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Title: Jumping to Conclusions Author: drcjsnider Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 709 Notes/Warning: Written for the Welcome

to My Nightmare Chal enge. Prompt 2: She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you? -- Psycho Draco couldnt remember having ever been so angry. Well, that was a lie. Hed spent more than three-quarters of his life angry; hed been in such tremendous rages at Hogwarts that hed done damage to the people and things he loved. But he was

certain completely positive that hed never before been this angry with her. That in itself was saying something, since her mere existence tended to infuriate him. Just who the fuck does she think she is? he demanded, pacing her office after shed stepped outside. I suspect she thinks shes head of the Minstrys Law Enforcement Office, Harry Potter stated from his seat at the other side of the office. This is unacceptable, Potter! I havent had to register my international travels with the Ministry since directly after the war!

Given the recent rise in attacks on Muggle-borns extra precautions are being put in place. Dracos eyes narrowed. This is about Weasleys death isnt it? Ron Weasley and two other Aurors had been killed in an attack on the Ministry six months before. After a long and through investigation, it had been determined that the leaders of the attack had been a couple of former Death Eaters. Iinterrogations of everyone who had ever been connected with Voldemort had then taken place, but the mastermind behind the attack had never been discovered. Did you inform her that I have

cooperated fully with Ministry? That I opened up both my financial records and personal correspondence for examination? That my home and Malfoy Industries have been searched for dark items and that nothing suspicious has been discovered? Harry nodded. She knows all that. Then what the fuck is this all about? I wont stand for it! Ive been a model citizen for the last twenty-five years and I should not continue to be subject to such suspicion and abuse. Harry shrugged. Ever since Rons death, she goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. But in this

instance, given the current circumstances, I completely support her decision. Draco rounded on him. What current circumstances? Just what the hel is going on? There has been an incident at Hogwarts between Hugo and Scorpius. Dracos face paled. Are they... They are going to be fine. However, they got into a fight and both are currently in the hospital wing. Scorpius refuses to explain what happened and Hugo has been hit with a curse that makes it impossible for him to communicate

Draco sat down in a chair, his head held high, but his eyes vacant. When Hermione re-entered her office, her gaze flickered between Draco and Harry. Any news? Harry asked. Hugo is going to have be transferred to St. Mungos because Scorpius wont tell what spell he used. Youll need to go to Hogwarts and pick Scorpius up for questioning. This has nothing to do with the Death Eater attack on the Ministry, Draco stated quietly. Hermione and Harry turned toward him.

Scorpius owled me several weeks ago asking permission to romantically pursue Rose Weasley. Hermione arched an eyebrow. Permission you refused him? Draco glared at her. Of course not! I know from personal experience the pitfalls of interfering with young love. Hermiones eyes narrowed. Rose hasnt mentioned anything to me. So this attack was obviously some kind of retaliation for her rejection of Scorpius. Draco couldnt prevent a sneer from crossing his lips. I would have thought that someone in your position would

refrain from jumping to conclusions. For your information, Scorpius and Rose have been dating for over a month. She, however, wanted to keep it a secret from her family out of fear of your reaction. Hermione stiffened at the news. Perhaps Hugo discovered them and threatened to tel ? Harry suggested. With a deep sigh, Hermione nodded. Im sorry for calling you in today, Malfoy. Ill go to Hogwarts and get this al straightened out. Draco rose from his seat, feeling a modicum of respect and sympathy for the witch. Il go with you. Surely between

the two of us, we can get this sorted out. Hermione nodded again. Yes. Thank you. As the two left the office, Harry thought for the first time since Rons death that Hermione would eventually be okay.