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[ Feature Blast ] CyberStation & web.Client v1.


Andover Continuum

CyberStation & web.Client v1.93

Product Overview
Schneider Electric announces the release of Andover Continuum v1.93 software, which includes new operating system support. With an upgrade to version 1.93, customers benefit from the features added within the v1.9x range e.g. video feature enhancements, newly supported Pelco video system, XDriver support for the BACnet bCX1.

Features Microsoft Windows 7 Support

This software version adds support for Microsoft Windows 7 (Pro and Ultimate) operating system for both CyberStation workstations and web.Client browser machines. Version 1.93 continues to support operating systems and configurations compatible with v1.92. Note: Only 32-bit environments supported. 64-bit environments are not supported for machines with CyberStation or web.Client software installed.

[ Feature Blast ] CyberStation & web.Client v1.93

Andover Continuum Feature Upgrades 1.71 1.73 1.74



1.9 1.91

1.92 1.93

Faster data retrieval for Pinpoint and web Pinpoint Enhanced Alarm delivery web.Client Continuous refresh option for web.Client Pinpoint Graphics web.Client launch editors from web.Client Pinpoint Graphic Enhanced International Support Enhanced BACnet Device management Efficient Data Retrieval for BACnet Graphics BACnet Protocol revision 4 (ASHRAE 135-2004) support BACnet Schedule Option to purge past exception schedule events BACnet Trend Object support BACnet Loop Object support BACnet Backup & Restore support BACnet Save from Controller support Support for Listviews in Reports Plain English support from SendEmail keyword Support for Infinity bCX1 (9640 version 1.1) XDrivers web.Client Support for new BACnet objects (Trend, Loop) web.Client Full migration to .NET simplifies connection web.Client Firewall friendly connections for Pinpoint graphic files web.Client Default Log On Object web.Client-Launch object editors from a Listview MS SQL Server 2005 Support MS .NET Framework 2.0 Support web.Client support of adjustable communications port number web.Client support for SSL Pinpoint Fast Panel load option Area Lockdown* Condition Threat Level Based Access Rights* LDAP-powered Personnel Import Utility Customizable Personnel Manager Updated Badging Utility Support for HID Corporate-1000 Cards* Support for 128 -1024 Security Groups Support for NetController II Support for Ethernet ACX Series access controllers Support for IPSec/IKE Encryption between Ethernet Devices* web.Client Password management web.Client Support for international characters web.Client Issue Temporary / Restore Permanent access cards Pelco DS RealVue & DS NVR Video support Microsoft Windows Authentication CFR Enhancements: Second User Sign-Off Personnel Import Utility (PIU) Enhancements: XML Import MS Vista support MS SQL Express support Video Monitor DigitalSENTRY Enterprise Video Acquisition Unit (VAU) support BACnet bCX1 (4040) XDriver support HSPD-12/FIPS 201 option* Second/Transitional Dual Card support (including FIPS PIV Card format)* Activation Date added to Personnel Records* New Door Attributes for Keypad Input Custom Sequences (ACX Series only) Pelco Endura v1.x and v2.0 support via Video Monitor Personnel Import Utility (PIU) Enhancements: CSV Import Microsoft SQL Server 2008 support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 support Application Launch Buttons for the Personnel Manager Network Controller Upgrade support Pelco Sarix camera support Pelco Endura support in Video Layouts Digital Sentry v7 support Video alarm enhancements Microsoft Windows Server 2008 support Schneider Electric branding changes MS Windows 7 support

* Andover Continuum NetController II or ACX Series Access Controller is required to support this feature.

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