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Pega RULES: An Enterprise Rules System ---------------------------------------------Extensible, Object-Oriented RulebasePegaRULES uses an object-oriented model for its rulebase, and

powerful inheritance and hierarchical algorithms to apply the right business rule at the right time. This hierarchical rule structure delivers flexibility, personalization capabilities, rapid application configuration, mod ification, and deployment.For example, general quality rules, compliance rules, and services rules can be defined as valid for the corporation, while specialize d versions of these rules can be made available for specific organization units and/or applications.Common Enterprise Rulebase, Distributed Rule ExecutionThe Pe gaRULES enterprise rules engine runs as a series of loosely coupled nodes that bri ng the execution of rules in close proximity to the requesting user or system. D istributed nodes provide the option to share a common rulebase and behave as a s ingle system, enabling the ability to provide local performance over distributed p hysical machines.The Right Rule at the Right TimeAt runtime, the PegaRULES enter prise rules engine dynamically selects the right business rule depending on the business purpose, product, organization, RuleSet and version, date, time, custom er-associated circumstance and security. Once selected, the rule is converted to Java and executed at Java speed.Rules can be defined to apply during specific s ystem dates and/or during an application-defined effective date. For example, th is capability provides insurance companies with the ability to process claims in accordance with the rules that were in effect when the policy was issued.Forwar d and Backward Chaining Offers Application FlexibilityPegaRULES provides rich ap plication capabilities by allowing both forward chaining (procedural logic) and backward chaining (goal-based logic). By utilizing dependency networks, PegaRULE S determines known and unknown dependent facts.For example, when evaluating an e xpression or constraint, if a required fact is not available, PegaRULES invokes goal-seeking logic to compute that fact from other known values.PegaRULES retrie ves or computes the missing value, either by interacting with other enterprise s ystems or by asking a user to supply the value. Once that fact is known, it is a utomatically used to continue the evaluation of expressions or constraints until the final value is determined.Intuitive Rule Forms Ease BusinessUser Change Peg aRULES provides intuitive rule forms to build, manage and configure all rules re ducing the need for programmers to write and maintain code.1. Over 70 different Fit-for-Purpose HTML rules forms are provided, allowing for easy rule creation2. IT can allow specific rules and/or sections of rules to be managed by business users, increasing business agility and reducing IT costs3. Users can view the hi story of changes made to each rule, meeting compliance needs4. Once a rule is ch anged and checked back in to the system, a review and approval process can be in itiatedDozens of Fit-for-Purpose Rule TypesWhere other products require develope rs to utilize Java or a proprietary rule language to build complex rules, PegaRU LES provides a family of rule types to help organizations get started quickly an d maximize productivity.1. Declarative Rules: A set of rules that, utilizing dep endency networks, compute values or enforce constraints as other properties chan ge, ensuring that data remains consistent2. Decision Tree Rules: A family of rul es that conduct fact-based inferencing (forward chaining) to execute if-then types of logic3. Process Rules: As part of PegaRULES Process Commander, Pegasystems Bu siness Process Management (BPM) product, these rules manage the receiving, assig nment, routing, and tracking of workBuild Rules Applications GraphicallyComplex applications can be efficiently built using diagrams to design the rule-flow log ic. PegaRULES integrates Microsoft Visio as a graphical front-end to its rulebas e, enabling users to connect and link a variety of built-in rules to create a co mplete rules-based application.Intelligent Agents Automate Key ActivitiesPegaRUL ES includes agents to identify and act on events. This capability offers an extr emely powerful mechanism to create business alarms that take appropriate action when business metrics step out of line.