, and reminded her about Winky. She told him she
wouldn't forget and stepping into the fire, sheleft.
Thursday found Harry and Ginny once more in the study with his Grandfather's portrait.
He helped them immensely with information regarding the Phoenix. He did not write
anything regarding his transformation, and there was very little in any books to help them
change. The two teens wrote everything that he told them on Parchment. Ginny thought it
would be wise to do this, so they wouldn't forget what they were learning.
"You know, Ginny, you could write an essay on this information, and better still, a small
booklet, outlining all the information I will give you. What do you have to say about that,
young ones?"
"I will do that", replied an excited Ginny. "Will you help me, Harry?" she asked of him.
"Yes, let's do it. It will help others who learn that their form is a Phoenix. They will be
happy for the information that granddad is giving us. You're the best granddad."
If portraits could blush, then Goderic would be quite red at the praise. He wished he had
known Harry in his lifetime, as he was very impressed with his manners and abilities. He
was a true Gryffindor.
Ginny and Harry sat in the study poring over the notes they had made. They were very
simple directions, and were clear and concise in their description of the Phoenix's inner
organs. He would be willing to bet, if he had someone to bet with, that they would
become Phoenixes before terms end. He had a bad feeling that Harry would need this
form at that time.
Evening came and with it a surprise for Ginny, as well as for Harry. Molly and Arthur
decided to spend some time with their children. They also wanted to see the progress they
were making with their transformation.
Harry's surprise took the shape of a small torpedo launched straight out of the fireplace,
at his legs. He went flying across the room, thrown there by an extremely excited Dobby.
They both landed on the floor, and it took several minutes to get untangled from Dobby,s
arms which were wrapped around his legs. Dobby sure loved his Harry Potter.
Everybody was laughing uproariously. Minerva pulled her camera out, and was happily
clicking away. More fun for Staff breaks. She had felt very smug showing the pictures at
the last meeting. The looks of jealously, on Snape and the Headmasters faces was manna
to her soul. They were missing a wonderful experience because of their stubbornness.
Harry managed to break away from Dobby, but gave him a big hug. He loved the little
crazy elf, and he was one of his best favorite Elvin mates.
Then he noticed another Elf. She was hiding in the folds of Minerva's robe. "Is that you
Winky?" Come out where I can see you, as I haven't seen you for a long time"
Winky slowly emerged from behind Minerva, and gave Him a tiny smile. "When Ami,
who is my house elf, asked me if we could have two more helpers here, I though of you
and Dobby"
"Did the Headmaster approve this, professor?" he asked her. "Yes he did, Harry. Winky
needs to be bonded to family very soon or she will slowly fade away."
Harry knelt down in front of Winky. "Do you understand that I really want you to be my
house-elf? Please say yes, and Professor McGonagall will do the bonding ceremony."
"Oh my my, yes, Master Harry. I would be proud to serve your family forever"
Harry figured he could work on the 'master' thingy later, but he knew that Winky,s hold
on life was very weak. He could tell this by looking at her.
Professor McGonagall performed the ceremony, and when it was finished, everyone
applauded Winky.The Elves welcomed her into their household. Dobby was so happy that
he was sobbing loudly.
There was an immediate change for the better in Winky. She looked happier, and they all
knew she had been given a new lease on life. Dobby and Winky then left with their new
family of Elvin friends, and the rest went to the DADA room to see the progress the teens
had made.
All of the teens could hold their shapes for a longer period, before morphing. The elder
Weasleys were amazed at Ginny and Harry. They were perfectly formed Lions, and
magnificent ones at that. Molly and Arthur were shaking their heads in disbelief. There
was an explanation needed here, and they vowed not to leave until they heard it.
Ginny got everyone's attention after her and Harry morphed back to their human forms.
"Look" They then closed their eyes, joined hands and concentrated. Everyone gasped in
disbelief. The two of them were sprouting feathers and their feet were talons, and there
was just a hint of a beak and a Phoenix's head. They morphed back, and tiredly sat down.
Every one looked at them in awed disbelief. On Monday, they all began reading the
books on their forms. Tonight, just four days later, Harry and Ginny had completed their
one form, and were well on the way to their magical form. How could this happen? Harry
finally knew, but he wondered if he should explain. His Granddad had told him why
Ginny and he were advancing so rapidly.He looked questionably at his uncles and aunt.
Remus nodded his head slightly. Harry began the explanation.
"There are two reasons that Ginny and I have two forms, one Magic one and one normal
one. It is because we are slowly becoming 'Soul bonded'. He heard a gasp from Molly,
but he continued. We are becoming very powerful and we join our magic and accomplish
powerful spells, charms and hexes. As a result of our combined Magic, our
transformation is happening faster than the others."
He turned to Ginny's Mum and Dad.
"I told you many months ago when I asked your permission to be Ginny's friend, how
deeply I felt about her. I didn't understand why I felt this way when I was so young, but in
my heart, I knew that Ginny would always be mine."
She told me that she felt the same way. Granddad tells me that the future cannot be
changed unless one of us dies. If forced to marry another, we will die. He is proud to have
a Weasley as the next mistress of Potter Manor. Please don't hate me. I could not prevent
this if I wanted to, and I really don't want to change a thing."
Harry had tears in his eyes when he looked up at the Weasleys. He was still holding
Ginny's hand in his.
Before the parents could speak, Fred and George spoke to his parents.
"We have been involved in every aspect of Ginny's life since the start of term. Harry is
our choice as a partner for her. He treats her with such respect, and caring. He has never
given us any reason to hex him, and we would, if he did anything to earn a good hexing.
We wrote to Bill and Charlie and told them about the two of them. We told them to ignore
Ron's ravings, as he is just so jealous and stubborn. Ron went as far as to try to hex Harry.
He planned on taking him to Bill and Charlie. If it weren't for Neville, then he would
have suffered a beating at the hand of the three of them. They wanted this to be a warning
to Harry to stay away from Ginny. We may be the Kings of pranks, but where our sister is
concerned you can trust us."
The look that Harry and Ginny gave the twins was one of complete amazement. Ginny
jumped up and gave them a hug that would rival their Mum's any day. "Thank you, thank
you, thank you, I love you both so much.
Surprisingly, Molly and Arthur did not look the bit upset about these revelations. They
were upset regarding Ron's actions. They had received Minerva's reports, but hadn't
realized the reason behind Ron's actions.
They sheepishly apologized to Harry for their lack of understanding. They would be
happy if the young couple did not date until at least next term, and would ask that they go
slowly in their relationship. They understood the Bond, and would learn to live with the
fact that their daughter was slowly bonding to Harry. They couldn't ask for a better future
son-in-law than he would be.
The two teens went to Molly and Arthur, and hugged them tightly. "I will never give you
cause to be sorry about our relationship. Thank you for giving us your trust", said Harry.
Everyone talked about the transformation progress accomplished by the others. "Guess
that we are way out of Ginny and Harry's league, piped up George.
"They’re cheating, they have double power", remarked Fred. They all laughed. Harry felt
as if a heavy load had been removed from his heart and soul.
"Dinner", announced Ami.
A wonderful surprise awaited them in the dining room. Winky looked like a new Elf. She
was clean and her hair was nicely brushed. She wore a uniform much like Ami,s, with the
Potter crest as well. She looked like a different Elf all together.
"What did you do with Winky? I don't see her anywhere. All I see is this beautiful young
Elf, remarked Harry seriously.
Giggling happily, Winky came over to Harry and hugged his legs. "Here I am, Master
Harry. This really is me, I'm Winky." Harry chuckled and told her that he was so happy to
see her settling in so well. "You will love it here Winky, because everyone is so
wonderful. I want to talk to you later about the rules, but for now we'll all sit down to
Time went far too quickly for the youngsters. The rest of the week just seemed to fly.
Ami told Harry that Winky was the best Elf he could have brought to the Manor. She was
a great worker and fit in very well. They told Harry that Dobby is different. "He is an
excellent worker, but is a bit strange." Harry had to agree to this description of Dobby.
Remus and Sirius revoked the work regime, for the last two days. The parents had
accepted an invitation to spend Saturday and Sunday at the Manor with their children.
An exhibition of all they had learned, took place on the Saturday afternoon. They showed
their prowess at transformation. The looks of pride on the faces of all the families,
Harry's included, was worth all the work the youngsters had done. They even brought
Goderic,s portrait into the DADA room so he could be a part of the festivities.
On Sunday after a farewell dinner, which included, Minerva of course, as well as all the
families, the students flooed back to Hogwarts. Tired but happy, the one thought going
through all their minds was maybe now they would get a well earned rest.
The Pack had arrived back at Hogwarts the night before and had been glad of their beds.
Morning and lessons would come soon enough.
Monday passed uneventfully enough, much to their relief. They had become used to
theparental type guidance of the 'Uncles and Aunt', at the Manor. They were awesome
teachers and so they had acquired a wealth of knowledge from them. Harry had learned a
lot from his Granddad, and when summer came, he would have time to visit the other
Portraits and learn from them as well.
Theevening found all the members sitting quietly in the Den, eachbusy with their own
Harry's thoughts.
Hogwarts! I can't believe break is over. So much has happened and we've learned so
much in the last five days. Ginny and I mastered our Lion forms, she is such a beautiful
Lioness. We still have to pick names for our forms to go by. We started on our Phoenix
forms, and the rest of the Pack are doing great with their forms, and very best of all, my
Ginny's Mum and Dad, accepted the Bonding . Course they don't like it, but they accept
it. I still intend to ask her to go to Hogsmead with me the next time they post a trip. We
just won,t call it a date.
Granddad told us that despite the warding spells, Ginny has access to the floo into the
Manor as she is recognized by the wards as being the Mistress of Potter manor. That will
make it easier for her to visit in the summer. Now all I have to worry about is the third
task, and at least I have until June to plan for that. I don,t feel the least bit good about
the third task...!
Random thoughts of the rest of the Pack members.
Oh Merlin, we actually changed some body parts...
The flying was great since we can,t use the pitch at school...
Those meals were sooo good...
Luna and me loved the movies...
That egg catching was hysterical, the looks on all the faces when we realized we were
actually crushing raw eggs in our hands, and getting covered from head to foot with them
to boot...
Those house elves of Harry's are awesome. First ones I've ever been in such close
contact with...
That Jif is quite the prankster. Maybe he'll help us with a few pranks.this from the twins...
In the end,one final thought stood out foremost ineach of theirminds.Whether they were
invited or not, and they were hoping that they would be,they would go back in the
summer, even if they had to train every day while there.It would be worth it.
Not all of their thoughts by a long shot, but all I could manage to pick from their jumbled
"Well, Harry, where do we go from here? We don't have any idea what the third task is, so
we can't practice for it."
"No, I have no idea what it will be, but we need to work on our Animagi forms. Gin and I
need to concentrate on our Phoenix forms, cause Granddad told me I needed it completed
before the third task.
Ginny and I have to practice together and pool our magic so that we can do this faster. I
don't know how I will use it in the third task, but I know it's important".
With this said, Harry yawned and spoke again. "If our homework is done, maybe we'd
better head for our lounge. We haven't seen much of the others for ages. We should catch
up on the news. With this, they headed out one by one into the corridor and back to their
respective towers.
Not for the first time did Luna wish that she was a Gryffindor as she headed back to her
Common Room. She wanted to be a Gryffindor so badly. Little did she know the
direction help would come from.
Tuesday morning, bright and early, Harry was summoned to the Headmasters office.
"What now?" was his first thought. "Guess I'll find out soon enough"
An inner voice told him not to worry, as he hadn't had time to do anything wrong, had
"That voice sounded a lot like Ginny's voice, but it couldn't be, could it, he wondered.
"Oh my, maybe it is. What's happening to us, and why are we surprised?" asked the little
"You must be Ginny. We'll have to talk about this later; I'm nearly at the Gargoyles".
The Voice of the headmaster interrupted Harry's thoughts. "Good morning, Harry. Please
follow me up to my office"
Harry jumped and turned in the direction of the voice. Professor Dumbledore had actually
followed him along the corridor, but Harry, deep in thought, had not heard him.
"Good morning Headmaster", said Harry and followed him onto the revolving staircase
that led to his office.
"As soon as Harry walked into the office, he was aware that he was being stared at
intently. Looking around he saw that all the portraits were asleep, and the only other
'live'being in the office was Fawkes. He stared deeply into Harry's eyes as soon as they
made eye contact. Harry just stood there mesmerized. He had a wealth of information
entering his mind. He couldn't move a muscle. All he was aware of was the fact that he
was given the information he needed to practice his Phoenix Transformation. As quickly
as the thought transfer had begun, it ended.
"Welcome brother. I hope this will help you to get started. Come back whenever you need
more information". With that, Fawkes put his head under his wing and went to sleep.
"That was tiring work", was his last coherent thought as he nodded off.
"Well Harry, was Fawkes able to help you with his knowledge? Professor McGonagall
told us about your Phoenix form. I am sure that Fawkes has known this for a long time.
Phoenixes can sense others who are gifted with magical forms, especially if it is that of a
"Yes sir, he really did help me a lot. It should be easier to practice now. Granddad told me
I needed the form by terms end, so I don't have much time to accomplish the
"Harry, I wish I could speak to Goderic in person. Could I go to the manor and talk with
"I'm sorry Sir, but I can't allow you to go to the Manor, at least not yet. It will take me a
long time to heal. I would rather not talk about that now, but I will see if Moony will
bring the Portrait to your office for a visit. Granddad said he would like to visit with all
the Headmasters Portraits, and with you as well."
"I do not like admitting this, Harry, but I tried to follow behind you when you left for
Easter break. I was thrown back, none too gently. I tried as many ways as I could, to
break Remus,s spell work, and I could not. I finally gave up. I realized then that the
safeguards in place were very strong. Remus did a superb job of protecting the Manor,
and with the Fidelius charm in place, you are safer than at Hogwarts."
"This year Harry, we will do everything in our power to see that all the students here are
trained to defend themselves. Professor Moody is an excellent DADA instructor. And you
will do well with him."
With a sullen look , Harry spoke up to his Headmaster." I know that we have learned
some good moves from Professor Moody, but I don't trust him. He seems more interested
in me winning this Tournament than in anything else. He informed me, in a roundabout
way of the aims of the first two contests, and I don't like the aura around him. When he
mentions the third task, his aura terrifies me. It's as if he has something evil planned".
"Harry, you are being paranoid about Professor Moody. He has your best interests at
heart. I need to know what you mean about 'auras' . Do you sense auras around people?"
"First, Professor, you had my best interests at heart, and look where it led me. I will
answer your question though" .
"Yes I do sense Auras, Sir. I don't understand it myself, but Uncle Moony advised me to
practice this ability and it will help me when I need it to. You no doubt know that Ginny
and I will be Soul Bonded soon. Granddad feels it will be by terms end. So does Luna.
She told us that a traumatic event would trigger it. She seemed very sure of her feelings."
The headmaster looked troublingly thoughtful. He felt all along that something was
offcoming concerning the third task, but had no facts to back this feeling. He just had, in
plain words,his gut feelings to go by. He would have to watch everyone carefully.
"Well Harry, you'd better get to breakfast, and prepare for your day. Thank you for being
so forthright and honest with me. I am proud of the young man you are becoming"
"That works both ways, sir. If you can be forthright and honest with me, and listen to me
seriously when I come to you from now on, I will do the same. Good-bye, Sir, I'll see you
at breakfast". With those words, Harry returned to his dorm to collect his books for
morning classes.
Long after Harry left his office, the Headmaster sat deep in thought. Yes, something was
definitely not just right, but try as he might, he just couldn't put his finger on it.
He was, as he told Harry, immensely proud of the boy. No! Young man. He was
becoming more powerful all the time, and with the soul bonding, both he and Ginny
would be a force for Voldamort to reckon with.
Harry had informed him through his Lawyer that he did not want to hear the full
prophesy until after his 16th. Birthday. So no trashed office, folks, LOL. He wanted to
enjoy his time as a teen as long as he was able to.
The seventh years had double potions as their first classes of the morning. None of them
looked forward to 'potion classes', let alone 'double' ones. Hopefully Snape wouldn't be in
one of his fowl moods. Because Harry gave him no reason to penalize him, he took it out
on the other Gryffindor students.
Harry continued taping every class with Snape. He felt that it would only take a couple
more records of Snapes treatment of every class except his own, to have enough evidence
to send to his Uncles. They would take it from there. Snape needed to change his ways.
Harry couldn't figure out how the Headmaster expected the student from the three non-
Slytherins houses to pass potions, let alone earn O.W.Ls, in them. Hopefully things would
change for the better real soon. Happily, today's lessons were better than usual. There
were no complaints for a change, and Gryffindor only lost 10 points.
Herbology was not bad, considering that they had to repot some nasty little plants, and
many of the studentswere bitten more than once by the little monsters. They were worse
than Hagrids, 'cute little' monster beasts.
At lunch, Professor McGonagall had a prefect deliver a note to Harry asking him and
Ginny to join her in her office after last class, at End of classes found them both
seated in her office waiting to hear what they had done wrong. Guilty consciences or
The two of them breathed a sigh of relief when she began discussing the best time for all
involved, for their Animagus training. "I would like to see you both every Friday night
from 5 to7 p.m. If we can work out one more period, I will let you know. Since Fawkes
shared his knowledge with you, the Transformations should be easier. Have you had time
to share this knowledge with Ginny yet?"
"No, I haven't seen her long enough to talk to her about it. We will talk later, and I,ll tell
her every thing I learned from Fawkes."
"Well, that is all. You may go."
"Thank you, Professor. Bye for now."
The two took off quickly for the Den where Harry would be able to explain what Fawkes
had imparted to him, that morning. He was also anxious to tell her about the conversation
he'd had with the Headmaster. They had so much to talk about, and homework to do as
Arriving at the Den, they found all the pack members consoling a weeping Luna. This
was so unlike the girl they knew, that Ginny, could hardly believe her eyes.
"What happened, Luna?" she asked, hugging her sobbing friend.
"The fifth and sixth year girls ganged up on me, and threw all my belongings out of the
dorm window. The wind blew everything all over the grounds and I could only find a few
of them", she sobbed.
The Group of teens became angry and decided to do something about it. They plotted and
planned until they settled on a good prank to play on them. In the meantime Harry and
Ginny tookLuna to the Headmaster.
After Luna explained to Professor Dumbledore, what her dorm-mates had done to her, he
asked her if she had any idea what caused them to do such a thing. She didn't want Harry
and Ginnyto feel bad, but she told him that it was because she was friends with the
"They told me that I would never be able to prove who threw my belongings out the
window. They said that they would keep doing it until I stopped my friendship with
Harry, Ginny and my other friends.
I'm going to owl my father to come an take me home. I can be home schooled. I can't live
like that for three more years. I refuse to give up my friends."
"There's no need to consider leaving Hogwarts. It is rarely done, but occasionally a
student is transferred to another house, if the problem is unable to be resolved. It seems
that we have just such a situation here". The headmaster went to the floo, and called in
Luna's Head of House.
Professor Flitwick, can you please join me in my office?" "Yes headmaster, I'll be there
Seconds later, he entered the office, and was informed about the events that took place
earlier in the dorm. "I want your sixth and seventh year female students, to gather all of
Miss Lovegoods belongings and return them to her. No matter how long it takes, and she
will be re-sorted into Gryffindor".
It took the fifth and sixth year students from Ravenclaw,more than four hours chasing and
catching the clothing , blown by gusts of wind,across the grounds of Hogwarts. Finally,
Luna had all her clothing returned, minus an item or two. Maybe if the wind died down
by tomorrow, she would find the rest of her things.
Luna settled into Gryffindor Tower that very evening. The other third year girls
welcomed her warmly. She had been treated badly ever since she came to Hogwarts,
because she was different. Things could only get better now.'Different' shouldn,t matter,
but sadly it did.
The twins and their 'partners in pranks' were ready for the next morning. Luna's dorm
mates would be sorry they messed with a Pack member.
Breakfast the next morning was hilarious. The fifth and sixth year Ravenclaw girls
skipped intothe hall dressed as five and six year olds, in small lacy dresses and pinafores,
with ribbons on their pony tailed hair. They were slapping at one another, pulling each
other's ponytails, stamping their little feet in some imagined anger, and in general acting
like five and six year olds. Because their body size was that of teenagers, they looked
Professor Flitwick was delighted with the charm work that had gone into this prank, even
if it targetted his House members. He did think that they deserved it, and it was a
harmless prank.
A large sign lit up in glowing colors above their table.
Many of the Professors held their breaths in dismay seeing the words 'New Marauders'.
Not a new batch of pranksters? And led by the Weasley twins, with there being no doubt
about that, taking into account the satisfied smirks on their faces.
The rest of the day was spent with the Professors busy breaking up fights and refereeing
arguments between the teen/children. All the students, minus the Ravenclaws, thoroughly
enjoyed the antics of these teens. Hopefully they learned a lesson of sorts from this prank,
especially since a little bird let the cat out of the bag as to the reasons behind the prank.
The rest of the week passed quite uneventfully. The Pack carried on as usual with classes,
homework and training.
From the time they returned from the Manor, up to Thursday afternoons DADA class,
Harry was becoming irritated with the actions of the DADA Professor, Moody. He was
forever questioning Harry regarding his extra training. He wanted to know what spells,
hexes, and charms that Sirius and Remus were teaching him. He questioned him about his
transformations, and many other things.He ended by asking him what his form was.This
was the point at which Harry became very defensive.
"Professor Moody, All you need to know about my training is the part you play in it.
What I do on my own time is my business. I would appreciate it, if you would stop
stalking me, and asking questions that I do not wish to answer. Actually, I insist on this.
You are nothing like the Wizard I have had described to me by my guardians. Leave me
During this conversation, Harry could sense an unnatural anger and strong Aura
emanating from Moody. It actually frightened him. He turned and ran down the corridor
towards the Headmaster's office.
Just before reaching the Gargoyles, he met Professor McGonagall exiting his stairway.
"Professor I need to see the Headmaster immediately. Would you please come too? It is
very important".
Minerva noticing how distraught the boy was, accompanied him back up into
Dumbledore's office.
They entered the office and Harry was shaking. He was not prone to showing fear, and
the two professors were surprised to see the fear mirrored in his face.
"Whatever is the matter, Harry? I have never seen you in this state before. You didn't
even show fear when you faced the Dragon in the ring. Here drink this tea; it will calm
you enough to allow you to tell us how we can help you". He drank the tea, and was soon
calm enough to speak.
"I just had a run in with Professor Moody. Once more he cornered me and began asking
me questions about my training with my Guardians. He also wanted to know how my
transforming was coming along, and what my form was. He asked me some other things
that made me suspicious about his reasons for asking, and I got angry and told him off a
bit, I'm afraid, Sir. I don't want him to know one more thing about me. Professor
McGonagall, I want my forms kept secret from now on from everyone. Who have you
Harry said all this almost in one breath.
His Head assured him that he had showed the pictures only to Professors Flitwick,
Pomphrey, and Dumbledore. The rest had not been at their impromptu meetings.
"I don't even want Snape to know," he informed them. "Nobody else. Okay?"
"That's Professor Snape, Harry, and you have our word that we will not betray your
"Thank you, Sir. I hope that I can trust you to do this for me."
"One thing more, Sir. His Aura was almost black, and it was a very angry Aura"
Goodnight to you both, and thank you for supporting me in this".
Harry left two very befuddled adults to discuss his revelations.
Friday night, Ginny and Harry met with Professor McGonagall in her office, for their first
lesson on transforming into a Phoenix. For some unexplainable reasons, they were
nervous and tense. They were pleased to see Fawkes was there also. He sat regally on his
perch, and trilled a beautiful song to them. Almost immediately, the teens began to relax
and smile. "Thank you, Fawkes, they both sent to him mentally. You are welcome
fledglings," he replied.
"Now, shall we begin?" asked Professor McGonagall. And begin they did. The next two
hours seemed to speed by as the Professor took them through the many steps of the
Phoenix transformation process. Needless to say they were also being coached by
Fawkes. Their first lesson over, the two teens sat with their Professor and gratefully
accepted a cup of tea.
"Professor, weare both able to talk to Fawkes. We can only do this mentally. I would like
him to feed his knowledge into Ginny, the same as he did for me. I told her everything I
could remember, but it would be better coming from Fawkes. Will you do this Fawkes?"
he asked. "Yes, I will. Please come nearer, fledgling".
Ginny approached and faced Fawkes eye to eye, as Harry had told her he had done. Her
mind filled with the same knowledge that had been imparted to Harry. "Thank you
Fawkes. I am honored that you would do this for me', she said.
"Professor, Ginny and I both have bad feelings about the third task. I was really nervous
about the first one when I found out about the Dragons. The second task I knew couldn't
be any worse than the Dragons were, and it wasn't. This third task has me actually
frightened. We both feel that it is going to be a horrible task and the outcome is going to
shake the Wizarding world. I will need my Phoenix form before then so Fawkes can train
me how to use it properly. I suddenly feel older than my years,and it terrifies me"
The professor was shaken by this speech from Harry. You have given me much to think
about Harry, and I will schedule two more sessions a week for you both."
Gently dismissing her two students, she went to the Headmasters office to discuss the
conversation with Harry, and the two teens returned to their lounge, only to find Ron
waiting for them.
Harry and Ginny climbed through the Portrait hole, and into the Common room, only to
be confronted by her brother, Ron. Immediately both teens drew their wands and pointed
them at Ron. He held his hands in the air, palms out, to show them that he was not armed,
and that he just wanted to talk.
"Place your wand in front of us, and then back away from us too," said Ginny. Harry
looked at her in surprise, mainly because of the anger in her voice directed at her brother.
Ron slowly removed his wand from his pocket, and placed it in front of his sister, He
backed away as he was asked to do, and they all took seats in the corner, for the sake of
The other Pack member noticed what was happening, and went into an alert mode
immediately. They kept their distance, but were there if needed.
Ron was the first to speak. "I have been a right nasty git, and I want to apologize for
everything. I've accused you of some horrible things, and I am really sorry. Mum asked
me to keep an eye on you two, but I carried it way too far. I was so jealous of Ginny
being your friend, that I over-reacted. I hope that you will both forgive me someday.
Once more I,m really sorry. That's all I can say". The look of shame on Ron's face was
enough to prove that he was repentant .
"Ron, when we met on the train in first year, I was so excited. I hoped then that I was
making a friend. All through first year after Hermione joined us, the three of us had loads
of adventures. I was sure we were becoming life long friends. Everything changed when
you refused to befriend your sister. I didn't have any siblings, and couldn't believe how
lucky you were to have five brothers and a sweet little sister too. I was envious of you,
but soon found out that I could share your family with you. That was almost as good as
having siblings of my own.
I had to do something about the things that happened to Ginny in her first year. She was
no longer a 'baby' or 'little'. If we had been friends with her, she wouldn't have gone
through the hell that Tom forced her to live through. I decided I wanted her for a friend. I
knew you didn't like including her in our group, but you hardly acknowledger her during
her first year, and you discouraged me and Hermione from being her friend.
I had to sneak around all through third year to be Ginny's friend, and by summer break, I
decided I'd had enough. I chose sides because you forced me too. I've been wanting to
say all this to you all year, but you have been stubbornly attacking me all along. Ron you
hurt me a lot when you called me a 'pervert'. Even though at the time I didn't know what
it meant, it sounded like a really bad type of person. Once I found out what it meant, I felt
even worse to think you would accuse me of something so horrible. The things you did,
or tried to do, later make me realize that you don't know what friendship is really all
about. Maybe in time I will forget all of this, but for now, all I can do is accept your
Ginny spoke up, "Ron, I love you very much, but I'm so disappointed in you as a brother.
I always looked up to you, and you have hurt me too. You have tried so hard to keep
Harry and me from being friends. Instead, you should have worked at being a friend to
both of us. Like Harry said, in time I will forgive you, but I will never forget the mean
things you have done to us."
"I guess I can't ask for anything else. I blame myself for everything. I hope we can at
least be on speaking terms from now on?" Ron looked hopefully at the two sitting in front
of him. "Yes," came from them as one. Harry said that he would be happy if they could
be on friendly terms from now on. Gin gave Ron a little kiss on the cheek, and said,
"Welcome back brother"
Suddenly Ron and Harry's stomachs rumbled. The three of them laughed and decided it
must be time to eat. They had to go down to the kitchen, as dinner was long over. Dinner
was served until 8 o'clock, and it was now after eight.
There were many surprised looks at breakfast the next morning. Harry and Ginny were,
as was usual, seated across from one another. But, seated next to Ginny, was none other
than her brother Ron. The twins looked on in amazement as he took his seat beside her.
They had their hands on their wand pocket, and were prepared for anything. Harry
noticed their attitude, and slightly shook his head.
"Good morning Ron", greeted both Ginny and Harry. Ron greeted them back and the
pack members all relaxed. They were present last night when Ron, Harry and Ginny had
talked privately in the corner. They thought that maybe Ron was apologizing. From the
greetings on both sides, they were right. Harry would tell them about the details later
when they met in the Den.
Breakfast was a happy affair with the conversation centering on the third task. "All I
know for sure, from my gut feelings, is that the third task is going to be a dangerous one.
I get more nervous every time I think of it."
"What makes you feel that it will be more dangerous than the others?" Ron asked. "Just
going with my feelings, Ron. So many things are adding up. There were some things
mentioned by my Granddad, and the actions and questioning of Moody. He gives me the
creeps," answered Harry.
The conversation turned to Quiddich, and that they were missing a whole year playing
the game they all loved. "Do you think we could have a game in the Room of
Requirement?" asked Dean. "Let's ask the Headmaster," said Seamus, and immediately
went to the Heads table to ask if it was possible to use it for Quiddich. He was only gone
a few minutes when he returned wearing a huge smile. "We can ", he blurted out. "We can
even ask other students if they would like to play. How about it?" "Maybe we should just
be the Pack and Ron, for now", said Harry. Once again, surprised looks were showing
onearly all their faces, but Harry ignored them. "Come on, let's go", he stated.
After pacing three times in front of the doors, and wishing for a Quiddich pitch, nine very
excited students entered the ROR. They found to their delight a Quiddich pitch much like
the one outside. They spent all morning flying, and playing games, until it was nearly
once more time to eat. They would have stayed longer, but were told to use the room in
moderation, and not wanting to abuse the privilege of using the ROR for their enjoyment,
they obeyed the edict without question. The morning's activities went a long way towards
healing for Ron, Harry, Ginny and the twins. They left the room happier in their hearts
than they had been for a long time.
Classes in Transformation for Harry and Ginny were going well. They were now
attending classes nearly every night, with not only Professor McGonagall, but also
Fawkes and Harry's Granddad. Oh yes, he was now ensconced in the Headmasters office
for the rest of term, but happily so. Professor Dumbledore was having problems
concentrating on his duties with the conversations racing back and forth between the
Portraits. Goderic had so much to ask, and the former Headmasters had so much to tell
him, that the Headmaster thought he would have to put them in a room by themselves. He
decided against the move though, as he was enjoying the talks, and learning much in the
It was during the third week in April when Ginny and Harry finally mastered their
transformation. Without the help of Fawkes, and Goderic, it would have taken many
months. Their combined powers worked to their advantage. As soon as they were fully
transformed for the first time, Fawkes sent a message to them to join him on Saturday to
practice flaming and flashing., two important abilities. They would practice flying on
their own for the remainder of the week. By the time Saturday rolled around, they were
very proficient in the air. Fawkes had actually joined them a couple of times. He just
couldn,t resist flying with them. He felt like a fledgling again.
Their Headmaster had attended the lesson on that particular evening as he had a feeling it
would happen soon, and he didn't want to miss the occasion. Those in the room with the
two teens applauded their transformation.
Ginny and Harry spent most of Saturday and Sunday flying over the forest, with Fawkes.
He taught them all they would need to know to get out of difficult situations. He imparted
the fact to them that Harry would need the ability to flame and flash for the last task.
Once more Harry tensed up. Fawkes and Ginny both sang to him to calm him down. He
didnoticethat he didn't tense up as much as a Phoenix as he did in his human form.
Now, once more it was a waiting game. Many nights the teens could be found flying
around the grounds practicing. Fawkes joined them in Phoenix fun and games, as he was
delighted to finally have fellow Phoenixes to fly and play with. The teens only flew at
night when they didn't think they would be noticed or missed.
One other thing that occurred was that Harry and Ginny, sharing thoughts and doing
homework together, were at the same level in their knowledge of the fourth year
curriculum. Ginny approached Professor McGonagall and asked if she could write the
fourth year tests.
"This is done only rarely, but I will quiz you and decide if you are prepared enough to
take the fourth year tests"
Quizzed for a few minutes by her Head, she was told that she could write the tests. "I
have asked you the most difficult questions you will be asked and you answered them
almost without thinking. You can write with the rest of the fourth years. Harry was to
write his fourth year tests, and Cedric his NEWTS, during the first week of June, which
was rapidly approaching. The others students were writing the second week in June, as
the third task was to take place on June 24th, at dusk.
Harry and Ginny, had insisted on taking a Wizards Oath, not to help one another with
their tests. With their mental communication abilities growing stronger daily, they felt it
was the honest thing to do. The examining Professors accepted their decision. Harry and
Cedric sat for their exams. Cedric tested by ministry Examiners as he was writing his
NEWTS, and each of Harry subjects was under the watchful eye of the Professor that
taught it. The only one he didn't relish sitting through was Snapes. Potions happened to
be the last test to write and he knew he did well. The theory part went well also. His
potion was a perfect color, and Snape knew from experience to mark it fairly. Harry
decided to keep a sample of his test potion for obvious reasons.
Second week came and went, with the remainder of the students completing their tests,
OWLS, and NEWTS. While Ginny was writing, Harry spent that time in the air in his
Animagus form practicing everything Fawkes was teaching him. He had such a feeling of
doom whenever he thought of this upcoming task, that he even had trouble sleeping most
nights. Ginny had to talk to him many nights, calming him down enough so he could
Also during the last few weeks, since Ron's apology, bridges were slowly mending
between Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry. They would never be the friends that Harry's
other Pack members were, but they could be civil to one another. After all, they were in
the same house, and had three more years to spend as classmates. Ron was realizing what
he had lost. Harry as a true mate and Ginny would take a long time to recapture her
respect for him.
Harry woke up on the morning of the final task, feeling as if he hadn't slept a wink. He
had tossed and turned all night, as a result of this, his bed clothes were twisted and
wrapped around him. After tonight, he would be able to relax. Or so he hoped.
His guardians had taught him all they could up to this point in time. He was so far
advanced in DADA; it would surprise them if he didn't come out of this task as the
winner. The day went slowly. The pack members took Harry into their Den, and tried to
occupy his mind with games, and from the twins, jokes. Being the friends they were, they
tried everything they could think of to keep him from thinking about tonight. Lunch and
dinner found Harry nearly fasting. He was so nauseous, that he just couldn't swallow his
food. He knew if he did swallow it, that it would just come right back up. No matter how
much he dreaded this final task, he still knew he would be glad to see the end of it.
He and Ginny had a long talk about his suspicions. He told her some things to watch out
for, and she agreed to do whatever she could to help him.
After dinner hour, the Pack, Ron, and Hermione left for the Quiddich pitch to look
around. Harry had to wait for the other champions. They would go to the pitch together.
What a sight greeted them when, led by Ludo Bagman, they arrived at the former
Quiddich pitch. Hagrid, transformed it into a giant twenty foot high maze.
The four contestants were told earlier by Bagman, that the Tri-Wizard Cup , which was
their goal, was located in the center of the maze. Their task was to be the first one to put
their hand on it.
Harry noticed that Moody was acting very nervous, and anxious. Mentally he spoke to
Ginny. "Remember what we talked about this morning?" She nodded yes. "Then
whatever you do, don't take your eyes off of Moody. He is acting suspicious and his Aura
changes between grey and black from time to time. He is planning something. If
something bad happens, whatever else you are doing, don't let him get away. Stun him
from the back if you have to, and get the Uncles Sirius and Remus to stand guard over
him for you. Okay? Warn them ahead of time if you must." "Okay," she agreed. "Good
luck 'my Harry'. Come back safe".
There were professors patrolling the perimeter of the maze, to watch for red sparks
denoting help needed. There was a large opening in the dark maze, and because they were
tied for first place, Cedric and Harry would go into the maze first. Krum would follow
and Fleur would go in last place.
Bagman blew a whistle signaling the start of the contest, and Cedric and Harry ran into
the maze. Harry felt as if he were going to his doom. It was dark in the maze and the two
muttered 'Lumos', and advanced into the maze. It branched off after several yards, and the
boys each went their own way. Harry ran for what seemed miles, and it got darker and
darker. He could still see nothing and wondered which way he was going. He knew he
had to head in a northwesterly direction, so laying his wand on the palm of his hand, he
whispered 'point me', and it spun to the right. However, this was a solid hedge, so he
needed to go down the left fork and then right again as soon as possible to be going in the
right direction.
This path was also empty . He knew that something was wrong. This was way too easy.
Cedric ran up in back of him with singed and smoking robes, and cursed Hagrids Blast-
Ended Skrewts. Harryleft along another path. Turning a corner he came upon a Dementor.
I spoke too soon he thought . He felt chilled but knew he had to act fast. He thought about
Ginny and their bond, and yelled out 'Expecto Patronum' and a beautiful silver stag came
out of his wand. It chased down the Dementer which stumbled. Harry realized within
seconds that it wouldn,t stagger if it were a Dementer. They'floated'. This fact helped him
to realize that it was a Boggart, so he yelled out 'Riddikulus' and the form disappeared in
a puff of smoke.
Harry kept on running, turning in several directions and becoming more confused with
each direction he took. He heard Fleur cry out, but he couldn't tell where she was. There
were no red sparks, so she must be okay. He went on and came almost face to face with a
Blast-Ended Skrewt. The same as Cedric had met. He managed to hit it on it's soft
underside, but knew the spell wouldn't last long. He took off again in the opposite
direction away from the monster. Maybe Hagrid wouldn't be his friend after this. He
would see how he came out of this first, before he would decide.
Harry pointed his wand for directions again after he had run down several dead ends, and
after backtracking, he was finally heading in the right direction once again. While
running along therightpath, he hoped, he could hear someone running along the parallel
path to his. He heard Cedrics voice crying out. "What in hell do you think you are
Then Harry heard Krums voice.
Cedric was screaming in pain, and Harry blasted his way through the hedge. He saw
Krum standing over Cedric with an empty expression in his eyes.
Just as Krum spotted Harry and turned to run, Harry yelled 'Stupefy'and Krum fell to the
ground. After discussing the way that Krum had acted, they decided to send up the signal
for trouble. Cedric sent up red sparks with his wand, and they once again went indifferent
directions. After several wrong turns, Harry came face to face with a sphinx.
The only way he could pass her was to solve a riddle. After several times listening to the
lines of the riddle, and thinking about each line and putting the clues together,he came up
with the word 'Spider'. He spoke his answer aloud, and she moved to let him by. You are
very near to your goal, she had told him before asking the riddle, so he hurried in the
direction his wand led him.
He must be close. 'Point me', he whispered and the tip of his wand pointed him to the
path to his right. He followed the path and could see a bright light at the end. As he
neared the light, he saw that it was emanating from theCup which was sittingon a
pedestal at the end of the path. Cedric was also running along this path, but was ahead of
Harry. He would get there first.
However, there was one last obstacle. It was a giant spider. It came at Cedric, and Harry
yelled to warn him, and tried to fight it off. He tried every spell but nothing was working.
The spider spotted Harry and ran for him. Using it's pincers, it grasped his leg cutting
painfully into it. and pulled him up high into the air. He struggled madly to free himself,
and the spider dropped him, on his injured and bleedingleg. Looking up he noticed the
soft underbelly of the creature. He aimed his wand just as Cedric did the same, and they
both yelled 'Stupefy' at the same moment. The combined spells were just powerful
enough to drop the spider. Hagrid was really gonna hear about this, he vowed.
They were now the same distance from the cup, and Harry told Cedric to grab it because
he was here first. No, he was told, the spider would have stopped me, and you would
have got here first. The two argued the finer points of the situation for a while, and Cedric
finally gave in. "Stand close to me as I grab the cup, Harry. At least it's for Hogwarts"
Harry approached closer to Cedric as he took hold of the cup. Cedric grabbed not only
the Goblet but also Harry's hand, and suddenly Harry felt a sinking feeling in his navel.
The goblet was a port key! Within seconds they landed on hard ground in the middle of a
graveyard. Harry looked around. Cedric was standing beside some men clothed in dark
robes. "Death eaters," Harry thought in horror. What was happening?
One of the Death eaters pointed his wand at Harry and he found himself bound to a
gravestone. Cedric was bound to one beside him. The one who cast the spell told Cedric
his usefulness to the Dark Lord was over. Harry looked at Cedric, and was appalled to see
that he was in a daze. He was under a spell. Harry knew that he wouldn't, t have done this
of his own free will.
There was a large cauldron, standing in the clearing. There were death eaters along the
outer edge of the yard. Out of the darkness appeared a monstrosity. It was being carried
by a short ugly, balding Wizard. Harry had seen this man before. It was Peter Pettigrew.
The traitor. He approached the cauldron, and put the bundle down very gently onto the
ground. The 'thing' spoke. "Are all the necessary items in the cauldron?" "Yes my master,
all except the blood of your enemy. He then approached Harry and with a dagger, he
made a slit in his arm, and drew blood into a vessel. He then poured the blood into the
cauldron, and gently lowered the monster down into it's depth. Cedric gasped. He had
been released from the spell by a Death eater, so that he could see what he had helped to
happen., before he was killed. Harry heard this being whispered to him, and was horror
struck at the knowledge that they were both to be killed. He spoke quietly to Cedric as the
death eater move away from the boys. When I change to a Phoenix, grab my tail, and I
will fly us out of here.
Several minutes later, as Harry and Cedric looked on in horror, the abomination rose out
of the cauldron in the form of one butt ugly creature. He was moaning in agony and
screaming to his followers to tell him what went wrong. He was weaker than ever and in
excruciating pain.
Magical was filling Harry's body. A traumatic experience such as was foretold by both
Goderic and Luna, had become reality. Because of the horrors he witnessed, his body was
experiencing a tremendous surge in power. Harry's fear left him, as he knew what he had
to do. He waved his hand slightly towards Cedric loosening his bindings, and at the same
time he loosened his ownenough to leave him free totransform.
This monster experiencing extreme pain,turned and glared at Harry and Cedric. "What
did you do? You will die for this" But just as Voldamort began to call out the order to kill
them, Harry began his transformation, he yelled out for all to hear. "My blood has
Basilisk venom in it, thanks to you. Have a good life". In a wink he transformed, and
Cedric,grabbed the cup in one hand, and grabbed the tail feathers with the other,as the
bindings magically fell away from him. They disappeared in a burst of flame.
Harry and Cedric landed on the ground of the pitch. Harry morphed back into his human
form, and fell to the ground, his leg mangled, his arm bleeding, and still in shock at the
events that happened such a short time ago. Cedric was also in shock. He and Harry were
both thankfully, still alive, but the pain of what they had seen was almost more than they
could bear. They would live with the memories for many years to come. Harry lost
consciousness, and Cedric crawled over to him and put the Goblet in his hand while
holding on to it as well. He knew this was how it should be.
Moody was approaching, but he didn't get two steps, when he was felled and bound, by
none other than one hopping mad Ginevra Weasley. She had experienced everything that
Harry had experienced. Because of their conversation that morning, she knew that Moody
was responsible for the part Harry played in the plan to bring Voldemort back to life.
Remus stood guard overMoody, as Sirius and Ginny raced to Harry's side.
He was just becoming conscious, as they neared him, and Ginny pulled him into her arms
and with all the strength he could muster, he embraced her and held on for dear life.
Ginny kissed Harry with all the feelings she had been repressing for so long. All her love
was pouring through Harry's body, and he in turn poured his love to her with his magic.
As they embraced and the kiss continued unabated, a glow formed around the young
couple. It lit up the entire area, with a brilliance that would be remembered by the
onlookers for the remainder of their lives. Dumbledore watching this display of magic,
announced to all and sundry, "the Bond is now complete. They are now one heart and
soul, for all eternity".
Hagrid was stopping the onlookers from storming the field. The Professors erected a
shield to protect Cedric and Harry. Cedric,s father was allowed through as was Sirius.
"Cedric, I am so proud of you, you won the tournament" he gushed excitedly.
"No I didn't. If it were not for Harry, we would both be dead right now. We will talk about
this later. Harry needs to go to the infirmary as soon as possible".
As the two teens were in the process of being transported to the infirmary by Poppy,
Moody was beginning to morph into another person. Ginny watched him swallow the
potion earlier, and knew it was not his 'medicine' as he called it. She suspected Polyjuice
potion and that the real Moody was being held prisoner somewhere nearby.
The fake Moody was in reality Barty Crouch. He took Moody's form in order to
accomplish just what he did, and that was to bring back his lord and Master, Voldemort.
He put Harry's name in the Goblet, and spelled the Goblet to take him to the graveyard.
He didn't allow himself to think for one moment that Harry wouldn't be first to touch the
Goblet. In this, he was successful. However, he did not know the price he would pay. He
was given Veritaserum, and confessed to the death of his father, and of being a follower
of the Dark Lord. Before he could testify to the monsters return, Fudge called in a
Dementer, and he was sentenced to the Dementers kiss.
Harry stayed in the infirmary for a few days to regain his strength. His wounds healed,
and Cedric and he had agreed that they would share the Championship honors between
them. Ginny never left his side, and Poppy allowed her to tend to 'her Harry'.
Fudge refused to believe that Voldemort was back. He did not believe Cedric and Harry
and he had Crouch 'kissed' before he could give evidence to the fact that his Lord and
Master was indeed back. He slammed the bag of galleons down on Harry's bed after a
loud argument with the Headmaster.
True to his promise, Harry gave his share of the winnings and a promise to invest five
hundred galleons more, to the twins. They were, in a way, loathe to take the money, but it
did mean they could open a shop in Diagon Alley, and eventually in Hogsmead too. They
hugged Harry, telling him he was the best brother ever. That brought a shine to both
Harry and Ginny's eyes. She was proud of and loved these crazy prats.
Harry returned to the tower to a delayed celebration party in his honor. The party lasted
long into the night, until the students, slept where they fell, and woke up in the morning
with some sore heads, muscles, and necks. That it was a great party was agreed on by all.
The students were leaving for summer holidays on the 30th. Marks for the fourth year
testing were handed out. Harry was top of his class in all his subjects, and had received
O+ in DADA. Ginny had aced her tests, and had come in third in fourth year. Luna didn't
mind not having the same classes as Ginny next year, as she had made good friends in her
new dorm.
Harry would have the summer with his family to recuperate both mentally and physically.
He would continue training, and had plans for his friends to come for a great part of the
holiday. He would even invite Ron and see how it went. Ron had changed a great deal in
the past week since the last task. Time would tell.
Harry did follow through with a promise he made Ginny at beginning of the year. He
asked her to be his girlfriend, she screamed 'YES', and he asked her to go to the first
Hogsmead outing in the new term. They would return to school as 14 and 15 year olds,
and would be in the same classes as well. Life just couldn't be any sweeter, could it?
The train pulled into Kings Cross Station and Harry helped Ginny with her luggage. Of
course, she could have shrunk it down herself, but ever the gentleman, Harry did it for
her. She had taught Ron the Shrinking spell, and he was upset because their parents hadn't
taught it to them when they first started Hogwarts. "To think of all the trunks we've
carried, makes me tired", he said. "It builds muscle and character", began Hermione
ready to lecture on to "carry a heavy trunk", versus "Shrinking said trunk". Ron just
hushed her with a small kiss.
Harry pulled Ginny aside and kissed her ever so gently. You know what?", he asked her.
"I really love you. I didn't know what love was until your family came into my life. Now
I know there are different kinds of love, and the best is what I feel for you. You are so
precious to me. I,ll owl you as soon as I get home. Bye for now, my Ginny".
Ginny returned his kiss, and assured him that she had always loved him. "Bye for now,
my Harry."
His 'home' What a beautiful word. To Harry, it meant a wonderful haven to return to after
a year of using the wings he had discovered at the end of third year. He had come a long
way since then. He was blessed with loving Guardians/Mentors. His home was filled with
love. He was happy knowing that even though his longest time in the manor would be
during the summer holidays, he was allowed to floo or flash home during
specialweekends also.
Home! The first place where he was allowed to make decisions for himself. A place
where he was respected. An exciting place where his friends could floo in whenever they
wanted to. Quiddich all summer if he so desires. Aplace where his Uncle Moony and
Granddad were quietly teaching him how to be a 'Potter'.
He had settled the problem with Ron and Hermione, and did it with finesse. No nasty
words spoken, just stating the truth. He accepted Ron's apology, and as a result, healing
was taking place, daily and gradually. He learned this behaviour from his Granddad. He
was told that this was his 'Potter Legacy'.
Home! Where this summer he would heal from the disastrous third task, and open his
home once more to his friends. Yes the word 'home' denoted a world holding the best that
life has to offer and Harry was intending to reach out and grab the proverbial brass ring.
Harry hated the floo with a passion. When he asked Moony after arriving at Kings Cross,
if it was safe for him to flash home instead of flooing, he laughingly replied. "I knew you
would ask that, so everything is a go for both you and Ginny to flash onto the grounds.
That should make you happy, eh?" Making sure he wasn,t being watched, he transformed
and flashed home.
Harry landed in the grounds in front of the kitchen doors. If he didn't know better, he
would have thought that all the Elves could flash too. His entire Elvin family surrounded
him. His legs were being hugged to pieces. He had seldom felt so loved in all his life. He
knew that Moony, Tonks and Sirius loved him, but the Elves showed it so exuberantly.
They were all chattering at once and Harry couldn't understand a word they were saying.
The questions were coming out really fast and formed one very long word.
After he slowed them down, heasked them to speak one at a time.
In slower speak it was; "Harry are you okay? we felt the magic when the bonding was
completed so do we have a new mistress? is you know who really back?" and finally,
"and when are your friends coming over?" After Harry sorted this out, he sat down on the
ground with his friends seated in a semi-circle in front of him.
I'll try to answer all your questions, but first I am so happy to be back home with all of
you. I,ve looked forward to this since easter.You are the best friends I could ever wish to
have. Now let's see"
"I am fine. A spider sliced my leg open with it's pincers, and pulled me high and then
dropped me on my injured leg. Wormtail cut my arm open to use the blood to bring
Voldemort back to life. This happened during the third task. I am healed now and I feel
great. Yes, my bond with Ginny was completed, and we are Soul Mates. I am not quite
15, but I know that I love her very much. She will be your new Mistress some day, but
the Manor already recognizes her as such. I think I covered the first questions, and as for
my friends, whenever they want to come they will be welcomed here. I told them all to
owl as soon as they were bored with their summer. I expect we will see them all soon.
Did I answer your questions okay?"
He was assured that he had set their minds at ease with his answers, so he continued.
"Now I have some questions for you. First, Winky how are you, and are you happy here?"
"Oh my yes, Harry. I am fine and so happy that some days I pinch my arm to make sure
I'm not dreaming. Your Elvin family treats me very good. Thank you for asking, Harry"
She added shyly, " You are the best Master, and I love living here.".
"I am happy, Winky; because this is your home the same as it is mine. Dobby, are you
behaving yourself and helping with the chores?"
"Yes I am, Harry. I think that this is the best home I have ever had. I like living here
better than at Hogwarts. I love the games room best of all".
Harry knew the feelings of his Elvin family, and was glad that Winky and Dobby had fit
in the household so well.They respected Harry because despite his age, he wasdeveloping
the ability to keep a household of Elves content. He treated them with respect and they
returned the feeling. He was so much like his Grand-father, John Potter. He had been a
fine gentleman and a kind Master.
"Were you surprised when I flashed in?" he asked them. "Oh no Harry. We knew about
your Phoenix form, because Moony told us about it. It was fun to watch you change back
into yourself.
That was a more graceful landing than when you use the floo", joked Ami.
"Why do you think I did it then? I hate the floo. It's a killer for me to use. I always expect
to break my neck. Now I may never have to floo again. I have to go in now, we'll get
together for games later, okay?"
They laughed at Harry about his flooing mishaps, and agreed to the evening of games
later. Harry went into the house to wait for Moony and Tonks. Sirius was on duty at the
Ministry. He had his old job back and was thrilled to be working again.
Harry teased Moony about being his 'baby sitter', but Moony only laughed. It was hard
for him to get a good job, and so between Harry, Sirius and Tonks, they decided it would
be great if he would be Harry,s main caregiver. If something went wrong at Hogwarts,
Harry had someone to call on. Besides he was writing a book on training To become an
Animagus, titled, 'How To Control The Beast Within'.
Harry sat on the floor in the floo entryway waiting for his Uncle and Aunt to arrive. At
least his luggage was light. He had performed the Shrinking charm on the cage and his
trunk when he learned he could flame home. He knew that Moony or Tonks could have
performed the charm, but he just wanted to show off a little bit. Hedwig was flying home,
as she hadn't been kept very busy over the last year.
The floo flared up and Moony stepped quite gracefully from the fireplace. Tonks was
another matter altogether. She landed just as Harry always did. As gracefully as a
Hippogriff would manage to be. Harry laughed loudly at her, and she scowled at him.
"Show off! Just because you can flash, doesn't mean that you will do any better when you
have no other choice but to floo". She huffily left the two laughing hilariously and rolling
on the floor in their glee.
When they calmed down enough to speak coherently, Moony asked him if he was okay.
"Yes Uncle Remus, I am. My wounds healed well, and I learned that I am now fully Soul
Bonded toGinny, so what more could I ask for? Don,t I look as ifI was okay?"
Remus answered thoughtfully. "Harry, I thought you would be devastated because your
blood was used for the reincarnation of 'You Know Who' I thought you would be blaming
yourself for his re-birth. It,s not your fault, you know."
Harry answered more angrily than he meant to, saying, "No I don't know who 'you know
who' is. If you mean Voldemort, then no I am not upset at all. I know it,s not my fault. He
is evil and he would have used someone else if he had to. I,m glad he used mine because
my blood has traces of Basilisk venom in it. The Phoenix form in me keeps me safe.
Fawkes told me that the healing powers of the Phoenix have been in me since birth, and
so it doesn't affect my blood or me. Fawkes didn't understand how I could live with
tainted blood, only that it was possible for me to do so."
He continued, "It is deadly for Voldemort to have my blood in his body. He will
experience weakness, nausea, and horrible pain at times. Fawkes told me there is no way
for him to cleanse the venom from his blood without killing himself doing it. I could have
stopped them from taking my blood at any time, but when I realized what it was to be
used for, I gave in willingly. It was the best way to slow him down. It will take a few
years, but he will grow weaker and then I will be able to rid the world of him and his
Death eaters".
Remus looked askance at Harry. He was wise beyond his years. Goderic told him that this
would happen, but he had hoped that he would stay young for a few more years. He
mentioned this concern to Harry. Harry laughed and told him that just because he was
wiser now, didn't mean that he was older too. "I'm still just going to be 15", he said.
"Hey, talking about going to be 15, can I have a big birthday party? I know lots more kids
now." Moony needn,t have worried about him growing up too fast. Harry was still a kid,
and a lovable one at that.
He hugged him and said," Harry, I love you as much as if you were my flesh and blood. I
consider you my cub. So yes, you can have the biggest party ever. Just make up the guest
list, and when July 31st comes we will celebrate".
Harry hugged his Uncle, and told him he loved him too. Harry lapped up all the affection
he was shown. It fed his Soul, and strengthened him. Having learned the meaning and the
feeling of love, he was like a kid with a toy. He wanted to show his affection forothers.
Having gone withoutit for so many years,hewas enjoying the experience. His headmaster
told him that Love was the greatest magic in the world. He was learning that he was right.
As they sat talking, Harry remembered something he had done in the graveyard. "Uncle
Remus, as I was experiencing the power surge, I waved my hand a bit at Cedric,s
bindings, wishing I could loosen them for him, and they loosened just enough for him to
slip out of later. I told him to prepare to flash with me, then I wished for my bonds to
loosen, and they did. The strange thing about this was that I didn't have my wand out. It
was in my back pocket, and I wasn't able to reach it. I was just wishing for this and it
happened. Howdid I do that?"
Remus looked at Harry showing his surprise. "Harry, try something. See that open door".
Try to mimic the same actions you use don the bindings and see if you can close the door.
Harry faced the door, waved his hand, and the door slammed shut.
"Harry, that was unique, in as much as it is usually mature Wizards who can perform this
Magic. Needless to say, you will have to learn to control this new magic. This form of
Magic is called Wandless magic. It is very rare. I shouldn,t be surprised that you are able
to perform this advanced magic. Professor Dumbledore is the only one I know who has
this ability, and so he will have to take over this phase of your training. The three of us
here can only take you so far, and your Headmaster will do the rest. We will inform him
of this ability of yours, and he can take it from there". Harry was not pleased with this
information, and he told Moony so. He knew he had no choice, but he didn't have to like
. A little voice told him to stop acting childishly and live with the decision..
"Stop eaves dropping, Gin. You know my history with the Headmaster".
"Oh, come on Harry ,it won't be that bad. At least he didn't kidnap you and send you
back to the Dursleys, like you were sure he was going to do".
"No he didn't and that's only because Vernon is in jail, and Aunt Petunia is under house
arrest for another year. If it wasn't for that he would have fought to send me back".
"If you say so Harry. Any way how are you?"
"Brilliant! When are you coming over? I miss you already"
"Harry, it's only been a few hours."
"But I miss you so much"
"Oh you poor baby"
"Okay Ginny, I'm cutting the link. I'm going now if that's the way you're gonn treat me. I
can't believe this, and after all I've been through. Boo-Hoo! Oh well, owl me after you're
done with your Harry bashing, okay?"
"Okay Harry. Bye, I love you".
"Love you too, bye".
Moony was looking at Harry with an odd look on his face. "Harry who were you
speaking to" Are you okay? You looked out of it for a bit there. What were you thinking
about? Can I help you in any way?" Moony seemed to say this in one long breath.
Harry coming slowly out of the daze he was in, shook his head, and looked at Moony.
"Do you remember when we were in the infirmary, and Ginny told Professor Dumbledore
what happened to me as clearly as if she was there in the graveyard at the time? Well she
was as close to the graveyard with me as she could possibly get. She was there through
our mind link. We think and feel the same thoughts. She saw what I was going through,
and not only did my magic peak, but so did Ginny's.
We saw Moody acting really wierd earlier in the day, so we pooled our magic and
thoughts,and tried to work out the mystery of Moody.Ginny saw him drink from a flask
several times when he didn't see us watching him.Welooked as closely as we could
without him seeing us,and saw the color of the liquid he was drinking. We compared the
colorwith several potions that we have in the lab and we narrowed it down to Polyjuice. It
had to be, so I told Ginny to tackle him before he could get to me. We do all this through
our link. We talk to one another, and she was just giving me a talking to for behaving like
a child because I have to train under Dumbledore."
"You mean it took you all that explanation to get to the point that you and Ginny talk to
one another through a mind link? I'm glad I didn't ask you something difficult. We'd have
been here all night." Moony ducked as a pillow flew at him narrowly missing his face.
"So you can't think of things that will upset Ginny, eh?"
Harry smirked andreplied, "Luckily we can turn one another out, and that's what I did to
her just a few minutes ago. She'll get me for that."
Laughing at what Harry could be in for with the feisty redhead, the two washed up and
went to beg some food from Ami. Harry was starving, or at least he was sure that he was.
Harry spent a wonderful week with his guardians. They played some Quiddich, spent
time in the games room and just talked about anything and everything.
Ginny and him opened the link between themselves for only a couple short times each
Harry needed this week to enjoy alone time with his family.
Ginny's Mum and Dad needed time to adjust to the news regarding the Soul Bonding of
their daughter with Harry. They both hoped that her Mum would not be too upset at the
news, and so would let her visit the Manor now and then.
One piece of wonderful news that Harry was given during their dinner/ family /talking
time, was the announcement of Moony and Tonk,s engagement. He was thrilled at the
news, and Moony asked him to be a groomsman, as Sirius would be his best man. Tonks
planned to ask Ginny to be a bridesmaid. Her maid of honor was Sirius's fiancée, Jaydyn.
They had been Aurors together before his imprisonment in Azkaban and she had always
believed in his innocence. They were engaged the same time as James and Lily.
She had waited faithfully for him, and when he was freed by the Ministry, they made
plans to marry.
'Would it be too dangerous to hold the wedding in the Manor grounds or would there be
too many people coming to keep us secure?" Harry wanted to know. "We could make it
work... erm, at least I think we could", replied Remus with a thoughtful look on his face.
"Although I seem to remember Tonks saying that her Mum wanted her only daughter,s
wedding held at the Family,s Estate. We'll have to discuss it further when she's done work
Ami was also excited about the wedding and hoped they could help with it.
"We are Sirius's only family, and Jaydyn,s family fell to Vvvoldemort, so Ami you will in
all liklihood be assisting with planning their entire wedding. They will be married at the
Manor, if Harry agrees." Remus told Ami.
He was still having difficulty pronouncing Voldemort,s name. But he was trying.
" Of course I agree, Uncle Moony. and I,m proud of you too because you said the git,s
name." said Harry. If you can,t say his name, then you make him more important and
powerful than he really is"
Dinner ended, and since Harry had spent such a first great week of holidays, he decided
to share his fun and so he would owl his friends to come for a visit as soon as they could
get away from their parents. Even though he enjoyed his family's company, he missed his
Pack mates. Once he sent Hedwig on her way, he joined everyone in the games room.
He was looking forward to some movies. He loved the telly, so he settled in for the
evening with his extended family, and proceeded to watch the 'Carry On' comedys. They
were hilarious, and soon Harry and all the Elves had sore sides from laughing so much.
Before he went off to bed, he asked Moony if he would take him to Gringotts in the
morning. He had some business to take care of. He knew he would get in trouble for it,
but he was adamant about the decision he had made. He had to be careful not to think
about it, or he would be in trouble sooner than he wanted to be.
Morning found Moony, Tonks and Harry strolling down Diagon Alley. They saw the
empty shop that Fred and George planned to buy to start their joke and prank products.
They were naming it, Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes, or WWW for short. Harry was going
to transfer the five hundred galleons to invest in their venture. It was to be added to the
five hundred-galleon prize money from the tournament.
The twins were entering seventh year in Sept. and their deepest wishes lay in a business
of their own, the didn,t want to work for anyone else. they wanted to be their own boss.
This would be a base of operations for their product testing. They already had hundreds
of items on the go as they had been conducting experiments in their bedroom at the
Burrow for years. They planned on picking Sirius and Moony,s brains for as many ideas
as they would be able to remember from their marauding days. Actually, they hoped that
Moony would agree to be a consultant, unpaid of course, to help them get their business
off the ground.
Arriving at Gringotts, Harry asked for privacy in what he planned to do. Remus and
Tonks told him they would meet him in the pub when he finished his errand. As Remus
led Tonks to a booth, he told her he was sure that Harry's errand had something to do with
Ginny. "We,ll find out soon enough, but for now I'd love a butter-beer", replied Tonks.
Harry entered Gringotts, and the first Goblin he met was Griphook. "Good morning
Griphook', he said. Griphook greeted Harry with as close a smile as Goblins were able to
manage, and asked how he could help him. "I would like to go down to the Potter Vault
please." After a long ride deep into the bowels of the bank, Harry climbed anxiously out
of the cart and onto the platform. He couldn't get over the fact that the Goblins had built
their vaults so far underground.
Entering his vault, he went immediately to the Jewelery cases which held his Mums
Jewelery.. He was looking for one kind of ring in particular. He knew exactly what he
was looking for. After a long search, he found what he had been hoping to find. In his
Mums heirlooms, he found four rings that brought tears to his eyes. They were his Mum
and Dad's wedding rings, her engagement ring and a beautiful promise ring. Harry had
seen it on his Mum's finger in many of the pictures that he had seen of them. He tucked
all but the promise ring back into their case. He slipped the promise ring into his pocked.
Phase one was complete, now for phase two.
He left the vault and signaled Griphook. When he arrived he asked him if he could assist
him in transferring money from the Potter Vault to two other vaults. "Yes, Mr. Potter, I
can do that for you."
Upon reaching the surface, he said. "Follow me please". Harry followed him into an
office and he sat down. Harry wanted five hundred galleons transferred into a vault for
George and Fred Weasley.
Griphook looked at Harry and asked if he wanted to open a new vault for them or deposit
it in their existing one.
"I didn't know they had their own vault", replied Harry. "Yes, they deposited galleons
from an investor", he told Harry. "Good, then put it in that one please".
"The next deposit will go into a new vault for Ginevra Weasley. I want one thousand
galleons to be deposited into a new vault in her name."
" May I offer sincere congratulations on the soul Bonding, Mr. Potter. You are the
youngest couple in many, many years to experience the Bonding process at such a young
age. I don't know if you are aware of this fact or not, but Miss. Weasley has a legal right
to your vaults. As a result of the Soul Bonding, in the eyes of the Wizarding world, you
are considered to be married." Harry did the only thing he could do at this news. He
fainted dead away.
Griphook waved his hand over Harry's face and he slowly became conscious again. "Did
you just say what I think you said?" Harry asked chokingly.
"Yes, Mr. Potter, that's what I said. You don't need to worry just yet. You still have your
education to complete, and in time, a dark Wizard to defeat. You have several years to
court your friend before a wedding will take place."
Harry sighed in relief and Griphook almost, I said almost, laughed at Harry's relief at this
"Since I met Ginny, even though I didn,t understandthe reasons, I felt as if shewould be
big part of my future. I was right. Someday we will be married, and I couldn't be happier
about this. I'm not quite 15, and not ready for that step in my life yet.
Now about Ginny's new vault, I would like her to have a simple way to access her money.
I want all charges on her vault to be charged to mine."
"We have many ways to access a vault. Have Miss. Weasleys parents accompany her in to
the Bank, and we will set this up for her. We need to know how she prefers to handle her
"I would like her to ask for you, is that okay with you, Griphook"."Yes, Mr. Potter, I
would be honored to assist Miss. Weasley".
Harry left Gringotts well pleased with himself. Now he would have to prepare himself for
not only Ginny's wrath, but her 'proud' parent's wrath as well.
Harry joined Moony and Tonks in the pub. They were deep in conversation, and didn't
notice him until he sat down beside Tonks. They both jumped and Tonks, who was in the
process of taking a sip from her mug, of course spilled her drink down the front of her
Harry couldn't help chuckling at the embarrassed Witch. She dried herself off, and turned
to Harry.
"Sorry", said Harry teasingly, not looking the least bit sorry in the least. "Any way, I want
to tell you something. Griphook told me that according to Wizarding law, Ginny and I are
" I did know this Harry, and how did you feel when you heard this news?" asked Tonks.
"Well after I fainted and Griphook enervated me, I took it pretty good. But Merlin, that
floor was hard." He rubbed the back of his head to prove his point.
"I need to invite just Ginny and her parents to dinner. We have a bombshell to drop, and I
think I should make out a will before they hear my news." Harry chuckled as he thought
of what their reaction was going to be.
"Not a problem, Harry. We can have them over tomorrow night. Arthur will love playing
with all the Muggle things in the games room. Is that timeokay?" "That sounds great".
answered Harry.
Harry spent the biggest part of the next day relaxing on his broom. A year without
Quiddich was the second worse thing that had happened last term.
Even worse than that had been the TWT. He had tied with Cedric as Champions, but the
price they paid for this victory was a high one. He had already experienced some
nightmares, and he bet that cedric did too. His occlumency lessons were helping him to
clear his mind better all the time.
He was hoping the time in the air would settle his nerves before he faced the wrath of two
Weasley women. "We'll see," he thought.
Flying over the pitch, Harry spied 3 owls hovering around him. He landed, followed by
the owls. One was the miniature Pig, Ron's owl. He didn't recognize the other two, so he
called on Cott and Webb to help him. They seemed to materialize out of thin air. He was
always amazed at how they could do that.
"Cott, I don't recognize these two owls. Can you check them out for me, please?" "Yes
Harry I can. We often do this with strange Owls, as Remus and Sirius receive many owls
every day."
Cott approached one owl as Webb approached the other. They held their hands over the
owls, and waved them slightly. A faint white light appeared, and Cott informed Harry that
they were Spell free. He then told Harry that they carried the scent of their owners, and
apparently, these owners were sanctioned by his Uncles to send owls and floo into the
manor, when invited to do so.
"Thank you both for helping me. When we get back to training, I will get my Uncles to
teach me how to check my own 'mail'," he answered laughingly.
The Elves left and Harry sat spread-eagled on the ground. First, he opened Ron's letter.
Thanks for inviting me to the manor next week. I will be glad to come. See you on
Sunday, Ron.
Harry was glad he could come, as there was more healing to do and he was anxious to
speed up the process. He had been having bad feelings about the next term for the last 3
days, and hoped he was wrong about the next year being a bad one. He felt that he would
need all the help he could get, and that a good DADA Professor and lots of training
would be available. So far, his deep inner voice or intuition as the case may be, had never
let him down.
Harry shook of his melancholy, and opened the other two letters. One was a joint answer
from Dean and Seamus, and the other was from Neville. Harry opened his link to Ginny.
"You there Ginny?"
"Oh! I was just going to open my link to you. How's that for great minds thinking alike?"
That's neat eh, Ginny? How are you today? Are you and your Mum and Dad coming for
dinner tonight? Moony said he promised something special for your Dad to take apart"
Yes, we're coming, and Dad can hardly wait, but Mum is looking at me kind of funny most
of the time. How're you doing?"
"I'm great because I just got owls from Seamus and Dean, they're coming on Sunday, and
so are Ron and Neville. Did the twins say anything to you? I haven't heard from Luna
"Breathe, Harry. The twins said to tell you they'd be there, and Luna was over yesterday
and she's coming too. Are you sure your elves are up to the lot of us?"
Yes they're excited about the lot of you coming. They've been after me for a week, ever
since I got home as a matter of fact, to get you all over here. They love it when the house
is full of people to take care of and wait on. It's when they're happiest. I hope everyone
can stay at least 2 weeks. We can practice our Animagi transformations while we're all
together. We didn't get many lessons while at Hogwarts because Professor McGonagall
was so busy."
"Gotta go now Harry, Mum's looking at me funny again. I just love spooking her out
when we're 'talking' like this. See you tonight, luv ya, bye"
"Luv ya too, bye."
"Good, everything's settled", thought Harry as the teens severed their link. Now for
dinner tonight. First off Harry rushed to the kitchen to see if he could convince Ami that
the flying made him so hungry he could eat a Hippogriff. He was also beginning to tense
up, and when his nerves got to him, he got very hungry. Thinking about facing your Soul
Mates parents would do that to a bloke.
Entering the room, he realized that Ami was indeed very busy preparing dinner. He was
surprised to hear her humming a strange sounding tune. He didn't know elves could hum,
let alone sing. He stood quietly and listened. The tune seemed to make him feel calm and
peaceful. In fact the tune calmed him so much that he found himself sliding down the
wall to the floor, and closing his eyes.
The sound he made alerted Ami, who turned around and seeing him in that position, she
squeaked out. "Are you okay Harry?" she didn,t know what to think. Harry opened his
eyes and looked at his surroundings.
"What happened, Ami? One minute I was listening to you hum, and the next minute I
open my eyes, and I'm sitting on the floor."
"Oh Harry, I'm sorry. I was so happy that we are having a special dinner tonight for you
and our Mistress, that I was humming an Elvin tune. We hum it to make every one feel
happy and peaceful. The magic goes into the food, and will be felt by those who eat it. I
know that this dinner is important to you, and I want everything to be perfect."
"Thank you, Ami. I know dinner will be wonderful, just as you are."
"Oookay now Harry. What did you come in here for in the first place? I bet you're hungry
as usual."
Harry laughed and owned up to the fact that, yes he was a bit hungry. Ami gave him a
couple of sandwiches and some juice and best of all a treacle tart. Merlin, he did love that
Elf. She really knew the way to a young boy's heart. Yes, by way of his sweet 'teeth'.
Harry ate his snack, and headed off in search of an adult. He went into the study, and met
with a smiling Goderic.
"Hello Harry. How are you enjoying your holidays so far? Oh! Before you answer, how is
that lovely young red headed lady of yours?"
"Hello Granddad. So far, summer is great. Ginny and I talk through our link from time to
time. She's having fun freaking out her Mum when we're linking. She's fine though. The
Weasleys and Ginny are coming to dinner tonight. We have to discuss some things, and
I,m feeling nauseous at the thought. I'll have to visit Ami and have her hum her little tune
for me a dozen times before they arrive."
"Harry, whenever you feel yourself tensing up, just do some deep breathing like Tonks
taught you to do. That works as well as Ami,s tune will. Calm down! It's not as if they
aren't aware of the Bonding."
"I know that, Granddad, but it's the other news I have for them. They are going to freak.
Don't ask," he said as his granddad opened his mouth to speak. "I'll tell you about it
tomorrow, that is if I'm still alive to tell you anything at all." Harry shivered at the
thoughts of tonight getting closer and closer.
"Anyway Granddad, I have something to ask you. I'm able to do wandless magic, and
Uncle Moony says that the Headmaster is the best one to train me to control it. Is there no
one else who can do it?"
"Harry, now you listen carefully. I know you have no liking or respect for your
Headmaster but he is a great Wizard. Like all of us before him, and the thousands that
will follow, including you, he is not perfect. He has, like all of us, his faults and makes
mistakes. Until the day you die, as a perfect Wizardand made no mistakes in your
lifetime, you must not judge others so harshly. I am disappointed in your attitude towards
him. I do not ask you to like the man, but you need him to prepare you for a horrendous
task. When you hear the Prophesy in full, you will understand why you need his expertise
and knowledge. Until then, act accordingly. With independence comes maturity. Think
about my words. I will talk to you tomorrow."
Summarily dismissed, Harry walked out of the study, feeling worse than he had ever felt
in his young life. He had been chastised, and rightly so, by his Granddad. He felt
ashamed of himself. He would go to his room and think carefully on the words spoken to
him. He felt like a little boy, who had his fingers slapped.
Harry went to his room and flopped down on his bed. He had two hours before the
Weasleys would arrive, and he had some very important decisions to make. First, he did
some deep breathing exercises, and then he relaxed and began to sort through his
He knew his distrust of the Headmaster was rooted deep within his soul, but how long
could he live with this distrust. He didn't have to become friends with him, but he could
be civil. After all, relations with Ron and Hermione were getting better. It was a slow
process, but thing were much better than they were at beginning of their fourth year.
He was definitely going to approach the Headmaster and offer a truce. He would ask for
help with his Wandless magic. He needed to do this for his own peace of mind too. It
takes too much effort to stay angry. He didn't want to be angry any longer. Of course, he
didn't intend to allow him to take over control of his life again, but would ask for advice
when he needed it. He was sure he would go to him a lot in fifth year. He would have
listened to the prophesy by then, and he knew he would need loads of help. His mind
made up, he began to shower and dress for dinner.
Harry wanted to look nice for the Weasleys and Ginny. He chose black trousers and a
button down emerald green silk shirt. His dress robe was the dark green one he wore to
the Yule Ball, and as he looked in the mirror to make sure he looked okay, he groaned
aloud. Why bother with nice clothing, and sport a head of hair like the one he had. He
tried with all his might to smooth it down. His hair refused to lay flat. Maybe he could get
some gel somewhere. Then he remembered that in one of their conversations, Ginny told
him she liked his 'wild' hair. Oh well, not much he could do with it. This was the bane of
all of the Potter men down through the ages.
5:15 o'clock found Harry pacing the floor in front of the floo. Maybe they're not coming
he had said more than once to Moony. Sirius, Tonks and Jaydyn were patiently waiting in
the study. Poor Remus had to pace with Harry. He was afraid he would have a heart
attack if they didn't come soon and he wanted to be here to revive him.
"Thank Merlin", breathed Remus, as the floo turned green and out came the Weasleys and
Ginny. Harry began breathing again. They were finally here. Since Harry was busily
staring at Ginny, it fell upon Remus to welcome Arthur and Molly. He led them into the
study, leaving the two teens gaping at one another.
Harry had almost stopped breathing when he caught sight of Ginny. She also was wearing
the beautiful forest green dress robe she had worn at the Yule Ball. Her hair fell in soft
curls, with two thin braids caught in the back of her head with a clip. He had never seen
anyone more beautiful in all his life.
"Well Harry, cat got your tongue?"
"Err n n no. You look beautiful," he breathlessly replied.
"Thank you, and hi Harry. You look great too".
"Oh sorry, Hi Gin. I'm so glad you're here. Let's join the others in the study till dinner is
The teens entered the study. "I love your robes, Ginny", said Tonks, "they suit you so
"These are the robes I wore to the Champions Yule Ball. You picked them out for me.
Don't you remember?"
"Oh, right. They look so much better on you than hanging in the cupboard."
Sirius introduced Ginny to Jaydyn. Everyone sat around chatting.
Shortly after Jif entered the study. He greeted the Weasleys politely. He then looked at
Ginny saying; Mistress Ginny, we Elves are honored to once more have a Mistress of the
Manor to serve. He bowed to her slightly, and announced dinner. Ginny couldn't move.
She was stunned and turned to Harry to ask him about this greeting. Harry held his arm
out to her and told her he would explain later.
Led by the teens, the others entered the dining room. They were speechless. The elves
had gone all out to make this dinner a memorable one. The table settings were the finest
Potter gold and china. Harry took up his position at the head of the table. He wanted
Ginny at his right, and Jif seated the others.
When the feast, and it was a feast, appeared, Harry broke the tension by saying,
"speeches later, but for now 'tuck in".
Ami had outdone herself again. The meal was fabulous and Harry's favorite part, the
dessert, was in his eyes the best part of the meal. Light conversation was enjoyed by
most. Harry was busy hanging on every word Ginny said. It wouldn't be an exaggeration
to say he was besotted with her company. Sirius was enjoying watching the two of them,
but Molly was frowning a bit. He knew it wouldn't be long after dinner when she would
want some answers to her questions.
Before Sirius could invite them to join him in the study for their tea, Harry stood up. I
want you all to know how happy I am to be able to spend this time with you. I have only
had this family for a year now, and the Weasleys for a very few years,and I don't know
how I survived without all of you before this. Thank you all for being here for me. Jif and
Ami will bring our tea into the study, as I have several things to talk about.
Once more Harry held his arm out to Ginny and led the adults into the study. Ami poured
the tea for all who wanted it. After she left the study, Molly opened her mouth to speak.
Harry saw this as he was waiting for her to do just this.
"Mrs. Weasley. I would like to tell you what is happening with Ginny and me. Please
have patience, and you can ask me questions after I am finished. You remember last year
when I asked your permission to be Ginny's best friend? We both assured you that
friendship was all we were asking for. You thought we wanted more. I told you my
feelings for Ginny, and that I knew that we needed to wait for a more serious relationship
until we were older. You discouraged me from pursuing even a best friendship. I wasn't
asking her to marry me, just to be my special friend.
We became great friends during this last year, and at the end of the year something really
wonderful happened to us. All year we could feel ourselves getting closer and closer. Not
physically, but mentally. We feel and think alike in most ways. I know all her moods and
she knows mine. We can talk to each other through a mind link that is getting stronger all
the time. We now share our magic since the last task."
Ginny and Harry, taking turns, went on to tell everyone the details of the happenings in
the graveyard, and that Ginny had shared them all mentally with him. The adults were
looking at them in shock.
"Why haven't we heard this before, Harry?" asked Sirius.
"Ginny and I told Fudge what happened and he wouldn't believe us. He wouldn't even
believe Cedric. We decided to wait until a time like this to tell you all about it. You are
the only ones we have spoken in full about this"
"So" said Remus, "what about Professor Dumbledore? Did you tell him, and how did he
Ginny spoke up. "Yes we told him, but not as much as we told you . He truly believed us.
He said he'd started having a bad feeling after Harry told him that 'Moody', just didn't
seem real to us. He just couldn't put his finger on what was wrong though. He was sorry
he didn't take us more seriously".
Molly just couldn't hold her tongue one more minute. "Ginny please, tell me what
happened to cause all these changes in the two of you and why did Jif call you his
"Mum, at the beginning of the year, our friends started seeing signs of a bond forming
between Harry and I. We have only been best friends. No snogging, just learning about
each other. When the Veela girls entered the Castle, all the boys, except a few were
drooling down the front of their robes at the sight of them. Harry had no reaction at all.
Seamus and Dean asked why he wasn't as impressed with them as the other boys were.
You know what he answered?"
Harry headed her next remark off and said, "Ginny's a lot prettier then they are".
At this Ginny blushed and continued with her story.
"Neville spoke up then and told Seamus and Dean that his Gran told him that when
there's a Soul Bond forming between a Witch and a Wizard that they have feelings only
for one another. His Gran went into more detail, he said, but that was the important part
of it."
Before that, back in September, Luna told me that a traumatic event at terms end would
complete the Soul Bond between Harry and me. We laughed at her, but it all happened
just as she told us. We both lived the trauma of Voldemort,s re-birth, and when Harry
appeared on the pitch with Cedric and the cup. I ran to him and pulled him to me and we
For the first time we kissed each other with all the love we were feeling at that time. A
tremendous light appeared, and suddenly it was asif we were one person. The Headmaster
told the Professors that the Soul Bond was now complete. He was shocked as it is rare in
young people. The Elves and the Manor has recognized the Bond growing since Harry's
party last year."
After Ginny stopped speaking, she looked up at her Mother, and added, "I love him, Mum
and Dad, but we are still just best friends". Harry then spoke up again.
"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I love Ginny too, and even though the Gringotts Goblins told me
that according to Wizarding law that we are married, we are not ready for that step in our
life yet and won't be for a long time yet. I have only kissed Ginny seriously once, and
usually we just hold hands or a small kiss on the cheek and sometimes a small kiss on the
lips. We don't need more at this time.
You can trust me with your daughter. I now have Mentors who are teaching me so much
about proper behaviour. I never had that in Vernon, but now with my Guardians and
Granddad, I am becoming someone they can be proud of. Can you both accept this? It is
something that Ginny and I can't, nor would we want to change."Harry looked at the
Weasleys hopefully, and saw that at this time they were looking deeply into one another's
As is the case with couples who have been married for many years, they seemed to be
conversing silently. A few minutes passed, and both Harry and Ginny were getting more
nervous by the minute. Finally, they both looked up. Arthur began to speak.
"Harry, we couldn't have chosen anyone better for our daughter, but we didn't think it
would be this soon. We know that you will treat her like a lady, and with great respect.
You are becoming a fine young man, and we are truly happy for you both. We do ask, that
you do not exploit one another.
Have a slow and meaningful courtship, and when you are done school and ready for the
next step, we will be proud to welcome you as our seventh son."
Molly also nodded and said,"Yes Harry, I am happy too. I already love you as one of my
own, and I know you would never hurt Ginny in any way. You have our blessing to date
our daughter."
The other adults laughed at the sound of two whooshes leaving the young peoples
mouths. They didn't realize they had been holding their breath so drastically. Funnily
enough it wasn't Ginny who got to her parents first enveloping them in a bone crushing
hug. It was Harry. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," he was shouting into their poor
"Harry calm down, you're deafening them". said Tonks. "You do have something else to
tell them don't you? At least you said you did."
Sheepishly, Harry released the Weasleys from his enthusiastic hug. "Sorry, I guess I got a
bit carried away, didn't I? You,ve made me so happy. We hated not being able to hold
hands in front of Ron. The twins were okay with it, but Ron was a downright prat. He has
apologized and I hope we can mend our friendship over the next year. Now let me tell
you and Ginny the other news
Harry began running his hand through his hair, messing it up more than it already was.
Ginny knew this was a sign of nerves acting up on him. Finally, he focused his gaze on
the three of them, and began.
"Ginny you know that the Goblins at Gringotts know about our Bond. They informed me
after I asked to have some gold transferred to a new vault for you that you have access to
all my 'holdings' as they called it. I asked for one thousand galleons to be put in a new
vault for you. Your parents need to go to the bank with you to arrange how best you can
access your gold when you need it." Harry heard a gasp, and looked at the angry faces of
all three Weasleys. "Oh, oh," he thought, "here it comes."
"Please let me finish, and then you can yell at me all together, okay?"
"You are as much my family as anyone can be. I wasn't born into your family, but I was
welcomed with open arms as soon as you met me. I got the first Mothers hug I can
remember from you, Mum Weasley. At this Molly teared up. You fed me and let me sleep
in a cot in Ron's room. It was the first time I had a friend to talk to about me and the
things I liked.
At the Dursleys, I was yelled at and ordered around. Not once did anyone ask me how I
was feeling of if I wanted anything. At your home, you went out of your way to make
sure that the food on your table was nearly always my favorites. Of course after toast,
water and cold soup, it was like a feast to me.
Family helps family. You help your children and me, Remus, Sirius, Tonks and Jaydyn
help me and show their love for me by teaching me how to be a good Wizard. Why can't I
help you? Don't you feel as close to me as I do to you? Please don,t take this away from
me. I want to help when I can. Money is only a good thing to have if you use it. Saving it
defeats the purpose of having it. Beside I got it from my parents, and they expect me to
enjoy it. Will you let me share with you? Not out of charity but out of love".
By the time Harry finished talking, the women were all dabbing at their eyes. They had
never heard him speak so seriously and thoughtfully.
"Molly, in a halting voice, answered his plea."Harry, I will speak for my family. Should
the need ever arise; we will be glad of your help.
We understand the facts concerning the Bond, and realize that you are only giving Ginny
what is rightfully hers. I will not, however allow my family to take advantage of your
generous nature. Please come to me the next time you feel the need to assist one of your
extended family of 'brothers'.
Arthur and I know about the start up money to the twins. They will never be serious
enough to have any other job except running a joke shop. We have accepted that decision
of theirs. Now, do you have any more bombshells to drop, or was that it?" Harry was
pleased to see that she was grinning when she said this.
"No I don't, but I would like to speak to you and Dad Weasley, if I may. At that, the others
left for the games room, much to Arthur's chagrin. He really wanted to go play too! When
only the three of them remained, Harry spoke. Dad Weasley you can go in a few minutes.
Don't worry. We got some stuff just for you to examine." He grinned at the joy that flitted
across the elder man's face.
Harry put his hand into his robe pocket and withdrew a small box. At the look of dismay
on Mrs.Weasley,s face, he quickly assured her it wasn't what she thought it was. I went to
my vault to see if I could find the ring I saw on my Mums finger in some of the pictures I
have. I found it. It is a promise ring. My Dad gave it to my Mum to seal his love for her.
Later he gave her an engagement ring. Ginny and I are years away from that. I would like
your permission to give her this ring for her birthday. Do I have your permission?"
"Yes, Harry, you do", answered Arthur. "Just wait awhile for the other rings will you ?"
he said laughingly. "Thank you, now do you want to go to the games room, or do you
have to get to bed early?" he teasingly asked Arthur. "Oh no Harry, I had a long nap
before we left home today." Molly laughed at his remarks. "Okay, let's go.
Harry felt that he could have flown over the moon without a broom, he was that elated.
He had made it through all this 'unscathed'. Of course, he hadn't heard a word from Ginny
as yet on her new Vault. Maybe he wasn't so 'unscathed' after all.
Earlier, as Harry and Ginny were walking to the study, he had told her through their link
about the Manor and the Elves recognizing her as their Mistress. He had told her it was
their Bond at work, and that he was thrilled about it. They would talk more later.
After the end of all the discussions, Harry was glad he had told Ginny about the Elves
and Manor recognizing her status. Call him chicken, but to have her covering his back,
and helping with the explanations, was comforting. Now he had to face her wrath
regarding the vault.
Ami came in to remove the remains of their after dinner refreshments. Arthur looked up
hopefully at Remus. "Harry told me you had something I could examine. I hope he wasn't
having me on, was he?"
Remus wanted to tease Arthur but at the look on his face, he didn't have the heart to do
so. "Come over here Arthur, We found you your own telly to take apart and re-assemble.
If you can get it working with magic, you can take it back to the burrow to play with." In
Arthur's eyes, not only Xmas had come early but his next ten birthdays as well. The look
on his face was priceless.
"Good, now we can borrow Molly to help us plan our weddings", said Jaydyn. If Arthur's
Xmas and birthdays had all come early, so had Molly's. She was beside herself in her
excitement, and at her best when planning weddings. The three ladies retired to a quiet
corner, which didn't remain quiet for long as they began chattering about dresses, flowers
and all the things that get women in a tizzy when a wedding is in the offing.
Remus and Sirius knew that Harry and Ginny needed some alone time, so they
challenged one another to a rousing game of ping-pong.
Harry and Ginny sat on a sofa, and he waited for Ginny to yell at him. What can be more
disconcerting than 'dead quiet'? Harry was getting downright scared. He sneaked a look at
her and couldn't believe his eyes. She was shaking with silent laughter at him. She knew,
from the look on his face and his body language, what he was expecting and was milking
this for all she was worth.
Ginny couldn't hold it in any longer. Her laughter escaped her and she threw her arms
around him and hugged him. You look so tragic Harry so I'm going to put you out of your
misery. She pulled away a bit, and looking him in the eyes, she began to speak. "Harry, I
wish you had talked to me before you went to Gringotts. I would have gone with you, and
I wouldn't have fought over the Vault. I know what a Bond means to us. I was brought up
in a Wizarding home and we were taught all about the Wizarding world when Mum home
schooled us before we went to Hogwarts. I forgot you didn't know these things. I should
have explained it all to you while the Bond was growing. You must have been very
confused at times, weren't you?"
Harry had to agree with her on this point. He was confused many times at the intensity of
his feelings for her, but these feelings made him happy. He just knew she was his Ginny.
He explained this to her through their link. He could send thoughts to her easier than
speaking them.
"Good, now that that's settled, when can I go shopping?" Ginny giggled as she said this,
and Harry knew she was okay with the fact that she now owned half of his wealth. With
all he had in his vaults, they'd never spend it in two lifetimes, even if the Weasleys spent
some of it too.
Harry was so happy that without thinking twice about it, he transformed into his Lion
form and took off out the door into the yard. Once Ginny got over her surprise, she joined
Harry in her Lioness form, and they ran and played for the better part of an hour. After
the trauma of the third task, and the serious conversation this evening, they needed this
release. They joined many of the Manor animals, and played games and just ran off all
the tension they had been under for so many months. They could finally, for a while at
least, be themselves and play without thinking about the evil Wizarding world waiting
outside for them.
Returning to their human forms, Harry and Ginny walked hand and hand slowly back to
the house. Before they entered, Harry turned to Ginny and said haltingly," You know I
love you and that we will be married some day. We have an evil Wizard to conquer before
we can even plan our life together. I need you to help me. I also need the help of all our
friends, in order to defeat Voldemort. We need to train even harder this next year. Are you
willing to be my partner in all of this, Ginny?"
"Harry, I will by your side all the way. Believe it or not, so will Ron if you ask him to. He
talked to me after we got home. Actually, he poured his heart out to me. He would have
willingly given Hermione up if it meant you would be friends again. He acted out of pure
jealousy. You were the first friend he ever had, and he saw me as a threat. He didn't know
how to explain this to you, so he told me hoping I would understand, and be able to
convince you of his sincerity. Mum should never have put the responsibility of watching
over us on his shoulders."
"I understand a lot more now Ginny. Thank you for telling me this. I wasn't happy, in fact
I was downright angry at your parents, when they refused to let us pursue a slow
relationship. I can't believe how outwardly calmly I took their reply. I decided that at
some point in time that we would come to an agreement, and I wanted them on my side. I
really love them, and didn't want to alienate them from me. Tonight proved that I was
right to do this. I'm sure everything will be okay now. Guess I just have to face Bill,
Charlie and Percy now."
"Never mind my brothers; I have enough dirt on them to blackmail them for years to
come. They know better than to cross me or mine." Ginny stood on tiptoes and leaned
into Harry. She kissed him as she had once before, with all her heart and soul. He
returned the kiss. They pulled apart reluctantly, and in silent agreement realized that these
shows of affection would be rare. The intensity of these two kisses was such that they
needed to be content with the small kisses and hugs, and holding hands until they were
emotionally mature enough to handle more. The teens entered the study secure in the
knowledge that they loved each other and when the time was right, they would be
together forever
The remainder of the evening passed in a happy blur of conversation, noisy games, and
watching the telly. There was something for everyone, but Harry was amazed that the
three women hadn't stopped planning the weddings yet. They even had parchment and
quills and were writing everything down as they thought of it. Talk about a three foot
essay on potions, this was worse. The parchment must have been five feet long and was
nearly covered in writing. How could there be so much to decide? He'd never been to a
wedding before and was clueless to the fact that months should be spent on these two
weddings alone. He knew that one wedding was to be held before fifth term began, but he
didn,t know the exact date.
The evening closed for Harry on a happy note. He would see the pack members and Ron
the next night, and they would be with him for as long as they wanted stay. They all
walked to the floo entry, and as the Weasleys said their goodnights, Molly thanked Harry
for a wonderful evening. All the ladies hugged, and promised to get together again for
what else?... more wedding planning. Harry gently kissed Ginny on the cheek, and said,
"See you tomorrow, Gin, goodnight". Ginny replied "Goodnight Harry" as she
disappeared into the floo behind her parents.
Tonks and Jaydyn thanked Harry for the wonderful evening. Jaydyn kissed Sirius
goodnight and also left via the floo. Harry raised his eyebrows at Sirius as he told him
that she lived with her parents. He said no more, no less, and turned to go upstairs to bed.
The rest followed and soon the manor was once again quiet.
After a bit of a sleep-in, Harry came downstairs to a very quiet reception. The only ones
up and about were Ami, Jif, Winky and Dobby. They were sitting in the nook by the
kitchen window, sipping a cup of coffee. They were quietly discussing their plans for the
next two weeks or so. As Harry noisily entered the kitchen, Dobby jumped up and ran to
him. As usual, he could only reach his legs to hug him, but Harry always bent a bit to hug
him back. He still was thrilled with the fact that he was now part of Harry's Elvin family.
The others wished him a good morning also.
"Good morning to you all too. Are you ready for the Pack and Ron? They'll be arriving
after lunch .Are you sure they won't be too much work for you?"
"No, Harry. We have been looking forward to this since you told us they would be
coming for part of their holiday. You have good friends, and it pleases us to be able to
enjoy their company also. Now what would you like for breakfast?"
"I'll have just a piece of fruit for now, and I'll wait for the others to get up and eat with
them. We have lots to plan today. I'm going for a fly. I still have a whole year of no
quiddich to make up for."
Harry went out to the pitch .Flying was a complete and absolute joy to him. He could
relax and unwind with the air blowing through his hair. He felt a freedom second to none
when he and his broom were one in the sky. After an hour or so, he hovered quietly just
looking at the clouds, which were lazily floating above him. He became pensive.
He hadn't told anyone else, but the third task had really taken it's toll on him both
mentally and physically. He had doubts about year five being any better. His gut feelings
were always spot on, and he was worried not only for himself, but his friends as well. He
needed someone to talk to and it wasn't an adult. He needed Ginny. He opened his link to
her, and probed to see if she was awake.
"Are you awake yet, Gin?"
"Harreeee! Why are you up so early? I'm still sleeping. Go back to sleep"
"I can't, because I'm up on my broom, and I might fall off if I do that. Beside you can't be
sleeping if you're talking to me"
"Yes I am, and if you don't let me finish sleeping, I will be too tired to go to the manor
later today"
"I need you Gin. I can't talk to adults, I need to talk to you. Can you flash over here for
just a little while? Pleeaase?"
Ginny sounded more alert as she told him she would be there shortly. Barely ten minutes
later, Ginny arrived under the spot that he was hovering over. He landed quickly and
jumping off his broom he grabbed her in a massive hug. "Let's morph and fly around for
a while, and then I'll tell you what's bothering me, Okay?"
Soon the air was filled with the song of two very beautiful Phoenixes. They were joined
by many of the magical birds that inhabited the Estate, and surprisingly, Fawkes appeared
also. He flew beside them and spoke.
"I felt your need, fledgling. I came to help you and your mate. You are deeply troubled?
Tell me"
Harry began speaking and telling them all his fears and how the third task had affected
him. He did not tell any of the adults this as he thought he could handle it all himself. He
realized he couldn't, and wondered what he could do. He also related his fears about the
upcoming year. He knew it would be a bad one. He just felt it deep down he told them.
"Fledgling, I am asking you to put the third task behind you. Use this summer for healing.
Use it for strengthening the Magic between you and your mate. Use it to strengthen the
friendship between you and your friends. When you return to school, there will be a
project for you to take part in. It will be very important for you to train as much as
humanly possible all summer. I will always, as will the Headmaster, be available to you
whenever you have need of us. But for now, just have a great summer. I may be back for
a fly now and then. I still have much to teach you." In a flash, Fawkes disappeared
leaving the teens feeling better than before he had joined them.
"Well Harry, I really need to go. Mum and Dad will be up soon, and they may not let me
return later if they feel they can't trust me. See, ya, and with a flash she was gone. "Not
even a good bye kiss, he whined to himself. Guess I'll go get the 'old folks' up. I'm
It wouldn't be difficult to get the 'old folks' up, as they were waiting for him in the kitchen
nook. "Where have you been since before daybreak?" asked Sirius. "I had a fly and then
started thinking and then I linked to Ginny and asked her to come over because I needed
to talk to her and Fawkes showed up because he felt my worry and………"
"Harry, slow down. Take a breath, come on breathe in. Good now have a drink of juice
and tell us why you are worried.
Harry did as told and after he had his emotions under control, he told them everything
that was bothering him beginning with the end of the third task to his feelings regarding
the year starting in September. When he finished, he felt as if he was fifty pounds lighter.
On the inside that is, as he could hardly afford to lose fifty pounds from his small frame
and not be blown away in a good breeze.
The adults all looked at him in dismay. None of them thought for a minute that Harry had
so much on his mind. "Why didn't you come to us sooner?" asked Tonks. She got up,
hugged him, and told him that they were his family and he could come to them for
anything. "Remember Harry, if any adult Wizard harrasses you in any way next term,you
have your pager and help will be there in minutes", stated Remus.
"I feel better now. Fawkes told me to train hard this summer and to enjoy myself in the
meantime. I'm going to do just that" he avowed with a determined shake of his head and a
stiff set to his shoulders. "Now I'm starved, let's eat. I have to make more plans for my
friends for when they get here later today."
Remus told him he had their training schedule ready, and Professor McGonagall would
join them after dinner tonight to monitor their progress with their transformations.
"Remus, this is summer holidays, as in no school work", piped up Sirius.
"They'll have lots of time to play, and they need the training. Just make sure you're here
for your part. You and Jaydyn both", Remus answered.
"Maybe you should have worked and me stay home. At least I wouldn't make them train
all summer", he retorted back.
"We need this training, Uncle Sirius. That's why I asked Uncle Moony to stay in the
Manor. He is the serious one, and we need 'serious, and not 'Sirius', if we're to win the
war against Voldemort. We'll have lots of free time. The last time the Pack was here they
enjoyed the training as much as I did. That's why they were anxious to come back again
this summer."
"Sorry, Harry. I didn't realize you all felt so deeply about this. I will help you, and so will
"Thanks all of you. I love you and I'm looking forward to lots of time with you this
summer. By the way, when are these weddings? They're not this summer, are they?"
Tonks spoke up and said, "Remus and I are getting married in December. We,re having a
Christmas wedding". "Sirius and Jaydyn are being married the end of August. Both
weddings are fully planned out and you just need to be there as a groomsman for both
"So I'll need new dress robes, eh? Ginny will have hers chosen by her Mum won't she?"
"We have them chosen already. She will be asked by both Jaydyn and I to be a
bridesmaid. You'll have to dance with her you know?" At this Harry's face was covered in
a huge smile. This surprised the others as they thought he didn't know how to dance. He
didn't enlighten them, and just continued grinning
"Any way", continued Tonks, looking suspiciously at him, "we did that before we let
Molly in on the planning last night. She is in charge of the food and flowers for both
"Great, because she is the best cook ever, outside of Ami of course." "Ami will do most
of the cooking, but Molly will assist. She is also great with the flowers", replied Tonks.
With all this settled to his satisfaction, although he had nothing to do except be there,
Harry left to make sure all was in readiness for his friends. Of course Liz and Sue had
everything under control. Really, he thought, all I have to do is come home and enjoy
myself like Fawkes told me. My friends take care of everything else for me.
He decided to visit his Granddad, as he needed to apologize to him for his churlish
behavior yesterday. He sat down in the study and looked at his Granddads portrait.
"Granddad", he said as he got his attention. "I am very sorry for my lack of manners
yesterday. It hurt me to see how disappointed you were with me. It was my fault and I
will never speak to you that way again. You told me once before that Professor
Dumbledore is a good Wizard, and I still questioned the fact that he would have to teach
me how to control my Wandless magic. I know I should not question your judgment. I am
truly sorry. Can you forgive me?"
"Harry, there is nothing to forgive. We all learn things the hard way. When we make
mistakes, we must learn from them. I feel you have learned to think more carefully before
you speak. Am I right in that assumption?"
"Yes Granddad. You are right. I am going to invite Professor Dumbledore to come for a
visit and discuss Wandless training with me. You'll be able to have another visit with him.
"That would be fine Harry. What time are your friends arriving?"
"They will be here about three O'clock. I owled them all and changed the time. Ami
wanted them here for dinner. She just loves work doesn't she?"
"That she does Harry. That she does! She told me one day that she felt alive again with a
loving family to serve once more. She and her family, and her ancestors, have been with
the Potters since almost forever, and are the most loyal and best friends you will ever
have in your lifetime. Cherish them, Harry, and they will cherish you too. This may sound
far fetched, but they are looking ahead to the day when you and your soul Mate settle
down in the Manor and begin your own family."
"Harry looked at his Granddad and said," They are? I know it's not for a long time, but I
know that it will happen some day. We just need to get rid of an evil 'git' and then we will
be able to do whatever we wish, right Granddad?" "Right Harry! Now get some rest
before your friends arrive. The rest of your day will be busy, I'm sure"
Harry left after telling his grandfather he loved him. It never occurred to him that he was
talking to a portrait and not to a flesh and blood person. He only knew that he could carry
on conversations with this person and he was quite happy with the status quo. He often
wished that there was a portrait of his parents hidden somewhere in the castle.Ami would
know. He would ask her later. He berated himself for not thinking of this sooner. Maybe
he knew in his heart that seeing his parents and talking to them would not only be
wonderful but sad too. He needed to think about this. Later, of course.
Harry went into the games room and turned on the telly. He would watch a movie while
he was waiting for his friends. His thoughts began to wander. They had a lot to do while
they were at the Manor, and he wanted to plan a birthday party too. He was going to be
15, and Ginny would be 14, soon after. She would be in a lot of his same classes next
year and he was excited about that.
Once again, he thought about the changes in his life. He had rebelled and caused them all
to begin.The important thing was to stop acting like a spoiled kid,and enjoy the benefits
of his rebellion.Some days he felt and acted like a kid, and other days he felt much older
than his years. Maybe it was a result of his first 10 years with the Dursleys. They had
stifled him both mentally and physically, and it showed in his day to day behaviour.
Now he could depend on his guardians to see that things happened the way he had
planned. He still had lots of decisions to make, and he wouldn't allow himself to be
manipulated by his teachers. Professor McGonagall was the one he respected the most,
and he liked Professor Flitwick too. He was a great charms teacher, and Harry learned a
lot with him.
Harry became drowsy and the next thing he knew it sounded as if a herd of Hippogriffs
was coming into the house. He ran to the floo entry in time to see all the Ron and the
Pack members flying out of the floo. They were a total heap on the floor. Harry roared
with laughter. They looked so hilarious. It was hard to tell which arms and legs belonged
to which boy or girl. He stopped laughing as he remembered the girls were coming too.
He looked for the two girls, afraid they were crushed under the boys.
The fire flared once more and Luna landed gracefully into the entryway, followed just as
gracefully by Ginny.
Fred and George jumped up and shouted, "the Packs here! Let the fun begin". Harry
couldn,t help grinning again. They were in for a great summer holiday.
Ron looked around in amazement. He hadn't been here since Harry's birthday party last
summer, and the Manor seemed to have changed. He couldn't quite put his finger on the
change but it felt different. He suddenly realized what had changed. It was many things.
Comfortable. Happy. A feeling of excitement. Contentment. Home. Harry's change in
demeanor. He was confident. Sure of the fact that this was his home and these were his
friends. Ron also realized just what he had missed and hopefully not lost. Because of his
bullheadedness and becoming insufferable, he had lost out on a whole year of Harry's and
the other's friendship. He over-reacted when his Mum asked him to keep an eye on his
sister and Harry, and he let Hermione's jealousy of them fuel his attitude. He prayed to
Merlin that it wasn't too late. He would do everything in his power to earn Harry's trust
and friendship again.
Harry and the Pack members were shouting greetings to each other. They were so excited
about the summer's Animagi training and DADA training that they were all yelling at
once and each one trying to be heard by the others. Remus came in just about then and
yelled for quiet. They quieted down and looked askance at him. "Sorry about that but no-
one can hear themselves think, let alone speak. Follow me into the study, and we'll talk a
bit in there.
"What about our luggage?" asked Fred. "Dobby and Webb will take it all up to your
rooms, same as last time. The girls have everything ready for the lot of you. Ron, Harry
will show you where you'll be sleeping later."
"Now listen up. We will follow the same timetable as last time. I will post one copy in
each of your rooms. We will train harder this year than we did at Easter break, because as
you all know, Voldemort is back. Whether the ministry is willing to believe it or not, it is
true. Professor McGonagall will be here three times a week, the same as last time, to
work with you on your Animagus forms.
Getting into 'teacher mode', Remus turned to Ron. "Ron you are behind the others in all
the training we have covered, so I'll spend more time with you than with the others.
Sirius, Jaydyn and Tonks will also teach you. The others know the routine and you will
get used to it quickly. It will not be easy, but we have fun too. There's time before dinner
for some flying so go and get rid of some of your excess energy on the brooms." Ron
thanked Remus, and turned and followed the Pack members from the study to the pitch.
Running through the kitchen, Harry stopped and asked Ami and the others if they still
wanted the job of feeding and taking care of this bunch. With big grins on their faces,
they took turns assuring him that they were happy about the whole responsibility they had
assumed. "Now go and have some fun with your friends. We have a big dinner to
prepare", said Ami. It didn't take him long to obey and he soon joined his friends in the
The next hour and a half seemed to fly, no pun intended, and soon it was time to put the
brooms away and wash up for dinner. Harry told the others to dress as nice as possible as
their Head of House would be joining them for dinner. He took Ron and showed him
where he would be sleeping. He would share with their dorm mates. He then asked him to
join him in the study for a few minutes.
Within minutes, Ron and Harry were sitting in the study. Harry closed the doors and put
up a privacy charm. He faced Ron and began to speak.
"Ron, I guess that by now you know about the Bond between Gin and me?" Ron nodded
yes, but did not speak. "Well, your folks and I had a long talk last night, and we now
understand things much better than before. I had no idea why I felt so strongly about Gin.
It really started in the chamber. I was so confused for the next year; I thought I was
mental. Both Luna and Neville gave us information that explained what we were feeling
for one another was a result of this Bond forming. It was completed when we embraced
and kissed on the pitch after the third task". At this last remark, he blushed a Weasley
shade of red causing Ron to smirk at him.
"Ron, I want you to know that we are not rushing into a relationship. We do love one
another, but we will not act on that for another couple of years. There is an Evil git to get
rid of first. The most you'll ever see will be us holding hands and the occasional kiss on
the cheek. Can you live with that and what I've told you?"
Ron's answer came quicker than Harry expected it to. "Yes, Harry. Mum explained it all
to the whole family this morning at breakfast. She even got us a small book on the basics
of Soul Bonds. Of course, the twins are thrilled about the whole Bond thing, but Bill,
Charlie, and Percy are less pleased. I'm fine with it. Ginny couldn't have a better
boyfriend. What I really want more than anything else is to have you as a friend again.
Do you see this happening?"
"Yes, I really do, Ron. Friendships can't be destroyed so easily. We both have some
growing up to do, and I'm sure that trust will follow soon after. Let's shake on it, shall
we?" The two boys shook and then were in a hug. Harry had missed Ron. He had been
his first friend. Ron was feeling the same, as Harry had been his first and only friend. The
first healing steps began in that hug, and hopefully, they would never look back, but
straight ahead from here on in.
The rest of the Pack could be heard jogging down the stairs, so Ron and Harry joined
them outside the study. At the same time, they could hear someone arriving through the
floo. They raced to the entryway in time to greet Professor McGonagall, as she stepped
gracefully out of the flames.
"Hello, Professor could be heard from several sides. Hello to all of you too! And Mr.
Weasley , it's nice to see you here. Ron dropped his head sheepishly. "Hello, Professor.
It's nice to see you too".
Hoping to ease the tension, Harry asked them all to follow him into the dining room.
Remus and Tonks soon joined them. Sirius and Jaydyn were on duty tonight. Still there
were eleven places set at the table. It was a festive meal and everybody praised Ami for
once more outdoing herself by preparing such a feast. Conversation was light and
Professor McGonagall explained to Ron about the Animagus training. "You will have to
work hard to catch up but I am certain that you can do this as well. I could not spend as
much time as I would have liked on the Pack's training in the spring because of the
tournament. We will work harder to make up for this. Can you all stay for at least three
weeks? I am sure it would make a difference" Harry spoke up and assured her that they
were welcome as long as their parents would allow them to stay.
"Good, we need all the time we can spare to practice. Of course Miss Weasley and Mr.
Potter ……….." Harry interrupted, "Please, Professor, here we are on a first name basis.
We are all friends. You are still our Professor, but we are okay with first names. I hope
that is alright with you?"
"That will be acceptable, Harry. As I was about to say, you and Ginny transformed into
your forms quickly. You can therefore assist me with the others. Will you do that? Remus
will help as well. You could spend extra time with Ron, if you would, please?"
"That sounds like a wonderful plan, Professor. Now, who's up for some games and telly
watching?" With this, Harry sneaked a look at Luna and Neville. Their faces lit up like a
Christmas tree, and after excusing themselves from the table, they headed for the games
room, with all the young ones following behind. The teens were soon busy with their
favorite toys. Remus had added an arcade in one corner of the games room. There was a
space flight simulator machine, a machine where one could play Quiddich, and one
where you could experience the thrill of racecar driving. There were also three pinball
machines. He had gone to America once and had seen them in a mall, and was so
impressed with them that he had ordered them unbeknownst to Harry. It goes without
saying that Harry and him had practiced on them many times during the last week or so,
and knew the others would enjoy them as much as they did.
Of course, Neville and Luna settled down to watch the telly. Ron headed for the quiddich
game, and the twins and the others headed for the pinball and racecar machines. Harry
and Ginny were satisfied to just sit on the sofa quietly talking and holding hands. Ron
looked at them and smirked. He was so happy just to be here he wouldn't have objected if
they had been snogging. Merlin, where did that thought come from?'
Remus led Tonks and Minerva to the study where Ami served them with tea. The adults
spent the better part of an hour planning the routine for the next three weeks. They were
hoping that the parents would allow their teens to stay the required time to complete their
multiple training regimes. At ten o'clock, Minerva declared that she must leave. Remus
went to the study and called for the boys to wrap up their games and to come bid their
Professor goodnight. They went into the entryway to say goodnight to their Professor.
She took Ron aside and told him not to jeopardize his second chance. He assured her he
would not do that. After wishing them all goodnight, she left. Moony asked the teens to
owl their parents in the morning for permission to stay longer. Harry piped up, "Tell them
we'd like them to keep Saturday nights open for dinner here at the Manor. Then they
won't miss you so much". Calling out their goodnights, the teens agreed to this, and
climbed the stairs to bed.
The twins entered the room behind Ron and his dorm mates, and closed the door. Ron
looked at them knowing that this wasn't going to be good. Dean started by saying," Ron,
we are going to do what we know what Harry would want us to do. We will give you a
chance to prove that you will not behave like a git any more. Harry didn't deserve the
way you treated him. He is the best mate any bloke could ever have. Mess up once, and
we'll make you pay". The others all nodded their heads in agreement. "He was more hurt
by your behavior than by Hermione's. He cared a lot for you as a friend, and you nearly
ruined it. He's giving you a second chance, and don't spoil it, okay?" Ron answered
sincerely, "I won't. I swear by Merlin that I will never hurt him again. I've learned the
hard way." The twins hugged him and told him they knew he meant every word he said,
and left for their own room.
"If you don't want me in your room I can share with my brothers", he told them. "No way,
this is our room; the four of us share the same as at Hogwarts. Now lets get to bed",
replied Seamus. Soon, except for Ron's snores, and Nev,s muttering about some dialogue
he had listened to on the telly, the room became quiet.
Monday morning; before the sun was up, all the teens were up and ready to start their
day. Shock of all shocks, Ron was the one who routed them all out of bed. Get up you
lazy louts, time to get up. We've lots to do today, and I want to get started. They'd had a
good nights sleep, so no one was angry with him for waking them so early. This would
give them time to owl their parents before breakfast. After sending off the owls, they all
met in the entryway. Sitting on the floor in a circle, they began telling Ron about their
routine each day. He was impressed with the excitement they showed for the rigorous
training they would be going through.
Harry told Ron that there was a Prophesy. He had decided that he didn't want to hear it
until after his 16th. Birthday, but he was giving that a second thought. Maybe he would
have Moony take him this summer. He would discuss it with him. "I will need all the help
I can get. I hope to get many students interested in some extra DADA training. When you
see what the Pack members are able to do, you will understand how much we have
learned from all my Mentors".
Ron nodded. 'I will do all I can and will fight with you every step of the way. I give you
my oath by Merlin". "Thank you, Ron. I can ask no more of anyone".
"Now tell me what you mean by the 'Pack'. I've heard it mentioned a few times since I got
"Ron, it's our secret club. I don't know what to tell you without a meeting of the members
to discuss it. You will have to prove your loyalty before we can consider you for
membership. I hope you can accept that for now?" The old Ron would have turned red
and blustered, but this Ron just nodded and said, "I understand and I'll do my very best to
prove myself". Harry nodded happily and told them that if he was right he'd just heard the
call to breakfast. As if on cue, Ron and Harry's stomachs both rumbled. They all laughed
and left for breakfast.
Moony was the only adult with them this morning. Sirius was sleeping, and Tonks drew
day duty. She would be along in time for some later training.
Following breakfast, the group entered the training room. They were excited, as this part
of the day was their Animagus training. Moony handed the schedule to Ron. He had seen
the ones posted on their doors and was glad to see that it included flying and some free
He figuratively fell painfully back to earth, when Moony told him to look carefully at his
parchment. "Yours is different, Ron. You have missed a lot and we want to attempt to
bring you as near the level of the rest as we can. Okay?" "I can live with that, so when do
I start Professor?" he asked.
Moony told them all to call him Moony to make it easier on everyone. He passed a book
to Ron and said just one word. "Read". Ron's eyebrows rose dramatically into his
hairline, but he said nothing, and went into a quiet corner, and began reading. Imagine his
surprise when he realized it was a book on Animagus Transformation. Harry put a
silencing ward around Ron so he could concentrate, and the rest began noisily discussing
their progress with Moony. Surprisingly, they were all advancing very well. Harry and
Ginny would work with Ron when he was done reading, but for now they would help the
rest to reach their goals.
These were all strong young Wizards, and the twins had reached magical adulthood soon
after their 17th. Birthday. Their Mum told them it took them longer than most because
they weren't serious enough about proper work ethics, and they wondered what she meant
by that. With Molly, who knows?
They would be going into their last year at Hogwarts in September. Harry would miss
them, but they had decided to open their first shop in Hogsmead instead of Diagon Alley,
so the students could shop year around. The shop would open in Sept. They had
competent staff to work, and Harry was investing in the project. He knew it was going to
be a moneymaker.
If they could prove to his Lawyers that they were doing well enough, he would invest
enough to allow them to open in Diagon Alley as well. May as well be in for a Galleon as
a Knut, he was thinking, and Merlin knows I have more than enough Galleons and Knuts
to spend. He'd heard Muggles say that to do any good, money needed to be kept in
circulation. He truly believed in that edict. Of course, Ginny would have to agree as well.
It was half hers after all. Maybe he could spend from his half? He'd have to think about
Harry mentally shook himself from all these thoughts. He berated himself for not paying
attention to Moony and letting his thoughts wander. This is important he reminded
himself. The rest of the reading time went well. To no ones surprise, the twins were the
farthest advanced in their transfiguration. They had perfect heads, tails, paws and even
some hair on their bodies. Another week should find them successfully morphing into the
Leopards they were fast becoming. Luna was the next closest. She had only half a body
to go. The rest was a beautiful tan and blonde colored Kneazle. So far, she was the only
magical creature among them, beside Harry and Ginny. The others were at different
levels in their morphing abilities but it was more than Moony had hoped for. He was
pleased with their progress.
Ron had finished reading the book and signaled that he would like to be released from his
corner. Harry didn't realize that he couldn't get out on his own. Moony checked the spells
that Harry had used and found that they were very powerful. He freed Ron and
complimented Harry on a job well done. They would discuss the spells sometime later
during DADA training.
"Now as you all know, this period is flying time. Have you any suggestions about what
you really want to do?"
"Ron asked for help with the Transformation process. Ginny and Harry said they would
help him, and join the others on the pitch when Ron finished. The revealer potion was
ready and only needed a hair from his head. Ginny happily obliged and Ron felt as if he
was being scalped. Revenge is sweet she thought. The hair was added to the potion.
Ginny discarded the small clump she still held, flinching as she thought of how much this
had hurt coming out.
Ron sat on the floor and swallowed the potion. He went into a trancelike state. He was in
a dark place, and many animals were stalking around him, but were being held off by one
in particular. It was a Hippogriff. It looked just like the one they would study in fifth year.
It was in the twin's fifth year book on Magical Animals and Beasts. He had read up on
them for something to do at the beginning of summer.
Ron woke and in a reverent voice told them what he had seen. "Well said Moony. You are
the second one besides Harry and Ginny to have a magical form. That is a very noble
beast. I think it suits you well. You have chosen your path and your form will serve you
and our effort well".
Ron couldn't wait to tell the others. "You all need some relaxation now, so go for a short
fly before lunch".
As the three of them were leaving, Moony could hear Ron asking Ginny if she really had
to pull so hard and why did she need a handful of hair instead of just one. Moony turned
away and smirked to himself. This should prove to be a very eventful summer if Ginny
had anything to do with it.
Flying time was a shorter period today because of the time spent with Ron. Arriving at
the pitch Ron called them all down to talk. When he told them what his form would be,
they were happy for him. Neville told him that from what he had read about magical
forms, they only came to powerful and deserving Wizards. "That means that you don't
ruin this chance to train with us. We are ahead of the 6th. and 7th. years in our private
DADA training. You will have to work hard to catch up with us." "Yes I've already been
told that, and I'm determined to do it"
Soon they were back in the air playing tag and any other fun thing they could think of. It
didn't last long enough as soon they could hear Ami calling them for lunch.
DADA class began with Moony throwing light hexes at all of them as they entered the
training room. He managed to catch a few of them and as he released the ones he caught
unawares, he had them sit in a semi-circle in front of him.
"Had you lot been walking into any shop in Hogsmead, and there was a death-eater or
two in there, many of you would have been dead. You can never let your guard down.
Live as if every Witch or Wizard were your enemy. One or more of them could very well
be. Even at school, you have enemies. That pseudo 'Moody' last year did yell one thing
that was the real Moody's motto. 'Constant Vigilance'. It is the difference between life and
death. Today we will concentrate on agility and readiness. Be ready to draw your wand at
all times. Let,s begin".
"Harry and Ginny, work with Ron." In an aside to Ginny he said, "leave the revenge for
later". At her innocent look he retorted, "one strand of hair would have been sufficient".
With that, he left a blushing Ginny and turned to the others. Tonks will be here shortly, so
let's begin. Not only did Tonks arrive but also Sirius and Jaydyn.
This training was important and with a war looming on the horizon, they had to be ready
for anything. The two hours passed in a blur, and a bunch of tired teens collapsed in
heaps on the floor. "Good, I'm glad to see you worked so hard. You are better than you
were at Easter break. I'm proud of all of you.
Ginny spoke up. "Ron did really well. He catches on quickly to all the spells and hexes. It
won't be long before he is up to the rest of us .By the time we go back to school he will
be equal to us in his training. I'm going to work with him at home. We can work on hand
and wand movements. When the twins are home, we may be able to get away with more.
The ministry has a hard time telling the use of my wand from my brothers most times."
"I'm proud of you too Ginny. That is a very adult attitude to take. We are not enemies, we
are allies. We must work together. Now quickly, to the showers, your Head will be here
shortly. I'm anxious to see her reaction when she sees how advanced you are. Go!"
When Professor McGonagall arrived in the floo entry, the most amazing sight greeted
her. She nearly fell over, and Moony had the camera ready. The look on her face was
priceless. In front of her were two lions, no surprise there. The rest of the teens, minus
Ron, were in various states of transformation. They were further advanced than when last
she had seen them. Moony snapped a couple of pictures, and the Professor clapped her
hands in glee. "I am so proud of you all. You have really done well. Thank you for
affirming my faith in all of you."
Ron spoke up in excitement. "Professor, I found my form this morning, and I'm a
Hippogriff!" He was almost dancing in his glee at the look on her face.
Snap, another picture. More pictures to pass around to her select few fellow professors.
Whether he was trusted by the Headmaster, or only tolerated, she did not trust Snape and
had received a Wizards vow from the others to never reveal what they spoke of in their
special meetings.
The friends all followed her to the training room, and were soon practicing their
transformations. She wandered around the teens giving advice now and then,
encouragement when needed and praise often to their efforts. It should take no more than
two or three weeks at the most for the majority of them to transform. Her thoughts
wandered. "Luna would most certainly complete her form by weeks end, Neville soon
after, the twins a bit longer and Seamus and Dean by end of first term. They may surprise
me though. This lot are quick studies so we'll just wait and see. Ron may be quicker.
Magical animal transformations tend to be quicker than non-magical ones."
Dinner was a happy talkative affair. Lots of good food and conversation made for a very
contented group of teens and adults alike. Their first day of training and study was behind
them and they were looking forward to their reward, the 'Games Room'. The adults
excused the fidgety teens from the table, and they tore off to the games room nearly
knocking one another down in their haste to get their favorite 'play toy'. Someday they
would have to fight to help save the Wizarding world, but for tonight they were 'kids'
ready to play and have fun. Someday would still be out there waiting, but today was here
and now.
A.N. To the ones that asked. (1) In my fic, Hermione is not the only one with a brain. If
she was the smartest Witch as everyone writes her up to be, I still believe she would be in
Ravenclaw. She's a bookworm, no more no less, with a retentive memory. She will not
play a big part in this fic. Many writers treat both Ron and Harry as imbeciles. I refuse to
see them in that light. (2) As for the heavy snogging between H/G, Ron won't see it as
Harry promised he wouldn't, but have you heard the song, 'Behind Closed Doors'? Watch
and wait. I am a romantic at heart, but do not believe in leaping from a kiss to sex. Slow
and sweet is my motto.
Monday had been such a busy day that the teens slept as soundly as only the young can
sleep. Morning inevitably follows night, and so we find our seven young teens dragged
unceremoniously out of bed by a whooping Sirius. "Come on you lazy louts, rise and
shine. We've got a big day ahead of us."
This was the second day they were routed from their beds with calls of 'lazy louts', by in
turn, Ron and now Sirius. Payback was necessary. Maybe a good prank?
Sirius took great delight in dragging them bodily from their beds when the need arose, as
it did with the twins. This first generation marauder prevailed and soon he eventually
faced them all down in the breakfast room minus food on the table.
"Well good morning all. And how are you this fine morning?" Fred or was it George?
growled out a reply. "What time is it? Is it even daylight yet? Why are we up so early?
Where's the food?"
"Why we're going for a run of course. You lot are soft and we need to toughen you up.
We'll be running every morning to loosen you up, so get used to it. Food when we get
"Slave driver" was the general consensus.
Sirius continued as if he hadn't heard a thing. "Part of your training will consist of body
building and endurance exercises. Your bodies need toning and your reflexes need
sharpening. That's where Tonks and Jaydyn come in. They will train you in the martial
arts. It's one of the aspects of Auror training. You will learn the basics and you will
practice when you return to your homes. By the time you return to school, you should be
as I heard a Muggle say once, 'lean, mean, body machines'. Are there any questions?" The
teens were still in shock from the early wake up call, so remained silent.
Minutes later Tonks and Jaydyn arrived and in disgustingly great spirits ordered them all
out of doors for their run. After a thirty-minute run during which the twins, Ron and
Neville nearly passed out, and actually dropped by the wayside, the Aurors laughingly led
the teens back to the house. "You are ALL in terrible shape, and it will no doubt take you
at least 2 weeks to build up your stamina. Tomorrow morning there will be proper
exercise clothing in each of your rooms. Cool showers everyone, and then breakfast.
They needed no more prodding, and several minutes later, were sitting at the breakfast
table, wolfing down a huge meal of waffles, bacon, toast and juice. Finally, Fred spoke
up. "Is this going to happen every morning or was it just a really bad dream?"
Seamus answered, "No mate, not a dream, I hurt too much, so yeah, I think it was real.
Something tells me that when our instructors are done with us there won't be a Death
Muncher alive who will get by us, or we,ll all be dead from exhaustion. Look out old
Voldy, here we come!" Every one laughed in agreement with the remark. It would be a
long three weeks, but a necessary three weeks if they were to be trained properly.
The next four days passed in a blur of, running, DADA, reading more on their
transformations and Martial arts. In addition, they did get their flying in, although it was
in the form of more training. They were learning mounted air combat methods. The best
part about this was that at least it was on their brooms, and that was it's only redeeming
feature in the opinion of them all. Ron trained longer than the rest as he was determined
to reach the same level as the others before he returned home. He didn't mind in the least,
and never once complained. Their bodies were adjusting well to the exercise regime.
By Friday night, all the parents had accepted Harry's invitation to Saturday dinner, and
agreed to allow their young ones to stay for the three-week period. It was also Professor
McGonagall's end of week visit. There had been much progress on Wednesday, and she
was looking forward to some surprises tonight.
Remus met the Professor in the floo entry and led her to the DADA room. She was
greeted noisily by the teens and looked around questionably. She was amazed!
Luna concentrated a bit, and morphed into the most beautiful Kneazel that the Professor
had ever seen. She had started out to be tan and blonde but her coloring had heightened to
a rich apricot with beige streaks softening the apricot .Her eyes were a soft blue as were
her own. The Professor wrote the pertinent information on parchment for Ministry
records, and Remus took several pictures.
The next to surprise for her, no a better word is 'shock' were the twins. Within minutes of
Luna morphing back, Minerva was face to face with two beautiful leopards. She'd have
known them anywhere by the devilish look in their eyes. She circled around them for a
few minutes recording the data she needed for each of them. Remus once again was the
official photographer.
The others were so close to their forms that she had no doubts that they would be
successful before the next weekend. Ron might take a bit longer but he was doing very
well. She applauded all the students and they knew she was proud of them. She continued
working with the ones who needed her help as the others continued morphing back and
forth to become familiar with their new personalities. She told them even though they
would feel the same urges as the animal or bird whose shape they took, they still had the
mind of a human. Lions and Leopards are predators, and in their form everything would
be 'prey' to them. Because of their instincts, they would be tempted to hunt , but control
the urges and only hunt down the enemy. They should never allow themselves to hunt
"Dean once you master your form, the urge to catch and eat small prey will be strong.
You will need to decide if a bunny or mouse looks good enough to scarf down or if you
can wait for lunch or dinner as the case may be". This last brought laughter from
everyone in the room. They could picture Dean trying to decide whether to snack now or
eat later. Dean made a gagging sound, but the Professor told him that the desire for small
animals was natural for a Hawk, and the bunny would look very tasty to him. He turned a
bit green at the idea, but said nothing.
Following Dinner, the teens went as usual to the games room. Harry asked Ginny if she
wanted enjoy flying for a while. "Ooh, that would be great Harry. I haven't flown in
days." He grabbed her hand and told the rest that they were going for a fly in the meadow.
"When you master your form, you can join us Dean." "Great I'm looking forward to that,"
he replied.
As soon as they left the house, they morphed into their phoenix forms and played for the
next hour. They were not alone by any means. As soon as they took to the air there was a
flash and Fawkes joined them. I have a link to you fledglings and I love being with you.
Fawkes taught them flaming, and many other things that would help during their times as
Phoenixes. He also told them the signs to watch for when they would be close to a
burning day. "You must be careful that you are not alone in the air when this happens."
He described the signs to them and they repeated them over for him. After this lesson,
they played tag and several other simple games. Trilling goodnight to Fawkes the teens
landed back to the grounds and after a few tender kisses and hugs, they joined the others
in the games room.
Ron ran over to them and Harry was afraid he was going to berate them. Much to his
surprise, Ron blurted out, "What's it like to be a phoenix? I looked out the kitchen
window and saw you both playing with Fawkes and it looked like such fun I wished I
could join you." Ginny answered Ron as Harry was standing there doing a perfect fish
impersonation. "Ron, I think you have shocked Harry to the point where he can't speak.
We both expected you to yell or something, but wow! You fooled us. Thanks for that big
brother." He turned to her and said, "I told you I would smarten up and I meant it"
She kissed him on the cheek and said." To answer your question, flying as a phoenix is
brilliant. You feel so free. Fawkes is an awesome teacher. He taught us to flame tonight,
and told us about burning days" Mischievously she added, "I can't wait till Harry burns
and I can cuddle him as a baby phoenix. He'll be such a cute 'baby'"
She then took off running with Harry in hot pursuit. "Ginny you get back here. You're
gonna get it. I,ll tickle you till you yell 'uncle', and then I'll tickle you some more"
Ron by then was rolling on the floor in laughter. His sides were hurting. Just picturing
Harry as a hairless little baby bird sent him anew into fresh gales each time he thought he
had his laughter under control. And knowing just how to placate his sister added to the
laughter. Harry would learn. He really didn,t know what he was in for with this female
Weasley. When he gives up trying to catch and find her I'll fill him in a little bit, but just a
very little bit, he thought.
Harry returned looking very disgruntled. "I had no idea she could run that fast and I don't
know where she is. Just wait till I get my hands on her", he told Ron.
"Give up mate, I hate to tell you but after years of running away from six older brothers,
she is faster than the average cheetah. She can hide better than a chameleon, and you will
find her when she's ready to be found and then only if she thinks you're ready to
apologize to her. We all have a healthy respect for her, and we know when to give in.
You'll learn in time when to give up and apologize to her".
"What have I got to apologize for? I didn't say anything, she did"
"That doesn't matter mate. The guy is always wrong. And in this case since the girl is
Ginny, you'd better learn a lesson from us Weasleys. 'You will never win with her'.
"What have I got myself into?" Harry asked, looking at Ron pitifully. Ron broke out in
fresh gales of laughter. By then the twins hearing Ron, came over to ask what was so
"Harry is", he replied. "He just took off chasing Ginny because she told him she couldn't
wait for his burning day so she could cuddle the cute little baby Phoenix. You know her,
she took off running and he couldn't catch or find her. I told him what to expect and how
to handle her and he's scared to death of her now." He began laughing again as the twins
joined in. George told him, "Never mind, you'll learn, Harry and she's worth it. She's the
greatest in our eyes, but don't tell her we said that because we'll deny every word. Now
come on and play a game with us. She'll be back and you can apologize to her".
"Not the both of you too? I didn't do anything!"
"Doesn't matter Harry, it's easier to apologize then to try revenge on that imp. She knows
hexes you haven't learned yet. Give up for your own sake, okay? Take it from brothers
that have felt the brunt of her wrath. Remember it,s not just Ginny, it seems to be a thing
shared by all girls. We are wrong, they are not wrong. Got that?"
Very ungracefully, Harry gave in and joined the rest of the Pack in the games room. He
was so engrossed in a game of Quiddich with Ron that he didn't see Ginny sidle back into
the room with a very satisfied look on her face.
She'd have to apologize to Harry later, but she'd had fun hiding from him. her brothers
would have been shocked at her thoughts of apologizing. Wait until she told him where
she had hidden and what she had found. He would be thrilled. She loved watching him
have fun with Ron. It had taken a year, but worth it in the end. She felt their friendship
would be stronger for the rough patches they had gone through. Oh, but she loved his
laughter. She couldn't remember him being this content through his last two years. She
knew he had missed Ron's friendship, even though he had the Pack. Her thoughts
wandered to Hermione. Harry's feelings toward her weren't the same as for Ron. He
didn't consider her a real friend. He knew she didn't have many friends, but he was leery
about her. Time would tell. One of the great things about Harry, he has a big heart.
After the quiddich match finished, Harry turned around and spied Gin. Keeping in mind
what the boys had said he approached her slowly piecing together an apology in his mind
and hoping she would accept it. Much to his and her brother's surprise, she jumped up
and hugging him tightly, she said. "Harry I'm so sorry I embarrassed you like that. Can
you ever forgive me?" Over her head, he caught the boy's eyes and glared at them. All
they could do in reply without giving themselves away to her was shrug their collective
shoulders. They were as flabbergasted as he was.
"There, there Gin. You were only teasing. I'm sorry I chased you. Are we okay again?"
"Better than okay, I'm really glad I ran from you because I found a little room and
something you will love. Have we still time to go there?"
Harry was happy again. His Gin was okay with him and all was right with his world once
more. "Okay Gin, we have lots of time. Let's go. I'm anxious to see what you found"
Ginny led Harry down to the potions lab, and to a door, which she had found behind a
huge tapestry. When she moved the tapestry earlier to hide behind it, a door hidden
behind it had appeared. She led Harry into the room she had found earlier and he gasped
in delight. There in front of him was a beautiful portrait of his Mum and Dad. He looked
like a fish out of water as he gazed upon the faces of parents he had never been given a
chance to know and grow up with. H began to hyperventilate, and Ginny forced him to sit
and take deep breaths. He worked at it until he was once more breathing properly.
"Are you alright, son?" his Mum asked. "No, I don't think so. I feel so lightheaded. Tell
me I'm not dreaming this. Tell me that you are as real as Granddad is. Tell me I can talk to
you both, Mum and Dad, whenever I want to. Please tell me I won't wake up to find I was
just dreaming this?" by this time, Harry was crying silent tears.
Ginny moved over to him again and put her arms around him. His dad spoke up and
assured him this was no dream. "Imagine our surprise when the door opened earlier and a
little red headed whirlwind entered this room, looked at us and said, "I've got to go get
Harry. He'll never believe this. As fast as she entered, she was gone. The only Harry we
knew was you, and so we have been waiting anxiously to see you again. I can speak for
your Mother in saying that we are not disappointed in what we see before us. Yes Harry,
we are as real as a Magical Portrait can be. This is not a dream and we will be here to talk
to for as long as you want to. You can have us removed to the study, and we will be closer
to you always. You can also take a Magical Frame to Hogwarts when you return and we
can visit you there. Oh, and Harry, congratulations, on your choice of girlfriend. Red hair
no less! The Potters could never settle for anyone less than a beautiful redhead.
"Mum and Dad, I'd like you to meet my Soul Mate, Ginevra Weasley. If you don't want
your frame smacked, call her Ginny."
"Soul Mates, eh? When did that happen, and aren't you a bit young for that?" asked his
Mum. Harry and Ginny sat down and regaled the parents with everything, and every
event that had happened since he was left at her sister's place. Harry told them about how
he finally took charge of his life. After what seemed like hours, Harry and Ginny finally
ran out of information. They hoped they hadn't left out anything, but they could add to the
story later as they remembered more details.
Harry looked at his watch. "Everyone will be worried. We'd better go but we'll be back
tomorrow. I love you both and I'm so glad Gin found you for me. Goodnight Mum and
Dad." 'Goodnight son and goodnight to you too Ginny. We couldn't have chosen a better
girl for Harry than he has." "Thank you and goodnight", replied Ginny. The two teens ran
to the games room hoping that the adults would still be there.
Actually, everyone was still playing games. Being Friday night, they were being treated
to a later curfew. Within seconds, Harry and Ginny were breathlessly telling Moony and
Sirius about the room and the picture. The pure pleasure on the face of the two Marauders
was priceless. "Can we go to see them now asked the two men?" "I don't see why not ",
answered Harry.
Ginny led them back to the lab and to the Tapestry. "Moony, the door is in back of the
Tapestry, you and Sirius go and surprise Mum and Dad Potter". Looking at Harry to make
sure it was okay with him too and getting the nod from him, they approached the tapestry.
Lifting the Tapestry, they were faced with a blank wall. Harry let out a cry of despair.
"Where are they Gin? What happened to them?" Moony let the cloth fall back into place.
Ginny ran to the wall saying, "The door was here. We both went into the room. We were
not dreaming."
She pulled the Tapestry aside and the door was there. She grabbed the knob and the door
opened. She held the door for the two men to enter first, as promised and she and Harry
followed them into the room.
James and Lily woke up when they heard voices. Looking out at the four of them, they
spied the faces of their beloved friends, Moony and Padfoot. James called out to them.
"Moony, Padfoot, thanks to Merlin, is it really you?" "Yes James and Lils, it's really us",
replied Sirius. "Moony turned to gin and Harry and asked."How did you find this room?
All the times we spent in the Manor and we were never aware of this room being here".
"I'll tell you later. For now just talk to your friends, and we will go now and leave you to
it. Maybe you can bring the portrait to the study before you come to bed?" "Yes, Ginny
we'll do that. Goodnight Harry and Ginny, and thank you both for bringing us to this
room." Bidding the last two Marauders, forget about Wormtail goodnight, the two teens
went back to the games room.
Entering the games room, they were pelted with questions about their absences. Harry
told them all to sit and he and Ginny explained what she had found. They were all happy
for Harry, and Luna told him she knew how he felt because she had a Portrait of her Mum
and she talked to her when she needed a Mum's opinion. She told them she hadn't thought
of an empty frame for her dorm, but would get one when they went to Hogsmead in the
With another hour of their extended left it wasn't long before they were back to their
favorite games. Harry and Ginny decided to sit and talk about their visit with his Mum
and Dad, and so sitting on the sofa with fingers interlaced they did just that.
Saturday would prove to be a great day. The teens still had to do their morning exercises,
but the rest of the day was theirs to do with as they pleased. The Weasleys were arriving
soon after lunch and the rest of the parents at 2:30. All the teens were anxious to see their
folks because they intended to put on a show for them. They had got together and decided
that they would put on a short demonstration of their accomplishments. They spent the
morning, after Harry spent some alone time with his Mum and Dad in the study,
practicing. They were all hoping that their parents would be proud of them. Parental
acceptance was important to all of them and they were one anxious bunch of teens.
Being the first to arrive, the Weasleys were first hugged by their kids and Harry, but
surprisingly also got hugs from the others as well. Molly was such a great 'Mum' figure
that the other members of the pack couldn't resist getting a hug from her too. Of course
Mrs. Weasley, being 'just Molly', hugged back enthusiastically.
Harry left the Weasleys to visit and went to the study to visit his parents and Granddad.
He could hear them talking before he reached the room. They would have lots to catch up
on, and he would fill in as many gaps as he could. He spent the next hour, until Ginny
came for him, just talking and looking at them. If this was a dream, it was a great one,
and he hoped he would never wake up.
Ginny said hello to the Portraits and told Harry that the other parents were beginning to
arrive. Saying bye to his folks, they left for the floo entryway where Luna's Dad, and
Seamus, and Dean's Mums had already arrived. Within minutes, Neville's Gran was with
them and all were accounted for. Minerva had arrived shortly after Molly and Arthur,
having been especially invited by Harry to attend. The portraits had been taken by Dobby
into the DADA room where the demonstration was being held. Now all the parents and
Tutors were in attendance to watch and be hopefully impressed with their
children,s/students prowess.
The demonstration that followed was impressive in the least, and left the adults with
mouths agape.
First they were given a showing of Martial arts. This was followed with calisthenics and
then a Dueling demonstration.
Following the Dueling the teens all pointed their wands and all in sync, did the necessary
wand movements and each and every one thinking deeply, called out ,"Expecto
Patronum". From seven wands came the most beautiful sight anyone had ever seen
before. An assortment of beautiful animals and birds pranced and flew around the room
long enough to show off a bit. Soon each Patronus dissipated into the air only to be
replaced by two Phoenixes, two Leopards, a Kneazle, and several almost fully formed
The Animagi held their forms for a few minutes so that the adults could study them, and
after morphing back, they were greeted with tumultuous applause. Never had there been
prouder adults than these who had been privileged to see this demonstration. Minerva
was beside herself with pride in her pupils. Moony and the other tutors were grinning
widely at their students, and tears were running down Lil,s face. The parents and
grandparents were beaming at their children. What a day this had been! The parents were
all thankful that they had given their children permission for this summer of training, and
knew without a doubt that the Wizarding world was in good hands if these students were
any indication of what proper training could accomplish.
The first weeks of summer were over and several plans needed to be put in motion. Harry
would owl Professor Dumbledore and arrange training in Wandless Magic. Moony would
set up the security system to allow him to enter the manor ,hopefully three times weekly.
This would also give him a chance to speak to the portraits.
Harry's birthday was coming up and he wanted another party. Ginny had asked him if he
wanted the party at the Burrow this year. He'd have to think about that as this year he was
thinking about two others who also had birthdays close to his.
He needed to get permission from Mum Weasley to allow Ginny and Ron to visit the
Manor for training on a weekly basis. His Pack members were so advanced , and Ron still
had a lot of work to catch up on.
He decided that he would have Moony and Sirius take him to the DOM to learn the
Prophesy. He was sure he knew the gist of it but wanted to hear it to be sure.
He also wanted him and Ginny trained thoroughly in Occlumency. He would have
Wizard Edwards hire a private tutor trained in Occlumency to teach them. He would
never allow Snape to do this, as his Headmaster had informed him would be happening
when term restarted. Not in this world of his would he allow Snape into his mind. He had
tried to teach himself, but hadn't done a very good job of it. He needed a professional to
get the correct results.
He also wanted to see if Hermione had changed at all. He knew that she and Ron were an
item, but didn't know what would happen once they were back in school. She would be
invited to the party of course, as she was Ron's girlfriend. He had so many things to think
about, his head was spinning. To think not much more than a year ago the only thing he
had to worry about was staying one step ahead of the Dursleys. Well he'd rather be in
these shoes than the ones he was in last year.
Harry's rambling thoughts were brought to a halt by the appearance of his friends. Last
night had been the best night ever. Having their parents there to see what they had learned
had given them all a huge boost of confidence. They all ran noisily into the breakfast
room and sat down at the table with him.
"Hey, are you lot hungry? I am, and I'd like to go for a fly afterward too. We need to do
Animagus training this morning and then we're done for the day." he told them.
"Good, how about Quiddich?" asked the twins.
The rest agreed and so Sunday passed with some lessons and more fun. Tomorrow would
be back to their regular regime, and so they'd better take advantage of the free time today.
Ginny and Harry found some alone time that evening, and sat quietly discussing the
Birthday party.
"I,d like it if Cedric could come, even if only for a short time. I've thought about him a lot
since the third task. I wonder how he is coping after the things we saw in the graveyard."
"I don,t know if he has anyone who understands what we went through. I'd like to have
him come to the party to,Harry. Do you think he has nightmares like you and I have?"
"I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit. You know Gin, we are so lucky to have
one another for support when we have these horrible dreams. I wonder who he has to
help him?" Harry paused after this and looked at Ginny. "Have you told your parents
about your nightmares? I haven't told anyone about mine."
"No, Harry, I just can't. They can be so horrible at times, I feel as if He is inside my mind
the same as he was in my first year. If I couldn't share them with you, and you with me, I
don't know what we would do" She shuddered at the thoughts.
"Gin, that's why we need Occlumency, we will be able to clear our minds when we go to
bed at night and it will be easier to sleep without those horrible dreams."
"Okay Harry, I agree with all of that, but now let's talk about the party. I want to feel
happy not depressed." He agreed and they spent the rest of their free time planning a joint
party for the three of them. Ginny, Neville and Harry all had birthdays just days apart so
why not celebrate them all at once? Thatwould be loads more fun than one small one.
With this plan finalized, the teens entered the house again with at least one decision
made. Now he'd have to get busy with the other things he had to do, starting with an owl
to the Headmaster, after he talked to Moony.
Harry called Moony aside and asked him to set up three times a week with Professor
Dumbledore for Wandless magic. Other than raised eyebrows, Moony didn't react too
much to the request. Far cry from the boy who was adamant about not allowing the
Professor into the Manor let alone allow him to teach him how to use his Wandless
"Okay Harry. I'll set up the floo system as soon as you receive an answer from him. Owl
him now, and see what he says, okay?" He couldn't resist, no matter how hard he tried,
asking him what had changed his mind. "Well Uncle Moony, Granddad gave me a talking
to, and a talk I had with Mum and Dad today helped a lot. I'll send that owl now".
Suddenly remembering one more thing, Harry turned to Moony and told him there was
something else he needed done. "Could you arrange with Wizard Edwards to hire an
Occlumency Tutor for Ginny and I.? I feel we will need to be trained to clear our minds
so we can keep our nightmares from happening so often." Immediatelya look of
comprehension crossed his face as he realized what he had admitted to his Uncle.
"Harry Why haven't you told us about having night-terrors?"
"Uncle Moony, Gin and I have been having them since the chamber, but we always share
them and they aren't as bad as they could be. We don't always have them on the same
nights so we open our links and talk to one another until we calm down. At school during
my third year, we met in the common room through the night sometimes and just talked
quietly until we felt we could sleep again. They weren't too bad until after the third task.
Since then they,ve been getting worse. We need to learn to clear our minds at night so we
can control the 'night- terrors' as you call them. It's a good name for them you know"
"Okay Harry. I'll get on that right away. In the firms client base they have access to every
Wizard trade available and the Wizards who practice them. They will get the best for you
and Ginny. I'll talk to you more about the dreams later."
"Okay, Uncle Moony, see you later. Oh oh!I forgot one thing. Before you go, I want to
hear the full prophesy. I intended to wait until after my 16th. Birthday, but with Voldy,s
return, I need to hear it sooner. I think the first week in Aug. should be okay. Can you
make arrangements?"
"Wow, you have been busy thinking, haven't you?" he laughingly retorted. "I'll get that
set up as well. Anything more before I go to my office?"
"You actually have an office? How come I've never seen that room yet?"
Moony laughingly replied. "Oh you have seen it .It's called the 'Owlry' "
Harry couldn't help himself. He began laughing as he pictured Moony in the smelly
'Owlry' doing his office work, per se. Calming down, he told him that they needed to set
up a proper room as an office, before he started to smell like owl droppings. Once more
he was laughing at the picture this brought to mind. Moony joined in the laughter but
informed Harry that he did all this work in the study. "No need for a separate room Harry
because I can talk to the portraits as I work."
Harry left him standing there still chuckling at the picture of himself sitting at a desk in
the Owlry doing paper work and trying to shield his work from the owls. "Funny Harry,
funny." Never a dull moment during vacation he was thinking. Having these teens in the
house made him feel years younger. They were a great bunch of kids in his estimation,
and he was happy to see Ron back in the fold. "Oh well, enough thinking, action now
Remus", he told himself.
The Weasleys decided they would love to have the party at the Burrow, and so with the
agreement of Harry and his mentors, extra wards were put in place to protect their home
from attack. The Fidelius charm was performed as well, because of Voldemorts rebirth,
such as it was and Moony set up the Fireplace to accept the guests. There would also be
several Aurors on duty, personally chosen by Sirius of course. No chances were taken as
these young people were being groomed to eventually fight the last battle against
The large party was a great success. Cedric appeared with Cho, once more thanking
Harry for saving his life that horrible day. Cho hugged him and thanked him. "We got
through that together, mate. I'm just sorry that monster came back although he will never
be the strong Wizard he was before he used my blood.
Taking Cedric aside. Harry questioned him about 'night terrors' as Moony called them.
"Oh Merlin, yes",he replied, flinching at the memories of all the nights he woke his
parents up with his screaming. "They are horrible. I am seeing a Healer now, and it is
beginning to help me some.The dreams are occurring less often than at the beginning of
Needless to say this information allowed Harry to feel a bit better about his mates
experiences. "I,m glad you were both able to come today and I,m sure you,ll both enjoy
Mum Weasley,s chocolate cake. It,s the best. See you both later".
Neville was delighted that he would be celebrating his birthday along with Ginny and
Harry. Games of Quiddich were organized, followed by great food and a huge chocolate
cake, which, after the three teens blew all the candles out, was enjoyed by all. Gifts were
then opened, and oohed over by all. It was a wonderful day and because friends attended
it, it was extra special.
Dean and Seamus disappeared and Harry wondered where they were. They'd been gone
for at least an hour, and he was beginning to fret about the absence. Just as Harry was
asking Moony to see where they were, there was a whirr of wings overhead and a great
barking sound.
From the small wooded area near the house, appeared a huge black Mastiff and a
beautiful brown Hawk, with wings spread at least a foot on each side of it's body. The
Hawk was dive-bombing the dog, and the dog was trying to reach the Hawk by leaping as
high as it possibly could barking all the time. Everyone realized at once that it could be
no one but Dean and Seamus. The Hawk landed on the table in front of Harry and the
Mastiff, sat panting wildly at his feet. They both morphed back and grinned happily at
When they got their breathing back in control, they shouted out, "Surprise! Happy
Birthday Harry"
Harry was so excited he could hardly speak. "Mates I'm so proud of you. But didn't you
remember that we aren't supposed to practice without Professor McGonagall with us?"
"We know, Harry, look who's coming through the grass. We think she's hunting for mice,
and that's why it's taking her so long to get here." As everyone turned their attention to
the grassy area, they were treated to the sight of their Professor, who had changed into
her cat form, playing with a small mouse. When she looked up and saw them all
watching, she released the mouse and morphed to her human form. She was even
blushing slightly. "Well, what do you think of Seamus and Deans feats?" she asked
hoping to divert their attention away from her former antics.
That was just great and other complimentary remarks such as that one was directed to the
two boys. There was much backslapping from the boys and hugs from the girls, to show
their pride in their Pack mate's accomplishments. This was the highlight of Harry's day.
The day was ending on a happy note, but that was changed when Harry and Ginny joined
Ron and Hermione for a visit. He spoke briefly to Hermione. She showed her
disappointment by berating them for leaving her out of their manor plans, although he did
not answer this retort, he still found her to be a tad overbearing. He turned her away from
talk about the manor, by trying to change the subject. They discussed their term test
results and hoped they had all done well. Fifth year would be OWL year for the four of
them and they would have to buckle down early to their studies. The rest of the
conversation was not going too badly although it was stiff rather than relaxed. True to
form, she once more got off on the wrong foot with him when at the end of some small
talk, she asked him if he still had his 'enslaved House Elves'.
"Hermione, for the so-called 'smartest' Witch in our year you are really insensitive. I hope
you enjoyed the party. I want to return to my 'friends ' now, and he emphasized the word
Ron and Ginny who had been hoping this conversation was the start of some more
healing, turned on her. "How could you?' retorted Ginny and stormed off to find Harry
and calm him down. She could feel his anger and needed to be with him now.
In the meantime, Ron was berating Hermione for her tactlessness. "You will never learn
will you? You think you are so smart and you are you know. But you are only 'book'
smart. Not 'life experience' smart. You have no idea how Wizarding families live from
day to day, and I hope you haven't ruined my hard won battle for Harry's friendship
again. I have to go find him and apologize and if I were you I wouldn't even go near him
at all. He isn't the same scared little boy we met on the train in first year. I'll see you later"
Hermione broke out into tears and ran into the house and to her room. She was to stay at
the Burrow for a week, but realized that she might have just ruined that chance to mend
the break with Harry and Ginny. Would she never learn to control her mouth? What made
her think she was the only one who knew anything? During her first four years she had
been praised by her Professors so frequently that she had begun to believe that she was
very special. In fact she would never be half the Witch that Ginny was. Taking Ron,s
words to heart, she didn,t know how she would be able to share a room with Ginny for
the next week. Maybe she should just go back home. She also faced up to the fact that
fifth year wasn,t going to be a very good year for her. She wasn,t looking forward to it
one bit because Ron was so disappointed in her. "What have I done?" she asked herself
Meanwhile, Ginny found Harry in his favorite spot in a little Glen near the river. They
had secretly met there before when he had visited. She sat down beside him and put her
arm around his shoulder. He was sitting so still and looking at the moving water of the
river. She knew it would calm him and words were not necessary. Flowing water had
always had a relaxing effect on her when she was troubled, and it wasn't too long before
he sighed and turned to look at her. He cupped her face in his hand and looked deeply
into her eyes.
"Ginny, you are so beautiful, inside and out. When I am down, as I am just now, you
make me feel better just by being near me. How do you do that?"
"I don't really know, Harry. You see, you do the same for me. I think it's because we care
deeply about one another. I know this next year isn't going to be a good one in many
ways, but we will weather it together, okay?"
Harry wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair. "You smell just like
field flowers. It's the same smell as in our meadow at the Manor. Apples, peaches,
cherries, heather, lavender, and all the others combined. I love the smell of your hair."
"Silly goose, it's just my shampoo. It's called 'Essence of Wildflowers'. I'm glad you like
it." He looked down at her and smiled. "I like everything about you.
He gazed at her lips and wondered if she would object to a kiss. She looked at him and
reading his thoughts, she lifted her face up to his and placed her forehead against his.
"No, my Harry, I wouldn't object one little bit".
First Harry gently brushed his lips across her forehead, and then he leaned down and
softly caught her lips with his. He then deepened the kiss aware that she was kissing him
back. Harry felt a fire begin in his chest that was like nothing he had felt before. There
was a plenitude of passion in both of them that was fighting for supremacy. The kiss
deepened and soon they knew they would need to begin breathing at some point in time
or other. The kiss ended on a deep sigh from the two of them.
"My Ginny", said Harry, and "My Harry ", answered Ginny. They just looked at one
another smiling, and with linked hands and two hearts beating as one, they retraced their
steps back to the Burrow. Words were not necessary. They were in perfect sync with one
another and at this particular point in time, all was well in their world.
Ron was sitting despondently at the table in the yard. He didn't know whether Harry
would ever speak to him again or not. He looked up as he heard them approaching the
house. Everyone else was busy with games and some flying. There was still lots of
daylight left to enjoy the party.
Harry spied Ron and called out to him. "Fancy some flying Mate? Maybe we can get two
full teams together or even two partial ones."
"Yeah Mate, just what I was hoping for. A good game of Quiddich, Let's go", and letting
out a yell to get their attention, Ron soon had all the teens gathered and picking sides.
Following a rousing game, where no one won because no one bothered to keep score, the
party finally came to a happy end. A couple of hitches but all in all a really great day. The
three birthday teens felt as if the day couldn't have been better.
Great food, presents and best of all, 'great friends'.
Morning came far too soon for Harry. He had re-lived the party with Ginny long into the
night after returning to the manor. He crawled happily into his bed, and was just closing
his eyes, when Ginny opened her link to him.
"Harry, are you in bed yet?"
"Yes I was just about to close my eyes. Is something wrong?"
"Oh no. I'm still excited about the wonderful time we had with all our friends. And Dean
and Seamus surprised us all, didn't they?"
"Yeah, that was a great birthday surprise. I think they worked on it quietly at the Manor
with Uncle Moony so they could surprise me."
"Wasn't Professor McGonagall funny? She was so embarrassed when she saw that we
were watching her 'being a cat and playing with the mouse in the field, wasn't she?"
"Well", he replied ,"she sure turned red when she morphed back and realized we were
watching her."
"Harry, Mum loved my promise ring. I,m glad you didn,t give it to me in front of
everyone. I loved the spot you chose in the glen. It was so romantic. Thank you for being
so sweet to me"
You,re welcome Ginny. You,re worth more than that to me"
The conversation had lasted another hour or so and soon Harry was yawning and so was
Ginny. "I guess we better get to sleep Ginny or we,ll never get up in the morning.I have a
number of things I need to do, and we only have one more month of summer left. good
night my Ginny"
"Okay, good night my Harry"
The link closed and I would imagine that in both households one of the only sounds heard
after that conversation was that of two contented teens breathing deeply in sleep.
So yes, morning and a wake up call from Tonks came far too early for Harry.
"Come on, up and out. We have a run to complete before I leave for work. Your Uncle
Sirius was called out in the night, but we can't slack off.
"Okay Auntie Tonks, be right with you." Harry dressed quickly and soon joined Tonks for
his usual morning jog around the grounds. After an hour of running, he was drooping like
a wilted flower. "I really am a bit out of shape ", he told her panting heavily and holding
his sides and abdomen.
"A bit you say! I'd say more than a bit. All that cake at the party didn't give you more
energy, even if it was chocolate."
"No, I'm aware of that. I think it's because I haven't run since a couple days before the
party. It won't take me long to get back into shape. At least I hope it doesn,t"
"No it won't Harry so now it's time for your session in martial arts."
If Harry thought he was tired after the run, it was nothing compared to how he felt after
this session with Tonks. If he learned one thing, it was never to slack off again. If Voldy
and/or his Death Eaters decided to attack suddenly, they would all need to be prepared.
He certainly learned a lesson on this day.
The shower felt great on his sore muscles. He didn't have time for a bath because he had
several things to accomplish today. Owls after breakfast would be the first order of the
day. He would be eat breakfast with Moony so he could discuss some things with him
After eating enough to sate his appetite, he began to speak. "Uncle Moony, did you
arrange the sessions with Prof. Dumbledore?"
Nodding as he was swallowing some toast, he answered in the affirmative. "Yes, he will
be willing to spend two sessions of 3 hours each instead of three sessions of 2 hours each.
He is now extremely busy preparing for the new school year. He also mentioned having
Snape to teach you Occlumency, but as I told him, we had taken care of that. He wasn't in
the least happy with that news but knew it was a no contest issue. He's having a difficult
time hiring a DADA Professor as everyone believes the position is jinxed by Voldy."
"So what will happen if he can't find anyone to teach DADA?"
"Fudge has threatened to send an instructor from the Ministry, and that could be a disaster
if he is forced to resort to this".
"Well if we have an incompetent, we will just have to get rid of whoever it turns out to
be. I'll just need to remember to take one of my letters with me won't I?"
"Yes you will. Maybe it will be Sirius or Tonks sent by Fudge to teach. How would you
like that?"
"That would be great. Do you really think that's who we will be lucky enough to get as a
Who knows, Harry? Anything is possible with Fudge. You surely know that by now, don't
"Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, I need to send an owl to Mum Weasley, to allow Ron and Gin
to come over as often as possible to train. Gin and I are both going to work with him and
try to get him up to the same level as all the Pack members. We need Neville here a few
times too, and maybe you could work with him and Ron when they are here? Neville is
so close to changing into his form that it shouldn't take him too long. Please, will you do
this for them and me?" Harry gave him 'the eyes' treatment and of course, Moony melted.
After hugging Moony in thanks, Harry left for the Owlry. He had learned to keep some
parchment and quills in a small area away from the droppings, and so there was always
the means to send owls out on a moments notice. He gave Hedwig a tiny hug, and
scratched her behind her ears. "Would you like to go and see the Weasleys and take them
a letter from me?" Hedwig cooed her assent and soon she was on her way to the Burrow.
He then wrote a short note to Granny Longbottom. This he sent out with the Manor post
owl. The Manor post owls were all untraceable, as was Hedwig, and safe for Harry to
Returning to the study, he spent time talking with his Mum and Dad and Granddad. They
were teaching him many things about the wizarding world, and now that Voldemort,
albeit not a very strong Voldemort, was back, they were imparting to him their knowledge
in the use of defensive and offensive spells. "There are some great defensive books in the
library, Harry.We,ll join you there"
He went to the library where he was joined by his Parents and Granddad again. They
proceeded to point out the books they would be working with for the rest of the summer.
These books were very old and filled with reams of information that Harry would need to
make him a better fighter. He read and asked questions on points of interest for the better
part of the morning, only stopping when he heard the floo disgorging someone."I,ll be
back later", he told them as he prepared to leave the library.
Entering the floo entryway, he was pleasantly surprised to see one of his favorite people.
It was Wizard Edwards, and he was staring into the flames and shaking his head in
"Now, where did he get to, I wonder?" The flames flared up and another Wizard literally
fell and rolled into the entryway. Harry ran to help the man to his feet. He was a wizened
old Wizard and had the cheeriest face Harry had ever seen on a person. His face was
wreathed in smiles.
"I never get tired of flooing", he remarked laughingly. "I love it and I hope I never learn
to floo properly. That would take all the fun out of it." Almost in the same breath he
turned to Harry and said, "Since you are the only young one amongst all of us old coots,
you must be my new student of Occlumency. Am I right? Not waiting for an answer he
said, "Well I am pleased to meet you young Harry. I am your new Tutor, Walter Hornsby
at your service." Harry shook the proffered hand and realized how lucky he was.
Professor Hornsby would be an excellent Tutor. Of this, he had absolutely no doubt at all.
Moony invited them into the study where they could talk and become better acquainted.
Goderic and Professor Hornsby greeted one another like old friends. They learned that
Walter had been a frequent guest of Harry's great-Grandfather, and had spent many hours
speaking to his Portrait.
Tea arrived and they drank it in companionable silence for the next few minutes. Then
Cliffordtold Harry that after Remus asked him for the best Tutor for him and Miss.
Weasley, the only name that came into his mind was that of Walter Hornsby. He was the
topmost Occlumency expert in the Wizarding world. "Harry, I guarantee that you will
become an accomplished Occlumens within a matter of months. I have great faith in
Walter, and I'm sure you have already formed an opinion about him?"
Harry nodded in the affirmative. "Yes, I do honestly believe that Gin and I will get along
with you splendidly, Professor Hornsby. I am happy with your choice of Tutor for us,
They spent the next hourgoing over the details of the lessons and it was not long before
the outline was completed. Harry's Wandless training and Ron's DADA training times all
needed to be taken into account. Once all subjects were allocated to their proper time
slots, Harry found it left precious little time to be alone with Ginny. He decided that a
little time was better than no time at all. He was luckier than the other blokes were. At
least he and Gin could talk over their link. Going over the August schedule, they realized
it was covered in as much training as possible.
"Well, I must return to my rooms in the Leaky Cauldron", declared the little professor. "I
shall spend my time tomorrow finding a decent place to stay while I teach you young
"Could you just wait one minute while I discuss a matter with my Guardian", asked
Harry. "Certainly", he replied.
Harry took Moony aside and asked if there was any reason why the Professor couldn't
make use of the empty Gatehouse on the grounds. It would be just right for him, Harry
had stated.
"That's a grand idea, Harry, shall we ask him then?"
The subject of his staying in the Gatehouse on the grounds was broached to the Professor,
and he was delighted to agree. I stayed in the Gatehouse when I was a guest here many
times over the years. It would be a pleasure being hosted by a new generation of Potters.
He beamed widely at them, and Clifford told them that Walter was fascinating company.
Harry would learn a lot about his ancestors from him.
Moony asked Clifford and Walter to stay to lunch and they were sorry they couldn't
accept the invitation. They both had pressing business elsewhere, but Walter affirmed that
he would be back in time to settle into his new digs, and would join them for dinner if
that was agreeable with them.
Taking their leave, Clifford and Walter approached the floo. Walter was grinning from ear
to ear. Clifford waved goodbye, entered the floo, and was soon gone. Waving also, Walter
stepped into the floo and Harry could swear he heard him woohooing all the way to the
Leaky Cauldron. He would love his lessons with this Wizard.
After lunch, Harry went to his room to have a little nap and to talk with Ginny. He was
anxious to tell her about their new Tutor and how much he loved using the floo. Hedwig
was waiting for him when he entered his room. She held a large letter in the pouch that
Harry had bought her for Christmas. It made carrying letters much easier for her and she
was quite happy with it. The letter was from Mrs. Weasley, and there was one from Ron.
Mrs.Weasley sent permission for Ron and Ginny to come to the Manor for training. She
told him some little newsy items about life at the Burrow, and closed with an invitation to
spend a few days before start of term with them.
Ron's letter was shorter. He wrote that he could hardly wait for more training and was
eager to resume his Animagus lessons too. There was nothing from Ginny because they
were nearly all 'newsed' out. When they did talk, they covered every thing they could
possibly think of to cover. He was looking forward to returning to school as he had a
couple promises to keep.
Neville wrote that he had his Gran,s permission to come to the Manor for the Animagus
lessons. Everything was in place nicely and tomorrow would be the start of the last half
of summer training of all kinds.
Luna was coming to keep Ginny company and to balance the ratio of boys versus girls in
Mum Weasley,s mind.
Dinner was a hilarious affair with Walter telling many stories about his many Tutorial
jobs in various countries. Harry and Moony could hardly eat for the laughter that they
couldn't control. Sirius arrived in the middle of one such story and although he only heard
the end of the tale, he was soon laughing with the rest of them. Sirius had met Walter
years ago at the Manor, and was secretly pleased that he was to teach Harry and Ginny.
He knew him to be a very gifted Wizard, knew the teens were safe in his hands, and that
they had the very best tutor that money could buy.
After spending some time watching a movie, Harry decided it was time for bed and
hugging his Uncles goodnight, he climbed the stairs to his room. Tomorrow he had
running, martial arts, some DADA training and in the afternoon he and Ginny would
begin Occlumency. They would work with the others on their animagus lessons as well.
He was tired just thinking about it.
He only spent a short time talking with Ginny and was soon yawning. He told her
goodnight and was soon fast asleep.
The days that followed the birthday party, became a blur of training and Animagus
lessons. The Occlumency lessons were brilliant. Walter decided to include Ron in these
lessons. He laughingly told Harry he had a special rate for the summer. Three for the
price of one until September, and then three for the price of two. "Deal?" he asked.
"Deal", said Harry.
"Seriously though Harry, Ron is a best friend. You have included him in your training and
Animagus lessons. He needs to be able to block his mind. I will train you all and I will
teach you to train others the proper way. This will be unlike what I found out about
Professor Snape and his practice of forcing himself into minds without explaining what
he intended to do. You will learn the theory behind the process.
By weekend the three teens were learning so well that Walter gave them the weekend off
for some relaxation.
Luna was now morphing back and forth from Kneazle to Luna to Kneazle at an alarming
rate. Moony told her to slow down or she would harm herself. Neville had mastered his
Terrier and was comfortable within himself in this form. Surprisingly Neville didn't chase
Luna around like most dogs usually like to do to cats, instead they just ran in circles,
chasing their tails, and playing together quite nicely. Ron would be almost ready by
summer's end. He was so excited and anxious to become a Hippogriff. He had read
everything in Harry's library about them and was impressed no end by their good points.
He would be able to help Harry a lot in the event of an attack of any sort.
The DADA and martial arts classes were a huge success. Ron was now at the same level
as the rest and told by Remus, Tonks, Jaydyn and Sirius that he would be an extremely
powerful Wizard by the time he reached the stage in his life called Agoramorphism. That
is when young Wizards and Witches come into their full powers. "Ron, you will be
second to only two other young Wizards. They are Harry and your sister. They are at this
point so powerful that it will be interesting to see how much more powerful they will be
after they complete their own Agoramorphism stage."
There were just two weeks left of summer and Sirius surprised them all at dinner one
evening. "Harry, remember me promising you and Moony a trip to my secret Island?"
"Yes I do Uncle Sirius," he answered excitedly. "Are we going on a holiday?"
"We are that, Harry. You have been working very hard and had a difficult year. You
deserve a fun time before you return to school. I spoke to Arthur Weasley, and he and
Molly, Ron and Ginny would love to come with us. The twins are busy with their new
shop in Hogsmead and don't want to leave it as it will be their busiest time of the summer.
How does that sound to you, Harry?"
"Brilliant. I am so excited. Does Ginny and Ron know yet? Can I tell them?"
Looking at his watch,Sirius said, "If our watches are synchronized properly Arthur is just
telling them now.
These and many other words were being screamed through Harry's poor head. He
grabbed his head in both hands and told Ginny to quit screaming as she was hurting his
It became completely quiet! Now Harry could think again.
"Gin I just found out at the same time as you were being told.Sirius planned the whole
telling thingy with your Dad so we,d hear the news at the same time. As for shopping,
you have lots of money to spend. You can even treat Ron to some new things.And for
Merlin,s sake don,t buy a bikini. Your Mum won,t let you out the house and in front of the
rest of us in just a bikini.I want to go swimming with you while we,re there. Okay?"
"Okay spoilsport.We,ll talk later when we,re in bed, okay?"
"Okay for now then Gin.Luv ya"
"Luv ya too"
Harry severed the link and was anxiously waiting for all the details of the trip, which
Sirius was happy to oblige them with, although Sirius and Moony were looking at him
kind of funny.
"Jaydyn, Tonks and I called in favors and we have the next week off from work. We will
leave by Portkey on Saturday morning atfour A.M. The Weasleys will all floo here
tomorrow night. Remus will take you shopping for light clothing in Muggle London
tomorrow. Professor Hornsby will be away for two weeks and we have arranged for him
to resume lessons with you three in September. Does this sound like a plan?"
Harry answered, "I'll never sleep tonight. Ginny will have me up all night talking over
every little bit of whatever she can think of. She nearly blew the top of my head off as
soon as her Dad mentioned the trip. We should have waited to tell her when we were
ready to leave. Will she always be like this? How will I manage her when we are married
someday? Help!"
By this time, the two men were practically rolling on the floor in laughter. Harry looked
absolutely flummoxed. Poor Harry! They calmed down somewhat and couldn't resist a bit
of teasing. "Things may not get any better with Ginny. You know how excitable she is.
We think you're in for it now."
The two men had to backpedal when they saw the look that crossed his face. They took
pity on him and told him that it was just because she was young and loved life and him.
"She's never had a chance to do anything like this. Arthur can't afford luxuries so of
course she's excited. She'll calm down and you'll have a great time on the island. Now get
to bed. We have a big day tomorrow. The men hugged him and pushed him towards the
"Did you see his face? I thought he was going to pass out on the spot", said Remus. "Yes"
replied Sirius," that was a close one. We weren't very nice to him were we, but that was
the funniest thing I've seen in years"
"Maybe we should apologize to him tomorrow?" They looked at one another and as one
answered, "naahh!"
Friday was a day. Tonks and Jaydyn decided to join them on their shopping
trip. At the rate the two Witches were going, they would, if luck was with them, get back
to the Manor in enough time to catch the Portkey. Finally, Sirius had lost all his patience.
"We are only going for a week, not three months. You girls have enough clothes to last a
year on a deserted island. It's almost dinner time and I am starved. Do you realize we
didn't even stop for lunch today?"
Jaydyn pouted and hoped he would give them at least another hour. Her puppy eyes did
not work on him at all. Sirius continued, "We are leaving with or without you. In just
another ten or so hours, the Portkey will activate, and I for one intend to be ready, not still
shopping for clothes that will probably never get worn. I plan on spending the majority of
my holiday in trunks and in the water. Now, are you coming or not? I'm leaving for home
True to his threat, Sirius turned and headed for the doorway into Diagon Alley and the
nearest floo. He was tired and hungry and wanted nothing more than a good meal and his
bed for as many hours as he could get. It hadn't taken him long to pack the few items he
planned on taking with him.
The two women, Moony and Harry followed Sirius into the alley. Moony and Harry were
almost too tired to keep up with his angry stride. The women were grumbling all the way
about not finding half of the things they wanted to take with them. Even shrunk and
packed, they had the equivalent of a seven-room trunk in the many bags they carried.
Harry had one small bag of new items and Moony had an even smaller bag than Harry's
was carrying, holding his purchases. Sirius had not bought one thing. He had all he
needed already packed.
Harry had never seen Sirius in this state before. He was one angry Wizard to say the least.
He hoped that he would settle down before they got home. Maybe he'd be better after a
meal and some sleep.
Harry was right. After Sirius ate he was like a different person altogether. The two
Witches were miffed at him but he ignored their mumbling.
All of a sudden, a light went off in Harry's head and he yelled out "What about the
wedding. What is the exact date and how can we go away with a wedding to plan?"
Sirius laughed as he answered him. Maybe if my darling Witch is still mad at me because
I cut off her spending frenzy, there won't be a wedding. You think?"
Jaydyn spoke up. "You wish, Padfoot. You don't get away from me that easily. Harry we
are getting married in your beautiful garden on August 30th. and the Elves, Molly, Tonks
and I have everything under control. We even have the replies to the invitations all back.
It will be a very small private wedding. I only have my Mum left . Deatheaters destroyed
my Dad and sister and three brothers in a raid while I was away at Auror school. Mum
was our miracle. How she survived we still don,t know, but I,m thankful that she did.It
will be family and extremely close friends. Thanks for worrying, love. The holiday is just
what we need to unwind a bit.
Now let,s pack, and get some sleep. Good-night everyone", and she swept up the stairs
followed by the rest of the family. The Weasleys had decided to floo through at three
A.M. and they would all leave by Portkey at 4 a.m. Harry locked his mind off so that he
could get a good nights sleep. He was so tired that he almost hurt all over. It wasn't long
before he was sleeping soundly. Ginny tried their link and found it closed tightly. She
realized that they all needed their sleep and so was soon asleep as well.
If Harry thought that five thirty came too early, it was nothing to how quickly 3 A M
came. He hardly closed his eyes when he was awakened by Moony. Come on, Harry, the
Weasleys will be here any minute. That means Ginny too. Immediately, Harry was out of
his bed and running for the bathroom. Moony smirked, "Gets em every time", he thought
to himself. Harry re-entered his bedroom looking rather sheepish. "I forgot my clothes".
With very little time to spare, everyone assembled at the Apparition and Portkey point in
the garden. The Portkey was a long green ribbon, and was lengthy enough to be touched
by all. With luggage shrunk and their good-byes said to the House Elves, everyone waited
for the seconds to pass. "Okay", intoned Moony."5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Lets gooo.! The pull at
everyone's navel was stronger than usual, and they all landed in a heap on a sandy beach.
Finally untangling themselves, they all looked around in anticipation. They weren't
disappointed. There were seemingly, miles and miles of white sandy beaches. Whitecaps
frolicked over the aquamarine tinted water. Many tropical birds were flitting through the
trees, unaware and uninterested in the humans that had invaded their paradise. All were in
awe at the beauty that surrounded them.
"Sirius it is awesome, thank you", Said Mrs. Weasley, excitedly. Just a short distance off
the beach were six white cabins, surrounded by lawns lushly carpeted in greener than
green grass and edged with beds of tropical flowers and foliage. The overall effect
created a scene from someone's happiest dreams. To think they would be spending a
whole week here. It truly was a dream come true.
Getting everyone's attention, Sirius told them that cabin 1 was for the Weasleys. Cabin 2
was for him and Jaydyn. Cabin 3 was for Moony and Tonks. Cabin 4 was for Ron, Harry
and his caretakers 2 sons. Cabin 5 was for Ginny, and the caretakers 2 daughters. They
are all your age and you will meet them as soon as .you get to the cabins. We felt it would
be great to meet some new young people. Cabin 6 is for the caretakers. Let's get settled,
shall we?
Ginny opened her link to Harry. "They look awfully small, don,t they?"
"They,re probably larger on the inside, magic you know", he replied.
"Right and I wonder what the other kids are like.I don,t fancy the idea of kipping with
strangers, do you? What was Sirius thinking of?"
"I don,t know, but we don,t seem to have a choice in the matter do we? We.ll have to
make the best of it, I guess"
"If Sirius thinks they,re okay,then they must be, don,t you think?"
"Yeah, they,ve no doubt been here for a long time.He must know them from when he was
in hiding from the Ministry."
"That could be. Here we are, cabins 4 and 5. See you later"
Ginny entered her allotted cabin to find two rather nervous looking girls waiting for her.
They looked to be at lest 15 or 16, she wasn't sure. "Hello, I'm Ginny Weasley. I just had
my 14th. birthday last week.I guess we'll be spending the next week together won't we?"
"Yes we will be. We're each half of twins", they laughingly said. "My name is Emmaline,
said the blond, blue eyed one, but I get called Emma all the time, so I guess it's Emma.
I'm 16".
"My name is Jasmine", said the brown-haired, brown eyed girl, and I'm sometimes called
Jas. I don't like the name Jas, so I'd rather be called by my proper name. I'm 15".
"We've been looking forward to this holiday since Uncle Sirius owled us all the details.
We've known him for a long time and that's why we call him Uncle. We have lots of good
stuff planned, and we know you will enjoy it all," added Emma.
Ginny had decided that she liked the girls immediately after she first met them, and after
they assured her that they were excited about meeting her and the others, and the fun they
had planned, she realized that they would soon become friends. Ginny unpacked and the
three of them decided to see how the boys were faring.
Meanwhile, Harry and Ron were becoming acquainted with as near carbon copies of the
two girls in Ginny,s cabin as two boys could be. The boys introduced themselves as Troy
and Adam. Troy was a blonde, blue-eyed 16 year old, and Emma's twin, while Adam was
a brown hair and brown-eyed 15 year old and Jasmine,s twin. The boys were soon
chatting amicably and after putting their clothes away, the four of them decided to see
how the girls were getting along.
The teens met in the area between the cabins. They laughed as they nearly ran into one
another. Introductions were made and acknowledged. "Look at how Ron and Jasmine are
eyeing one another, Harry. He,s even a bit pink,too."
"Good thing Hermiones not here, or she,d have his head on a platter', Harry answered.
"I may have to put someones head on a platter too. See how Emma is hungrily checking
you out?She may start drooling any moment now. I,m not jealous because I know you are
mine, but I think I should set her straight. Okay? That is, unless you are interested in her
also?" He shook his head 'no' quite violently.
"Harry is my boyfriend, and Soul Mate", she told the teens, and grinned to herself as she
saw Emma's dreams go down in flames. He gave me his Mum,s promise ring on my
birthday.She didn't want to be nasty but she knew that no one else stood a chance with
either her or Harry.
"You didn,t see the looks on both the boys, faces when you made that announcement, did
you Gin?" He sent her way.
"Oh well, now they all know who,s not free to pursue, but look at Ron, I,m not too sure
about him. We,ll have to keep our eyes on him this week"
Ron was besotted with Jasmine and she with him. They'd actually need to be watched this
The adults joined the teens and Sirius was thrilled with how well they were interacting.
Truth be told, Ron and Jasmine seemed to have quite a positive reaction to one another.
Poor Emma was looking at Harry as if she had lost something, even though she'd never
owned it in the first place. Harry only had eyes for Ginny, and no one else.
"Time here is magically controlled. It is the same time here now as it is at the Manor. We
are eating all of our meals with The Ambroses. They like to be called by their given
names, Anne and Brian. Let's be on our way, shall we?"
Entering the cabin, they looked around in amazement. It was huge. There was a delightful
breakfast room looking out over the beach and the water. None of them except the adult
Ambroses and Sirius knew where this Island was. It was unplottable and Sirius wanted it
kept that way. This was his hideaway and he did not want it sullied by any member of the
dark side.
After further introductions, they all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast Fruit and juices native
to the area was enjoyed by all, along with the usual bacon, eggs and toast. Anne noticed
how close Harry and Ginny were, and she noticed also how longingly Emma sent
sidelong glances at him. She needed to know if they were an item, for her daughter's
sake, and it would be best for Emma to find out first hand.
"So Harry, I imagine that with your dark good looks and those brilliant green eyes that
you are much in demand by the Witches in your school? And Ginny and Ron with that
beautiful red hair must be sought after as well?"
Ginny knew why she was asking the questions. She could see Emma stealing longing
glances at Harry, so she decided to leave it to Harry to answer this one. "Over to you
Harry. This one is yours"
Harry nearly choked on his piece of fruit, but swallowed quickly and looked at Anne.
"It wouldn't matter one bit to me if all the Witches in the Wizarding world decided to
chase after me. Ginny is my one and only love. We are Soul Mates and we will marry
when we are finished with our schooling. I just turned 15 and Ginny's 14. I know we're
young, but in the eyes of the Wizarding world, we are already married. But for now we
are just taking our relationship slowly."
Anne looked at her daughters slumped shoulders. She knew she was disappointed by this
news, but she would get over it.
"What about you Ron? Are you taken as well?"
Ron blushed and answered, "I'm too young to be taken. I,m only 15 as well, so there is
No Soul Bond for me for a long time yet"
Being men, Moony, Sirius and Arthur couldn't understand why Anne was asking these
questions. Sirius had known her for some time and it wasn't like her to pry into others
affairs. Sirius caught Ginny's eye and she mouthed, "Tell you later".
"Let's go into the lounge and discuss our plans and what we would all like to do this
week. We have seven days of fun and relaxation to enjoy. The wedding is on the last
Saturday in August, and you,re all back to Hogwarts on the Monday. I have more news
for you all. The Ambroses are returning with us. They will come to our wedding, and will
then be living in Black Manor over the next school year. The teens will transfer to
Hogwarts from their last school. I hope you will help in welcoming them to Hogwarts, no
matter which House they are sorted into. Can I count on you lot?"
Ginny and Harry readily agreed, and Ron looked as if it was his birthday and doomsday
all at once. He knew he was in deep trouble, if his gut feelings were spot on. He'd have to
get Harry alone to talk to him later without the male twins around. His feelings were
confusing him no end,
Following the announcement, the talk centered around which activities they would
indulge in during the next week.
Ginny got Sirius alone, and explained about Emma, and why Anne had grilled them about
whether they were 'taken' or not. Then she and Harry went for a walk of exploration, and
a bit of private time. They had very little of that over the summer, and looked forward to
The rest of the week, they swam, boated, and learned to surf, went fishing, played a
Muggle game called Beach Volleyball, which they enjoyed immensely, and anything else
they could think of to do. The adults joined them in many of the activities, but more often
than not, they could be found snoozing or just relaxing. Ginny noticed that her Mum
looked more rested than she had looked all summer. Her Dad looked rested also.
Ron was becoming closer and closer to Jasmine. He spent much of his time walking,
talking, and just sitting quietly with her on the beach. He asked Harry what he should do
about the fact that he liked Jasmine more every day. I feel different about her than I do
about Hermione. She,s not too serious. She laughs a lot, and she has a wicked sense of
humor. I,ve laughed more with her than in the last three years.
Harry told him that if he didn't have guilty feelings about spending time with her, then he
should do what felt right. He ended with, "Ron it is your choice to make and I can't tell
you what to, but since she will be attending Hogwarts, you have to tell her about
Hermione and explain everything to her. It is the only advice I will give you. Do the right
Ron took Harry,s advice and talked to Jasmine about Hermione. "I am not in love with
her, but I love her as a good friend. She and Harry were the first friends I had in first year.
Things happened to put us on the outs with Harry and Ginny, and it,s only been since this
summer, that Harry and I have begun healing the rift between us. Hermione still hasn,t
learned her lesson, and I doubt she ever will. I really thought I fancied her, but meeting
you has shown me that I just think of Hermione as a friend. I realy like you Jasmine, and
I hope we can become more than friends."
"I would like that, Ron, because I like you too,but not until you speak to Hermione. We
can,t build a relationship on lies. Are you okay with this?"
Ron agreed and felt better after this talk with Jasmine.
After a huge beach party on Friday night, which lasted well into the morning, everybody
went happily to bed. Sirius was extremely satisfied at how well the seven teens got along,
and Molly and Anne were fast becoming friends. All in all this had been a very
satisfactory week. He and Remus had spent a lot of quality time with their Fiancées, and
Arthur and Brian had talked for hours about Muggles and their toys. Their Portkey would
activate at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, and he would have Sunday to settle the
Ambroses into Black's Manor. He hadn't seen Harry so happy in a long time and it did his
heart good. All in all it had been a highly successful week.
5 o'clock Saturday, history repeated itself, and was privy to seven teens and eight adults
attempting to untangle themselves from a mess of legs and arms. The House Elves had
gathered in the yard to welcome them home and were busily trying to help everyone
while laughing so hard they could hardly stand up themselves.
Just then Dobby piped up, "I bet Harry pulled everyone over". '"That's enough Dobby, I'll
get you back", yelled Harry. This got them all laughing too and it took ages to sort out the
mess of tangled bodies. Eventually they were all standing and looking around. Harry
spied Dobby and took off running after him. "I'll take all your socks if I catch you."
Dobby was laughing so hard once more that he fell to the ground. He pulled his feet
under himself to protect his socks from Harry. "Okay, I won't take them this time but next
time, just you watch me.", he jokingly told the little elf.
The Ambroses were fascinated with the interaction between Harry and an Elf. Brian
looked to Sirius for an answer. "Harry and all his House elves are best friends. He is a
wonderful Master to them. They would die for him gladly as we all would. He is a special
person, and one day soon, we will sit down over a firewhisky, and I will tell you his story.
Ami took that time to come into the garden and announce an early dinner, as she knew
they would all be tired from their so-called vacation. Conversation was lively and soon it
was time for the Weasleys to leave for home, "that is if it is still standing after a week
with the twins living alone in it", she remarked as they left. Harry gave Ginny a
goodnight kiss and hug, and told her they could talk later tonight. He wanted to discuss
Ron and Hermione with her. They had seldom used their link during the week as they
were continuously doing some activity or other.
The Ambroses were staying overnight and Tonks and Jaydyn flooed home. Soon, silence
reigned supreme throughout the Manor.
Breakfast was a boisterous affair the next morning. Instead of just one, there were five
teens all chattering noisily. Looking out the door, Harry spied Ginny and Ron walking up
the path towards the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, Ginny was greeted by Harry's
open arms and a big hug. "Have you had breakfast?" he asked. Ron piped up, "Mum left
us to get our own meal because she was called out to a meeting, and so we came here
instead. We like Ami,s cooking better than ours, Ginny burns everything, I can't cook, so
here we are." As an afterthought he yelled out, "Hi everyone".
A chorus of 'Hi Ron and Ginny came from those present. It didn't take him long to sit
down and load his plate with everything he could reach. Harry still had hold of Ginny's
hand and led her to a chair beside him . She noticed that Emma was sitting on his other
side. Linking up, she said, "Emma doesn't give up does she?"
"Nope, but I don't pay any more attention to her than I do to any of the others."
"Oh well, she'll learn soon, and I hope it's sooner than later. She's just leaving herself
open for being hurt and it's no ones fault but her own."
"Yeah, but I don't encourage her at all. I look at her and just see a girl, I look at you and
see the girl I love who is also the most beautiful Witch in the world."
"That was sweet Harry, and I love you too. Maybe she'll find a bloke at Hogwarts, you
"We can only hope".
Ginny looked around the table at the others. Troy had his nose stuck in a book. "What are
you reading, Troy", Ginny asked. Troy reluctantly raised his head to look at her and told
her that it was his DADA book for year 6. I borrowed it from the Potter Library. I have
loads of work to catch up on because the curriculum here is different than at our other
school." This said he buried himself in the book once more.
Ginny grinned. Her thoughts ran away with her. She knew someone just like Troy,
Hermione! Maybe a bit of matchmaking wouldn't be a bad thing. Hermione has more in
common with Troy than she has with Ron. Hmm!.
"You wouldn't, would you?
"I forgot to close the link, I'm sorry love!"
"S,okay, but you really wouldn't ,would you?"
"Oh yes, I would and will. You know yourself that Ron and Jas are more alike than him
and Mione. She has more in common with Troy. I noticed that he was more serious all
week and didn't go anyplace without a book or two. Just like Hermione.Didn't you see
"You're right you know, he always has a book in his hands."
"Of course I'm right. I'm always right, don't you know?"
"You little vixen", and he laughed out loud.
"They're at it again. Linking and talking to one another", said Ron. "Fill us in on the joke
will ya mate?"
"Just a little private joke between the two of us. You'd have to be there mate, to appreciate
"Whatever. Any way what's on for today?" " Not much Ron. The whole Pack is flooing
over in another hour to meet our new friends. I thought it would be easier for them to
meet here than at school. We have one more week to train before the wedding and then
school starts"
"That sounds great Harry. Maybe we can have a fly to see how good you four are, cause
if you get in Gryffindor, we need reserves and new players for our quiddich team"
Adam and Jasmine both bounced in glee when they heard that they might stand a chance
getting on the Quiddich team. Troy and Emma weren't really into Quiddich. Emma would
only try out trying to impress an oblivious Harry. "How do we make sure we get in
Gryffindor?" Adam asked Ron.
"Well if you really want a certain house the sorting hat will sometimes go along with you.
Ask Harry, he knows all about that" Harry told them how the hat wanted to put him in
Slytherin. "But I pleaded with it. Not Slytherin, any house but Slytherin I kept saying,
and the hat put me in Gryffindor"
"Good that's what we'll do. But why not Slytherin? What's wrong with that house?"
"Well," said Harry, "that house has the largest number of Deatheaters as parents, and
marked students in all of Hogwarts. We have a Headmaster who believes that every
Junior Deatheater is redeemable, even if he catches them using an Unforgivable on
another student. He also thinks that allowing a student to suffer for years for the greater
good of the Wizarding World is just great as well. Don't get me going on that. Anyway to
answer your question, we think that Gryffindor is the best house of all."
Emma spoke up for the first time since Ginny and Ron arrived. "I'm sorry to change the
subject, but I've been wondering about something. Ron, you and Ginny came in from the
yard. Do you live nearby or next door or where?"
"I flashed in carrying Ron along for the ride", Ginny jokingly replied.
"Flashed? What's flashed?
"I'll try to explain", she answered. "Are you aware of what Animagi are?"
"Yes, we know what they are"
"We, that's our Pack members and Ron, have been training to be Animagi all summer.
Harry and I have two forms and are working on a third one. The others all have one form.
Ron and Luna have Magical forms. Harry and I each have a Phoenix and a feline forms.
His is a Lion and mine is a Lioness. Phoenixes can travel by fire, and that's how Ron and
I got here today. When we go outside to fly, we'll show you, won't we Harry?" she asked.
Harry agreed and the young people left for the yard and a game of quiddich.
"Before taking to the air, Harry and Ginny morphed into their Cat forms, and then their
Phoenix forms. They showed the twins the various things they had learned from Fawkes,
and then morphed back again.
The new comers were visibly impressed and showed their delight by applauding the
efforts of the two teens. "When can we learn too?' they asked almost as one. As soon as
school begins again, they were told.
Following this conversation the teens took to the air and flew around for a while. Harry
flew high and watched the others from a good vantage point. He was the new team
captain as the next ones in line for the title were going into their NEWT year and would
play, but not take on the captaincy. Alicia, Kate and Angelina, as well as former Captain
Oliver Wood recommended Harry, and so McGonagall had sent him his badge in his
school letter. Even the Weasley twins had voted for him too.
Watching them all fly, he noticed that Ginny was by far the best, followed closely by
Jasmine. She and Ginny seemed to fly in sync with one another. They would be great on
the reserve team. Chasers had to work together, and the two of them looked good.
Tryouts still needed to be held, but now he knew what Ginny and Jasmine were capable
of. Ron would be a good Keeper as Harry had seen in their many Quiddich games in the
orchard at the Burrow. None of the teams had airtime last year because of the TWT, so
they were facing the new season with the same chances as the other teams, and with lots
of practice, maybe Gryffindor would have a good chance at winning the Cup this year.
It was time to land and get on with some planning. The rest of the Pack would arrive
soon, if they weren't already here. Entering the house, they were just in time to see bodies
flying out of the floo in every direction. They must have all left at the same time. He'd
have to speak with Moony about coordinating the flooing time somewhat.
All the greetings over, Harry led the teens to the DADA room. The twins had left the
shop in the capable hands of their Mum. They wouldn't normally open on Sunday, but
this was a busy time for Hogsmead merchants. Molly wouldn't stand for any nonsense.
This shouldn't take long anyway.
The teens sat in a circle on the floor. Harry had the Pack introduce themselves to the new
teens. Seamus glanced a bit longer at Jasmine when she spoke her name, but received a
look from Ron that spoke volumes. He wondered how Hermione would feel about the
competition she would be facing from this pretty new Witch. It should be fun to watch.
Never a dull moment in Gryffindor tower
Questions and answers flew back and forth, as they became acquainted with each other.
After the teens settled down, Harry cleared his throat and ran his fingers through his hair
a time or two, a sure sign of nerves on edge. Ginny took his hand and squeezed it to let
him know of her support.
"The majority of you knew already that there is a Prophesy which came to Trelawney
before I was born. It states that Voldemort and me are the main characters and will fight
one another in the final battle. I went to the DOM, the first part of August with my
Guardians to learn what it says. I was going to wait until after I turned 16, but after the
events of the third task", and here he squeezed Ginny's hand tightly, "I felt that it was
better to see it as soon as possible."
"Most of you have already pledged your support to me in the war against Voldemort. You
need to know why I need that support. I cannot go into the last Battle alone. He won't try
yet as he's still trying to find ways to cleanse his blood and get back to full strength.
There's no way that he can accomplish this feat, as there isn't a Dark Magic Book in any
library to equal the ones in the Black and Potter Libraries, and Uncle Moony tells me
there is no cure listed in any of those books,so since it is in none of our books, then he
won,t find it anyplace else. This gives us at least two more years to prepare"
The Prophesy tells me quite bluntly that I am the only one with the power to kill the evil
git, or die trying. It is my destiny. My blood has weakened him tremendously. Together
and with the help of the Aurors and the many Witches and Wizards, we will be ready.
This year I intend to make friends with the Centaurs, Goblins and any others that we can
use in our fight for the light. If you want to back out, now is your chance." Since no one
was moving, Harry put his hand palm up into the center of the ring. Within seconds every
hand, including the newest teens joined his hand. He completed the ritual by topping the
pile of hands with his remaining hand. "One for all, and all for one", they all chanted.
"Thanks everyone. We have some great training to look forward to this fall and with any
luck we'll get a decent DADA teacher. If not, I have a few more letters to present. One
way or another I guarantee that we'll have a good teacher. Except for Luna, Emma, Troy
and the twins, we're all going into year five. If the Ministry sends a DADA Instructor, you
can bet we will be told that we don't need defensive training and that's only because they
don't believe Voldemort is back. We'll need to work together to fight this attitude. Are you
all with me?"
Everyone promised to do what they could, to fight the Ministry. Ron asked a question
that was on most minds. "Did you include Ginny in with the fifth year students?"
"Yes I did, Ron. Ginny and I approached Professor McGonagall to ask her if Ginny could
take fourth year tests. She asked Gin many difficult questions covering fourth year to
make sure she was able to sit the tests with the others. In case the lot of you was
wondering, I had to take a Wizards oath to not help her during the questioning, nor during
the exams. Ginny and I worked together all fourth year on our homework Because of our
link we passed knowledge back and forth to one another to the point where Gin knew all
the theory and practice for fourth, as well as her own year. Actually she was carrying a
double load. It didn't even faze her. She took both year tests and passed with flying
colors. When we got our marks back, we found that we had passed with first and third
highest marks for year four,and Ginny actually had top marks for third year as well. She's
one smart Witch. I came tops in fourth year and Ginny came in third. I don't know who
was second in our year, but can only guess it was Hermione."
Carrying on with his other news, he added. "Another thing that happened was that Ginny,
Ron and I took Occlumency lessons from a great Tutor for two weeks in August. He is a
brilliant instructor. He will teach Ginny and I to tutor you. You will be fascinated with his
teaching methods. Are you lot interested? No yelling, just hands please" Every hand went
"That's great everyone. It looks like we'll have an interesting year no matter who our new
DADA teacher is. Is there anything else we can think of?"
"Yeah Harry, I have a question", replied Dean. "What about Hermione? She would be a
great help in the war. She is good at looking up Spells and Hexes, she never gives up on a
problem until she has an answer and she's the best at finding just the right book to look
up everything we need to know about every time. I think we will definitely need her
"I agree with you Dean. She is the best at what she does. I will get together with her when
we get back to school, and if she can leave my House Elves out of the conversation,
maybe we can get her to join us."
"Guess if there's nothing else, Uncle Sirius is taking the Ambroses to his house and
helping them to move in for the next year. Of course, they're coming over Monday and
Tuesday to train and will attend the wedding on the 29th, so we'll get to know them
better. Okay?"
Fred and George announced they wouldn't be able to come for the last of the training
because they had to get ready for the students in September. "We will be at the wedding
though", said Fred.
All the teens had lunch with Harry before leaving for their homes, with most of them
promising they would be back the next morning. Harry, Ginny and Ron spent a couple
hours in the games room, relaxing.
The last week before school were taken up with two days of intensive training, final
preparations for the wedding, and Harry leaving for the Burrow to spend a couple days
with the Weasleys as he had promised. Unlike the last summer, there was no tension at
all. The teens had a great time flying, swimming, playing chess and much more. Harry
and Ginny went on a few walks and finally exercised their vocal chords for a change.
Actually, Harry found it easier to 'link' talk rather than actually talk aloud. They made
plans for the next year, and hoped that Hermione would once again be part of their group
of friends.
The headmaster would resume Wandless training with Harry and Ginny, as she seemed to
be able to master everything that Harry was able to master. Together they were becoming
very powerful. The Headmaster had thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Manor. He also
knew he was there on Harry's sufferance. His talks with Goderic and the Potters were
educational on both sides in many ways. Goderic advised him to work with Harry during
the next term, as it would be beneficial for everyone. "You've lost his trust and respect for
now, but don't lose his cooperation in the coming war. He needs your assistance and
knowledge, not your control" He was assured by Dumbledore, that he would indeed work
with; however not attempt to control, the young man.
That night, being his last night at the burrow, Molly made all of Harry's favorite foods
including a delicious Treacle Tart for dessert. When he saw the tart on the sideboard
before dinner, he asked if he just jump right to dessert, and only if he had room, he would
eat his other food. He tried the puppy eyes on her, but it didn't work. After all, she had
raised seven children, and was immune to the famous pouting mouth and sad eyes. Poor,
Harry, he'd have to wait. Much laughter, at his expense filled the kitchen at the surprised
look that flitted across his face when she refused his plea. Within seconds, he was
laughing at himself also. They had lots of fun with telling jokes and enjoying the last
night of his visit.
Harry returned to the manor on Saturday morning. The wedding was to be that evening,
and all the preparations were complete. There had been an adult only stag party for Sirius,
and a 'ladies night only' for Jaydyn the night before. The men were all hung over. Jaydyn
would arrive later but Tonks was at the Manor. She was really enjoying the men's misery
and would not brew them a hangover potion. If you want the potion, then you can brew it
yourselves. I didn't pour the Firewhiskey down your throats, so I'm not helping you with
your hangovers. She left laughing at the moaning and complaining coming from 'those-
who- couldn't –hold ' their Firewhiskey. As a parting shot, she called back really loudly of
course, "Jaydyn will be here in about two hours. Better perk up before then."
The Weasleys arrived en masse, a short time later as Molly had several things she wanted
to finalize. She also wanted to be here to greet Mrs. Forrester, Jaydyn,s Mother. It would
be her first time at the Manor, and she would feel confused with the hustle and bustle that
is part and parcel of every wedding.
The twins had some special plans for after dark. They'd been warned by their Mother to
keep it safe and tasteful.
"Now mother would ….
"We do anything that….
"Would be anything …
"But safe and tasteful….
"No !! Don't answer that Mum….
"We'll behave and be good, honest."
"You better be on your best behavior or else". The look she gave them let them know she
would accept nothing less from them.
The wedding would take place at 6:30 P.M. The sun would just be setting and the Garden
and Arbor were decorated in such a fashion that the rays from the sun would hi-light the
colors in the flowers and shine through the myriad of gems that the Elves had floating
among the leaves and flowers. The gentle perfume from the flowers filled the air. As 6:15
arrived, Harry and the other groomsmen seated the guests, and everyone remarked on the
beauty surrounding them.
Once everyone except Mrs. Forrester had been led to their seats, Remus walked up to the
front and stood beside Sirius. Harry then held his arm out to Mrs. Forrester and slowly
accompanied her up the aisle and seated her next to Mrs. Weasley. He then took his place
beside Moony.
The Ministry Wizard, who was to marry them, stepped up and faced the guests. The
music started and all eyes turned to the procession slowly walking up the golden carpet.
Ginny led the procession, and in Harry's eyes, the bride would need a miracle to hold a
candle to her beauty.
Ginny was followed in turn by Tonks. Harry looked twice at Tonks and still couldn,t
believe it was her. Her hair and face looked completely different than he had ever seen
her look before. He looked at Ginny questioningly and she smiled back at him.
"It's Tonks. That's her natural look."
"She's beautiful, isn't she? I didn't even recognize her. She should keep her natural looks
all the time, don't you think?"
"I agree. She is beautiful, and look at the way Moony is looking at her. "
Just then, the Wedding March began and the guests rose to their feet. Jaydyn had asked
Kingsley Shacklebolt to walk her down the aisle in the absence of her father. He had felt
honored to perform this favor for her and Sirius. They were all great friends and
Jaydyn, on the arm of Kingsley was a vision in white satin and tulle, and Sirius nearly
passed out in his joy at seeing her walking toward him.
When asked who gave her hand in Marriage, Kingsley answered, looking at her Mother,
and speaking loudly so she could hear the words. Today, she is given in Marriage by her
Mother and the loving Heart and Spirit of her Father. Many sniffs could be heard at his
"That was so beautiful, Harry. Mrs. Forrester is wiping her eyes and so is Mum."
"It was just the right thing to say," he replied to her. Best listen now."
Actually Harry was so busy glancing at Ginny and wondering what it would be like to be
marrying her, that he hardly noticed a word that was said. The words, "It is my pleasure
to present to you all gathered here, Mr. and Mrs. Sirius Black., or as the bride told me in
no uncertain terms, Sirius Black and his wife, Jaydyn Forrester-Black. You may kiss your
bride now Mr. Black".
Amidst laughter at the Ministers words, and applause, the newly married couple ran
down the aisle trying to avoid the confetti, which changed into colorful miniature
butterflies when they encountered everyone. Ginny loved them and told Harry she
wanted some at their wedding. "Whatever your heart desires, I will do for you. Your
every wish is my command Milady"
"You are so silly. Have you been reading Shakespeare again?" "No, It's just more advice
from Granddad. He's fun to learn from"
The reception was fantastic. The male Elves, led by Dobby had done all of the
decorations, and Mitzi and Winky prepared the majority of the food, with some help from
Molly of course. It was fabulous. Harry ate as if there was no tomorrow or no next day
either. Ginny had the Weasley appetite so enjoyed a large variety of the delicious food.
Following the meal, the dancing was led by the happy Bride and Groom. Harry and
Ginny danced together all night. Poor Emma didn,t have a chance because he had eyes
only for his Ginny.
As it became dusk, the grounds became alive with thousands of fireflies spelled to fly in
unique patterns over the grounds. What a remarkable sight. Then as dusk turned to
darkness, the twins presented a fire works display that no words could be found to
describe. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.
Harry had a new Aunt/ Guardian, his Uncle Sirius finally had the happiness he well
deserved, and he had acquired an extended family to love, and he knew somehow that
they loved him in return. Oh yes! His life was as perfect as he could ever wish for it to be.
Harry spent all day Sunday in the games room. Ginny and Ron flooed over and even
between the three of them, they couldn't work up enough energy to do anything more
strenuous than watching the telly. The reason behind this lethargy was the fact that they
had spent the night before dancing to every dance no matter how slow or how fast the
"My feet still feel like they're on fire", complained Ron. "How about you guys?"
"Hey, I'm not a guy. I'm a girl I'll have you know. But yeah, my feet are killing me too.
"Mine too. And I'm sore all over. Some of those dances were killers. But I had a great
"Jaydyn looked beautiful didn't she? And Tonks! Who would have thought she was so
pretty. I know you thought so Harry. You should have seen the look on your face. I was
afraid I'd have to run over and push your chin back up. You were doing a perfect fish
impression", she added giggling at him.
"Aww come on Gin. I didn't look that bad. You're the only one I love but can't I even
look? I guess because I was expecting Tonks, I was surprised when I saw someone who
didn't look one bit like her. I asked her later why she didn't keep her natural look all the
time but she told me it was better for her as an Auror to be in disguise on the job. She
saves her 'pretty face' for Moony"
"You know the saying Potter.' You can look, but don't touch'."
Ron, who had been fairly quiet up till now, changed the subject by asking if Harry had his
supplies from Diagon Alley yet. "No Ron, We're going tomorrow. Moony has business at
Gringotts and I'll get my things while he's busy. I suppose that since we leave for
Hogwarts on Tuesday, you're both done your shopping?"
"Yeah but we'd still like to go with you if it's okay? We asked Mum before we came over,
and she says it's okay with her.
The teens made plans to meet in Diagon alley, and Ron and Ginny took their leave soon
The next morning the three were to meet in Flourish and Blotts. Harry was a bit early, so
he browsed around in the DADA section while he waited for them to arrive. He found
and bought the latest in DADA textbooks. When they arrived, Harry greeted Ginny with a
chaste kiss on the cheek. After all, her brother was with them. They wandered the Alley
stopping in several shops along the way ending up of course in the Diagon branch of
Honeydukes Candy shop. This was by far the favorite stop of all and the teens filled bags
with several of their favorite treats. Knowing Ron, his would all be gone before they
boarded the Hogwarts express tomorrow morning.
Moony joined them for lunch and after eating the four of them went to fortescues for ice
cream. It was approaching the time to leave as they still had to finish their packing. They
had all purchased new items for school, so finishing their dessert, the four of them left for
their respective homes. They'd had a great day, and Harry had a feeling he'd better enjoy
it, because 'great days' would be few and far between when the returned to school.
Harry enjoyed his last dinner with Moony, Tonks and all the Elves seated around the
table. Dobby was also returning to the Castle, as he wanted to keep his eye on Harry and
the others. He would be Moony,s eyes and ears in the school. Winky was happy to stay at
the manor, as Harry would spend the occasional weekend here with all of them. Harry
promised to send messages often to keep them up on the news.
"Harry", said a serious Moony," I've heard some rumors concerning Fudges, choice of a
new DADA instructor. She is his right hand in the Ministry. Fudge is planning a coup
against for Dumbledore because of the mess he made with both you and Sirius's lives.
His hands were tied against Dumbledore at the time your Lawyers presented the evidence
from your parents, because as you know Fudge was just as guilty as the Headmaster was.
He knew very well everything there was to know, and he couldn't chastise Dumbledore in
public without his own guilt in the matter being made known. Remember Harry, keep
your letter and pager in your pocket at all times. If it's who I think it is, she declares that
she is neutral in this upcoming war, but she leans more to the dark, from what I've heard."
Harry promised to be cautious. He had spent many hours talking to his Granddad and
parents. The knowledge they had imparted to him had helped him to mature far greater
than years lived could. "You know Uncle Moony, I had a feeling that something was
troubling the Headmaster when he was working with Ginny and I during that two week
period. He would look at me and sometimes shake his head as if to clear thoughts away. I
think he already knew who the new DADA teacher was going to be, and I think he is
worried for all of his students. Don't worry about us. We've already had the best
Instructors in the Wizarding World in you and the other members of my family teaching
us, and we won't let that git Fudge get the best of us through his flunky"
"Just stay one step ahead of them at all times. Snape will be happy to have another
teacher who hates the lot of you in Gryffindor, but don't let him bother any of you. Even
with the Board of Governors and Dumbledore behind him, his days in the castle are
numbered. We have enough evidence of his double dealings to use against him and
Dumbledore, that they shouldn't be too much of a problem for a while. Just keep the Pack
training, and you should actually bring in more new members. The more of you that are
trained, the better off we will all be."
"After goodnights all around, Harry decided he'd better get his packing done. He had a lot
to tell Ginny too. Most of what Moony told him was troubling to the teen, and he needed
a fresh perspective on it all. Morning would come earlier than usual, as he still had to do
his morning exercises so he couldn't sleep in. He finished his packing and laid his clothes
out for morning. Crawling into bed, he opened his link to Ginny. She asked him to wait as
she was just finishing her packing and would reopen the link again after she crawled into
bed, which she did about fifteen minutes later. He told her everything that Moony told
him, and they discussed it all for a while, and then turned to pleasanter subjects. Soon
they were both yawning and decided to say goodnight. Sleep came easily to them both, as
the last three days had been busy ones.
Harry, Moony and Tonks arrived at Kings Cross station the next morning to find several
Aurors stationed there. All the students were ordered to go right through the barrier.
Arriving on the Train Platform, Harry looked for and found the sea of red haired people.
Ginny ran to him and hugged him tightly. 'We'll talk later. Ron and I have some things to
tell you we weren't supposed to hear. I love those extendible ears. We'll tell you about
them too. Let's find the others. Emma and her siblings aren't here yet and we should wait
for them as they'll be anxious because it's their first time using the Express."
"Okay, you wait and I'll put our trunks in a compartment. Did you get your Mum to
shrink yours for you?" before she could answer, Ron ran over with the Ambrose twins
following. Quick let's get a compartment. Our trunks are all shrunk, and we aren't
supposed to linger on the platform. The Aurors have been telling everyone to settle in
As they headed toward the train they heard someone calling. "Ron, wait up", and
recognizing the voice he turned to wait. Hermione was running for all she was worth,
pushing her trolley ahead of her. Ron quickly shrank her belongings, and dragged her
unceremoniously onto the train behind the others. Being early, they had a first choice of
compartments and were lucky to find a double one. It would hold at least sixteen
students. Settling in they introduced Hermione to the Ambrose twins. Her glance lingered
a bit on Troy who was as usual pulling a book out of his pocket. He smiled at her
questioning look and said, "I have a lot to catch up on. The curriculum is different here.
Uncle Sirius gave us a book to read on the History of Hogwarts and it was fascinating. I
can't wait to see the Castle."
Troy's sisters and brother were looking at him in awe. They'd never heard him talk so
openly to a girl before. Looking around at the others, Jasmine saw the look of glee on
Ginny's face and a slight look of relief on Ron's face. Harry just looked gobsmacked.
Looking at Hermione she could see that she was hanging onto every word that came out
of her brother's mouth and was impressed with what she was hearing.
The compartment door opened and the rest of the pack piled in. "Wow you blokes got
here early didn't you? This is the first time we've had enough room for this many people
to sit, remarked Dean. "Good thing too, cause our numbers have almost doubled"
Harry answered worriedly, "Yeah the Aurors were shoving the students on the train as fast
as they came through the Barriers. The parents couldn't even come through with us.
Something must be up. They've never done that before. Maybe Voldemort is stirring up
some trouble."
Fred spoke up, "George and I are sitting with our year mates but we just wanted to see
you all before we join them. We'll talk later because we've heard some things we weren't
supposed to, and there's definitely something going on. See you all later"
Harry warded the door so that Malfoy and his goons couldn't bother them and began
telling them the things Moony had told him. "This could end up being a difficult year. If
Fudge has his way, Professor Dumbledore will be out of Hogwarts in a heartbeat. We
have to see that it doesn't happen. No matter what mistakes he has made in the past, his
loyalties lay with Hogwarts first and everything else is secondary."
Ginny angrily piped up, "Harry how can you condone what he did to Sirius and you?
There's no excuse for his actions"
"Ginny and you lot, I'm going to explain some things to you."I still don't trust
Dumbledore to do what is best for me as an individual. Granddad, Mum and Dad sat me
down one day and lectured me on the responsibilities that he carries on his shoulders
while running the school. Yes, he knows he has junior Deatheaters, yes, he knows that
Snape is not completely on the up and up, and yes, he knows what the Ministry is
attempting to do. He knows Fudge is planning a coup against him with the help of the
new Ministry and Board approved DADA teacher. Can you imagine the burden that is on
his shoulders? I have learned to respect him for the job he is doing. I would trust him
with my life. He would die for any one of his students, even the evil ones. I learned so
much from my folks even though they are only alive to me in their portraits. I will work
with the Headmaster in any way I can, and learn as much as I can from him. I would like
it if you would all do the same. Harry was pleased with the acceptance of his plea that he
saw in all their faces.
We'll give the new DADA teacher a month. Don't take anything off her. If she tries
anything that you know is wrong, I have a means to stop her. Except for Luna, Emma,
Troy, and the twins, we will be taking our DADA classes together. You others, if she tries
anything, any-thing- at- all, do whatever you have to calm her down, and we'll discuss it
later. Don't argue with her about anything at all. I have a bad feeling about her and my gut
feelings are always spot on. I don't mean to alarm you all but forewarned is forearmed."
Hermione asked, "What does Fudge think he's doing trying to get rid of the Headmaster.
Maybe he's under Imperius. Could that be it?"
"No, I don't think so". Harry answered, "I just think he's afraid that Professor Dumbledore
wants his job. He's paranoid about it. Now we have something else to discuss. Hermione,
we have a group we call the Pack. We have a secret meeting room and have our own
DADA training classes as often as we can. We feel that you and the Ambrose twins would
be an asset to the club and the question is would the five of you, Hermione, Troy, Emma,
Adam and Jasmine like to join us?" The Ambroses replied in the affirmative. Harry
turned to Hermione for her answer.
"First what changed your mind about me, Harry?" asked Hermione.
Harry answered, "We're heading for a war with Voldemort within the next two to three
years, and we have to work together to win it. We can't let a petty difference of opinions
get in our way. If you join us Hermione, I have only one rule you must follow. Never
discuss my Elvin family where I can hear you ever again. Understood?"
She wanted to agree with Harry's condition, even though she was reluctant to give up
without a fight. She had learned that some things were best left unsaid. She wanted to be
his friend again, and would do whatever it took to accomplish it.
Before she could speak again, Seamus looked up laughing and pointing his finger at the
compartment door. "Will you look at Malfoy and his gang?" Everyone turned toward the
door to see Malfoy mouthing off without any sound reaching those inside. Not only was
this strange, as no one had noticed any charms used on the door, but Goyle and Crabbe,s
hands were stuck fast to the windows, one on each side of the door. Being able to see but
not hear the laughing students in the car, Malfoy was becoming angrier and angrier by the
second. He raised his wand and began to throw a hex at the door but was shocked when
his wand flew out of his hand. He turned to see an Auror holding his wand in his free
hand. Ron sneaked the tail of an extendible ear under the door so they could at least hear
some of what the Auror was saying.
"………… your problem? You had no reasonable provocation to hex these students.
Now tell me, what is the problem with your friends? Why are they stuck to the window
"It's all Saint Potters fault. We were just walking by and they attacked and Hexed us and
then closed their door on us when we tried to fight back."
"It's too bad you didn't know we were guarding this car. My partner and I were under our
invisibility cloaks and saw everything that happened. We will report this to the
Headmaster and he can mete out your punishment."
Harry Wandlessly released the charms from the car window, and Crabbe and Doyle's
hands fell to their sides. The trio ran speedily down the aisle after Malfoy sent a
venomous glare Harry's way.
The Auror looked at Harry and with a small wink; donned his cloak and was once more
invisible to the students.
"Hermione was impressed with the charms Harry had used on the doors and windows of
their compartment. What charms and spells did you use, and why didn't we see you using
"Colloportus to seal the door and a sticking charm on the windows before we entered the
compartment. Malfoy always honors 'not', us with his presence on our way to and from
Hogwarts. I had Granddad teach me some extra charms and spells to discourage him and
his goons. Worked didn't it? I'll have to owl Uncle Moony and ask him to thank Granddad
for me"
"Oh yes, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Now I remember!
Hermione do you accept my only condition to you joining us in our Pack?" "Yes Harry,
I'll accept your condition."
I'm glad you agreed. I have no problem with you trying to make the lives of 'abused'
Elves better. Heck, I'd even help you to free any Elves that have evil Masters. You need to
learn that many Elves have good Masters and happy homes, like those of my Manor.
They are happy with their lot in life. You need to concentrate on the downtrodden ones"
"Yeah Hermione," piped up Seamus. "We have a ball with Dobby and the other elves at
the Manor. They are the wickedest pranksters you'd ever want to see. They taught the
Marauders everything they knew. They love all of us,or so they tell us when we're there
with them. .We consider them our friends."
"Okay you lot, you've convinced me. I can renew that promise to you happily now Harry"
"Good, now let's play some Exploding snap until the food trolley comes. Oh wait, we
don't need to buy anything, Ron will share what he bought yesterday at Honeydukes,
won't you Ron?" Ron turned a bit red as he glared at a grinning Harry. "I don't have much
left. The twins got into it last night."
His sister tattled on him saying, "Come on Ron, they weren't even home till late last night
and you were already in bed. No wonder you had a stomach ache this morning," and she
broke out in laughter at his expense.
Neville pulled out his deck of cards and a rousing game was under way in no time. The
game halted long enough to buy their treats from the food trolley, and resumed soon after.
The rest of the trip was quite uneventful, and the group of teens arrived at Hogwarts with
a few singed eyebrows here and there and a few singed spots on their robes.
Arriving at Hogsmead, the group that had grown to a grand total of fourteen students,
scattered in groups of four and five to get into the carriages. The Ambroses hadn,t wanted
to cross in the little boats with the little firsties, so they had received permission to travel
with the others in the Carriages.Harry, Ginny, Ron, Jasmine and Adam were in one
carriage and the others were in ones right behind them. Ginny saw Troy helping
Hermione into the next one in line. She was blushing a bit at the attention. Ginny was
thinking, "Maybe I won't have to do a thing. I think it will happen on it's own"
"What will happen on it's own?
"Nosy are we? Hermione and Troy. I'll tell you later, okay?"
Within minutes, the carriages began pulling up, one by one, in front of the doors of the
Castle. All the pack members including the newest ones entered the Great Hall. The
Ambroses were visibly impressed with their first sight of the imposing Castle.
Professor McGonagall separated Troy and his siblings, from the rest of the students. They
were to enter with the first years, but last in line. They stood and listened attentively to
her little speech, which she gave every year to all the new student. She checked in the
Hall and seeing everyone seated, she asked them to follow her into the hall. "Now, double
file and stand across the front of the hall in a straight line. Are you all ready? If so, let's
go now"
The older students felt out of place following the little ones into the Hall and looked
neither right nor left. Each of them was reciting a mantra furiously to themselves. "Not
Slytherin. Gryffindor if you please" And Troy decided to add, "We have to help Harry, so
yes thank you, Gryffindor".
The hat sang it's usual cheery song with only one small warning of dark times to come so
work together, or else, and it was time for the actual sorting.
Gryffindor received six new first years. It was time for the Ambrose twins to take their
The first one called was Jasmine. The Hat quickly called out Gryffindor. Ron applauded
the loudest and Hermione looked at him with a slight frown on her face. "Oh no", thought
Adam went next and he too became a Gryffindor.
Emma took so long that the professors were becoming worried. The Hat wanted to place
her in Slytherin because it could sense her desire to do everything possibly to break up
Harry and Ginny, but she insisted on 'not Slytherin', so he gave her a good talking to and
told her she was setting herself up for a fall, but Gryffindor it is. She ran to the Gryffindor
table and tried to give Harry a hug, but he turned away from her letting her know clearly
that he was not interested in her advances. Her face turned red from embarrassment and
she sat down on the other side of Jasmine.
Troy also became a Gryffindor and so their House grew by a grand total of ten new
Professor Dumbledore made a couple of announcements, one of which was to introduce a
toad faced Witch as their new DADA teacher, Professor Jane Umbridge. Except for the
Slytherins, there was very little applause following her introduction. Just on first
impressions alone, they knew she spelled trouble with a capital 'T'.
Following dinner and the rest of the announcements, the prefects led the students to their
respective Towers. Harry called for a quick meeting in their Den. He had been right.
There was going to be trouble, and he intended to be on top of it before the toad knew
what had hit her.
There was still an hour until curfew so Harry knew there was time for a short meeting.
Harry and most of the others gradually left through the portrait hole. The new members
followed closely with the Weasley flanking them. Once they were all seated in the Den,
Hermione raised her hand to get attention. "I have some questions Harry"
"I'm sorry Hermione, but there's no time for a question period tonight. We have a few
important things to discuss. We'll call a full meeting for Saturday and you'll learn our
rules and aims then"
"You all know we have a new DADA teacher, but we'll still train here in the den. We may
have to speak to the Headmaster for permission to meet somewhere else to offer training
to the other students. From what I learned from Moony, this so-called teacher isn't even
an ex Auror or former teacher and from what he could find out, she has no qualifications
to be a teacher of DADA or any other subject. He warned me to watch out for her as she
leans to the dark side but she swears that she is not on any side"
"Now Fred you said you had news for us?"
"Professor Dumbledore has re-called the Order of The Phoenix because of the re-birth of
Voldemort, and we heard that Voldy,s been sending junior Deatheaters out to terrorize
Muggles and half bloods as training towards their advancement in the ranks. I heard
Malfoy Juniors name mentioned as one of the ones they saw at a raid. By the size of his
partners, they figured it was Crabbe and Goyle. There were so many raids this summer
that Hogsmead may be off limits to the school too, and here we just opened our first shop
here instead of Diagon alley. None of the people killed were familiar to us but some of
the new Order Members knew some of the names mentioned. That’s all we heard, sorry".
"That's great guys. It's more than we knew before. We have just enough time to give our
new Pack members their parchment and show them how they work"
Once this was done, the Pack gradually drifted off to the Tower. Ginny waited behind for
Harry to close up. "We have so many new members now, I wish there was another way
into the den", she said. "It would be easier to keep it secret".
"I have my cloak, so help me check the walls for any sign of another opening. Here Gin,
we'll start from where we are now. You go right and I'll go left. Rub your finger over
every bit of wall. Maybe there is another way out. The teens began examining the wall
inch by inch. As Ginny got to a point on the wall directly opposite where they had started
from, something about this section of wall felt different from the rest. "Harry quick, I
think I found something" She was running her finger over a surface near the Portrait of a
Greek God riding a Winged Horse. Harry tapped the area around the Portrait lightly with
his knuckles and when he pushed the portrait aside to repeat the tapping, he discovered a
small metal ring recessed in the wall. He pulled on the ring and a door opened into a
narrow corridor.
"Come on Gin, let's see where this leads. Harry and Ginny drew their wands, muttered
Lumos and began walking the length of the corridor. Before too long they reached a door.
"Careful Harry, we may not like what we find behind this door." The door was sealed
tight. They tried Alhomora, nothing! Trying to think of another spell to use, Ginny got an
idea and said, "I swear that I am up to no good, and the door slowly opened. Harry gave
Ginny a quick kiss and remarked. "Wow Ginny, you are brilliant" "Well of course I am,
and don't you forget it either Mr. Potter", she retorted back laughing.
Carefully peeking through the opening, they were excited to find they were in the darkest
corner of the Gryffindor Common room. They entered in quietly, and saw that they were
in a spot not readily seen by the others. It was too dark to study in, but just right for
snogging. Yes!! Not only did they find a short cut to the Den but a good snogging place
as well. Except for Ron and the twins, the common room was empty.
Pulling the cloak over both of them, Harry gestured for Gin to be still and he led her to a
spot near where the others sat facing the Portrait Hole. Seeing no one watching, Harry
slipped the cloak off and into his pocked in one smooth movement.
"Hi guys, who are you waiting for?" asked Ginny.
The three boys jumped and turned to face their sister and Harry.
Ron yelled out, "How'd you two get in here? We've been watching the Hole since we got
back from the meeting."
Harry and Ginny laughed at the looks on their faces. "Quiet and we'll show you lot
something we found in the Den. Follow us" Harry led them over to the recess in the
corner. Ginny said the Marauders phrase, and to the amazement of her three brothers, a
door opened. "Come on let's go" said Harry leading the way. They soon reached the other
door and with the same phrase, it opened revealing the Den.
"Brilliant" was Ron's comment. The twins were nearly speechless. "Yeah what he said"
was Fred's response, quickly agreed to by George.
Harry explained how Ginny had wished they had another way to get into the room and so
they started hunting for another door. "Ginny found it," he proudly told the teens. "Way to
go sis", and they each gave her a hug.
"We'd better get back before we're missed", warned George.
Harry warned the three to keep this to themselves, as he wanted to show the door to the
others, a few at a time during the next week. The five teens returned to their common
room, and after kissing Ginny goodnight, Harry and the boys climbed the stairs to bed.
Trying their best to be quiet, they entered the dorm to find their dorm mates still awake in
their respective beds.
"What kept you blokes? We've been waiting to talk about something we heard after we
left the Den," said Neville.
"What was it, Neville?"
"We overheard a couple seventh years talking, or should we say snogging in that little
recess, you know the one, off the hallway just before you get to the Fat Lady. The girl
told the bloke that she overheard someone saying that the 'toad' had orders to get rid of
'Harry Potter and Dumbledore'. He asked her who she heard it from, but she said she
didn't recognize the voice, and by the time she turned to see who the student was, there
was no one on sight. "We'd better warn Potter in the morning", the bloke told her and they
started snogging again so we left. We didn't want them to know we'd been eavesdropping
on them.
"Thanks guys, now we have something to tell you too. Lets all sit on my bed and talk."
After the teens scrambled up on his bed, he waved his wand around and muttered a
silencing charm on the curtains. "I wouldn't put it past the 'toad' to put listening devices in
the dorms. We'll have to be extra careful what we talk about outside the den. Any way we
found another door into a short hallway leading to the Den. It's in a dark corner of the
common room. We'll have to work out how to use it without any one getting suspicious.
We'll talk more about it tomorrow. I'm tired and we need to get to sleep or we'll never get
up in the morning"
Harry removed the silencing charm, and the boys returned to their beds. Ron and Harry
quickly undressed and got into their pajamas and soon all was quiet except for Ron's loud
Breakfast was a noisy affair at the Gryffindor table. A seventh year girl approached Harry
and squatted beside him. Very quietly she told him what she overheard, and advised him
to be on the alert. He thanked her, and Ginny opened their link after she left his side.
"She looked worried, Harry. What's wrong?"
"She overheard students talking and one told the other that 'toady' has orders from
someone to get rid of the Headmaster and me. They didn't say how she was gonna do this
"I guess we'll have to be even more careful now won't we?"
"Yeah, we need to be extra quiet in her classes and not give her anything to use against
Just then, their head walked down the row of Gryffindors and passed them all their
timetables. Harry told Ginny that at least they didn't have Dada until the next day and
he'd warn the Pack tonight about the threat.
The days classes went as smoothly as a day with double potions can go. Gryffindor lost
thirty points, but Slythindor only lost ten points. It looked like Snape had a short memory,
so Harry continued to tape the classes. He still bottled extra samples of his potion, so that
he could send them to Moony. Moony used the potions lab in the Manor to check his
results as well as now brewing his own Wolfsbane potion with help and directions from
Lily's portrait. He also gave Dumbledore samples, which he could keep as proof of
Snape,s bias against him. Dumbledore wasn't happy about having to do this, but Harry
gave him no choice in the matter.
That night Harry sent an owl to his uncle telling him about how Ginny and him found the
secret entrance. He then gathered all the pack in the corner where the secret door was and
after putting up a Silencing charm, he told them the phrase to open the door. "We'll all
learn during the week, but for now, I need to warn you all about the 'toad'."
She's been ordered to get rid of the Headmaster and me as soon as possible. I know it's
not on Fudge's orders, but I'm sure it's Voldemort,s orders. If both the Headmaster and I
are gone, the wards will weaken and his Deatheaters could take over the Castle. Most of
you know that I'm the Heir of Gryffindor, and now that the rest of you know, you also
know it's a Den secret. As the heir, my magic, along with Professor Dumbledore's, is
keeping the wards protecting the Castle strong. No one knows this, especially the
Ministry. She doesn't know this next bit either, but because Ginny and I share a Soul
Bond, her magic is nearly equal to mine and the Castle is also calling on her magic to
become even stronger"
"In our classes with her, she will try to goad us into anger, so she can give us as many
detentions as possible. Hermione you need to get out of the habit of putting your hand up
all the time to answer her questions." Hermione was about to object, but Harry told her he
meant what he said. If you antagonize her, she'll find a way to take it out on me somehow
or other."
"Agree with everything she says. No matter what she says to you bite your tongue and
answer just yes M,aam or no M,aam in reply. If she doesn't teach us what we need to
learn, we still have the Den and our lessons in there. The Den is unplottable, and if it gets
too bad, I'll ask the Headmaster for permission to use another room to teach a few others
as well. Moony advised us to recruit new members. Please, keep your calm at all times no
matter how angry she makes you, and she will, trust me on that. I have a few tricks up my
sleeve. She doesn't know I can do Wandless magic. She'll be sorry she ever came to
Hogwarts to work for Voldy"
Harry asked some of them to block the view from the common room and he'd take the
first three members to see the new passage. "Okay now Hermione, Troy and Neville, you
three first. Keep low and follow me. You others make sure nobody is watching us"
When Hermione and the boys returned, Neville was anxious to talk about the room, but
Harry stopped him. "Even with the Silencing Spell, we need to be careful. By Saturday
when we have our first full meeting, everyone will know how to use the new entrance
and you can go into the Den whenever you want to. It doesn't show up on the marauders
map, so no one will be able to find it". It's also a good room to study in" He looked at
Hermione and Troy when he said this, and she blushed a bit at the remark.
He removed the Charm and most of them wandered slowly back to their usual chairs,
some to finish homework and others to play games or just talk about Quiddich. Harry
dropped into what he called his big cushy chair in front of the fire, and Ginny curled up
on his lap to cuddle. They didn't snog in front of her siblings, but cuddling was good.
They talked quietly about the things they wanted to do this year. Their feelings for one
another were growing stronger with each passing day. He had originally planned to ask
her to be his girlfriend when school started again, but that was a given what with their
Bond. He could still officially ask her the next thing he'd promised to ask. "Ginny, if they
post any Hogsmead weekends, will you be my date?"
Excitedly she answered, "Oh yes, I'd love to be your date", and without thinking she
smothered his face in little kisses. Harry was glad they were hunkered down deep in the
cushy chair or her brothers would surely be pounding him by now. Instead, he just
grinned goofily and kissed her back. They talked for a while longer, and soon it was
nearly curfew. Harry stood up and reminded his fellow Gryffindors not to anger the 'toad'
Umbridge. She had it in for their entire House, so be careful of her. Fifth years would find
out the next morning, as DADA was their first class of the day. Looking around, he spied
Ron sitting alone with Hermione in the corner talking quietly. Sensing someone watching
him, he looked up and saw Harry with a puzzled expression on his face. Nodding to him,
he stood and said goodnight to Hermione and joined Harry on the stairs. Ginny waited for
Hermione and together the two girls went to their dorm.
Fifth year had Herbology for first period, followed by DADA. Entering the DADA
classroom, the students had nothing but bad feelings about their so-called teacher. Even
Hermione, who always preached that one should always respect their Professors, and
blindly took their word in everything they said, was taken aback at the aura emanating
from this creature. And she was a creature. She, in no way resembled a human as much as
she looked like an ugly toad.
The students took their seats as she looked disdainfully around the classroom. Her glance
settled on Harry for a scant second, but the venom in the glance told him what to expect.
She took a roll of parchment and opening it to full length, she began a form of roll call.
As she called each name, she added a bit of conjecture with each one. A Slytherin student
received a knowing smirk from her, a Gryffindor student would hear, Pureblood traitor, or
Mudblood. Gasps were heard throughout the room, even from some of the Slytherins, but
when she got to Harry's name, she looked venomously at him and calling his name added,
useless Half-blood. It won't take long for your friends to realize that you're a marked
Wizard, and that they will be in danger as well as you. Harry looked at her and in a calm
voice, said the same thing that all the Gryffindors had said, "Present, M,aam". This
infuriated her as nothing else could have. She wanted him to speak back to her. This was
not what she planned. She completed the roll call and put the parchment into the folder.
Umbridge informed the class that they would not need their wands in her class. "This
year you will be working on the theory behind magic spells and Curses. So please turn to
the first chapter in your DADA book." "That should get a response from the brat".
Instead, most of the rumbling over her announcement came from the Slytherins. All the
Gryffindors opened their texts to the first chapter and looked expectantly to her for
further orders.
It tickled Harry and the others to see how agitated she was becoming. His wand was
under his text in tape mode, and he would give her nothing to use as a weapon against his
fellow classmates or him.
Umbridge tried numerous times to anger Harry and his classmates but none of them
reacted to her at all. Their "Yes M,aam and no M,aam was the only answer she received
from them. Finally, she could take no more of this. She would get a reaction one way or
the other. "What would you do Mr. Potter if 'You –Know- Who' were to walk into the
classroom right now?"
"I thought that according to the Ministry, he did not return, M,aam.", he replied.
"He didn't return and anyone who says different is lying. Answer my question. What
would you do to defend yourself?"
"I'm only a fifth year, so I wouldn't have the training as yet to fight him. That's what we
are taught in DADA classes, but we only have our fourth year level at this time, M,aam."
The class could feel the tension building from the 'toad' as they thought of her. Harry still
seemed very calm and collected.
"So you're telling me that he is back but you don't know how to defeat him, is that it?"
"No, I have no idea whether he is back or not, the Ministry says he isn't so I don't think he
is back. They would know wouldn't they, M,aam?" Harry was seething inside. He knew
what she was trying to do, but he would not let her win this battle of wills.
Finally, red in the face she told them to read the first three chapters for next weeks DADA
class. She then told Harry to remain for a few minutes. Simpering she told him that she
would give him a late slip for his next class. The students left the room and Harry opened
his link to Ginny.
"Don't let her get to you Harry. I know she's going to try"
"Nope, she'll never get me to crack"
"Where did that come from?"
"Just an old detective show I saw on the Dursleys telly a long time ago. I thought it
sounded neat."
"You are nutters, you know that don't you?"
"Yeah but you love me anyway, don't you? Listen she's about to speak"
"Now Harry, we're alone and you can be honest with me. You really believe that You-
Know-who came back at the end of the third task, now don't you?'
"Who told you something like that? The Ministry says he's not back and that's good
enough for me. They know everything don,t they?"
"But you told them he was back"
"But they convinced me that he wasn't, so I have to believe them. After all I'm just a kid,
and they're the adults" He could see her getting more agitated by the minute, and saw her
hand stray towards her wand. He picked his books and wand up from his desk. He spoke
quietly to her informing her of his next class, which he was already late for. "I don't need
a late slip as my friends will tell Professor Hagrid you needed to speak to me privately
and so you kept me behind. Your next class is no doubt waiting in the hall, so I'll go now,
Good day M,aam", and with that he left a fuming so called teacher behind. He felt sorry
for her next students and doubly sorry when he saw that they were second years at that.
Upon reaching Hagrids class, he was literally jumped on by his friends. "Tell you later",
he told them. I'm late as it is. Adam spoke up. "You haven't missed anything except
Malfoy nearly got bit by a snake he was tormenting in the pumpkin patch. I'm glad the
snake didn't bite him, cause I like snakes and biting Malfoy would've made it sick"
Harry laughed at the thought of Malfoy making a snake sick, and walked over to Hagrid
to apologize for being late. Hagrid quietly asked him if there was any problem with her,
and Harry said, "No, nothing I couldn't handle"
The rest of the day passed quickly, and soon it was dinnertime. The pack was eating
together as usual when Dean said quietly, "Look at toady. If looks could kill, you would
be dead, Harry". Harry looked up at the head table at Professor Dumbledore and slightly
nodded his head in Umbridge,s direction. The Professor managed to drop a fork and in
bending to pick it up from the floor, chanced a look sidewise at her. Even he was shocked
at the look of absolute loathing he saw on her face, directed at Harry. In turn, Harry didn't
bother to look at her as he knew what he would see. He had thwarted her plans today and
she would be out quite literally for revenge and for his expulsion if she could. He'd need
to be extra careful. Maybe his Invisibility cloak would get some use after all.
The next week passed uneventfully. Classes went well with all the Professors except
Snape. He tried his best to get a rise out of Harry, but he wouldn't give him the
The first night of DADA training in the Den, the students were sitting cross-legged on the
floor. Harry went into teacher's mode. "As you saw, we will learn nothing in our DADA
classes this year. It,s up to us to teach ourselves. For our newest Pack members, the rest
of us spent nearly all last summer learning DADA and the Martial Arts from my
guardians. Since Sirius, Jaydyn and Tonks are all Aurors; they trained us better and
harder than we'll ever be trained by anyone else. Hermione, if you thought Moony was
good in third year, you should train under that lot. This is what the original Pack will
teach you. We won't have Fred and George because they're busy with their new shop, and
NEWTS. Ginny, you work with Jasmine, Seamus and Troy, Luna and Emma, Neville and
Hermione, Dean and Adam and I'll work with Ron".
"Ron is at the same level as the original pack, so we will be doing advanced training, and
will also help any one who needs it. We'll work from first year Spells and Curses and
work up to end of firth year. We should be able to do that in three sessions. You can all
start now"
With the training sessions in place, the Pack settled into a routine. It took just two nights
of training for Harry to realize they were proficient in the first three years of DADA and
mastering most fourth year material as well. It wouldn't be long before they were all up to
par, and he'd better get some more weekends at the Manor for new lessons to teach them.
As soon as he had mastered enough Occlumency, he would begin teaching it to the
others. He also wanted them all to master the Patronus Spell. He hoped no one found out
what they were doing.
With everything that was going on, Harry managed to get some alone time with Ron.
"Hey mate, what happened with you and Hermione? I saw you with her the other night
and neither of you looked upset"
Being Ron, he had been blunt with her. "Well I asked her if she could picture us as a
couple and she hummed and hawed a bit before she mumbled no. She told me she wants
to be friends with the rest of us. She told me she clung to me before because she lost your
friendship, and now she is working to be friends again. Don't you wonder why she doesn't
argue with you about your decisions?"
"Yeah I did think that wasn't 'Hermione', but decided to wait and see.
"Well anyway we are still friends, and I think she kinda fancies Troy and he is always
finding an excuse to ask her advice on something or other. Do you think they'll get
"I don,t know mate, but Ginny seems to think they might. I told her to let them do their
own thing and everything would work out just fine. I can't believe she agreed with me".
he said while chuckling.
Professor Hornsby was back at the Manor now. Moony had owled Harry to let him know.
Harry would floo to the Manor with Ron and Ginny on Saturday afternoon, for their next
class in Occlumency.
Quiddich was also starting again.
The only blight on their world was Umbridge. She was getting more volatile all the time.
Frustration with Harry's refusal to rise to her bait during their classes with her, was
clearly unhinging her. She was anxious to get him into detention, but the little brat wasn't
giving her a reason to give him one. Harry decided that enough was enough. He would
have to do something to get rid of her. It was Fudge, under the influence of Lucius
Malfoy who hired her, and he wanted to know their plans for getting rid of the
Headmaster and him.
It was nearing Halloween, when at dinner on a Saturday night, Harry noticed that neither
toady nor Snape were in their usual seats. Meal over, and before anyone saw what he was
doing, Harry asked the Headmaster to join him in the antechamber off the Dining Room.
He opened the conversation by saying that he'd noticed Umbridge was missing, and
asked hopefully if she had quit her teaching job. "No Harry, she left a short while ago for
a meeting."
"I see that Snape,s gone too. Same Meeting? asked Harry.
"Professor Snape Harry,"
"Whatever, well are they together?"
"I don't really know and we shouldn't assume any such thing."
"Oh come on Professor, you know how frustrated she's getting with our class, and she'd
like nothing better than to get me into a detention with her. You know everything that
goes on here, and you must know what she's doing"
"Yes Harry, I am aware of the way she's treating you and your classmates. I'm proud of
the way you are all handling yourselves. I must admit though that it is making her a very
angry and frustrated Witch. Just keep doing whatever it is you are doing, and I'm sure
things will be better soon. You are taking full advantage of your wand's capabilities are
you not?"
Harry looked at him with a smirk, and answered. "Oh yes and she's hanging herself a bit
at a time during every class. Goodnight professor"
Entering the common room, a very angry and worried Ginny pounced on him. "Where
have you been Harry? I was so worried, and with toady not there, I thought she had
waited for you and kidnapped you or something. Your link was closed and I was so
Harry took the trembling girl in his arms and tried to calm her down. She couldn't stop
shaking so he took her over to 'their' chair and sat down with her in his lap. "Shh, I'm
okay. I just needed to talk to the Headmaster and forgot to open our link. I'm so sorry
love, I didn't mean to worry you like this. I'll never do this again, I promise"
It took several minutes for her to calm down as he gently ran his hands up and down her
back consolingly.
When she could talk again she said between hiccups, "All I could think about was the
Portkey that took you to the graveyard. With how she's been picking on you in DADA
class, I knew she was frustrated enough to do something like that."
Harry kissed her gently and replied, "I needed to ask Dumbledore where she was. I know
it was wishful thinking, but I asked him if she had quit her job. He said no, she went to a
meeting. Snapes gone to a meeting too, so I think they were called out by Voldemort. He's
no doubt upset with her because she hasn't managed to get me expelled yet. We have a
little over an hour but I'm going to take my cloak in case I need it, and try to get into her
office and classroom. I think I should take Ron with me. He's good at stuff like that".
"Why can't I come with you Harry? I'm small and I can fit under the cloak with you"
"Okay we'll both go, but we need to go now. I'll go up, get my cloak, and map, and be
right back", and he ran quickly up the stairs. It wasn't long before they were on their way
out through the Portrait Hole. None of their House Mates paid them any attention. At the
start of fourth year, Harry's mates promised him they would help him to spend private
time with Ginny. Even though Ron was okay now, they still respected his need for
After taking a couple shortcuts, they arrived in front of the DADA office door. Harry
checked his map and saw that the office was clear as well as the area they were now in.
Harry and Ginny checked the doors for Spells and Charms, and were shocked to find that
there were none. They then checked for possible latent hexes, and again found none.
Ginny spoke up and said, "I don't think she knows any basic Spells or Charms. Probably
all she knows are the Unforgivable Curses, taught by Voldy and Malfoy."
"You're no doubt right Gin. Let's see what we can do about getting in here"
They decided to be very careful in their search. Was she so stupid that she didn't Spell her
office from students, or just too arrogant to think that she had any need to do this?
"Alohomoro", spoke Ginny, and they heard the click of the lock on the door. As silently
as possible they entered the room. No sirens, no colored Spell lights, nothing. They
moved silently to the desk, and opened the top drawer.
All that was in it was parchment and quills. "Why would she need all these parchments
and quills? We all bring our own to class, he thought out loud." Harry took one of the
quills, and started to scribble on a small piece of parchment. "Ouch", he cried out. He
looked at the back of his hand and saw a bit of blood on it. He couldn't see anything that
could have stung him, so he wiped the blood on his robe and used the quill again.
"Ouch", he cried again. More blood, and it dawned on Ginny what was happening.
"They're blood quills, Harry. She has blood quills in her desk, and they're illegal because
they're Dark Magic. They were outlawed years ago. What was she going to use them
I don't know but I'm taking one with me and I know where it's going. We've seen enough.
Let's get out of here"
Harry and Ginny made sure everything was the same as they found it with the exception
of one quill and locking the door behind them the made their way back to the tower. They
still had an hour until Curfew, so Harry decided to take Ginny somewhere quiet for some
serious snogging. He had to make up for frightening her earlier, and he couldn't think of a
better way to make it up to her. Checking the map, he saw that a small room near the Fat
Lady was clear of any moving dots. Turning to Ginny he asked her, "Wanna come with
me for a little alone time? No Ron or anyone to bother us?" She smiled in agreement and
he led her into the room, and sealed the door. Harry and Ginny took full advantage of the
last hour of curfew. "If snogging is this great, why doesn't everybody do it?" he
wondered, as they happily wandered back to the common room. Through their link, she
whole-heartedly agreed with him.
Ron was waiting when they returned. Smirking at them he asked, "So how was the
private time, eh?"
"Great", they both answered at once. The three of them began laughing. Harry looked
around and nodding to any Pack members he could see, he motioned them to the corner.
"I have some news for you all. Tell the others secretly as you see them. Ginny and I went
to toad's office and found these in her desk". He pulled the quill from his pocket and
showed the dried blood on the back of his hand to them.
"Those are blood quills. They're illegal because they're Dark magic", piped up Ron.
"Yes, Ginny told me that. When I saw 'toady' was missing from dinner, I asked if she had
quit, but Dumbledore assured me she hadn't, that she was called to a meeting. Snape was
gone too, so putting two and two together, I figured that Voldy called them to him. He's
no doubt angry because she hasn't managed to get rid of either of us yet. Now I need to
prove what she intended to do with the quills. Even thought they are illegal, we don't
know if she's used them yet. How can we find out?"
"Hey, why can't we be like the detectives I used to watch on our telly before I came to
Hogwarts?", asked Dean.
"How do you do that? And what are 'decatives' anyway?" asked Ron.
"Detectives, Ron. They're like our Aurors. I watched a detective show once or twice when
the Dursleys didn't catch me, and they were great. Maybe I'll get Moony to buy some, and
we can watch them the next time we're at the Manor. Anyway, we can all divide up and
ask some of the other years if they have had detentions with her and what happened. Let's
get together tomorrow in the Den and plan how to go about doing this, okay?"
Everyone present agreed to meet tomorrow, and to pass the word around to the other Pack
members. Saying good night all, Harry decided to head for bed. Tomorrow would not be
long in coming.
Tossing and turning, and there was no way he could get back to sleep. He'd awakened
even earlier than his usual time. The others wouldn't be awake for their usual run for
another half hour at least. He gently nudged Ginny mentally to see if she might be stirring
yet. Nothing except gentle breathing. Severing the link, his thoughts turned to the toad.
Something had to be done, but what? The more he thought, the more frustrated he got.
They didn't have DADA until Thursday, so surely that gave them enough time to come up
with a plan? Why was she so desperate to get him into detention, and what did she plan to
use the quills for? Wait!! Detention!! That’s it!! Excitedly he jumped out of bed and ran
for the loo, yelling loudly at his dorm mates as he went.
He exited the loo minutes later to be greeted with a barrage of pillows thrown by a his
disgruntled mates. Seamus yelled out, "Hey you git, just because you can't sleep doesn't
mean we have to wake up to keep you company you know!!"
Ignoring Seamus and the muttering coming from the others, Harry retorted. "I wouldn't
wake the lot of you if it wasn't important. I'll get the others, and we can leave early for
our run. We'll stop at the lake for half time and I'll fill you all in on an idea I came up
While the rest were dressing in their running togs, Harry nudged Ginny awake and told
her he needed the girls to get out as soon as possible as he had something important to tell
them. I'll get Troy he told her. "What's up?" she asked. "Tell you all at once" he replied
Fifteen minutes earlier than they usually ran, all the Pack members were running their
laps around the lake. Harry stopped the run and gathered the teens in a quiet section away
from prying eyes. He cast Silencio around them, and told them his idea.
"Toady is trying her best to get me in detention. I think I should let her give me a
detention to see what she's up to. I need you all to spend the next two days being
detectives and checking out the other DADA students for me. We need all the evidence
we can get against her to get her out of Hogwarts and into Azkaban. On Wednesday
night, we will meet in the Den and go over all the evidence that you find. Thursday I
want you fifth years to play along with me and don,t take sides with me, no matter what
toad says. I'll see that I get detention. Believe me when I say that it won't take much.
Watch her closely at all the meals today. See if she favors her left arm at all. Don't let her
see you watching her, okay?"
Harry had felt Ginny's agitation growing by the minute. "Please, Ginny, let me explain
later. We need to finish our run now I promise, later okay?" Her reply being, "Okay, but it
better be good"
After showers, the pack trooped down to breakfast. Hermione was getting progressively
better at running. She had not fallen behind the runners once, and was quite proud of the
"If you'd told me I would become a fitness freak a few months ago, I would have laughed
in your face", she laughingly told Ron and Jasmine. She and Troy were walking with
them down to breakfast, hand in hand, much to Jasmine and Ron,s delight.
Ron answered her. "I know what you mean. Morning and me have never agreed on
anything until Harry and his torture regime kicked into mode. Now I get up early even on
weekends, and you know something? I've never felt better. The occlumency helps too.
Did Harry tell you we start teaching the rest of you starting on Saturday?"
"No I think it's on the agenda for our next full meeting", Troy said.
Entering the dining room, Jasmine glanced sideways at the toad. She was lightly rubbing
at her arm, but stopped when Professor Flitwick asked her a question. The teens saw her
do this a couple more times, but did not let on they were watching her. Slight nods from
one to another, relayed the information that Harry asked for. She was favoring the left
arm. It must be either sore or itchy. Phase one completed. Phase two, speaking to DADA
students from other years.
Emma had made a couple of new friends when she realized she would never get any
where with Harry. She was spending some time with a sixth year named Danny Free from
Hufflepuff. She found she had more in common with Danny than with any other boy she
had met before. She would ask him to help her with phase two.
Seamus and Pavarti were quite friendly, so he would approach her to help to get
information from her twin sister, Padma in Ravenclaw. With all the houses covered, phase
two should be a resounding success. Slowly the web was tightening.
Now all Harry had to do was to face Ginny and come up with a plausible explanation, or
suffer her wrath. "I'd rather face Voldemort", he thought.
Their meeting that evening began with Harry explaining his reasons regarding the
detention. "I know she has something special planned for me if she can get me into a
detention. I need to find out what it is. She isn,t doing anything to anyone from
Gryffindor. She knows they would tell me, but she will do something nasty to the
students from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She already favors Slytherin. Believe me when
I tell you I have something up my sleeve and I think she has something up hers too.
Please go along with me on this. It's the only way we'll get her out of here and get a
decent DADA instructor."
Each member who was asked to approach a friend to start inquiries about their detentions
told the meeting that they had done this during the lunch hour. They promised answers by
breakfast or lunch at the latest. Each student they asked said they knew who had received
detentions with the toad because it was the top news in their Towers. Some of the
students had never received detentions in all their years in Hogwarts and were angry with
her for singling them out.
The rest of the training time, they all worked on the Patronus Charm. The original pack
members could cast near perfect Corporeal Patronus,s, but the new members were
struggling. By the end of the period, they were sending heavy wisps of silvery mist from
their wands and Harry felt it wouldn't be too long before they were all at the same level.
"We still have time to finish our homework", he told them. He wasn't surprised to hear
that Troy and Hermione had finished theirs already. He added. "Remember be careful
using the secret door. We don't want all of our tower mates in here. Imagine what
McGonagall would say to an empty common room, every time she came in to see
someone?" This remark brought laughter as they pictured the scenario in their minds-eye.
Link talking, Harry asked Ginny if she wanted to go for a walk outside. She agreed and
after getting their heavy cloaks, they wandered hand and hand towards the lake. There
was still loads of time before curfew. Harry was happy to see that Gin had taken
advantage of her new vault and had bought herself a warm winter cloak. Her clothes were
no longer used items and her self-esteem had gone up several notches. He knew how that
felt, after spending his first three years in Hogwarts wearing Dudley's oversize cast offs.
She was comfortable with the fact that because of the Soul Bond she was entitled to share
in everything Harry owned.
It was a beautiful night and the teens walked happily and quietly until they reached the
huge tree by the lake. Harry led her to the tree, and standing with his back against it, he
drew her close against him. Kissing her deeply and passionately, he felt a reaction in his
body he only slightly understood.and was afraid to try to name. It wasn't the first time he
had felt this way while they were kissing, but this was by far the strongest reaction yet.
His blood seemed to be traveling down his body in an almost straight line to one place
only. He could vaguely remember the odd dream that left him with this reaction, but it
was a hazy memory at best. Ginny had been his first and only girlfriend, and he needed to
talk to someone about this.
The kiss ended when they realized that yes, breathing was good and still embracing her,
he murmured in her ear. "I love you so much, my Ginny, and it scares me. I feel things I
can't understand. I must be a very immature fifteen, but I have to talk to someone, and I
guess it will have to be Moony. Sirius is too flippant at times and I think this is too
serious a conversation for him. I think we'd better start back". One gentler kiss and they
walked slowly and companionably back to the castle and their Tower. He'd have to send
an owl to Moony in the morning without fail!
Harry didn't know that Ginny being only fourteen, was feeling the same way he was. He
was also her first boyfriend, and the Bond was really working overtime. She also had
feelings she couldn't explain to herself. She knew she should talk to her Mum too. She'd
owl her tonight, or better still she'd get permission from McGonagall to flash home for an
hour or two. With these thoughts in mind the two teens entered the Portrait Hole with
lighter hearts.
Lighter hearts do not necessarily mean that one will be able to get to sleep. The more
Ginny thought about talking to her Mum, the more she realized that she was the wrong
one to approach first. She still did not accept the Bond well. Her Dad was a wee bit better
with it and Bill and Charlie were adamantly against it. Bill was threatening to use his
curse breaking skills to rid her of the Bond. They refused to even speak to Harry and they
placed the blame on his shoulders for the, as they called it, whole fiasco. But who could
she talk to? A picture of a very caring Witch came to mind. Poppy! Yes, Poppy. Who
better to talk to than a Healer, and a caring one at that? She acted brusque, but was
kindness itself. That settled, her last thought before sleep claimed her was, "I'll see her in
the morning for an appointment"
Harry's owl went out the next morning.
Uncle Moony: We have joked together about the 'talk', but you and I need to get together
'real' soon and talk. Please not Uncle Sirius, just you and I. Love Harry.
Harry instructed Hedwig to give the letter to Moony and only Moony. He couldn't floo
call because he was certain that Sirius would be there also and catch the desperation in
his voice. He loved his uncle, but he was too much a ladies man when he was in school to
talk seriously about the things Harry needed to know.
Harry met Ginny in the common room after he came back from the Owlry, and they went
hand in hand to breakfast. He'd greeted her before their run with a small peck on the
cheek and she wondered if she had done something wrong.
"Harry are you okay? You barely kissed my cheek this morning, so I wonder if I've done
something wrong"
"No love. I'm just trying to sort some things out in my mind. I sent an owl to Moony this
morning. I need the talk ", he told her blushing a deep shade of Weasley red.
"Oh, I understand. I was going to talk to Mum, but decided instead to see Poppy. Maybe
we'd better stick to hugs and pecks on the cheek until we have our talks, eh?" she replied,
"It's gonna kill me, but yeah I agree with you".
Ginny approached Poppy before she could leave for the Infirmary for the day. Taking her
aside, she said. "Madam Poppy, I need to talk to you. Do you have time to meet with me
today? I have no class right now in fact. Are you busy?"
"No my dear, I always have time for my young Witches and Wizards. Join me in my
office in ten minutes love."
Ginny rejoined Harry and told him she had an appointment with Poppy right away. She
would see him at their next class. Luna came over and asked her if she was okay and if
she could help in any way.
"No thank you Luna. I just have to see Poppy about something personal. I'm just fine. I'll
see you after my next class".
Giving Harry a kiss on his cheek, she left them and went to seek out Poppy. Entering the
Infirmary, she saw that Poppy was sitting at her desk in her office. She tapped lightly on
the door to get her attention. "Come right in Miss Weasley. Now get comfortable and tell
me what is bothering you"
"Well Madame Pomphrey, you know about my Bonding to Harry and you know our ages,
but we are having a difficult time understanding the new sensations we are feeling. I can't
go to Mum because the first words out of her mouth will be that I'm starting to behave
like a 'scarlet' woman. She tries not to show it, but she hates the Bond we share. You,d
think that being a Pure-Blood, she,d understand and accept it better than she is.Then she'll
cry and tell me that her baby girl is growing up and leaving her. This will sound weird to
you, but will you please explain to me about boys and girls and why I'm having these
feelings that I can't understand? Sorry, I,m rambling"
Poppy sat pensively for a minute or two. "Well Ginny, I'll call you Ginny in this office,
and you call me Poppy, if you are certain you would prefer talking to me rather than your
Mother, then I will do my best to answer any questions you have"
"Thank you Poppy. The first and most scary thing that happened was when Harry kissed
me last night when we were out walking by the lake, and we couldn't stop the kiss from
getting , oh I don't know how to put it". Then she dropped her face down into her hands
and began sobbing.
"Poppy came around the desk and scooped the sobbing girl up into her arms and soothed
her with gentle words."I know exactly how you are feeling and I can certainly help you".
Poppy proceeded to floo call Professor McGonagall. She informed her that Ginny was
with her and may be late for her Transfiguration class and that she may not attend it at all.
She told her she was not ill but that it was a confidential and personal matter. "You and I
need to talk later", she also told her. While Poppy was talking to her Head of House,
Ginny was assuring Harry through their link that she was perfectly okay, and would not
see him until lunch. She also told him she would be closing the link during her talk, as
she was sure he didn't want to hear this conversation.
First off Ginny. I understand your feelings. At fourteen, most girls are just experiencing
crushes on one boy after another. You, on the other hand, are bound to one boy for life.
You really have no choice in the matter. How do you feel about that fact, my dear?"
"Honestly Poppy it was frightening when I first experienced the bond forming, but now I
know that no matter what, Harry is and always will be my first and only love, and I
wouldn,t want it any other way.
"Good Answer so now Ginny, where will we start?" It was as if a small set of floodgates
had opened and Ginny poured her heart out to Poppy.
"I love Harry with all my heart and soul. He loves me the same way. Until this year it was
okay just holding hands and sometimes cuddling and light kisses. Lately the kisses are
getting deeper. I want to be held closer to his body now, and when I am closer, my body
feels so wierd, but good, and I can't explain it at all. Does that make me a bad person?"
"No, my dear. You are in fact a very good person. You were brought up in a caring loving
home and affection comes easily to you. The showing of that affection is not a bad thing.
Remember that Harry never had that love when he was growing up with the Dursleys.
You and your family showed him the first affection he had ever experienced. This is
probably harder for him to understand than it is for you. He will no doubt call on his
uncles to guide him through this"
"Now back to you again. I'll ask you a very funny question but it is nonetheless an
important one. You grew up with six brothers. Have you ever seen any of them without
clothes on?"
Ginny turned a deep red shade and said, "Once when Fred forgot his clothes in his room
he ran from the shower starkers. I was just at the top of the stairs and I saw all the front
view of him before he could cover himself with his hands. It was the summer before he
went to Hogwarts. I was eight and he was eleven. I thought I would be scarred for life if I
ever saw a boy naked, but since it was my brother, I just laughed at him and ran back
"That makes it easier. Since you know what a boy's body looks like, it will be easier to
explain the rest".
The next hour and a half, passed quickly. Poppy was able to explain in simple terms all
the details of the human anatomy, and the way in which their feelings would eventually
lead to a healthy sexual relationship. She told Ginny not to rush things, that the male of
the species finds it more difficult to control their needs and it is up to the female to set the
rules. "Sit down with Harry after he talks with his Uncles, and pray that he talks with the
sensible one, and discuss some guidelines to go by. If he talks with Sirius, he's a lost
cause. He was a real ladies man in school and his 'talk' would be filled with how better to
score than anything else. I think Harry knows which one to talk to. He's a smart young
man. Now Ginny, can I help you in any other way?"
She blushed as she said "Just one more question, please. If we begin acting on our
emotions, is their any way to prevent pregnancy?"
"Yes Ginny there is. Come to me and I will teach you a spell to prevent this from
happening. I know it will be difficult because of the Bond to remain sexually inactive for
much longer. The Bond seems to be getting stronger, and as a matter of fact, in the
Wizarding World you and Harry are already considered married."
"We knew that Poppy. The Goblins at Gringotts gave me a key to Harry's vault and told
us that I now own half of the Potter wealth. His money is not important to me, just Harry
"Well Ginny we've talked ourselves right up to lunch. Better go and see that messy haired
Wizard that I see bouncing on his feet over by the door."
Turning around, Ginny saw Harry waiting for her with a big grin on his face. Hugging
Poppy and thanking her profusely, she joined Harry. She kissed him gently in greeting,
and said, "come on, I'm hungry"
The day sped quickly and at dinner Harry received an owl from Moony telling him he
had permission to flame over after classes on Thursday. He'd rather go tonight, but the
Pack meeting was an important one and Wednesday they had their last Quiddich practice
before the game on Saturday. Tonight they would be examining the information hopefully
attained from other students. At least Harry hoped there would be information that they
could use against the 'toad'.
Dinner over, homework done, the Pack had slowly filled the Den using both secret
entrances to hide their actions. Harry noticed that Luna and Neville, Troy and Hermione
and Ron and Jasmine all came in holding hands. Emma was good friends with a bloke
from Hufflepuff, and Adam seemed to like Demzel, a fourth year. Maybe she should be
invited to join their Pack and Danny could join too when they received permission to
hold training in a larger classroom. Seamus liked to play the field as he pictured himself
as a ladies man like Sirius who was his idol. Dean really liked Padma, but no one knew if
she fancied him or not. Harry looked around at his Pack in contentment, seeing the best
friends a bloke could ever have. He could see the changes in everybody since the most of
them had begun hanging out in third year, fighting Ron and Hermione all the way. Now
Ron and Hermione were an important part of their team. With the Ambrose twins, they
would be unbeatable. This fighting team was as unbeatable as their Quiddich team was.
Practices were going great and their first game was against Slytherin on Saturday
morning. They played dirty, but Harry knew they would have to work hard but could beat
them in the end.
Seeing that everyone settled down, Harry cleared his mind and asked Emma if she had
anything to report. "You wouldn't believe what I learned. The toad is actually using the
Blood Quill as punishment. I have five affidavits; signed by the students who were
punished by her. When Danny told them you would use the evidence against her to get rid
of her, they were glad to sign the parchments. Danny's Dad is in the Legal department at
the Ministry, so explained to Danny how to word the 'affidavits ' to be as legal sounding
as possible, and asked seventh year students to sign them as witnesses. He flooed his Dad
for the information, so I hope they are done properly".
"That was great Emma. My lawyers will examine them and I'm sure they'll find them in
order. Thank Danny for us. Dean, what have you learned for us?"
"Just about the same. Padma was able to get written statements from five students. She
said they were all 'Harry Potter' followers and believed in you. Seems that toady didn't
like their attitude toward you and punished them for it the same way. Blood Quills!! Here
they are, Harry", and he handed the parchments over to Harry.
"I can't believe that b..Witch. What in Merlin's name does she think she's doing? No
matter how much Professor Dumbledore thinks he knows every little thing that goes on in
his school, he must not know what she is doing in secret. I know he'd never condone
these acts of dark magic. The Quills must not be traceable by the Ministry or him"
The subject was discussed for a while and since it was getting near Curfew, it was
decided to call it a night, but running would still take place as usual next morning.
Harry asked Hermione to stay back for a while. He spoke quietly to Ginny telling her he
would meet her in the Common room in a few minutes. When the others were gone,
Harry invited Hermione to sit with him on the floor to talk a bit. "Hermione I've had a
wonderful year with my new Pack mates, and I'm beyond happy with Ginny, but I felt
something was still missing. It was you and Ron. Ron came back during the summer, and
now you are back.. I can see the change in you and you're like a different person. I really
like this new you a lot. You don't seem as stressed as you used to be nor as bossy. What's
"Well, I missed our friendship. It was you, Ron and me for two years. Then you decided
that because of what happened to Ginny in her first year, you wanted her as part of our
circle and became too close to her according to her parents. Ron rebelled and so did his
Mum. We went too far in the protecting Ginny from Harry job given to us by Mrs.
Weasley. We were dumb kids trying to impress an adult. I was miserable all my third year
and fourth as well. So was Ron. We saw the fun you lot were having. Even the twins were
a part of your group"
She continued, "I clung to Ron as if he were a lifesaver. He was the only friend I had left.
The other students supported you and Ginny. I'm glad that time is over now, and we are
friends again. I felt a bit guilty when I started to fancy Troy, but Ron cornered me and
asked if I thought of him as more than a friend. I wanted to lie so I wouldn't hurt his
feelings, but remembered the way I'd seen him looking at Jasmine. I told him that I saw
him as my best friend, nothing more"
She went on. "Harry it was so funny, he tried not to look happy but his eyes were giving
him away. They were shining with happiness. He hugged me and said, friends forever,
okay? I agreed with that promise and that's why I'm so happy. I never want to live
through another period of time like that one. I fancy Troy a lot, and he told me I was the
first girl he met that liked the things he did. We have so much in common, it's spooky.
Did you notice we don't bicker like Ron and I used to do?" and she chuckled loudly.
Chuckling also he said, "So we all noticed. Hermione welcome back, best friend" They
stood up and hugged as only best friends can do without embarrassment, and left the
room by the Common Room door as it was a bit past curfew.
Ginny was waiting in the corner for her good night kiss from him. He tried kissing her
lightly but his resolve weakened at the last moment and he deepened the kiss. Coming up
for air, he said breathlessly, "I really need that talk with Moony". Ginny began laughing
at his frustration, and grabbing Hermione by the hand, she pulled her up their staircase,
laughing all the way. Shaking his head at his little minx, he ran to his dorm and settled in
for the night his last thoughts being, "I must send those statements out in the morning
with a covering letter"
Rising early again, Harry wrote a letter to his Law firm and enclosed the statements. He
told Clifford what was going on, and that he would have more evidence Thursday night
after he purposely wangled a detention out of Umbridge. He would send the second letter
and his taped evidence against her and Snape on Friday morning, and asked if he would
be able to come to Hogwarts sometime in the forenoon, maybe even for lunch as Fudge
would be there too"
Wednesday's Quiddich practice was the best the team had ever held. They were like a
well-oiled machine. Harry was certain that this seventh year class would graduate with
fond memories of winning the Quiddich cup once again for their Head of house,
Finishing their usual morning's activities on 'the Thursday of toads reckoning', the Pack
excitedly met for breakfast. Each with their own thoughts of what the day would bring
they settled down waiting for Harry and Ginny. Those two had a tendency to take
advantage of every little niche along the way to steal a kiss or two.
Glancing at the toad as they entered the Hall hand and hand, Harry and Ginny, were met
with a look of pure loathing directed at Harry. He shivered. How could someone show
such hatred toward a student they taught without even knowing that student personally?
Snape and toady were alike in their loathing of him. Today may well be the second last
day of her reign as DADA teacher at Hogwarts.
Following Transfiguration Class, Harry and his friends entered the DADA classroom with
a sense of foreboding. They knew what Harry planned to do, but were still on edge,
hoping he knew what he was getting into. Roll call over, and Harry's wand placed
strategically, the class settled in to see what form of Harry baiting she would take today.
She named a chapter to read, and ordered the class to pass their homework essays to the
front. She then leafed through them, and pulled one out of the pile of parchments. She
glanced over it quickly and tore it into little pieces. Smirking at Harry, she said, oops!, it
seems I shredded your homework by mistake. I believe you owe me another essay and
make it another two feet. This was Harry's cue.
He stood, and smirking back at her said, "I don't think so, Ma,am. You purposely pulled
my essay from the pile and happily shredded it. The whole of Gryffindor saw what you
did. I don't expect your Slytherins to stand up for me but my housemates will."
"Are you accusing me of shredding your homework on purpose?"
"You heard me say it Ma,am, so yes I am accusing you. I have witnesses"
She practically puffed up in anger and yelled, "If the rest of Gryffindor want to spend two
hours of detention with you in here tonight, then let them speak up in your defense now"
As prearranged with Harry, no one spoke.
With a self-satisfied smirk she said, "So much for House loyalty. You will serve a two
hour detention from eight to ten tonight, and you will not be allowed to play in your
Quiddich match on Saturday". This statement brought a round of applause from the
Slytherins, but no reaction at all from the Gryffindors. She smirked at her Slytherins but
inwardly wondered why the Gryffindors were not complaining.
Harry rose from his seat and approaching her desk, he laid a letter in front of her. "I do
think you'd better read this before you tell me again that I cannot play Quiddich on
Malfoy cringed, because he knew what these letters could do to the recipient.
She opened the letter and read it quickly, and then smirking nastily at him once again, she
held it up and proceeded to shred it also. That was what she thought she was doing, but in
reality the letter began burning and she flung it onto the floor where it reassembled itself
back into letter form. She looked at her burned hands and then at the letter and in turn at a
grinning Harry.
"I will not take back my decision, no matter what that letter said. You will not play
Quiddich on Saturday"
There was no reaction from Malfoys cronies because they knew the toad was fighting a
losing battle, and Harry would be the seeker against them on Saturday.
"We'll see Ma,am, was Harry's only answer. Trying to remain in charge, her closing
remark at the end of class was to Harry reminding him about his detention that night.
At lunch the pack crammed together at the far end of their table and began a rerun of the
eventful DADA Class. Harry thanked them for remaining neutral, so she couldn't force
them into detention with him. It would have defeated his purpose. I have something
planned and her days are numbered he told them. "I will be playing on Saturday and we're
going to beat the pants off those Slytherins too. We haven’t practiced for nothing and we
have the best team in the School"
The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and Harry was waiting for his godfather to
arrive. He had asked Moony to change the plans and come to the school instead of him
flashing to the Manor. Harry needed Moony,s help with something else he was planning.
He asked him to come at six and have dinner with him and his Pack. He had cleared it
with the Headmaster as a matter of courtesy, as well as his Lawyers attendance at lunch
on the following day, and they would need to use his floo.
Remus arrived early to have a chat with Dumbledore. After the usual greetings were over
he began his questions with, Albus, what in Merlin's name is happening in your school?
Harry has Clifford Edwards on alert, and he is prepared to move on Harry's say-so as
soon as tomorrow noon. He cleared his calendar for this meeting"
"My friend, you know as much as I do. Harry's Packmates are more loyal to him than my
Professors or Students are to me. I know that a couple of the teachers and a large number
of students are aware of what is happening, but I cannot get an answer from any one of
them. I was warned in the letter from Clifford to never at any time use Legilmency on
any student or teacher to extract information regarding Harry. I took this advice seriously,
so as I said before, you know as much as I do".
"Well it looks as if I'll have to wait and find out later. I'm hungry for a Hogwarts meal".
"Well then Remus, shall we join the others at dinner?"
Harry was happy to see his Uncle enter with the headmaster. 'Phase three' was about to
begin. Moony joined the Pack at their table sitting between Harry and Ginny, who was as
happy to see him as Harry was. Harry planned their talk for the period following dinner
and before his detention with toady. If they ran out of time, they would finish up in the
Den afterwards.
Moony regaled the teens with the Marauders exploits during their Hogwarts school days.
He kept them in stitches during the whole meal. In an aside, Harry told him he should
notice the looks the toad directed at him, so during his stories he covertly glanced at her.
He needn,t have been careful with his quick glances at her because she was so set on her
hatred for Harry she noticed no-one else in the room. Moony wasn't in the least surprised
at her hatred, and not for the first time he wondered what Harry had in mind for her
removal from Hogwarts. He held no illusions concerning Harry's ability to change into a
vindictive young Wizard at the drop of a hat and tonight and tomorrow afternoon should
prove to be interesting to say the least.
By the time dinner was finished, Harry had less than an hour to speak to Remus. Kissing
Ginny, he told her he'd close their link during the talk, but would reopen it during his
detention with the toad. No way did he want her to hear 'the talk'. He also asked her to
gather the pack in the Den at eight o'clock, and she could relay everything said between
toady and him verbatim to the others. He led Remus to the second secret room that he and
Ginny had found, and settled in for what he knew would be a very embarrassing hour.
Harry explained to a slightly pink faced Moony what was happening to him. "Uncle
Moony I,m so embarrassed ! A couple nights ago, I was kissing Ginny. We thought we'd
just be satisfied with cuddling and kinda, you know light kissing? Light kissing, huh!! We
got carried away and I couldn't believe what my body was doing to me!!" At this he
looked so indignant at the betrayal from his own body that Moony couldn't help laughing.
He really is still just a child, he was thinking.
Calming down somewhat, Moony started in a teachers mode explaining from a males
perspective, the information that Poppy had imparted to Ginny. He was able to go into
greater detail on the workings of the male of the species. Harry was mortified, and his
face couldn't have become any redder if it had been sunburned. So that's what happened
to him when he dreamed certain dreams, and kissed Ginny so passionately. Wow!!
Many questions and lots of graphic details later, it was time to go to detention. Harry told
Moony that Ginny and the Pack would be in the Den during his detention, and she would
relay any conversation between the toad and him to them. He had his wand, and would
record everything. "I'll meet you all soon in the Den, I don't intend to stay in her office
for more than a half hour. That's all it will take to get the evidence we need to get rid of
her" Hugging his uncle, he left for detention .
Harry purposely arrived for his detention five minutes late. He needed her to blow as
soon as he entered the room. Upon entering the classroom, wand in pocket in taping
mode, he wasn't disappointed at her reaction. He met with a barrage of abuse from his
DADA instructor. Harry did nothing to stop the tirade, and as she stopped to breathe, he
apologized politely for being late.
"I will not accept your apology for tardiness. You may think you are the great Harry
Potter, but in my eyes, you are just an attention seeking nothing. Your tardiness has
earned you an extra hour of detention.
Now sit down, I have lines for you to write out. Harry smirked inwardly, but continued
standing. He thought writing out lines for punishment was an Elementary School
punishment. On the board she wrote, I will not make false accusations against my
Instructor in future classes.
"You will write this statement out as many times as possible during the next two hours. I
will have another statement regarding tardiness to be done during the last hour"
This was getting better and better. Harry deliberately reached into his bag for a Quill and
parchment knowing she would not allow him to use his own Quill.
"Put your Quill away, you will use the one I give you. You no doubt have your Quill
spelled to do the writing for you".
Harry replied, "I wouldn't even know the spell to use to do that, Ma,am. If you don't mind
I'd rather use my Quill. I'm more used to it than any other".
"I told you that you will use a Quill of my choosing. You will do as I say before I add
another hour to your detention. Furthermore, you are still banned from playing Quiddich
on Saturday. I'm not afraid of your Lawyers. I have minister Fudge to back my decisions"
Harry took the Quill from her saying, "Okay, you win. I'll use the Quill you have given
me, right?"
"Yes Potter. It's a special Quill to prevent the likes of you from cheating in any way"
Harry finally sat down and placing his parchment on his desk, he began to use the Quill
she had given him. She was watching him in anticipation, with a smirk on her face,
waiting for the look of pain she expected to appear on his face. Knowing what to expect,
he purposely kept his facial muscles impassive. Frowning she approached the desk, and
looked at his paper. He had written out only one line at this point and she couldn't
understand why he wasn't flinching at every word. The other students had felt the pain of
the Blood Quill immediately. The pain would start soon, or so she thought, as she turned
to go back to her desk.
Harry quickly substituted the Blood Quill with his own, hiding the Blood Quill in a small
box he had hidden in his robes. He began using his Quill to begin writing again. He
flinched a few times, and then after the first half hour had passed, he stood and said, "I'm
leaving now. Goodnight Ma,am"
"You'll not leave this classroom until eleven o'clock and not until I say so"
By the time she was done yelling at him he was already in the hall and under his
Invisibility Cloak. He didn't trust her to not Hex him in the back. She ran out screaming
for him to come back, but he was nowhere in the corridor. Stamping her feet in rage, she
stormed to the Headmasters office, and to add insult to injury, the password given to her
for entrance to his office would not work for her. She was so angry she was turning
purple. She would have to lay her complaint in the morning.
Harry hurried to a Den filled with laughing students and Moony. They greeted him with
slaps on the back, hugs and "well-done Harry!"
It took a few minutes for them to quiet down and when they did, he showed them the
back of his hand. There was blood and some open scratch marks on the surface of his
"Now we go to the Headmaster's office", said Moony.
Arriving at the feet of the Gargoyles guarding the entrance to Dumbledore's office,
"Moony spoke a password completely different from that used by the toad. The gates
opened and Harry, Ginny and Moony mounted the stairs to the office.
After welcoming Moony and the teens, he asked, "Well now, what can I do for you now?
Did you get your evidence?'
"Oh yes I did, and it's enough to have Umbridge fired and sent to Azkaban." Harry
showed his hand to Dumbledore. He showed him the offending Quill that Umbridge
forced him to use and before the Headmaster could speak, he informed him of the events
he had planned to take place during lunch tomorrow. It is important that you invite Fudge
here for lunch. Use any excuse you have to, to get him here, but see that he is here. No
worry about the toad. she never misses a meal."
The Headmaster looked ready to blow. "That is Minister Fudge, and….." Harry jumped in
before he could say anything further.
"That's enough, do not say anything to Fudge that will make him suspicious, nor to toady
either or I will retaliate against you and you know I will win. I'll see you at breakfast.
Goodnight, Headmaster".
Harry didn't speak all the way back to the Den. Ginny held his hand tightly in support.
"You know, I believe he was actually going to chastise me also for not calling her
Professor, and for daring to fight a so called teacher. From the look on his face, I saw that
he was tempted to stick up for her. I had to actually threaten him, and I didn't want to do
that, but he left me no alternative".
"Never mind Harry, it will be settled tomorrow. We shouldn't tell the others until we're all
at lunch, because they'll be so happy with what we're doing, they'll be grinning all
morning. That would be a dead giveaway if ever there was one, don't you agree, Uncle
Moony agreed whole-heartedly and after Harry kissed Ginny again, Harry and Moony
returned to the secret room to continue their plans. Moony conjured some butterbeer for
them and they settled in their seats for a long Planning session.
First Moony finished his talk to Harry. Moony told him a few things he'd rather not been
told. He was sooo embarrassed. . He'd caught Dudley doing one of these same things
when he walked in on him when he forgot to lock the bathroom door one night. It was the
grossest thing he had ever seen, and he was beyond mortified to think that his Uncle was
telling him to try this to relieve tension. Ugh, double Ugh!! No way.
"Lets talk about tomorrow", he told Moony, changing the subject. Moony grinned
inwardly as he saw Harry's reaction to his suggestions.
"Can you owl Clifford in the morning or better yet, floo call him and remind him and
Joseph to come to Hogwarts for lunch? Of course, I want you there too as you are my
guardian. If Sirius is free, bring him too, the more the merrier. Can you do a spell to make
toady's sleeve roll up to her elbow, because if not, we will have to force her to roll up her
sleeve. I'm sure she was marked by Voldy last Saturday night"
Snape is already marked and he's supposedly Dumbledore's spy in the so-called inner
circle. I don't trust him to be light enough to be true to our side. My gut feelings have
never been wrong yet. I would rather he was sacked as well as Umbridge. He refuses to
teach potions properly. He never explains why we mix certain ingredients together, and
he's always threatening to make me sample mistakes made by the Slytherins. Whatever
Cliff put in those letters frightened him, so he's warier of punishing me this year"
"Cliff will bring all the evidence I have sent him, and tomorrow we will see the last of the
toad. I hope she enjoys her years in Azkaban. We also have letters from some of the
parents of students tortured with the Blood Quills. If we have anything to say about it,
they're history!"
"Well Harry, I think you have it all under control. If that's all, I'll get back to the manor
and my bed. I definitely intend to be well rested for the show tomorrow. Good night cub,
I love you". After hugging Harry, he turned to leave the room. "Love you too, Uncle
Moony. I'll see you tomorrow"
Harry entered the Tower to find most of the Pack waiting for him. Ginny informed him
she'd relayed most of the conversation to them as Harry told it to Moony. "You didn't say
exactly what is happening tomorrow, Harry"
"No, just play along with events as they unfold, and pray to Merlin that everything plays
out successfully. Now good night, I'm ready for bed". He of course kissed Ginny good
night and climbed the stairs with the rest of his mates. Opening his link to Ginny after he
settled into his bed, he went over her part in the scenario taking place on the morrow.
"You may not need to do or say anything, but just in case, you'll know what to do okay?"
With that settled, they wished one another sweet dreams, and closed their links. Ginny
knew that Harry would replay everything he hoped to accomplish long into the might, but
now all she wanted was sleep.
Early next morning, the Pack showed more enthusiasm during their run than usual.
Expectations of an exciting lunch hour ran high among the Pack members. They finished
their morning rituals and the rest of the morning classes passed uneventfully.
Most of the students entering the Dining room were surprised to see Minister Fudge
seated between a disgruntled looking Headmaster and an ecstatic Umbridge. Living in
her own little world, she no doubt thought he was there to sing her praise as a perfect
DADA teacher and maybe as a replacement for the old man as soon as she got rid of him.
Harry and Ginny were the last to arrive accompanied by Moony, Sirius and the two
Lawyers. They all sat at the Gryffindor table.
The looks of glee on the faces of the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Student's
faces, unsettled Fudge even more. The Slytherins scowled, wondering what was
happening. . Fudge had turned gray as he recognized the Lawyers. Umbridge and Snape
sent their usual look of loathing toward Harry. The looks of hatred were noticed by both
the Auror and the Lawyers. Harry gleefully paid attention to all of these reactions.
Everyone began eating. Harry could see Fudge speaking quietly to Dumbledore, who just
shrugged his shoulders in reply. The meal was soon over and before the Students could
leave the Room, not that they intended to leave anyway, the Headmaster rose and
introduced Minister Fudge, and Remus, Sirius and the two Lawyers. Snape never having
met the two Lawyers before slunk down into his seat. He'd like it if his seat turned into a
big hole and swallowed him. Umbridge of course being full of herself ignored the
introductions of anyone mentioned after her beloved Minister Fudge.
Every one applauded the guests. Harry couldn't believe his eyes or luck when the toad
coming out of a self imposed stupor, and wanting to impress Fudge, decided to berate
Harry in front of the whole assembly, for removing School property after his detention
the evening before.
"Minister Fudge I want Harry Potter expelled from Hogwarts and I want Dumbledore
fired also. Last night Potter had detention with me, and removed a Quill that I gave him
to use in his punishment. Not only did he refuse to serve the three-hour detention, but
also he left after only a half hour, taking my personal Quill with him." Yay, Christmas has
come early", was Harry's thought. "Now she's done it!"
Harry stood and neared the head table, pulling a box from his pocked as he walked up the
aisle. Holding the Quill up so she could see it but out of her reach, he asked, "Is this the
Quill you gave me and forced me to use to write lines last night?" The only word that
came to Harry's mind was stupid, as she looked at the offending Quill and with a satisfied
smirk claimed ownership. "See, my mark is on the feather shaft. This is definitely my
Quill", was her answer.
"You've just made my job of ridding the Wizarding world of the likes of you easier. I only
wrote one sentence with your Quill last night and here are the scratches to prove what
happened to my hand. He held his hand up for Fudge to see the dried blood and scratches.
He passed a piece of parchment to Fudge, and advised him to test this Quill for himself,
and he could not refuse without committing himself further. After flinching at the sharp
twinge that he experienced, he glared at Umbridge.
Minister Fudge, my Lawyers have in their possession, here and now, evidence from
several students, regarding the use of Blood Quills as part of their detention. All
detentions were given as they stated in their affidavits, because they were either my
friend or were in total agreement with my defense of the light side. There are no
statements from any Gryffindors, as I made them promise to 'yes Ma, am' and 'no Ma, am'
her at all times. There are also none from Slytherin for obvious reasons"
Harry turned to his guests and motioned for them to join him. He asked Cliff to pass the
statements to Fudge. Fudge accepted them and scanned through the lot of them, his face
becoming redder after each statement. He read the parent's remarks and could see himself
going down in defeat as Minister in the next election. Uncle Sirius, Uncle Moony,
Moony and Sirius brought their wands out, Moony directed his wand at Umbridges
sleeve, and at the same moment, Sirius targeted Snapes sleeve. Snape tried to hold his
sleeve down but Sirius was faster than Snape. Both sleeves rolled up to show the Dark
Marks on the arms of the two teachers.
"How could you do this Harry, you have made Voldemort,s job easier. You have
jeopardized the outcome of the War against the Dark Side," cried out Dumbledore.
"No sir, I have not. I have now made 'my destiny of defeating Voldemort more of a
reality. You did nothing to assist me in the TWT contests and I was three years younger
than the other champions were. I was left to thwart Voldemort,s plans in that graveyard as
much as a fourteen year old could manage without extra help or training from you"
"Your job is to know everything that goes on in your school. You are supposedly, the
greatest Wizard of all, but you did not even sense that the fake Moody was indeed a fake,
planted in the school by Voldemort,s minions. Ginny and I sensed something was not
right with him all through the fourth year and we went to you several times for help. You
ignored our feelings and instincts. I was too young to believe, but old enough to chance
my life in the contests".
Turning to Fudge, he said. "Minister Fudge with this evidence you have no other choice
but to put Umbridge under arrest for her use of the illegal Blood Quills she used on the
students, and Professor Dumbledore you have no other choice than to replace Snape with
a competent potion Master. He refuses to teach properly, and gives extra tutoring to his
House students every night. I have my means of finding out things I need to know. The
students from three of Hogwarts Houses agree to these requests, both in regards to the
'toad' here and Snape. I trust you will make the right decisions. I and my friends have
done all the work for you, now the rest is up to you."
Harry stood back a few paces. Fudge stood up and trying unsuccessfully to save face, he
ordered the arrest of a screaming Umbridge. She was plainly behaving like someone who
was mentally unhinged. Either Azkaban or St. Mungos for life in the mental ward would
suit all the students. As Fudge and his Aurors left the hall with Umbridge, pandemonium
broke out all through the Great hall. Deafening applause and backslapping and hugs was
the way in which the majority of the students showed their pleasure at the outcome of the
charges laid against the two teachers.
Slytherin was silent, wondering what their lives would be like in the coming months. The
show of solidarity from three houses for Harry and the light side was, in their minds,
scary as hell. They lost their Head of House who had always favored them and now were
lost as to their place in Hogwarts Society. No more would Flint, Malfoy or any of the
other bullies inspire fear as before. Harry and Ginny proved to be more than a match for
any half dozen of the best of them. Truth be told, a few of the seventh years had taken the
Dark Mark and knew it was just a matter of time before Harry found them out, if he didn't
know already.. They had some serious thinking to do.
Harry turned to Cliff and Joseph and thanked them for coming. "Harry you could have
taken the lot on by yourself. You were brilliant"
"I would have certainly needed you if the toad hadn't given us that opening demanding
'her' Quill back. She dug her own grave, I just had to put the dirt over her, and we had lots
of dirt. Will you use the affidavits at her trial?"
'Yes Harry, if she comes to trial. She is one sick person. Her dedication to her so called
Lord and her hatred of you because of what you did to him, has unhinged her mind. She
may never come to trial, but if they ever diagnose her as sane, we will have the evidence
to send her to Azkaban"
"Goodbye Harry, we'll see you at another one of your rebellions, will we?" said Joseph
chuckling. "With you there's never a dull moment, is there?"
"Moony took this as his cue to speak up."No, there's never a dull moment, and I wouldn't
have it any other way. He keeps my heart rate up and healthy. I feel younger now than
when he called me at end of third year and asked me to come and help him with a project
he wanted to undertake. He has almost single handedly turned his life around. Sirius and I
are proud of the man he will be one day, and if Lily and James were here they would be
busting with pride too."
By this time, Harry was blushing madly. He was happy with his Uncle's praise. He never
drew praise before living at the Manor, so he welcomed it like a sponge taking in water. It
was balm to his soul.
Moony, Cliff and Joseph left the hall after shaking Dumbledore's hand. "I certainly hope
we have no need to return any time soon", remarked Wizard Edwards in a professional
voice before they exited the room.
"No I think things will settle down now that young Harry has had his day in court so to
speak"., he answered them.
"This was not a joking matter Sir. You should have been in charge from the beginning.
You have become very lax and your students know this. Soon it will be youth teaching
youth and you and yours will be redundant. Harry is a dedicated Light Side follower, and
he has the three houses behind him. Think carefully on what I say. Good day, Sir"
Moony flooed home at the same time as the two Lawyers were leaving. Harry and the
other students went to what was remaining of their afternoon classes. Tomorrow was the
big day. Tomorrow they would play against Slytherin in the first game of the season, and
they intended to win this game.
Dinner that night was a boisterous affair. Dean, Neville and Seamus were sending big
smiles towards Malfoy and his cronies. Fred and George were needling the seventh year
Slytherins by sending lip-smacking gestures to them, no doubt denoting the fact that they
had to kneel and kiss the hem of their master's robe. The twins wanted a celebration party
tonight, but Harry asked them to wait for a double celebration tomorrow night. Beside,
Harry had a beautiful redheaded Witch to snog tonight along with a little bit of exploring.
He'd learned a lot from Uncle Moony, and he was not one to learn in vain.
The match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was 9 o'clock on Saturday, and the pack
was up early to get their exercises in before breakfast. Harry for once had a hard time
waking up. He wondered if it had anything to do with a certain redheaded Witch. Last
night snogging her was brilliant. Poppy and Moony were to be lauded for their 'talks'. The
limited amount of exploring they'd allowed themselves, left him wanting more of the
same and soon. Who would've thought Girls were so soft and 'nice' bumpy?
The Gryffindor team was raring to go. Harry was so sure they would win, that he
promised butterbeer for the whole team for the after game party. "I know we are the best.
We can and will win today. Play your positions. Remember the moves we've practiced.
You were great at Wednesday's practice. Play like that today and we're unstoppable and
unbeatable. Just watch out for Flint. He's evil through and through and he plays dirty too.
Harry placed his hand in the center, palm up and soon a pyramid of hands topped by
Harry's other one palm down, was completed. Their cry of 'one for all and all for one',
could be heard from the stands.
Mounting their brooms they flew onto the field to the cheers of nearly everyone in the
stands, and the boos of the Slytherins of course. Harry landed in front of Madam Hooch
and faced a sneering Flint. "I want a clean game from both teams, so shake hands and
join your teammates. Flint tried his best to grab his hand tightly enough to break it, but
Harry had been expecting the move and fisted his hand removing it before Flint could get
a grip on it.
Harry zoomed up to the highest point possible from whence he could watch the entire
field. With the Quaffle, Bludgers and finally the Golden Snitch released, the game was
on. Harry was in awe of his teammates. They were like a well-oiled machine. They were
all co-coordinated from the opening play. The Gryffindor chasers got four goals on the
board within the first three minutes of play, and the Slytherins went down hill from there.
Harry was of course hunting the Snitch, and good old Malfoy was hot on his tail. He
couldn't do this on his own if he practiced all night. He followed Harry like a lost puppy,
for the next hour hoping Harry would miss and he would get the Snitch. Harry noticing
the score now stood at 160-40 in Gryffindors favor realized it was time to catch the
Snitch. Slytherin scored again, but Harry had his prey in sight. It was under the
Slytherin,s middle hoop and Harry slowly began a casual turn and started slowly towards
the hoop.
George flew in front of Malfoy and Fred flew behind him cutting him off enough to hide
the Snitch from Malfoy, and give Harry the advantage he needed to go after it. Harry
pushed his broom into high gear and zoomed toward the Slytherin hoops. Just as he came
within reach of the Snitch, Malfoy saw what was happening and tried in vain to catch up
with Harry. It was too late, as Harry threw his hand into the air in victory holding the
fluttering Snitch tightly. Once Madam Hootch declared Gryffindor the winners, Harry
sporting a huge smile, landed to the cheers of his teammates and Ginny. She flew into his
arms and kissed him excitedly. "
You were great Harry and so were the twins. They stopped Malfoy from following you.
Was that a planned play?"
"No it wasn't. they must have noticed the direction I was looking and realized I'd spotted
the Snitch. Then they ran interference for me. They were brilliant. Ron made lots of great
saves too. The entire team played like pros. I know we can take the house cup for sure
and the seventh year players will graduate in a blaze of glory" So yes! The entire team
had played a great game, and they were ready to party. Tonight would be a double
celebration party; Gryffindors victory over Slytherin, and Harry and his Schoolmates
victory over Umbridge and Snape.
Harry gave the twins some galleons to sneak into Hogsmead later for butterbeer, and
Dobby had promised food for their celebration. But after showers, the pack would go to
the Den to begin an introductory session of Occlumency.
Harry had just about an hour to instruct the students in the fundamentals necessary to
master the skill. Everyone sat in a circle around Harry and looked at him expectantly.
First he explained what Occlumency was all about. and then said. "We will start by
attempting to clear our minds of all thoughts and pictures. Let your mind go blank. I can
see thoughts and pictures in some of your minds, although I cannot see them clearly. That
is good. Try harder. Relax now, and breathe deeply. I do think you all cleared your minds
quite well for your first time. Practice this exercise often until our next session. He then
passed out the 'Fundamental guide To Occlumency and Legilmency' to each of them.
Study this book and you will see how easy it is to become an accomplished Occlumens.
"If anyone can see my thoughts you,ll see how hungry I am", he said laughing."Time for
lunch", and don,t forget the party tonight"
Lunch was a boisterous affair, as the rest of Gryffindor were still celebrating their win
over Slytherin, and rubbing it in every way they possibly could.
Finishing their lunch, Harry and Ginny began walking back to their Tower.
Ginny was the first to open their link. "Hi there,are you thinking what I,m thinking?'
"I don,d know, are you thinking that I,m thinking what you,re thinking?"
"I hope you,re thinking what I,m thinking, Stop teasing, I,m getting dizzy trying to
understand all this thinking", she answered him.
Harry began speaking aloud.
"I've thought of nothing else since last night. I know a great little room where we can go
for some private time. Is it a date?"
"Yes, I,d love to go on a date with you. How does two o,clock sound. I need time to get
"Why do you need all that time to get ready? You look perfect to me"
"Harry, since this is a date, we,ll do it right. Now you go change, and I,ll meet you in our
room at two. Now go on with you"
Ginny entered her dorm as excited as if she were going someplace fancy on a date with
Harry. She put a very small bit of makeup on, as her skin was beautiful without it, and
brushed her long hair till it shone. She then changed into a Muggle outfit that she knew
Harry liked. It was a black mini-skirt and white tank top. Over this, she donned her robe.
It wouldn't do to let the others guess where they were going, and what they were about to
be doing.
In the meantime Harry had given up on the 'battle of his perpetually messy hair' The hair
won every time, so he compensated by changing into Ginny,s favorite outfit which she
had helped him to purchase. Tight jeans, and an emerald green button down shirt. It
matched his eyes she told him.
Ginny left through the Portrait Hole and making sure no one could see where she was
going; she went into their special room. They had learned that this room was a
romantically enhanced room and would become whatever you desired it to be. Triggered
by the emotions of those who entered it, it could become many things. Today, Ginny
wanted a large picture window overlooking a meadow with small animals playing, and
flowers. She wanted a small dance floor so she and Harry could set a proper mood for
their romantic tryst. The more she thought of things the more beautiful the room became.
A small table and chairs with a lovely tea service set out along with scones, and Harry's
favorite, small treacle tarts. There also appeared a love seat placed to allow them an
unobstructed view of the Meadow. Looking around the room, she nodded her head,
satisfied and happy with her décor.
Last night they had enjoyed a bit of exploring, but it was not what she wanted. Neither
one was prepared for the inexperienced groping that took place. Oh yes Harry seemed to
enjoy it somewhat, well a lot if truth be told, and she rather liked it as well, but Ginny
knew from her talk with Poppy that she should be the one to set the pace. "Don't cheapen
something as beautiful as your love, Ginny. Teach Harry that there is more to love than
sex. He'll thank you in the end and he'll learn what makes you happy and will try to
please you in romantic ways too", was one of the things Poppy had advised her to do.
Ginny walked over to the window drinking in the beautiful view. She was so deep in
thought that she didn't hear the door open or Harry approaching her until she felt his arms
encircle her waist, pulling her back into his arms. He kissed the top of her head and she
turned to face him. Before he could begin snogging her as she could see he was about to
do, she took him by the hand and led him to the table. She removed her robe, and
inwardly smirked at the look on Harry's face. "Oh, this will be fun, seeing how long he
can last before he tries to ravish me", she thought.
In a stupor, he actually remembered to pull Ginny's chair out for her to sit down. Then he
sat down across from her, never taking his eyes off her bare shoulders.
"Ginny you look um, beautiful'. Getting brave he said 'You look dead sexy too" his face
turned red as a tomato, and Ginny chuckled.
"Thank you Love, I love you in those tight jeans I picked out for you and that green shirt
brings out the color of your eyes" As she was speaking she was also pouring tea in their
cups and placing scones on their plates.
All this time Harry was staring unabashedly at her. Later Harry would remember one
thing only. That this Witch would no doubt be the death of him, more so than Voldemort
could ever hope to be. Ginny snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to get his attention.
As if just waking up, he shook his head and said," Did you say something? Sorry I must
have been daydreaming"
"Let's have our tea shall we? I'm feeling a bit peckish and these scones look really
As they were drinking their tea, soft music was playing in the background setting a
romantic scene.. The scenario that Ginny had pictured was perfect. She saw Harry
relaxing somewhat and hearing a lovely waltz playing, she stood and held her hand out to
him and asked him if he would dance with her. Standing, he took her in his arms and as
they had danced at the Yule Ball, so they waltzed around the small dance floor.
Everything was playing out perfectly. Harry was now very relaxed, and it was time for
the next step. Leading him to the small couch, she sat and gently pulled him down beside
her. She put her head on his shoulder and sat quietly gazing out the window.
"Look at the view, Harry. Isn't it beautiful? I did this for you. So you could learn that love
isn't just about groping and sex. It is about learning what the other likes and doing
romantic things. Everything will happen eventually. It's more meaningful if we develop
our love relationship slowly. Whether we are considered married or not, if we just jump
in, it will not work and we will just embarrass one another. Really, can you understand
what I'm trying to explain to you my Love?"
Much to Harry's credit, once his hormones calmed down, he actually realized what Ginny
had done and why.
"I know now why I love you so much Gin. Its not just because of our Bond, but because
you are beautiful inside as well as on the outside. I've heard the expression that 'beauty is
only skin deep', but your beauty begins on your outside and ends in your soul. I've
learned a lot today. Thank you for teaching me what I'm sure you learned from your Mum
and Poppy. I had no one to learn this from, and Uncle Moony told me just the clinical
facts. Maybe I can teach him something about romance after you are done with me. Do
you think so?"
"You probably will, but enough talking. I haven't been properly kissed in a whole hour"
Harry happily complied with her request, and cupping her face in his hands gently, he
began raining gentle kisses over every surface of her face, ending at her lips. As he kissed
her, he quivered with joy. He wanted a lifetime with this Witch, and he'd do it her way.
The next hour sped by with the two teens snogging and cuddling. He realized that he
could control himself better than he had last night. Maybe he was finally growing up. If
so, he couldn't think of a better way to do so, than with his one and only love at his side.
The dinner hour was just something for the Gryffindors to take part in to pass the time
until their Celebration party. If the amount of butterbeer and a contraband bottle of
Firewhiskey that the twins returned from Hogsmead with were any indication, then the
party would be a success. Dobby planned a load of nibbling food for later, and even
though they'd all have full stomachs from dinner, since when didn't teens have an
appetite.? When Harry saw McGonagall approaching him as he was leaving the hall, he
knew Dumbledore wanted to see him. Call it whatever you like but he called it just dumb
"Harry," he was right after all, "Professor Dumbledore would like to see you before you
leave for your celebration party." Her eyes reflected a combination of glee and
foreboding. "Should I worry?" he wondered to himself. "We'll find out", was his reply
also to himself. Turning to Ginny, he asked her to tell the others he wouldn't be long. "I'll
leave the link open", he said as he kissed her bye.
Harry followed Minerva as he thought of her, to the office. Entering he was met by an
angry Headmaster. "You wanted to see me Sir?"
"Yes Harry. Please sit down. We have much to talk about, and it can't wait. You have
placed me in an unenviable position. As a student, you had no right to take matters into
your own hands. As a result of your arrogance, we are now without two professors,
Potions and DADA. You had absolutely no right going to the extremes that you did. You
could have come to me about Miss Umbridge, before your little show on Friday".
"If you remember Sir, I came to you after my detention on Thursday night. Sir, you
brought this on yourself. You claim to know everything that is going on in your school
and with your teachers and students. Some of the students who were forced to use the
Blood Quill went to Madam Poppy, and you did nothing about it even though she
reported the incidents to you. According to my sources, you have eleven student
Deatheaters in this school. There are seven in Slytherin, two in Gryffindor, and at the
least, one each in the other two houses. I would be willing to bet galleons against sickles
that you do not know who they all are. I know them! You no doubt have your suspicions
about the Slytherins, but not the others. I intend to reveal them to the school if you don't
do something about them"
Since he was just getting wound up he went on in the sme vein."You think there's good in
everyone, but Sir, these dark students have been trained from birth to be evil and to
embrace the dark side. I have talked to my Granddad and Parents for hours. I have had to
grow up both mentally and physically too soon, and if the choice were left up to me I
would never be known as the so-called 'Chosen One'. . I'd love to be just another student,
but I will never be until Voldemort is dead"
Then he made a suggestion."As far as new professors are concerned, why don't you hire
Uncle Moony back as Dada Instructor? As for a Potions Master, I wouldn't be afraid to
bet that Mr. Edwards would recommend one to you. He hired a Master Occlumens
Instructor for my friends and I, and I'm almost certain he has other clients who are
qualified for any jo