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Part B Berthing Pilot: Captain, please lower flag G and hoist flag H, give one long blast on the

whistle. Have your crew stand by for heaving up anchor. Captain Ok. Pilot: Third mate, is the engine ready? 3rd mate Engine is ready nowSir. Pilot: Captainplease heave up anchor. Captain The anchor is up and clear. Pilot: Hard-a-port. A. B. Hard-a-portnow wheel hard-a-port. Pilot: Slow ahead. 3rd mate Slow ahead. Engine slow ahead. Pilot: Midships. A. B. Midships. Pilot: Half ahead 3rd mate Half ahead. Engine half ahead. Pilot: What course are you steering? A. B. Course 270. Pilot: Steady on 270 A. B. Steady on 270 Captain Which berth shall we get alongside? Mr. Pilot. Pilot: We will berth at No. 5 jetty. Port side is alongside. We will stem the current of the jetty and let her ease gently to the berth. Two tugs will assist us. Pilot: Send heaving line ashore. Chief Officer: Heaving line sent ashore. Pilot: Send head line first, then spring, stern line. Chief Officer & Second Officer: All lines sent ashore. Pilot: Captain, the vessel is in position now, make fast fore and aft.

Chief Officer & Second Officer: Fore and aft made fast. Pilot: Captain, I have finished my job. Would you please sign the Pilogage Receipt? Captain Sure, thank you very much.

Part C Unberthing Pilot: Captain, are you ready to get underway? Captain Yes all the crew are on station and the engine is standing by now. Pilot: Good Tug 1 will make fast on the starboard bow and Tug 2 will be on the starboard quarter. Captain MV Sunny forward station make Tug 1 fast on the starboard bow. Over. Chief mate BridgeTug 1 made fast. Over. Captain MV Sunny aft station make Tug 2 fast on the starboard quarter. Over. Second mate BridgeTug 2 made fast. Over. Pilot Stand by for letting go. Chief mate Second mate Standing by for letting go. Pilot Single up head line and stern line Chief mate Single up head lineHead line singled up Second mate Single up stern lineStern line singled up. Pilot Dead slow ahead 3rd mate Dead slow aheadNow engine dead slow ahead. Pilot Let go head line. Chief mate Let go head lineHead line let go.

Pilot Let go stern line Second mate Let go stern lineStern line let go. Pilot: Starboard five. A. B. Starboard five, wheel starboard five. Pilot: Let go both tugs. Chief mate & Second mate: Tugs let go.
A.B.-----able-bodied seaman MV----Motor Vessel

Berthing and unberthing

Pilot Is the propeller clear? Vessel Notes Yes, the propeller is clear. No, the propeller is not clear. Yes, fenders are on theFender berth. No, fenders are not on the berth. Fenders are ready fore and aft.

Are fenders on the berth?

Have fenders ready fore and aft. We will berth port side alongside. We will berth starboard side alongside. We will moor to buoys .ahead and astern We will moor alongside. (ahead and astern We will moor to dolphins. (ahead and astern Send out the head line. Send out the stern line. Send out the breast line. Send out the spring forward Send out the spring aft. Do you have tension winches?

Buoy n. alongside adv. Dolphin n.

The head line sent out. The stern line sent out. The breast line sent out. The spring forward sent out. The spring aft sent out. Yeswe have tension tension winch winches forward and aft Nowe do not have tension

Have the heaving lines ready forward and aft. Send the heaving line ashore. Send the head line ashore. Send the stem line ashore. Send the breast line ashore. The linesmen will use shackles for securing the mooring. The linesmen will use lashings for securing the mooring. Use -the centre lead -the bow lead. -the port quarter lead. -starboard quarter lead. We are in position. Make fast fore and aft. Are you ready to get underway?

winches. The heaving lines are ready forward and aft. The heaving line sent ashore. The head line sent ashore. The stern line sent ashore. The breast line sent ashore. Shackle n. Lashings n. secure v. We will use -the centre lead. -the bow lead. -the port quarter lead. -starboard quarter lead. Fore and aft made fast. Yeswe are ready to get underway. Nowe are not ready to get underway. We will be ready to get underway in 10 minutes. Standing by for letting go. The head lines and the springs fore and aft are singled up. Let go -the head line -the stern line. -the breast line. -the forward spring. -the aft spring. -all forward. -all aft. The towing lines are let go centre lead

Stand by for letting go. Single up the head lines and the springs fore and aft. Let go -the head line -the stern line. -the breast line. -the forward spring. -the aft spring. -all forward. -all aft. Let go the towing lines.