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Directions: Choose two activities from the menu below. The activities must total 100 points. You may complete a maximum of 110 points for extra credit (example: 1 50 assignment and 3 20 assignments). Place a checkmark next to each box to show which activities you will complete. Your first activity must be completed by March 1st 2012. All activities must be completed by March 8th, 2012. This paper needs to be returned to Ms. Peoples with your signature and the boxes of your choice checked no later than Monday, February 25th. It will be returned to you the following day. 20 points Write a newspaper article about one of the 10 Supreme Court cases being heard in the month of February. (SOL 10a)* Create a set of 10 trading cards using vocabulary terms from this unit. (SOL10a-d) Identify 7 songs that are connected with due process rights. (SOL 10d) Create a cartoon/comic strip about Marbury v. Madison and judicial review. (SOL 10b) 50 points Design a website (Prezi, Weebly, etc.) that explains the levels of the federal and state court systems. Include examples of the types of cases that would be heard at each level. (SOL 10a) Interview someone who works in the judicial system (an attorney, judge, paralegal, etc). (SOL 10a/c) Create a skit about a court case (criminal or civil) and record it at home. You may do this project with up to three partners, but must let Ms. Peoples know whom you are working with by 2/22. (SOL 10c) Free Choice prepare a proposal form and submit your idea for approval by 2/22. 80 points Conduct a survey about due process. Use the statements provided by Ms. Peoples and give the survey to at least 25 people (only 10 may be students). After collecting your data, design a bulletin/presentation board with charts and graphs that explain your findings. (SOL 10d) Create a board game about judicial systems that your classmates can use to review before our unit test. (SOL 10a-d) *You must choose at least 2 different SOL objectives. I will complete my first activity, _________________ by March 1st. I will complete the rest of my activities, _____________________________________________________ ____________________by March 8th. Signature _________________________ Date ________________ Period ______ Rubrics for each project are located on the back.

Judicial Systems

Newspaper Article
Must be informational in nature. Must follow standard newspaper format. Must include picture with caption that supports article. At lest 3 paragraphs in length. Must be typed or neatly written

Trading Cards
Include at least 10 cards Each card should be at least 3 by 5 Each should have a colored picture. Includes at least 3 facts on the subject of the card Cards must have information on both sides. All cards must be submitted in a carrying bag.

Must identify at least 7 songs. Song titles, artist name, and lyrics that relate must be typed. Inappropriate lyrics need to be censored.

Cartoon/Comic Strip
At least 8.5 by 11 At least six boxes Must have meaningful dialogue Must include color

Must be accessible to the teacher (provide URL and password if necessary) Must have color and at least 5 pictures/graphics Include citations

Must have at least 10 questions relevant to the topic being studied. Person chosen for the interview must be an expert and qualified to provide answers based on product criteria. Questions and answers must be neatly written or typed

Must be between 5-7 minutes long. Script must be turned in along with the recording. Should have props or some form of costume May include up to 3 partners.

Must give the survey to 15 adults and 10 peers. Each person surveyed must sign or initial the paper. All surveys must be turned in (small binder or folder) Must provide at least 5 charts/graphs about data Bulletin/presentation board may not exceed 20 by 48 (tri-board).

Board Game
At least 6 thematic game pieces At least 25 colored/thematic squares At least 25 question/activity cards Include a thematic title on the board Include a complete set of rules. At least the size of an open file folder Must be handmade