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Credit Restoration Using Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to Restore Credit Under section 609

9 (Consumer Disclosure Section) of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) we simply petition the CREDIT BUREAUS (Equifax, Experian & Trans Union) to provide documented PROOF of the account that is being challenged. That proof would include.any document on the letterhead of the business challenged with your signature affixed to the bottom verifying the account was indeed yours. Without this very important piece of verifiable proof it is illegal for the credit bureaus to post your very private financial information on a public document. Verification of the account would allow them to post that account on the credit report. YOUR BENEFIT The credit bureaus have not been able to provide a SINGLE piece of verifiable proof on ANY account in 12 years.over 188,000 cases!!! The credit bureaus have every ability to collect a copy of the original document now.they simply dont. Who else out there is challenging the section of law regarding the possession of such documents? No one.only US. We are not considered a threat to the credit bureaus and therefore, they will and have not been forced by Congress or any other Consumer Advocacy Group to change their reporting habits. At first it was a matter of storage ( microfiche ) it is a matter of simply doing business as it has been done since 1972. As far as not being able to obtain the document..they could but the CREDITOR pays the CREDIT BUREAU to report the activity of each client. It would cost the CREDITOR more money to facilitate this request from the bureau when it should have been done in the beginning. You begin to have more people asking why the documentation wasnt supposed to be presented in the first place.and the credit bureaus dont want that!

The Promotional Suppression stops the Credit Bureau from selling your information to marketing firms that would pull your credit. The CREDIT FRAUD ALERT actually stops someone from pulling your credit without first contacting the client for permission to do so. This is automatically done to protect every client.not taught anywhere else.

Typically involves the CLIENT writing letters to creditors reporting information and attempting to prove you made did not make a late payment, or that the information being reported is somehow inaccurate, or misleading. They require the client to provide the information they need to assist in the dispute process, which can be time consuming and a nerve wracking experience for the client. Credit Repair is a lengthy and expensive process which often fails to deliver what has been promised to the customer. Because credit repair companies must, by law, charge a start up fee and then charge a monthly fee it is in the credit repair companies best financial interest to draw the process out as long as possible. Credit Repair is often successful in having some items removed, only to have it rereport in a different reporting cycle. Thus, it is not a permanent removal of the information. Credit Repair cannot delete ALL types of negative information from a credit report,

and therefore, may not have the desired outcome.

Deals directly with the credit bureaus; we do not write letters to creditors or ask that information be changed or modified to improve a credit score. Instead, we assist our clients in disputing the credit bureaus legal right to report our private financial information. We force the credit bureaus to comply with the FCRA, by making them produce verifiable proof they can legally report your private financial information. This means the credit bureaus MUST have a copy of an original document with your signature on it. If the credit bureaus do not remove or change an item they are reporting to current paid as agreed once they cannot produce a document with your signature on it, they are in violation of federal law and subject themselves to a $1,000.00 fine for each item they report. It matters not how accurate the information may be. If the credit bureau cannot provide documentation with your signature on it, they cannot legally report that information. There are NO negative items which cannot legally be removed from a credit report if the credit bureaus cannot, or will not provide verifiable proof that the item reported is yours. True Credit Restoration is permanent and the information, once removed or changed, cannot be re-reported without penalty for reporting information the credit bureau KNOWS they do not have the documentation for. Provides an educational program to educate clients on how the credit system works and how maximize credit scores by adding positive information to their credit profiles. When compared side by side, our credit restoration system is much more economical and effective than ANY credit repair system. Our program is copyrighted and trademarked. We have a proven system which has an astounding successful deletion rate. No other company can come close to our numbers. Additionally, we provide an educational program to educate our clients about how the credit system works and how to maximize their credit scores. Furthermore, clients who have been in our system for one year have a 2% future default rate as opposed to approximately a 10% nationwide default rate. We are disputing the reporting law not whether or not an account is yours, but whether or not the credit bureaus have the verifiable proof they are required by law to have on your account. Under the FCRA, the credit bureaus need to provide you with a copy of verifiable documentation if it is requested by you as the consumer. The three credit bureaus are required by law to have a copy of that same verifiable proof on every one of the accounts they are reporting about you on your credit report. Our disputing system specifically requests that section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act be complied with. It is the consumer disclosure section. A consumer has the right to full disclosure, period. What documentation is being used to determine the validity of those accounts listed on the clients report? With US

Congress releasing a study that up to 60% or more of all of the credit reports they studied had mistakes, the Consumers Union study with 48% of all reports contained errors, with the Charles Givens Organization finding 90% of all reports they studied had errors, and the years of investigative work done by Dr. Rudolph Van Lin, the credit reporting agencies need to be accountable in providing FULL DISCLOSURE to the public and CREDIBLE VERIFICATION. That is all we require of them. Why Isnt This Common Knowledge? When the legal dispute service gets negative credit removed the Credit Bureaus never acknowledge that they are removing it. They also never clarify in writing why they removed the items for the consumer. They just just remove all the negative credit items after they receive all of the legal dispute services letters. If they acknowleged it in writing that they were removing those negative credit items then they would be admitting they are doing something wrong and then the whole world would know how to get negative credit removed legally. They dont want that. Even though legal dispute service has gone through the identical process for over 157,000 consumers and succeeded in all of them the credit bureaus treat each case the same. They always respond to the first dispute letter with a form letter that basically says that they investigated the items disputed and they all were found to be valid so nothing was going to get removed. In almost every case it takes sending them multiple letters back and forth before the negative credit items get removed. But, they ALWAYS get removed! The CEO of the Legal Dispute Service told us that the likely reason it takes multiple letters back and forth is because of the way that the credit bureaus are set up to deal with disputes. Credit bureaus get paid a lot of money by creditors to report negative credit items on consumer credit reports so they are not too happy when they are asked to remove stuff. Not only dont they get paid for taking items off reports but it costs them a lot of money to process disputes so for the most part they use form letters irregardless of facts of the dispute that automatically deny the dispute. The form letters the credit bureaus send you in response to the dispute insinuates that you are breaking the law by disputing these items and scare most consumers into abandoning their dispute. Most consumers stop the process after they receive the first response because they dont understand their legal rights and or dont know the proper language of the law to get the credit bureaus to do what the law requires them to do. The letters used by the Legal Dispute Service know how to deal with the credit bureaus denial form letters and even though it takes 3 or 4 letters over 2 or 3 or more months the legal dispute service letters get the negative credit items removed from your credit report each and every time. They have solid proof on file proving their legal dispute letters work. Over 5 Million Negative Credit Deletions On File! The SECRET of why the legal dispute letters REMOVE NEGATIVE CREDIT from your credit report is a simple proven fact that the Credit Bureaus Dont Have The Verifiable Proof Required by Law That Allows Them to Report Negative Credit on Your Credit Report Unfortunately, the Credit Bureaus DO NOT comply with the law unless they are FORCED to do so. And since they never acknowledge in writing why they are removing the negative credit items when they finally remove the items they are able

to keep everybody in the dark on what they are allowed and or not allowed to do.

All of these negative credit items will be GONE permanently! Once REMOVED Negative Credit Items Can Not Be Put Back On Your Report. The LAW also states that once your negative credit items are removed or changed they can not be re-reported without the Credit Bureau getting a fine of $1,000 per item for reporting information when the Credit Reporting Agency knows they do not have verifiable documentation Its the law.