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Aliengels by Bood Samel

I want to shed more light on the notions of Grays as Gnostic angels or aliengels as it were. Set is the forerunner of the J/C Devil and Horus the forerunner of the Christ Yeshua. The Egyptians had a understanding of the joint unity of Set/Horus and we see this again in the Gnostic equation of Lucifer and Jesus (Or the figure Abraxas for that matter). I am of the view that LAM was a Gray. Kenneth Grant writes, The initial letter of LAM is attributed to Libra, the balancing or evening factor. In the present context the evening is between the daytime waking-state represented by Horuswhose letter is A- and the deep-sleep state represented by the letter M (Chandra-bindu) emblematic of the God Set . The formula of LAM is therefore relevant to the Aeons of Maat and of the twin Gods Set/Horus. As Ive written before the book of the law essentially reestablishes the core aim of Gnostic mission of the true Christ, that of the link between man and the Logos. The book of the law doesnt refute Yeshua, as Yeshua is Horus. Essentially we are still in the same matrix, we still have the same consciousness and the same animal bodies. What is changed is only the symbol set and how we relate to it, we mere have a new set of tools for escaping the black iron prison that is more appropriate for this era.

Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set has mentioned the dual Set/Horus role and equates the rising of Laveyan Satanism and Setianism as a complimentary counter current to the arrival of the Aeon in 1904 with the book of the law. Some see the work of the Typhonian O.T.O. and the cthulhu-mythos as part of that complimentary counter current, dubbing it all current 23 and I would agree, as its all a chthonic, qlippothic current. Id also lump William Burroughs in there.

By the quote from Grant above then obviously the unity in this is the Grays. Which in light of the Babalon working it makes sense why Parsons thought it was vital to perform these rites that opened the gateway that further allowed the Grays greater access to 3D meat space in order to further along the destruction of the old structures. Remember the intention of the Babalon working was to herald the apocalypse in order to create a new man. What we received was an armada of UFOs. The Grays in their role of the custodians of reality are here doing their adjustment bureau work are the wet nurses of a new man. Some people think there are two camps of Grays, ones that are for man and ones that hate man. This is really one camp. Angels only serve God , and Jesus/Lucifer (Set/Horus) are two figures/currents by which a singular, transcendent , non-dualistic divinity expresses itself through multiplicity. As such sometimes the Grays seem good and sometimes they seem evil. Really they are neither, they are just doing a thankless job. You should thank them for helping maintain the mess the devil made in creating the universe so that God can experience itself by the process of your soul refining itself through subsequent cycles of death and rebirth for your souls eventual re-absorption back into God. Thank you Grays, our beloved Aliengels.

I have had a vision of the same structure that Jacob in the Bible did but I wouldnt call it a ladder. I myself refer to it as carousel (BTW thats why there is a carousel in the Viva Lux video my religion of you), but its best described a two giant 4 dimensional rings that encompass our 3D meat space reality. From with-in meat space our world appears dualistic, and that it is created by the overlap of two higher realities radiating upward and downward. This is false as these two realities are one solid spinning ring when looked at from the 4D. One ring spins horizontally, this is the plane of time and becoming, that endless grinding wheel of flux, carnality, and incarnation. The other is a vertical ring. This is the means by which Grays and most likely other higher dimensional beings descend into our plane of experience. In overtly simplistic terms this ring spins from heaven, into earth and down into hell, and then back up again. Angels dont fall, they ride this wheel, like how Jacob saw them going up and down his ladder. The upper end of the ring is essentially the tree of life and obviously the lower end is thus the Qlippoth- As above, so below! This sheds light on why the Qlippoth, our underworld, leads to other universes, its the moat of sewage around our universe. This is why Grays, or Angels, or Aliengels sometimes appear good or evil to the filters of our stupid monkey brains, it depends on where the vertical wheel of carousel we are encountering them on. Obviously they seem benevolent when coming down from space (heaven/AIN SOPH/etc) and obviously they seem horrific when coming out of creepy underground bases to anal probe you (the Qlippoth). I have encountered them in the Qlippoth itself a few times, its always been terrifying.

On one level Babalon is, or resides in the point in carousel where it curves back upwards out of the Qlippoth. When the whore is revealed to be the hidden Sophia trapped in matter she becomes the Gateway of the Gods or like Led Zepplin said of her the stairway to heaven. Is it a surprise that the ancient astronaut ruled kingdom of antiquity was called Babylon, the literal gateway of the Gods? It was the place they were at before the ascended back up having long been here prior sense before the flood. Like Jacobs comment about the ladder, This place is terrible but its the house of God, the whore is the backwards path to God.

The Book of Enoch mentions the Watchers being trapped in the earth, and Miguel Serrano writes of beings who ride saucers that are mistaken for aliens residing with-in another dimension that is inside the earth that is in turn accessible through an opening in Antarctica. Did the Babalon working open the portion of carousel that Babalon governs? Did Jack Parsons know about Neuschwabenland from his friendship with Werner Von Braun and other project paper clip scientists? How does this reflect on Neuschwabenland, Operation High Jump and the reports of our reputed current Antarctic southsea war between the U.S. Military and U.F.O.s?