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TOPIC 7: The Information age 1. - Would you like to study high school online? Yes, no, why?

No, it would be easier but I like living with my colleagues 2. - How do you use internet? (For what purpose, time, importance, etc) I use the internet for homework and keep in touch with my friend but in the future will be of great importance 3. - Do you recommend online shopping in Mexico? Yes, no, why? What would you do to improve it? I would not recommend buying online because they are not safe for the better I would tell people the consequences 4. - Imagine a world without internet. What would you be doing instead of using face book, twitter, Google, WhatsApp, etc? How would you communicate with your friends? If there was no internet I think I would spend watching TV as a hobby and I communicate by phone with my friends 5. - Do you consider yourself addicted to any application of electronic device? Yes, no why? I do not really consider any application addict that is not essential in life

6. - Do you buy music or download it? Go to the movies or download them? Which are the good things of buying music and going to the movies? I download music from the Internet and watch movies in the cinema because the music is good for motivation and movies are best enjoyed going to the movies

TOPIC 8: Putting the mind to work 1. - Mention 10 jobs that you consider most creative: Those which are -Furniture Restorer -Decorator

-florist -Designer Jewelry -architect -engineer -publicist -fashion designer -graphic designer -artist 2. - Mention the 10 most creative movies you have ever seen: Most creative movies I've seen are - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -crazy people -pretty woman -Davinci code -yes man -ray .the secret -a small act -500 days of summer -coco avant Chanel 3. - Can you think of at least 5 inventions that have influenced your life the most. Inventions that have most influenced my life are: the internet chemistry the pen electricity the cars 4. - Do you think creativity is something you are born with or something you can develop? 2 things are born and also can develop with practice and experience 5. - Can you mention one creative solution to learn new languages? Mainly the effort and practice the learned 6. - In Mexico an ordinary person reads 2 books per year. Do you think this has an influence in the creativity of the Mexican population? Yes, no, why. I firmly believe that affects the person, because when you read more, more creativity culture has increasingly

7. - In Mexico an ordinary person usually watches 4 hours or TV daily. Does this have an influence on the peoples creativity? Yes, no, why? Depends on what each person see if it is good brings more creativity but if not it does not help the person

TOPIC 9: Generally speaking 1. - How would you describe the culture of your hometown to a foreign person? (Music, food, behavior, costumes, etc) My city is very nice for music is very ambient, people are very friendly and very nice cultures as Mother's Day and most good is the food that is very rich. Everything is good except for crime 2. - What would you say are the main differences between the Mexican and American people? People of Mexican people who are most brown while in the U.S. are white. The main thing is costumers while in America there are not many 3. - What`s the thing you like the most form the culture of your hometown? What I like most about my hometown is the food is very good 4. - Describe a typical pet in your hometown? The animal typical of my city is the skunk is a medium-sized carnivorous mammal which I do not like is its unpleasant odor 5. - From 1 to 10 (1 the lowest and 10 the highest) How would you describe the freedom and position of women in Mexico? Do they have the same opportunities as men? Same respect as men? Explain: Freedom of women in Mexico is something good I give it an 8 there is a bit of machismo still, while in other countries it is not, even if most if there is respect. 6. - What kind of problem solver are you, assertive, meditative or cooperative? Explain

I'm not completely one but I have a bit of the 3, sometimes I'm very assertive while in other cases' very cooperative 7. - What would you recommend to a foreign person to do to prevent being robbed or kidnapped in Mexico? Not bring much of value in sight and not leave very night except for good neighborhoods and mainly to be a little suspicious