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Edition 3 April 13

The Green Weekly

Cygnet Sea Dragons Junior Soccer Club Inc
1. Welcome
What a start to the season. There were so many eager kids out there and it was particularly enjoyable from my perspective to see the u/8 kids eyes light up when they saw just how big the new pitch the have moved up to was. Our first ever youth team had mixed results. These guys have been working hard at training and came up against a tough unit to start with, the Glenorchy Knights. While they went down 0-7, there were many positives to come out of the performance and now we will be training at Huonville on a full sized pitch, we will be able to work on defensive techniques and formation across the whole pitch. See the Coaches box section for a detailed match report. Overall we achieved a fantastic set of results with all our three lower age groups winning. This week Played 10 Won 6 Lost 2 Draw 2 For 43 Against 27
Above is only for Juniors

Canteen was its usual success. Special thanks to Megan, Kirsty and India for their help. Canteen Roster: We are changing how canteen volunteering works. Soon we will nominate two teams with home games to sort amongst themselves running canteen on the day. More to follow on this soon. Donations: Does anybody in the club have any of the following 2nd hand items to donate to the club? 1 Table approx. 1200W X 1800L 1 Chlidrens chalkboard Also are there any electricians in the club? We are looking to have a couple of extra power points put into the canteen area?? If you can help out with any of these please let myself or Rod Parish ( know. Oranges (1/2 time food): It is an important ritual for the kids to come off at half time to be greeted by oranges. Please sort amongst your team who will bring oranges each week. The kids love it and I am sure amongst parents in each team a rotation system will work to take turns. As this newsletter has been sent quite early, should there be any last minute fixture changes, George Wilson will email any changes Good luck to all teams for the coming weekend.

The Rambler (Dave) Go the Green

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Edition 3 April 13
Quote of the week:

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. James Joyce

Interesting (or irrelevant) Facts:

Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older. Recycling one glass jar, saves enough energy to watch T.V for 3 hours. Sherlock Holmes never said "Elementary, my dear Watson." The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.

2. Saturdays Matches and Ground Directions:

Cygnet Sea Dragons Roster Round 2 13 April 2013 Team: Kick Off: Location: Juniors U/6 South Div 2 9:00 St Aloysius U/7 Green South Div 1 9:45 Cygnet U/7 White South Div 2 9:00 Cygnet U/8 Green South Div 1 9:00 Cygnet U/8 White South Div 2 10:00 Calvin U/9 Green City Div 2 10:00 Soldiers Memorial U/9 White City Div 5 9:00 Soldiers Memorial U/10 Green City Div 1 10:00 Waimea Heights U/10 White City Div 5 12:00 Soldiers Memorial U/12 City Div 2 9:00 Cygnet Youths U14 South Div D 10:30 Lightwood Park Ground Directions:
St Aoysius 123 Roslyn Ave, Kingston Beach Turn right into Jyndabyne Road at roundabout on Roslyn Avenue Calvin Oval at Calvin School, Maranoa Rd, Kingston

Opponent: St Aloysius Red Huon Valley Southern Christian College Blue Kingborough Lions Black Calvin Black New Town Storm Friends Blue Waimea Hts Warriors St Thereses Taroona Kingborough Lions

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Edition 3 April 13
Soldiers Memorial Outside Oval Field nearest the fence Queens Domain Waimea heights 228-230 Churchill Ave, Sandy Bay Primary School oval on Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay Lightwood Park 10 Kingston View Drive Kingston


Footballs Believe it or not: 10 most bizarre but true stories
Football is quite a straightforward game but there are some stories from the history of the beautiful game that baffle all. We have no association with that Ripleys TV show but here are ten weird, funny and dramatically bizarre but true football stories:

Bomb under the pitch

Thousands of amateur football players played on turf covering an unexploded German bomb from the Second World War. The bomb was discovered in April 1995 which meant that the 4,000 people who lived in Portland, Dorset had to be evacuated while technicians spent several hours disabling the weapon.

Actors become football hooligans

In 2009 a police mix up saw photographs of actors issued to media sources following a riot in London. The photos were issued in relation to an incident involving West Ham and Millwall fans but six of the 66 pictures included stills of the actors filming the scenes for a hit film.
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Edition 3 April 13 Police attack players

Police stormed onto the pitch and pepper sprayed a number of players following a red card in a game in Brazil, 2010. The player sent off in the match between Genus and Moto Cube refused to leave the pitch which caused police in riot gear to storm the pitch attacking him and other protesting players.

The actual game of three halves

An English League game played in 1894 will forever go down in the history of football for having three halves. The match was between Sunderland and Derby County. It started with someone standing in as a deputy referee as the original referee was late. The match was played for 45 minutes, the original referee turned up and ordered a full 90 minutes to be played. Sunderland won 11-0.

Sent off for tripping streaker

Adrian Bastia was sent off for apprehending a streaker in 2008. During an Astreas Tripolis match against Panathinaikos, Bastia tripped the streaker so he could be escorted off of the pitch by the authorities. The referee subsequently showed him a straight red card for violent conduct.

Dropped for Oktoberfest

Well known German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann was dropped from the VfB Stuttgart first team after going along to the Munich beer festival without permission. Lehmann was involved in a 2-0 defeat against Cologne and was then spotted downing beers with fans just a couple of hours after the match had ended.

Pre-match executions
During the Taliban rule of Afghanistan throughout the 1990s, executions took place before matches at Kabuls main stadium. Men and women were often tortured, shot, had their throats cut or limbs amputated before teams took to the field for league matches.

Sold for sausage meat

Marius Cioara was sold in Romanian football from UT Arad to Regal Hornia in 2006 for 15 kilograms of sausage meat. However, Cioara left his new side after just one day at the club because he was relentlessly abused by teammates in relation to the circumstances surrounding his move.

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Edition 3 April 13 Robbing penalties

Two people once broke into Rotherhams main stadium before digging up and stealing the penalty spots at either end as a Christmas prank. The pair used small shovels to quickly dig up the spot marks before making a hasty exit. The pair pleaded guilty and were charged with robbery by the authorities.

Wanted criminal on the pitch

A known and wanted drug dealer was arrested in the middle of the pitch during a Sunday League game by the police. The match took place in Leeds in 2009 with 20 officers storming the pitch and preventing the man from running away. However, the team he was playing for did go on to secure a 6-3 win.

Joke of the week:

A rather dim fan arrives at a football match midway through the second half. "What's the score?" he asks his friend as he settles into his seat. "Nil-nil," comes the reply. "And what was the score at half-time?"

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Edition 3 April 13 COACHES BOX Big Global Export Opportunities for Cygnet Sea Dragons as Asian Century Gathers Pace:

Greetings fellow Sea Dragons. Saturday 6 April was a momentous day for the club as we fielded our first ever youth team in the FFT Southern Tasmania U14 Division D competition. Among the most noteworthy spectators at the match v Glenorchy Knights at the Showgrounds was a trade delegation from China who accepted the clubs invitation to attend the match for talks geared at us exporting our football know-how into China. The talks were a bit more challenging than foreseen as the official interpreters failed to show up. None of the delegation could speak English and as they had difficulty understanding my version of English I restricted my utterances to the expressions hard currency and payment in advance. In any case the delegation departed after about twenty two minutes by which time the Glenorchy Knights were leading 6-0 though I could tell that they were at least impressed by the colorful linesmens flags and corner flags so I feel confident well progress quickly to a deal on the resumption of talks. As for our own delegation none of them played in the inaugural Sea Dragons Junior Soccer match back on 12 April 2008 (was our U10/11s all of whom are age ineligible for U14) but our team for our inaugural venture into youth soccer did feature Archie Cumper, Isaac Beecroft, Josh Wilson, Finley Gorringe, Jake Buckland and Vincent Chancellor all of whom played on 12 April 2008 in the U9 match which immediately followed the opening match, so they all have participated on two inaugural days. Hugh McGarry who also played (and scored) for the then U9s on that opening day would also have played yesterday but alas went down to a high fever the previous evening. Glenorchy had four players who they were going to play up a couple of age groups at U16 (they really were that good) but had to step back down to U14 when their club received an influx of late registrations for U16. Had they known that was going to happen they would have nominated for a higher division. No complaints as they are still U14 and its still 11 v 11 on the park at any one time but they will go up a division or two after round three
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Edition 3 April 13 so we most likely wont have to face that quality of opposition too often this season (not that its a bad thing lets us experience where we are at). The challenge faced by our opponents though was nothing compared to the challenge faced by our team mums the previous evening when at late notice they had to apply numbers (by iron) to the players shirts with each mum in turn wondering is it just me? Is there an easier way? (thanks mums!!). The positive to come out of this is it provides another unanticipated opportunity to export another avenue of knowledge and expertise into China and I will certainly be raising it with them when talks resume. In the end we only conceded one further goal and went down by 0-7. A number of our players played to the limits of their current capability and I was proud of the way that after initially looking overawed by the new experience, they all hung in there and battled throughout the entire match always trying to carve out an opening which alas didnt come. Our captain Isaac was immense throughout and covered every blade of grass on the big field with a best on ground (for us) performance. Hannah Parish and Jake Ainslie played really well in defense where Josh and Silas Richter improved as the game progressed and they gradually gained confidence. Finley was busy mopping up in front of the back four, while Rowan Shelton was very assertive in winning midfield balls and launching strong forward runs. Archie and Christian Sayers combined well in midfield with the former also playing a blinder in goal in the second half while the latter looked our best scoring option in the first half as he outpaced their defence on a couple of occasions and also brought out a good save from their keeper with a free kick late in the game. Arya Clare tried hard in right midfield and got in a few tackles. Brady Cook in the second half gave us additional attacking options (he wasnt at fault in the first for any of their goals) while Jake Buckland and Vincent battled hard throughout and on another day their work will bear fruit. All in all a good experience on the full sized pitch that will add context to the weekly team talks particularly team formation and awareness championed by Dave Sayers. Setting defensive off-side traps needs some work. Apart from Daves favourite key words formation and awareness the other areas of focus we brainstormed on the first two training sessions were skill (beat a player one on one); hard work (at training and in matches); speed (of thought as well as movement - catch your opponent unawares);
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Edition 3 April 13

intensity (forces mistakes, makes things happen); teamwork (whole greater than sum of parts); and fun (lots of it) and these key-words become even more topical after yesterdays opener. Im pleased to say we all had fun (kids, parents and coach) and Im confident that our first youth win isnt far away. In the meantime thanks to Mark Buckland for running the line at short notice. I had a nice photo of Mark demonstrating the design features and intricacies of the linesmans flag to a member of the Chinese delegation but alas Ive mislaid it so unable to share. Our guest was particularly interested in the bright colours and the Made in China tag. Roll on next week.
U14 Division D Result Glenorchy 7-0 Cygnet. Yours, The Coaches Box


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Edition 3 April 13 Your Sea Dragons Committee:

President Rod Parish Vice President Luca Vanzino Treasurer George Wilson Committee Member Dave Sayers (Communications and whatever) Committee Member Matt Ody Committee Member Vacant (Grants) Committee member Gini/Mark Buckland (Line marker) Committee Member Alison Nicholas (Canteen) Committee Member John Gorrie

Sea Dragon Gold Club Sponsorship 2012:

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Green and Gold Club - $150 50

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Edition 3 April 13

Message for All Parents (and Kids):

If your child is unable to play for any reason please contact your team coach or reply to Dave Sayers who will pass message on as if we know in time we may be able to get a player from one of the other teams to double up and therefore we avoid playing short or having to borrow from the other team. Telephone numbers/email of team coaches above fixtures, results and scorers item 9.

7. Canteen roster (Coordinator Alison Nicholas contact details below):

We are now calling for volunteers for canteen roster. Please let Alison know when you can volunteer. Volunteering for canteen is easy and a great way for soccer parents to catch up with others! This weekend we have seven home games. If each family (without coaching commitments) can help out one Saturday during the term the canteen will run at its best (and most profitable). Instructions for Volunteers: What to do? One of the volunteers needs to buy/bring : -500ml milk -4 loaves of bread -dozen free range eggs (to go with our free range bacon!!!) -sliced onion Please work out who will do this amongst your group. Please take along 2 tea towels, and the receipts for the items above so you can get your money back. Bacon and sausages are supplied by Alison (thanks to Boks and Nicholas butchery) at training on Friday or Saturday morning. If more sausages etc. are required on the day they can be purchased locally in Cygnet. Please arrive 15mins before first game starts. When you get there the canteen will be unlocked. All the stock and supplies are in plastic boxes on the table. Setup; cook bacon first, and eggs to order for the egg and bacon sangers; cook onion and sausages, serve then clean up and put everything back. It is always fantastic if there are home-made muffins, scones or biscuits but only bring these if you want to... Thanks for your support! Alison Nicholas ph. 0429307858
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Edition 3 April 13
Canteen Roster so far. Date 6/4/13 13/4/13 Time Names 9:45 12:30 Megan, Kirsty, India 8:45 10:30 Gini

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Edition 3 April 13 8. Match Reports Cygnet U/6

Fantastic start to the season and what a first game for these budding soccer stars. Charlie Gorringe had a great game scoring six goals including one run from all the way down at our goals, showing excellent skills. Archie found his confidence and scored a couple of beautiful goals. Charlie Hooper has had a corker of a game defending many of the Calvins attacks. Abbey worked fantastically all day, tackling the other players and freeing the ball, she also did a huge run and just missed out on getting a goal. William did some really great kicks and always got stuck in for the ball. Flynn did some great work in defence and did a top job for his first game. Thanks to all the players for trying so hard and making a great team.

fantastic effort

Cygnet U/6 9 def Calvin 2 (Charlie Gorringe 6, Archie 2, Calvin 1 (Own goal)

Cygnet U/7 Green

First game of the season, and the U7 Greens were on fire! Harry delivered a perfect pass to Huon, Benny was the backwards kick-off king, Huon impressed with fancy footwork, Tommy kept in the thick of it and Rory stayed in the pack to get the ball out. Coach Chris thought everyone played a really fair game and looked out for each other. Well done team - we look forward to more of the same. Cygnet U/7 Green 5 def St Aloysius 2 (Huon 1, Benny 1, Tommy 3)

Cygnet U/7 White

What a great game to kick off the season. All players should be really proud of their efforts and hope you all had a lot of fun. Cygnet played a great running game and attacked the ball well. Cygnet U/7 White 7 def Channel Christian 0 (Kes = 3, Floyd= 2, Matthew = 2)

Cygnet U/8 Green

Is it half time yet comment with 3 minutes to go from Ethan Howard. As we arrived at St Aloysius the kids were in awe at the size of their new soccer field. The realization hit that they are in the big time now. And on kick off it seemed a seemless transition. The kids played like pros and of particular was their ability to pass and push forward. One play saw the ball move from Lauren as goalie to Zac who pushed the ball up to Tristan out wide who ran forward and passed to Kate who shot at goal only just missing. Passing in general was very pleasing and provided some real soccer for the crowd.

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Edition 3 April 13
With minutes left in the half, the guys noticed they were out of breath having run so hard and the sweat was pouring. The second half saw the guys dominate pretty much most of the play with Tristan barely seeing the ball in goal. All the kids did fantastic in their first game on the bigger pitch and we look forward to seeing how they continue through the season. Cygnet U/8 Green 9 def St Aloysius Lions 0 (Ethan S 4, Zac 1, Tristan 1, Lauren 1, Holly 1, Ethan H 1)

Cygnet U/8 White

Step Right up! Step Right up! This is exactly what the kids did today. New chums to play withthey stepped up; for those who had never played soccer beforethey stepped up and collectively they stepped up from mini football to the big pitch and 7 a side matches. Our three terriers Otis, Joshua and Griffin were tenacious in attack with Otis often putting his body on the line. It was great seeing our defensive three of Jack, Toby and Sophia following the coachs instructions and moving between our penalty box and the half way line. I was also pleased to see our two goalkeepers in their first match taking on board my advice as to where to place the ball for goal kicks and where to kick the ball. As the season progresses, Archie and Sasha will learn that it takes a lot of bravery to be a keeper. The step up to the big field had its effect in the latter part of the second half as the pace of the match and the amount of running took its toll. A tense, sea sawing, arm wrestle of a match had the result unknown right to the end. Now that we are playing on the big pitch, what we want to do is to be able to trap the ball, look up, make space and develop some rudimentary passing. Well done kids. The Sideline Scribe

Cygnet White 4 def Southern Christian College 3 (Otis 2, Griffin 1, Own Goal 1)

Cygnet U/9 Green

The U9 Greens got their season off to a good start with a win over Margate Green. The team were a little rusty to begin with (as were the coaches and everyone else) but the skills came flooding back. A few players (notably Oscar O) had obviously been putting in a bit of practice over the summer got straight
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Edition 3 April 13
into it. We have two new players this season to add to the old crew from last year - Leyory and Jase, who both got stuck in a played well. Cobi took the goals in the first half and, despite a couple of good saves, had a bit of a quiet time as the action concentrated around the opposition goals. Denzel put away a couple of good shots and we were unlucky not to score another couple that came back off the posts. Denzels free kick just before half time that saw his shot land nicely in the goal, but unfortunately not allowed (an indirect free kick must touch another player before entering the goal). Margate picked up their game in the second half, responding with a couple of goals but one more from Oscar L kept the margin comfortable. Oscar O put in some great attempts, one great break away and smashing shot foiled by the goalie. Great to see the old gang back on the pitch and some new faces in the team. Cygnet Green 4 def Margate Green 2 (Denzel 2, Oscar L 2)

Cygnet U/9 White

As some of the team were finishing off the sailing season, we started out the game with seven Whites and borrowed Cobi and Demi from the Greens to sub for us. An unfortunate start with St Aloysius Tigers scoring an own goal against us and then 3 more in quick succession whilst the Whites got the hang of playing as a team. Codi then scored the first goal for Cygnet followed by another from St Aloysius to give a score of 5 to 1 at half time. After a pep talk from the newbie coach and some valuable quick tips from Ric, the team played a much better second half with only one goal for each side. Lots of red faces from the effort put in during the match, the score not really reflecting the good work done by the Whites. Some great defensive work by Ned, Romi and Elliott, with Codi, Toby and Saras really having a go in attack. Jykala had a good go in defence and attack, whilst Demi and Cobi proved versatile across the field. Looking forward to a score more in Cygnets favour, that reflects the game, next week. St Aloysius Tigers defeated Cygnet Sea Dragons White 6:2 (Codi Barrett 2)

U/10 Green
There was a large learning curve today. This playing group is having a crack at Division 1 and they realised today that they will need to work and work hard every week. The opposition is skilled and ready to pounce on any opportunities we allow them. We need to be fit, we need to concentrate and we need to defend our goal like we have never had to defend it before. But as a first game on the big pitch in the new division I couldn't have asked for any more out of these guys. We scored two great goals that we created out of very little and only lost ground from one or two lapses in concentration. A great first effort. Cygnet Sea Dragons Green (Jake & Save) 2 drew St Virgil's College 2

U/10 White
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Edition 3 April 13
The commentators and media had written us off during the week, knowing that we were coming into the game with some new blood and a few injuries. It didn't take long for West Hobart to stick one in the back of the net to take the advantage, and you could hear the nay-sayers dishing out "I-told-you-so"s all over the ground. The Sea Dragons, however, held firm and being a player down most of the game, with no substitutions, dug in for the long haul. The crowd went bananas on the side-lines and the team gave everything they had which was rewarded with the equaliser from Marley. Cleared the cobwebs and had a spectacular game. Welcome to the big pitch. Cygnet Sea Dragons White 1 (Marley) drew West Hobart Gold 1

Bad start for the U12's going down 9-0 and missing a penalty. At 2-0 down we never seemed to kick on after the penalty miss. 3-0 at half time was stretched even further in the second half. We can only get better from this result, and look forward to the next match. We played a well organised side today and will have to work harder ourselves.

Cygnet Sea Dragons 0 lost to Beachside 9

See coaches box for detailed report

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Edition 3 April 13 9. Terms One and Two - Fixtures, Results and Scorers:
Please note this roster is subject to late CHANGE.

Cygnet U6 in the U6 Division 2 South in Term One (Coach Alby Hooper


Kick Off:


Calvin Black


Charlie Gorringe 6, Archie 2, Own goal 1



St Aloysius

St Aloysius Red

U/6 Season Goals Tally Charlie Gorringe 6, Archie 2, Own goal 1

Played 1 Won 1 Lost - Drew - For 9 Ag 2

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Edition 3 April 13 Cygnet U7 Green in the U7 Division 1 South in Term One (Coach Parent Group):
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 12:00 9:45 Location: St Aloysius Cygnet Opponent: St Aloysius Red Huon Valley Result: 5-2 Scorers: Huon 1, Benny 1, Tommy 3

U/7 Green Season Goals Tally Huon 1, Benny 1, Tommy 3

Played 1 Won 1 Lost - Drew - For 5 Ag 2

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U7 White in the U7 Division 2 South in Term One (Coach Eran Howard
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 11:00 9:00 Location: Cygnet Cygnet Opponent: Channel Christian Purple Southern Christian College Blue Result: 7-0 Scorers: Kes = 3, Floyd= 2, Matthew = 2

U/7 White Season Goals Tally Kes 3, Floyd 2, Matthew 2

Played 1 Won 1 Lost - Drew - For 7

Ag 0

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U8 Green in the U8 Division 1 South in Term One (Coach Dave Sayers 0438
895 018 or reply to the many annoying emails you get from me)):
Date: 6/4/13 Kick Off: 10:00 Location: St Aloysius Opponent: St Aloysius Lions Result: 9-0 Scorers: Ethan S 4, Zac 1, Ethan H 1, Holly 1, Lauren 1, Tristan 1




Kingborough Lions Black

U/8 Green Season Goals Tally Ethan S 4, Zac 1, Ethan H 1, Holly 1, Lauren 1, Tristan 1

Played 1 Won 1 Lost - Drew - For 9

Ag 0

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U8 White in the U8 Division 2 South in Term One (Coach Luca Vanzino

and Michaela Harley)

Opponent: Southern Christian College Calvin Black Result: 4-3 Scorers: Otis 2, Griffin 1, Own Goal 1

Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13

Kick Off: 9:00 10:00

Location: Cygnet Calvin

U/8 White Season Goals Tally Otis 2, Griffin 1, Own Goal 1

Played 1 Won 1 Lost - Drew - For 4 Ag 3

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U9 Green in the U9 Division 2 City in Term One (Coach Coach Ric Beecroft Tel. 0429-307858)
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 10:00 10:00 Location: Cygnet Soldiers Memorial Opponent: Margate Green New Town Storm Result: 4-2 Scorers: Denzel 2, Oscar L 2

U/9 Green Season Goals Tally Denzel 2, Oscar L 2 Total 4

Played 1 Won 1 Lost - Drew - For 4 Ag 2

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U9 White in the U9 Division 5 City in Term One, (Coach Lorna Barrett
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 11:00 9:00 Location: Cygnet Soldiers Memorial Opponent: St Aloysius Tigers Friends Blue Result 2-6 Scorers: Codi Barrett 2

U/9 White Season Goals Tally Codi B 2 Total 2 Played 1 Won - Lost 1 Drew - For 2 Ag 6

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U10 Green in the U10 Division 1 City in Term One (Coach Rod Parish and
David Dow
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 10:00 10:00 Location: Cygnet Waimea Heights Opponent: St Virgils Green Waimea Heights Warriors Result: 2-2 Scorers: Jake 1, Save 1

U/11 Sea Serpents Season Goals Tally Jake 1, Save 1 Total 2 Played 1 Won - Lost - Drew 1 For 2 Ag 2

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U10 White in the U10 Division 5 City in Term One (Coach )
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 9:00 12:00 Location: Cygnet Soldiers Memorial Opponent: West Hobart Gold St Thereses Result: 1-1 Scorers: Marley

U/10 White Season Goals Tally Marley 1 Total 1

Played 1 Won - Lost - Drew 1 For 1 Ag 1

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U12 in the U12 Division 2 City in Term One (Coach: Graham Massey)
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 Kick Off: 10:10 9:00 Location: Sandown Park Cygnet Opponent: Beachside Taroona Result: 0-9 Scorers:

U/12 Season Goals Tally

Played 1 Won Lost 1 Drew For 0 Ag 9

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Edition 3 April 13

Cygnet U14 in the U14 Division D City in Term One (Coach George Wilson and Dave
Date: 6/4/13 13/4/13 20/4/13 Kick Off: 10:30 10:30 2:00 Location: Showground 3 Lightwood Park Huonville Opponent: Glenorchy Knights Kingborough Lions University Result: 0-7 Scorers:

U/14 Season Goals Tally

Played 1 Won - Lost 1 Drew - For - Ag 7

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Edition 3 April 13
Cygnet Sea-Dragon Victory Song

Chorus: Green is the Colour Football is the Game Were all together And winning is our aim So cheer us on Through the sun and the rain For Cygnet, Cygnet is our name Verse 1: Here by the Huon whether rain or fine We can shine All the time Home or away Come and see us play Youre welcome any day. Repeat Chorus To Finish: What do we eat? Seaweed How do we eat it? Raw

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