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English Literature Test Questions

English Literature Test Questions Quiz and Test to Test Your Knowledge in Literature MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS in ENGLISH LITERATURE Literature based Language Quiz English 1. The epigraph of The Waste Land is borrowed from(A) Virgil (B) Petronius (C) Seneca (D) Homer Answer:D 2. Who called The Waste Land a music of ideas ? (A) Allen Tate (B) ]. C. Ransom (C) l.A.Richa1:ds (D) F, R. Leavis Answer:A 3. T. S. Eliot has borrowed the term Unreal City in first and third sections from (A) Baudelaire (B) Irving Babbit (C) Dante (D) Laforgue Answer:C 4. Which of the following myths does not figure in The Waste Land ? (A) Oedipus (B) Grail Legend 0f Fisher King (C) Philomela (D) Sysyphus Answer:D 5. Joe Gargery is Pips-

(A) brother (B) brother-in-law (C) guardian (D) cousin Answer:C 6. Estella is the daughter of(A) ]oe Gargery (B) Abel Magwitch (C) Miss Havisham (D) Bentley Drummle Answer:A 7. Which book of Iohn Ruskin influenced Mahatma Gandhi ? (A) Sesame and Lilies A (B) The Seven Lamps of Architecture (C) Unto This Last (D) Fors Clavigera Answer:C 8. Graham Greenes novels are marked by(A) Catholicism (B) Protestantism (C) Paganism (D) Buddiusm Answer:A 9 One important feature of jane Austens style is(A) boisterous humour (B) humour and pathos (C) subtlety of irony (D) stream of consciousness Answer:B 10. The title of the poem The Second Coming is taken from(A) The Bible (B) The Irish mythology (C) The German mythology

(D) The Greek mythology Answer:A ll. The main character in Paradise Lost Book l and Book Il is(A) God (B) Satan (C) Adam (D) Eve Answer:B 12. ln Sons and Lovers, Paul Morels m0thers name is(A) Susan (B) jane (C) Gertrude (D) Emily Answer:C 13. The twins in Lord of the Flies are(A) Ralph and jack (B) Simon and Eric (C) Ralph and Eric (D) Simon and Jack Answer:A 14. Mr. Jaggers, in Great Expectations, is a(A) lawyer (B) postrnan (C) judge (D) schoolteacher Answer:A 15. What does I stand for in the following line ? To Carthage then I came (A) Buddha (B) Tiresias (C) Smyrna Merchant (D) Augustine Answer:D 16. The following lines are an example of ,.. image. The river sweats Oil and tar .. .

(A) visual (B) kinetic (C) erotic (D) sensual Answer:C 17. Which of the following novels has the subtitle A Novel With out a Hero ? (A) Vanity Fair (B) Middlermarch (C) Wuthering Heights (D) Oliver Twist Answer:A 18. In Leda and the Swan, who wooes Leda in guise of a swan ? (A) Mars (B) Hercules (C) Zeus (D) Bacchus Answer:D 19. Who invented the term Sprung rhythm ? (A) Hopkins (B) Tennyson (C) Browning (D) Wordsworth Answer:A 20. Who wrote the poem Defence of Lucknow ? (A) Browning (B) Tennyson (C) Swinburne (D) Rossetti Answer:C 21. Which of the following plays of Shakespeare has an epilogue ? (A) The Tempest (B) Henry IV, Pt I (C) Hamlet (D) Twelfth Night Answer:A 22. Hamlets famous speech T0 be, or not to be; that is the question occurs in-

(A) Act II, Scene I (B) Act III, Scene III (C) Act IV, Scene III (D) Act III, Scene I Answer:D 23. Identify the character in The Tempest who is referred to as an honest old councellor (A) Alonso (B) Ariel (C) Gonzalo (D) Stephano Answer:C 24. What is the sub-title of the play Twelfth Night ? (A) Or, What is you Will (B) Or, What you Will (C) Or, What you Like It (D) Or, What you Think Answer:B 25. Which of the following plays of Shakespeare, according to T. S. Eliot, is artistic failure ? (A) The Tempest (B) Hamlet (C) Henry IV, Ptl (D) Twelfth Night Answer:B 26. Who is Thomas Percy in Henry IV, Pt I ? (A) Earl of Northumberland (B) Earl of March (C) Earl of Douglas (D) Earl of Worcester Answer:A 27. Paradise Lost was originally written in (A) ten books (B) eleven books (C) nine books (D) eight books Answer:D

28, In Pride and Prejudice, Lydia elopes with(A) Darcy (B) Wickham (C) William Collins (D) Charles Bingley Answer:B 29. Who coined the phrase Egotistical Sublime? (A) William Wordsworth (B) P. B. Shelley (C) S. T. Coleridge (D) John Keats Answer:C 30. Who is commonly known as Pip in Great Expectations ? (A) Philip Pirrip (B) Filip Pirip (C) Philip Pip (D) Philips Pirip Answer:C 31. The novel The Power and the Glory is set in(A) Mexico (B) Italy (C) France (D) Germany Answer:A 32. Which of the following is Goldings first novel ? (A) The inheritors (B) Lord of the Flies (C) Pincher Martin (D) Pyramid Answer:B 33. Identify the character who is a supporter of Womens Rights in Sons and Lovers ? (A) Mrs. Morel (B) Annie (C) Miriam

(D) Clara Dawes Answer:A 34. Vanity Fair is a novel by(A) Jane Austen (B) Charles Dickens (C) W, M. Thackeray (D) Thomas Hardy Answer:C 35. Shelleys Adunais is an elegy on the death of (A) Milton (B) Coleridge (C) Keats (D) Johnson Answer:C 36. Which of the following is the first novel of D. H. Lawrence ? (A) The White Peacock (B) The Trespasser (C) Sons and Lovers (D) Women in Love Answer:A 37. In the poem Tintern Abbey, dearest friend refers to(A) Nature (B) Dorothy (C) Coleridge (D) Wye Answer:B 38. Who, among the following, is not the second generation of British Romantics ? (A) Keats (B) Wordsworth (C) Shelley (D) Byron Answer:B 39. Which of the following poems of Coleridge is a ballad ? (A) Work Without Hope (B) Frost at Midnight (C) The Rime of the Ancient

Mariner (D) Youth and Age Answer:C 40. Identify the writer who was expelled from Oxford for circulating a pamph1et~ (A) P. B. Shelley (B) Charles Lamb (C) Hazlitt (D) Coleridge Answer:A 41. Keatss Endymiou is dedicated to (A) Leigh Hunt (B) Milton (C) Shakespeare (D) Thomas Chatterton Answer:A 42. The second series of Essays of Elia by Charles Lamb was published in(A) 1823 (B) 1826 (C) 1834 (D) 1833 Answer:D 43, Which of the following poets does not belong to the Lake School ? (A) Keats (B) Coleridge (C) Southey (D) Wordsworth Answer:A 44. Who, among the following writers, was not educated at Christs Hospital School, London? (A) Charles Lamb (B) WilliamWordsworth (C) Leighliunt

(D) S. T. Coleridge Answer:A 45. VVh0 derided Hazlitt as one of the members of the Cockney School of Poetry ? (A) Tennyson (B) Charles Lamb (C) Lockhart (D) T. S. Eliot Answer:D 46. Tennys0ns poem ln Memoriam was written in memory of~ (A) A. H. Hallam (B) Edward King (C) Wellington (D) P. B. Shelley Answer:A 47. Who, among the following, is not connected with the Oxford Movement? (A) Robert Browning (B) John Keble (C) E. B. Pusey (D) ]. H. Newman Answer:A 48. Identify the work by Swinburne which begins when the hounds of spring are on winters traces.,.(A) Chastelard (B) ASongofItaly (C) Atalantain Calydon (D) Songs before Sunrise Answer:C 49. Carlyles work On Heroes, HeroWorship and the Heroic in History is a course of(A) six lectures (B) five lectures (C) four lectures

(D) seven lectures Answer:B 50. Who is praised as a hero by Carlyle in his lecture on the I-lero as King ? (A) ]ohnson (B) Cromwell (C) Shakespeare (D) Luther Answer:B English literature quiz This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of English literature.Shakespeare,Milton ,Novelists,Poets and works of English Literature icons Quiz about classics of English Literature. Objective solve questions of the english literature quiz 1. Brevity is the soul of wit is a quotation from? (A) Milton (B) William Shakespeare (C) T. S. Eliot (D) Ruskin Ans : B 2. Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale. Who speaks the lines given above in Twelfth Night? (A) Duke Orsino (B) Malvolio (C) Sir Andrew Aguecheek (D) Sir Toby Belch Ans : D 3. In Paradise Lost, Book I, Satan is the embodiment of Miltons? (A) Sense of injured merit (B) Hatred of tyranny (C) Spirit of revolt (D) All these Ans : C 4. Who calls poetry the breadth and finer spirit of all knowledge? (A) Wordsworth (B) Shelley (C) Keats (D) Coleridge

Ans : A 5. Twelfth Night opens with the speech of? (A)Viola (B) Duke (C)Olivia (D) Malvolio Ans : B 6. What was the cause of Williams death in Sons and Lovers? (A) An accident (B) An overdose of morphia (C) Suicide (D) Pneumonia Ans : D 7. Which poem of Coleridge is an opium dream? (A) Kubla Khan (B) Christabel (C) The Ancient Mariner (D) Ode on the Departing Year Ans : A 8. Which stanza form did Shelley use in his famous poem Ode to theWest Wind? (A) Rime royal (B) Ottava rima (C) Terza rima (D) Spenserian Stanza Ans :C 9. The phrase Pathetic fallacy is coined by? (A) Milton (B) Coleridge (C) Carlyle (D) John Ruskin Ans : D 10. Tracts for the Times relates to? (A) The Oxford Movement (B) The Pre-Raphaelite Movement (C) The Romantic Movement (D) The Symbolist Movement Ans : A

11. The Chartist Movement sought? (A) Protection of the political rights of the working class (B) Recognition of chartered trading companies (C) Political rights for women (D) Protection of the political rights of the middle class Ans : A 12. Who wrote Biographia Literaria? (A)Byron (B) Shelley (C) Coleridge (D) Lamb Ans : C 13. Who was Fortinbras? (A) Claudiuss son (B) Son to the king of Norway (C) Ophelias lover (D) Hamlets Mend Ans : B 14. How many soliloquies are spoken by Hamlet in the play Hamlet? A) Nine (C) Five (B) Seven (D) Three Ans : C 15. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. The above lines have been taken from? (A) The Waste Land (B) Tintern Abbey (C) The Second Coming (D) Prayer for My Daughter Ans : C 16 William Morel in Sons and Lovers is drawn after? (A) Lawrences father (B) Lawrences brother (C) Lawrence himself (D) None of these Ans : D

17. The most notable characteristic of Keats poetry is? (A) Satire (B) Sensuality (C) Sensuousness (D) Social reform Ans : C 18. The key-note of Brownings philosophy of life is? (A) agnosticism (B) optimism (C) pessimism (D) skepticism Ans : B 19. The title of Carlyles Sartor Resartus means? (A) Religious Scripture (B) Seaside Resort (C) Tailor Repatched (D) None of these Ans : C 20. Epipsychidion is composed by? (A) Coleridge (B) Wordsworth (C) Keats (D) Shlley Ans : D 21. The better part of valour is discretion occurs in Shakespeares? (A) Hamlet (B) Twelfth Night (C) The Tempest (D) Henry IV, Pt I Ans : D 22. Epic similes are found in which work of John Milton? (A) Paradise Lost (B) Sonnets (C) Lycidas (D) Areopagitica Ans : A

23. Identify the writer who used a pseudonym, Michael Angelo Titmarsh, for much of his early work? (A) Charles Dickens (B) W. M. Thackeray (C) Graham Greene (D) D. H. Lawrence Ans : C 24. Pride and Prejudice was originally a youthful work entitled? (A)Last Impressions (B)False Impressions (C)First Impressions (D)True Impressions Ans :C 25. Identify the novel in which the character of Charlotte Lucas figures (A) Great Expectations (B) The Power and the Glory (C) Lord of the Flies (D) Pride and Prejudice Ans : D 26; Theres a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. The line given above occurs in (A) Hamlet (B) Henry IV, Pt I (C) The Tempest (D) Twelfth Night Ans :A 27. Who said that Shakespeare in his comedies has only heroines and no heroes? (A) Ben Jonson (B) John Ruskin (C) Thomas Carlyle (D) William Hazlitt Ans :B 28. Sir John Falstaff is one of Shakespeares greatest? (A) comic figures (B) historical figures (C) romantic figures (D) tragic figures Ans : A

29. That Milton was of the Devils party without knowing it, was said by? (A)Blake (B) Eliot (C)Johnson (D) Shelley Ans :A 30. Who called Shelley a beautiful and ineffectual angel beating in the void his luminous wings in vain? (A) Walter Pater (B) A. C. Swinburne (C) Matthew Arnold (D) T. S. Eliot Ans :C 31. Essays of Ella are? (A) full of didactic sermonising (B) practically autobiographical fragments (C) remarkable for their aphoristic style (D) satirical and critical Ans : B 32. The theme of Tennysons Poem The Princess is? (A) Queen Victorias coronation (B) Industrial Revolution (C) Womens Education and Rights (D) Rise of Democracy Ans : C 33. Thackerays Esmond is a novel of historical realism capturing the spirit of? (A) the Medieval age (B) the Elizabethan age (C) the age of Queen Anne (D) the Victorian age Ans :A 34. Oedipus Complex is? (A) a kind of physical ailment (B) a kind of vitamin (C)a brothers attraction towards his sister (D) a sons attraction towards his mother Ans : D

35. My own great religion is a belief in the blood, the flesh as being wiser than the intellect. Who wrote this? (A)Graham Greene (B)D. H. Lawrence (C)Charles Dickens (D) Jane Austen Ans :B 36 .Shakespeare makes fun of the Puritans in his play? (A) Twelfth Night (B) Hamlet (C) The Tempest (D) Henry IV,Pt I Ans :A 37. The rarer action is in virtue that in vengeance. This line occurs in? (A) Hamlet (B) Henry IV,Pt I (C) The Tempest (D) Twelfth Night Ans :C 38. Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice is a? (A) Picaresque novel (B) Gothic novel (C) Domestic novel (D) Historical novel Ans : C 39. Heaven lies about us in our infancy. This line occurs in the poem? (A) Immortality Ode (B) Tintern Abbey (C) The Second Coming (D) Leda and the Swan Ans :A 40. Wordsworth calls himself a Worshipper of Nature in his poem (A) Immortality Ode (B) Tintern Abbey (C) The Prelude (D) The Solitary Reaper Ans : B

41. When Wordsworths Immortality Ode was first published in 1802, it had only? (A) Stanzas I to IV (B) Stanzas I toV (C) Stanzas I to VI (D) Stanzas I to VII Ans B 42. Which method of narration has been employed by Dickens in his novel Great Expectations? (A) Direct or epic method (B) Documentary method (C) Stream of Consciousness technique (D) Autobiographical method Ans A 43. Who said Keats was a Greek? (A) Wordsworth (B) Coleridge (C) Lamb (D) Shelley Ans B 44. D. G. Rossetti was a true literary descendant of? (A) Keats (B) Byron (C) Shelley (D) Wordsworth Ans A 45. To which character in Hamlet does the following description apply? The tedious wiseacre who meddles his way to his doom. (A) Claudius (B) Hamlet (C) Polonius (D) Rosencrantz Ans : B 46. Brownings famous poem Rabbi Ben Ezra is included in? (A) Dramatis Personae (B) Dramatic Idyls (C) Asolando (D) Red Cotton Night-Cap Country

Ans : A 47. S. T. Coleridge was an Associate of? (A) The Royal Society of Edinburgh (B) The Royal Society ofLondon (C) Royal Society of Arts (D) Royal Society of Literature Ans : D 48. Which of the following is an unfinished novel by Jane Austen? (A) Sense and Sensibility (B) Mansfield Park (C) Sandition (D) Persuasion Ans : C 49.Why did Miss Havisham remain a spinster throughout her life in Great Expectations? (A) She was poor (B) She was arrogant (C) Because she was betrayed by the bridegroom (D) She was unwilling to marry Ans : B 50. W. B. Yeats received the Nobel Prize for literature in the year? (A)1938 (B) 1925 (C)1932 (D) 1923 Ans : D 51. The Romantic Revival in English Poetry was influenced by the? (A) French Revolution (B) Glorious Revolution of1688 (C) Reformation (D) Oxford Movement Ans : A 52. The Pre-Raphaelite poets were mostly indebted to the poets of the? (A) Puritan movement (B) Romantic revival (C) Neo-classical age (D) Metaphysical school

Ans : B 53. O, you are sick of self-love Who is referred to in these words in Twelfth Night? (A)Orsino (B) Sir Andrew (C)Sir Toby (D) Malvolio Ans : D 54. Hamlet is? (A) an intellectual (B) a man of action (C) a passionate lover (D) an over ambitious man Ans : C 55. Which of Shakespeares characters exclaims; Brave, new, world!? (A) Ferdinand (B) Antonio (C) Miranda (D) Prospero Ans : C 56. Paradise Lost shows an influence of? (A) Paganism (B) Pre-Christian theology (C) Christianity and the Renaissance (D) Greek nihilism Ans : C 57. The style of Paradise Lost is? (A) more Latin than most poems (B) more spontaneous than thought out (C) more satirical than spontaneous (D) more dramatic than lyrical Ans : A 58. In Pride and Prejudice we initially dislike but later tend to like? (A) Mr. Bennet (B) Wickham (C)Bingley (D) Darcy

Ans : D 59. Who in Hamlet suggests that one should neither be a lender nor a borrower? (A)Gertrude (B) Polonius (C)Horatio (D) Hamlet Ans : B 60. Shakespeares Henry IV, Pt I contains his? (A) senecan attitude (B) patriotism (C) love of nature (D) platonic ideals Ans : B English Literature Online Test Free multiple choice questions on english literature english literature practice quiz English Literature 1. The speech was too long a talk to hold the interest of the listeners. (A) Complex sentence (B) Simple sentence (C) Interrogative sentence (D) Comparative sentence Answer.B 2. My deeds upon my head ! crave the law, The penalty and forfeit of my bonds (A) Shylock speaks these lines to the Duke (B) Portia appeals to Shylock (C) Antonio pleads to the Duke (D) Shylock speaks these lines as an argument to Portia Answer.D 3. Complacently means-

(A) Self-satisfied (B) Confident (C) Devoted (D) Devout Answer.A 4. The poem Once upon a Time is a poem by(A) T.S. Eliot (B) Leigh Hunt (C) Gabriel Okara (D) W.B. Yeats Answer.B 5. The antonym of Banish is(A) Deport (B) Accept (C) Expel (D) Exile Answer.C 6. The Women in ancient India were(A) Ill-treated and uneducated (B) Confined in the interiors of the house (C) Were literate poets, administrators and scholars (D) Hated education Answer.A 7. Gandhiji decided to teach all the children together because(A) He gave first place to the culture of the heart and believed that moral training could be given to all children together (B) They had all been brought up in different conditions and environment (C) They belonged to different religions

(D) Nation and culture of each child was different Answer.A 8. Words are like leaves] The figure of speech used in this sentence is(A) Metonymy (B) Antithesis (C) Personification (D) Simile Answer.D 9. The synonym of yield is(A) Submit (B) Dumb (C) Aggravate (D) Reckless Answer.A 10. Revenge is a kind of wild justice} The figure of speech in this sentence is(A) Metaphor (B) Oxymoron (C) Epigram (D) Personification Answer.C 11.. Why man, if the river were dry) I am able to fill it with tears} The figure of speech in this sentence is (A) Epigram (B) Oxymoron (C) Antithesis (D) Hyperbole Answer.D

12. Choose the odd answer : The accountant of the village Hosahalli- (A) Was a rigid and outdated man (B) Was an enlightened man who sent his son to Bangalore for studies (C) Was courageous and literate fellow (D) Was a son called Ranga Answer.A 13. Calumnies means(A) Statements (B) Slanderous statements (C) Callousness (D) Cadence Answer.B 14. He is strong enough to push the trunk (A) Superlative sentence (B) Simple sentence (C) Complex sentence (D) Negative sentence Answer.D 15. Gandhiji decided to teach the children in the Tolstoy farm because the prime factor dominating his mind was (A) He did not have much funds (B) Qualified teachers were not available (C) Teachers were not ready to travel long distances (D) He did not believe in the existing system of education and wanted to devise a new one by experiment and experience Answer.B

16. The main cause of Gandhijis success as a teacher was(A) His simplicty and devotion (B) His audacity (C) Because he never disguised his ignorance and was always willing to learn (D) The handbooks he had acquired during his voyage and in jail Answer.A 17. The camel is the ship of the desert! The figure of speech in this sentence is(A) Euphernism (B) Metaphor (C) Hyperbole (D) Simile Answer.B 18. He had to sign or be executed. (A) Complex sentence (B) Simple sentence (C) Imperative sentence _, (D) Compound sentence Answer.D Directi0ns(Q. 69-73) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow by choosing correct answer 1 I would like to address a few words in particular to our young men and women. If they are to be effective in the service of the nation, it is essential that they must fit themselves in every way for this task. The building up of a vast and pulsating democratic nation is no mean undertaking, and a mere desire to be in the service of the nation is not enough 2 it

must be accompanied by the ability to do so effectively. There are several distinct dimensions in which our youth must equip themselves. The first is the physical. Building a great democracy and defending it from predatory aggressors requires a young generation that is physically strong, with muscles of iron and nerves of steel, and for this it must equipitself by undertaking physical training and developing physical fitness to the maximum extent possible. Despite technological advances and mechanisation, defence is still to a large extent, a matter of dogged physical endurance and courage as our Officers and Iawans have so magnificently proved on the battle-field and they emerged victorious against superior and more sophisticated war equipment. In this context the National Cadet Corps, the Physical Fitness Scheme, and other similar organisations play valuable role in building up the strength of our youth, and these opportunities must be fully availed of. Along with physical fitness the qualities of discipline and teamsmanship are essential, particularly for those planto join the proud ranks of our defence forces, because what is required is not only individual achievement but corporate progress. 19. The mere desire to be in the service of the nation is useless, unless(A) Because building up a vast democratic nation is not an easy task (B) All forces of the youth are mobilized in the correct direction (C) Youth are highly educated (D) Mere desire without energy is inactive involvement and useless

Answer.B 20. Physical fitness is very much required because- (A) Illness would hamper prosperity . (B) More hospitals would be required (C) It is needed to defend the nation from any threat or aggression (D) Finance of the nation would be drained for medical purposes Answer.C 21. Technological advances and mechanisation are not in them selves sufficient because(A) Defence of the nation should be strong (B) Defence is more important (C) Major youth potential would go in defence (D) Without power to defend the nation, peace is not possible and thus technological advances impossible Answer.D 22. In the battle-fields our armies have(A) Never won due to lack of physical fitness (B) Sometimes won and sometimes lost (C) Proved their ability by winning over more sophisticated armies (D) Shown lack of physical fitness Answer.C

23. For those joining the defence forces(A) Physical fitness is required (B) Besides physical fitness, discipline and teamsmanship are required and very necessary (C) Facilities of NCC are of prime importance (D) just a willingness to join defence forces is needed Answer.B 24. She is weaker than she should be. (A) interrogative sentence (B) Imperative sentence (C) Simple sentence (D) Complex sentence Answer.D 25. The fault is in ourselves, not in the stars means(A) Do not blame stars for your destiny and deeds (B) Never leave everything to the tate (C) Stars are stronger and decide everything (D) Stars cannot decide our fate Answer.A 26. The Tale of the Melon City is named thus because(A) It is die tale of a land where melons grew in abundance (B) A melon was crowned the King of the city (C) The King of the city was fond of melons (D) Melons are delicious and the poet is fond of them

Answer.B 27. Dubiously means(A) Two-sided (B) Hesitantly (C) Confused (D) Cheating Answer.D 28. Mr. Berrie, the jailor regarded hixnselt the emperor because(A) The prisoners in jail were lifetime convicts, and he was me only person to whom they could appeal (B) He was the wholesole master there (C) The convicts regarded him their God (D) He was a Britisher Answer.A 29. I wish that I shall get a medal(A) Noun phrase (B) Noun clause (C) Adjective clause (D) Adverb clause Answer.B 30. The budding twigs spread out its fan} Fan is a(A) Metaphor (B) Simile (C) Hyperbole (D) Okymoron Answer.A 31. Spiritual training was given to the children through-

(A) Religious books (B) Religious scriptures (C) Developing the spirit and enabling one to work towards the knowledge of God and towards self-realization (D) Teaching them superstitions Answer.C 32, Variety is the spice of life. The figure of speech used in this sentence is (A) Oxymoron (B) Metaphor (C) Epigram (D) Personification Answer.B 33. The antonym of Benevolence is (A) Malevolence (B) Beneficence (C) Bounty (D) Charity ` Answer.A 34. Man proposes, God disposes. The figure of speech in this sentence is (A) Euphonism (B) Epigram (C) Hyperbole (D) Antithesis Answer.D 35. Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice. The figure of speech used in this sentence is(A) Epigram (B) Antithesis

(C) Apostrophe (D) Metaphor Answer.B 36. Ranga did not want to get married in the village because(A) He did not find any suitable match in the village (B) He wanted to get married to a mature girl (C) He wanted to get married to the girl, whom he was in love with (D) He thought that a man should marry a girl whom he admires Answer.A 37. Maggie was under the impression that all Indians are vegetarians because (A) Only Britishers are nonvegetarians (B) She had heard that mostly Indians do not eat meat and India is a land ot yogis (C) The author himself looked like a yogi (D) Author had expressed his dislike for non-vegetarian food Answer.B 38, Mr. Baldwin is persuaded by his family to say, he does not remember anything, because (A) He has forgotten everything (B) He will get a very huge amount in return for saying this, from Mr. Gresham (C) Mr. Baldwins own son is also named John (D) He needed to refresh his memory for accuracy

Answer.B 39. While teaching the children Gandhiji found that the children easily remembered(A) Things that they learnt from books (B) What was taught to them independently and verbally (C) Whatever was written on the blackboard (D) When they were scolded for studies Answer.B 40. The incident of beating the boy taught Gandhiji a better way of correcting the students because(A) He found that though the youngsters thus punished forgot it, but they never showed any improvement (B) He learnt that students should be dealt with firmly (C) Cases of misconduct become less frequent (D) Students cannot improve without corporal punishment Answer.B 41. The Assyrians came down like a wolf on the fold} The figure of speech in this sentence is(A) Siinile (B) Metaphor (C) Oxymoron (D) Epigrarn Answer.A 42. Mourad defended his act of stealing the horse by saying

(A) Someone had given it to him (B) It would not become stealing unless he offered to sell the horse (C) He had borrowed it (D) lt was his friends horse Answer.B 43. The Hour of Truth reflects the(A) Political situation of those days (B) Psychology of present man (C) Social evils of the society (D) Ethical background Answer.B 44. The study of mythology assumed a new character because(A) Light has been thrown on it by ancient Vedic mythology of India (B) It has become a fashion to study mythology (C) Even the fables of India are full of mythology (D) Buddhism has been its principal source Answer.A 45. Choose the incorrect answer : Hosahalli is (A) A small village in Mysore (B) To Mysore what the filling is to Karigadabu (C) Its people are like a flock of sheep (D) The Sahibs of England have praised it in their writings Answer.D

46. Brain Bhowmik, today a celebrity, was trying to avoid the glance of his fellow passenger because(A) He appeared to be an unfriendly fellow (B) His glance was very piercing (C) He recognized that he was the same man whose clock he had stolen years ago (D) They had met in bitter circumstances Answer.C 47. Barin consoled himself with the thought that the man failed to recognize him because(A) He had a bad memory (B) Barins physical appearance had changed (C) He was like Animesh-da (D) He had forgiven Barin Answer.B 48. Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains, means(A) Very intelligent person (B) Excellent capacity to memorize (C) Exceptional capacity is the result of inexhaustable willingness to work and take great Uouble (D) Excellent understanding power Answer.C 49, Turn a deaf ear means(A) Ignore (B) Turn away from somebody (C) Refuse to listen to something or somebody (D) Refuse to go with

Answer.C 50. The king became angry because(A) The arch was built too low (B) The arch was not built artistically (C) The arch was built at the wrong place (D) The crowd disapproved of the arch Answer.A