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PHYSICS O level TUITION TEST 50 marks 1) A student uses the Vernier calipers to determine the thickness of a thick sheet

t of paper. He folds the paper in half three times and measures the total thickness of the folded paper. The reading obtained is shown in the diagram. (a) Determine the thickness of the paper. (b) Suggest two ways the student can do to obtain a more accurate measurement [4] 0 5 10


2) A microphone of mass 500 g hangs from the end of a long wire fixed to the ceiling. A horizontal string attached to the microphone exerts a pull which keeps the wire at an angle of 20 to the vertical. Find the tensions in both string and wire. [4] 3) To power a small village at peak times requires a mean power of 450 kW. An engineer suggests the use of a wind turbine for providing the power. The efficiency of the wind turbine is 20%. (a) Explain what you understand by efficiency is 20%. [2] (b) Assuming the density of air to be 1.3 kgm-3 and an average wind speed of 8 ms-1, calculate the length of turbine blades that would be needed. [4] 4) In a heating experiment, energy is supplied at a constant rate to a liquid in a beaker of negligible heat capacity. The temperature of the liquid rises at 4 C per minute just before it begins to boil. After 40 minutes all the liquid has boiled away. For this liquid, calculate the ratio of its specific heat capacity to its specific latent heat of vaporization. [3] 5) The diagram shows a ray of light PQ incident at the centre O of the straight side of a semicircular glass block as shown in the diagram. (i) Why there is no change of direction of ray PQ as it enters the glass? [1] (ii) Calculate a value for the critical angle of the glass block. [3] (iii) Complete the path of the ray SQ. [2]

normal 60 O 35 air glass

semicircular glass block

6) (a) Calculate the readings shown by the ammeter and voltmeter. {5} (b) A wire has a resistance of 50. What is its resistance when the wire is stretched until its length is doubled? {2} 12 V

A 5 10 V

7) An electric kettle is marked 3 kW, 240 V. It is connected, through a correctly wired 3-pin plug, to the 240 V mains supply socket. (a) Suggest a fuse value to be used in the plug. {2} (b) Calculate the electrical energy supplied to the electric kettle in 6 minutes. {2} (c) Water in the electric kettle connected to a 240 V supply took 6 min to reach its boiling point. How long would it have taken if the supply had been one of 210 V? {3} (d) Another electric kettle is marked 3kW, 120V. Calculate the ratio of their resistances. {2} (e) Explain why the wires in the flexible cable connecting the kettle to the mains supply are made thick. {2} 8) (a) Draw magnetic field lines around the magnet. {2} N S

iron sheet

(b) The diagram shows a steel bar to be magnetised with a north pole at end A. steel bar (i) Copy and complete the diagram to show how you would arrange a coil, connected to a battery, to achieve this. Make clear on your diagram the windings of the coil and the polarity of each battery terminal. {2} (ii) Explain briefly how you would check experimentally that end A is a north pole. {2} (c) A positive charged sphere is suspended by an insulating thread inside a metal can. The outside of the can is earthed. Draw on it the resulting charges on the can and the electric field pattern inside the can. {3} +