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Release Notes (for EU and US - CANADA)

Application name : SDD-J BEND Program Converter Release version :

MiniSDD to SDD-J BEND Converter Build Ver Mar05-2009.exe (Install Shield Name) Release date : March/2009 -Release Note modification (New support 18 Page 28)

Upgrade procedure for SDD Converter From MiniSDD Ver1.2(3) and Ver2.1 into SDD-J AP100 CAD- Sheet Works -MiniSDD Data(IGA and BMF) BENDCAM MiniSDD Data(BMF and SQ-BMF) AMNC Ver3.XX Direct/Angle/2D mode MiniSDD data ASTROCAM MiniSDD Data support in NEXT Version.(Now Non-supported).

Official Version

>>>First of all >>>Release Note (Supporting items.) >>>Procedure of SDD-J Converter steps >>>Trouble Shooting

First of all

First of all

I recommend to convert in respective OS(French-German-ItalianSpanish ) for EU to avoid SQL convert error. Because native character (French-German) support in respective OS(French-German-Italian-Spanish ) for EU . (For example MiniSDD comments file-Folder name)

If you convert in English OS , it does not support EU native character (French-German) .

Please check now in your target PC as EU Language support.


First of all Need software environment SDD-J BEND Program Converter need MiniSDD (Ver1.23 or Ver2.1 ) and SDD-D mixed environment in One PC. Please check now your PC environments before execute it. In Your PC (One PC)
Install MiniSDD Install AP100 SDD-J


Need software environment

Please check now in your target PC software environment!

First of all Recommend Hard ware Spec for Converting It need enough memory inside logic. CPU : Pentium 4 Over 3.8G Hz Memory : Over 2 GB HDD : 120 GB Graphic processor : Quadro FX 540 IRQ 16 Over 128 MB memory Direct X 9.0 support

If your PC is NOT Enough inside Memory , sometimes you will have application error during converting.Take care!

Release Note (Supporting items.)

<This version support (Version 2006/Jun/01)> New Support (1) MiniSDD Ver 1.2(3) and MiniSDD Ver2.1 Both

New Support (2) Add all AMNC standalone data support into SDD-J


New Support (3) Display warning message in case of existing MiniSDD SUB-FOLDER. (Because SDD-J do NOT support SUB-FOLDER structure ). (Ex.)

See New Support (7) page!Already supported.


Please modify(move) SUB-FOLDER as next PAGE < STEP Procedure>.

New Support (4) Support Metric and Inch data in MiniSDD.

MiniSDD Ver1.23

Metric ---For EU Inch------For US

MiniSDD Ver2.1

Metric ---For EU Inch------For US


New Support (5) Support automatically setting machine name. Based on SDD-J spec , it will be rename automatically. SDD-J support only number(1,2,3..) -character(A,B,C)-Space -- . (Ex) HFP/1003--------------->HFP-1003 MiniSDD Ver2.1 HFP_1030-------------->HFP-1030 HFP/1003*1------------>HFP-1003-1 Bend0(Small character)------->BEND0( Big character)
<Caution> If you have Bend0(Small character) or other special character in SDD-J ,you can not load converted parts in BENDCAM-AMNC side correctly. 13

MiniSDD Ver1.23

New Support (6) Support automatically display rename dialog box for long name parts and special characters and Space character. SDD-J MAX program name is 32 characters. Also SDD-J do not support special characters. (Ex.)
In case of special characters. In case of long parts name over 32 characters.

Please rename it in rename dialog based on SDD-J spec.


In case of space characters.(Auto set in SDD-J as Non-space character)



Space character

Non Space character


New Support (7) Support automatically setting SUB-FOLDER. New Version Dec/2006


New Support (8) Support Failed data report (TXT file) It means MiniSDD Crash data , you can see them by it. New Version Dec/2006

For example , this is SAME PARTS 17 existing Error in SDD-J.

New Support (9) Support only AP100 CAD data New Version Dec/2006


New Support (10) Support AMNC NOTE and MEMO (Bitmap) data New Version Dec/2006


New Support (11) Support Install Shield Project New Version Dec/2006 You can install and Un-install in this time , we support SDD converter as install shield project in control panel.


New Support (12) Support More Speed up of converting But you need update installation by new MiniSDD Ver1.23 or 2.1. New Version Dec/2006

Old SDD Conveter Ver Build 2006/Jun Slow Speed by each Program searching in original logic.

New SDD Conveter Ver Build 2006/Dec High Speed by MiniSDD Method module at once.

But need MiniSDD updating. Please see next Procedure of SDD-J 21 Converter steps PAGE.

New Support (13) Support Root Program Auto set New Version Dec/2006


New Support (13) Support to avoid BIG MEMORY LEAK New Version 01/Feb/2007 We find some MEMORY LEAK(BMF) problem in Sdd-12-1206-Modif.sdd(Amada SA ROUSSEAU Customer data). (36,873 KB) We solved this inside error by this version. if find to fail error , we do not add that into SDD. But Again, if the data is too big , then there may be a possibility of NOT ENOUGH MEMORY. Please note that if your MiniSDD data will be too big , it good to divide into two and convert.

New Support (14) Support an estimation time of conversion by the advancing bar New Version 09/May/2007


New Support (15) Support BEND0 default(MiniSDD) machine name changing New Version 09/May/2007 If we will find BEND0-BEND1-BENDmachine name (MiniSDD used name) ,Other machine name is same spec on auto renaming .We can change Machine name in Auto dialog box for your any machine name into SDD-J.

<SDD-J Machine name spec in DrABE-BEND AP100 > please enter Within 20 characters with only -(Hyhon) and .(dot) number (1,2--) and characters (A,B,C--).


New Support (16) Support auto set EU OS (IT-GE-SP-FR) program Files path New Version 09/May/2007


New Support (17) Support & symbol

Not Yet


New Support (18) Bug fixed AMNC Data (Angle/Direct/2D Shape ) after converting New Version 05/Mar/2009
In previous version, After converting into SDD, If you load AMNC Angle/Direct/2D Shape programs , you had material missing dialog every time..

By 05/Mar/2009 version, it fixed.



Procedure of SDD-J Converter steps


<STEP No-1> BACKUP MiniSDD Ver1.23 or Ver2.1 Data for safety. BACKUP Copy MiniSDD Folders for safety.


<STEP No-2> Install new MiniSDD Client Update Ver1.23(EU-US) or MiniSDD Client Update Ver2.1(US) in same installation place.Because we use new MiniSDD Method module for speed up or export error file(TXT).


<STEP No-3> Move-Copy MiniSDD ROOT programs. ( Because SDD-J do not have ROOT folder. )

No need this operation. New Support (13) Support Root Program Auto set, already it is OK!


<STEP No-4> Delete un-necessary FOLDER and PROGRAMS in SDD-J.


<STEP No-5> After version Up AP100 over Ver3.30-SP2 Restore AP100 parameter backup (Bend deduction Material ) in AP100-Maitenance Center

If you have already it , you do not need this operation. <Caution> If customer use MiniSDD Bend deduction table , please memo it in current version. And next please enter same bend deduction value in 34 AP100-Simple mode bend deduction manager.

< STEP No-6> Check MiniSDD inside for SDD converter


SDD Converter does not support Folder Inside Folder for SDD spec.



< STEP No-9> BENDCAM (SDD-J) License set. Please check your BENDCAM License. BENDCAM(SDD-J) do not need security block(Dongle). Please contact new License with AESC stuffs.


< STEP No-10> BENDCAM Ver4.3(SDD) machine setting Please set same machine name and spec in Parameter Machine registration Machine Selection dialog.


< STEP No-11> Please set Dr.Abe parameter for customer setting.


About current miniSDD TOOLS(some fel files) , please copy it into SDD-J tool path.

<Tool Path> MiniSDD tool path --- C:Program FilesAmadaToolsUserFel SDD-J tool path------- C:Asis1v11DATABNDTOOLCURRENT

If you copy them from MiniSDD path to SDD-J path, please backup 41 original fel files for safety.

< STEP No-12> Please set same machine name in SDD-J(Data manager-Machine Manager) and DrABE parameter ( Machine registration).


After setting machine mane in SDD-J, You can see and load converted data in AMNC Ver5 side.


After MiniSDD to SDD converting, Please set SDDJ Connect Parameter (Input same machine name by converted SDDJ programs )in AMNC side. After it , You can load them by All Machine sorting in AMNCV 5. This is only SDDJ connect parameter without default machine type parameter . We recommend that you should load converted programs by SDD Machine Name (Ex .HFP-1003 ) sorting in AMNC V5. After re-saving in AMNC V5 with correct machine type , you can load them by All Machine sorting in AMNCV 5. SDDJ Converted programs in Data manager. AMNC V5

You can use All machine correctly in AMNC V5 .

AMNC V5 SDDJ Connect Parameter

(Ex. In This case only HFP8025 by All Machine )

(Ex. In This case only HFP-8025on SDDJ)

For other machine name ,please select correct 44 machine name here without All Machine.

< STEP No-13> Please check converted BENDCAM programs as Repeat . And in AMNC side ,please check it.


< STEP No-14> Remove SDDServer Service and Client (MiniSDD Ver1.23-Ver2.1) Remove ToolEditor and Tools (MiniSDD) MiniSDD Ver2.1 version up in AP100 PC. Please copy all data to AMNC PC(Ver5) for Safety.

I recommend that you should remove MiniSDD Server and Client in AP100 PC. Because it is better to set one DB (SDD-J) in AP100 PC. AP100 PC Server (SDD-J) No MiniSDD AP100 PC Client (SDD-J) No MiniSDD AMNC PC Ver5
(MiniSDD Ver2.1)

Trouble Shooting


<Trouble shooting>
(1)CAN NOT start SDD-covert tool. If you can not start SDD-J covert tool , first please check miniSDD register information.Sometimes it will be changed by any reason. Also could you replace converter tool in Disk Top ? If you copy it in some folder places , it will have some error and give application error message sometimes.


<Trouble shooting>
(2)During converting into SDD-J , if you have SQL error into SDD-J , it means that some miniSDD data will not be linked or will be crashed by some reason. In this case , it does not matter. For example , after delete or move operation in MiniSDD some link will be crashed. In this case that I recommend it is better to re-restore miniSDD (SDD file extension ) in Program-AMADA-miniSDD -Maintenance Utility.

Please see New Support (8) Support Failed data 49 report (TXT file).You can see it by report file.

<Trouble shooting>
(3) Error case of MiniSDD Ver1.23. If you have application error in MiniSDD ver1.23 on converting , maybe some registry setting will be set . Maybe Ver2.1 and ver1.23 both setting will be remained in your PC. In this case please delete 2.1 key in registry editor .


<Trouble shooting>
(4) Error case of AP100 AMNC and BENDCAM BACK-UP IS OVER. If you convert again in same environments , this error may be come as error message. Causing is based on mixed environments on MiniSDD Ver1.2 and Ver2.1 in your PC.

In this case please delete 2.1 key in registry editor .