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Stereo to surround sound systems

Circuit quad amplifier or stereo to surroun d soun d systems usin g th e ic tda7375 to power of 7 watts per ch an n el amplifier version quad or dual 15-watt version (stereo). reach in g up to 35 watts in mon o version . Th e TDA7375 is an in teg rated circuit quad amplifier class AB audio amplifier capable of workin g in double bridg e or quad amplifiers simple in teg rated circuit protection system for sh ort, requires min imal extern al compon en ts, available in packag es multiwatt 15H (TDA7375H) an d multiwatt 15V (TDA7375V). Wh ile th e first desig n was for automotive application s, you can use it in a variety of low power application s. Th is in teg rated circuit is in an ideal situation wh ere on e wish es a reason able power an d a relatively low supply voltag e for its operation . Th is circuit drawn below uses th e basic con fig uration of amplifier quad con fig uration but usin g a bridg e (Bridg e), can be about 4 times th e maximum power. In th is con fig uration quad amplifier can be used as an amplifier en d of surroun d soun d systems wh en seven watts per ch an n el h as a g ood power usin g a min imum of compon en ts.' Operation of th e circuit of th e audio amplifier with tda7375 Th e capacitor C8 decouples th e in tern al voltag e divider. Capacitors C5 an d C6 are th e filter to th e power supply. Th e capacitors 2200?F / 16V are output capacitors. Vs is th e power supply can be a car battery or a source of 14 volts. As sug g ested pleo frien d Ron aldo, n ow th is circuit is dyn amic, with at least th ree variation s of assembly, an d Quad moun t, bridg e or stereo system 2.1 Stereo + Subwoofer bridg e. Suffice it to set a jumper on th e card an d switch between P (bridg e) an d N (n ormal). An ideal application is in con jun ction of 2.1 systems subwoofer filter posted by Buddy A. Jun ior, wh ich is used as ch an n el 1 an d 2 ch an n el stereo an d 2 an d 3 in bridg e mode to Subwwofer. In bridg e mode th e output capacitors sh ould be omitted. An yway you will fin d th e best application for th e circuit

Circuit diag ram of amplifier with tda7375 n ow dyn amic It can be 12V/30VA with a tran sformer, a bridg e rectifier an d an electrolytic capacitor or 4700?F (h ig h est). Th e maximum curren t con sumption with loads of 4oh ms is 2.1 A. You can use loads of 2 oh ms, but remember also to in crease th e size of th e h eatsin k, because th e in teg rated circuit packag e multiwatt will h eat a little more. Th e fuse circuit to be 2A to loads 4 oh ms. Th e maximum voltag e is to tda 18 volts, th en th e workin g voltag e of th e electrolytic capacitors is 35 volts. Recommen d a source of 15 volts / 2 amps. Sug g ested prin ted circuit board side of th e copper Wh en assemblin g th e circuit remember th at th is quad amplifier ch an n els features two four in verted, th en you sh ould con n ect th e speakers with th e polarity reversed on th ese outputs, th e polarity of electrolytic capacitors wh ich must be of g ood quality. Block diag ram of TDA7375 for more in formation see datash eet pdf of th e in teg rated circuit TDA7375.