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MCITP Guide to Microsoft Windows server 2008 Server Adm.

Chapter 6 Review Questions

1. One of the users on your network has called to report that a shared printer on your Windows Server 2008 print server is not printing. Which of the following tools can you use to check the status of the printer? Answer: c. Print Management tool

2. You have a printer that is primarily used to handle large graphics print files. When you configure the port for this printer, which of the following port timeout settings should you use? Answer: d. 120 seconds 3. You own an architectural firm that has two plotters and four laser printers. Your paper costs are very high because people often send print jobs intended for a plotter to a laser printer and vice versa. These errors typically result in page after page of printing with strange characters, wasting money and time. What can you do to address this problem? Answer: b. Configure the printers to hold mismatched documents. 4. You have set up a shared printer for UNIX and Linux clients, but when you test the setup the printer produces strings of control codes or simply hangs up. Which of the following might be the problem? Answer: a. The data type is set to NT EMF and should be RAW. 5. Your companys programmers use one shared printer to print out lines of program code for analysis. They complain that often when they retrieve a printout, ending pages from the last printout or the beginning pages of the next printout are mixed in. This is because many of the printed pages appear very similar at first glance and its hard to know where one printout ends and the next begins. What do you propose as a solution? Answer: c. Configure the printer properties to use a separator page. 6. You can install the _____, _____, and _____ services when installing the Print Services role. Answer: Print Server, Internet Printing and LPD Service

7. Which of the following can you accomplish from the Printers window, which is opened through Control Panel? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. Install a printer b. View what is printing on a printer. c. Access the printers properties. 8. You can publish a shared printer in Active Directory by accessing the printers properties and using the _____ tab. Answer: Sharing 9. You are configuring a serial printer on a COM port. Which of the following can you configure by using the Configure Port button? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. port speed c. flow control

10. Your associate has configured five shared printers so that print files are sent directly to the printer and printing is done in the foreground. However, when the printers are busy this slows down the CPU on the server managing the print jobs. What should be done to address this problem? Answer: d. Configure every printer to spool the print jobs and to print in the background.