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6; F&HC
BACKGROUND The Project MAMBILLA Contractor (Vita Construction Limited) needs to start the breaking of slab at level 6 in preparation for installation of scissors lift. The work will start on 8th April, 2013. And finish on 20th April, 2013 WORK SUPERVISION AND DURATION: 1 Supervision will be done by Mambilla Project civil project managers : Mohammed and Obiora The contractor (Vita Construction Limited) is familiar with the scope of the work. Any change will be communicated within 24hours ahead of implementation. There will be a dedicated VITA Safety Officer(Timothy) on site. There will be restrictive access for passage while performing the tasks except those that are working on the project. WORK DESCRIPTION. Barricade of the approved area with flexible barrier caution tape Erection and dismantle of scaffold for : A, access b, for support at ground level inside the day tank, c, for covering on top of the slab Cut the marked area with cutting machine, Breaking of slab with compressor/electrical jack hammer Cart away the rubbles. This will be repeated for other area Demolition of wall (800mm) from top between the day tank and the panel room Cutting off the deck sheet. Removal of tie beams ( loosing of bolt and nut/cutting with grinding machine/burning torch Clean up ( Housekeeping)

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATION 1. There will be a housekeeping programme to clear the site before ,on going and after work is completed 2. The following basic PPEs must be used by the contractor while doing the job; safety shoes, helmet, cotton hand gloves, safety goggles etc 3. The area of work will be properly barricaded with caution tape

4. P & G approved disciplinary action/ matrix will be implemented on any personnel/contractor found violating safety rules. 5 Any life threatening behavior will lead to an immediate dismissal of the affected individual from site; and P & G approved disciplinary action/ matrix applied to the contractor.

In case of any emergency project manager will be on site to convey the victim to Vita retainership Clinic if it is beyond what the first aider can handle on site





ACTIVITY: BREAKING OF SLAB RISK ASSESSMENT TEAM: Initials & Surname INNOCENT Timothy WILSON Title/Appointment Supervisor Safety Officer Project Manager Comments: Signature Project Manager Approved: Yes/ No

RISK ASSESSMENT FOR BREAKING OF SLAB AT LEVEL 6 List Activities of Task 1, Tool box talk & permit description(work order) discussed with all relevant employees RISK Employees not understanding the task thereby doing the wrong thing POSSIBLE CAUSES Failure of the employees to attend toolbox talk or understand the working order MITIGATION MEASURES


2 , Barricade of the approved area with flexible barrier caution tape P & G has one the setting out

Injuries to Pedestrian/unauthorized personnel; Cuts from line Finger injury

Pedestrian/unauthorized personnel intruding to work area; no visual warning signs or administrative control; Failure to wearing of ear plug/muff and hand gloves

Permit (work order)must be secured, Risk Assessment, Method Statement must be discussed and understood with/by all employees involved in the task. Questions will be asked to ensure that employee understood the method of task All personnel involve in the task must be well kitted with safety shoes, hard hat, reflective jacket and hand gloves Barricade work area with caution tape, place work-warning signage. Wearing of hand gloves, safety shoes, helmet

Engr Kayode, Abiodun & Timothy

3, Erection and dismantle of scaffold for a, access b, On the slab to prevent rain from entering the broken area c, Demolition of wall (800mm) from top by staying inside the panel room

Collapse of scaffold; Fall of personnel from height; Property damage Falling object from height; Finger injuries

4, Breaking of slab with compressor/electrical jack hammer and cart away the rubbles. Demolition of wall (800mm) from top between the day tank and the panel room

- eyes injury; dust inhalation, hearing discomfort/impairment; deafness due to noise, fall of object, body pain hits by flying concrete falling of personnel from scaffold vibration of the slab fire/sparks; electric shock/electrocution; ULVS; Damage to day tank equipment with rain, dust an broken concrete

Incompetent scaffold erector setting scaffold Erector not using full body harness correctly; Stock Piling up of materials on scaffold; Lack of proper bracing and poor platform Improper protection of equipment Not using the correct PPEs( Helmet, safety shoes hand gloves, reflective jacket) Failure to use eye goggle, ear muff; leather hand gloves and lack of good site supervision. Flying concrete particles/ chips, Dust; noise; threat to existing slab ;awkward Failure to use safety harness body posture; wrong electrical connection, exposed wire cable, bad plug and cable improper protection of day tank equipment

Obtain scaffold erection permit Competent scaffold erector must perform the task following the SOP; There should be no stock piling on scaffold ; Scaffold erector must wear full body harness & anchor properly; Proper bracing must ensured Scaffold must be inspected and green tag attached before used Improper protection of equipment Wearing of correct and appropriate PPEs Helmet, safety shoes hand gloves, reflective jacket) Obtain the permit- electrical permit; only qualified electrician should perform all electrical connections, all equipments/power tools should be inspected /approved before use; only qualified operator should use equipment; personnel s exposure to breaking activity should be controlled/ and rest at when due; Check the cable and plug and ensure they are in good condition; use of safety harness Adequate planning and supervision; All personnel will be kitted with safety goggles; ear muff, nose cover, helmet, hand gloves, safety shoes There must be proper protection of day tank equipment

Akapo, Harrison & Odey

Abiodun, Innocent, Engr Kayode

5, Rubbles will be loaded in bags and use Crane to lowered them

Crane falling or load Falling Property damage In secured/imbalance footing of the outrigger falling crane Property damage struck by/ between of load swinging load LTI

Incompetent operator Improper footing on solid ground of crane Area not barricaded by caution tape to restrict unauthorized personnel from the area Bad practice/poor planning of lifting/inadequate supervision

Lifting plan/ permit must be obtained Crane operator must be trained and certified with current valid license Crane inspection/approval before use Operator must ensure safe work practices Caution tape must be used to condor off the lifting operation area with signage in position All personnel on foot must be clear of the off loading area during mechanized operations.

Godwin Engr & Kayode

6, Removal of tie beams ( loosing of bolt and nut/cutting with grinding machine/burning torch

Fire out break Property damage to day tank equipment Fall from personnel Falling height height of



Collapse of scaffold Finger injuries

Bad hose, cables or cylinder Lack of functional firefighting equipment and fire watch Presence of flammable Failure to use flash back arrestor Failure to use fall arresting device(full body harness) Failure to follow safe procedure( short cuts) Failure to cover the day tank equip And failure to use eye goggle/welding shield Poor housekeeping

Good hose and cables must be used ( inspection should be done prior the commencement of work Flash back arrestor must be installed and cylinder chained on trolley Remove all flammable materials Proper cover of the day tank equipment Firefighting equipment (fire extinguisher must be functional and a fire watch on ground Safety goggle must be used Full body safety belt must be used by welders Hand gloves, safety shoes and hard hat with chin strap in place Ensure that all welders are issued with approved protective equipment such as


7, Close out

Trips and fall hazards

Good housekeeping must be maintained before the leaving work area.

Timothy & Innocent

COMMENTS: 1. This risk analysis must be deployed by the contractor safety officer (Timothy) to workers before starting the job. 2.) All PPEs to be used must be inspected o.k. before use. 3.) The job activity shall be discontinued immediately if rain falls or weather gets windy.