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Vincent Cripps
To contribute my training experience and managerial skill set to the progression of your company

Superior interpersonal, communication and presentation skills Enthusiastic, energetic, confident individual with strong work ethic Strong sales experience, accounting, managerial skills and techniques Enjoys working independently and as part of a team Consistently demonstrated proficient skills in coaching and training peers, employees, executives and clients through my careers

Created and filmed a series of instructional videos on corporate policies and procedures on how to make MacDonalds restaurants more secure for their employees (1996) Implemented a training course for new recruits while employed with Dun & Bradstreet's Collection department (2002) Created the process know as the Lost and Stolen Program for Rogers Wireless (2003) Created the process how to handle system outages for Rogers Wireless (2003) Awarded the Presidents Choice award for delivering exceptional service to my coworkers at Rogers Wireless (2003) I had achieved Employee of the Quarter for the 4 th Quarter of 2010 and 1st Quarter of 2011, I was the number one salesperson in December nationally, and the number three salesperson in January for Future Shop (2010/2011)

Work Experience:
Customer Service Agent, Homeowner Protection Office 2013

Meeting the challenges of inquiries from a wide range of clients Providing information and assistance to Registered Builders and Owner Builders of the Homeowners Protection Act and how it applies to them. Addressing any inquiries regarding client program, directing calls to appropriate departments Requesting information through correspondence, email and in-person Assisting with data entry of applications and requests for payment Ensuring data input accuracy Preparing tracking spreadsheets and other such material s 2011 2012

Sales Team Leader, Pardon Services Canada

Creating & managing the sales team by refining our search parameters for the designated sales roles, and developing their abilities as a common sales force Setting & tracking monthly sales goals, creating a metric structure, and following up with monthly SMARTS Developing a corporate culture with policies & procedures with the desire to grow the company to a much larger contact center. Outlining the specific roles of individuals within the sales department Creating the Sales Hiring & Training manuals by developing a step by step guideline for the hiring procedures. With designated questions, desired qualities and qualifications. As well as a step by step handbook on the customized POS/Data Management software. Including sales tactics and suggested wording produce Users Manuals, FAQs, and Knowledge databases Providing in person, and group training session to hone sales skills and install proper phone etiquette Tracking sales and collections daily, through a BI Spreadsheet I had created to document set metrics 2010 2011

Future Leader, Future Shop

Managing the Home Theater Department Coaching new employees on sales techniques Running sales meetings on How to Sell... new items, new technologies, financing, install and extra warranty services with a 'learning is fun approach to teaching Setting department sales goals and handling specialized pricing for 'Last Of' and

'Clearance' items Work Experience continued Sales, Chediac Home Furnishing 2009 2010

Creating the audio/visual department, both in sales techniques as well as the physical department, including Operational TV and Speaker Displays Developing Business and Sale relationships with Samsung and LG Training the sales staff on how to sell with knowledge of the products with weekly sales meetings and one-on-one teach outs Creating a comparative sales reference binder, with the benefits, features, our prices, and our competitors prices. Along with Selling Tips and Suggested Wording, FAQs, and Knowledge databases 2007 2008

Consultant, Investors Group

Operating my own financial planning practice Selling mutual funds and insurance; both personal and group Advertising, marketing and prospecting new clients Developing and conducting relevant financial educational seminars 2005 2007

Corporate Trainer, Capital One

Retention sales training new employees (20-30 participants per class) Trained and coached new hires to operate customized POS/Database management systems Training the other Corporate Trainers,the Retention Management Team, as well as Retention Executives and the VP of Retention Created a new Retention sales course, implementation and development to an international level. To improve sales rates and new hire attrition. Including Teach-Out Modules, Learning Games, Knowledge Databases, Suggested Wording and Sales Techniques 2004 2005

Assistant Trainer, Xwave

Training Classes of 20-30 participants per class on customized ERP systems Trained Up-selling modules for a Bells ISP division. IE Higher speed internet, anti-virus, firewall software Trained and coached new hires to operate customized POS/Database

Management systems

Work Experience continued Assistant Trainer, Rogers Wireless 2002 2004

Training Classes of 45-60 participants per class Trained and coached new hires to operate customized POS/Database management systems Trained Up-Selling teach outs, IE: Hardware upgrades, Family Plans, and Additional Services Train the Trainer course completed FISH! Training certified Created step-by-step procedures for 'System Outages' with appropriate wording, FAQs, and knowledge database

Contract Trainer, Dunn & Bradstreet


Created and implemented a new training program for Collections department that successfully reduced attrition Created User manuals for customized POS/Database Management systems with FAQs, Knowledge Databases and Suggested Wording 1995 1997

Worker, MacDonalds Restaurants

Created and filmed a series of instructional videos on corporate policies and procedures on how to make MacDonalds restaurants more secure for their employees

Accounting & Finance, Oultons Business College 1999 2000

References: Upon Request