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3. Authors

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: E-Learning on Computer Organization : 120 : De Torres, Diane B. Gatdula, Shielah D. Sandro, Ma Christina Bernadette M. Sapungan, Liezel Q. Sosa, Rejomae M. : Capstone Project : Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas, Capitol Site, Batangas City

6. Statement of the Problem With the development of this research entitled “E-Learning on Computer Organization”, the researchers aimed to answer the following questions:

1.) What tools can be used in developing e-learning tutorial to promote better understanding about computer organization? 2.) What materials or interactive gears should be implemented to guide the users from basic up to the advance topics? 3.) What is Electronic Learning and what steps can be made to convert it in an interactive manner?

7. Summary

The aim of this study, “E-learning on Computer Organization”, aims to provide a system that will offer all students of Lyceum of the Philippines University undertaking the subject Computer Organization, with quality support in a user- friendly format. Particularly the study dealt with the development and design of an eLearning course on Computer Organization. For the main programming of the website, the authors used ASP.NET - an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. This research focuses on the topics included in the syllabus on the subject used by the College of Computer Studies.

8. Conclusions

Based on the findings, the following conclusions are drawn:

1.) The project can run in a networked environment that can be installed in a number of client computers proportionate to the need of the college

2.) This can be best explained by the features of the eLearning Course on Computer Organization since it will provide concrete and clear information on what the students can learn and must accomplish, and show their relative progress toward achieving their academic goals.

3.) The system is well designed.

9. Recommendations

Based on the findings and conclusions, the following recommendations are offered:

1.) The Management Information System department of LPU may recommend the immediate incorporation of the eLearning course in LPU- Moodle to help attain the institutional goals and objectives. It can be tried out immediately by the College of Computer Studies and be tried in other subjects.

2.) For the top stakeholders of the institution to evaluate the program, implementation of this study as an institution-wide system may be considered to developed teaching and learning processes.

3.) Further studies may be conducted to enhance the project or it could be used as a model to develop a much more advanced eLearning Course on Computer Organization as university policies change.