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Transform Your Health

in Just 21 Days!
2010 The Alkaline Research Group
Why The Alkaline Cleanse Was Developed
I started exhibiting signs of acidosis when I was in my mid-forties. However, at the
time, I had no idea what acidosis was. I knew that my health was starting to deteriorate
and I couldnt figure out why. How could I go from being in above average shape for
most of my life, to being 25 lbs. overweight, constantly fatigued, and sick so often? My
lifestyle hadnt changed, why was my health deteriorating? I blamed it on getting older.
I decided to go on a diet and I did lose 15 lbs. within a few months; however, I actually
felt more run down than ever. I had no concept of alkaline or acid foods, so I didnt
realize I was just eating less acidic food than I was before, and that I was not
addressing the real problem going on inside me.
As a business owner, I was dealing with a lot of stress in my life with employees and
demanding clients. People were constantly telling me that I was just having stress
related symptoms and that I needed to take more time off and relax. Although this is
generally good advice, it was just a temporary solution, as I needed to run a business
and I could not be away very long.
I started to develop more serious symptoms by the time I was 48. I was having constant
headaches, chronic diarrhea, chest pains, sinus problems, mucus in my lungs, bloating,
mood swings and my skin was dull and lifeless. My cholesterol levels were high and so
was my blood pressure. Even though I was getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night, I
never felt energetic. I went to the doctor several times over the years, but they could
not find any one thing to blame it on. I was actually working out quite regularly, so I
knew that lack of exercise was not an issue. Little did I know at the time, I was actually
over exercising, considering all the stress my body was already in.
Shortly after my fiftieth birthday, I was eating lunch (roast beef sandwich with mashed
potatoes and gravy, diet coke and dessert) when my vision started to go blurry and then
became wavy and everything looked distorted. Of course, I got scared! My heart started
racing, my stomach became bloated and I had pain shooting up my legs.
I rushed to my doctor and they immediately called an ambulance, thinking I was having
a heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital and they gave me nitro pills. After a few
minutes, my blood pressure came back down and I started to feel better. I was kept
overnight and then I was sent to a heart specialist for tests. I had dozens of tests done
and they all came back negative. My heart was strong and healthy.
It was determined that I had developed anxiety and that was what had caused my vision
problem. They prescribed me Xanax and told me to take three pills a day. I did that for
about a day and then I went off it. I was told they could be addictive and I didnt want
that to happen. About a month later I had another anxiety attack, so I started taking one
Xanax a day.
I have never been one to rely on prescription drugs and I was very uncomfortable having to
take this medication. I felt like I was just masking the symptoms and not addressing the
cause. I started researching the underlying causes of stress and anxiety.
Although most of what I learned was geared towards learning how to relax, I discovered
that diet played a large role in stress related anxiety. Caffeine, sugar, salt and high protein
foods were to be avoided when possible. Fruits and vegetables were helpful. I figured I
could not always control how much stress I was subject to, but I did have complete control
over what I ate.
I started eating more fruit and vegetables and less meat. I started to have a little more
energy and my anxiety attacks were less frequent but still occurring. I was still taking one
Xanax a day and I was fearful of giving it up for the fear of more frequent anxiety attacks.
It seemed like I was in a constant battle with anxiety. I had no control over it and attacks
would come out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. I have always been an extremely
independent and confident person but now I was questioning my own abilities to function
normally. My headaches were worse than ever and my optimistic outlook on life was
starting to slip away. I was no longer the person I had always perceived myself as being.
I was quickly reaching a point where I was either going to have to find a way to overcome
the anxiety or go on the full dosage of Xanax. I joined a self help stress forum on the
internet and tried everything I could find about beating it. After several months I had made
little progress, but I was still determined to stay off the full dosage of Xanax.
One night I was watching the movie Shallow Hal, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black,
and I saw Tony Robbins in the movie. I had never heard of him before so I looked him up
on the internet. Then it happened! I came across a youtube video of him talking about
Alkalizing and Energizing. It was fascinating! He was talking about the pH balance of our
body and how critical it is to our overall health.
I immediately started learning everything I could on the Alkaline/Acid balance. I learned
that the quickest way to get rid of the acid in our blood and tissues is to do an alkaline
cleanse. I had been eating highly acidic food my entire life; meat and potatoes for
breakfast, lunch and dinner. I decided I would try a cleanse. At that time, an Alkaline
cleanse consisted of drinking a wheatgrass supplement and eating nothing but green
vegetable soups for 10 to 30 days.
Although the wheatgrass tasted terrible and was very expensive and eating broccoli or
salad for breakfast was hard to do, I was determined to give it a try. I started seeing results
within the first week. My skin started to regain color and I had tons of energy. By the end
of the third week I had lost twelve pounds, my headaches were gone, my diarrhea went
away, my sinuses started to clear up and I no longer had mucus in my lungs. After 30 days I
was feeling great. I looked and felt like a new person. I had lost a total of 18 lbs., but most
importantly, I felt years younger. I was also much more relaxed, energetic and happy.
I went to my doctor for a check up shortly after the cleanse, and she was impressed. My
blood pressure and cholesterol levels were perfect. She said I looked fantastic and wanted
to know what I had done. When I told her, she was surprised. I told her I was going off the
Xanax since I was feeling so great. That was the last day I ever took a Xanax. I had a
couple of mild anxiety attacks the first six months after the cleanse and then they went
away completely. It has now been several years and I have never had another one. Also, I
have not suffered from headaches in years!
To me, the most amazing thing about my results was the fact that AFTER I completed my
cleanse, the economic slowdown forced me to close up my 20 year old business and shut
down my office. It was by far the most stressful time in my life and yet the anxiety did not
come back. My body was back in balance and was working like it should.
After the amazing results I had on the cleanse, I decided I wanted to make an alkaline diet
part of my daily lifestyle. When people asked me how I reversed my health issues, I would
tell them about the cleanse. They would get excited and say they wanted to try it. Then I
told them what they had to do and they would say there was no way they were going to eat
broccoli for breakfast and drink something that tasted like lawn clippings.
I decided there was a need for an Alkalizing cleanse that could be more mainstream. I
started working with nutritionists, scientists and University researchers to develop an
alkalizing cleanse that would be simple to do, taste good, have only the most powerful
alkalizing whole food nutrients available and solve the problem of what to eat for
After several years of trial and error, The Alkaline Cleanse was born. The turning point
came when we developed Opti-Blend Complete. An alkalizing breakfast meal replacer,
high in protein and fiber. Eating an alkalizing breakfast was now fast, easy and delicious. It
was a true breakthrough. pH Water Booster was designed to keep you hydrated and flush
out the excess waste toxins, while supplying you with the antioxidant power of Green Tea
and Revesterol. I chose it in a liquid concentrated form so it would be easy to take
anywhere and would be simple to use. Finally, Evening Greens was designed to keep you
hydrated and alkalized all night with over 70 different fruits, vegetables and vitamin super
foods. All of these amazing supplements taste great, are specifically designed to work
together and are made from the highest quality Super foods.
The Alkaline Cleanse can change your life. It will give you control over your health. As I
said earlier, the only thing in life we really have control over, is what we put in our mouths.
To your success,
Alexander Landi and
The Alkaline Research Group
6477 Hwy. 93S #142
Whitefish, MT 59937
Preparing For Your Cleanse
Before you start your cleanse, there are a few things I would like to go over with you:
1. If you are a serious coffee drinker, do not try to give up coffee cold turkey, it will not work.
Here is what I want you to do;
a. Start drinking decaffeinated coffee a few days before you start your cleanse. For most
people, drinking coffee is as much psychological as it is physical. It is part of your
morning routine and drinking decaffeinated will eliminate most of the harmful caffeine,
and your mind will be fooled by the coffee taste.
b. Get yourself down to one cup a day as soon as you can. Also, we are trying to break a
routine, so have your coffee at a different time each morning.
c. Your cleanse includes extra pH Water Booster. Add a dropper full to a cup of hot
water. It makes a delicious hot drink. You will get the same amount of energy as from
your cup of coffee but you will feel much better.
2. If you have a tobacco addiction, you are not going to get the full benefit from this cleanse.
However, you should still do it. Heres why; many people who smoke will still experience
enough positive benefits, weight loss, increased energy, etc, that come from this cleanse that
they will be motivated to finally quit smoking. This cleanse has the power to change lives!
3. If you have a serious sweet tooth, start cutting back on desserts and the sweet stuff a few
days before you start your cleanse. After just a short time on this cleanse most people find that
their sugar cravings subside.
4. Read through the Alkaline food list and stock up on the foods that you enjoy the most. I
realize that most people do not crave alkaline food, but I am sure there are enough items on
the list to satisfy anyone. Some people go their entire lives without eating an avocado or
asparagus, etc, and are amazed at how good they taste when they finally eat them. Keep an
open mind. Stick to the basics for the first week.
This was my daily routine for the first week when I did this cleanse;
first thing, after waking up, I drank one serving of Opti-Blend Complete;
followed by 30 minutes of walking and deep breathing;
a handful of raw almonds mid-morning;
about an hour before lunch I had my mid-morning drink of pH Water Booster;
a big salad for lunch with lots of tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers
an avocado for a mid day snack;
about an hour before dinner, I had my afternoon drink of pH Water Booster;
dinner of a salad, followed by asparagus and chicken breast cooked in a frying
pan with a little olive oil;
a whole grapefruit for an evening snack;
20 to 30 minutes of walking or bicycling or a relaxing hot bath;
evening drink of Evening Greens about two hours before bed.
As you can see, I kept it very basic. It was very easy for me to do and I had fantastic results.
So, go through the Alkaline food list, pick out foods you will enjoy and stock up on them. It is
best to look at this cleanse as one week at a time. You dont want to overwhelm yourself
before you even get started. As you start seeing and feeling the results of this cleanse, your
mindset towards alkaline foods will change and you will actually start preferring them over
the foods you have been eating.
5. Be sure to pick up some unrefined all natural sea salt. Sea salt is good for you and it will
help eliminate those urges for salty snacks, such as chips. You can use it on cucumbers,
tomatoes, asparagus, etc.
6. Get your head in the game! Although not everyone completes this cleanse, to date no one
has completed this cleanse and regretted it! The results are that amazing! People who
experience the best results from this cleanse, are the ones who have mentally prepared
themselves for the changes they were about to make. No one can make you do this, it is
entirely up to you. The supplements that you purchased from us were designed to give your
body the nutrients and alkalinity needed for quick, powerful results. However, it is still up to
you to add the proper whole foods required for this cleanse to work. Do not think you can
make extraordinary changes eating Big Macs and taking our supplements. It wont happen!
We have done our part in developing a superior product and getting it in your hands, but the
real power behind this cleanse will come from YOU! Twenty one days will go by very fast...
get your mindset where you need it to be and DO IT!
7. Many Health Food stores carry prepared healthy meals. If you are very busy and dont have
time to cook, you should look into this. Costco has a great selection of pre-cooked foods such
as veggie burgers and chicken burgers (Sabatinos Spinach Chicken Patties). I have tried
several of them and they are delicious. Although, they are somewhat processed foods and not
the ideal cleanse food, if you just dont have the time for cooking, they would make a suitable
alternative to skinless chicken breasts.
8. Pick up one or two good water bottles. Look at the chart below to determine how much
water you will need to add to each serving of supplement.
If you weigh:
150 lbs. or less. ..add approximately 18 oz. of water with each serving of supplement.
175 lbs. ..add approximately 22 oz. of water with each serving of supplement.
200 lbs. ..add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement.
225 lbs. ..add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus one
serving of 12 oz. of plain water once a day.
250 lbs. ..add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus one
extra serving of 25 oz. of plain water once a day.
275 lbs. ..add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus two
extra serving of 18 oz. of plain water twice a day.
300 lbs.+ ..add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus two
extra serving of 25 oz. of plain water twice a day.
Get a water bottle that is bigger than the amount of water needed. That way there is room for
the supplement. A water bottle with a wide opening will work the best for the Opti-Blend
Complete and Evening Greens. You can have a separate water bottle to take with you during
the day for the pH Water Booster*, or you can just pick up bottled water during the day and
add Water Booster to it.
*pH Water Booster - you may have to prime the dropper a few times when you first open pH
Water Booster. If the dropper seems plugged up, remove the dropper from the bottle and run
the dropper under warm water while squeezing it and it should start working fine.
The Alkaline Cleanse
You are going to need your Alkaline Cleanse supplements. If you havent done so already you
can order them at
1. When you open your eyes in the morning- GET UP. Dont lay around idle, this is the
start of the healthy new you. Remember, movement is critical to your health, so lets get
2. Head in to the kitchen and get your Morning drink ready. Grab your water bottle and
add two scoops of Opti-Blend Complete, then add 18 to 25* oz. of moderately cold
water. Be sure to shake well and drink it all before eating anything else. Your body was
in a fast all night and is dehydrated, our alkaline drink is designed to give your body the
nutrients it needs for your cells to perform at their optimum level and flood your system
with alkalinity.
3. After you have finished drinking your morning alkaline drink, give yourself about
fifteen minutes of alone time (30 minutes or more would be better). This will give your
body a chance to absorb the nutrients of the Opti-Blend. Going for a quick walk would
be ideal. Remember to breathe deeply as you walk. Count to four as you inhale through
your nose, hold for a few seconds and exhale through your mouth as you count to four.
If you are unable to go for a walk, spend this time practicing your deep breathing. Find
a quiet place in your home where you can be alone and spend about 15 to 20 minutes
with your eyes closed, deep breathing and visualizing how you will look and feel when
you get done with this cleanse. Visualization is a very powerful tool.
4. Before lunch, grab your water bottle, pour in 18 to 25* oz. of water and add one
dropper full of pH Water Booster. Wait at least an hour after youve finished your
breakfast before you start drinking it. Drink this anytime in between, after breakfast and
5. For lunch, have a salad and green soup or any combination on the Alkaline food list.
Keep your portion moderate. Eat slowly. You dont need to drink a lot of water with
your meal, it slows down your digestion and you are getting plenty of fluid already.
6. After lunch, grab your water bottle, pour in 18 to 25* oz. of water and add one dropper
full of pH Water Booster. Wait at least an hour after you finished your lunch before you
start drinking it. Drink this anytime between lunch and dinner. Keep hydrated.
7. For an afternoon snack, have a handful of raw almonds or some cucumbers. Keep it
simple. Remember, this cleanse is only 21 days. The simpler you can keep it the more
likely you are to stick with it.
8. For dinner, have a salad and any other combination on the alkaline food list. Eat in
moderation. You are not trying to starve yourself. However, you want to train yourself to
eat moderate portions.
9. Mix up another 18 to 25* oz. of water and add one scoop of Evening Greens. Drink this
between dinner and bedtime. Wait about an hour after dinner before you start drinking
the mix. Remember to practice your breathing. We want to get your oxygen level up and
your lymphatic system flowing.
You should drink about half your body weight of supplements/water in ounces a day. So if
you weigh 200 lbs., you will drink 100 oz. a day if you add 25 oz. of water with each
serving of supplement. If you weigh over 200 lbs. you will want to drink extra water. For
example, if you weigh 300 lbs. you will want to drink two extra 25 oz. servings of water
during the day in addition to the water you drank with the supplements. If you weigh 250
lbs., you would drink one extra 25 oz. of plain water. It is very important to drink your
Opti-Blend Complete on an empty stomach first thing in the morning after waking.
*How much water should you add to each serving of supplement?
If you weigh:
150 lbs. or less...add approximately 18 oz. of water with each serving of supplement.
175 lbs...add approximately 22 oz. of water with each serving of supplement.
200 lbs...add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement.
225 lbs...add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus one
serving of 12 oz. of plain water once a day.
250 lbs...add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus one extra
serving of 25 oz. of plain water once a day.
275 lbs... add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus two
extra serving of 18 oz. of plain water twice a day.
300 lbs+...add approximately 25 oz. of water with each serving of supplement, plus two
extra serving of 25 oz. of plain water twice a day.
Although most fruits are alkaline, sweet fruits contain natural sugars. Try to limit your
consumption of fruit to not more than 20% of your diet during the cleanse. Generally, the
sweeter the fruit, the more sugars they contain. If you are having major acidic symptoms, you
may want to avoid sweet fruit altogether during the cleanse.
Since fruits contain simple sugars, they digest very fast in your stomach. Instead of eating fruit
with your meal, you should eat fruit by themselves, 15 to 30 minutes before your meal.
Avocado and Grapefruit
For great results, eat one avocado and one grapefruit daily while on the cleanse.
Always keep a salad mixed up and ready to go in the refrigerator. Find a big tupperware bowl
or something similar and prepare enough for several days. The idea is to fill up on salad before
you have any meat. In a true cleanse, you would avoid all meats. The supplements we have
provided you are very high quality and powerful, so chicken breasts are allowed on this
cleanse. You can add chicken breasts to salads if you prefer also. Having some pre-cooked
chicken breast in the refrigerator may also make things easier.
A Few Things to be Aware of
1. You may experience mild headaches the first few days of the cleanse. This is nothing to
worry about. It is just a result of toxin's being expelled through your bloodstream. Only
about 10% of people experience even mild headaches. If you feel that you need to take an
aspirin, then you are detoxifying too rapidly. This will not harm you, however you should cut
your servings to half portions for a day or so to avoid the headaches.
2. Your urine may have a toxic smell to it. This is completely normal and is actually good
news. The cleanse is working as it should be.
3. You will probably notice that your bowel movements will have little or no odor after the first
4. You will have much more energy after the second week and may want to start working out to
lose even more weight. This cleanse is about giving your body a break, so it is important for
you not to over stress your body by working out hard. If you are exercising and find yourself
out of breath and working up a sweat, you are working out to hard.
Honeydew Melon
Apple Cider
Banchi Tea
Bee Pollen
Dandelion Tea
Fresh Fruit Juice (unprocessed)
Green Tea*
Herbal Tea
Organic Unpasteurized Milk
Vegetable Juice
* The Healthiest
Oriental Vegetables
Dandelion Root
Sea Vegetables
Chicken Breast (skinless)
Cottage Cheese (low fat)
Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sprouted Seeds
Squash Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Tempeh (fermented)
Tuna (fresh, not canned)
Whey Protein Powder
Yogurt (low fat)
Tofu (fermented)
All Herbs
Chili Pepper
Sea Salt
Barley Grass
Brussel Sprouts
Collard Greens
Fermented Vegetables
Mustard greens
Nightshade Vegetables
Sea Vegetables
Wild Greens
Almond Butter
Banana (unripe)
Bee Pollen
Bok Choy
Borage Oil
Cherry, Sour
Egg plant
Evening Primrose
Fennel Seeds
Flax Seed Oil
Caraway Seeds
Green Beans
Green Cabbage
Horse Radish
Leeks (bulbs)
Lemons (fresh) *
Lima Beans
Limes *
Peas, fresh
Pine Nuts (raw)
Pumpkins (raw)
Raw Onions
Red Cabbage
Rhubarb Stalks
Sesame Oil
Soybeans, fresh
Soy Flour
Squash (all kinds, raw)
Tea (herbal, green)
Tomatoes *
Water (Fiji)
White Cabbage
White Radish
Top Alkalizing Foods
Hard Liquor
Animal Protein
Canned Tuna
Beans & Legumes
Almond Milk
Black Beans
Chick Peas
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Rice Milk
Soy Beans
Soy Milk
White Beans
Cheese, Cow
Cheese, Goat
Cheese, Processed
Cheese, Sheep
Drugs & Chemicals
Fats & Oils
Avocado Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Flax Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil
Hemp Seed Flour
Oats (rolled)
Rice Cakes
Wheat Cakes
Nuts & Butters
Brazil Nuts
Peanut Butter
Pasta (White)
Distilled Vinegar
Wheat Germ
Danger Zone! Acidic Foods!
Getting Started: Day One and Two
Keep an open mind. I know this is a new routine, but it will be worth it. Starting
will be the hardest part. This course is only 21 days. Think how fast the last 21
days just went by, it is really not a long time. Pull out an old photo of yourself,
one when you looked and felt your best. In no time at all, you will feel that way
again, or better.
A large part of this course is developing new habits and breaking the destructive
ones. That is why you need to get up a little earlier and start moving. If you live
in an area where you can go for a walk, please do it. The fresh air will do you
good. If the weather is bad or you cant go outside, then substitute. The important
thing is to start your day with activity. Walk in place if you have to. Jumping
jacks? Be creative. Focus on the big picture getting healthy, cleansing your
body and losing weight. The object is to get the fluids flowing, not physically
working out at this point, so take it easy.
If you really want results, then tell as many close friends as you can, what you
are doing. Tell them you are giving your body a break for the next three weeks
and you want their support. After a few days they will start to notice you looking
better and they will be very supportive of you.
For the duration of this course it is very important for you to practice deep
breathing. You can do this while you go for your walk, in your car on the way to
work, or even while you are in the shower. Count to four as you inhale deeply
through your nose, hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth
as you count to four. Remember, breathe from the stomach. You can add an
incantation if you want to while doing your breathing exercise, such as: healthier,
healthier, every day (as you inhale) stronger, stronger, every way (as you
exhale). Try it right now.
If you are a coffee drinker, the first few days will be tough. Some people will feel
irritable, drowsy and experience headaches and anxiety as they stop drinking
caffeine. These side effects are short lived. It is very important that you give up
caffeine during this cleanse. Try some all-natural, caffeine free tea.
When you consume caffeine, your body produces Cortisol, a stress hormone. You
are not going to give your body a break if you are producing high levels of stress
hormones, such as Cortisol. It will also make it a lot harder for you to lose belly
fat if you are producing Cortisol.
Keep it Simple
Get an extra water bottle
Pick up an extra water bottle.
Dont add water. Throw it in
your car or keep it at work for a
backup if needed.
Keep your diet basic
Dont go crazy trying to make
fancy alkaline meals at rst,
unless you have extra time. This
cleanse is short and you dont
want to burn-out by adding
pressure to yourself.
Todays Project
Start planning your walking
routine. Decide what time of
day will work best for your daily
walk if you cant do it rst thing
in the morning. You need to set
aside at least 15 to 30 minutes
a day of low impact exercise.
15 minutes on a trampoline
would be an ideal way to get
your body moving and you
1 & 2
Day Three
How do you feel? Are you noticing some changes? You may notice
that you are starting to relax. Have you been doing the breathing
exercises? Im going to be a stickler on this one; it is something you
have to do. Hopefully you answered yes and you are starting to enjoy
the results.
Are you walking? Remember, get up and start moving! The walks
will give you some needed alone time, so I hope you are enjoying
them. I have another exercise for you while you are on your walk.
Spend a few minutes visualizing all the people in your life you are
thankful for. List them off, out loud if you can. You will be amazed at
how good this feels. After a while you can add not just people, but
anything in your life you are thankful for. What a great way to start
your day. Walk around your living room if thats all that is available.
If you have the will, you will find a way!
Today would be a good day to practice relaxing, even if its just a hot
bath. Remember to improvise and pamper yourself, you deserve it.
You are taking control of your health and that shows you have
character. Be proud of yourself.
The supplements are a critical part of this cleanse and were designed
to get you maximum results. Make sure you are taking them! You
probably noticed your urine is much clearer, and may have a toxic
type odor. That is to be expected, so dont worry.
If you are having caffeine withdrawal symptoms, they should be gone
by tomorrow. If you were a serious coffee drinker and are thinking of
giving up the cleanse because of the withdrawal symptoms, then try
drinking decaffeinated coffee for this first week. There is still
caffeine in decaffeinated coffee, however it would be better for you to
do this than to give up the cleanse. It would be better to lose that
battle, than to lose the war, as the saying goes. Remember the goal is
to get healthier, not to be perfect.
Speaking of being perfect, please dont give up just because you
cheat on your eating once in a while. Put it behind you and keep
going, tomorrow you will be stronger. You can always extend the
cleanse a day or two to make up for it.
Keep it Simple
Evening Greens
Be sure not to take your
Evening Greens to close to
bedtime. You dont want to
interrupt your sleep by
having to get up to use the
bathroom. Usually two hours
before bed will do the trick.
Get a jump rope
If the weather is bad or you
just cant get outside to
walk, a jump rope will get
you the same results in the
privacy of your own home.
Todays Project
Stress relief
To really get the full benefit
of this cleanse, you will want
to learn to relax. Check out
these websites for some
great tips:

Day Four
Proper breathing is one of the key elements for a healthy body.
Most adults breathe shallow and rapidly and that is not the proper
way to breathe. Your lymphatic system will perform at its best
when you breathe deeply. All of your bodys major systems are
dependent on a healthy lymphatic system.
"If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it
would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly."
-Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard Medical
How do you breathe correctly? The best oxygen exchanges take
place in the lower lobes of the lungs. That's where the "belly
breathing" comes from - breathing deep around the navel instead
of the upper chest.
First, test your current breathing pattern:
1. Begin by lying flat on your back or standing up straight.
You may also sit up straight in a chair, if that is more
2. Place one hand on your stomach area and one hand on your
3. Breathe as you normally would and notice whether your
"stomach" hand rises or your "chest" hand rises.
4. To breathe properly, your stomach area must rise more than
your chest as your diaphragm expands.
Second, Learn the proper breathing technique:
1. To learn to breathe correctly, begin by slowly breathing in
through your nose through the count of 4. While you
inhale, pause for a brief second on each number.
2. Hold the breath for a count of 4.
3. Slowly exhale through your mouth for a count of 4. (Some
call this 4-4-4 breathing.) When you exhale, pause for a
brief second on each number.
4. Repeat this process three more times (for a total of four
breaths.) Do not do more than four breaths at first - with
practice, you can work your way up to eight breaths. Do
this twice each day.
5. Increase the number of breaths each day until you can do
the exercise for at least eight breaths twice per day.
Keep it Simple
Opti-Blend Complete
Since you are drinking Opti-
Blend Complete rst thing
after waking up, you
shouldnt add ice to your
drink. It will slow down your
digestion and absorption of
the nutrients.
Whole Raw Almonds
Be sure to soak almonds in
water overnight before
eating. Your body will have a
much easier time digesting
them and they will be easier
on your teeth.
iPad app
If you own an iPad, iPhone
or iPod, there is a great app
called pzizz relax. It is
available on the iTunes store
under the Healthcare and
Fitness section. This is a
great little app for relaxing. It
literally melts your stress
away in minutes.
Day Five
Avocados, Tomatoes and Lemons:
Lets start with avocados. Avocados are probably the best all around
alkalizing food you can eat. You should eat one every day while on
this cleanse.
Avocados are bursting with nutrients--vitamins, A, B-complex, C, E,
H, K, and folic acid, plus the minerals magnesium, copper, iron,
calcium, potassium and many other trace elements. Avocados provide
all of the essential amino acids (those that must be provided by our
diet), with 18 amino acids in all, plus 7 fatty acids, including Omega
3 and 6. Avocados are a great source of protein (they contain more
protein than cows milk), essential fatty acids, and chlorophyll, while
containing no starch, very little sugar and are very easily digested.
Avocados also help lower cholesterol.
Tomatoes are thought of as a vegetable, but they are actually a fruit.
Like avocados, tomatoes are low in sugar and are loaded with
antioxidants. Tomatoes also contain Lycopene, which is thought to
prevent cancerous conditions in the breast, prostate and cervix. They
are at their most alkalizing when eaten raw.
Lemons are acidic in nature, but are alkalizing to the body because of
their high content of sodium and potassium bicarbonate salts. They
also contain an abundance of oxygen and have very little acid sugar.
Adding avocados, tomatoes and lemon to your salad is a fantastic
way to alkalize. They actually work better together than separately
because the lutein and lycopene found in tomatoes and avocados
produce the best results when combined.
Did You Know
Breakfast is the rst meal after
many hours of fasting (while
you sleep). Your body is
depleted of fuel (food) and is
craving the nutrients that it
needs for cell growth and
Because we are sleeping for a
long time, our bodies do not
need to be exerting energy. The
metabolism slows down and
our blood sugar drops by the
time we wake in the morning.
When you eat a healthy
breakfast, it ends that long
fasting period and allows your
body to speed up the
metabolism, which in turn
boosts your energy level.
When you eat breakfast,
research shows that your
body's production of leptin,
which is a hormone,
suppresses appetite and you
feel full. Those who eat
breakfast feel full until
lunchtime. Because they do not
get hungry in-between
breakfast and lunch they don't
snack or graze eat, which adds
extra calories.
Day Six
You are almost done with your first week! You should be feeling that
extra energy by now. If you started your cleanse on a Monday then
today is Saturday. That means today will be a different routine than
what you have become accustomed to so far on this cleanse. That
may be a bad thing, so lets make sure you keep yourself busy today.
You want to make sure that you dont start obsessing about food,
since you will probably have more free time than you did all week. A
good way to stay on track is to make it easy too. Here are a few
things you can do to make it easier for yourself: prepare a few salads
to keep in the fridge, have a bowl full of almonds always available,
cut up some cucumbers, carrots and broccoli and keep refrigerated, so
they are available.
If you are still having junk food cravings pick up a bag of TERRA
exotic vegetable chips (in the health food section of most grocery
stores). They taste great and they will satisfy your salt cravings. Do
not eat the whole bag; they are a snack, not a meal. Are they
cleansing food? Not really, but they are better than most junk food.
It is very important for you to stay focused on what you are trying to
accomplish by doing this cleanse. Your goal is not to eat healthy;
your goal is to get healthy. Why do I say that? I say that because, the
ultimate goal for this cleanse is to get your body back in balance, so
that your body can take care of you and keep you healthy. We are
using supplements, food, breathing, movement and relaxation as
MEDICINE for your body. From time to time, everyone will eat
acidic foods during this cleanse, it is very important that you dont
think of that as not achieving your goal. Although it will slow you
down from reaching your ultimate goal, never let that stop you from
moving forward.
As I said before: Change your beliefs about food and you will make
extraordinary changes to your health. It will just come naturally for
you; like walking, or sleeping. In this course we are going to use
results to change your beliefs. By the end of this cleanse, you will be
thinner, more relaxed, younger looking, more energetic and happy.
Because of the food choices and simple lifestyle changes you have
made. Now that is change you will believe in.
Did You Know
Green Tea
Drinking green tea will help
keep you healthy and looking
and feeling younger is a fact
that has been known in China
for almost ve thousand years.
The benecial effects,
especially as an antioxidant,
have been clearly shown to
help prevent cancers, keep the
mind alert and calm, lower
stress levels, has shown some
help in diabetes and
Alzheimer's as well as
regulating hormonal imbalances
and decreasing bad breath.
Studies performed at the
Kyushu University of Japan
have shown a signicant effect
of shrinking lung cancer cells
with the consumption of two or
more cups of green tea a day.
pH Water Booster has the daily
equivalent of 15 cups of Green
Tea. With so many proven
benets from this simple
organic drink it is not surprising
that drinking green tea
continues to increase
throughout the world.
Day Seven
Why is this cleanse so focused on staying hydrated with alkaline supplemented
water? Here is what Dr. Young says about the water in his book, The pH
Water helps process just about every biological, mechanical, and chemical
action that takes place in your body. It cushions and protects vital organs,
transports nutrients within each cell, and dispels acidic waste. Your lungs need
water to humidify the air they move. The digestive system uses several gallons of
water daily to process food. Your brain needs water to perform the chemical
reactions required to run your body. Your pancreas uses water to alkalize food
coming out of the stomach and into the intestines. Water keeps your skin soft and
supple, increases oxygen in the blood, and maintains normal electrical properties
of the cells, improving cell to cell communication.
The average person is chronically dehydrated, you probably were too before
going on this cleanse. If you are even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism will
be slowed down by as much as 3 percent. Also, most people misinterpret their
bodies thirst signals, for hunger pangs, causing them to eat more.
The body uses water to neutralize acids, and dilute toxins, so they can be flushed
from your body, via sweat, urination and bowel movements. When your body is
dehydrated, you are acidic, and you are going to retain fluids causing you to feel
bloated and look fatter than you should be. Dehydration will also cause your
body to go into preservation mode and start storing fat. So, are you drinking your
Supplements? Good job!
Some Signs of Dehydration;

Tired and weak


Lack of concentration

Dry skin



Cold hands and feet

Chronic dehydration symptoms include joint and back pain, acid reflux,
migraines, constipation and colitis. Other conditions linked to chronic
dehydration include asthma, diabetes, anxiety, rashes and allergies. Water is
medicine; use it liberally!
Did You Know
Organic Foods Equal
Improved Health
Organic food is food that is free
from all genetically modied
organisms, produced without
articial pesticides and
fertilizers and derived from an
animal reared without the
routine use of antibiotics,
growth promoters or other
drugs. Once only available in
small stores or farmers'
markets, organic foods are
becoming much more widely
Organic foods have been
shown to improve your immune
system, help you sleep better,
shed the excess weight more
easily, and improve your blood
just to name a few. Organic
food can boast intense, realistic
avors, and a higher vitamin
and mineral content.
And though logically it makes
sense to consume a diet based
on organic foods, some worry
about the cost. But with careful
planning and preparation, going
organic is actually quite
affordable and worth the extra
money spent.
Day Eight
You made it through your first week. Great. Now lets keep going. Have you ever
said to yourself; If I would have known I was going to live this long, I would
have taken better care of myself. I know Ive said it in the past.
Work hard and play hard is a common philosophy, and it is a good one too. The
problem is that many people confuse playing hard to making poor choices. You
know, the ones you later regret. Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt,
and that someone is usually you. The reality is life is a gift! We should all live as
if this was our last day on earth, but plan as if we will live to be a hundred.
The foundation for all happiness is your emotional state and your emotional state
is directly dependent on your body being in balance. If your body is wasting all
its time fighting for survival, fending off illnesses, and diseases, stress and
anxiety, you will not be capable of living life to its fullest.
There is a direct correlation between youth and happiness. Why is that? Although
there are always exceptions, most children are (or were) energetic and happy.
Think about it. How many 8 year olds smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, stay up at
night worrying, or engage in other self destructive behavior? Not many. Most
kids are (or were) active and are (or were) encouraged to eat properly and drink
plenty of fluids.
So as children we are encouraged to be active, stay hydrated; eat healthy and live
with a minimum of stress. Hmm, sounds like this cleanse, doesnt it?
As we grow older and are conditioned into mainstream western society of poor
eating, desk jobs, and the financial stress of keeping up, we start to lose that
energy and happiness of our youth. But something else also happens: we slowly
start to build up acid and toxins in our bodies. It takes time, years usually, for us
to slowly start to poison ourselves. We literally begin rotting from the inside out.
That is why it goes unnoticed until it reaches the breaking point and symptoms of
disease start to show up. We then act surprised! We say things like, I used to be
so fit and healthy, how can this be happening to me? Its not fair.
Some of us are genetically inclined to diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes
and stroke. If you keep your body in an acidic state long enough and you have a
genetic weakness in a particular area, then that is where you are going to develop
problems. Your body will sacrifice the weakest area in the hopes that the rest can
This cleanse is going to stop all that, and put you back in balance. Food, fluids,
movement and relaxation are medicine, and you are turning back the clock.
Did You Know
The toxins produced by
microforms within an overly
acidic, oxygen-deprived body
contribute signicantly to what
are commonly considered the
symptoms of allergy. The
exotoxins and/or mycotoxins
severely stress the immune
system, so it is constantly
stimulated, overworked, and on
If you had no symptom-
producing acid and/or bacteria,
yeast, and fungus, it would be
impossible for you to have
allergies - another reason to
keep your body in pH balance.
Allergies are 100% reversible
with an alkaline diet and
- Dr. Robert Young, The pH
Day Nine
One of the greatest benefits of this cleanse is the weight loss. If you
have been trying to lose weight and just cant seem to shed those
pounds, this cleanse will change that. You will lose fat from those
stubborn areas too.
When your body is acidic, it goes into survival mode. That means
your body will try to protect your vital organs. Those organs are
located in your chest, stomach and hip area. So your body will store
reserves of fat in those areas for an alkaline buffer to protect the vital
organs. Your body is trying to save your life!
No matter how much you diet or exercise, if you keep yourself acidic,
you will not lose that weight. You may starve yourself and lose some
of it, but your body will immediately start storing the fat cells it
needs to buffer the acid as soon as it gets acidic food again. That is
why most diets dont work. It is impossible to keep weight off if you
are acidic.
When your body is acidic (think of acidic as polluted) it is also the
perfect environment for yeast and bacteria. Remember, your body is
mostly water, you know what polluted water looks like. As the yeast
and bacteria feed on your blood sugar they excrete acid waste and
add even more pollution to your system, and the problem compounds.
This causes you to have sugar cravings, resulting in even more
weight gain. The more weight you gain, the more strain you put on
your body; the more stress you put on your body, the more acidic it
It is up to you to break this cycle! No one is going to do it for you.
Doctors will treat you for your symptoms, usually with prescription
drugs that mask the symptoms, but only you can break the cycle.
Change your beliefs about food and you will make extraordinary
changes to your health and your weight.
An Old Idea
The concept of acid alkaline
imbalance as the cause of
disease is not new. In 1933 a
New York doctor named William
Howar d Hay publ i shed a
ground-breaking book, A New
Heal t h Er a i n whi c h he
maintains that all disease is
caused by autotoxication (or
"self-poisoning") due to acidosis
in the body.
Now we depart from health in
just the proportion to which we
have allowed our alkalis to be
dissipated by introduction of
acid-forming food in to great
amount... It may seem strange
to say that all disease is the
same thing, no matter what its
myriad modes of expression,
but it is verily so.
- William Howard Hay, M.D.
More recently, in his remarkable
book Alkalize or Die , Dr.
Theodore A. Baroody says
essentially the same thing:
The count l ess names of
illnesses do not really matter.
What does matter is that they all
come from the same root
cause...too much tissue acid
waste in the body
- Theodore A. Baroody, N.D.,
D.C., Ph.D.
Day Ten
By now, you should have some kind of a routine going for your cleanse.
Are you keeping it simple? I know most people live very busy lives and do
not have a lot of extra time. If you havent found a way to take morning
walks, maybe you can take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.
Maybe walk a few blocks before taking a cab. Remember to improvise.
Movement is critical to your health, both physically and mentally. If you
have started walking more, then congratulations.
Have you ever noticed that some people always seem so happy and other
people are never satisfied with their life? What is it that makes some
people so content with their life? We all have a subconscious idea of what
our life should be like. When someones life meets the expectations they
had for their life, they are content. Does your life meet the expectations
you had for yourself? If you answered yes, then congratulations. However
if you answered no, then what are you going to do about it?
What if your expectations were to have your house paid off by the time
you were forty and you are now thirty nine and you still have ten more
years to go before your house is paid off. What are your options? You can
either change the expectation you made for yourself and be content with
the fact that it just didnt work out like you thought it would, or you can
change your environment. You could sell the house and use the equity you
built up to buy a less expensive house. Either one of these options would
resolve the conflict you created for yourself.
The point is, in order to be content; our expectations need to be in balance
with our current situation. I know this sounds rather obvious, but most of
us go through life being frustrated or disappointed, day after day, because
we havent resolved our conflicts. These disappointing expectations can be
big or small things. Perhaps you have a dog that drives you crazy because
it barks uncontrollably every time someone comes to the door? Is he living
up to your expectations? You can either accept that is how he is, or you can
bring in a trainer to stop the barking. Again you either change your
expectations or change the environment. Either way, you will no longer be
dissatisfied with the dog.
Take a few minutes to think about the things in your life that are in conflict
with your expectations. Then take action to resolve them.
Did You Know
Osteoporosis and Gout
Human bones function as a
calcium bank for the body. A
combination of calcium and
phosphorus, bones stay healthy
as long as there are adequate
a mo u n t s o f t h e s e t w o
s u b s t a n c e s p r e s e n t . To
neutralize excessive quantities
of waste or acidity, the body
starts to deprive the bones of
calcium, which may be harmful
to the body. Symptoms of
calcium deficiency are not
e v i d e n t t h r o u g h X - r a y
examinations and are only
visible when 30-40% of the
calcium in the bone has already
been depleted.
A recent seven year study
conducted at the University of
California, San Francisco, on
9,000 women, showed that
t hose who have chr oni c
acidosis are at greater risk for
bone loss than those who have
normal pH levels. The scientists
who carried out this experiment
believe that many of the hip
fractures preval ent among
mi ddl e aged women ar e
connect ed t o hi gh aci di t y
caused by a diet rich in animal
foods and low in vegetables.
Thi s i s because the body
borrows calcium from the bones
in order to balance pH.
- American Journal of Clinical
Day Eleven
Today is a very important day. You are at that point in the cleanse
where most people will give up. They sabotage themselves. This may
sound strange, but we all have a subconscious idea of who we are and
what we deserve. Sometimes when we make massive changes and
when we start reaping the rewards of those changes, our subconscious
perceives this as being unfair.
For years you may have lived with an identity of yourself that is now
different than the person you are becoming. Some people will feel
guilty about this. You may have family members who are overweight,
unhealthy or depressed. They may even start to unconsciously resent
the fact that you are changing and they are not. You may not be aware
that this is happening, but your subconscious is.
Think about the last time you flew on a commercial jet. Remember the
safety drill they do before each flight. They instruct you to put on your
air mask first, in the event of a loss in cabin pressure, before putting
on your childs mask. They know that if you dont protect yourself
first, you may not be able to help those who are dependent on you.
The same thing applies to this cleanse, when you get yourself healthy,
you will inspire others to change also. So dont give up. You have
worked very hard to get to this point.
To help keep you on track today, go back and read about the effects of
being acidic. You must convince yourself to stay the course. Visualize
what your life will be like when you are no longer acidic and you have
reserves of energy and a fit and trim body to do all the things you have
dreamed of. How much more energy will you have for your kids and
Remember this; a man will jeopardize his health in order to
achieve fame and fortune, but once he achieves wealth and
realizes his health is in jeopardy, he will give it all up to get his
health back.
Did You Know
Chronic Constipation
Dr. Choi, a medical practitioner
at the Seoul National Medical
University, observed 15 patients
(10 men and 5 women) who
had suffered from constipation
for over a year. Results showed
t h a t t h e s y mp t o ms o f
constipation were alleviated
when alkaline supplements
were consumed for a period of
1-2 weeks. Twelve of the fifteen
patients recovered remarkably
well after this period. This is true
because by lubricating the
wastes secreted on the walls of
the large intestine, excretion
becomes easier.
Hypertension is a common
illness that occurs due to three
1) Hypertension caused by
clogged capillary vessels due to
physical reasons.
2) Narrowed blood vessels
caused by acidic wastes.
Thus, blood pressure has to be
higher naturally in order to
supply sufficient quantities of
bl ood t hrough t he narrow
3) Lack of oxygen due to
chemi cal reasons, namel y
solidified acidic waste in the
Day Twelve
Most people are unaware that their lymphatic system pumps lymph
throughout their body. It acts as a sewage system, carrying toxins
and dead cells out of the body. You actually have three times as
much lymphatic fluid in your body as you do blood, about 45 pints
of fluid. Unlike the blood, which is moved by the pumping of our
heart, lymph fluid is entirely dependent on body movement for
Lymph fluid flows through your body by means of muscle
contraction and deep breathing. This contraction squeezes the
lymph throughout a series of valves. The lymph carries toxins to
the lungs and is expelled through exhaling. Oxygen carried by the
blood to the capillaries, are absorbed into the lymph fluid that
covers the cells in our bodies. The cells absorb the oxygen and
secrete toxins, which are excreted back to the capillaries. Dead
cells, blood proteins, and other toxins are removed through the
lymphatic system.
The lymph is drained in the blood, through the two ducts at the
bottom of your neck. From these ducts, the lymph travels to the
thoracic duct. This entire action is dependent on deep breathing.
When we breathe deeply it massages the thoracic duct allowing an
abundant flow of fluid. The duct releases the lymph back into the
veins, where it returns into an element of blood. The lymph then
goes into the liver, where it is metabolized and filtered through the
Your lymphatic system is designed for daily exercise and
movement, otherwise it will become stagnant and the toxins will
become trapped in your body. The longer these toxins are trapped
in your body the more you will be susceptible to infections and
Another function of the lymphatic system is producing antibodies,
which fight viruses and bacteria, and destroying abnormal cells,
such as cancer cells.
Any exercise that gets you breathing, such as fast walking,
swimming, bicycling or jogging will keep your lymphatic system
Did You Know
When acidic wastes accumulate
in the pancreas, diabetes can
develop due to lack of insulin in
the body.
Dr. Robert Young states in his
book, The pH Miracle, The
more sugar or acid we eat, the
more we risk an increase in
bacteria, yeasts and mold. Their
mycotoxins waste penetrate,
over wor k and poi son t he
pancr eas. The pancr eas
produces alkalizing buffers and
i nsul i n. Thi s i s the aci di c
condition that leads to diabetes.
By drinking plenty of healthy
water and cleansing we can
keep the pancreas healthy by
flushing out the mycotoxins.
Ki d n e y Ai l me n t a n d
Kidney Stone
One of the major functions of an
alkaline cleanse is to purify or
help remove the wastes in the
body. The accumulation of
excessive wastes in the kidneys
weakens the kidneys. When
cells survive in an excessive
acidic environment, swelling of
the kidneys occurs.
In order to remain healthy, cells
should expel all the waste
produced by them. But if the
blood becomes more acidic
then the waste will cling to the
wa l l s o f c e l l s , c a u s i n g
solidification of acidic fluoride in
the kidneys and kidney stones.
Day Thirteen
Our Alkaline Cleanse supplements are loaded with antioxidants!
There are so many benefits to antioxidants. Not only do most
antioxidant rich foods taste great, they are also fantastic for your
insides and outside.
Just a few of the benefits of antioxidants are their anti-aging
properties, their skin clearing abilities and of course, the possibility
they can help prevent and repair cancer damaged cells.
Antioxidants keep you looking younger longer.
It is a scientific fact that antioxidants will preserve your youth, and
that in itself is reason enough to ensure you are eating the foods
required to maintain the antioxidant levels required to keep you
looking young.
Antioxidants clear your skin.
This is one benefit of antioxidants I can personally vouch for - since I
began consuming antioxidant rich foods on a regular basis, my skin
has transformed into a glowing, clear complexion. Since antioxidants
fight free radicals (cell damaging agents), it is only natural that their
benefits will show through on your skin.
Antioxidants and cancer
There are continual tests and studies going on in the scientific world
to see just what effect, if any, antioxidants have on preventing and
fighting cancer.
There is no doubt that antioxidants have some effect on the cells in
the body - and it is these cells which can become cancerous. So is
there a link between antioxidants and cancer prevention?
Well, if you eat antioxidant rich foods regularly, these antioxidants
will reduce the free radicals in your body. Free radicals damage cells
and cell walls as well as the genetic material inside your cells! For
this reason, nutritionists recommend an antioxidant rich diet.
Your body will thank you for it in years to come!
Did You Know
Since all cells are living
organi sms t hey requi re
oxygen. However when our
bl ood and body f l ui ds
become acidic, the amount
of oxygen i n the bl ood
becomes severely reduced.
Because of this lack of
oxygen it is common for cells
to become damaged. It is the
damaged cells that become
malignant cells. Malignant
cells grow indefinitely and
without order. This is cancer.
-Dr.Otto Warburg
Dr. Otto Warburg discovered
the root cause of cancer in
1923 and he received the
Nobel Prize for doing so in
Cancerous tissues are
acidic, whereas healthy
tissues are alkaline. Dr.
Otto Warburg.
Day Fourteen
Lets talk about exercising today. By now you should be feeling more
energetic and more focused and may be thinking about increasing
your amount of exercise. It is very important during this cleanse to
not over-stress your body. This cleanse is about giving your body a
rest and allowing your systems to rebuild themselves at the cellular
We want to limit our exercise to a moderate level, just enough to get
your Lymph fluids moving and the oxygen flowing. Walking, fast
walking, jumping rope, jumping on a trampoline, swimming or
bicycling are all great ways to get moderate amounts of exercise. If
you are finding that you are working up a sweat and are gasping for
air, you are overdoing it at this point.
Although we discussed this earlier, this is a great workout for the
duration of this cleanse:
Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal.
Drink your morning Opti-Blend Complete.
Spend about 5 minutes stretching.
Walk, bicycle, jump rope, etc for about 20 minutes.
Practice your breathing exercises for about 5 minutes.
As you can see, it is a very basic exercise routine. However, it will
produce amazing results while on this cleanse.
Many people who are acidic suffer stress related symptoms or even
anxiety. Excess stress is one of the hardest things to eliminate from
your daily routine and stress symptoms may linger for quite some
time or may be hiding just below the surface, waiting to appear at the
slightest sign of stress. A hard workout will stress your body and can
easily reverse the progress you have been making on this cleanse. So
be very careful not to over do it.
Did You Know
pH Water Booster contains
Resveratrol is one of the
most potent antioxidants
known, and can be found in
the skin of certain plants
such as red grapes,
raspberries, blueberries,
cranberries and
conveniently red wine.
Resveratrol is a powerful
"phytoalexin" -- a natural
antibiotic produced by
plants to fight bacteria and
pathogens created by
environmental stress and
pollution. Scientists first
noticed that feeding
Resveratrol to yeast
lengthened their lives by
As they moved up the food
chain in their experiments,
they found a recurring
theme: Resveratrol
extends lifespan.
Day Fifteen
Turn Your Morning Shower Into A Spa...
As I have mentioned before, this cleanse is about developing new
routines and giving your body a break. This is a great time to learn
how to pamper yourself. Not only will it help you learn to relax, but
you will also be developing habits that will help you to be more calm
natured, stress free and more healthy.
If your morning routine includes showering, this is a great time to
start pampering yourself. You can do this without adding much
additional time to your morning routine.
First of all pick up a few body cleansing products such as, a body
wash gel, some deep cleaning facial scrub, body exfoliating wash and
some good deep penetrating moisture body wash. Olay and
Neutrogena both make great products.
When you get in the shower, spend a few minutes just relaxing and
stretching under the hot water. Breathe deeply, relax your muscles
and visualize yourself walking on a beautiful beach somewhere. Use
the deep cleaning facial wash and give your face a gentle scrubbing.
Next use your body wash in replace of a bar of soap, then use the
body exfoliating wash and gently give your entire body a good
scrubbing. Take your time, relax and enjoy. Finally use the deep
penetrating moisture body wash to finish up.
You will be surprised at how good this feels, while only adding a few
more minutes to your morning routine. This cleanse is helping you
renew and rebuild healthy new skin cells, so lets start taking care of
them. If you are a big tough guy and you think this doesn't apply to
you, give it a try and I think you will be surprised at the results.
Your skin is your first line of defense against germs, it is also the
largest organ in the human body. Your skin is constantly shedding
dead cells and replacing new cells. One of the great things about this
cleanse is that we are giving our bodies the nutrients, vitamins and
minerals needed to grow healthy, elastic new skin cells. Take care of
your skin!
Did You Know
Fatigue is probably the major
symptom or complaint of an
overly acidic body. It is the rst
stage of acidity. Microforms
ferment the electron stores in
our bodies that would
otherwise be used for energy.
Then, to add insult to injury,
they spew acidic waste as a
result. Its as if you were trying
to ll your cars gas tank and
someone else was siphoning
off the gasoline. Without the
energy it needs to keep going,
your car wont get very far or
perform very well.
The toxins produced in an
acidic body reduce the energy
from carbohydrates, fats,
protein, minerals, and other
nutrients, which in turn
weakens the bodys ability to
produce enzymes and
hormones and the hundreds of
other chemical components
necessary for cell energy and
organ activity.
The result is fatigue, poor
endurance, and inability to add
muscle tone and general
Day Sixteen
Acidosis and Diabetes
Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and high blood sugar (diabetes) are
rampant today. According to Dr. Robert Young (The pH Miracle) a
deficiency in alkaline compounds such as sodium and potassium
bicarbonate and insulin leads to hypoglycemia or the high-acidity
disease called diabetes.
Pancreatic cells are directly poisoned and destroyed by the mycotoxin
alloxan. The pancreas produces not only alkaline buffers - sodium
bicarbonate-for alkalizing the food we eat, but also insulin, the
alkalizing hormone that controls the blood acid sugar.
People with diabetes have low or normal blood sugar levels when
their pH level is up and and high blood sugar levels when their pH is
Type 2 diabetes is the natural physiological and metabolic result of
consuming large quantities of sugars and refined carbohydrates and
meat protein, especially without engaging in regular physical
Research has shown that in the case of diabetes, even small doses of
sugar can create changes in the body, even at the genetic level, that
increases the risk of complications of diabetes. In a study of diabetic
mice, cells showed the effects of a single dose of sugar up to two
weeks later. Anatomical effects of sugar go beyond the response to
one snack or meal itself, affecting the bodys natural metabolic
What that means, among other things, is that the solution is quite
straightforward: Cut out all forms of sugar, eliminate animal proteins
and get regular exercise.
So according to Dr. Youngs statements above, you can see how
switching to an alkaline diet can prevent or control the effects of

Be an Optimist
While being skeptical can be a
healthy way to avoid getting
taken advantage of, being
pessimistic - that is, always
assuming the worst - can have
major negative consequences
on your life. Seeing only the
negative aspects of any
situation can cause you to miss
opportunities, neglect problems
that need to be solved, and fail
to take action that would
otherwise improve your
relationships and quality of life.
In fact, studies show that
pessimists are more likely to
develop chronic illnesses later
on in life than optimists.
Optimists look for the light at the
end of the tunnel. If you've
always had a pessimistic
worldview, it can be difficult to
shift your focus, but it is
possible to start seeing the
glass as half full, not half empty.
Day Seventeen
Using creative visualization to achieve your goals...
Creative visualization is a way of using your mind to get what you
want out of life. Believe it or not, everyone uses it subconsciously. For
instance, people who subconsciously tell themselves that they are
unlucky, unloved, unattractive, etc, actually make those things realities
for themselves. On the other hand, people who think they are
fortunate, cherished, beautiful, etc. also make these things happen.
Our sub-conscience is very powerful!
By thinking of the good things you want to happen as part of a regular
routine, you're creating a positive energy. This positive energy then
takes on form as the actual reality you desired.
Heres how to do it:
Decide what it is that you want. Is there something you want to
change about yourself? Do you want better health?
Next, close your eyes and picture the idea exactly as you want it to be.
Make sure you are relaxed. Picture yourself thinner and in perfect
health as if you already possess it. Make sure you see this very clearly.
Once you've got the picture in your head, think of it often. Not only
when you are relaxing or meditating, but throughout the day as well.
Remember the old saying "You reap what you sow"? Well, you're
"sowing" when you think of what you want. The more positive energy
you send out, the more you will get back.
Lastly, BELIEVE that you will achieve your goal. Any disbelief is
negative energy and will counteract what you're trying to achieve. And
once you see it come true, acknowledge that you made it happen! Give
yourself a pat on the back!
You now have the basic information to transform your life! May you
use it in health, happiness, and prosperity!
Be Positive
Thought is creative. All thought,
good and bad, is creative and
tends to lead to a material thing.
That is why we must learn to be
more positive. The environment
and all the experiences in life
are the result of habitual and
predominant thoughts.
Negative thoughts can tell us
about something that needs
attention. So, thoughts lead to
discovering what needs to be
done and one can think
positively or negatively to take
care of it. Many people fail to
see a negative occurrence as a
learning experience and
continue to feel victimized and
helpless, ultimately blaming
others for what they drew to
You are not alone. You are not
hopeless. You are alive, and
you are your own person.
Day Eighteen
Ive got a project for you today. Think about something that you
really love to do. What is it in your life that gives you a lot of
pleasure? I bet its also something that you devote a lot of time to.
Why is that? We all have certain core needs that have to be met in
order to be truly happy. Tony Robbins explains it perfectly in his
Ultimate Edge CD. They are as follows; the need for certainty, the
need for uncertainty, the need for significance, the need for love and
connection, the need to grow, and the need to contribute.
We all have numerous ways of meeting these core needs. Personally,
one way for me is flying small airplanes. It is something that meets
all these needs for me.

Certainty I know if I go flying, I am going to enjoy it. I


Uncertainty absolutely, every flight is a new experience.


Signicance sure, not everyone is a pilot. It gives me a


Connec2on yes,Iconnect with myself.Get away fromit

all. Or I take a passenger or two. When youre flying

Grow I learn something new every time I go up. I


Contribute Ivolunteerto flyformanycharitable events,

where I get to give rides to young kids who want to
Be Happy
Happiness - isn't that the
thing that all of us strive to
find and keep? Nobody is
happy all of the time, but
some people are definitely
more fulfilled than others.
Studies on what makes
people happy reveal that it
doesn't have much to do
with material goods or high
achievement; it seems to
whittle down to your outlook
on life, and the quality of
your relationships with the
people around you.
Your health also plays a
direct roll in your happiness.
If you are constantly
fatigued, run down, and over
weight you are going to miss
out on much of what life has
to offer. Most people find a
renewed sense of happiness
after they have made the
decision to take care of their
Youcan seewhyIloveflyingsomuch.For me,itisagreatvehiclefor meetingmyneeds in
a positive way. If somethingmeets all six of your core needs, you are not going to give it
up, unless you find something else to replace it with that also meets all of these same
When I use the word vehicle, I am referring to whatever you are using to meet your
needs.Vehicles can either be good or bad. If you find somethingthatmeets atleast four
ofthesecore needs,you willhaveahard timegivingitup,evenifits a bad vehicle.Think
1. Certaintycertainty alsomeanscomfort.Formanykids,joiningaganggivesthema
senseof comfort,as they are withagroup of other kids lookingforthesame thing
2. Uncertaintyyes,somethingcan happen atany moment.Therearerival gangs to
3. Signicance When they are wearing the gangs colors, they are significant. They
4. Connec2onyes, a sense of brotherhood.Most gang members will take abullet
When we understand these core needs, we can see what drives us, or others. Everyone will
find something, good or bad, to meet his or her needs. So think about some of the vehicles you
are using to meet your needs. Maybe youre using food as a vehicle, or alcohol or drugs or
gambling. If you have ever tried to quit a bad habit and failed, you probably didnt find a
replacement vehicle to replace what it was you were trying to quit. Discipline will not work.
These needs are so important, that people will abandon their principles to meet their
needs. To be truly happy, find good vehicles to replace the bad vehicles you may be using and
you will feel truly fulfilled.
Good or bad, we all make choices based on these needs. How can you use the need for
significance to help you with this cleanse? Think about how you view your health. Do you
view your health as something you have the responsibility to take care of, or are you going to
rely on the medical profession to bail you out? If its not too late by then! Very few people
have the discipline needed to take control of their health, so you are now one of this small
group. Be proud of what you are doing!
If you are abusing your body, then you are viewing yourself as insignificant, or not worthy of
the effort. Change the way you view yourself and you will make extraordinary changes in your
Day Nineteen and Twenty!
Effects of chronic stress
The bouy uoesn't uistinguish between physical anu psychological
thieats. When you'ie stiesseu ovei a busy scheuule, an aigument
with a fiienu, a tiaffic jam, oi a mountain of bills, youi bouy ieacts
just as stiongly as if you weie facing a life-oi-ueath situation. If
you have a lot of iesponsibilities anu woiiies, youi emeigency
stiess iesponse may be "on" most of the time. The moie youi
bouy's stiess system is activateu, the easiei it is to tiip anu the
haiuei it is to shut off.
Long-teim exposuie to stiess can leau to seiious health
pioblems. Chionic stiess uisiupts neaily eveiy system in youi
bouy. It can iaise bloou piessuie, suppiess the immune system,
inciease the iisk of heait attack anu stioke, contiibute to
infeitility, anu speeu up the aging piocess. Long-teim stiess
can even iewiie the biain, leaving you moie vulneiable to
anxiety anu uepiession.
Beait uisease
Bigestive pioblems
Sleep uisoiueis
Autoimmune uiseases
Skin conuitions
Not all stiess can be avoiueu, anu it's not healthy to avoiu a
situation that neeus to be auuiesseu. You may be suipiiseu,
howevei, by the numbei of stiessois in youi life that you can
8'"+#% &,9% ),% /"$% :;<=% >% Know youi limits anu stick to them.
Whethei in youi peisonal oi piofessional life, iefuse to accept
auueu iesponsibilities when you'ie close to ieaching them. Taking
on moie than you can hanule is a suiefiie iecipe foi stiess.


?"@'% 0,#)+,(% ,A% $,1+% '#B5+,#.'#) - If the evening
news makes you anxious, tuin the Tv off. If tiaffic's got
you tense, take a longei but less-tiaveleu ioute. If
going to the maiket is an unpleasant choie, uo youi
gioceiy shopping online.

CB,52% &,)D-1)),#% ),*50/% - If you get upset ovei
ieligion oi politics, cioss them off youi conveisation
list. If you iepeateuly aigue about the same subject
with the same people, stop biinging it up oi excuse
youiself when it's the topic of uiscussion.

E"+'% 2,9#% $,1+% ),D2,% (5/)% - Analyze youi scheuule,
iesponsibilities, anu uaily tasks. If you've got too much
on youi plate, uistinguish between the "shoulus" anu
the "musts." Biop tasks that aien't tiuly necessaiy to
the bottom of the list oi eliminate them entiiely.

Be Humble
"In reality there is perhaps not
one of our natural passions so
hard to subdue as pride.
Disguise it, struggle with it, beat
it down, stifle it, mortify it as
much as one pleases, it is still
alive, and will every now and
then peep out and show
itself...For even if I could
conceive that I had completely
overcome it, I should probably
be proud of my humility."
-Benjamin Franklin
"It's hard to be humble,"
says an old country song,
"when you're perfect in every
Learning to be humble is of
paramount importance in most
religions and spiritual traditions,
and humility can also help you
develop as a person and enjoy
richer relationships with others.
Avoid people who stress you out If someone consistently causes stress in your life and
you cant turn the relationship around, limit the amount of time you spend with that person
or end the relationship entirely.
Take control of your environment If the evening news makes you anxious, turn the TV
off. If traffics got you tense, take a longer but less-traveled route. If going to the market is
an unpleasant chore, do your grocery shopping online.
Avoid hot-button topics If you get upset over religion or politics, cross them off your
conversation list. If you repeatedly argue about the same subject with the same people, stop
bringing it up or excuse yourself when its the topic of discussion.
Pare down your to-do list Analyze your schedule, responsibilities, and daily tasks. If
youve got too much on your plate, distinguish between the shoulds and the musts.
Drop tasks that arent truly necessary to the bottom of the list or eliminate them entirely.
Beyond a take-charge approach and a positive attitude, you can reduce stress in your life
by nurturing yourself. If you regularly make time for fun and relaxation, youll be in a
better place to handle lifes stressors when they inevitably come.
Dont get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you forget to take care of your
own needs. Nurturing yourself is a necessity, not a luxury.
Set aside relaxation time. Include rest and relaxation in your daily schedule. Dont allow
other obligations to encroach. This is your time to take a break from all responsibilities and
recharge your batteries.
Connect with others. Spend time with positive people who enhance your life. A strong
support system will buffer you from the negative effects of stress.
Do something you enjoy every day. Make time for leisure activities that bring you joy,
whether it be stargazing, playing the piano, or working on your bike.
Keep your sense of humor. This includes the ability to laugh at yourself. The act of
laughing helps your body fight stress in a number of ways.
Be Thankful
People with a strong sense
of gratitude, love and
appreciation don't
necessarily have more than
others; they simply
recognize and see more
beauty in their lives. A 2003
study suggests that people
who count their blessings
are generally happier and
healthier than people who
don't. If you ever feel as if
anything in your life isn't
"enough", try practicing an
attitude of thankfulness. You
might realize how good you
have it after all.
Day Twenty One
Whether you realize it or not, you just did something amazing. Your
body thanks you for it and you should be very proud of yourself. You
took control of your destiny and that is something rare these days.
So now what?
If you feel that you have reached your desired weight loss and your
body is back in balance, you can end your cleanse today. Even if you
have reached your goal, I would strongly recommend doing one more
cleanse. Once you feel that you no longer need to cleanse, you should
eat a diet of 75% alkaline foods and 25% acidic foods to maintain a
proper alkaline pH balance.
If you have not reached your weight loss goal and still feel that you
can benefit from further cleansing, then by all means, continue. There
is no time limit to how long you can stay on The Alkaline Cleanse.
Most people do at least 2 cleanses and we have people who have
stayed on this cleanse for months at a time.
We are constantly improving and expanding our products. You can
follow us on Facebook for updates, discounts and additional
products. or visit our website at
I want to thank you personally for purchasing the Alkaline Cleanse. I
am very proud of this product and I hope you had a great experience.
Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear about your
You can email me at:
Thank you,
Alexander Landi
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