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Asia Pulp & Paper Companies in Indonesia, their products and brands

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APP products can be identified by one or more of the following logos or details on their products: A. APP corporate logo B. APP group companies names C. APP brand logos Below, these three logos are explained, based on information from the APP website ( and a quick Internet search. At the end, a list of APP paper products is provided for your information. In addition to its own brands, APP also manufactures and sells paper products to customers, including very famous paper producers or retailers, who sell them under their own brand names. If you are concerned, ask the company, who sells you the paper products, where they source their paper products from.

A. APP Corporate Logo

Remember this red and white logo because it is used throughout the Sinar Mas Group worldwide (including APP China etc.).

B. APP Group Companies Products and Brands

Asia Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. is a vertically integrated group of seven pulp and paper companies (some of which having more than one mill location) inside Indonesia: 1. PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. 2. PT. Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk. 3. PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills 4. PT. Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry 5. PT. The Univenus 6. PT. Ekamas Fortuna 7. PT. Purinusa Ekapersada Among them, PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. and PT. Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry produce pulp from mixed tropical hardwood (MTH) obtained from clearcutting of natural forests that include HCVFs in Riau Province and Jambi Province, both on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Most of the pulp is used by the APP Groups own paper mills.
APP produces small amounts of no-MTH paper (based on plantation wood, certified virgin pulp or recycled pulp), however, that seems to be sold only to a very limited number of famous and very demanding customers that the company desperately wants to keep in their customer stable for marketing purposes. Following is brief description of each company and their list of products and brands. The brand names are highlighted in bold when a picture of the logo is available and shown in the APP Brand Logos section below.

1. PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. It has a fully integrated pulp and paper mill in Riau, and 2 paper manufacturing facilities in West Java, which produce fine paper and packaging products respectively. Indah Kiat has its own company logo =>
Products: Writing and printing paper, packaging products (containerboard and boxboard), BHK pulp. Brands: The companys principal writing and printing paper products, uncoated freesheet and cut-sized photocopier paper, are sold under the following major brands: Paperline, Britex, Copy Paper, PPC Paper, Paperon, IK-Plus, and e-Paper. The packaging products include ivory board, duplex board and containerboard.

2. PT. Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk. Located in East Java Province. Is was (still is??) the worlds largest single site stationery manufacturer under one roof.
Products: Caustic soda, writing and printing paper, coated art paper and board, high gloss cast coated paper, stationery, carbon less paper, continuous stock form, file folder, photocopy paper and shopping bags, converted paper products (exercise books, pads, spirals, loose leaf, diaries, hard back books, envelopes, continuous stationery, fancy products, coated & uncoated inkjet paper, paper bags and publishing). Brands: Sinarline, Paperline, Sinar Dunia, Sinar Copy, Sinar Laser, etc.

3. PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills Located at two sites in West Java Province.
Products: Carbonless paper, cast-coated paper, photocopy paper, tissue, art paper, uncoated woodfree paper, and other specialty papers such as embossed paper. The luxurious range consists of high quality tissue for facial, handkerchiefs, toilet rolls, household towels and napkins. Brands: Bola Dunia, Golden Coin, Golden Star, Specta Colour, Lucky Boss, Mirage, Buffalo Hide, Nice, Jolly, Paseo.

4. PT. Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry Located at two sites in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and Jambi on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Products: Uncoated freesheet, tissue paper, elemental chlorine-free pulp. Brands: ???

5. PT. The Univenus Two manufacturing sites, located in Riau and West Java. Products: Jumbo reel tissue paper, converted tissue, facial tissue paper, handkerchief tissue paper, toilet paper, paper towels and paper napkins.

Brands: Toply, Four Roses, Livi and Nice, or several house brands such as Brand Dollar for Indonesia and Singapore, Prime Source for Bunzl, Australia.

for Carrefour Indonesia, Value

6. PT. Ekamas Fortuna Located in East Java. Products: Corrugating medium, kraft liner, core board, chip board, wrapping paper, paper tube / core, and laminating paper. Brands: ???

7. PT. Purinusa Ekapersada Two manufacturing facilities, in West and Central Java. Products: Corrugated shipping containers. Brands: ???

C. APP Brand Logos

Following are some, but not all, of the brand logos of APP and some information on the brand (original APP text).

e-Paper e-Paper is the brightness paper for all your office equipment. It has been engineered to deliver consistent and dependable use in all copiers, faxes, inkjet and laser printer. This brightness paper provides excellent contrast and clarity for all documents and presentations making it ideal for proposals, newsletter, graphics and printing from the internet. e-Paper have smooth surface offers sharp, clean reproduction for all color or black and white prints.

e-Paper Premium Multi-Purpose Paper IMPRESSION 2000 Manufactured by Pindo Deli. Starting commercial production year since 1997 using Japans IHI technology for coating technology.

INSTANT Manufactured by Pindo Deli, Jakarta, Indonesia. Second grade quality for IMPRESSION 2000.

PAPERLINE "Paperline", a new technically advanced paper that serves all your office printing purpose. "Paperline" has been designed as a multi-use paper, suitable for copying, laser and inkjet printing. "Today`s Paper For Tomorrow`s Technology", Paperline is one of the most complete office paper ranges in the world. With modern design packaging and superior quality, "Paperline" is indicative of our commitment to our customers and their office needs.

Paperline Multi Purpose Premium Paper Paperline Computer Paper Paperline Laser Printer Paper Paperline Banker Envelope Paperline Diamond Envelope Paperline Pocket Envelope Paperline Wallet Envelope Paperline Register Roll PASEO Paseo is a luxurious range of premium quality tissue products for the whole family. It`s made from natural fibre, containing no chemical brightening agents.

Paseo Facial Tissue Box Paseo Facial Tissue Polywrap Paseo Handkerchief Tissue Paseo Toilet Tissue Rolls Paseo Napkin Tissue Cocktail Paseo Napkin Tissue Luncheon Paseo Napkin Tissue Dinner Paseo Towel Rolls Paseo Interfold Towel

SINARLINE This brand was introduced into the market just a few years ago and has since been growing in terms of the products range and market acceptability. Sinarline keeps on innovating and developing its products range in order to deliver its promise of providing the consumers with great variety of products at top quality.

Envelope, File Folders & Register Roll Register Books Spiral Note Books School & College Stationery Spiral & Pocket Note Book General Stationery Diary & Promotional Items

Writing Pads Accounting Books Office Stationery Social Stationery School Stationery (General) University Books SIGNATURE BOND Signature Bond is a good quality watermark paper produced at IKPP Tangerang. It comes in a very attractive packaging in large sheets as also cut size. The A4 sheets come in pack of 500 and 80 sheets retail pack. Signature Bond has excellent surface feel and opacity with a very clear watermark. SINAR SPECTRA Sinar Spectra has been designed for trouble-free use in all your office machines. Suitable for use on copiers, ink jet printers, laser printers, plain paper fax, & offset presses. Dependable runnability. Produces sharp, clear copies & prints. Compatible with all types of copiers, ink jet printers, laser printers, plain paper fax & offset presses. Bright colours for excellent image contrast. Standard grammage available is 80 gsm in sizes of 65 x 92 cm, 31 x 43" and A4. Light colours available are: Ivory 100, Cream 100, Cream 110, Canary 115, Yellow 160, Peach 150, Rose 140, Ocean 120, Lagoon 130, Green 190, Pink 170 and Blue 180. Deep colours available are: Lemon 210, Gold 200, Saffron 240, Red 250, Parrot 230 and Turquoise 220. Cyber colours available are: Cyber yellow 360, Cyber green 320, Cyber pink 341 and Cyber orange 361 [no 31 x 43"]

SPECTA COLOUR Specta Colour gives new life to your multi coloured communications with a wide range of light pastel shades. Available in ten subtle pastel tints these papers are ideal for both offset printing & modern office printing techniques. They have good opacity for two sided documents with excellent surface feel. Specta Colour is very versatile with smooth runability and suitable for high speed copiers and is laser compatible. Standard substance range available is 60 - 80 gsm. with a wide range of sizes: 31" x 43", 24.6" x 34.6", 962.5 x 879 mm, 70 x 100 cm, 64 x 90 cm, A4, B4, B5 & A3. The light colours available are Aqua [light blue], barley [ivory], cream [yellow], lagoon [green], ocean [blue], peach [light pink], peppermint [light green], pink [rose], sand [light cream], violet [purple].

Other brand logos Toply (facial tissue)

Livi (Napkin tissue)

Paper Excelpro photocopy paper)




Britex (photocopy paper)

IK Plus (photocopy paper)

Bola Dunia (photocopy paper)

D. List of APP Paper Products Links to descriptions of APP products via an anonymous server. If you want to go directly, go to
1. Printing Writing Paper & Paperboard

Uncoated Woodfree o Uncoated Woodfree  Woodfree Offset Paper  Photocopy Paper  Manifold Paper  Colour Manifold Paper  Computer Paper  Drawing Cartridge Paper  Duplicating Paper  Uncoated Inkjet Paper  White Wrapping Paper  Pigmented Offset Paper Uncoated Specialities o Uncoated Specialities  Colour Woodfree Paper  Colour Photocopy Paper  Watermark Paper  Briefcard  Colour Briefcard  Uncoated Release Base Paper  Quran Paper  Linen T Embossed Board  2/S Linen T Embossed Board  Lines Embossed Board Coated Art

Coated Art  Art Paper 1 Side Coated Gloss  Art Paper 2 Sides Coated Gloss  Art Paper 2 Sides Coated Matt  Art Board 2 Sides Coated Gloss Cast Coated o Cast Coated  1/S Cast Coated Paper  Cast Coated Paper Wet Strength  1/S Cast Coated Board  2/S Cast Coated Board Carbonless o Carbonless  Carbonless Multiply Straight  Carbonless Multiply Reverse  Carbonless Coated Back  Carbonless Coated Front  Carbonless Coated Front and Back  Carbonless Self Contained  Carbonless Self Contained Coated Back Other Coated Office Supplies o Office Cut Size Products  Photocopy Paper  Uncoated Inkjet Paper  Laser Cut Sheet o Continuous Stationery o Other coated Stationery o Exercise Book o Envelope  Banker Envelope  Diamond Envelope  Pocket Envelope  Wallet Envelope o Perfect Binding o Hard Book o Spiral Book  Continuous Spiral Book  Hard Cover Continuous Spiral  Double Wire Spiral Book  Double Wire Hard Cover Spiral o Loose Leaf  Loose Leaf with holes  Fancy Loose Leaf o Pad  Flipover Pad  Gum Top Pad  Block Cube  Legal Pad  Pad B  Pad SB  Desk Pad Calendar  Flip Chart Pad o Filing Products  Spring Clip File  Flat File  Flap Folder  Document Wallet Folder  Open Top Wallet Folder

Box Folder Lever Arch Other Stationery  Register Roll  Box Greeting Card  Box Letter Set  Gift Wrapping  Origami Paper  Design Paper


2. Converted Hygiene Products

Converted Tissue o Converted Facial Tissue  Facial Tissue Box  Facial Tissue Polywrap  Handkerchief Tissue  Facial Tissue Travel Pack o Converted Toilet Tissue  Toilet Tissue Roll  Toilet Tissue Folded o Converted Napkin Tissue  Napkin Tissue Cocktail  Napkin Tissues Luncheon  Napkin Tissue Dinner o Converted Towel Tissue  Towel Tissue Roll  Towel Tissue Folded

3. Unconverted Hygiene Products

Jumbo Reel Tissue o JR Facial Tissue o JR Toilet Tissue o JR Napkin Tissue o JR Towel Tissue

4. Industrial & Packaging Paperboard

Packing Paper / Board o Packing Paper / Board  Fluting Medium  Kraft Liner  White Top Liner Folding Box Board o Virgin Fiber Folding Box Board  Coated Ivory Board  Coated GC2  Ivory Board Soap Metasol o Recycled Fiber Folding Box Board  Coated Duplex Board  Coated Triplex Board 1S  Coated Triplex Board 2S