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The Art of Paste © 2010, 2011 WalterFosterPublishing, Inc Artwork on front cover (except photograph of pastels) © 2004 Marla Baggetta. Artwork on back cover (step-by-step landscape) © 2004 Marla Baggetta. Artwork on back caver (camel) © 2010 ‘Nathan Rohlander. Artwork and photographs on pages 6-9; 12 (Using a Cloth”); 16-39; 144 © 2004 William Schneider. Artwork and photographs on pages 10, 11, 13; 12 (Applying Unblended Strokes,” "Blending with Fingers,” and "Blending with a Torillon”); 42-87 © 2004 Marla Baggetia. Artwork and photo- ‘graphs on pages 90-143 © 2010 Nathan Rohlander. Photographs ‘on half ttle and title page © 2010 Ron Goodger. All rights reserved. Walter Foster isa registered trademark, Digital edition: 978-1-61059-822-4 Softcover edition: 978-1-60058-195-3, This book has been produced to aid the aspiring artist Reproduction of the work for study or finished artis permissible. Any art produced or photomechanically reproduced from this publication for commercial purposes is forbidden without written consent from the publisher, Walter Foster Publishing, Inc woer6ss3 Vien,